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What Happened With Mrs. Lewis

Eighteen year old Sami fondles a friend's passed out mom.
What Happened With Mrs. Lewis

By the time I turned eighteen and graduated high school, the summer of 2014, I was already quite the ladies’ man. Just the kind of guy that girls felt comfortable around and it was no accident. It took practice to know how to be chill and non-threatening even being 6’2” and athletic. I had girlfriends all through high school, but I managed to make it out with no string attached of any kind. It would be a total waste of a football scholarship to go off to college tied down by a hometown girl.

But, Mrs. Lewis was not one of my professors.

She was my best friend’s mother. I knew her my entire life. What happened between us was unplanned to say the least. I never imagined doing what I did that hot May night. Staying over at the Lewis residence was second nature to me, same with Abel. Our families were so close we just bounced between one another’s house all the time.

Abel and I were like a set throughout our whole lives. When I started karate classes, so did Abel. When Abel tried out for the baseball team, I was on deck. And football, well we could never agree on who’s idea that was. So, coming  to stay at Abel’s for a couple days before shifting back to my place started completely ordinary. Even when Abel decided to head out with some girl, I wasn’t bothered in the least as I chilled on Abel’s bed, high as a kite from a quick smoke sesh. Honestly, I encouraged the outing since Abel desperately needed to pop his cherry before we headed to college.

After he left, I didn’t budge as I was content with just calling it a night. That plan quickly went out the window though.

‘Dude, mom’s passed out by the pool. Take her to bed,’

A short, breathy laugh escaped as I got up from bed and left the room to deal with the lush, Mrs. Lewis. This was far from the first time this exact thing happened. Ramona Lewis loved to lay out beside their big, inground pool at the end of the day, drinking wine while she did whatever it was mother’s did on their phones. Then, she would wash a strong sleeping pill down with the alcohol, never willing to miss “Ambien-thirty” as she always called it. So, finding her passed out by the pool was just normal around there. Sometimes she would at least make it to the couch, but rarely. When Doctor Lewis was home, he would normally take her to bed but he was out on a trip to some medical conference.

I came out of Abel’s room into the dark second story, easily finding my way down the stairs. I came through the living room and kitchen to get outside on the deck. Lights around the luxurious pool illuminated the sleeping woman. From where I stood I had a nice view of her long, slender legs.

Ramona Lewis was a fucking super model. Literally, before she had Abel at nineteen. I saw her work  and damn, Doctor Lewis was the luckiest guy in the world. How he ended up with a babe like her was a mystery to me. I came down the steps of the porch, walking out to the poolside seating area. The closer I got to Mrs. Lewis, the better I could see her swimsuit. It was a modist, light blue bikini, but she made it look erotic. Her delicate body was stretched over the comfortable, white lounge chair and she was gone. I laughed lightly as I gazed down at her. There was a half full wine glass on the table beside her and her phone laid on her stomach with her hand resting over it.

I picked up the wine glass first, draining it before putting it back, getting ready to bring the woman inside. I just couldn’t take my eyes off her. She looked so elegant, even intoxicated and passed out. Pretty, light brown curls had been tossed over the back of the chair and hung down. I couldn’t help myself as I reached over and touched a lock. Even though I had been close to the Lewis family my whole life, I had not touched Ramona in years other than to help her to bed if Mr. Lewis and Abel were not around. Just like this time… no one was there to see how I leered at my best friend’s mother. How my eyes lingered on her tits, watching them moving with each slow, relaxed breath.

There was a tingling in my hands that I knew well. I also knew that I was completely out of line even wanting to sneak a feel. But, it wasn’t like Mrs. Lewis would notice. Between the meds and wine, even if she did wake up she probably wouldn’t remember anything. Ambien was a hell of a drug. In my mind, this was my only chance.

It was just me and the stunning mother laying out with her body on display. My heart was pounding so hard in my chest I was surprised the sound alone didn’t wake her as I contemplated my next move. I knew what I needed to do, but my desire to feel that smooth skin and those beautiful curves quickly outweighed morality. First, I slipped her phone out of her hand and put it on the table beside the empty glass. Mrs. Lewis didn’t stir at all which was perfect for my forming, perverted plans.

