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What Happens in Dallas Stays in Dallas

Two strangers attend a conference in Dallas. Both married, but lives are changed forever
What Happens in Dallas Stays in Dallas

Chapter 1

I’m Brandon. I was 36 when this took place a few years back. At the time I was married. 12 years to be exact. Like any married couple, we had our good times and bad. We lived outside of Pittsburgh at the time.

I work for a food production company. Had been there most of my adult life. I manage one division there. My wife, at the time, worked as an executive secretary for a Real Estate firm. At the time of when this story took place, we were in one of those down times. She was on the go all the time, and took many business trips with her boss. I know that they were having sex. You can just tell these things. One night she came home from a supposed dinner they had to attend.

I was horny that evening. Basically because we hadn’t fooled around in almost 3 weeks. And when we did, it was over in short time. My then wife was 4 years my senior, and still had a pretty good body for being 40. 5’5”, 140 pounds 36C chest, dirty blond hair, and matching landing strip on her mound. She always kept it neatly trimmed, but for the last year, she went with just a landing strip.

When she got home, I was already in bed, but awake. She went to the bathroom for a few minutes, then came out and crawled in bed, naked, which is how we always slept. I said hi to her when she got in. I didn’t think she’d be home when she did get there, so I was in the middle of stroking one off, so I was hard. I think I startled her when I said hi. She apologized for waking me, but I told her I was awake, in more ways than one.

I took her hand and guided it to my cock, and when she felt it, she let out a sigh. “Really? You want some? I am tired.” she said. She had also been drinking, because I could smell it on her breath. I didn’t say anything, but leaned over and sucked her one nipple. Then I started to kiss down her belly, when she stopped me.

“No. Don’t go there tonight. Just fuck me” is all she said. She generally never says things like that in bed, unless she is super horny or drunk. So I got between her legs. I rubbed her pussy, to start getting her wet. But she was already wet. So were her thighs. So I just pushed myself into her.

The feeling was different though. She is usually tight. Now I am not porn star gifted, but I am a bit over average at 7 inches, and fairly thick. But that night she was loose and really wet. I knew then she had already been fucked. I had my suspicions of this, but now this confirmed it. I just figured, “Fuck it. Just bang her and cum and be done with it. We can fight another time about this.”

It was over in like 5 minutes too. I did fuck her hard too, and she pretty much laid there. She moaned once in awhile, not her usual. And I know she faked an orgasm, because when she does, her pussy clamps down and gets super warm when she does. After I shot off in her, I rolled off and went to sleep. I was angry, and hurt, but did not let her know. It was f the last time we ever had sex. But that’s another story.

Chapter 2

About a month later, I had to go out of town to a food show in Dallas. I really hate going to these things. I’m usually stuck with my boss, who is a real killjoy. All business, almost 24 / 7. But this time, I was slated to go with another division manager, Mary, the Ice Princess, as she was dubbed by everyone. She hardly ever talked to anyone, but was also a fair, but tough boss that expected results from her crews, but also acted like she was pissed off about something. “Great” I thought. “This could be worse than going with the boss.”

I knew Mary from staff meetings and seeing her around the facility, but like most, knew very little about her. Except that she was married, with 2 kids and that she was 44. She always dressed conservatively, and was highly thought of by the upper management. Her division always made their quotas, as did mine. But, if single, I’d definitely wouldn’t mind being with her. Just check her attitude at the door.

We were to leave early Monday morning and be down there until Friday afternoon. I wanted to take my golf clubs, but having her along meant I had to go to all the events this show had scheduled. From what I heard around the facility, she was big on rules. This was going to be no fun at all.

Now Mary is attractive, but not stunning. She is 5’ 4, dark hair, brown eyes, and 36D chest. She is a bit chunky too, but carries it well. If she has a tummy roll, it is well concealed by her clothes. She also has a nice tan too, which I later found out because of her Italian / Mexican heritage. Her mom is Mexican and her dad Italian. Now I am not a bad looking guy, some say handsome. I am 5’ 9 170 lbs, brown hair and eyes. I do have a slight gut from chugging way too many beers and not enough exercise.

The flight down was pleasant, since she sat 3 rows in front of me. When we waited at the airport, she wanted to go over the itinerary for the coming week. “Kill me now” is all I could think. On that flight, I was trying to think up ways to break free from her for at least one day, but hopefully more.

The cab ride to the hotel was quiet this time, which I was thankful for. By the time we checked in, it was almost 1pm and I was famished. I asked her if she wanted to do lunch, but she said no. We both were on the same floor. I was shocked that we had rooms next to each other. “Shit” I though. “There goes any chance of hooking up with someone”

I had already made up my mind that if my wife could cheat, I could too. I knew this marriage was heading to one place, and one place only, divorce. So after hanging up my clothes and putting other stuff in drawers, I went downstairs to the restaurant in the hotel. I knew later there was to be a meet and greet function that I would have to attend with Mary. I didn’t hear from Mary the rest of the afternoon, until she knocked on my door at 6pm.

At the meet and greet, I noticed Mary drink some sort of cocktail. Again she dressed conservatively, with tan pants and a white blouse. Although it did show off a little of her olive complexion breast. We did make small talk for once. Not all business related. After meeting with a few reps, from various companies, I suggested dinner.

Maybe it was the drinks, but she smiled for once and said, “Let’s”. We asked around about restaurants nearby and were pointed to a nice Italian joint a few blocks away. It was typical of many Italian places, but had that homey feeling to it. After looking at the menu for a bit, Mary asked if I enjoyed wine. Which I did. She picked a nice red.

Again, she started to relax more, as the wine flowed. As we ate, she asked me a very pointed question. “Brandon? I know most everyone thinks I am a bitch, and I am fine with it, but do you think I am?”

“Honestly?” I asked…….. “Yes. Please” she said.

“No Mary. I don’t think that you are. I know how many feel at the facility. But I have never found you to be, at least towards me. I do think you are all business, and that, can be a drag. Especially in a setting like this. Where no co-workers, or even people we may know, are at.”

“Well I am glad”, Mary said, then continued. “I try real hard to keep feelings and emotions out of my work life. I just feel that I have to do better than everyone else, to keep my position, or even move up in our business. Couple that with a mixed ethnicity, and it is a lot harder for me, than many.”

She then went on to explain about her Mexican mom and Italian dad, and her home life, before marriage. She told me that she has been married 22 years now, but it is in name only. That kind of shocked me, that she would even open up about it. I believe the wine and the cocktail earlier is loosening her up some. I told her that I was married for the last 12 years and had one son.

Then she said, “I bet your marriage is a strong one, unlike mine.”

“Honestly. It is not. She’s having an affair, and I really don’t give a shit at this point. In the last year, I can count on one hand the amount of times we had sex. So this has been going on for a while now.”

“Oh Brandon. I am so sorry.” she said…… I chuckled and said, “Yeah. That’s life. I try not to let it bother me, and now have come to grips with it. I have seen a lawyer. I just feel bad for Billy, my son.”

“I know what you mean. The only reason I am still there is because of my daughters. One is a senior, and the other is a junior. Once they are gone, and off to college, so am I. We even sleep in separate bedrooms, and have for the last 2 years. He’s been cheating on me for longer than that. It just took me a while to realize it. Hell, we hardly talk anymore, except for kid stuff. But at least you have had some sex in the past year. It’s been over 2 years for me. And, when we did, it sucked.”

I sat there and listened intently, as she ranted. This was probably the first time she had ever opened up to someone, or at least, someone she worked with. As dinner started to end for us, I made a comment to her.

“You know. For the rest of the week, just be the real Mary. The one you really want to be. Stop thinking about work. Have some fun while we are down here. You know the old Vegas line. But here the city name changes. What goes on in Dallas, stays in Dallas…. Because I’ll never say a word to anyone.”

At least I got her to smile some, after I said it. She didn’t reply, but just smiled. We walked back to the hotel in relatively quiet mode. Just a little chit chat about tomorrow. I told her I would meet her for breakfast at 8am. Once we made it back to our rooms, she stopped, just before entering.

“Thank you Brandon. You are a good listener. It felt good to get some shit off of my chest. As I am sure you can tell, I don’t have many friends, and I keep everything bottled up inside. So Thanks. I will try not to be a Debbie Downer anymore this week.”

