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Echoes from the otherworld

Fantasy world with ghosts and sex and stuff
Echoes from the otherworld

I wake to find myself lying on a table, I am surrounded by onlookers discussing amongst themselves. I feel chilled to the bone yet the surroundings feel burying hot. One woman with short black hair wearing a vest with a black ring tattoo on her shoulder notices that I’m awake and says “I see you are finally awake, do you mind answering a few questions? it’s for a book I’m writing.”

A dwarf with a mighty beard’s voice bellows as he says “Let the girl rest and get her a drink.” before hurrying the black-haired girl away. After a brief defiance, she obliges seemingly more out of her own self-interest rather than any sense of obligation or duty. Two other noticeable people stared at me, one was notably a witch hunter in traditional witch-hunting gear complete with multiple black powder weapons, two small handguns on his waist and one large one strapped to his back, next to him was some kind of elf. I had never seen an elf before now but she was noticeably beautiful with perfect clear skin, green eyes and flowing white hair. She was chained at the neck, wrist and legs, the witch hunter gripped the chains hard enough that his knuckles turned white. He spoke with a gravely sharp tone “I found you on the floor you must have been struck by some sort of magic.” Pulling hard on the elf’s chain he added “I am bringing this scum to execution, you are more than welcome to accompany us to the nearest city to explain what happened to the authorities.”

My head pulsates in agony as I start to remember what happened, I remember walking back from the graveyard, I had stolen from a crypt that was recently sealed. My lantern went out and I was pulled away from the road, from that moment on my memory goes fuzzy. I remember my clothes being torn away, I remember a cold wet tongue teasing my slit before an icy cold grasp entered my hole, I remember being turned around and the feeling of cold slender fingers entering my ass hole. My moans catch in my throat as the thrusts begin to speed up, my hands grasping and clawing at the ground beneath me, drool sliding down my face and pooling underneath me. Not long after that I was overwhelmed with the feeling of pleasure and left with an unshakeable cold inside of me. And then I woke up here.

As I try to get my story straight in my head, to avoid confessing to any crimes, I sit up straight. The blanket that was wrapped around me fell revealing my chest, I noticed the elf blushing before averting her eyes, behind her outside a window stood a pale woman. The woman is dressed in white rags and her entire body gives off a faint glow, her head is adorned with long thin wiry hair. She raises her hand to the window revealing her bony arms as long talon-like fingernails scrape down the length of the window. I shout “It’s here!”

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

The others around me turn and face the window revealing the barrels behind them, the woman in the window’s mouth opens until it starts to tear, and she lets out an ear-piercing screech that shatters the windows and bottles lying around. The more astute cover their ears just in time, the witch hunter, elf and tattooed girl being among them, I however was not.

The sound began sounding like a screech then slowly changed into purely ringing and tinnitus in my ears, it swiftly stopped feeling like a loud noise at all and more like an assault directed at my head. Soon the woman disappeared as swiftly as she appeared but my head still throbbed in an agonising ununiform beat. The pain caused me to roll off the table, the tattooed girl ran to my side and cast a spell as I was writing on the ground. The pain subsided enough for me to regain my composure and stand up. Observing the scene before me only revealed frantic chaos, the dwarf was rolling on the floor clutching his head broken glass cutting away at his until a pool of blood stretched around in all directions. The witch hunter had his two side arms drawn firing out of the window into the inky black night, the muzzle flashed briefly lighting the horizon only proving that there was nothing there. The last two patrons in the tavern lay lifeless, one of their heads looking like it erupted from inside out and the other lay next to a window with a particularly large glass of shard stabbed into their neck, blood spurts in short bursts from the wound. It doesn’t take me long to realise that I survived because the dwarf must have shielded me from the hit.

The gunfire finally stopped and the witch hunter turned to face the rest of us. He had bloodshot eyes and blood streaming out of one of his ears as he said “This is you isn’t it elf? You’re doing this!”

The elf doesn’t respond and simply walks over to me and says “There’s someone upstairs, let’s check on them and they might also have some clothes for you.” 

“What about him?” I say pointing to the dying dwarf on the ground “There must be something we can do.”

With that, the tattooed girl walked over to the dwarf with her spell book in hand and extended her other hand. I didn’t even think to stop her before an icicle launched from her hand and through the dwarf’s head. I let out a small scream at the sight of violence before she turned her head and said “What? I wasn’t about to let him suffer.” The elf takes my hands and guides me up the stairs leading me away before I can voice a protest. The elf’s movements are clumsy due to the chains around her, not the way I have heard elves move at all, her hands are soft and warm, and I can’t help but notice the sizable bulge in her pants.


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