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Part 02

Echoes from the otherworld pt.2

Fantasy world with ghosts and sex and stuff
Echoes from the otherworld pt.2

In a hushed tone the elf asked me “This is your fault isn’t it?” even though I didn’t respond, a simple look at my face told her all she needed to know “Don’t get me wrong I’m cursed too, cursed with something women don’t normally have. That got me cast out from my village and hunted by the inquisitors. Just so you know I don’t blame you, I know you’re a good person, I will take this to the grave. Not that that means much.”

I thought to respond but didn’t know what to say and before I could form a sentence we already got to the door we were looking for. I knocked on the door and stepped back to wait for an answer, however, the elf had other plans and with a swift kick managed to force the door open. On the other side was a girl, half of her face had its flesh torn away and like the others downstairs the back of her head exploded.

We carefully walked into the room and the elf instructed “You search the wardrobe for something that fits you, and I will look for anything useful.” I hear a scratching noise coming from the wardrobe as I reach out to open it.

The elf is too distracted by searching the room to warn me as inside the wardrobe I am greeted by the ethereal woman from before. My body freezes and my voice catches in my throat, unable to move or scream. I just watch as the woman inches closer and places her cold hands on my cheeks. My mind is flooded with wicked laughter as her face moves even closer until our lips touch in an embrace. Her tongue swirled around my mouth as the immovable cold inside of me turned into a fury of heat in my groin. The woman turns into a gaseous form and forces me to breathe her in.

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

The laughter in my head subsides as I turn to the elf who’s bent over searching underneath the bed. I step closer until I am directly behind her. I reach down until my hand caresses her arse, the elf jumps up and turns around, her face is first filled with surprise and then fear. “What happened to you? What did you do?” she asks as I push her onto the bed.

Her resistance is made futile by the chains around her; she eventually resigns to her fate as I undo the green leather trousers she is wearing. Taking them off reveals a sizable cock that warmth heats my hand, her face turns red as she looks away and says “Do what you must.”

I slide down onto it and immediately feel a wave of pleasure I have never known. I cup my breasts in my hand as I start bouncing up and down on it. I start to play with my erect nipples as I speed up, my face is filled with a warm fuzzy feeling, riding the high my mouth goes agape and saliva starts to pour out of it. I reach my hand down and cup her balls, a few moments later I start to feel them twitch. Knowing she is close I move my fingers down towards her anus and insert the middle two, starting lightly and slowly reaching deeper until all of the fingers are engulfed in her. Fingering her anus while riding her I lean forward and for her lips in an embrace. Her cum fills me and I can feel my mind become unclouded.

I rush my fingers out of her anus, causing a moan from her, and unmount her. “I’m so sorry I don’t know what came over me.” was all the pathetic apology I could say.

She wipes the tears away from her eyes and says “It’s alright, you’re possessed you didn’t mean to.”

A polite cough comes from the doorway, I turn my head to see the tattooed girl standing there. I ask “How long have you been standing there? How much did you see?”

“In order. Not long and everything.” She replies in an entirely uninterested tone “So would now be a bad time to ask you those questions? You see, I’m writing an encyclopedia of everything and you seem like an interesting subject.”

She goes into the wardrobe and tosses me some clothes which I put on as I reply “Yes now is a bad time.”

“Ok I will leave you two to your intercourse, but I thought you should know the trigger-happy man wants the elf dead.” She turns to leave before adding “Why are you having sex? Now really doesn’t seem like an appropriate time.” her previously dissonant voice now peaks with curiosity.

It was the elf that replied this time as I was putting the clothes on “We weren’t. well, we were but-”

“Can I join?” the girl asks with an air of innocence I couldn’t imagine her having.

“n-no look it’s complicated. Can you help us with the witch hunter and then we need to leave.”

“How about we strike a deal? I need an assistant for my book and the other girl looks like an interesting test subject. So I help you kill the witch hunter and you become my assistant for my book and I get to explore both of your bodies.”

“What just follows you around? definitely not.” replied the elf

“I don’t mind you looking at my body, whatever that means, but then what?” I reply

The tattooed girl thought for a bit before coming to the conclusion “How about a joint venture? We adventure together, I’m sure you have your own reasons to want to venture out, and I’m allowed to document all of my findings for my encyclopedia?”

The elf seemingly waited for my reply as I thought about my answer. I could do with these two’s help with sorting out whatever’s happening to me, and I would be happy to leave this place. “Okay we will adventure together but after you find out what’s happening to me I’m sure you will want to go your separate way.” was my reply.

The elf places her hand into mine and says “If she’s fine with it then so am I.”

After a moment I break the silence with “I’m Nela by the way.”

“Nice to meet you, I’m Estie,” spoke the elf.

Our gaze turned to the tattoo girl who took a second to pick up on the queue and respond “Oh-you want my name it’s Ruby.”

With that, we headed back to the main tavern area. The witch hunter was looking worse than when we left him. His face was now pale and his movement jittery in anticipation of another attack. He spoke with a tired tone as he raised his sidearms towards us “So, you have all gone mad, have you? Do you hear lies whispering in your ear? Are they telling you to kill me?”

To my surprise he didn’t shoot at us, he waited for a response. The air felt still as I drew my breath and spoke “Let us leave, there is nothing left for you to do here.”

The others took that as meaning I was somehow in charge and were waiting for my signal. The witch hunter stood staring blankly as if he was the only one in the room and dredged up something from deep within him as he spoke once again “It’s finished, isn’t it? All that’s left is to face the everlight and pay penance for my crimes. I hear their call ring my name, awaiting my answer. I must bring you to kneel before them like all sinners do one day.” 

As he finished speaking in his trance-like state a bullet rang out. Pain ripped through my face, I looked down at my hand and saw the bullet drop the blood accompanying it. I reach up touching the left side of my face, it feels alien, even my soft touches pull off the tattered remains. I look up again and see the spectrum woman glaring at me, she speaks but I’m unable to hear her, her taloned claws push me to the ground as another shot rings out narrowly missing me.

The others hide behind the bar as Ruby casts a spell that unlocks Estie’s chains. I stumble back to my feet as Estie dives over the bar. The witch hunter shifts his aim to Estie. Estie reaches him before he can take the shot and forces his gun under his chin. The gun fires and he stumbles back eventually falling against a nearby wall. 

His last words start by sounding like a curse “You will all be hunted down for this, the inquisitors, paladins and clerics alike will seek you and you will burn.” The words however soon slur and slow until they make no coherent sense. I stumble over to Ruby who prepares some makeshift bandages and the witch hunters murmurs finally stop. Ruby begins to treat my wound as best she can.

The world feels numb and I don’t recognise time passing until I’m dragged to my feet by Estie. We reach the door and I see them all there staring at me, the dwarf, the witch hunter, the three others in the tavern and the spectral woman. They all have the same otherworldly elusive look to them. Estie and Ruby don’t react and we carry on walking, the others soon follow


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