“You are welcome, and thank you too, for listening. I too am not blessed with too many friends, and no one knows my intentions with my marriage. So your secret is safe with me, as long as mine is with you.”

She just leaned over and kissed my cheek, then said, “That’s a deal.”

Chapter 3

We met around 8 the next morning for breakfast. Today, she dressed in a light blue dress, and small heels. She even let her hair down some and I noticed she had on some makeup, which I have never really seen on her before. She looked quite attractive, at least to me. The top of the dress did plunge a little, but not enough to show too much boob.

As we ate, we went over what we were to do this day. Boring as hell, if you ask me. But this was her first time at one of these, so she was excited. Personally, I’d rather hang out in my room all day, naked with her, or some other woman. Then, towards the end of our meal she asked,

“Brandon?… Do you find me attractive?”

I had to think on what I was about to say. With how the world in now and being politically correct and all. Last thing I needed was talking with HR when I got back.

“You’re kidding….. Right?”…..

“No. I am serious… You are a man, and I value your opinion.. And don’t worry, I’m not reporting you to HR…. Unless… You say I am as ugly as sin.” then chuckled.

“Mary.. I think you are very attractive. And, if I can be so bold, Sexy. Why do you ask?”

She let that question hang for a moment or two. “I just value your opinion. Couple that with how my husband makes me feel, and that I have never been hit on, either at work or out somewhere.”

I chuckled. “Mary… No man at work is going to hit on you. Not with how things are in this day and age. Hell, calling a woman dear or honey could land a guy in a heap of shit. Your husband is a fool, if you ask me. But yes. I find you very attractive.”

She smiled, then said, “Thanks… I find you attractive too”, then said nothing more.

We visited a lot of booths that day and took in a few seminars, which were really sell jobs to buy their products. Towards the end of the day, she surprised me when she said, “Oh Shit… This is mind numbing.” I just laughed and said, “Yeah. I know.. I hate coming to these things….”

“Then let’s head back to the hotel, relax some and go out for dinner and anything else we can find to do afterwards” she said. I agreed with her. We agreed to meet at 7pm. One thing about our rooms, they had a connecting door between them. As I stood in the shower, all I could think about was Mary, maybe naked right now, taking a shower too. I’d love to ravish her body and make slow passionate love to her the first time, then fuck like 2 teenagers after.

About 6pm I got a text from my wife, stating that our son was spending a few days with her mom and dad. She had to go out of town to purchase a property in Philly.

“Yeah. Right… You are just going to fuck and suck your boss.” I thought. I was tempted to say something to that effect, but felt, why.. Our marriage is done for anyways. Let her fuck whoever she wanted too.

At 5 till 7, there was a knock on the connecting door. I was already dressed in black slacks and a dark blue button down shirt. Nothing fancy. I opened the door and my mouth had to have hit the floor. Standing before me was a knockout of a woman.

Mary was wearing this dark red dress, that has a plunging neckline. Her gold necklace rested at the bottom, inside her cleavage. She even had her hair down, along with a medium shade of red lipstick, which I never saw her wear in the time I’ve known her.

She looked absolutely sexy. Looking at her sex legs to her black pumps. Then I noticed her gold ankle bracelet. “ Damn” I thought. If she is trying to seduce me, it’s working. Hell, if she said I could have her if I sucked a guy’s dick, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

“ Mary. You look absolutely beautiful. I truly mean that.”

She smiled and thanked me and said I looked great too. I went to a drawer and pulled out a tie. She laughed and asked what I was doing. “ Trying to look halfway decent”

I let her pick the place to eat. To my surprise, she picked this steak house. I guess, when in Texas, eat as Texan’s, where steak is King. On the cab ride over, we noticed a Jazz nightclub. We both remarked that it looked like fun, and plans to visit after dinner.

Dinner was fabulous. Our conversation went smoothly, not like the night before. We explored what each other liked, and disliked. We both like to ski, snow and water. She even likes camping, which my wife hates. Then she asked,

“ Brandon, does my age bother you?”

“Heaven’s no. Plus you’re what, 33? , and age is just a state of mind. If you feel and act young, then you are.”

She laughed, “ Right now I feel like some college kid out on a first date, and not a 44 year old mother of 2. But, I have admit, this is fun and I really enjoy the person I’m with.”

“ Good. I really am enjoying being with you as well. …. What say we check out that Jazz joint”

The nightclub wasn’t packed, but a good crowd. The live music was excellent too. The band then played a slow ballad, so we danced to it. She felt wonderful in my arms. She wore a perfume that really got me going too. It wasn’t overpowering and smelled wonderful, which I let her know.

As for drinking, we settled on a nice white wine. If this wasn’t a date, then I have no idea what is. We danced a few more times before she suggested heading back. I assumed she was tired. Me? My adrenaline was flowing and I was hardly tired.

Chapter 4

Once in the hotel lobby, she grabbed my hand and guided me to the little store they have. She picked out a box of cheese crackers and then a bottle of white wine. I raised an eyebrow at her.

She giggled and said, “ let’s have a pajama party. I’m hardly tired and don’t want the night to end.”

“ Uh. Small problem.” I said…… She looked at me, like something was majorly wrong.

“What?’….. “I don’t wear pajamas.”

She laughed. “Boxers or Briefs?”

“Boxers” I said…. She smiled, “There you go then”

I didn’t question any more and went with the flow. Standing at the elevators, we had to wait. As we waited, a big group came up and waited too. When the door opened, we went to the back of the car. I was against the wall, and Mary stood in front of me. Our rooms were on the 18th floor.

Mary was right against me now and her butt was right against my crotch, and she knew it. All I was thinking was don’t get hard, or she may freak. But freak she didn’t. She wiggled her butt a few times, which made junior respond in a way I didn’t want it too. She even grabbed my free hand and squeezed it.

The last of the people got off on the 15th floor. So now it was just her and I. She didn’t move at anytime, but I spun her around, looked into her eyes, then let my lips meet hers.

Our lips opened and her tongue snaked into my mouth. It was a sensuous, yet passionate kiss. As the car stopped, and the door opened, we continued to kiss, but the broke it off and exited.

She then walked quickly to our rooms, with me behind her, watching the sway of her butt. She opened her door and told me to unlock the inner door, and that she would be over in a few.

20 minutes later, the door opened and in walked Mary. I was just about ready to turn off the light and go to bed, thinking she may have had second thoughts about this. And now, If I thought she looked great before, she was over the top hot. I think my tongue even got hard.

She had on a red silk night shirt. One the went mid thigh but cut up on the sides to just below her hips. It was button down and the top 4 were undone. I was sitting against the headboard, with my legs extended out, and wearing only my black boxers. I could feel my cock twitch, just looking at her.

“Sorry” she said, “I was talking to my oldest daughter, who is 19. Apparently, the asshole isn’t home and hasn’t been all night. I mean my kids are old enough to take care of themselves, but damn, he could at least come home and check on them. My daughters hardly talk to him as well.”

“It’s ok Mary. Had you not come through the door, I would have been fine with it. Ok. a little disappointed. I won’t lie Mary. I really like you. Like you a lot. I really love spending time with you. But I know what you mean about a spouse. Mine dropped ours with her parents until Thursday. She supposedly needs to go with her boss out of town. The more I think of it, the more I am glad I talked with a lawyer.”

As I was talking, she opened the wine and poured us each a glass, then handed me one, and moved onto the bed. She sat next to me, with her back against the headboard, and her legs outstretched like mine.

“Oh Brandon. I am so sorry. I’m sure neither of us signed up for a life like this. I know I didn’t. All I ever wanted was a partner that loved me, and treated me with respect and love. I had that for a few good years. But, then after I had our second daughter, I did notice a change in how he acted towards me. I had gained a good 20 pounds with that pregnancy, and had a hard time getting rid of it.” she chuckled then, but continued, “God. I can’t believe I am telling you this.”

“You don’t have to Mary. I understand.” I said.

