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Big Banging New Years Eve

A costume party turns into a much better time
Big Banging New Years Eve

A fictional story about fictional characters.

In season 4 /episode 11, the nerds convince Penny to join them in a costume contest at the comic book store on New Year’s Eve. This is an alternative conclusion to the story.


Penny was almost sorry that she had shamed the nerds into some self-reflection and they had changed their behavior toward her boyfriend Zach. They had subtlety been making fun of Zach’s intelligence, and she had pointed out that for people who had been the target of others ridicule all their lives; they should be reluctant to practice the same. Now they had befriended the hunk and included him in their plans to win a New Year’s Eve costume contest at Stuart’s comic book store. They had decided to dress as members of the Justice League, with head nerd Sheldon Cooper dressing up as the Flash; his roommate Leonard Hofstadter going as the Green Lantern; the perverted Howard Wolowitz living out a fantasy as Batman; and shy Raj Koothrappali reluctantly disguised as Aquaman.

They had accepted Zach into their group because he was naturally muscular and would make an acceptable Superman. The real problem was that now they were all pestering Penny to dress up as Wonder Woman…they had already acquired a costume. Zach’s pestering bothered Penny the most because he was now convinced that he was part of their small circle of friends. The quartet of nerds were all colleagues at Caltech, and basically had very few friends. Howard had somehow managed to date a beautiful girl named Bernadette but she was unable to join them as Wonder Woman because her lab was currently quarantined. Sheldon, as asexual as he was, also had a girlfriend named Amy Farrah Fowler, and when Penny asked why she couldn’t portray Wonder Woman, Sheldon informed her that, “Amy doesn’t believe in wearing costumes…she isn’t the free spirit I am.”

Finally, after their incessant pestering, and after being reminded that it was her idea that they include Zach in their group, Penny had agreed to don the skimpy, tight Wonder Woman costume. When she had moved into the apartment across from Leonard and Sheldon, she never dreamed she would be venturing out in public dressed as a cartoon character. At least they were only going to the comic book shop; how much of a crowd could there be on New Years Eve. She retreated across the hall to her own apartment to put on the costume, and she was pleasantly surprised with the results. The Wonder Woman bustier pushed her 36 C breasts (they were actually about 35, but she liked to round up to the nearest even number) together and up and made them appear massive. The crotch area was fairly revealing and she was grateful that she kept her pubic area shaved bald, so that no quick trimming was necessary. As she twirled in front of the mirror, she admired the look. Penny couldn’t help think that she was going to be the subject of a lot of nerd wet dreams that night. She actually smoothed moisturizer up and down her incredible legs so that they glistened.

When she returned to the nerds apartment, Sheldon immediately demanded that she wear the cheesy black wig: “in what alternate universe is Wonder Woman a blond?” With his decided lack of personality, he always seemed to push just the right buttons, and she stormed back into her apartment vowing not to go to the party with them. When Leonard knocked on her door, she knew they had elected him to try to convince her to attend. She and Leonard had dated a few times, but never seemed to be fully compatible. Penny was aware that Leonard still worshipped her, and the truth was that the more she dated other guys, the more she missed her sweet Leonard.

If it had been anyone else, she would have refused to talk, but she told Leonard to come in. He immediately apologized for initially making fun of Zach, explaining that it was just difficult seeing her with someone else. She choked back a few tears as she admitted that she and Zack were not really back together; she just didn’t want to be alone on New Years Eve. Although he tried to conceal it, Penny spied a trace of a smile on his face as he sensed there was still a tiny glimmer of hope for him, and the fact that he attempted to hide his feelings made Penny even more fond of him. Leonard, still basically uncomfortable around women, responded by telling her, “if it’s any consolation, you look way better than the real Wonder Woman…well, assuming there really was a Wonder Woman…you know what I mean. We would be a cinch to win the contest with you there.” He was so awkwardly adorable that she burst out laughing, threw her arms around his neck, and agreed to wear the wig and go.

Just before leaving Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment, the door flew open and Bernadette and Amy stepped in. Amy was wearing her traditional ankle length skirt and sweater, but had added a full-length white lab coat, a beret and was carrying a glass test tube. She announced, “I know you didn’t think I would participate, but since there is no direct partner for the Flash, I decided to wear my own clothes and accompany you as Dr. Marie Currie. Bon jour.”

Bernadette on the other hand was in full costume; and what a costume it was. To compliment Howard’s Batman, she had poured her shapely body into a skintight black leather Catwoman jumpsuit, complete with black high heel boots. It was so tight that her prominent nipples were protruding visibly and her camel-toe perfectly outlined. Zach and Raj just stared at her with open mouths. The crowning touch was a matching black leather cowl with cat-ears. Penny thought she resembled a dominatrix more than Batman’s nemesis. “The lab canceled the quarantine at the last minute. It seems it wasn’t Yellow Fever bacteria after all,” she informed them.

“Wow, Bernadette,” Penny congratulated her, “that is some costume. I can’t believe there was a shop with something like that still in stock.”

“Oh, this is mine, right Howie, just something I keep in the closet for special occasions,” Bernadette admitted.

Penny had always suspected that there was a wild side to her new friend, and this revelation confirmed it. She sneaked a glance at Leonard to see if he was staring at Bernadette like every other male in the room, and discovered he was not. There was a new sadness on his expression as he congratulated Bernadette, “nice costume,” and Penny could almost read his mind: she knew he was thinking that now almost everyone but him had a mate to escort to the party.

They agreed to walk to the comic book store just in case there were alcoholic refreshments and no one felt comfortable driving home. It turned out to be a good choice since Howard had concealed two flasks of vodka in his utility belt and spiked the punch. Even Sheldon had gotten noticeably tipsy and at one point dissed Howard by telling him his utility belt looked more like a fanny pack. Sheldon had, of course, insisted on taking only the very first cup of punch from the bowl, before the germs of others had contaminated it. Since he was not used to consuming alcohol, it had only taken one cup to impair his judgement. Sheldon’s version of the Justice League naturally won first prize, largely because of Penny’s portrayal of Wonder Woman; and Sheldon’s acceptance speech was fortuitously cut short by the countdown to the new year.

