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The Dragon Queen

An erotic tale starring the Dragon Queen herself
The Dragon Queen

Dragon Stone once again had dragons flying in its skies, The Dragon Queen had returned and things were seeming to get better for her. Daenerys sat on her throne with her personal assistant Missandei at her left and Tyrion Lannister by her right.

Daenerys had been waiting a guest in the name of Jon Snow, she heard a lot about him and was very curious to see what all the fuss was about. But before she could meet him, she got another guest. An iron born bother and sister had come to her for aid.

Theon Greyjoy and his sister Yara Greyjoy were now standing in the presence of The Dragon Queen. Theon was nervous as he looked at Tyrion, he was the only one here who knew about his past and how he served the Starks.

“My Queen we have come to ask you to aid us against out Uncle.” Yara said, as she bowed before Daenerys. She explained who and what her Uncle had done to them.

Daenerys always respected those who showed her respect and she despised what Yara described to her. Daenerys wanted people like him to burn.

“And if I help you, what do I get in return?” Daenerys questioned.

“We have ships, lots of them, and we can certainly get more after we beat my uncle.” Theon timidly says.

Daenerys smiles and nods a bit. She knew it was a worthy offer but “Why shouldn’t I side with your Uncle, use him for his ships and then burn him alive.” Daenerys proposed.

Yara was not getting worried, she had to offer something really special and unique. “Umm.. may I have a word in private, My Queen?” Yara politely asked.

Daenerys approached her slowly, the guards stood near her to make sure everything was okay. Daenerys looked into Yara’s eyes, she could see no ill intent.

“Alright” Daenerys says and walks to her room located in the back. They head to her private chamber where they was a throne at the head of the room, a bath towards the right, a bed at the left and a full table with ale and a lot of meat near the entrance. This was The Queen’s main chambers where she had practically everything she needed. The only people in and out of here were The Queen herself and her handmaiden.

Daenerys and Yara both sit down at the table discussing about an offer.

Yara was never one to shy away from drinking and she ate and drank till she was drunk. She was beginning to fee like she could trust Daenerys.

Daenerys not wanting to be rude, tried her best to keep up with the Iron Born, she was getting really wasted but she had to show her power as Queen.

“The ships aren’t the only thing my uncle wants to offer you, he’s going to offer you a marriage proposal along with his fat cock.” Yara says in disgust.

Daenerys smiled, she knew she would never marry any other man ever again, nor would she ever get to lay with someone with a better cock than her love Khal Drogo.

“And how are you going to counter his offer?” Daenerys asked curiously.

“I guess I’ll offer you my fat cock.” Yara drunkly says as she stands up and disrobes.

Daenerys was speechless, her jaw dropped. Hey eyes were fixed on the piece of meet hanging between Yara’s legs.

Yara stood in the chamber naked, she walked towards the throne with a huge cup of ale. Before she sat she removed a small vile that she wore on a necklace around her neck and drank it.

As Yara sat down on the throne, she gulped some more ale and her cock started to grow. It was about nine inches now and still growing.

Daenerys hadn’t taken her eyes of the cock, she opened her mouth to talk but she saw Yara gesturing her to come. She slowly walked over to the throne, her throne.

By now Yara’s cock was about ten inches long, extremely thick like a forearm and pre cum started leaking from the tip. It looked like it was about to explode.

“YOU’RE SITTING ON MY THRONE!!” Daenerys shouted.

“Go on… you can touch it.” Yara said as she smiled and chugged some more ale.

Daenerys was transfixed, she wanted to teach this woman some manners but she couldn’t stop looking at the cock. Firstly it was huge in length and width. Secondly Yara was a woman, as far as she knew, women didn’t have cocks.

Daenerys had to get a better look, she was now standing in front of Yara. She bent down a little and looked around the cock. It was apart of her, it didn’t look fake or attached.

“Explain this at once!!” Daenerys ordered.

“Well let’s just say I ran into some who knew blood magic. Don’t worry its real alright, though you’re the first person to ever see it. It’s new and I’ve never fucked anyone with it. I figured as my Queen, you would want to know all the details about me. Go on… touch it” Yara responded.