“No. It’s okay. I think I need to unload on someone, and you have been a great listener so far. But after that, he hardly ever touched me, and our sex went almost to nothing. Before that, we were very active sexually. I used to love when he would just grope me in the kitchen, or anywhere really. I never said no to sex. I loved it as much as he did. But after that weight gain, it almost just died. Then I went on a diet and started working out. It helped for a few years, but he had changed. For the last 10 years, we have been married, but in name only. And, as I told you before, we have slept in separate bedrooms for the last 2 years. I don’t even want him to touch me, let alone fuck me……… Sorry. I didn’t mean to be vulgar.”

I then softly laughed. “Mary. I think we both can use that word in the right context, and appropriate time. I do realize you are a lady, and will treat you as such. But, let’s face it, if we did have sex with our spouses now, that’s all it would be, fucking, but not love making. It’s all Joan and I have done in over a year. Really, the last couple of years. We too, were very active, then after she started this job a few years back, it has died down to nothing. And, like you, I didn’t sign up for this treatment. I signed up for till death do you part. With loving that person totally. Maybe I am wrong, but sex is supposed to be fun, yet convey to your spouse you really love them and this is the best way to show it. But never be selfish, and only worry about yourself.”

Her hand was on my arm, just lightly rubbing it. Her head turned towards me, and her eyes locked with mine, and smiled. She then reached for my glass and took it from me, and set it on the nightstand. Then did the same with hers. She scooted down so she was laying on her side, and her head on the pillow. I did the same then.

“Brandon. You have made me feel so sexy tonight. Just the way you have looked at me. Then the dancing. But that kiss earlier. Oh my God, you kiss so wonderfully. Make love to me tonight. Make love to me all night.”

I smiled. My cock was already hard, even while we talked. I’m sure she noticed, because my boxers were tented.

“Mary. Are you sure? I mean I don’t want this to lead to us feeling uncomfortable after we finish. I want to make love to you so bad, then awake in the morning and do it again. I’ll try not to be vulgar either. You have my blood boiling, and you are so sexy. “

“Shush” she said, and leaned in and kissed me. This one was even hotter than our first. As we kissed, we let our hands roam over each other. After a few minutes, her hand went under my waistband, and found my hardened dick. She let out a slight gasp, then purred in my mouth.

My one hand found her thigh, which I then let go up, and under her nightshirt. It found her glorious panty covered ass. I let my fingers snake under the fabric and found her warm skin. She really moaned then and lifted her leg to give me better access to her prize between her legs.

When my fingers found her slit, it was very warm, and very wet. As i traced all around her lips, she moaned loudly in my mouth. I moaned too, because she was now stroking my cock with firm strokes. Then I pushed her to her back and crawled between her legs. Looking down at her, I smiled and asked,

“Light on? Or off?” ………. She smiled up at me, “Definitely on. I need to see you”

I started to unbutton her shirt then, and since only 3 remained buttoned, it didn’t take long to expose her breasts. They were beautiful. Firm, but some sag. Her areolas were chocolate brown, as were her nipples which stuck out almost a half inch, or better, but really thick. She sat up and let me remove the shirt, and while she sat up, she pushed my boxers down to my knees.

Her hand wrapped around my member and stroked it, as she looked up at me and smiled. She then lay back down and I fumbled to get my boxers off, then lay on top of her kissing her madly. I swear, the more we kissed, the harder I got. I was afraid I was going to blow my load then. I’ve never kissed a woman with so much passion before. My soon to be ex was ok, but never show the passion that Mary is showing. As we kissed, her body wiggled all around too. My cock was rubbing against her mound, especially when she would move her legs and bring her knees up and down.

I started licking her neck, then down to those beautiful orbs of her. When I took a nipple into my mouth, she moaned loudly, “Yesssssssssss” then continued to moan. I sucked and licked them both for a few minutes. But when I pushed her breasts together, i sucked in both nipples at the same time. As I lightly chewed and sucked them, her back arched up and I heard say, “Oh god, yesssssssssss”, and then her body trembled. I can only assume she orgasmed.

After she laid back down, I move to her belly and kissed it all over, telling her how sexy she looked. Then i licked to the top of her panty, and placed my fingers under the waistband and gently pulled them down. After some maneuvering, I got them off, with her giggling because I wasn’t so graceful doing it. She spread her legs then and revealed her pussy to me. It was gorgeous. She had just a small patch of hair, cropped real close, just above her clit hood. Her hood though, was really sticking out. My wife’s wasn’t anything like that.

I leaned down and kissed her patch, and heard mary say, “Wait. Brandon. I’m a little different down there.” as she pulled back her lips and exposed her clit. Sticking out now was the biggest clit I have ever seen. That includes any porn I have seen. It was almost as long as my thumb to the first knuckle, and as thick as a finger. My god this was sexy.

I smiled and dropped down to the bed and gently took it in my mouth and sucked it.

“Oh God Damnnnnnnnnnnnnn Baby” she said loudly.

Then my tongue went back to work on her slit. Her juices were flowing now and I was tasting the finest pussy ever. Not that I have had a lot of women, because I haven’t, but this, this was so sweet tasting. I would lick for some time, then suck her clit for a bit, then lick more. I even licked her taint area. I wanted to lick her rosebud, but not a lot of women like that down. That can wait for future exploration.

All during this, I could hear her moan and say things like, “Yes. That’s it”….
Right there Baby”,…. And many “Oh God” over and over.

I then went back to that clit and sucked it in and moved my mouth back and forth on it, like a girl does sucking a guy. That’s when she really started moving around. Her hips were moving to match what I was doing and soon heard her say, “Oh God Baby” over and over as her legs came crashing into my head and her ass lifted high off the bed and orgasmed. Once she did that, my mouth went back to her slit and licked up my reward. She eventually started calming down and pushed on my head to release my lips from her pussy.

“Oh Wow. Wow. Wow” she said as I got to my knees. My face was covered in her juices now. I wished I still had my mustache, so I could savor her flavor. She looked up at me with these lust filled eyes and said,

“Oh God Baby. Put it in me. I need you in me now.” she said…….. I said, “Shit. No condoms”

“You’re good. No need. Tubes tied….. Please….. Get inside me”

I did as my lover asked and slowly started to enter her. No lube was needed, but she was extremely tight. She gasped as I entered her.

“You alright? Should I stop?” I asked………. “No No.. Just go slow. It’s been a long time”

It took me a a few minutes before I was fully seated inside her. Her pussy was so hot and so tight. I just lay there and tried not to move. I was so afraid I was going to cum quickly, and then ruin this moment.

“What’s wrong Baby?” she asked……… “Nothing. Just afraid I am going to cum if I move.”

“Oh God… Who cares. Cum… I have a couple of times…… Trust me, we’ll do more of this”

That was music to my ears. I was right too. I didn’t last 5 minutes with her, and we went slow too. I couldn’t help it. I mean I usually can go a pretty good time, like 10 minutes or so, but not with this gorgeous creature below me.

I started to speed up and could feel my balls tingle and my cock grow harder, “Oh God Maryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy” I yelled out

“Cum Baby…. I want your cum”

I started to shoot deep inside her. It felt like hours of cumming in her, but it was a good 6 shot orgasm. As I was finishing up, she pulled me back down and kissed me hard and started to shake, with her own orgasm. We then just lay there and panted and did little kisses.

I finally moved off of her, still panting away. She was smiling at me, so that made me feel better. Christ, I felt like I did as a teen when I first got laid. At least back then, I stayed hard. Now I was just semi hard and hoping I could rise to the occasion soon.

Mary sat up and got our glasses and refilled them and handed me one. She smiled at me and and took a drink. Then leaned into me and kissed me again… “We’re far from done, if you are ok with that.”

“I’m yours all night Gorgeous” I said…. “Mmmmmmmmm I like how that sounds…. You felt so good.” then leaned in and kissed me again.

“I’m sorry I came so soon. I wanted it to last longer than that.” I said. Then she put a finger to my lips.

“Oh God Brandon. You made me feel like a woman again. I haven’t cum like that in years. Many years. Your oral skills are great. I could take that all night and the next day alone. Hell I remember my first time in high school. It was my boyfriend and it was our first time doing it. We were both virgins. I think he lasted a minute and he was done. Of course as time went on, we got a lot better. We stayed together my senior year and most of the first year of college. But he didn’t go to college and wanted his freedom. I was crushed. But by the middle of my sophomore year I met Dennis and have been with him ever since. So you are the third man I have ever been with. Sad, but true. Can you remember your first?”