As the clock struck midnight and Zach corralled Penny for a good luck New Years kiss, she saw Leonard over Zach’s shoulder and he courageously smiled at her through his sadness as if to say, “as long as you’re happy that’s all that matters.” Penny was certain she saw moisture in Leonard’s eyes as Zach planted his lips on hers, and in the future whenever anyone asked about her relationship with Leonard; she would pinpoint that exact instant as the moment she fell head-over-heels for the lovable nerd. She knew she was committed to Zach for that evening, but vowed to herself that starting the next day she would devote herself to her adorable nerd.

Due to the patrons that frequent a comic book shop, the party began to break up about 12:10, and Raj and Howard suggested they continue the party at Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment. Even the now mellow Sheldon had no arguments, and suggested a Star Wars movie marathon, as he invited Stuart to join them. “Maybe you could concoct another batch of that wonderful punch,” he urged. Stuart responded with, “I’m sorry Sheldon. With the way my business is going, I used the weeks food budget for this punch.”

Not really wanting her date with Zach to last much longer, but recognizing the opportunity to talk to Leonard, Penny offered, “don’t worry Sheldon, I’ll make you a Long Island ice tea.”

“Oooo, iced tea,” giggled Sheldon, “that sounds yummy.”

When they arrived back at their apartments, it was decided that they would just leave both apartment doors open so that everyone could just wander back and forth at will. All of the alcohol and snacks were in Penny’s apartment because she had stocked up in anticipation of a full New Years Day of football viewing, so it was a convenient situation to have a two-apartment party. It was also lucky that they never seemed to see their neighbors: no one to complain about the noise. They were barely in the door when Sheldon complained, “Penny, where is that iced tea you promised? I don’t see a glass in my hand.”

As she crossed the hall to her place, she muttered to herself, “I know where I’d like to see that glass.” Mixing the rum, vodka (double because she had no gin) and tequila, Penny wondered what kind of drunk Sheldon would be. She happily spent the next hour or so just serving snacks and beer, and mixing drinks for her friends. When she finally sat on the floor in front of Sheldon’s TV, a beer in her hand, she surveyed the room and chuckled to herself that this was not exactly the group of people she would have expected to have for best friends. The first Star Wars episode was almost over and everyone in the room was visibly tipsy with the exception of herself and Leonard: they had been playing some drinking game where you must take a drink every time the word “princess” is mentioned. She had been busy playing host and for some reason Leonard had been sipping the same beer for an hour. Sheldon was still sipping on the glass she had given him even after complaining, “this doesn’t taste like the iced tea my mother served in Texas, Penny.”

Bernadette had stumbled over to assure Penny that they would all take up a collection the next day and replenish her alcohol and snacks supply. Having worked at the Cheesecake Factory part/time herself, Bernadette knew how difficult it was to make ends meet. There was a pile of super-hero boots, cowls, and one black wig near Sheldon’s front door where everyone had discarded their uncomfortable costume foot and head gear and Bernadette almost fell when she had obtained another drink from Penny’s apartment. She was now standing in the center of Sheldon’s living room swaying to the beat of music that only she could hear, her blond tresses swishing around her leather encased shoulders. No one was paying that much attention to her until they heard the distinct sound of a large zipper being unzipped, then every male head in the room turned in her direction. “It sure is hot in here,” Bernadette remarked as she lowered the zipper on her costume all the way to her belly button, revealing very impressive cleavage.

“Very hot,” she continued as she began to struggle to lower the costume down her shoulders and push the sleeves down and off her arms. The costume had been so tight that she had not bothered to wear underwear, so her huge 36 D breasts flopped out of the costume into full view.

Everyone looked at Howard as Bernadette continued to dance and he just smiled and admitted, “she gets very sexually adventurous when she’s drinking…and it’s just fine with me.”

“So hot,” Bernadette exclaimed as she began to push and roll the tight jumpsuit down past her rather large ass cheeks. Her pale skin was a startling contrast to the black leather, and when she turned around, Penny could see that she also kept her pubic mound completely bare.

When Bernadette raised her feet to tug the leather completely off her body, Penny spied her big secret and exclaimed, “Bernadette, you slut, is that a piercing I see between your legs?”

As everyone in the room stared between her legs at the small gold ring attached to her left labia, Bernadette responded, “just a little reminder of my wild college days.” When she had finally extricated herself from the leather, Bernadette spread her legs, reached down to grasp the ring and gave it a tug, pulling her incredibly long lip down and inquired rhetorically , “do you like it; it turns Howie on.” Everyone in the room was gazing in amazement at the naked blond as she twirled in front of them, her huge breasts bouncing in unison. Penny nodded in the affirmative and marveled at the length of her pussy lips, wondering if she could tie them in a knot.

Even Sheldon was staring at Bernadette’s crotch, “I commend you on your hygienic choice to remove all hair; it’s much more sanitary.”

Amy immediately perked up and asked him, “oh, do you prefer shaved genitalia?”

Returning his attention to the TV, Sheldon replied , “if you mean do I find it more aesthetically pleasing, I really have no preference.”

Bernadette was continuing to dance and sway and when she nearly fell due to her inebriation, Zach, who had been sitting on a hassock near Leonard’s chair jumped up and put his arms around her from behind to steady her. Penny, who had been sitting cross-legged on the floor leaning against his leg, was shoved to the side and she put her arm around Leonard’s leg and used it for support, noticing that he was actually watching the screen instead of Bernadette. “I guess he really does only have eyes for me,” she thought and felt a warmth run through her body.

Zach had reached his hands up and was now kneading Bernadette’s impressive tits from behind; pulling her incredibly long nipples out and letting them snap back. She turned in his arms and demanded, “ok big boy, let’s get those pants off.” Zach received an encouraging nod from Howard and offered no resistance as Bernadette sank to her knees and began to tug his Superman shorts and tights down his legs; his already erect seven inch cock nearly stabbing her in the face. After pulling the garments off his legs, Bernadette grasped his hard-on in her right hand and began to flick her tongue over the tip like a snake. Penny glanced at Howard, and he was furiously rubbing his crotch and smiling at the spectacle in front of him. Bernadette wasted no time in opening her mouth and swallowing Zach’s cock all the way to his scrotum.

You could tell by the way her cheeks sunk in that she was milking his prick, and he rolled his eyes and exclaimed, “wow, Bernadette, you’re the best cocksucker I…,” and he paused awkwardly while looking over at Penny. Penny just hugged Leonard’s leg and looked away as he reverted his attention to the top of Bernadette’s blond head.

