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Buffet For A Vampire

A women's dormitory provides everything this vampire needs
Buffet For A Vampire

Conrad moved in his coffin. His special vampire senses told him it was midnight, and time for him to leave his resting place in the family crypt and go out to dine and take care of his other needs. Because of an extremely fortunate happenstance, all of them would be very easy for him to satisfy. A few years earlier, the state had opened a new university and the women’s dormitories were only a mile from the cemetery, just a few minute’s flight from where Conrad slept by day. This assured him of a large and ever-changing supply of blood from the throats of young women, frequently laced with interesting stimulants.

Almost equally important, he had his choice of thousands of different women he could fuck or otherwise use sexually. They were available in all shapes and sizes, from Ally McBeal look-alikes to those who could work as circus fat ladies. They were all races too, from African exchange students to Asian Americans to Nordic blondes. He remembered sampling, one night, the blood and the pussy of a Pygmy from Africa, followed by doing the same with a lanky albino. Conrad was an equal-opportunity predator, and would suck the blood of any woman, and fuck any woman, regardless of her race, religion or national origin. Not having any gay tendencies, however, his fangs never punctured the blood vessels of any men. He couldn’t see any reason for going one place to feed and another for sex.

After changing to his bat form and slipping through one of the ventilator slots in the crypt, he flew to the campus. On this night, as was his custom, he picked a dorm building at random and landed on a windowsill, also chosen at random. The window was open an inch and he easily slipped inside where, using his acute nocturnal vision, he was able to inspect the sleeping inhabitant. He observed she was a young African American, with a very pretty face and a body that alluringly filled out her cotton pajamas. Conrad thought of all the women in the dormitories as serving dishes at an enormous and ever-changing buffet, where he could choose anything he wanted, and he decided this pretty young woman would provide the first course of this night’s feast.

Before changing to his human form, he used some of the powers peculiar to vampires to put her into a type of trance and to dull selected senses. She would not wake up while he was there and she would be able to feel sexual pleasure, but not the pain of his fangs penetrating her throat. Conrad wanted his victims to enjoy the fucking and other things he did to them, so their bodies would react, thus enhancing his own pleasure. When they woke up, they would only have vivid memories of erotic dreams, which would explain to them why their pussies were wet and their bedding and sleeping attire were in disarray. Conrad didn’t care about the pleasure or the welfare of the women he preyed on but he didn’t want his existence to be even suspected.

After reverting to his human form, he unbuttoned the young woman’s pajama top. She stirred slightly but didn’t come even close to waking up. Her lovely breasts swayed delightfully when Conrad finished the buttons and spread open the garment, and he couldn’t resist licking them briefly. They were voluptuous and a lovely tan color, with large, dark brown areolas and nipples, which provided an extremely pleasurable sensation to his ultra-sensitive tongue. As his mouth caressed her beautiful breasts, she stirred again, and he could feel her nipples starting to become erect under his ministrations.

“This is really a hot chick,” he told himself. “I’m going to have a lot of fun with her.”

Conrad decided to feed before enjoying the sexual part of his feast so he switched his attentions from her breasts to the blood vessels in her throat. He licked her, his tongue seeking and finding the main artery, and his fangs, sharp and hollow as a hypodermic needle, penetrated the skin and the blood vessel. Conrad drank, relishing the delightfully fresh taste of the youthful blood, including the lingering flavor of the marijuana she had smoked earlier.

He stopped after drawing off only about half a pint of the delicious and nourishing fluid, and licked off any droplets that might have been left on her skin. He didn’t want to kill her, nor did he want to turn her into a vampire like himself. Even while he was alive, Conrad had been something of a loner, and he had no wish to be burdened now by youthful followers, not even such a beautiful one as the woman he had just fed on. He also wanted no suspicion of his presence, nor that of any of his kind. Taking the amount of blood he did would result in some weakness, but not enough to cause any suspicion, and it would pass in a few days after the woman’s body had replaced it. The puncture wounds in her throat were invisible, except under microscopic examination, and even they would heal completely in a day.