I chuckled, and then got sheepish. “Yeah. I do.” I said……… “Well. Come on. Tell me”

“I was 17. It was the summer between my junior and senior year. I didn’t have a girlfriend then. Just dated occasionally but never anything serious. But, down the street a lady our family knew, needed help with her yard and any other things she couldn’t do. See, her husband died the year before in an auto accident, and they had no family around. So I would help her. She was only 26 too. Ashley was her name. Pretty, and always super nice to me. When he was still alive, they used to come over for dinner or cookouts. I won’t lie I lusted for her.” I stopped then and took a drink

“Oh don’t stop now” she said, and giggled…..

“Well, one weekend, my parents were going to ohio to visit my mom’s sister and wouldn’t be back until Sunday. They knew I was fine by myself, but asked Ashley to check on me. I was out by our pool on Saturday when she came over. She sw me swimming and asked if I wanted company. I said yes, so she left and was back 10 minutes later in a bikini. She even brought beer. So for a teen, she was the bomb.. We drank and swam and as we started getting buzzed, we started dunking one another. Before you know it, we were making out. An hour later we were in my bed having sex. And yes. I was done with in a minute or 2. But from that day on, we had sex on a regular basis for almost 6 months. She taught me what a woman likes, and dislikes. Hence my good oral skills. As she told me, you make a woman cum with your tongue and she is yours forever. Guess that isn’t true with Joan. She finally met a man and eventually got remarried to him. Until I met Joan in college, I only had one more girl. That one lasted almost a year.”

Mary smiled, took our glasses again, then came back, leaned down and kissed my most limp cock. He started stroking it….

“Well. She was an excellent teacher, because that tongue of yours is awesome. No wonder why you like older women. I hope I am just as good too. You, my friend, are a beautiful man and lover. But right now. I want you to see the real Mary that you have awakened from years of neglect. Once I have this up again, which it almost is, I want us to do it again, until we can’t.”

Once I was hard, she got on top and slowly impaled herself on me. She was still very tight, but extremely wet with our combined juices.

“ My God Mary. You are so beautiful”, I said as I reached for each breast and gently squeezed them. Then I sat up and started sucking her nipples. This drove her crazy, as she ground her sex into my pelvis. She was starting to bounce up and down on me, moaning a great deal. I’m sure our neighbors could hear us, if anyone was next to my room.

“Oh God Brandon, you are so big inside me”,….. then pushed me back down and started riding me hard. When she tired, I took over pumping up into her. Her eyes were mostly closed, but her moans very driving me crazy. She leaned down and started kissing me, until I started jack hammering inside her. This set her off on another orgasm. She wrapped her arms around my neck and held me tight as she came.

I didn’t stop though. I wanted her to feel totally fucked. We’d been going at almost 15 minutes, so I was glad I lasted a lot longer than the first time. Her moans were growing softer now, so I assumed she was getting tired. So my hands grabbed her ass cheeks and pumped even faster. She whispered in my ear to cum in her, and boy did I. It felt like I was on a non-stop orgasm deep inside her.

When we both calmed down, she just lay on my chest, as my dick started to shrink inside her. I’m sure that with a little coaxing from her, I could rise again. But, I was going to let her decide that fate. After a few minutes, and one long, passionate kiss, she rolled off to the side of me.

Mary then got off the bed and went to her room. As she left, she didn’t say a word, which kind of scared me. “Maybe she is having second thoughts about what happened.”, I thought.

It was a good 10 minutes she was gone. I figured she is laying in her bed now. So I rolled and turned off the light on the nightstand. “Damn” I thought. I was hoping to sleep with her. This could make for a very awkward morning, when we had to go back to the convention center.

Then I heard, “Brandon?… You awake?” “Oh Yeah.”, I said…….. “Sorry. I had to pee and get my clothes for the morning ready. Can I join you?”

I chuckled to myself, then answered, “I’d be disappointed if you didn’t Mary.”

She crawled in next to me and snuggled up, with my arm going under her neck, so her head rested on my chest, and my arm caressing her back. Her one hand rubbed my chest as we lay there. Then she spoke:

“Any regrets in what we did?” she asked.

“Oh God No. I have nothing to regret, except not lasting longer the first time. I’m sure our spouses were doing the same. I hope you let me pleasure you again too. It feels so good right now, just holding you. And don’t you think for one second that you are not beautiful and sexy, because you are, and one hell of a lover.”

She kissed my cheek and said, “Thank You. You are a wonderful lover as well. You have made me feel so special today, and tonight. I have no regrets either. And you are right about them doing the same as us. Well, at least having sex. I like the idea we made love. You are one selfless lover. All they do is screw, I bet.”

I kissed her forehead then told her, “If I do have a regret, it is that you and I are not single, because I could see us becoming habit forming to each other. And you know, you can say the F word around me. I won’t think less of you. Especially if we’re having fun in bed….. By chance, do you know who he is seeing?”

She giggled, then said, “I know I can say fuck. Truthfully, we use to be like that, until about 15 years ago, he said only whores said those words in bed. So I just quit saying anything. As for his slut. Yeah. I know who it is. He forgets I do have friends in that school. She’s a divorced teacher there. She’s like 32 or 33. Bleach blonde bimbo with big tits. I was told they do lunch together all the time. Plus they have been seen outside the school together. He isn’t hiding it well. I know my daughters know about too. My oldest said to me that he is a pig and she is a slut…… As for the habit forming. Can we take it a day at a time?”

“Of course we can. Let’s get some sleep.”

Chapter 5

I awoke at 4 something in the morning and looked, and saw, Mary still holding me close to her. She was softly breathing, and I could feel her breast rub against my side as she did. I fell back to sleep.

Then I was awakened by a warm feeling on my balls and cock. My eyes opened to see Mary to the side of me, on her knees, licking my shaft. I glanced at the clock and it a little past 7am. God it felt good, and I moaned out, to let her know she had me awake. She lifted her head and smiled.

“Morning Baby. I couldn’t resist. It was so nice and hard. I too have some good oral skills. Rusty yes, but be patient and I’ll get better.”

“Babe. You feel fantastic. How about letting me also have a breakfast snack.”

“You sure?” she asked… then said, “You know. There’s probably still some of your cum in me.”

I laughed and said, “So… Bet it taste even better now that it has been in you.”

She swung a leg over my head and lowered her pussy to my awaiting tongue and mouth. We ate each other for over 15 minutes. My tongue explored everywhere on her. And her clit. That wonderful clit of hers. I loved sucking that. My tongue even found her ass, and that rosebud. I flicked it once, which resulted in a loud moan. So then I continued to lick there. As I did, she sucked harder on me and played with my balls.

Then she sped up on sucking me. I pushed her up and said, “You’re going to make me cum Mary.” All that did was spur her on more. I started to suck her clit like it was a cock too. Moving it in and out of my lips, like she was doing to me. Then I felt her finger play with my ass. I spread my legs more and she inserted a finger a little bit. I fingered her pussy then while sucking that clit, and that made her cum. Her pelvis pushed hard into my mouth as she yelled out “Fuckkkkkk”. That set me off too, and rope after rope of cum went into her mouth. She swallowed it all, from what I could feel.

Once we rested for a minute, she turned around on me and kissed me. Our tongues played tag for a good while. We could both taste each other, and I surely didn’t care. This woman could do anything she wanted to me.

“Now that’s the way to be awakened in the morning.” I said.

“MMMMMMMM. Yes it is. My God I love how you eat me……….. I think you have awakened something inside me Brandon. That’s the first time I have ever done that in the morning. I love sex in the morning. Someone else doesn’t.”

“Let’s make a deal here. Never mention them again. This is us exploring….. God.. I want to explore every inch of you….. Hungry?”

She kissed me on the lips, then said, “Deal.. No more talk of them… I’m famished actually.”

I called down for room service and ordered big breakfasts for both of us. They would be here in 30 minutes. She suggested a shower, while we waited. In the shower we washed each other, and played a little. At one point she bent over, so I slipped in. But we didn’t really do anything. She said not enough time and promised to take me later.