Bernadette backed her head off his prick and responded, “that’s not all I’m good at,” as she stood in front of Zach and spread her legs wide. Howard immediately rushed to her side, grabbed her leg and lifted it off the ground, supporting her and spreading her legs even farther. Zach knew exactly what she wanted, bent his knees, wedged his crown against her exposed slit and in one violent motion straightened his legs, forcing the entire length of his cock up into her pussy. “Oh, yes,” Bernadette yelled as she felt his cock buried in her hole. Zach began to do knee squats in front of Bernadette, slamming his cock up into her pussy every time he stood. She was so much shorter than him that every time he stood he was jamming into her hole so hard that her heels lost contact with the floor.

Penny didn’t know if it was out of respect for her or Bernadette, but she noticed that Leonard was not really staring at the x-rated display, and she was touched by the gesture as she confided in him, “yeah, that’s Zach all right…couldn’t even spell the word foreplay.”

Leonard smiled down at his dream girl and knew in his heart that he might not be the best lover, but he had always done his best to please her. Now that they were building up a good rhythm, Howard dropped Bernadette’s leg and just stood back to watch. He found it overwhelmingly erotic watching his girlfriend getting fucked by another man.

Over Zach’s shoulder, Bernadette spied Stuart standing beside the sofa vigorously rubbing his crotch, and crooked her finger motioning him to join them, “I have another hole, you know.”

Stuart looked questioningly at Howard who encouraged him, “go ahead, she absolutely loves it up the ass.”

Stuart kicked off his sneakers, shoved his trousers and briefs down his legs onto the floor, and with his nice thick six inch penis waving in front of him, approached Bernadette from behind. She wrapped her arms around Zach’s neck and jumped up to throw her legs around his waist and lock her ankles behind him. With her legs spread around Zach, her ass hole was fully exposed to the mousy comic book store owner, but Howard was reluctant to let him penetrate her rear hole dry so he ran to the kitchen, grabbed Sheldon’s bottle of Extra Virgin olive oil and returned to her side. Smiling to himself at the symbolism, he dripped several drops onto Stuart’s cock for lubrication and then just stood back to observe. Stuart nudged his crown against Bernadette’s sphincter and pushed forcefully upward until it popped past her muscle ring, and then steadily raised up, driving his tool into her ass hole.

“Oh Howie…that feels so fucking great,” Bernadette squealed as the two invaders began to thrust in and out of her holes. Raj had been standing, staring, at the end of the sofa and he now shoved the tights of his ridiculous Aquaman costume down to the ankles and began stoking the most enormous penis that anyone in the room had ever seen. Amy actually skipped a breath and almost choked at the size of Raj’s tool. It had to be almost twelve inches long and Penny guessed it was probably at least eight inches in circumference. She couldn’t help thinking that the last time she had seen a penis that large was back in Nebraska…on a horse. It was a shame that he couldn’t talk to girls unless he was intoxicated, she thought, because he could certainly make a lot of girl happy with that equipment.

Amy inadvertently squeezed Sheldon’s knee quite hard and he reacted, “jeez calm down and watch the movie,” as he was almost oblivious to the action around him.

Penny noticed that Leonard was trying very hard not to stare at Bernadette getting double-fucked, and she stood up, grabbed his hand in hers, and said, “come with me my little Ewok,” and she led him across the hall to her apartment; not even bothering to close the doors.

“Are you mad or something,” Leonard began, “I feel like I should apologize for my entire gender for the way Zach treated you tonight.”

“You really are new at this relationship stuff aren’t you,” Penny explained, “this is about the fact that I would rather spend the evening with you. I realize how special you are, and I’m sorry I pushed you away.” With that she put her arms around his neck, drew him close, and planted her ruby lips firmly on his. As they kissed passionately, their tongues playing with each other, Leonard pulled her even closer until they could both feel the increased heat between them. When they broke their embrace, Penny backed up to her sofa and looked at Leonard with her sexiest “bedroom eyes” as she reached behind her and slowly unzipped the Wonder Woman bustier. She seductively shrugged the patriotic costume off her shoulders and peeled it down her magnificent body until she was completely naked.

“Oh my,” was all Leonard could muster. He had, of course, seen her nude body a few times before, but had forgotten how truly marvelous and flawless it was…it literally took his breath away as he reached for his inhaler, but thought better of it. Penny sat down on the sofa, spread her shapely legs wide apart, reached down with both hands, and used her fingers to spread her very plump pussy lips apart.

Leonard was hypnotized at the sight of her bright pink flesh as Penny asked, “well big boy, do you see anything you like?” He was literally weak in the knees as he nodded affirmatively, kneeled, and crawled on his knees between her outstretched legs. He felt like a disciple kneeling before a sacred altar as the woman of his dreams sat nude before him.

“God, she is magnificent,” he thought as he gently placed his hands on her knees and tenderly moved them up her silky legs until they reached her totally bald mound. His fingers replaced hers as he spread her puffy lips with his thumbs and leaned forward to inhale her musky scent. Extending his tongue, he began to lick the sides of her slit from the bottom to the top; alternating sides and just barely flicking her extended clit.

His touch was so slight and teasing that Penny shuddered in orgasm and involuntarily clamped her thighs around his head, moaning, “God, I’ve missed you sweetie.” She had forgotten what a wonderful and unselfish lover Leonard was, and realized how deeply she cared for her lovable nerd. He resumed his oral assault when she spread her legs again, his face now soaked with her juices. His tongue formed a scoop and he dipped it inside her to lap up her sweet nectar. Her hands gripped his shoulders as she admitted, “I need you inside me lover.” In record time Leonard threw the padded Green Lantern shirt to the side and shoved the tights down top his knees, freeing up his hard seven inches. Penny inched closer to the edge of the sofa cushion, Leonard raised up on his knees and nudged his purple crown between her puffy pussy lips.

Agonizingly slow he pushed forward into her cunt, advancing inch by inch into her until his balls rested firmly against her mound. Buried in her pussy, Leonard leaned forward and took her right nipple between his teeth and began to nibble on it. Never moving his groin, he repeated this with her left jelly bean sized nub until Penny begged, “oh my God…fuck me sweetie, I need you to fuck me.”

