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Part 10

Echoes from the otherworld pt.10

Fantasy world with ghosts and sex and stuff
Echoes from the otherworld pt.10

These moments seem to stretch forever. I didn’t know if I was merely a branch or the entire tree itself, if what’s happened over the past two days was the whole story or if they were only an aspect of it. So long as I was in this room I would never see the whole picture and it either lay behind the door Ruby was frantically trying to unlock or with whatever Rigate brought back with him.
I hear the door knock once and load. I turn to Ruby but the solemnity of her expression answers the question I haven’t asked. I place my gun against the door’s lock and fire.
The door swings open on its hinges. Inside is a bedroom, and on the bed is a dark-skinned woman. Two large white wings stretch from her in both directions, she’s blindfolded and chains dig into her skin in a harsh organised fission holding her down. I step closer to her and take off her blindfold, she’s beautiful and pristine. But on her face, I have seen dead bodies with more emotion, the only signs of life she gave were a rhythmic breathing and a cold following gaze. Hidden inside her chains are tubes that lead into a large glass vial, I see her blood slowly drip into it. In front of the vial is an assortment of whips and phallic objects. I notice her legs are chained apart.
I ask “What is all of this?”
Ruby answers saying “They are extracting her essence, and it looks like they already got a lot of it.”
“Can you free her?” Without hesitation Ruby started casting spells, unlocking the locks one at a time, I turned to Cassie and said “Check what’s going on out there.”
She phases through the wall and a brief moment later returns saying “There is some sort of standoff and the inquisitors are injecting themselves with something while Estie and Riko take cover waiting for the inquisitors to advance.”
The final chain fell and the angel looked at us, their expressionless face turned to pure disgust as she looked at me and said “Your magic is disgusting but you have my thanks. I Isobel, an angel of Tyella, the goddess of death, is in your debt.”
Before I could ask what she meant by any of that she waved her hand and the wall leading outside erupted out. She flys away with each flap of her wings leaving more feathers behind revealing black feathers that grow beneath.
The newly formed hole in the wall leads outside the healing house compound, I consider flanking but realise I have an easier option. Ruby and I join the others in the corridor.
Estie had broken into another room and was using it as cover as the inquisitors hurled different rays of fire and lighting indiscriminately at us, uncaring about setting this place on fire. I wait for an opening and dash into the room with Estie, Ruby soon follows. Estie wastes no time saying “They have been going on like this for minutes now without stopping, please tell me you have a plan.”
I found myself missing the words to explain it all to them, when I turned to Riko, who’s tending to a burn on her leg, I’m missing the heart for it also. Explanations can wait for later. Right now I need a plan, I turn to Ruby and ask “How long can you hold them off?”
Ruby seemed to consider for a moment before saying “They fling a lot of spells but aren’t very acreate. I have a couple of counterspells and an orb of protection in me, so maybe a minute.”
I fire my gun into the ceiling creating a sizable hole in the floor above before saying “Estie and I will go up and drop down on top of them. You and Riko distract them and exit through the newly made second exit. After looping around and we meet at the front of the healing house, try to cut Rigate off from leaving.”
Estie boosts me up to the second floor before elegantly jumping up herself, as I go up I notice Riko about to express her objections before Ruby simply gives her a stern look.
The upstairs was barren deserted and covered in dust, Cassie already got the memo and was phasing through the floor to check where the inquisitors were before pointing them out to me. Carefully stepping to where Cassie guided me and pointing my gun Estie and I exchanged a nod before I fired a round splintering a hole in the floor below.
Dropping down I prepare myself to shout at them to surrender, but when I land I notice something strange about them almost feral as foam starts to form around their mouths. One of them takes this opportunity to tackle me to the ground. His arm clads itself in frozen armour as he punches me hard in my side. The hit causes me to reel, loosening my grip on him, he takes this opportunity to try and bite me. Before he could sink his drool-covered teeth into me Estie tears him off and pins him against the wall.
The other three inquisitors start to cast spells at us but making sure to aim up through their body so that the bullets go into the ceiling rather than down the corridor behind them I fire a round through each of them. I turn away from the newly formed red mist and see Estie drop her inquisitor, his head a half rotation from his body. Estie shrugs saying “Couldn’t control him.”
The fall had taken its toll on me as I half limped my way through the courtyard and into the healing house’s reception.
Rigate is in handcuffs and being escorted out by a witch hunter, Gareth appears saying “I know him, that’s Theo, he’s one of the best of us. The world would end before he sold out to the Everlight.”
Gareth realised what was happening before I did as Theo threw a bag of gold to my feet saying “Good job tracking down this madman, let the Everlight handle the rest from here.”
I see Estie tense but I squeeze her hand reassuring her as I say “Till we meet again Theo.”
He sounds genuinely confused as he asks “Have we met?”
I pick up the bag of gold and shake my head saying “We had a mutual friend.”
He considers his next answer carefully, on closer inspection he’s handsome, tall and clean-shaven with neatly cut blonde hair. Ruby and Riko enter the room as Theo settles on an answer “Gareth.”
Riko’s head tilts a noticeable distance as she asks “What’s going on.”
My eyes drift to Gareth as I say “Apparently the end of the world.”
Riko’s head is still tilted as she says “Okay, I have ignored it a few times now but it’s getting too weird. Who are you talking to? You’re always going off somewhere and having lengthy conversations with yourself.”
Estie pipes up saying “Oh, I know the answer to this one, it’s the ghosts isn’t it.” she turns and looks at me with genuine concern as she says “Are they in this room right now?”
My face falls into my hands as I let out a groan, Ruby decides to add “Estie that was a secret, she was going to share it with us when she was ready.”
“But she already told me.” Estie trails off.
Riko decides to get back on topic, with profound wisdom in her voice, she blurts out “Is that pixie freak your shrink or something? Is that why you’re dating her?”
Revealing my face I say “Why don’t you tell him everything? Why not start with your birthdays I’m sure he would love to know-”
My rant is short-lived as Theo bursts out with laughter, his laugh fills the room as he says “I don’t know what’s better, the fact that Gareth is stuck inside your head or the fact that his only hope is a bunch of rejects and idiots.” He turns and leaves saying “I’ll leave you to wallow in your embarrassment. And Gareth stop being a miserable bastard and look on the bright side, at least you’re dead.”


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