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A Cut Above

A Vampire Hairdresser Fucks a Client
A Cut Above

“I’m going to need you to be perfectly still for this part.”


“Lay your head back, and take a deep breath”




“It’ll all be over soon.”

Zia gently pressed the blade into the soft flesh of his neck.

Then, in a quick precise motion she carved upward.

After a few seconds of silence, Zia twirled the man’s chair around and positioned him in front of the mirror.

“What do you think?” she asked, already knowing the answer.

“Wow, it looks incredible. I Love it! He replied ecstatically with a mix of joy and fear.

His hair was a beautiful tapestry of brown curls that hugged the sides of his head carefully and lovingly. It was magnificent, a true rarity in the world of hairstyling.

Her passion for the beautiful and exquisite had been with her for as long as she could remember, and subsequently, had let her down the path of hairstyling, which she had been following for more than ten years now, starting when she was just sixteen.

Her and her shop’s popularity was at an all time high, with not a soul in town who didn’t know about her.

And while she liked to imagine that was solely due to her hairstyling skills, she knew being a vampire was a big part of it. The absurdity of it alone probably drove people to her shop.

The things they would say, the whispers and gossip that always permeated around her.

“A vampire that cuts hair, that’s crazy! What if she takes a bite out of you!”

“What if you get cut!? Will her bloodlust drive her mad?”

While it was mostly ignorant, prejudiced gossip, she didn’t mind it too much, since it was probably the primary driver for the success of her shop.

Plus, she had built a tough skin over the years. The world didn’t really give her a choice.

Vampires were a rare breed in the world and usually preferred the isolation, you’d be lucky to see more than a handful in your lifetime, and to have one running a hair salon was definitely something out of the norm.

That’s not to say all her customers came to her for the spectacle of it. She had grown an adoring customer base with her skills and expertise. Which she was incredibly proud of.

But the divide in customers always made her wary of new clientele.

And today, after a long and tiring day, she was not looking forward to the conversational obstacle course of figuring out which camp of customers they fell in.

Nevertheless. She had a business to run and a job to do, so after ushering the man with the curly brown locks out the door, she sat down in the salon chair, thumbed at her fangs out of habit, and waited for the new customer she was preemptively exhausted from.

“Umm hello?”

Feeling a tap on her shoulder, Zia bolted awake, eyes wide, fangs growing body reacting with a defensive posture.


“I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you, I think you’re my new hair stylist? He said gently.

“You were sleeping, I don’t know if you want me to come back? Or?”

Fangs and anxiety settled, Zia looked the man over.

He was human. He was short, and on the skinnier side, but he wore a stylish form fitting brown jacket that complemented his form. He was cute. She felt her body reactively soften and relax, somehow calm in his presence.

Another prominent feature she noticed was his shoulder length black hair that fell in a stylistic wave covering his head in the most perfect elegant way.

“Oh, I’m sorry about that, I’m not even sure when I drifted off. Sorry if I scared you, I know it can be hard for people when I get startled.” she said half apologetically half curiously.

“It’s okay” he responded smiling,

“I’m used to it, my family is full of interesting races, you didn’t scare me at all.”

“Oh well, regardless, it’s not the best introduction. I’m Zia, you must be Percy.”

“Nice to finally meet you Zia, I’ve been wanting to get an appointment with you forever.”

“I hope you don’t mind me saying but youre just as beautiful as everyone says you are.”

Her pale cheeks starting to redden from his straightforwardness she quickly stood up and replied, “That’s quite nice of you, I know not everyone sees me that way, and before giving him a chance to respond she ushered him to sit down.

As Percy sat down in the salon chair Zia felt his gaze linger on her body for a while taking in her curvy body, lingering on her round ass and thighs pressed up against the fabric of her black dress.  She  felt her body growing hot, and her heartbeat started to quicken. She felt almost naked in front of him, like he could see right through her without any effort at all. A feeling completely foreign to her.

Percy took off his jacket and sat down in the hair in front of her, his legs spread out in front of him, completely relaxed and comfortable.

Looking at him Zia started to feel herself start to grow wet, her breath starting to catch in her throat.

Careful not to give away the fact that she was growing wet and hot, she asked,

“So what were you looking for, a little off the top?”

“I was actually looking to get my hair buzzed, I want to start fresh and create a new image of myself.” he said.

Resonating with his bold choice, she replied, “I can do that.”

“Lean your head back and let me soak your hair first.” she added, voice ever so shaky.

‘With pleasure.” he said

Leaning his head back, Percy let himself be taken into Zia’s hands. In anticipation Percy started to feel his cock pulse, growing slowly in anticipation.

Massaging his head, seeing him lying before her in his complete, confident vulnerability, she noticed his cock growing for her, and started to feel a primal urge, her pussy starting to subtly drip its wetness down her thighs.

Growing increasingly flustered and horny from this sudden unexpected lust, Zia looked down to find she was holding an empty bottle of shampoo, and realized this was the excuse to compose herself that she was looking for.

Without a word, she turned and rushed towards the backroom, hoping to find some respite from the intense feelings that were overtaking her. She closed the door behind her and took a deep breath, trying to calm down. But then she heard the door open and close again, and she knew he had followed her.

“What are you doing here?” she asked, trying to keep her voice steady.

He took a step closer to her, and she felt her pulse quicken. “I couldn’t resist,” he said. Before she could reply, he closed the distance between them and took her in his arms. She felt a jolt of electricity shoot through her body as he pressed his lips to hers. She melted into his arms.

In a moment that betrayed her undead body, she spoke two gentle, vulnerable, soft words.

“Take me.”

Pressing his lips back to hers he grabbed her ass with both hands and pushed her up against the store room wall.

“Turn around,” he said.

In a quick motion Zia obeyed, as she pressed her face and tits up against the wall sticking her beautiful ass out for him to take.

He pulled off his jeans revealing his throbbing cock, already dripping precum ready to fuck, and subsequently he grabbed her tight black dress and pulled it up revealing Zia’s big round ass, as well as her perfectly pink, soaking wet pussy.

Taking his throbbing cock in his hands, sparing no time at all he thrust his hard dick into her, feeling her soft flesh surround him, making Zia moan loudly with the impact.

Unable to control himself already lost in her body, he grabbed her ass hard, and pulled her deep onto his dick reaching her pussy walls with the tip of his cock. Making her gasp from pleasure, he then picked up the pace fucking her harder grabbing her ass even tighter, milking himself hard and vigorously with her soft tight slit.

Feeling absolute bliss, being fucked into ecstasy, Zia let out a passionate cry.

“Cum for me!” Give it to me!”Give it all to me!”

As ordered, Percy took his hands off of her ass and grabbed her tits as he pulled her body completely onto his pulsing cock one last time, and unloaded his hot cum into her one pump at a time, until he filled her pussy with cum, letting it drip down her legs and his cock.

Leveling her breath and slowly recovering from her euphoric fuck, Zia reached back and gently slid his dick out of her, and looked at Percy with a smile.

“Thank you for working up my appetite” she said, as her eyes flashed red, she bared her fangs and bit hard into the flesh of his neck, sucking his essence out of him, turning Percy’s half naked form into an eternal willowed husk.



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