Leonard responded immediately as he slowly withdrew his hard-on until just the tip was still inside her, then jammed into her cunt with all his force. He felt her cunt muscles spasm around his cock as she screamed, “hoooolllly shit that’s nice.” Penny leaned forward and whispered, “tonight I’m still technically Zach’s date, but starting tomorrow, it’s just you and me lover.” She could swear she could feel him grow inside her as he began to thrust forward into her pussy, fucking her hard and deep. Leonard reached under her, grasped her perfect ass cheeks in his hands and pulled her into him as her pounded forward into her sopping wet cunt. Penny put her arms around his head and hugged him into her chest as he thrust in and out of her pussy. All the foreplay had been worth it because his cock felt absolutely wonderful inside her; it was almost like she had never been fucked before. As his pace increased, she urged him, “cum inside me baby, fill me up.”

Leonard slammed into her a few more times, his balls making a slapping sound against her ass cheeks and then She felt his body tense as he stopped thrusting, and as he began pumping his hot seed into her birth canal, he proclaimed, “I love you Penny.”

“I know…me too sweetie, and I love the way your cock feels inside me,” she assured him as she thrust her hips against him and joined him in orgasm. It seemed to Leonard that he had never cum before as he furiously filled his dream girl’s hole with his seed.

As they relaxed and he collapsed to the floor, his still hard cock sliding out of her hole, he apologized, “sorry…I was getting a charley-horse in my calf.”

Back across the hall Bernadette was receiving the fucking of her life as Zach and Stuart pounded her holes incessantly. She tightened her grips around Zach’s waist and neck, flattening her huge breasts against him as she accepted Stuart’s pole up her ass hole. Howard had lost his Batman tights and shorts (but kept the padded shirt) and was stroking a six inch penis that resembled a hot dog with one very large end. Amy was observing almost clinically as the three stood beside her and fucked. Sheldon, of course, was still engrossed in the Star Wars saga on the screen. Zach, pumping his hips upward between Bernadette’s legs, issued Stuart a challenge, “all right, comic book guy, let’s cum in her together…you ready.”

“It’s Stuart,” he answered, “and yeah, I’m so ready…one…two…three.”

On the count of “three” they rammed their cocks up into her holes so hard that her ass cheeks quivered and they began to spurt their juices up into her ass and pussy. Bernadette threw her blond head back so hard that she whacked Zach’s nose, screeching, “oh good Lord that’s good…shoot those hot loads inside me…fill me up.” They continued to pump hot fluid into her holes until they were exhausted, especially Zach from supporting her, and then they collapsed, their shriveling dicks slipping out of their respective holes…Bernadette onto the sofa beside Amy, and Zack and Stuart onto the floor.

Sheldon had been paying enough attention to instruct, “someone put a towel under Bernadette; I don’t want the cushion ruined.”

Looking toward a noise at the door, Penny saw Raj standing in the doorway stroking his massive hard-on, his pants now completely gone. “It’s a good thing we never see our neighbors,” she chuckled to herself as he stared at the recovering couple. “Leonard, just remember what I said: after tonight it’s just us, but right now I think we should show your friend Raj a good time.” Leonard looked lovingly at her and smiled as Raj stood there with a quizzical look on his face. Penny crooked her finger and motioned for him to approach, telling him, “come over here; I want you both.”

As Raj walked toward them his penis looked like an elephants trunk swaying between his legs. It didn’t stick straight out; Penny guessed it was simply because of it’s weight; but it seemed like a third leg. When he reached the sofa, Penny grasped his prodigious tool in both hands and lifted it, stating, “that’s some cock you’ve got there…would you like to fuck me with it.”

His tongue loosened by the alcohol, Raj responded, “oh my goodness yes, Penny. You are the most beautiful woman I have even seen.”

Penny directed Raj to sit on the sofa and she backed up, straddling his legs. If she didn’t know she was full of Leonard’s lubrication, she would have been more apprehensive than she was about having Raj’s monster tool penetrate her. Leonard lovingly stood and put his arm around her to provide stability as she reached back between her legs and grasped Raj’s pole. When it was sticking straight up in front of her against her belly, she released it and reached down to spread her plump lips wide apart. Raising up on her tip-toes Raj gripped his erection and wedged the crown against her slit, as Leonard’s cum dripped out to coat it. As Penny wiggled her hips forward and back, making sure Raj’s cock was pointed straight up, she began to lower her tiny body onto his enormous prick. As soon as the crown had forced it’s way inside her, she released her lips and placed her hands on Raj’s knees for support.

Feeling her cunt lips stretch farther than they had ever been stretched, Penny gingerly lowered her body onto Raj’s lap, slowly impaling herself on his huge cock. When she had about half of the monster inside her, she paused a few seconds, then just sat down on his lap, burying his enormous log inside her pussy. “Oh my fucking God,” she groaned as she felt her entire cunt being stretched. It took every once of willpower for Raj to refrain from thrusting and let Penny get used to his girth as he sat there with her pussy gripping him. He reached around her and began to knead her wonderful tits and thought that this was what Nirvana was like. Leonard had thought Howard was insane to let Bernadette put on that display in his apartment, but he had to admit to himself that it was very erotic to see a cock buried inside Penny’s cunt.

Getting accustomed to the enormous cock inside her, Penny planted her feet firmly on the floor and began to raise up and then lower herself, fucking herself on Raj’s pole. Raj assisted by thrusting his hips up and driving his monstrous cock up into Penny’s pussy. After a few minutes, Penny once again sat on Raj’s lap and motioned for Leonard to join them, “I said I wanted you both,” she remarked.

“Do you mean…” Leonard began.

“That’s right,” Penny directed, “I want you both in my pussy.” As Leonard joined her in straddling Raj’s legs, Penny could almost read his mind, knowing that he felt inferior to Raj’s huge penis, so she assured him, “remember, it’s just a cock…you’re the one I love.” She lay back against Raj’s silly Aquaman shirt and used her fingers to attempt to spread her cunt lips farther apart. Leonard looked down between them and began to corkscrew his crown at her entrance, attempting to wedge himself inside her alongside Raj. Penny felt her cunt lips being stretched to the ripping point and then suddenly Leonard was inside her. Worried that he might harm her if he stopped and started, Leonard steadily pushed forward into her cunt, feeling his foreskin being peeled back as he pushed.