As we ate, we looked over the agenda for this day. There was 2 mini seminars we had to attend. Otherwise I would have preferred staying in bed with her all day, making love and screwing our brains out. The first one was at 10am, and the other after lunch, at 2pm. As I told her the day before, a lot of this is a big sell job to us. Many things we weren’t even interested in. We took our time in getting ready. When she was done with fixing her hair and makeup, she came into my room, dressed and ready to go. She was wearing a tan skirt and a light blue top. Very business like, not showing too much. She still looked great and I let her know.

We had just finished up with the first seminar around 11:30. There was supposed to be a lunch served at noon. But we decided to leave and grab a quick bite at this café down the street. It wasn’t busy and when we finished, she said to come on. We walked briskly back to our hotel. Then up to my room, which now seemed to be our room.

Once inside the room, she went into the bathroom as I went by the bed. She was out a few second later. She came up to me, wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me hard. My hands went to her ass and squeezed those lovely cheeks. She let go of me and then reach down to my pants and undid the belt and clasp.

“I had a hard time concentrating back at that seminar. All I could think of was this wonderful cock of yours.” she said, as my pants, then boxers fell to the floor. I somehow got my shoes off, then stepped out of the garments. She grabbed her skirt by the hem and lifted it up, exposing her naked pussy to me, then sat on the bed edge and placed her feet up on it and spread her legs.

“Fuck me Baby… I need you inside me bad. Like right now.”

I smiled, “ ooooooohhhh. You are a naughty girl, aren’t you?”

She gave me this wicked look and hissed, “ You lover, have no idea yet how naughty I can be!”

I got on my knees and started sucking her clit as I pushed her legs back more. She groaned.

“ Damn Baby. I can’t believe you like that clit so much. It’s like a little dick to me.”

“ We’ll Darling, then I guess I’m gay, because I love your little dick. I’m going to suck and lick it as much as I can”

Then went back to work on it. She, on the other hand wanted my dick and wanted it now.

“ Baby.. Please no more. I need your cock. Fuck me Pleaseeeeeeeee”

I stood and walked up between her legs. She was at the perfect height for this and I slipped inside her. She still had on that wicked, lustful look on her face. For the life of me, I couldn’t understand why her husband would even think of cheating on this minx. Hell, my wife wasn’t anything close to this, and I thought, when we first married, she was the best in bed ever. Not even close.

We both moaned and groaned for a good 10 minutes of solid fucking. This was animalistic, not passionate, but neither of us cared or wanted it different. I would tell her how hot and tight she was , and she was telling me how hard my dick was and how big I felt in her. Oh and plenty of “Oh God’s” were said by her. Or, “That’s it. Right there.” She knew how to stroke my ego and I liked it. She came first, but I followed less than a minute later. I was amazed I had cum for her, with all that she got last night and this morning.

As I finished cumming, I leaned in and kissed her again. I just love how she kisses. She also loves to kiss, and can be very passionate and aggressive with her kisses. I know I thought that this was just a one time deal down here, and once we’re back home, everything would go back to the way it was, especially at work. But Damn, I thought. I could easily fall for her. We clicked on so many levels.

“Wow Baby…… That was sooooooooo good.” she said. “I hope you don’t mind me calling you Baby like that. It just feels so natural to say to you.” she lamented.

“Of course I don’t mind. I’ve said it too…. Plus, who knows what the future holds” I said.

Her face beamed with that statement, so she must have some thoughts too. She then got up, and went into her room. A few minutes later she came back, with her hair fixed, and a light coat of lipstick now. While she was gone, I dressed as well and got myself back together. We still had some time before we needed to be back. I have to admit, this has been one of the best trips I ever took with the company.

We made it back in time for the next seminar. We both seemed more attentive this time. I have noticed that she is a big time note taker. I do as well, but not to her degree. I usually summarize what I have learned once I get back from one of these trips. This is her first, so this is all new to her. This one was more of a sell job, like I thought it was going to be.

After our seminar, we walked around and chatted with a few vendors, about their products that may help us, in our facility. We actually knew a couple of the vendors, since they visit our place on occasion. When around them, we made sure to be very professional. Mary did ask, “You think they could tell that we have eyes for each other?” I told her it was very doubtful. They only want our business and could care less about anything else.

A little after 4, we decided to head back to the hotel. As we walked, Mary asked if I would mind if she took a nap. Stating that she was kind of tired, for some strange reason. But said it with a smile on her face. I told her that was a great idea. After getting to our rooms, her going in hers and me going to mine, I stripped down to my boxers and crawled in bed. I was tired too. I had just got comfortable, when the pass-through door opened and in walked Mary, just wearing a t-shirt, that hung mid thigh. She crawled in besides me and cuddled up. I don’t what she was thinking, but this felt nice.

We awoke a little after 6, and decided to go out for dinner. Didn’t know where, but figured we’d wing it. We were both wearing jeans and polo shirts, although she looked so much better than I did. We found this nice sports bar and went inside. Food was great and I found out she is an avid Steelers fan, and goes whenever there is an opportunity. Right there alone, I should fall in love. But we also like a lots of things that our spouses wouldn’t do.

When we finally left to go back to the hotel, she grabbed my hands and intertwined our fingers together. We walked almost the whole way like that and really didn’t talk. She did say that this was her first trip to a big city. Her ultimate is to go to New York, especially at Christmas time. I laughed and said I’d prefer Hawaii at Christmas.

After getting back to our rooms, she went to hers. I was hoping the evening wasn’t done yet, but one never knows, especially since we both have this huge cloud hanging over us. About 20 minutes later, she came to my room. She was wearing that red nightshirt again, but she had tears in her eyes. Of course I asked what was wrong.

She sat on the edge of the bed and relayed the story her daughter just told her. Her prick of a husband yelled at her earlier, before he took off to go fuck his bimbo. She was eating some fast food, since he didn’t cook anything for her. He told her it was going to make her fat, just like her mom is. Then, Mary started crying. I held her close to me and let her cry.

“You my Dear, are not fat. You are sexy, and beautiful, and don’t ever feel that way. God. I’d give anything to have you in my life.”

Then she went on a rant about his worthless ass, and how he always puts her down. But doing it to her daughter was so over the top wrong. She even called him the bald little fucker with a small dick. Right now, sex was the last thing on my mind. If anything, I’d love to find him and just beat the shit out of him.

After calming, she stood up, and went to the nightstand, and turned off the light. “Brandon… Make love to me. Please make love to me.”

We made love twice. I never went soft either. Missionary the first time, then rolled us over and had her on top. There was no talking, which was fine, except for a few “Oh Baby’s and Oh God’s”, but slow and passionate love making. We both came the first time, but a minute apart and not at the same time. When she was on top, she came twice and finally, on her second one, we came together. We were exhausted now and fell right to sleep, holding each other close.

Chapter 6

I woke up at a little after 7am. I must have been sleeping real good, because I never felt the bed move when Mary got out. The room was empty and I didn’t hear anything. I figured she was in her room. At dinner, we agreed to make an appearance at the show, but then come back here and write up our reports. So I figured that was what she was doing now, in her room. I knocked on her pass-through door and got no answer. So I opened the door and peeked in , and found her room empty as well.

It was an hour or so later, and I still hadn’t seen or heard from her. We had exchanged cell numbers at the airport, before we flew down here. Just in case we got separated and needed to reach each other. At that time, I didn’t think I’d ever need to call her. But now, I was worried. When I tried calling, it went right to voicemail. I didn’t leave a message.

Before that call, I decided to shower. I was hoping to have this cute little honey in there with me, but, that didn’t work out. I decided to start writing up my report then. Might as well get this done now, since tomorrow I would not be in a good mood to do it. I was going to tell Joan our marriage was over and start looking for a place. If anything, I could stay at my sister’s place until I found something. She has a loft over their craft barn out back. I always called it her husband’s dog house, when she is pissed at him. I tried again right around 9, and still voicemail.

I pretty much got done with my report about 9:30. I just sat there and worried about her now. I mean she a big girl and can handle herself. I know at work she takes no crap from anyone’ Although I had never seen her mad, I knew she could be tough when she had to be and not afraid to show when she is mad.

Just after 10, and I was about to try again, when I heard her door close next door. I waited another 5 minutes before I got up and started heading to her door. But, she beat me to it, and came into my room. She looked okay, but had a serious look on her face.

