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Part 4

Echoes from the otherworld pt.4

Fantasy world with ghosts and sex and stuff
Echoes from the otherworld pt.4

I had never seen magic used quite so creatively before, apart from some cheap party tricks or street urchins. Reaching up I grab the cock, it feels real and warm, squeezing it I can almost feel the blood pumping through it. Peeling back the foreskin I start to lick the tip, the size is large enough I wonder if I can take it in. I place my other hand on her balls as I bravely place the tip in my mouth. I circle my tongue around it as I start moving back and forward.

Her hand pulls me back by my hair until my head rests on the mattress of the bed. She moves her hands to the side of my head and starts thrusting, my hands drop to my side. I’m no longer able to keep eye contact l, her thrusts are irregular with no pattern to them each one deeper than the last. She eventually breaks the barrier at the back of my throat, letting me take her all in, I feel her balls gently patting against my chin. Drool runs down my chin and onto my chest. My vision starts to fuzz as I’m unable to find moments to breathe. She eventually relents and unsheaves her cock from my mouth. I feel my eyes watery and red as I cough out the words “Is that it? You haven’t even finished yet.”

My mouth finds its way back to her cock and I playfully pull at her foreskin with my lips before my tongue finds its way underneath her foreskin and starts to circle. I notice it starting to pulsate. With heavy breathing, she replies “Not much time now and it’s plenty wet enough. I need you bent over.”

She helps me up and I bend over the bed. I spread my legs and reach down to spread my pussy to make it easier for her. Her cock finds its way to my asshole as she says “Wrong hole.”

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

I feel the pressure build up as I say “But I’ve never-”

“Then I recommend relaxing” I feel her fingers spread my asshole as her tip enters it. At first, I feel it in my throat, pain radiates from me, and heavy breaths throw spit across the bed sheets. Her thrusts pick up pace and go deeper. My hands claw at the bed sheets trying to find purchase. I feel her pulsating harder and harder inside of me.

And then pure bliss, only euphoria, lightheadedness and pleasure. This feeling lingers.

I feel her cum fill me as she gently removes her cock. Her liquid tickles like millions of fireworks going off inside of me. I crawl my way onto the bed laying on my stomach. To my surprise she takes off her shirt and joins me, her penis gone with the spell wearing off. She nudges me to sit up a bit places a couple of her wings under me and wraps us in them. I stare at her, she’s covered in sweat veins popping out all over her body, she eventually says “I don’t do this for everyone you know.”

I tilt my head slightly and ask “What wrap your wings around them?”

“No, have sex. I usually cast spells or make medicine.”

“Oh, I was wondering how you got your healing license.”

She replies “Actually I never did.” she turns and looks me in the eye as she says “I was kicked out for malpractice. Though they couldn’t deny the results.”

I snort out a laugh at her response. My hand runs along her body, teasing her erect nipples, tracing over her abs until I find her bush below. “When do I get to floss my teeth?” after a brief pause I ask “Can we do this again?”

“Give yourself some time to reconsider. After you find the satyr, if you still want to, we can have a night together and then maybe more after that.” her eyes deepen as she continues “You have magic in you I don’t know what it is but it’s old and alien almost otherworldly.”

“Can we stay like this for a little while longer?” I ask. She answers with a kiss, I feel my lightheadedness rise as the kiss deepens until she pulls herself away, she places her chin on my head and fully wraps us with her wings.

We lay there for some time talking about anything and everything. Eventually, she leaves handing me a towel and directing me to a toilet.

I wrap myself in a towel getting ready to leave before I do I’m met with a familiar face between me and the door. The dwarf from the tavern stands there staring at me, his intricate braided beard hides the apron he wears underneath, his arms filled with mesmerising runic tattoos. My initial panic subsides as his face wears a completely disarming smile. His ethereal body glows as he says “You look much better now. I was going to say something before but you seemed busy.”

Not knowing what to say I settle for “What are you? What are you following me?”

“Both interesting questions, neither of which I have the answer to.” he strokes his beard, furrowing his face he continues “I may be a bartender but my uncle performed burial rites. And from what he taught me I can confidently say this isn’t normal.”

If he can talk to me then it must mean the others can too, I can’t help but feel my eyes averting his gaze as I ask “Can I trust you?”

The door opens fazing straight through him. Estie and Ruby come barreling into the room. Ruby is the first to speak “Who were you talking to?”

Estie talks over her to say “Nela I got you some clothes, these should fit better.” handing the clothes over she continues with “Sorry we took so long.”

There’s something hidden inside the pile of clothes that has some weight to it. Before I could thank her Ruby says “It wouldn’t have taken so long if you didn’t insist on sewing the clothes.” Estie elbow Ruby surprisingly hard in her ribs, I finally speak preventing Ruby from retorting it “I’m going to the toilet, I’ll get changed in there. Meet you outside?”

Ruby pipes up again as Estie drags her back outside by the collar and I head to the toilet. Looking in the mirror a large red scar covers the left side of my face, my eye missing. My skin is olive with a thin line of freckles across the bridge of my nose, my hair wavy in a loose ponytail behind me. The clothes they gave me are not what I’m used to the whole thing is black with silver trimming. Large shin-high boots, black baggy trousers that tuck under them. Black loose-fitting jacket with a cloak that drapes over one shoulder. A large brimmed hat with one side curled adorned with large plumage of white and teal feathers. I wear a frilly white shirt underneath. The outfit is complete with a teal fabric belt and a leather belt with a gun and sword holster, the belts go around the jacket and under the cloak. In one of the pockets, I find a black and silver eye patch that I put on. I find a gun in the holster, the gun is covered in runes and feels exceptionally heavy in my hand. It’s easily the largest handgun I have ever seen, it has a rotating cylinder to hold ammo but I can’t work out how to operate it.

I take one final look in the mirror before heading out. For the first time ever, I am totally my type.


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