When Leonard finally was completely inside her alongside Raj, Penny finally took a deep breath and fully exhaled. The feeling of having her cunt completely and utterly stretched was indescribable as she lay there on Raj’s chest. Penny wasn’t sure if it was pleasure or pain…that is until they began to withdraw simultaneously and then slide back into her. Raj and Leonard began to fuck their beauty in unison and it felt to Penny like being fucked by the cock of a giant. “Oh my fucking God,” she shrieked, “fuck my fucking cunt…fuck me…fuck me.” Every nerve ending inside her pussy was being stimulated and Penny felt like she was going to lose consciousness as they slammed their cocks into her. With every thrust she could feel her pussy walls being stretched and her body began to twitch uncontrollably as she experienced multiple orgasms.

Leonard began to grind his pubic bone against hers with every stroke; trapping her clit between them, and she breathlessly whispered in his ear, “fuck me hard lover…drive your fucking cock into me.” She reached up and began to violently pinch her own nipples as her body seemed to be in one big spasm. Suddenly Raj stopped thrusting, she felt him tense under her and then it was as if a fire hose had been turned on deep inside her belly as he flooded her with hot seed. Feeling Raj’s cock twitch and jerk against his, Leonard jammed his cock into his lover and joined in filling her tunnel with their spunk. It seemed to Penny like they pumped her cunt full of their fluids for minutes as her insides felt like they were on fire. “That’s it baby…cum inside your girlfriend, fuck your little Penny,” she urged Leonard as she ground her crotch up against his.

They ground and pumped until their balls were empty, their cum already starting to leak out around the edges of Penny’s cunt lips. His awkward position again starting to cause a cramp in his leg, Leonard slid his finally shrinking tool out of Penny’s stretched out hole and plopped down on the sofa next to her. Penny raised up on her feet, lifting her body off of Raj’s lap and extricating herself from his tremendous skewer. She moved over and sat squarely on Leonard’s lap, resting her head on his chest. They both felt their laps getting wet and when they glanced down between Penny’s legs, they saw that her cunt was still wide open and white, creamy fluids were drooling out. “Guess there’s going to be a wet spot,” Penny joked, and Leonard joined in the laughter, while Raj just looked puzzled.

Just then the trio of Howard, Stuart and Zack looked in through Penny’s doorway and Raj explained, “we just wanted to see what all the screaming was all about.”

Penny spoke softly to Leonard, “you remember what I said sweetie…tomorrow you’re all mine, but right now I want you to go across the hall and get yourself a piece of that big-titted blond.” She kissed him tenderly on the cheek and when he arose from the sofa, sliding her aside, she playfully slapped him on the fanny. He adjusted his glasses which were askew, and he and Raj passed the new trio as they were entering Penny’s apartment; again none of them wearing pants. She called after Raj, “don’t you dare leave tonight without sticking that magnificent cock in me again.” As the new arrivals approached her on the sofa Penny reached out and wrapped her hand around Stuart’s six inch sausage and extended her tongue to lick the tip, when a familiar aroma struck her nose, “oh that’s right, you’ve had that buried up Bernadette’s ass. If you want to stick that in my pussy, you’re going to have to wrap it. Go into my bedroom and get a condom from the nightstand.”

While he literally ran into her bedroom, Penny explained the logistics: “Howard every single time I walk out of a room, I can feel your eyes burning a hole in my butt, so I think it’s only fitting that you get to feel what it’s like to be inside it.” Howard’s eyes grew wide with anticipation; it was true that he did immensely enjoy watching her leave a room, and the first thing he thought of when someone said the name “Penny,” was her wonderful ass. She continued, “and Zach, I’m going to give you the best and last blow-job you’ll ever get from these lips.” Stuart ran breathlessly back into the room, smoothing a black condom down over his rod, and he nearly took a spill when he stepped on Penny’s discarded Wonder Woman bustier and slid across the floor.

She directed him to sit on the sofa and she proceeded to face him and straddle his legs. Due to the abundance of lubrication still occasionally dripping out of her pussy, Penny knew there was no need for preliminaries as she reached down between them,grasped his now black penis, and wedged it into her still spread slit. She placed her warm hands on Stuart’s shoulders, smiled like a mischievous angel, and simple sat down as he watched her beautiful cunt envelop his cock.

“Holy shit,” Stuart muttered as he thought to himself, “I’m fucking Penny…Penny! The prettiest girl who has ever even talked to me.”

Stuart began to pump his hips upward at a frantic pace, trying to fuck this beauty as hard as he could, but she interjected, “whoa, slow down cowboy…I’m not going anywhere…let’s let Howard have his turn , too.” And with that, Howard moved forward behind Penny’s absolutely perfect ass and also straddled Stuart’s legs. Penny reached back with both hands and spread her pale cheeks to expose her ass hole for Howard. The truth was, Penny was no big fan of anal-sex. It was OK occasionally for a change of pace, but she had never really enjoyed it, and since she had never tried it with Leonard, she hoped he wouldn’t somehow become a fan of it. Howard, though, was a butt-fuck junkie, and he actually preferred the tightness of the anal canal. He demonstrated that he did indeed have a sensitive side when he rubbed his crown against the cum seeping out of Penny’s cunt, coating it thoroughly before attempting to stuff it past her sphincter ring.

Howard pushed steadily forward as Penny lay on Stuart’s chest, and finally his crown burst through her ring allowing him to drive all the way in. “Wow,” Howard remarked, “I just knew your ass would be this tight.”

“Thanks…I think,” groaned Penny as she felt him assault her rear hole. Howard and Stuart just sat there motionless, enjoying the feeling of their cocks inside Penny until she inquired, “well, are you going to just sit there or are you going to fuck me?” The duo responded immediately to the challenge by withdrawing together and then thrusting back into her. As they proceeded to slide their hard-ons in and out of her holes, Penny had to admit that the sensation of being taken in both holes was not an unpleasant one. The feeling of the two cocks slipping into her was very sensual and she began to push her ass back against Howard’s thrusts. “Oh that’s very nice…fuck me hard boys,” she urged as the two cocks jammed into her.

The feeling was just as erotic for the two nerds as they felt their cocks rub against each other through the thin membrane of skin. They were both thinking the same thing: “I’m fucking Penny.” As they worked up a good rhythm, she placed her hands on the back of the sofa, leaned forward over Stuart’s shoulder and opened her sensuous mouth. Zach came around to the back of the sofa behind where Stuart was sitting and presented his penis to his, he assumed, former girlfriend. Penny leaned forward until his entire prick was buried in her mouth; his crown stabbing the back of her throat. She closed her lips around his shaft and began to trace her tongue along the underside while very gently biting with her teeth. Using suction and the movement of her lips, she was working his cock just like one of the milking-machines back in Nebraska. If there was one thing Penny knew she was good at…it was sucking cock, and the praise he had heaped on Bernadette had hurt her.

