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Yes Miss, I Will Suck Your Toes One More Time

My ex-teacher follows up on her promise and visits me - explosive foot fun follows
Yes Miss, I Will Suck Your Toes One More Time

Tanya had kept her word. After she’d let me know that she was visiting relatives in the area, I’d jumped at the chance to invite her to my modest two-bedroom apartment.

This couldn’t have been more different from our previous encounter, when she’d stolen away during her lunch break for a quickie in a budget hotel room a couple of months ago. Now we had a lot more time to do whatever we wanted and go wherever the mood took us. We both knew roughly where that would be!

“Have you always had a foot fetish?” she asked as she sipped the cup of tea I’d made her, sitting next to me on my plush sofa.

“I’m not sure,” I answered, “but I’ve always been turned on by feet, right from when I first was interested in women.”

She nodded. “It’s not that uncommon, is it?”

“No, I think it’s one in six of us with a foot fetish.”

“I read that too somewhere. That means you can’t be the only person to have lusted after these,” she giggled as she waved her feet in the air.

“I suppose not,” I added, smiling – however many people had fantasised about Tanya’s feet, I was the only one getting up close and personal with them.

She slipped off her black boots, laying them carefully on the floor, before peeling off short white socks. “Want to sniff them?” she asked as she offered them towards my face.

“No, thanks,” I told her. “I prefer the real thing!”

She’d obviously done her research. “I read about foot smelling and people selling used socks online. It’s a whole new world!”

“One you want to get into?” I ventured.

“Maybe,” she smiled. “But I might need some help!”

I smiled back at her before fixing my gaze on her feet. She’d painted her toenails a bright red colour. Bold, I thought.

We hadn’t discussed beforehand what we’d this meeting would involve. We didn’t now, either. I knew she knew her feet drove me wild and I knew she loved the attention I gave her.

So when she eased her feet into my lap it felt like the most natural thing in the world. She was still drinking her tea as I started to gently massage her soles, pressing my thumbs into the balls of her feet, and kneading her heels with my knuckles.

I’ve always enjoyed giving foot massages, particularly if it leads to something much more fun later on. It’s like my hands can sample what my mouth and cock get to play with afterwards. Plus, handling Tanya’s feet – and anybody’s, to be honest – was a sure-fire way to get my dick hard.

Her feet were a little warm and her wide soles were soft to the touch. As I worked my fingers and thumbs in circular motions around the base of her right foot, she sat the other one on top of my prick. She smiled as she felt its firmness against her toes.

“Someone’s ready to play,” she gasped.

As she slowly moved her toes up and down my dick – now sticking out inside my trousers – I clasped her foot against my face, kissing her heel. Gentle kisses to start with gave way to a full-on French kiss as I got as much of it in my mouth as I could.

The more she seductively worked her left foot around my thronging prick, the more I wanted to just sit there and worship her other foot. I moved my mouth around every inch of her sole, kissing each area passionately, inhaling her odour and savouring her taste.

I took hold of her other foot and drew both of them close to my mouth, moaning as I took a deep breath with my nose, burying my face underneath her soles. I continued licking, sucking and kissing both of her feet.

Hearing occasional moans and groans from the other end of the sofa, I knew Tanya was enjoying herself, and I could see she’d slipped a hand down her skirt and was giving herself a massage of a different sort.

Resting her feet on top of my face, I licked underneath her toes as I removed my trousers, socks, and pants. I beckoned her to do the same and on all fours, I reached up and helped her skirt and knickers off.

I eased a finger into her moist pussy while manoeuvring myself so I could grab her left foot with my other hand and started passionately sucking her big toe. She let out a squeal as I started finger fucking her as fervently as I was working her toe in and out of my mouth. Those toes about which I’d fantasised so many times before were now mine to enjoy.

As she started playing with her clit, I guided her other foot back towards my cock, allowing her to again stroke my shaft with her deliciously soft feet. More groaning followed as the combination of our hands stimulating her cunt and my furious toesucking was obviously turning her on.

I stopped sucking her toes and threw off my top. I guided myself so I was able to lick her pussy and started gently teasing her cunt with my tongue, working it all around the outside, following that up with firmer strokes up and down.

“Oh, you’re very good at this,” she told me, in between gasps and moans. While I worked my tongue and lips around every inch of her pussy, I took hold of her feet again, gently slipping a few fingers between her toes. I remembered how in our lunchtime quickie a few months ago I’d driven her wild by licking between her toes and this got an appreciative response too via a much louder moan than before.

I’d been concentrating on her pussy so much that when my tongue danced onto her clit, I felt her whole body quiver – I guessed she was both surprised and aroused as I started to lick the most sensitive and erogenous part of her.

I could feel her body writhing as I worked my fingers in and out of her sopping wet snatch while furiously licking her clit, occasionally pausing to draw breath. “Do you want to come for me, Tanya?” I asked.

“Oh, yes, please,” she purred. “You’re so fucking good at this,” she added as I carried on working my tongue around her clit. As her writhing stepped up, I withdrew.

