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The Winchesters

A story of pure fiction of Sam and Dean from Supernatural.
The Winchesters

“Hey, Sammy, why don’t you go and grab some more beer?” Dean asked as he flipped through the channels in the cheap motel finding nothing of interest. They were on another hunt, sometimes Dean felt like they all ran together. All the while never getting a thank you or a good job. “Bunch of ingrates.” he sighed to himself. Still flicking through the channels he stopped at the adult pay-per-view. “Sammy won’t be back for at least fifteen minutes.” He thought. Dean looked through most of the options, and the usual didn’t appeal to his need. He kept scrolling down. Glancing at each title and nothing did it for him. “Sluts And Butts” “Naughty Nuns” “School Girls Going Down” ‘Amy the Anal Angel” and “Busty Asian Beauties” . None of his usual favorites made him stir. He kept scrolling until he saw “Mutual Masturbation” He stirred and his pants tightened. He clicked on the title knowing that it cost a ridiculous amount, and not caring because it was a stolen card that paid for the room.

Dean caressed himself, pretending that someone elses hands rubbed across his chest, and pretended someone elses hands lifted up his shirt and ran each digit over his sun roughened skin. As he watched the actors on screen, he repeated everything that they did. As the men and women in the movie unbuttoned their pants. So did he. The music floating from the screen was relaxing and sensuous. He relaxed further into the worn sofa. Dean kicked his pants off like the actors did, caressed his chest as they did. He wanted this to move faster, reaching for the remote he pressed the fast forward key. The actors and actress on screen were now naked and were touching themselves. Dean reached inside his briefs, feeling the hard muscle that resided there. Dean knew he didn’t have much time left, he grabbed his throbbing cock and ran his hand along the length over and over, only pausing when he heard the door knob turn.

Dean tried to cover his nakednes before his brother got an eyeful. He didn’t get covered in time and shame flooded his cheeks.

“Whoa,” Sam shouted. “C’mon man, if you wanted some privacy, all you would have had to do is ask. Geez.”

Dean scrambled for his jeans, his erection never subsiding. “Damn it Sammy!” Dean yelled.

“Don’t stop on my account.” Sam was about to burst into a fit of laughter.

Dean knew his brother was on the verge of laughing, and pulled his pants on as quickly as he could. Dean had nothing to be embarrassed about in the size department, many of the women he had been with told him that his member was very large. Not the biggest they’d ever seen, but still pretty big. He was about eight inches but it was the girth most of the women could not handle. It was about three inches around.

This was indeed more embarrassing than the time Dean caught Sam fisting one of his midnight flings. Even more so than her asking Dean if he had wanted to join in. That was really embarrassing. When Dean was re-clothed, he went to his bed that was big enough for two. He couldn’t stop the images that ensued. He saw men and women pleasuring themselves, and drifted off to sleep with the sounds of their moans in his ear.

Something pulled Dean from his slumber, a whisper that was out of place. He rolled over so quietly as not to make a noise. He saw Sam moving his hand up and down underneath the covers making light whimpering noises. Dean almost sat up and asked what was wrong. Then it dawned on him what was happening. Dean was about to roll over to face the wall when a small gasp fell from Sam’s lips. “Dean.” he gasped. It was smaller than a whisper, but to Dean it was as loud as an atomic bomb. He instantly got hard. Dean also felt guilty about it. His mind was at war with his body. Sam made small frantic whispers as his impending orgasm reached its apex. He came with Dean’s name on his lips.

Sam rose from his mess, and went to the small closet like bathroom of the cheap motel to get a moist cloth to wipe himself and the bed clothes off with. Dean could hear the squeaky faucet turn on and hear the splash of water on the rag, he heard Sam return to his bed, and wipe down the wet spots. The rag was tossed into the garbage with a small rustle. Sam got back in bed with a sigh and fell into a relaxed sleep, while Dean wrestled with several of his own demons. He did not sleep for the rest of the night.

Morning came slowly. No where was Dean to be found in the small motel. He had decided that sitting in the Impala and listen to his ’80’s metal was better than lying in a bed that refused to offer his weary head sleep. His face got hot every time his mind drifted to what Sam had said. Just one simple word yet it held so much more than any promise ever uttered.

Sam woke up refreshed. The light from the window danced on the back of his eyelids. He smiled knowing that he was going to be spending the day with his brother. His mind lingered on what he had fantasized about last night. He was expecting guilt to rear its ugly head, but it did not. He sat up with a sigh. Glancing at the clock; he noticed it was only six am, then to Dean’s bed. It was empty and the bed was made. That made Sam anxious. Sam was always the first one up, and Dean never made his bed, not even when they were young and their father would scream at them to. Sam pushed a hesitant hand through his shaggy hair and stepped outside of the motel.

With his feet propped up sticking out of the window, Dean was leaned back in the seat, with his eyes closed. He was humming along to Metallica’s “For Whom the Bell Tolls”. He paused when he heard Sams feet crunch on the gravel.

“Hey, Dean, what’s up?” Sam voiced.

“Oh, you know, Sammy. Just listening to one of the greatest bands. And relaxing. Stuff. Do you have any leads yet?” Dean rattled off awkwardly. His face burning with the memory.

“Yeah, Bobby said that they were in a farm house on route 41.” Sam drawled in a relaxed tone.

“Good. Pack up. We leave in ten.” Dean articulated in short clipped syllables.

“Whatever.” Sam sighed.

