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Part 11

Echoes from the otherworld pt.11

Fantasy world with ghosts and sex and stuff
Echoes from the otherworld pt.11

When we got to the tavern it was the evening and it was buzzing with life but our table was empty with a little reserved sign on it. We sat down with a collective sigh, though our exhaustion wasn’t physical it was mental. My head sinks into my arms on the table, in truth, I don’t know why I felt so tired. I did more in the past days than I have in my life, shot my first gun, killed my first man, and had crazy sex though not all of it entirely consensual. But at no point during had I felt more like collapsing than I do now.
I peer up as I hear a loud thud on the table, as a halfling slams four large tankards on the table. She wears a short dress that ends just above her knees and reveals ample cleavage from her large breasts, it’s hard not to see Riko ogling her as she says “This round is on the house for our heroes.” She then turns to address the room and with a booming voice yells. “A cheer to these adventures who made sure Rigate paid for his crimes of hiring human traffickers!”
The tavern falls silent, I stand and raise my tankards, and the others soon follow. Our tankards clash in the missile and for a brief moment, the tavern becomes a chorus of cheers before everyone goes back to their business. I can’t help the smile that dresses my face.
We sit back down and I take a good few big gulps of my ale. I notice the ghost dwarf appear, his chin resting on the table, I grab a nearby chair and pull it to the table, and he happily takes the seat. Riko’s stare pierces me as she says “So those ghosts are real.” She turns to the empty chair and asks “Do they have a name?”
I turn to the dwarf and notice his eyes widen with excitement as he says “So now you want to know my name?” I don’t take the bait and remain unresponsive until he finally concedes and says “To my friends this old dwarf is known as Dedir.”
I turn to Riko and say “Dedir apparently.”
Dedir adds “Aren’t you going to tell her, about the angel I mean.”
I take a deep breath and decide now’s a good time as any “Riko, back in the healing house Rigate had an angel chained to his bed. When we freed the angel she said she was an angel of Tyella the goddess of death.”
I watch as Riko’s face contorts through an array of emotions, confusion, anger then finally settling on depression. Unlike Riko Estie went straight to confusion and stayed there as she said “I thought Tyella was the goddess of knowledge and Farcin was the god of death”
“So did I until a couple hours ago,” I responded.
Ruby adds “Angels can’t lie, or at least don’t, and Nela isn’t lying because I was there. So if that angel said Tyella is the goddess of death then Tyella is the goddess of death.” Ruby takes a drink of ale before feeling the need to add “Like I said gods don’t just disappear, Riko has been rejected.”
I wanted to stop Ruby from saying that but I have little doubt Riko already knew. Dedir murmurs to himself “What makes someone give up knowledge for death?”
Estie finds a new spark in her voice as she says “Hey! That’s what that witch hunter said, Theo or whoever he was.” she trails off slightly before deciding his name was actually Theo and picks up again saying “He said we are rejects and idiots. But we’re not!”
Riko speaks with a hint of vigour disguised in her depression as she says “No, rejects is an accurate description of us: I was rejected by my god, Nela has a bunch of ghosts who were rejected from the afterlife following her, you were rejected from your monk tribe thingy.” Riko notices our inquisitive looks and she shows her deer-like ears that are usually hidden behind her curly blonde hair as she adds, “I have good hearing. And Ruby was rejected from more universities and academic institutes than I knew existed.”
Ruby pipes up saying “I haven’t heard back from all of them yet.”
Esie’s sparks are now a flame as she says “We’re not rejected at all. Nela wasn’t rejected from her hot date.” I can’t help but nod in agreement to that. “Ruby’s book isn’t finished yet and when it’s going to be so amazing that when it’s finished you would have to be an idiot not to accept it. Also, she managed to get all of us to accept helping her.” Ruby lets out a cute small smile in acceptance. “I managed to get accepted by a tutor who’s helping me to read and do math and stuff. And you got accepted by a healing house and by all of us no questions asked. So next time I see Theo I’m going to punch him because we’re not rejects!”
Riko is at long last smiling as she adds “What about idiots?”
I’m the first to agree saying “Yeah, no we are definitely idiots.”
Ruby is the next to join in saying “That was quite the astute observation on his part.”
Estie finally adds “Maybe that’s what we should call our group, the idiots.”
I thought for a second before saying “That’s probably already taken, what about The Fools?”
Dedir laughs a low rumbly laugh as he says “I have met many adventures in my time, not half are as courageous or talented as you and none are more worthy of the name.”
His laugh proves to be too contagious as soon I become a belly full of laughs and not long after everyone at the table joins the horrendous melody of laughter. When I gain enough composure I raise my tankard and toast “To The Fools!” Not missing a beat the others join in too.
When we quiet down a bit Riko asks “So what’s next for The Fools?”
I responded saying “Well given our name I think we should go to school, and I know just the place. Aszen said-”
I notice the confused look on the other’s faces as I mention her name until Riko says “The freak.”
I give her a stern look as I continue “Aszen, the pixie, said she was held in a university that extracted magical essence from her. Given what happened to the angel I reckon they probably had a hand in it, or at least know who does. So when she arrives I will ask her more about it and we can go from there.”