My hand came to rest on her stomach at first, right below her own. Fingertips gently traced over thin stretch marks left behind from her pregnancy with Abel. The dark lines only added to the mature beauty of Mrs. Lewis. I felt guilty immediately, but not enough to actually stop. This was the only chance I would ever get and I had to take it. I wasn’t going to hurt her. I was just going to… touch her a little.

Gradually, my hand moved up her body, fingers trailing over the bottom of her bikini top. The fabric was nice, obviously well made, but the quality Spandex was the last thing on my mind as the tips of my fingers traveled up a soft mound. It was way too late to turn back now so, I tried to just ignore how fucked this whole situation was. I was a flirt, but not a bad, dangerous guy. Though, it looked like my ethics had more flex than I thought.

Every thought in my head was wiped out the moment my hand settled over her breast. My face also heated up, redness overtaking my cheeks down to the top of my tanned chest. Touching tits was nothing new to me, but something about this was radically new. It felt pretty similar, but Mrs. Lewis was… a real woman. She was in her late thirties. She had a child, a home, a husband. Her stability in life was literally in the palm of my hand. No that I would ever use this against her. But, the fact that I had the option was shockingly arousing.

For a while I just enjoyed the feeling of her doughy tit with the bikini still between us. But, I wasn’t satisfied. I needed to see and feel more of her to make this worth it. I looked around for a moment, making damn sure no one was going to pop up out of nowhere. My fingers worked carefully into the top, finally getting to touch the incredibly soft skin. I was hesitating, but soon I couldn’t wait any longer. I pulled the stretchy fabric down and her breast fell right out. It was bigger than I thought, giving me the shocking realization that swimsuits could actually make them look smaller.

As I began groping her bare tit, Mrs. Lewis stirred a bit. She whimpered, head moving to lay to the other side. She was still obviously asleep though, it would take a nuclear explosion to pull her out of the sleeping pill/alcohol cocktail she administered. I could work with that and the more I felt her up, pinching her sensitive pink nipple and squeezing to my heart’s content, I got even braver. After checking my surroundings again, I leaned down, gently sliding my flattened tongue over her nipple. The woman let out another sound at the sensation, which only encouraged me. So, I wrapped my lips around her nipple and began to suck on it while my tongue flicked. Mrs. Lewis gave small whines and even arched her back slightly, pushing her supple breast up against my mouth.

By the time I had my fill, my cock was painfully hard. Precum leaked out and soaked into my briefs as I straightened up again, examining my prey. Suddenly, I knew I was going to move even farther from the already crossed line. Too horny for guilt, I scooped Mrs. Lewis up from the chair, leaving her exposed as I brought her inside and straight to the master bedroom.

The couple’s room was cozy and modern, it was obvious that Mrs. Lewis put a lot of time into decorating. I had always wondered what the king-sized bed felt like and now I was going to find out. I took the limp, sleeping woman over and laid her down before reaching over to turn on a bedside lamp. Dim, warm light washed over Ramona as she laid out in the bed. For her comfort, I put a plush pillow under her head, moving her pretty brown waves from behind her neck, and laying it out so it almost haloed the pretty woman. .

I was careful when it came to undressing her, taking the swimsuit top off first, laying it on the bed so I could put it back on later. I moved down to start working the bottoms off next, which was nerve wracking. It was hard to think that anyone could sleep through having such a tight bikini taken off. But, Mrs. Lewis merely shifted around as I pulled them off, placing them with their match.

It was like I won the lottery as I gazed down at her nude body. She looked so fucking hot and it wasn’t because her body was perfect, it was because her body was real. She had a soft stomach and thighs along with the aforementioned stretch marks. Her tits sagged instead of perking up and her pubes were actually there. They were trimmed neatly, but it was fucking sexy to see body hair on a woman. It looked more natural, I realized as I ran my hand over the short, bristly hair, feeling the warmth radiating from her vagina as I got closer. To my surprise, Mrs. Lewis opened her legs for me.

Looks like I wasn’t the only one who had taken advantage of her intoxicated state before.