“Brandon… We need to talk.” ……….. “Yes, we do Mary. You scared the hell out of me.”

I pretty much figured she was going to say this was a big mistake, and maybe she was right. I hope not. But, I would just accept whatever she said and move on, with her, or without her.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you….. I just needed to be alone and think about everything and I came to some major conclusions.” she said. Then paused for like 20 seconds.

“Remember when we agreed that what went on down here, stayed down here?” she asked. I just nodded. I knew she was far from over from speaking.

“Well, what if I, or we, wanted it not to end down here? Brandon. You have made me feel so loved and wanted again. And I don’t mean just the sex. I mean everything. You respect me, you actually talk to me, not at me. You listen too, which I never get at home. I’ll be very honest here. I have thought many times about you, before we even came to this place. You’ve helped me many a night as I lay in bed, alone. I knew you were married, but I still lusted for you anyways. Then we made love that first time, and then again last night. My feelings for you are very strong. That’s why tomorrow, when I get home, I’m telling that bald little fucker to get out. This is something I should have done years ago. I’m tired of living in pain. My kids are old enough to understand, and if not, then they’ll need to learn to live with it. I know you said our age difference is no big thing, and i really hope you mean that. But if you feel the same, then let’s take this to another level. But, if you don’t, then we experienced a very good time, and not a word will be spoken about it.”

She now had tears in her eyes as she looked at me to wait on my response. She was still sitting on the edge of the bed, just looking at me. I think she was steeling herself for me to say, No, this was fun and that was it, fun. But I got up from the chair and sat next to her, though facing her.

“First off Mary, I too do not want this to end down here. My feelings have grown leaps and bounds for you. You make me feel alive. Your age has no bearing on how I feel. My God Lady. You are so sexy, and beautiful. I felt like a millions bucks when we walked hand in hand last night. I want to do that so much more with you. And you know what?”

“What?” she asked. … I chuckled, “I am doing the same thing tomorrow as you. I’m telling Joan I want out. I’m not living like that anymore. I had already seen a lawyer, so this is the next step. You are 100 times the woman she is, and I feel fortunate enough just to know you, but let me become rich with love, and love you, like you deserve to be loved………. I won’t lie either, I lusted for you too on many a night. I would see you at work and think what a lucky guy your husband was, to get to come home to you every day. So I’m glad he’s an ass. You’re definitely a habit I don’t want to kick.”

We kissed then to seal the deal. She then said to let her freshen up some and then we’ll go to the center and make our appearance. I followed her to her room for once. I saw her throw the covers back. She laughed and said she’d done that daily, so it would look like she slept there. I had to laugh at that.

We headed out then, spent like 45 minutes there, then decided to go to lunch. We found a nice café that was near Deeley Square, which is the sight that Kennedy got shot at. So we made plans to see that after we ate.

Neither of us were alive yet, when he was killed. But we learned through our parents, school and TV. The grassy knoll, the book depository window, and just the whole area left you with an eerie feeling of loss.

As we were walking through this park, I could sense relief in her body and soul. She was so upbeat and smiling the whole time. We were holding hands like teens do. Then I just pulled her to me and kissed her, which lasted a good minute.

“ Wow. What was that for?” She asked…

“Just because I love kissing you” I said.

“ How about heading back to the hotel. We can hang out there and do room service later, then have another pajama party.” she suggested.

Now that sounded like a great plan to me. Once back in the room I thought we may play a little, but when I wanted to fool around, she asked if we could wait until later. But promised it would be well worth the wait.

We first went over our reports, to make sure we were on the same page. She told me she did hers when she first got up this morning. Then we found a classic movie on TV. We just cuddled on the bed as we watched. I wanted to ravish her, but I did as she asked earlier. This was her bus to drive.

It was almost 6pm when we ordered dinner. I was hungry, plus, I wanted to make love to her soon. Food arrived about 30 minutes later.

As we sat and ate, I told her I had talked to my sister that morning about staying at her loft apartment, until I found my own place.

“ Wow. This is real, isn’t it?” she said……

“ Very real Mary….. we’re both in loveless marriages. What we’ve discovered these past few days, only helped expedite it”

“ I know…. I need to do this. Not only for me, but my kids too. Then, there is us. We’ll need to be very careful until all the legal crap is done. If I know Dennis, he’ll try and play hardball.” she said.

“ I’m pretty sure Joan won’t, but I still plan on recording every conversation we have, especially tomorrow’s. You should too.”

“ That’s good thinking. Thanks. Even if we find we don’t belong together, I’ll still be happier than I have been.”

“ Doubts already? Because I don’t” I exclaimed.

“ I think it’s great right now, but, who knows. You may think I am the Ice Princess everyone says I am.” she said with a sad face.

I leaned over and kissed her nose and said “ Hardly”

“ I know. Just scared… I don’t want perfect, just happiness and love.” she said, then sighed..

I took her in my arms and just held her. Then she said “ let’s start are pajama party.”, Got up and went to her room.

Chapter 7

I knew that Mary would be a while, so I took a minute and called my son, over at my in-laws. I had first tried my house, but no answer. After speaking with Billy and just chit chatting, I hung up. I then stripped down and slipped into a pair of blue, silk boxers. I have read that women do like a man that takes pride in his appearance, even in his underwear. So I brought this pair along. Granted, at the time, I had no idea I would be modeling them for Mary.

After 15 minutes, she came into the room. I was once again, sitting up against the headboard, like I was the first time we did the pajama thing. This time though, in walked the most gorgeous creature god ever put on earth. This time, it was a long, red, see through like robe, over a red babydoll teddy, with lots of lace. She had a matching red thong and matching red thigh high stockings. And, to top it off, her hair was in a loose bun, and bright red lipstick. She was pulling out all the stops tonight.

“Oh Myyyyyyyyyyy God, Mary…… You look absolutely amazing and extremely sexy… Oh Shit”

“Thank You… It’s what I was going for…… I bought it this morning, as I was coming back from my walk, at that little boutique a few blocks down the street. But, to be honest, had you said, No, this was just for fun, you would have never seen this, and I’d probably be crying my eyes out next door.” she said……… then a slight pause…. “Have you figured something else out about me yet?” she asked.

“Hmmmmmm…. You like dressing sexy and your favorite color is red. At least in bedroom attire.”

She smiled and said, “You do pay attention…. Now grab my hand and come with me.” …… chuckling she said, “No Pun intended, but feel free to always cum with me.”

She led me to her room, explaining it was time we played at her place for once, plus she wanted to give the maid service some dirty sheets, then laughed. “And, I may get loud tonight and only your room is next to mine.”

The room had some candles lit, the bed turned down and a couple bottles of water on the nightstand. We stood next to the bed and embraced and kissed. A long, passionate kiss. Then I slipped the robe off of her and kissed her bare shoulders, then her neck. My hands were kneading her ass cheeks the whole time, as hers was doing the same to mine. All I could think about was making her feel great and making her cum many, many times tonight.

She knelt before me now, and slipped my boxers down. My prick sprang up and slapped my stomach as she removed my shorts. She then kissed all of my cock and asked me to lay on the bed. She then came from the bottom of the bed and crawled between my legs, smiled, then took my cock in her hand, and placed her mouth over the head and licked it.

She moaned as she took more of me inside her warm mouth. I could feel her tongue twirl over the sides and head. For a woman who says she is rusty doing this, it is all coming back to her. God…. She felt great. I was moaning a great deal too, and after 7 or 8 minutes of this pleasure, I told her she needed to stop. I want all my cum going inside her. Her mouth popped off and she gave me a pouty look, but then crawled up my body and started kissing me. Her thong clad pussy was on top of my rigid cock and her hips wiggled a lot as we kissed.

After breaking from the kiss I said, “My God Baby… I think you have knocked the rust off…. You are amazing with oral.” ………. She smile, then said, “Good…. I actually love sucking your cock…. So get used to it…. You could have came though. I like your cum.”

I held her tight and flipped us over, so I was on top now. She giggled as I did this. “My turn to pleasure you Sweetheart.”

“You have been pleasuring me this whole time. But tonight, I want to try different ways too.” she said

“So tell me what you like best. I am open to anything when it comes to pleasuring you.”