The night continues with some food and a lot of drinking, eventually, the tavern quiets down and Aszen arrives. I watch as she heads to the bar and orders a drink, she exchanges a couple of words with the bartender and he points towards us. As she walks over our eyes meet, I can’t stop the grin as it slowly crawls across my face.
Aszen stops standing at the table and announces “I want to join you.”
We collectively stare for a second before Ruby says “No one’s stopping you, just take a seat already.”
Aszen stays standing as she takes a deep breath and says “I mean on your adventures.” As much as she is addressing the table I can’t help but feel her attention is on me as she adds “I know it’s sudden but I have spent ages in this town and want to travel. I’m not good in a fight but I am a good healer so I won’t slow you down or anything.”
Riko remarks “No thanks we already have a healer.”
I suppress the urge to yell at Riko and respond to Aszen saying “It will be dangerous and I can’t promise that we can protect you, I mean we can barely protect ourselves.”
Aszen turns to steel as she strengthens her resolve, confidently she says “I can protect myself.”
I try to play it off cool and hide my excitement as I say “I’m sold, it sounds good to me so it’s up to the others.”
Estie however can’t hide her excitement as she yells “Obviously I want you to join, the more fools the better.”
Aszen can’t help but ask “Fools?”
Estie is giddy as she replies “Yeah that’s what we call ourselves.”
Riko cuts them off saying “Obviously I don’t want you to but I won’t hear the end of it if I say no. So fine you can follow us around and carry our packs or something.”
Ruby responds entirely uninterested saying “I don’t know why we’re discussing this, we need you to join because of the magic essence experiments.” Aszen’s expression drops as she stares at me, admittedly this is not the best way to find out I went behind her back. Ruby adds “Anyway, it’s been a long day so I’m going to our room.” As she leaves she drags Estie behind her who is confused and reluctant at first but lets Ruby drag her anyway.
Almost like clockwork, Riko stands saying “I don’t want to be the only person sleeping alone tonight.” and walks over to the bar. The halfling barmaid sits there enjoying a drink I assume having the rest of the night off. Riko approaches her with almost comedic confidence, she leans against the bar and her cloak peels back revealing her nude body underneath. I can’t hear what they are saying but it seems to be working because not long after the barmaid leads her into a booth in a dark corner of the tavern.
As Aszen sits next to me Dedir simply waves and vanishes. I avoid the elephant in the room by asking “Don’t people find it strange that Riko’s a nudist.”
Aszen replies nonchalantly saying “I think they find it admirable to have that much confidence.” Looking at her she looks a lot more relaxed than before. Her deep blue hair is still a mess and she still wears her white lab coat but underneath she wears a short black dress. She adds “Besides, they don’t make a lot of clothes for satyrs so it’s difficult to find clothes that fit her.”
“Is that why she doesn’t like you? Because you tried to dress her?”
She snorted, saying “No I’m afraid it’s a little bit more complicated than that.”
There’s an awkward pause that I fill with drinking the last of my ale. She waits patiently until I have no excuse not to answer and says. “So you told them about me and all the things I told you in secret.”
I feel myself choking as I say “I didn’t tell them everything but I couldn’t lie to them either.” I make sure to look her in the eyes as I say “In the healing house they had an angel tied up, Ruby said they were extracting magical essence. So our next step is to go to that academy that did the experiments and see if they were involved or if they know who it is.”
“Two questions, how did Ruby know what magical essence extraction is?”
“I don’t know but when it comes to Ruby she seems to know anything and everything magical.”
“Okay, make that three questions. If Ruby is so smart, why isn’t she working in an academy or something?”
I feel my eyebrows raise as I answer “You mean you haven’t noticed it yet. Ruby’s borderline psychotic and most people probably find her insufferable.”
“Finally, why are you doing this? You could just leave to travel somewhere and do something else. Why are you choosing to take on the Everlight?”
I remember what Gareth said about doing more good than bad but if I’m honest with myself it’s more because I want to I end up saying “Because I have to.”
She dramatically turns away saying “Okay I believe you.”
“I think the bar’s closed now so do you want to talk for a while or-”
She chuckles saying “You really have to get better at flirting.”
“Alright, fine, you look” How does she look? Intelligent, not exactly a sexy thing to say. Beautiful, a bit too boring or cliche. Radiant, no she isn’t a candle. I try to think of what I like about her, she is attractive, her messy wild blue hair. Her tired blue eyes are devoid of any white or pupils. Her snow-white skin and the way it’s betrayed by the swirls of freckles that litter her skin. Mystical, no that sounds like she’s an old fortune teller.
I realise I’m taking way too long as she bursts out with laughter saying “Well at least you tried, so help me finish this drink and you can take me to your room.”
I look at the creases on the edge of her lips as she smiles while taking a sip and say “I like your smile and that you’re kind, not many people are and you’re funny and can make me laugh.”
Her smile doesn’t fade as she hands me the flask saying “You already won me over, there’s no need to do a victory lap.”
I take a generous gulp and hand it back to her. She quickly finishes it off, standing up she says “Come on let’s go.”