If the “ghost” neighbors had looked in her open door now they would have seen quite a sight: an absolutely gorgeous naked blond being triple-penetrated. It was becoming increasingly difficult for Penny to concentrate on the cock in her mouth because the cocks in her holes were hitting all the right spots as they slammed into her. “Mmmmmm,” she groaned around Zach’s pole as she ground her pelvis against Stuart and her body shivered in orgasm. Feeling her pussy contract around his cock spurred Stuart to jam his groin up into her even harder, which urged Howard to slam into her ass even more forcefully. “Mmmuck me…mmmuck me,” she mumbled around Zack’s shaft as her body gyrated between their cocks.

Penny triggered Zach’s climax by inadvertently biting down and suddenly her throat was filled with his cum, as she inhaled every last drop. She needed to get some deep breaths, so she backed her head off Zach’s prick, her face being sprinkled by a few stray drops. Now able to concentrate on being fucked, she joined the two nerds and began to rock her ass back and forth in rhythm with their cocks. “Oh that’s fucking good…jam those cocks into me,” she ordered. She was surprised at how much the pole up her ass was adding to the experience, but still convinced herself that she wouldn’t care for a steady diet of it.

Back across the hall Bernadette spied Leonard and Raj entering the apartment and stood with her mouth hanging open exclaiming, “oh, reinforcements…get over here right now…I’m feeling very empty.” She kneeled down next to the coffee table and with one sweep of her arm, sent the entire contents flying off onto the floor; chips, cheese puffs and plastic cups were now strewn all over the apartment.

As she sat on the edge of the table, Sheldon had been distracted by the noise and exclaimed, “oh good Lord, I eat off that table; now I’ll have to replace it.”

The nude Bernadette was like a magnet for Raj and he advanced to stand in front of her. For a few seconds Bernadette just stared and marveled at his prodigious tool, then grasped the monster with both hands and gently stroked it. She was so tiny and the cock so huge that it looked like she was stroking a baseball bat. Leaning back, she lay Raj’s pole in her cleavage and then squeezed her fleshy bags closed around it creating a tunnel.

Her massive tits completely surrounded his tool and it looked like a big kielbasa sticking out the top as she leaned her head forward and began to lick his crown like a lollypop. She opened her mouth and Raj began to fuck her tits, his crown sliding over her tongue with every stroke.

Suddenly she released her breasts and as they flopped down on the sides of her chest, she exclaimed, ” I can’t wait any longer…I need that huge fucking cock inside me.” Bernadette lay back on the coffee table, her legs on either side, reached down and grasped her labia ring with one hand, her other long lip with the other and spread herself wide open. Needing it as much as Bernadette, Raj placed his crown at her entrance and began to push forward. His head stretched her slit obscenely wide and when it finally popped into her, he just continued to steadily push forward, his giant brown cock disappearing inch by inch up into her tiny pale body. Leonard was fascinated as he watched her tummy distend from having Raj’s monster inside her.

Raj, ever so slowly, began to completely withdraw and then just as slowly inch by inch slide back into Bernadette’s cunt, stretching her again with every agonizingly slow stroke. She just threw her head back over the edge of the coffee table, opened her mouth, and moaned, “ahhhhhhh.” Seeing his opportunity to join in, Leonard straddled her head and lay his cock on her face, his balls “tea-bagging” her forehead. As Raj continued to stretch her tiny pussy, Bernadette began to lick the underside of Leonard’s hard-on and proclaimed, “so this is what Penny tastes like…I like it.” Immediately she reached up to bend Leonard’s tool down, and sucked it all the way down the back of her throat.

Raj had begun to pick up the pace, grasped Bernadette’s ankles in his hands, and placed her legs on top of his shoulders so that he was now driving downward into her cunt. Feeling his monster cock jamming into her, splitting her apart, Bernadette momentarily backed off Leonard and shrieked, “oh my fucking God…fuck my little cunt you foreign devil…jam that monster up me.” As she resumed Leonard’s blow-job, Raj began to pile-drive his oversized log down into her tiny hole. Her cunt was so small that it felt like someone’s fist squeezing his cock and Raj knew he would not be able to hold out much longer so he slowed his pace. The contrast between his mocha penis and her pale pussy lips only added to the eroticism. On the out-stroke he couldn’t resist reaching down and tugging on her cunt ring to see how far her long lip would stretch.

Amy was so turned on by the spectacle that she had unconsciously began to rub the crotch of Sheldon’s trousers, surprisingly producing an erection. “My this is interesting,” Sheldon stated, “my penis has responded to your stimulation without any conscious input from my brain.”

Sensing her opportunity, Amy replied, ” yes, scientifically this is an interesting development; perhaps we should expand the experiment. Maybe we should see how you would respond to the kind of stimulation Leonard is receiving.”

“You know what…maybe we should…do you think Bernadette would mind,” Sheldon answered.

Not letting his clueless response faze her, Amy slid down to the floor between his legs and began to unbuckle his belt as she stated, “I think Bernadette is busy right now, but I believe I can duplicate her stimulation technique.”

“All right,” Sheldon agreed as he raised up to let Amy slide his pants and “tighty-whities” down to his knees releasing his seven inch erection; “but you know that the human oral cavity is an absolute breeding ground for bacteria, so for my sake I suggest some type of disinfectant.” Giving his no time to reconsider, Amy ran to the bathroom, gargled with mouthwash, ran back and dropped to her knees again, opened her mouth and enveloped his hard-on with her warmth. As she began to suck and tickle his penis with her tongue, Sheldon remarked, “oh my…this is not a totally unpleasant experience…perhaps we should have experimented before.”

“Mess…mermaps,” Amy mumbled around his cock as she suckled his tool and fondled his scrotum. She reached up under her skirt and began to rub her slit through her panties as she sucked his rod deep down her throat. She was afraid that his inexperience with sex would lead to him being hypersensitive, and she was correct as suddenly his feet began to twitch and then her throat was being coated with his fluids. His stream seemed to be endless as she attempted to swallow every drop. Amy guessed that it had been a long time since his last ejaculation, but was still surprised by the copious amount of semen. She licked every drop off his rod and then sat back on the floor, wondering what was going through his mind.