Conrad’s mouth returned to fondle the lovely breasts while his hands unbuttoned the pajama bottoms and pulled them down and off when she, reflexively, raised her ass from the bed. The young beauty was wearing panties under them so he slipped his fingertips under the elastic waistband and pulled them off too, while his mouth made love to her breasts. He especially relished the way her nipples had become completely erect, and his agile tongue could feel their many tiny bumps and ridges. Besides those changes, the young woman’s succulent body was responding to the caresses of his soft hands. After a few minutes of applying his skillful foreplay, she was writhing on the bed and moaning in her sleep.

Those reactions to his hands and tongue meant she was becoming sexually aroused, even while asleep. This was important to Conrad. Her pussy would be wet when he plunged his cock into her, and she would respond to his thrusts by fucking back to meet them, and otherwise moving under him, making everything that much better. He especially reveled in the wild movements of a woman having an orgasm in her sleep, although he didn’t actually care about her pleasure or that of anybody but himself.

The popular stereotype of vampires is that when they assume their human form, they are attired in full evening dress. That is a silly fallacy. Such bulky clothing would be impossible for Conrad to carry while flying in his bat form, nor would he be able to squeeze through narrow openings. He has complete control over the shape of his own body but none over inanimate objects such as dinner jackets or cravats. In his human form, as well as in every other form his body might assume, Conrad was always completely naked. It had been years since anybody had actually seen him, and if anybody had, they would have beheld a man, with brown hair and brown eyes, ordinary in every way except for his chalky-white skin. This lack of color is normal for Caucasian vampires because of the lack of color in the fluid that circulates in their bodies and because of their nocturnal habits.

He spread his victim’s legs and knelt between them. Leaning forward, his face inches from her pussy, Conrad breathed deeply of the delightful aroma of the juices that had started trickling from her. Besides their fragrance, the pussy he was looking at was truly a thing of beauty. Her soft brown skin, apparently recently bikini waxed, contrasted with a thin line of tightly curled black pubic hair. The young woman’s inner lips, dark brown and engorged from her arousal, had crowded their way through her slit, resembling flowers blossoming. Her clit was also pushing its way out from its protective covering.

Conrad gently spread the spongy inner lips to reveal the lovely pink hole that his cock would soon be stuffing. He gazed, almost enraptured, at its shiny wetness, and relished the rising cloud of her delectable scent. Slowly, he leaned forward and began licking the juices from one of her lips. They were as delicious as her blood had been, as he had expected them to be.

His agile tongue caressed its way along the same lip until he reached the young woman’s clit. With utmost delicacy, Conrad fondled the succulent morsel. He enjoyed eating a sweet pussy such as that of the young African American, but it was strictly a preliminary activity; he would never bring anybody to a climax that way. It was solely a form of foreplay, intended to sexually arouse her, but the purpose of that was strictly to enhance Conrad’s pleasure and never anybody else’s.

After a few strokes with his tongue, his victim was thrashing on the bed and her pussy was thrusting up into Conrad’s face. “She’s ready for fucking,” he said to himself, and licked off the surplus nectar from her crotch and lips, leaving enough inside her for lubrication.

Conrad never had any reason to wear a condom. Being non-living, his sperm couldn’t possibly impregnate anybody. Likewise his circulating body fluids, the equivalent of blood, couldn’t support any kind of germ or virus so he could neither be sick nor pass on any illness. He always practiced safe sex without even trying. With the woman fully aroused, Conrad reached the fingers of one hand into her dripping pussy and spread her swollen inner lips. His other hand guided his cock to the waiting hole.

Holding the head against the place that he knew would soon be welcoming it, Conrad first rubbed it against the wetness, spreading the sleeping woman’s lubricating juices. With that completed, he pressed the tip against the small opening and gave a short push. He sighed happily when it wedged inside her, and she murmured in her sleep, echoing his expression of pleasure. With a series of strong thrusts, his cock was all the way inside. She raised her thighs and spread them farther apart, helping him achieve an even deeper penetration.

Slowly, Conrad drew his cock back, almost all the way out of the very hospitable pussy, paused, and plunged it back inside. The woman wrapped her legs around his hips and flexed her thigh muscles as she fucked back to meet him. He liked the way she moved under him so Conrad supported his weight on his hands, letting the young beauty continue to impale herself on his cock. Her pleasure, even to the point of reaching a tremendous climax, would multiply his own.