Daenerys was shocked by this, she bent down further and examined the cock. As she bent down, Yara grabbed her hair and pulled her down causing her to fall on her knees.

This didn’t bother her at all, she carefully grabbed the cock and it immediately leaked some pre cum again. It was wet and hard as rock, it had huge veins popping out all over, it looked almost monstrous.

“Wow, its incredible.. just Wo…” Daenerys was stopped and her head was slammed down. The cock pushed down her throat.

Yara couldn’t wait anymore, she began face fucking Daenerys, shoving her head back and forth on her cock. The feeling was too amazing, she never felt anything like it before.

Daenerys was drunk and the taste of Yara’s cock was so good, she just let it happen.

Yara pushed her full length down her throat causing her to cough and gag. Daenerys grabbed the bottom of Yara’s cock and began sucking it all over on her own as Yara sit there finishing her ale.

Yara felt something weird, she felt so good. She could feel something was about to release, she grabbed Daenerys by the head and pushed her cock as far as she could.

“HOLY SHITT!! AHHHHHHH!!” Yara exclaimed, she began moaning and was a bit out of breath. Her first cumshot drained inside The Queen’s mouth. She smiled and began laughing, she felt a sort of satisfaction she never felt before.

Daenerys had no choice but to swallow everything, her mouth was filled with cum, most of it already down her throat. There was so much cum, no normal person would cum this much, but then again none of this seemed normal. She felt the warm cum that tasted sweet yet a little salty.

Daenerys stood up, “Well that was something right…” Daenerys smiled as she wiped the little dribble from her lips.

“If you don’t mind id like to bathe now.” Daenerys said as she called for her handmaiden.

Daenerys slowly disrobed and entered the hot bath.

Missandei walked in to assist her, she froze as she saw Yara. She looked to her Queen, “My Queen what’s going on?” Missandei asked politely.

“Ignore her, she’s about to leave. Come assist me in washing my back” Daenerys ordered her.

Yara looked on as Missandei began to disrobe and get in the bath, “Damn!! She has a nice ass.” She thought.

“Excuse me Your Highness, but look at this. It’s rock hard. Allow me to fuck your pussy as well.” Yara said.

Daenerys looked at her, sucking her cock was one thing but fucking her was a different story. She promised herself she would never lay with a man again until she meets Drogo.

“I’m sure you can find someone on the streets or at a brothel do satisfy you.” Daenerys spoke.

“How about her.” Yara said pointing to Missandei.

Daenerys was shocked, Missandei was her personal handmaiden and a close friend. She wanted to refuse but that would send Yara away angry and she needed the ships.

“Very well, you may do with her as you please.” Daenerys said.

Missandei was shocked, she never expected Daenerys to say such a thing.

“Well go on…” Daenerys said as she ordered Missandei to go to Yara

Yara sat on the edge the bath, her legs apart and her cock was hanging down like a log. Daenerys watched it grow and it seemed bigger and harder than before.

Missandei slowly moved towards Yara, she kept eye contact with her as if she was approaching a wild beast. She started kissing her thighs but Yara stopped her.

“I don’t want your passionate bullshit whore. Suck my cock!!” Yara said angrily and grabbed Missandei by the hair and held her face in front of her cock.

Missandei grabbed the cock, she had to use both hands and she felt the weight of it. It had somehow grown and got bigger with the amount of lust Yara displayed.

Missandei stuck out her tongue and kissed the tip. She swirled her tongue around the shaft getting it all wet and lubed up. Staring at it so closely, she wondered how she was going to take it. It was far bigger than anything she had seen before. Even Daenerys was shocked at the size.

Yara grabbed a handful of Missandei’s hair and made her open her mouth wide. She started pushing her entire length in side her mouth.

Missandei could not even take half of it, she immediately started coughing and gaging.

Yara didn’t care, she grabbed Missandei’s head and pushed her under the water, she held her there for a few seconds before pulling her back up and shoving her cock in her mouth once more.

Missandei had pre cum all dripping from her mouth mixed in with salvia.

Yara was getting annoyed and pulled Missandei out of the water and made her sleep on the floor just outside the bath. Yara wanted to keep the slave right in front of Daenerys so as to aggravate her.

Yara started to eat Missandei out, she didn’t care for passion or patience. She went right in for greatest pleasure from the start.