“Well, I think that experiment was a success,” Sheldon proclaimed, “do you think I should seek stimulation from others to compare the results?”

Fearing she would be compared unfavorably, Amy shouted, “oh, no…I think the results were conclusive.”

“I suppose you’re right,” Sheldon agreed, “perhaps now we should attempt coitus.” Amy thought her heart was going to explode as she threw her sweater to the floor and had her blouse completely unbuttoned and off one arm when she noticed a sly smile on Sheldon’s face, and he softly said, “bazinga.”

She thought her heart was breaking, and then suddenly anger replaced disappointment and she continued to disrobe in front of him saying, “well, one of us still needs to get off; so you can just sit there and observe, or you can assist me.” She was now down to her underwear, and what a pair it was: totally sheer pink thong panties and a tiny matching bra. She saw Sheldon’s jaw drop open and informed him, “that’s right…these were a gift from my friend Penny.” They left nothing to the imagination and Sheldon was completely surprised at the shapely body that had been hidden under all those layers of clothes for so long. She had the body of those girls he saw on the cover of the men’s magazines at the newsstand.

Sheldon glanced at the TV screen just in time to see Princess Leia in her famous gold bikini and he had to ask, “Amy would you ever consider wearing one of those?”

As she was unsnapping her bra, Amy glanced at the screen, smiled, and answered, “you know I hate costumes, but everything is negotiable.” She shucked the bra off her shoulders and off her arms exposing her totally enviable 34 C breasts; perky and firm. Wasting no time, she lowered her tiny panties revealing a nicely trimmed dark bush between her thighs.

“I know you are firmly against pre-marital sex, so you can just watch; but I need release,” Amy stated as she sat on the floor in front of Sheldon and spread her legs. She began to rub her slit and looking around the room, she reached for the nearest object: Sheldon’s replica light-saber which had been sitting on the coffee table before Bernadette had commandeered it.

Reading her mind, Sheldon spoke up, “oh no; that’s an officially licensed and numbered replica, cast from the original mold and a limited edition model Star Wars light-saber.”

Amy stretched and retrieved her purse from the floor, opened it and pulled out an entire sleeve of multi-colored condoms. She selected a purple condom, opened it, and skillfully unrolled it down over the plastic collectors item. Then, just to play it safe, she chose a black ribbed prophylactic and added that on top of the purple one. Spreading her legs even further apart and staring at Sheldon’s returning erection, Amy nudged the end of the Star Wars dildo against her pink slit and slowly pushed it into her pussy. The toy was quite thick and stretched her lips much farther than her usual dildo causing her to throw her head back and roll her eyes as she slid it farther up her cunt.

When about ten inches of latex covered plastic was firmly inside her hole, Amy looked at Sheldon inquisitively as if to say, “do you want to assist me,” and he nodded his head and spoke, “no thank you, I will just observe this phase of the experiment and take mental notes.”

“Suit yourself,” Amy answered and began to withdraw and thrust the light-saber with increasing speed. As she fucked herself on Sheldon’s toy, her very impressive tits jiggles on her chest and served to fascinate Sheldon. He got down on the floor, his pants still around his knees and wedged his face between Amy’s legs to get a closer view of her glistening pussy as his prized possession slid in and out.

“Amazing, your vagina is such a vivid shade of pink. I didn’t realize the labia were so flexible except in childbirth, and the scent is positively intoxicating,” he remarked. “I must admit I was skeptical, but I am thoroughly enjoying this experiment,” Sheldon admitted.

As she breathlessly fucked herself with the light-saber, Amy agreed, “yeah, me too.”

“Oh shit that’s good,” Amy screamed as her body went into a spasm and she let go of the toy so that she could brace her hands on the floor behind her. Her orgasm mesmerized Sheldon as her legs twitched and he just stared at the limited-edition dildo sticking out of her cunt. He finally reached over with the tips of two fingers, as if afraid of contamination, gripped the end of the toy not covered in latex, and slowly drew the substitute cock out of her hole. His face nearly touched her crotch as he observed her labia grip the shaft until it was fully removed, and was captivated by the sight of her open hole gradually closing and becoming a slit again.

“Fascinating,” was all Sheldon could say as Amy lay back on the floor, her legs still wide apart. “You’ll remove these, right,” Sheldon inquired, indicating the condoms, as he resumed his place on the sofa. Amy just nodded her head in the affirmative as she basked in the attention he had given her body.

Over on the coffee table, Raj was slamming his monstrous cock into petite Bernadette’s tight pussy, her ankles now hooked around his neck, as Leonard fed her his erection. Her huge tits had flattened out on the sides of her chest and jiggled like water balloons every time Raj jammed into her. As he fucked her mouth, Leonard reached out and pinched her elongated nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. His analytic mind automatically told him they must be 3/4 of an inch long. Raj, sliding in and out of her juicy cunt like a piston finally spoke, “Bernadette your wonderful pussy is so tight, I am now going to cum inside you.”

Leonard courteously pulled his prick out long enough for her to answer, “do it baby…fill me up with your hot seed,” Bernadette urged, “you too, Leonard, let’s see what you taste like.” Leonard stuck his rod back down her throat and Raj slammed the entire length of his monster up inside her pussy and ground his pelvis against hers as he began to gush inside her womb. She screamed, “oh my God, your fucking cock is so big,” but all they heard was, “mmoo my mmodd, your mucking mock is so bggg.” Bernadette’s large ass began to gyrate and bounce on the coffee table as Raj twisted his giant cock inside her and sprayed his cum against the walls of her cunt. Feeling her teeth scrape against his hard-on, Leonard began to spew her mouth and throat with warm fluids. Her talented lips milked every drop from Leonard’s prick as his balls brushed against her face. He was again in such an awkward cramping position that Leonard stood and retreated to his chair where he virtually collapsed.

He watched as Bernadette licked the stray drops of his cum off her lips and swallowed. They both were enthralled watching Raj slowly withdraw his massive tool from her dripping hole…it seemed endless. When he had completely removed his cock, her hole didn’t immediately close, but remained wide open as Raj’s cum dripped out began to pool on the coffee table between her legs. She grabbed Zach’s tights from the floor to appease Sheldon and sat on them next to him on the sofa.