The unlikely couple – the pale vampire and the sleeping black woman – continued fucking for a long time. Her movements became more erratic as her ecstasy mounted, although she would remember it only as an unusually vivid erotic dream. Knowing she was close to cumming, Conrad decided to delay his own climax and enjoy hers to the utmost. He started fucking her faster and driving his cock even harder into her wet pussy. She responded by matching his speed and raking his shoulders with her long fingernails. To anybody else, the lacerations would have been severely painful but vampires are immune to such things.

The young woman gave a soft howl of joy as she started to cum. Conrad continued driving his cock into her, but even faster and harder, while she was in the throes of cumming. Her body thrashed under him and her nails tore at his shoulders. She climaxed abruptly, arching her back and jamming her pussy against him. He relaxed the control of his body and started to climax after a few more strokes of his cock. His first spurt of sterile semen squished into her. Conrad continued fucking and ejaculating until he was through, finally withdrawing his cock with cum still dripping from the tip.

Looking down at the beautiful young woman, sleeping more blissfully now, Conrad permitted himself one of his rare smiles. “She’s very young,” he told himself. Probably a freshman. I hope I choose her room a few more times while she’s a student here.”

Using tissues from her bureau, Conrad cleaned up some of the evidence of his having been there. He wiped his cum and most of her juices from her crotch and pussy lips, since her remaining juices would just be evidence of her erotic dream. Even the feeling of weakness from loss of blood would be attributed to an orgasm while sleeping. With feelings that were as close to affection as he could achieve, Conrad redressed the woman in her panties and pajama pants and buttoned her top. When he was done, he flushed the tissues down the toilet. He had truly relished the first dish of his buffet and was looking forward to more.

After reverting to his bat form, Conrad flew to the window, squeezed under the sash and flew to another window sill. This one was also open slightly so he entered to begin his inspection of the inhabitant of the room. Unlike the first woman, this one did not arouse even a little bit of interest. She was a skinny white woman, seeming almost emaciated, with a bony face and a body that completely lacked the feminine curves of the first dish of the buffet, or of almost any other women.

“Her blood is probably as thin as she is, and I’m not going to fuck some skin and bones,” Conrad told himself. He didn’t even bother to change to human form or put the woman into a trance; he just left by the same window.

The woman sleeping in the third room he visited was much more to his liking. Except for also being white, she had nothing in common with the second woman. Her brunette hair was in curlers, which didn’t bother Conrad, and her face was clean and fresh with regular features. She was lying on her side and covered up, but the mound that was her body looked to be quite voluptuous, just the type that he favored. As he had with the first woman, Conrad put her into a trance and dulled her senses. With that taken care of, he changed to human form, pulled down the bedcovers and rolled the sleeping woman onto her back to see if his assessment of her body had been correct.

He received two surprises. The first was that her body was even more voluptuous and sexy than he had guessed. Her breasts filled his hands with firm and succulent flesh, and her belly and hips were soft and pleasantly rounded when he ran his hands over her. Not only would the fucking be outstanding, the sexy woman’s blood should be tasty and healthful. In every way, she would be a delicious part of his buffet feast.

The second surprise was that the sexy brunette was sleeping in a long, loose flannel nightgown, open at the neck. He didn’t care what she wore, because he would remove it or push it aside anyhow, but it was unusual. Most of the women in the dormitory wore pajamas. Some slept nude; a few wore just panties and some of his favorite memories were of women wearing transparent teddies. It wouldn’t affect the quality of her blood, of course, nor would it affect the quality of the fucking he would do after he was through feeding.

As expected, her blood was of the highest quality, and Conrad had to resist the urge to take more than he should. Once again, he licked off any droplets that might have spilled and prepared to satisfy his other needs. His cock was already stiff in anticipation of fucking this voluptuous woman, and he eagerly lifted the hem of her nightgown and pushed it above her luscious breasts. She wore nothing underneath.