“I want to try something,” I told her. “I think you’ll like it,” I added, gently massaging her pussy with one hand, and bringing my hard cock in close with my other. All the time that I’d been going down on her I’d been getting more and more aroused; I was ready to fuck.

I easily guided my prick inside Tanya – all that oral stimulation had provided plenty of lubrication. Next, on my knees, I started thrusting slowly and twisted my left hand such that I could stimulate her clit with my fingers at the same time. Finally, with my right hand, I lifted her left foot in the air and started sucking her toes.

I tried to maintain the same rhythm with my fucking, fingering, and sucking, all the while listening for cues as to whether Tanya was enjoying it and how close she was to climaxing. I sensed that having her feet, pussy and clit pleasured at the same time was somewhat overwhelming, leaving her little chance to speak between gasps and moans.

As for me, this was driving me wild. Fucking while worshipping the feet of my partner is easily my favourite sexual position but combining it with pussy fingering was an added challenge. The more turned on I got, the harder I thrusted. The more turned on Tanya got, she more she writhed, making it tricky to keep a handle on proceedings.

But it was working. Her gasps and moans were growing louder. I went for it. Jamming my tongue in between her first two toes, I thrusted as hard as I could with my cock and focused everything on making sure her clit did not slip out of my fingers. Flicking it in a side-to-side motion and then up and down while teasing the gaps between her toes with my tongue, I didn’t need her to tell me she was about to come. I could feel her pussy tighten around my cock and with one final flourish of my fingers she let out a huge moan as she climaxed.

“Oh, wow,” she yelled. “Fuck, that was amazing.”

Still gently sliding my dick in and out of her quivering pussy, I smiled at her. Part of me wanted to kiss her but with both hands now freed up, I was too taken with her feet and immediately started to lick her soles again.

Still breathing heavily following her orgasm and with me still fucking her, it took a while before she piped up again. “It’s your turn to come now – whenever you’re ready.”

“Oh Tanya, you’re such a considerate lover,” I giggled. “I’m not ready yet but I want you to make me come with your feet.”

I wanted to keep fucking her while sucking her toes for as long as I could. Preferably all day and all night as the feeling of euphoria I got each time I buried my cock inside her cunt while breathing in and tasting her feet was unbelievable. It was clear she was enjoying it too.

“I kind of don’t want you to stop,” she told me. “It’s so good!” I figured if I slowed down with my cock I could stretch things out a little. I knew if I went at it like a jackhammer while sucking her toes I’d be done in no time at all!

I grasped both of her feet together so I could suck as many of her toes as I could while gently easing my dick in and out of her snatch. Fighting against the urge to ravish her feet I slowly licked her soles up and down before sucking hard on each toe, each time eliciting moans of satisfaction from the other end of my sofa.

The seat had never seen this much action before. It began to creak as I continued to explore as much of Tanya’s pussy as I could with my dick, trying different angles of approach and working in circles. Our bodies made a smacking sound as we crashed against each other, entwined cock to cunt, thigh to thigh.

Using her leg as support, I stepped up my thrusting, going at her hard for as long as I could muster. She gasped while I lost my grip on her feet and I slipped back down so I was lying on top of her, feeling like my dick was about to explode with cum.

I felt close to orgasm when I finally withdrew my throbbing cock; out of breath myself, I gasped, “Tanya, I’m ready now. Rub my cock with your feet.”

Although she was exhausted, perhaps even too tired to reply, she nodded and started moving her feet up and down once I’d guided them into position around my dick. I thrusted the tip of my prick against her smooth soles.

I groaned loudly as I could feel myself about to spunk. “Oh God!” I exclaimed. “Nearly there,” I reassured her as I grabbed her feet, gripped them tightly so they squeezed my cock, forcing them up and down my shaft. With a grunt I exploded, cum dribbling out of the end of my dick all over the top of her feet, dripping down towards her toes.

Holding her feet up to try to stop any of it touching the sofa, she smiled as both of us caught our breath. “Have you got some tissues handy?” she asked.

“Not sure,” I replied. “I’ll go and find some.” I headed off to the bathroom, returning soon after with a few sheets of toilet roll. Instinctively, I started wiping the cum from her feet, only for her to interject.

“You don’t have to do that!”

“I made the mess, I’m happy to clear it up,” I joked. “Besides, I realise that when I come on your feet, you don’t really get much out of it.”

“Looks like I’m getting another foot massage now, though!”

As she’d been talking, I’d started rubbing her feet again without giving it much thought. I laughed again. “I just can’t help myself,” I told her.

She pulled away. “May I go and shower?”

“Of course.” I gestured towards the bathroom.


“You’ll stay for dinner, right?”

“Yes, please.” As she turned to head to the bathroom, she turned her head and winked suggestively. “Let me know when I’m done if you’ve any ideas for what we can get up to this evening.”

I nodded. I had plenty of ideas, and judging by the way that she had provocatively slid one foot up and down her leg while speaking, wiggling her toes at the same time, I reckoned it was a pretty safe bet she was thinking along similar lines.

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