She giggled, then said, “When love making, like we have done. I love you on top, with my arms around you, kissing, then my legs around you when we cum. I also like it on top too, when love making. But I also want to try it from the side, or my legs over your shoulders. I’ve never done that one. But when I am super turned on, I love doggie. It’s so deep then and reaches the right spots, and I cum so hard. So when I get into that position, I need it hard and fast and I do get very loud”

“Any position is fine with me, but my ultimate favorite is you on top….. Tell you what, every time you cum, we switch positions. But right now, I need to lick every inch of you.”

And I did, first with her neck, then down to her chest, where I pulled the spaghetti straps down and unleashed her breasts. I spent many a minute licking and sucking them. I was half tempted to leave sucker bites, but with what we’ll need to go through tomorrow, I thought better of it. I loved listening to her coo and moan as I sucked her nipples. So suckable are they.

From there it was her belly, then over her mound. She instinctively spread her legs, thinking her pussy was next, but I kept going down her thighs and legs to her feet. Then back up her other leg.By this time, she was wiggling all over. I slipped my fingers under the waistband, and slowly pulled them down and off of her body.

I was kneeling between her legs, admiring her body and lightly running my hands over her breasts and nipples. This got a loud moan from her. “You are so Sexy Baby.”, to which she just cooed and smiled. But I knew she needed to cum and I wanted to live in her pussy right then.

I got down on my belly and started to lick her wet slit. As soon as my tongue touched she yelled “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”, so I knew that was what she was waiting for.

I sucked and lick all over her. Her pussy was dripping now, and I hadn’t even touched her clit. I must have been doing good because she would say,

“That’s it Baby…….. Right there…… Don’t you dare stop.”

Then I pushed her legs back, which made her say Oh again, then licked her ass. My tongue started to drive into her ass and her ass was moving all over the place….

“Oh Fuck Brandonnnnnnnnnnn….. I’m gonna cum Baby.” and she did, as her ass lifted off the bed. But I wasn’t done yet. My mouth went back up to her slit and tasted her juices. God she is so sweet to eat. But now my sights were set on that glorious clit.

I couldn’t believe how hard it was when my tongue touched it. But then when I started to suck on it, well this drove her over the edge. Her hands grabbed the side of my head and seemed to pull it into her more. She was groaning and moaning loud. If anyone was in the hall, they could have heard her easily. My mouth was now latched onto it and sucked it for all I was worth. When I inserted a finger in her ass, that made her whole body go rigid.

In a deep voice she yells out, “Oh Godddddddd….. Oh Fuckkkkkk Babyy…….. Cummingggggggggg.”

Her hips were bouncing up and down now, as her orgasm took over her quaking body. My mouth left her clit and started licking her juices up that were running out of her. I had seen on a few porn movies where girls squirt, and I was hoping this would be it, but that didn’t happen, but I happily drank her nectar that she did release.

I knelt now and looked at her. Her face was so full of lust, and gave me a wicked smile. As she lay there breathing heavily, I took my cock and lightly slapped against her pussy lips…

“Mmmmmmmm… That’s what I want now Baby….. I want that cock in me bad Baby… Take this pussy Baby…. It’s all yours now….. Fuck Meeeeeeeeeeeeee” she growled out….

I was super turned on now. I love when a woman talks nasty in bed. I took my hands and placed them behind her knees, and pushed them back. She took her one hand, grabbed my cock and guided it home. Her pussy was on fire as I seated myself deep inside her.

“Oh Fuck Babydoll…. You are so tight….. You want this cock, don’t you”

“Yours is the only cock I want….. This is your hot Latina pussy now Baby…. Take care of it.”

I stretched out as my cock was buried deep inside her, then started doing push ups on her… Her head was flopping back and forth. Her hands were grabbing her tits tightly, and pinching her nipples.

“Oh Fuck Babyyyyyyyyy…. I have never had one this deep before…. Oh God.” she moaned out

“Fuck baby…….. You have me so turned on now… God I love this side of you….. Oh God.” I told her

We only lasted 2 minutes of hard pounding and she came again. In my past life, my ex would have been done now. Cumming twice was her max. As Mary was coming back to earth, I slipped out, which she groaned about. I asked her to lay on her side, and I got behind her, and as she lifted her leg high, I slipped back in. She moaned with approval.

I am not sure how she turned so easily, but her head was somehow facing me, her arm around my neck, tightly and we kissed. It was more of our tongues licking each other than kissing. I believe I awoke her sexual beast inside her. Every time I felt like I was going to cum, I would grab the base of my dick and squeeze, killing off the urge to orgasm. I wanted this to last.

We did this position for another 5 minutes, but this time, she came, but it was a mini, compared to her others. Now she got up to her knees, leaned down and kissed the head of my cock. Then turned slightly and was on all fours. From what she told me earlier, this was her best way to cum hard. I got to my knees and got behind her. Her pussy was dripping wet and her brown hole looked so inviting. “Maybe one day”, I thought.

I couldn’t resist though and leaned in and licked her tight hole, then down to her pussy and back up again.

“Oh Honey……… Please.. No Teasing now….. Fuck my Pussyyyyyyyyyyyyy”

I lined up and sunk itin, which made her growl. Fuck, she sounded sexy. We started slow but in no time, our skin was slapping hard together. I loved watching her jiggle when our bodies met. Most times she was slamming back against me too. There was no way I was going to hold out too much longer.

“Oh My God Mar…. I can’t hold out too much longer…”

“Fuck me Harder Baby… Cum with me, Fuck I love your cock”

I held on to her shoulders and drove into her. She lowered her upper body so her face was in the pillow and she was screaming fuck, over and over. We were both consumed with our sex, then one last thrust deep inside her, I started to grunt real loud and she knew I was starting to cum, then so did she. It felt like I just shot a river of cum inside her. She was squealing now, not talking. Her ass was going up and down, trying to milk my cock for every drop of my seed. Then we both collapsed onto the bed, with me on her back.

We must of laid there a good 5 minutes, just panting heavily. I did move off of her back, but my cock was still half inside her. Finally, I rolled off to my back, and she rolled to her side facing me. Her face was even with mine and we kissed.

Mary then sat up and reached over for the water. She handed me both bottles, and I opened the caps, and handed her back one. This felt refreshing actually. I have never had this intense of sex before. My ex never got into like this. If I dies right now, then I would be happy as I ever could be. Mary finished her swig and looked at me, and smiled.

“Well. Did you enjoy this side of Mary?… The Hot Latina Chica?”

“Loved her…. You can bring Chica out anytime you want….. Damn… You are so Hot and Sexy Chica” I said

“So are you Baby. I mean that.. I loved how you just were with me. I love hearing you moan and talk dirty to me…….. Trust me… Chica will come out and play a lot more.”, she said.

We sat for a minute, still calming down. Her hand though was caressing my dick now. I was surprised. I thought for sure she would be done after that round. As she caressed, it started growing harder again, and she smiled.

I asked, “Was there anything I did, you didn’t care for?”

“No Babe…. Everything was perfect for me….. It’s been ages since that side of me has been let loose. Probably 20 years. Since before my oldest was born. Like you said, sex is also supposed to be fun, and that was fun. But I also love when we are gentle and loving. And unless I am missing something here, were going to be that way in a few moments, because I want to make love now.”

I leaned over and kissed her lips, then said, “I do too”

She got up and straddled me and sat down on my hard on. Once it was buried inside her, she moaned out then lay on my chest and kissed me. There was no rush to anything. In fact we would stop and just kiss while I was still inside her. Then start moving again.

After about 10 minutes, I rolled us over so she was on her back. I never fell out, nor did our lips part. Her arms were around my neck now, and mine sort of around hers.

We went another 5 minutes of slow pumping, when I felt her body wanting to speed up. Her legs wrapped around my torso. She broke the kiss and our faces moved to the side. She was moaning a great deal now in my ear, when she said something that changed my life for good.

“Oh God Brandon… I love you.”

As she said this, it set me off and started cumming in her… “Oh God Mary.. I love you too. … I do”

After we settled down, because she came right after me, we just held each other and looked into each other’s eyes. We rolled so we were on our sides, but I was still inside her.