Naked, the firm globes felt even better to his hands, smooth and firm and full-bodied. Her nipples were soft when he started licking them, and they seemed to take longer than those of most women to become erect. Conrad didn’t mind because he enjoyed the way his hands and mouth were so delightfully occupied, and he continued, switching his mouth back and forth, until both nipples were erect against his tongue. By that time, the lovely woman was murmuring happily, apparently dreaming she was in the middle of a sexy assignation. Her body also began stirring and Conrad knew his ministrations were producing the response he wanted.

He continued with them, licking and sucking her delightful breasts while his hands lovingly caressed the soft hips and sides and belly. The desired level of arousal was finally achieved and he could hear the woman moaning while she writhed on the bed. Conrad could smell the fragrant juices trickling from her pussy and he knew it was time to transfer his attentions to the center of her sexuality.

Here, he received two more surprises. Earlier, he had noted quite a lot of pubic hair but he hadn’t known just how much she had until he started to lick her engorged pussy lips. It was thick and unpleasantly coarse against his tongue, and he raised his head from it. Most of the women in the dorm, unless their pubic hair was very fine, shaved or waxed or at least trimmed themselves. He couldn’t remember ever encountering such a thatch as there was on the buxom brunette, another way in which the woman he had chosen was different from most. In addition, her slit was very tight. When he spread open her inner lips and looked into the wet pink hole he intended to fuck, he received the biggest surprise of all. She was a virgin!

Conrad had conflicting emotions. What he wanted to do was to break the woman’s cherry and fuck her. He considered virginity in such a beautiful and sexy woman to be a waste anyhow. However, that would not be prudent. Her hymeneal blood would stain the sheets and her deflowering by an unknown nocturnal intruder would almost certainly result in a police investigation. A swab of the woman’s pussy would disclose his semen, and the final result might well be his discovery. That chain of events would be unlikely, but possible, and Conrad didn’t want to run the risk.

Even so, he very much wanted to fuck the woman’s sexy body. It took quite a bit of effort but he turned her over so she was lying face down on the bed, and slipped a pillow under her waist. Taking hold of her ankles, he separated her legs and knelt between them. Her ass was just as curvaceous and sexy as the rest of her body, and he spread her cheeks to inspect her most hidden orifice. Since her pussy would not be available, he would fuck her ass instead.

Placing the tip of a finger, wet with his saliva, against the tight hole, he wiggled it around and gave a small push. It slipped in easily to the first joint, while the woman moaned in her sleep. Whether from pain or from pleasure, Conrad couldn’t tell. Her muscles were all relaxed and he easily slid the finger in all the way to his knuckle and fucked it in and out for a few strokes. She moaned again; this time Conrad was sure it was in pleasure, and her body began moving as if in response to a lover. Conrad smiled at that thought. Fucking her ass would be as good as fucking her pussy would have been, but he would need something to use as a lubricant, and he never carried anything. The women’s pussies usually provided all he needed.

On the bureau was a plastic squeeze bottle of shampoo which, he knew, would work as well as anything else available. With the fingers of one hand he held open the hole he was going to fuck and, holding the bottle in his other hand, he inserted the neck and squirted in enough for his purposes. Conrad was aware the shampoo in the woman’s colon might work as an enema but his night’s feasting and fucking would be done by then and he didn’t care what might happen to her after that.

With the woman prepared, Conrad knelt between her spread legs and put the tip of his cock against her hole. She was tight, but well-lubricated; he could have worked it into her with a series of thrusts, but there was no need for that. As a shape-shifter, with full control over his body, he was able to reduce the thickness of his cock until it was the size of his finger that had been in the woman’s ass a few minute’s earlier. The length remained the same; just the thickness was changed, and he expected to be able to slide it all the way into her with a minimum of difficulty.

Still holding her ass open with the fingers of one hand, Conrad was now ready to insert his cock. With a firm push, he penetrated her easily, thrusting in the tip and almost two additional inches. The woman murmured something again and her body squirmed under him, almost as if she were being entered by her lover, but she continued to sleep soundly. Conrad shifted his position slightly, and drove the rest of his altered cock into her ass, until his thighs were tightly pressed against her soft buttocks.