Headed towards Tennessee the two brothers sat in an awkward silence for most of their journey. Until Dean broke the silence.

“Sam, we need to talk about last night.” Dean started.

Sam blanched. His face now heating with the memory, and now guilt bucked up and made his scalp prickle.

“Yeah? What about?” Sam said apprehensively. He hoped his brother hadn’t witnessed what he had done.

“About you gasping my name when you were jerkin’ it! C’mon man! What else would I be talking about!?!” Dean said with one puff of air.

“Oh, um…” Sam couldn’t think of what to say next. He had pleasured himself to the image that was seared into his mind. Of Dean. Half naked. Sprawled out on the couch. Cock in hand, no worry in the world, so relaxed. Worry free. So unlike everything Sam had ever seen in his brother. It made him so hot.

“Damn it Sammy! Say something!” Dean shouted.

“I don’t know what to say Dean.” Sam said in a small voice. “Dean, you have always been there for me. I just thought it was kinda sexy the way you were all sprawled out, totally relaxed and at ease with everything. I just couldn’t get you out of my mind.”

Dean wasn’t sure how he felt about this. He wasn’t sure if he was angry at his kid brother for having those kinds of fantasies. He just wanted his Sammy to be happy. He would do anything for his happiness.

“Sammy, I am sorry for yelling at you.” Dean said as he pulled the car over on the shoulder. Dean stepped out of the Impala. He crouched down on the worn gravel, and sighed. Dean was always the one that was sure. He was always the confident one. Sam stepped out of the car and padded over to Dean, and crouched down next to him.

“Sam, I… I just don’t know what to say. Is this… Can we… Ugh!” Dean managed to spit out.

“I would like to try something.” Sam said his expression darkening passionately. “Stand up.” He continued.

Dean complied. He stood up and watched as Sam approached him like a predator slinking after wounded prey. His whole demeanor changed. Sam changed from the meek young nerd to the the most strong and passionate brother. He stood in front of Dean and lifted his chin with his index finger. Sam gazed into Dean’s eyes. Begging him to make the first move, begging him to do anything. Wishing with every fiber of his being. Hoping with every heartbeat that Dean would crane his strong neck up and kiss him like Sam wanted him to. Sam knew Dean wasn’t gay, but neither was Sam. Sam enjoyed everyone. Of any gender. He just wanted to be satisfied, and sadly he was never sated. Sam knew what could sate him. His brothers love.

Dean let out a small growl. He reached up and kissed his brother with as much passion as he could muster. Dean could feel Sam’s tongue snaking its way in between his teeth. He could feel the passion that his brother exuded. He could feel Sam’s desire through the rough denim of the old jeans. A wave of emotion broke through the dam of Dean’s conscious. Dean ran his hands through Sam’s hair and held his face close closer to his own. Never wanting to let go; Dean trailed kisses down his brothers neck and continued his conquest until the gravel from the shoulder of the road dug into his knees as he knelt in front of his brother. Dean had watched countless girls do the same to himself.

“Be still, Sammy.” Dean said breathlessly.

“Please, Dean, don’t do anything you will regret. I would hate myself if I caused you anymore suffering.” Sam spoke with his heart beginning to feel like lead.

Dean gazed into Sam’s eyes from the gravel and loosened his belt, popped the button and pulled his jeans to this upper thighs. Cars zoomed by and Dean didn’t care. This was almost like a dream, it was almost too surreal. The only thing keeping Dean sure he was awake was the dull pain the gravel caused his knees. He had seen this countless times in movies and it had been performed on him hundreds of times by faceless women. Dean reached into his little brothers briefs and felt the hot, hard muscle that was tenting against its confines. Dean had never held another mans cock before. It was nice to be holding something that he knew how to control. He stroked it softly, and heard Sam sigh, the relief Sam felt was immense. In a daze Dean kissed the head of his brothers member and cupped his sac. Dean put his lips around the circumference of his brothers head and swirled his tongue around the slit tasting the salty sweetness of Sam’s precum. Dean put more of his brother in his mouth wanting to taste him all. Needing this freedom. Letting go of all of his inhibitions he tried to force Sam all the way down into his soft throat. Dean slid his lips along the hard shaft of Sam’s fully erect cock,

Sam was raking his hands through Deans soft hair. Dean’s full lips wrapped so delicately around him. Sam felt elation. He was now complete. Sam knew that his orgasm was approaching.

“Dean.” Sam gasped. “I… It’s… Please…”

Dean knew full well what was about to happen. And he let it. Sam hung on to anything that was near. The orgasm that ripped through Sam was the most amazing thing that had happened in all of his short years..

Dean felt the first pulse of Sam’s cock between his lips and felt the splash of his brother’s cum on his tongue. It was better than ambrosia. The salty sweetness danced over Dean’s palate. He kept sliding his saliva slicked hand over Sam’s now softening member, trying to milk all of the seed that his brother had to give. And capturing the escaped cum inside his warm mouth, he let none slip through his lips. The only thing that pulled him from his revere was Sam’s voice: “Dean, uhhh, please, it’s so sensitive.” air hissed from in between Sam’s teeth. Dean pulled himself up from the gravel and dusted himself off. He saw how the dust drifted in the wind.

“Sammy, I love you.” Dean stated.

“I love you to Dean.” Sam replied.

“Bitch.”Dean playfully shoved his brother.

“Jerk.” Sam laughed back.

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