Yara held Missandei’s slim body and licked her from right breast to left breast to her pussy. She then pushed two fingers inside Missandei and fucked her till she was about to come.

“Ohh Ohh!! Ohhhh!!” Missandei twitched, her body was reacting to whatever Yara did.

But Yara wasn’t done, she soon flipped a heavy breathing Missandei and flipped her over. As she turned over, Yara stuck one finger up Missandei’s ass causing her to squirm.

“Oohhh! Ohhhh!! Uhhhhh! Uhhhhh!! Aaaaa”, Missandei moaned as her asshole was being fingered.

Yara licked Missandei’s and spat on it rubbing it and out. Yara began to press her cock against Missandei’s hole.

“NOO Slowly please!! Wait wait wait!! AHHHH Fudk!! Fuck!! Fuck!! AHHH!!” Missandei calmed down after the first scream.

Yara showed no concern for Missandei and grabbed her by the hips and repeatedly rammed her ass.

Daenerys watched and was glad she escaped the horror. Yara’s monster cock was opening Missandei’s ass.

Missandei did her best to keep her composure, she could not show weakness in front of her Queen. She remembered the times she was mistreated by her previous slave owners. They treated her worse, at least here she was helping out her Queen directly.

As soon as Missandei started fake moaning, she felt a sort of extacy burst inside her. The pain was still there, she could feel her ass about to rip but she started to enjoy it.

Missandei looked her Queen in the eyes. She tried to picture Daenerys butt fucking her instead and her moans came out even louder.

“AHHH YESS!! HARDER HARDER!! AHHH FUCKKKK!! MNNNNNN HARDER HARDER!!” Missandei moaned, she could feel the cock pumping deep within her ass.

Yara grabbed Missandei’s hips, just near her ass and rammed her even harder. Yara made sure to stare Daenerys in the eyes.

In Daenerys’s mind she assumed it was all over once Yara had her fill and would be satisfied. In Yara’s mind however, fucking Missandei was only the first course. Yara was ready to move on to the Dragon Queen next.

“AHHH SHITTT!! OHHH MMMM!! FILL ME UP AHHH!!” Missandei shouted as she felt an explosion and her ass was filled with cum.

Yara held her cock inside without even removing it a bit, she wanted every inch of Missandei’s bowels to be filled with her cum.

Daenerys watched as Missandei’s body collapsed in pleasure and pain. Her eyes closed, the fucking was so intense that her body could not take it. Missandei eventually passed out and just lay there with a cock up her ass.

Yara pulled her cock out and out came a waterfall of cum leaking out of Missandei’s ass.

Daenerys could see a puddle formed right underneath Missandei. She was shocked that Yara still had so much cum even after she already swallowed most of it earlier.

Yara stepped back in the bath and sat opposite Daenerys. They both just stayed silent, not knowing what words to say to each other.

Yara tried to go first, “How about a marriage proposal? You’ll always be my queen then.” Yara proposed to Daenerys.

Daenerys was shocked, she never expected a marriage proposal from a woman, and after witnessing what she did to Missandei. Daenerys was shocked and could not muster the words to turn her down.

“Umm I… Ummm…Like… How would that even work?? You’re a woman. Would we be two Queens? Would there be no King? None of this makes sense” Daenerys responded, she tried her best to turn down the offer.

“Well we could both serve as Queens, you would be the Dragon Queen and I would be the Iron Born Queen. And if anyone has a problem with that? Well… We will take care of them.” Yara offered.

Daenerys had no words, she stepped out of the bath, usually Missandei would have a robe waiting, but this time she just took her fluffy coat that royalty wore.

Yara saw this and took it as a rejection. She immediately got out of the bath and dragged Missandei by the hair. She saw chains that The Targaryen’s used on slaves and enemies when they were ruling the land and decided to bind Missandei to them.

Missandei was now gaining conscious, she was bound to a wall and was forced to stand. She stood there naked, still had some cum leaking out of her ass. She was still sore and her body ached but she was helpless.

Daenerys stood there in shock, she couldn’t move. She wanted to help her friend out but she had some fear lurking.

“Ok OK OK!! I will marry you. Just stop this and let her go. NOW!!” Daenerys shouted and begged.