Once his cock was completely imbedded in the sleeping woman’s ass, he restored it to its usual thickness. Incredible pleasure poured through his body as her whole rear channel immediately squeezed the entire length. The lovely woman moaned again, and her hips began swiveling under him, thrusting her legs out beside him and pulling them back like pistons. Conrad was sure she was taking pleasure in the presence of his cock in her. He hoped so, because it is much more fun to fuck a woman who moves under him than one who lies inertly.

With his hands on the woman’s hips for leverage, Conrad slowly drew his cock back until just the tip was still inside her ass. He paused for a second and, equally slowly, drove it back all the way into her. She moaned again and, this time, she thrust back to meet him. Conrad smiled at her response. Fucking this sexy woman’s ass was going to be even more fun than he had thought.

For a long time, Conrad plunged his cock in and out of the voluptuous woman, his thighs smacking gently against her succulent cheeks. Although her ass was tight, the shampoo worked perfectly as a lubricant and there was no friction. Every time his cock burrowed into her rear channel, he could feel her muscles squeezing its entire length, sending waves of intense pleasure flooding his body. The longer the fucking continued, she more active she became. Although soundly asleep, due to Conrad’s vampire powers, the beautiful brunette thrashed on the bed under him, moaned, and thrust back to meet his long, slow strokes.

The strokes were long, because he drove his cock all the way into her ass every time, until his groin was almost pressed against the insides of her cheeks. They were slow because the pleasure he was getting was constant and intense, and he wanted to make it last as long as he could. He had plenty of time before sunrise, and he wanted to spend it in the most pleasurable way he could.

The time finally arrived when he knew his climax was imminent. By that time, the sexy body under him was in constant, erratic movement. The woman’s arms flailed aimlessly and her legs kicked and thrust back and forth as her hips swiveled. She was in almost constant movement, like a rocking chair, as she fucked back strongly to meet his cock flowing into her ass. For fear her whimpers of pleasure would awaken somebody in a neighboring room, Conrad had stuffed the corner of her second pillow into her mouth. He believed she would have cum, probably more than once, if he had played with her clit. When he was alive, that’s what he would have done but, as a vampire, he cared not at all about the pleasure of his victims.

He cared a great deal about his own, though, and started fucking her harder and faster, keeping his hands on her hips to keep her in place her and to control his strokes . A great fountain of pleasure welled up inside him and, as he gave one last extra strong thrust into the unknown woman’s ass, burst out through his cock. He ejaculated heavily into her, three spurts of semen in all, before he was through, and sprawled across her back.

He rested only a few minutes before carefully withdrawing his cock from the ass that had been such a great fuck. The woman writhed on the bed, apparently needing more. Her murmurs actually sounded distressed, but Conrad had had his fun and didn’t care about her. He merely wiped off whatever traces of shampoo and his semen that were left on her ass cheeks and legs.

He decided to wash off his cock also. The residue from her ass might cause an infection in the next woman’s pussy, and he didn’t want an examination uncovering traces of his cum or the shampoo. He didn’t care if one of the women in the dorm became sick or even if she died from it, but he didn’t want to risk detection. Besides that, the leftover shampoo might make the next pussy too slippery, especially if it was loose anyhow, and spoil his fun. After cleaning up himself and pulling the nightgown back in place on the unsatisfied brunette, Conrad changed to a bat and flew to the window sill, ready to proceed to the next victim.

She, and the other three he selected, provided the rest of his night’s dining, and their juicy pussies were a feast for his tongue and cock as well. Wanting only the best, he rejected more potential victims than he chose. With half an hour before sunrise, Conrad left the dormitory and flew back to the cemetery. He would return at midnight on the following night to partake of more dishes in his constantly-changing buffet. He was already looking forward to it.

Conrad landed on the roof of his crypt, slipped through the same ventilator slot, fluttered to the floor, and changed back to his human form. After hours of feasting on the delicious blood of young women and fucking their equally delightful pussies and one gorgeous ass, he was sated in every way. He climbed back into his coffin, a serene smile on his face, thinking what a great night it had been and how the next night would be just as satisfying. “Non-life is good,” Conrad told himself before drifting off to a contented sleep.

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