Two open doors away, Howard grasped Penny’s tiny waist as he pounded his “hot dog” into her wonderful ass, marveling at how good it felt to have Stuart’s prick almost directly rubbing against his. All the times he had fantasized about her beautiful ass, and now he had his cock buried in it. It was more than he could withstand as he erupted into her rectum, essentially giving her a cum enema. When he withdrew, Stuart grasped Penny’s perfectly round ass cheeks and pulled her onto him as he feverishly fucked her hot pussy. As she bounced up and down on his pole, Stuart nibbled on first one jellybean sized nipple and then the other.

Stuart wanted this to last all night but he sent himself over the edge by thinking, “this is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, and my cock is buried in her cunt.” He began to pump upward into Penny’s pussy, completely filling the reservoir of his condom as she wriggled her ass on top of him. Totally spent, Penny rolled to the side and collapsed on the sofa next to Stuart, while Howard sat on the floor and leaned back against it.

After recovering for a few moments, Penny suggested, “let’s go next door and see what’s going on.” As she sauntered naked toward the door, Raj and Leonard’s cum dribbling down her inner thighs, she turned and saw Howard staring at her ass and remarked with a smile, “old habits die hard, don’t they.”

Howard broke into a big embarrassed grin and answered, “yeah, and it is every bit as magnificent as I imagined.”

Stuart and Howard followed the nude Penny into Sheldon’s apartment, enjoying the sight of her ass wiggling, where Penny flopped down on the sofa next to a spent Bernadette. When she spied the naked Amy on the floor and noticed that Sheldon’s belt was hanging loose, her eyes opened wide and she exclaimed, “oh my God…did you two…” and she never finished her sentence because Amy interrupted her.

“Oh no…unfortunately…we were just conducting an experiment,” Amy informed her; and sensing that she was rapidly losing the attention she craved from Sheldon, she seized on another opportunity. “Yes, Sheldon expressed interest in the flexibility of the female genitalia,” she stated, and winking at Penny and Bernadette, “would you be interested in participating in an extension of that experiment?”

Knowing how desperate their friend was for sexual attention from Sheldon, both blond beauties nodded their head up and down. “Outstanding,” Amy rejoiced, “now please spread your legs…ha ha…you should be used to that.” Although slightly annoyed at Amy’s humor they both splayed their legs wide and watched with anticipation as Amy scooted on the floor until she was directly between them. She ran one of her hands up each girl’s thigh and began to run their pubic mounds; taking note of the dramatic difference between Penny’s plump puffy lips, and Bernadette’s long fleshy ones. Amy couldn’t resist giving Bernadette’s labia ring a tug before running her index and middle fingers along each girl’s respective slit, and then gently inserting those fingers into their pussies.

Amy glanced over at Sheldon to make sure she had his complete attention, and then realized that the other five men in the room had crowded around her on the floor. She began to wiggle her fingers around their cunts, making sure to distribute the still excessive amounts of natural lubrication, and then added a third finger, followed by her pinkies.

“Interesting,” Sheldon confirmed, “I wonder if it is the same for the average woman, or just seems so easy because these two are obvious sluts,” and he was being purely analytic with no malice intended…in other words; he was being Sheldon. As Penny and Bernadette began to squirm in pleasure on the sofa, Amy knew they had both been stretched out by Raj, so she didn’t hesitate to cup her thumbs into her palms and in one fluid motion she shoved her entire hands up into their respective cunts.

“Oh…my…God,” moaned Penny as she began to wriggle her hips.

Bernadette’s eyes opened wide as she thrust her hips forward to meet Amy’s hand and groaned, “holy shit that’s fucking nice.”

Amy began to twist her hands inside the cunts of her best friends, actually enjoying herself by how the warm, moist caverns felt around her hands. She gently thrust her hands a little ways inside them, being careful not to go too far inside. When she was certain they had adjusted to her open hands and saw that they were obviously being pleasured, Amy slowly closed her hands into fists and began to twist the large lumps back and forth inside their stretched canals. “Jesus, Amy,” squirmed Penny as she and Bernadette both slouched down on the sofa, thrusting their cunts forward to meet Amy’s fists.

“Oh yeah baby…fist my little pussy,” Bernadette squealed as she reached up to tweak and pull her long nipples.

Once he saw Amy’s hands had been accepted by Penny and Bernadette, Sheldon had lost interest and had resumed his Star Wars marathon. Leonard came around to the back of the sofa, leaned over and kissed Penny passionately as he simultaneously kneaded her wonderful tits. “God, I love this man,” she thought, and then quickly broke off the kiss and screamed, “oh my fucking God,” when Amy opened her fist inside her and began to wiggle her fingers around in her pussy, seemingly touching every nerve at once. Her G-spot was being stimulated as Amy slid her fingers everywhere and Penny’s pussy went into a spasm as she wailed, “holy mother of God…fuck me Amy…fuck me.”

Bernadette was thrashing about on the sofa next to Penny as her body succumbed to one huge, continuous orgasm and she shrieked, “ahhhhhhhhhhhh,” in such a loud, shrill tone that Howard was expecting glass to start shattering. Her huge jugs were flopping around on her chest making “slapping” sounds as they flopped against her.

Amy backed her hands out slightly and began to manipulate their engorged clits with her thumbs as she continued to wriggle her fingers inside them. Their asses now hung off the ends of the cushions and their orgasms seemed endless as their cum drooled out the bottom of their holes and dripped onto the floor.

Finally Amy withdrew her hands from her friends cunts and sat back on the floor, while Bernadette and Penny virtually “melted” back into the sofa. The two blond beauties slumped against each other and kissed while fondling each others breasts. The gestures were more loving than erotic as both were momentarily spent. Unnoticed by everyone, Amy was busily sucking her fingers and licking her friends cum off them; then she arose and went into the kitchen to retrieve bottles of water for everyone. After a short, surprisingly unselfconscious, break to rest and hydrate, more sexual combinations were explored before the dawn broke over Pasadena. While the rest of the city was preparing for a parade, most of the friends dressed and went home to sleep. As Leonard prepared to trudge naked into his bedroom, Penny grasped his hand and led him into her apartment, saying, “oh no, you’re coming home with me, my little Ewok.” The two lovers spent the next several hours cuddling, spooning and sleeping in Penny’s bed.

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