“Tell me this isn’t a dream, and you’ll be here when I wake up.” she asked

“It’s not a dream, and I will be here when we wake up.”

Sleep soon overtook us. Not sure when she got up and blew out the candles, but I awoke at 2am to pee, and they were out. The bed was a mess too, with just a sheet covering us..

Chapter 8

She awoke first, just before 7am, and went to the bathroom. She came back to bed and I was awake, She smiled, as I got out of bed to do the same. I went to mine so I could brush my teeth. Then came back to bed with her. We made love again, but it felt different. It felt so good, and we were closer than ever now. We ordered in breakfast, and after eating, we made love one last time. Our plane was to leave at 11:30, and touchdown in Pittsburgh was at 1:45pm.

This time though, we didn’t hide that we were together. On the elevator, she stood in front of me and since we were alone, I groped her breast. She just cooed, as her hand went behind her back and groped my crotch…. At the airport, as we checked in at the ticket counter, we saw we were 3 rows away again, so I asked if we could be placed together. The lady was gracious and moved us to new seats. We did talk some, especially on how our day was going to go later, we pretty much just held hands throughout the flight.

I carried her bag to her car, even though my car was like 3 aisles over from hers. I just told her to be strong later and remember to turn her phone to record, once he is in the room, or just before that. We kissed, and said I love you to each other and she promised to call later.

When I got home, not a soul was there. Billy would still be in school and Joan should be at work, or fucking her boss somewhere. So I went and packed another suitcase and a few big green garbage bags full of my stuff. I was sad that I was leaving. I would have never thought my life would change like this.

About 4pm Joan came into the house, but Billy wasn’t with her. She said she dropped him at her mom’s for a bit. She then said that we needed to talk. I agreed. She then sat down. I already had my phone on record.

“Brandon.. Our marriage isn’t working and I think it would be best of we split up. I’m not in love with you anymore.”

“Damn”, I thought. This got easy.. I told her I felt the same and was going to tell her that as well. I went on to tell her that I have already seen a lawyer. She told me she had as well. She agreed that Billy never suffer through this. I could see him anytime I wanted too. I did tell her we needed to sell the house though. No way could I afford to keep it and pay her half of its worth, and neither could she. I did agree to keep making the house payment and I would give her 200 a week in child support. As I gathered my belonging, she said she was sorry it ended this way, but it was for the best. I did have one parting shot though,

“Joan.. I’ve known for a long time now. I hope he doesn’t fuck you over, like you did me.”, then turned and left.

I texted Mary and told her I was at my sisters. She never returned the text though. I was sitting up in the loft awaiting some type of response, and getting nervous that something happened to her or she got cold feet.

Finally, at 9:30, she called. I could tell by her voice that she was very upset. Then she proceeded to tell me what went on. When Dennis came home, she was in the living room, and her girls were upstairs. He made some crack about her finally being home, where she belonged. She looked at him and told him to pack his bags and get out. She wasn’t living this way anymore, and that he could stay with his whore for now on. She said he got really upset then and told her that at least she knew how to treat a man, but that he wasn’t going to leave. Mary said fine, that she would get a restraining order on Monday against him. That really put him over the top and he smacked her in the face. When the girls heard the crash of the lamp to the floor, the youngest one called the cops. Dennis was about to hit Mary again, when their oldest said that if he hit her again, she was going to kick his scrawny ass. A minute later the cops were at the door.

Mary said they escorted her to the kitchen and asked if she wanted to press charges. She said yes, so they arrested him. As they were escorting him out, she told Dennis that his bags would be on the lawn to pick up and never come into this house again. He just told her fuck you, and was led away.

I then told her how my meeting went with Joan, and she laughed at how easy I got it. I was furious though, that he hit her. We did agree to meet the next day, at a town about 30 minutes from us. When we did meet, I was even more mad, because her cheek was swollen, and had a yellowish tint to it. But we then spent a quiet afternoon just walking around their park in that town.

We were very careful for about a month, until both of our legal separations came through. Once with those in hand, we could be seen together, but we still played it careful. For that time too, we would meet at hotels and make love, and she even let her Chica out once in awhile.

It was June when this all started, and now it was September, and my divorce was final. Mary was hoping her’s would be quick too. He was angling for alimony, but Mary’s lawyer fought that. He pretty much got nothing, except 25% of the houses net worth, since it was her monies that paid for most of it. By the first of October, her divorce became final too. His parting, shot right in the courtroom was, “Hope you’re happy Bitch”. The judge had heard that and asked if he would like another stay in jail. He made Dennis apologize and warned him not to set foot on the property, unless Mary said it was ok.

We were dating throughout most of the summer, but neither of us had met each other’s kids. Then Mary called me on the Friday after the divorce and asked me to come over for dinner. The girls had known we’d been dating, but were discrete about it as well. We all got along fine that night. I found them to be just like their mom, warm and caring, and funny too. Mary called me later and said they liked me. That Sunday I had Mary over so she could meet my sister, and my son. My sister made dinner and we all had a nice time. Billy was a little shy around her, but in time he’d be fine. My sister just loved her, and those two chatted half the afternoon.


Two weeks before Christmas, I called and talked to Nicole, her oldest daughter. Mary, I knew, was at her mom’s. I told her to put her sister on the line too, so she switched to speaker phone.

I asked them their permission to marry their mom. They were all for it. I told them not to say a word, but they needed to spend the following weekend with their grandmother. They groaned about that.

I then told Mary, later that evening, that I was taking her away next weekend, so pack a bag for 2 nights. Of course she wanted to know where we were going. I said it would be a surprise. She said she hated surprises. She bugged me all week then, even said she was going to take back what she got me for Christmas, but I didn’t give in.

That Friday, we were on the road, heading east. Once we passed all the exits for Philly, and headed into Jersey, she knew then, where we were headed. Her face lit up light the tree would see tomorrow night. “Oh My God…. You remembered.” All I did was smile. By the time we got a bite to eat, and then made it to our hotel room, in Mid-Town Manhattan, it was after 10pm.

We were both tired, but somehow we mustered up the energy for a nice round of love making. She even let Chica out for a few minutes. Again the next morning, we made love. Then showered and found this café for breakfast. After that, it was shopping at Macy’s, of course. I’m not a shopping type of guy, but this day was hers, so I went along with whatever she wanted to do. After a couple of other shops we headed back to the hotel.

We sat around there for a bit, then took a shower together. That got a little heated, but we somehow restrained ourselves. We decided to head off to dinner then around 6. She picked this Irish Pub, that was close to Rockefeller Center. It had been pretty cold out all day, cloudy, but no snow. So we both wore jeans. I love how she looks in jeans. She has such a great ass for them.

After dinner, we started to head over to the Center. As we walked, it started to lightly snow. She asked if I would ice skate. I was a little hesitant because it has been ages since I was on skates, but I said sure. We had a blast, once I got my bearing on them, and the tree, the thing she wanted to see the most, shone brightly over the rink. She was so happy. She was like a kid at Christmas, just after opening her favorite toy.

After an hour of skating, she was tiring and said let’s start heading back to the hotel. We exited the rink and I walked us to this park bench that look at the tree. No one was there, so we sat down and look at it. Then I got down on a knee in front of her, fished the ring out of my pocket.

“Oh My God” she said. When I asked her to marry me, I think the whole rink heard her yell, “Yesssssssssssss” Of course we kissed and even got some applauds from passerby’s.

Back at the hotel, we made love 3 more times that night. We were spooning then afterwards when she chuckled and said, you know, I had every intention of letting Chica out tonight, but she was now glad she didn’t. Morning came and we made love one last time in New York.

Of course everyone was happy and already knew what I had planned to do. Christmas that year was very special. Billy even asked if he could call her mom, once we married, which made Mary cry.

We married in June. We spent our honeymoon in Hawaii. Although the daughters were bummed that we didn’t take them.

Mary’s Ex, and his bimbo girlfriend moved to the other side of Pittsburgh. My Ex, was dropped by her boss a few months after we initially broke up. Guess it isn’t as fun when you can’t sneak around. She is living at her parents, which is good for Billy. At least they are stable.

And Us? We’re both glad that What Happened in Dallas, didn’t stay in Dallas. And trust me, Chica comes out to play a lot, when the kids aren’t home.


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