Yara laughed at the sight of the so called Dragon Queen. She walked up to Daenerys and took off whatever she had on and dragged her to the bed.

Yara jumped on the bed and lay flat on her back. “Do your job, future wife” Yara ordered.

Daenerys crawled into the bed and sat at the feet of Yara. She massaged her legs and moved her hands up to her massive monster cock. It had actually grown even more now. Daenerys looked at it a bit terrified but it started to peak her interest. She always preferred a woman to be in charge and this was the perfect opportunity. And if she wanted to she could use yara’s cock to please her self and just kill her later on.

“If you cant please me, your slave is always ready for round two.” Yara said.

Daenerys smiled and grabbed Yara’s cock with both hands and started sucking it. She struggled to open her mouth really wide so as it fit the head in, but she managed.

Yara acted gentle and let Daenerys do all the work.

Daenerys got better at sucking and now was able to take much more in, she started deep throating about six inches of meat and was happily doing it.

Yara was enjoying it, she placed her hand over Daenerys’s head softly and just rested it there. She didn’t use any force, she just pushed Daenerys’s head down every time.

Daenerys held Yara’s cock with her right hand and cupped her balls with her left. It was heavy and felt like it was filled to the brim.

Daenerys could feel an intense pressure, she felt excited. She did her best to her in the mindset. She told herself she was the rightful ruler, The Dragon Queen. Fucking Yara would be the same as fucking a horse which was a Dothraki custom. So this was something she was bound to do.

Yara saw the look in Daenerys’s eyes, she knew she wanted it now. She quickly flipped Daenerys on to her back and sat on top of her. She sucked the Queen’s breast and groped her body.

Yara placed her cock on the entrance of Daenerys’s pussy and rubbed it.

Daenerys was already horny, she began to moan. “Ahhh Fuck me pleaseee!!” Daenerys moaned.

Yara began pushing her cock in Daenerys, at that moment Daenerys felt a mixture of the greatest pain ever, but it wasn’t pain that hurt her. It felt exhilarating and she wanted more.

“AHHH FUCKKK!! YEA YESS!! YESSS!!” Daenerys felt the tip of the cock enter her. It was the thickest thing to ever enter her body and she felt her pussy get spread.

“WOW you’re tight.” Yara said as she kept pushing her cock slowly.

Yara wanted Daenerys to be trained to take her entire length eventually. And so far she was doing well.

Yara increased the pace slowly pushing deeper and deeper. She pulled out and flipped Daenerys on all fours and pushed her back down so her ass was the only thing sticking out.

Yara pushed her cock int Daenerys with a little more force this time.

“AHHHH Harder!! Harder!!” Daenerys shouted out.

Daenerys was loving it, she had six inches in and had four more inches to go. She felt her body tense up with every thrust, she started to sweat, her body glistening.

Yara switched positions she turned Daenerys on her back and lifter her hips up. Yara knelt on the bed and rammed Daenerys harder.

Daenerys had her head resting on the bed but her body was raised by Yara’s cock. Each pump forcing more inside Daenerys. Daenerys now had about eight inches inside her and was getting rocked.

“So Daenerys… Thought about my marriage proposal yet?” Yara questioned her again.

“Ummm AHHH!! Yea…!! UHH FUCKKK!! I…Don…t…Know!! Fuck!!” Daenerys could hardly get words out.

Yara got Daenerys back on her back and pushed her legs behind her head giving herself the best position to do what she wanted.

“AHHHHHHH SHITTTTT!! FUCKKKK!!AHH!! AHHH!! AHHH!! AHHH!! AHH!!” Daenerys screamed in pleasure, she felt Yara’s balls bounce against her. She knew every inch was now in her and she was getting fucked like never before.

Daenerys felt a hot spurge of liquid pumping into her body, it was really warm and she still feel Yara’s cock cumming. Daenerys didn’t know she still had so much cum left.

Yara looked Daenerys in the eyes and whispered, “Well now we have to get married, Why do you think I fucked Missandei in her ass? Because it was tight? We have to get married now so we can raise out child together”

Daenerys looked at Yara shocked and realizing everything she said made sense. She felt Yara’s cock still unloading cum inside her.


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