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Part 3

Echoes from the otherworld pt.3

Fantasy world with ghosts and sex and stuff
Echoes from the otherworld pt.3

We walked for some time without rest before we arrived at a local town, the journey was mostly done in silence partially because of the exhaustion and partially because no one knew what to say. Once in the town I was immediately dropped off at the local healing house, Estie promised they would return soon but as time went on the more I didn’t want them to return. We had the foresight to leave me in the hands of a private charity-run healing house as opposed to one run by the Everlight.

A woman called my name and directed me to room one. The whole place was no larger than a house with a small mostly empty waiting room and a few adjoining corridors that led to individual rooms. Room one consisted of a bed and a small chair as well as usual medical supplies and medicines. Before long a woman enters the room, she looks unlike anything I have ever seen before. Deep blue eyes that float like a starry sky, four translucent insect-like wings drap her back, her hair a deep blue much like her eyes and her skin clear and pale blending in with the white lab coat she wears. 

She speaks, her voice is soft “Get on the bed and tell me what happened to you.” her face briefly flashes with concern before returning to a neutral position as if her concern was an involuntary betrayal. I get on the bed in silence trying to think of some lie to say. Before I could speak she carried on “Don’t worry we get a lot of misfits, boozers and losers in here. I’ve heard it all and this is just between us.”

She steps closer until she is directly in front of me and starts prodding at my eye. I speak with a sigh “I was shot, some stuff happened and then I was shot”

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

She looks down at me and then says “By who?” I can’t help but feel her eyes reading me almost waiting for a lie just to call me out. “I need to know to have an idea about the gun, in case it was magical or something.”

I note that she knew it was a gun despite not telling her “It was a witch hunter, I didn’t look at the gun he was using.”

I feel a sharp sting as she pulls at my face and she says “A male witch hunter shot you in the head and you’re not dead which means he is. You’re not very good at keeping secrets.” There was a brief pause and another twang of pain this time I couldn’t help but hiss at it. “Whoever did your stitches I wouldn’t trust to sew my socks, but that should be the last of them.”

She took a small step back and looked me in the eyes again, I could feel her judgement hammering down on me. “You don’t have any money so you’re going to have to do a job for me” There was a pause as she waited for me to respond but I never did so she picked up “Someone’s gone missing, she’s a satyr, impossible to miss. East of here there’s a camp of undesirables, if she’s there bring her back to us by any means possible.”

“I’m not sure I would be any use with that.”

“I was told you came here with others and you fought a witch hunter and clearly won, that’s no easy feat. Not to mention you have some sort of magic inside of you. You seem to be the perfect woman for the job.”

“Look, I’m just some grave robber. I don’t think they will come back for me and what magic are you talking about?”

Her calm and neutral face turned to pure bafflement as she said “Your friends are definitely coming back for you. You are too big of a risk as a loose end. And you definitely have magic inside of you, I can sense it and it’s quite frightening.” I realise her confusion is more about me questioning her than anything as if she has never been wrong before in her life. She takes a breath and reveals herself before she continues “How about this I heal you but you only have to do the job if your friends return?”

I consider for a moment before replying “Yes, but you have to tell me about this magic inside of me.”

I can feel my face turn red as she starts to unbutton her shirt and says “Great, you’re not paying me enough for medicine so take off your clothes.” I start to lift the loose-fitting top I have on before she stops me leaning in close and continuing “Actually, never mind I’ll do it. You are definitely not paying me enough not to enjoy this.”

She leans down placing her hand on the side of my cheek and leans in close, I can feel her warm breath tickle my face. In my confusion, I don’t know what to say as she pushes me down. Laying there with her on top of me I parted my mouth to speak “What are you-” her lips pressed against mine. A strange sensation flows down my body, warm and tingling. I place my hand on the back of her head as her tongue enters me, her hair slipping through my fingers, and her hands running down my body until they find my trousers. Our lips finally part leaving a trail between us, catching my breath I whisper “I don’t see how this helps.”

She drops back, hooking her fingers in my trousers and pulls them down, she replies “Trust your healer.”

I’m not wearing any pants so she eases my legs apart and I let her. I feel her lips softly kissing my inner thigh as she slowly goes deeper. As she gets to work down there I finally pull my top over my head taking it off. As her tongue reaches my slip she looks up and says “You’re surprisingly well kept down here.” 

For the second time, I feel myself blushing and say “Thank you.” She takes that as a cue to continue. Her tongue’s gentle at first as she reaches her hands up to spread me revealing my clit. Once revealed she became more thorough. Her hand reaches down finding my asshole, her fingers massaging it, although new to me I cannot deny how much I liked it. Her licking swiftly became sucking as I started to feel the heat rising from me. My breathing becomes more agitated as her fingers find their way inside. My hands grab the sheets of the bed as my head tilts back and my eyes close.

She stops abruptly, standing up she says “Not yet, now it’s your turn. On your knees.” I kneel on the floor, It’s cold hard tile. I’m not sure if it’s the floor that’s causing me goosebumps or the anticipation. My hands reach up and undo her trousers. Underneath I find a wild blue bush. I start to part with her as I lean forward. She grabs my hair with one hand and pulls me away as she says “You can floss your teeth another time graverobber” Her hand sparks as she casts a spell and a large cock grows out of her “For now you can enjoy this.”


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