Following her I say “I don’t know which room is ours we will have to ask the others.”
We go to the dark booth I saw Riko enter earlier. The barmaid has her dress semi undone revealing her sizable breasts. She’s tense with her head lolled back, her legs are spread with Riko’s hand reaching up her skirt. Riko definitely heard us but the barmaid sits up straight in shock and covers herself. Riko simply reveals her dripping wet hand to show us the middle finger before pushing the barmaid back down while kissing her on the neck and guiding her hand back between her legs. Aszen and I stare at each other briefly before moving on.
Upstairs there are two doors both labelled “The Fools”, I knocked on the first one but in doing so accidentally pushed it open. Esie is sitting naked on the bed, her legs are spread and her knees are bent. Her tankard of ale is in one hand as her other grabs Ruby’s hair. Ruby is entwined between Esie’s legs, her head slow and rhythmically bobbing up and down. Esie notices us and politely waves, I find myself waving back. Now that Esie’s hand is off Ruby’s head she raises it to see what’s going on but before she can look Esie guides her back down. Esie guides her past her penis and her balls before raising her arse and fully leaning back with her eyes closed. Aszen whispers “Don’t you know it’s rude to stare.”
We close the door and move on to the other room, unsurprisingly this one’s empty. As we step further into the room Aszen asks “Do you guys always just go around having sex and shooting stuff?” She hears me trying to stutter and answer and adds “Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind sharing, I mean not tonight but… I was kind of expecting you to be polishing armour and sharpening swords, not getting drunk and having sex.”
As we reach the bed she turns and faces me as I say “Esie spent all our armour and sword budget on shiny gloves, so yeah I sort of just have sex and shoot stuff.”
Her arms reach around my neck, I feel her breath on my lips as she says “You must be pretty good then.”
“At shooting stuff, no I can’t hit a thing.”
Her lips pressed against mine. I close my eyes and feel her fingers play with my hair before she tosses my hat aside. Our tongues meet before she lets mine into her mouth. She pulls away and I find myself undressing her lab coat as it falls to the ground, her translucent insect-like wings unfurling behind her. Her fingers glide down my chest and undo my jacket’s belt, the silk outer belt unravelling easily, but the leather inner belt takes some doing. She drops them but I catch them and put them down gently, she looks at me puzzled so I say “Gun safety it is loaded.”She rolls her eyes in response.
I take my shirt off over my head.
“You don’t wear a bra?”
“They’re just not that big.”
She turns around and I brush her hair away from her neck. I kiss her shoulder, then neck and finally cheek before I whisper “How do I take it off?”
“There’s a button towards the top.”
I stumble around for a moment trying to find a black button on a black dress in a dark room. I eventually do find it by feeling and the dress falls to the ground. I have an easier time finding the bra buttons. We sit on the bed next to each other as we kick off our shoes and socks.
Leaning over she undoes my trousers and underwear in one go before pushing me down and saddling me. With her legs spread apart, I get a clear view of her black lace underwear, her wild unkempt bush poking through.
As Aszen leans down her perky boobs jiggle, our lips meet and her tongue rushes into my mouth, I’m met with the same lightheadedness as before, the high. I find my hands gravitate towards her arse as she breaks the kiss. She places two fingers in her mouth revealing a wiry unkempt mess of armpit hair.
Her newly wet fingers glide down my body. The wet trail slowly leads to my slit. She moves down into a more comfortable position, kissing my breasts as she goes. Parting my legs I feel her reaching inside and her warm breath on my torso. I feel her fingers reach deeper, they slide in and out with ease, and her face is now buried in between my legs.
I feel her tongue trace my slit as her fingers open it, my breath picks up pace. Her fingers leave me and move further down, I feel the pressure on my arsehole as she looks up saying “You enjoyed this last time, should I?”
I feel my face turning red as I look away but I can’t help but nod in agreement. The pressure builds and I force myself to relax, loosen and let her in. A sharp pain radiates through me, it’s contrasted by the soothing of her tongue as it touches my clit. She picks up pace and my body tenses, my knuckles turn white as I grab the bed, and I shake as my moans get louder and more intense. Then it happens, I feel something flow through me, flow out of me and she stops. I look at her and see her face soaking wet, the bed drenched. Sheepishly I say “Sorry.”
“Don’t be, the other bit of the bed is still dry so we will have to sleep there.” I give her a polite smile as she stands and says “Now it’s your turn, you can do whatever you like to me. But don’t ruin the pants, it’s the only good pair I have.”
I guide her onto all fours on the bed, she wriggles as I slowly peel off her underwear. Her arse, despite being covered in pubic hair, is clean. I use one hand to spread her arse as the other starts rubbing her slit. I bury my face in her arse and start to lick, it tastes bitter, and her hairs tickle my nose.
She must have been worked up already because before too long she shivers and collapses. I decide to join her collapsing on the dry part of the bed. After a little while of moving to get into a comfortable position, she settles with lying on top of me. Her hairs scratch and tickles me but she looks so peaceful with her eyes closed I don’t want to disturb her and instead join her in slumber.
I haven’t slept that well before in my life.


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