I shifted her legs open wider so I could get a look at her pussy and fuck was it a sight. It was pretty and different from the ones I had seen before. Not a cute, little slit but plump lips surrounded her hole. Sliding my finger between them showed how wet they were as well. Mrs. Lewis might be asleep, but her body knew what was happening and apparently loved the attention. The way she was reacting, subconsciously but still, gave me more than enough consent to keep going. This was turning into more of an experiment as I pushed a finger into her warmth, trembling at how it was easily invited inside by her velvet walls. I quickly added a second digit, feeling the way her pussy stretched to accommodate. As I sank my fingers deep into the woman, she moaned softly as her skin began to flush from her collar bones up.

I became more curious as to if she would wake or not depending on how far I took things.. Her eyes remained closed even as I pumped my fingers in and out. Even when I took her other nipple into my mouth, giving it the same attention the other had received. Soft gasps and moans fueled me as I began dragging my mouth down her body. I dipped my tongue out here and there to taste her slightly salty skin as I made my way down between her legs. Her slick became so abundant that it gushed between my fingers with each thrust. Between quiet sounds, and lewd wet one, Mrs. Lewis was breathing harder.

Before going any farther, I took my fingers from her and sat up on my knees between her legs. In one well-practiced motion I pulled my shirt off, putting it down on top of her discarded bikini. My young body was perfect from years of intense football training. I had even caught Mrs. Lewis’ lingering stare when I would be out in the pool with Abel. Many times. Doctor Lewis was a good looking man for his age, but there was nothing like a built, young athlete. My hair was still thick and currently sunbleached to a nice golden blond instead of graying and thin like her husband’s. My skin was taut and flawless, begging to be touched. But, my lady for the evening didn’t seem up for doing much but laying there and that was just fine.

She was doing more than enough.

I dipped down between her legs after taking a long look at her body again. My tongue drug between soft lips, drawing up to her swollen clit. I went at her pussy like I was starving, exploring every inch with my mouth, but lingering around her most sensitive spot. Her thighs tensed, even attempting to close on my head. I pinned them down and kept going, now solely focused on her pleasure and making her cum. Her body trembled while I tested different patterns of flicking, sucking, and even blowing cool air against her clit, determined to rock her world.

The moment I felt slender, manicured fingers in my hair my heart sank heavily into my stomach. I didn’t pull away as I looked up to her, seeing that Mrs. Lewis had her eyes cracked open as she held onto my blond locks for dear life. She was awake, but most likely still pretty out of it, at least I thought.

“S-Sami,” She whimpered softly, tugging at my hair, and pushing my face into her honey pot showing that Mrs. Lewis was far more alert than I thought possible. Even though her voice was thick with sleep, my name sounded exquisite on her lips. Cautiously, I flicked her needy clit with the tip of my tongue, eyes glued to the woman as she arched and moaned. “Yes, keep going,” I had never heard my friend’s mother sound like this before and I was addicted right away. I went right back to the practiced rhythm I was using before she woke.

It turned out Mrs. Lewis liked having her clitoris gently circled with light flicks in between. She also loved when I would press my plump lips against her cunt to suck on the tiny nub. It was so much better now that she was awake. Her moans were louder and her body curved aesthetically as she tensed and arched throughout my meal. I was worried I might finish in my pants before she even came. Luckily, I was able to speed things along with the use of my fingers. I buried them back inside her, taking only seconds to start finger fucking her at a brutal pace.

“Aaahh~ Fuck yes! Sami, more!” Her voice bounced off the walls back at me as I obediently complied. My thrusting sped up as I slipped a third finger inside, easily stretching her soaked, malleable walls. I was surrounded by Ramona. The only things I could hear were her passionate calls and how her juices gushed around my rapid fingering. Her painful hold on my hair was gradually getting even tighter as she helplessly rolled her hips for more friction. And her mouthwatering scent and taste out did any fine dining I had ever experienced.

“S-So close! Fuck don’t stop! Just like that!” Her tone had shifted from aroused to overwhelmed and pleading. Mrs. Lewis was begging me to keep eating her pussy and finger fucking her so she could finally hit that high. Both my jaw and hand cramped, but slowing down was not an option. I was determined to have the woman completely melt for me. For the things I could do to her. My blue eyes were locked on the sinful mother until she finally climaxed, slick gushing into my mouth and over my chin as she tensed up enough to trap my slowing fingers. I helped her ride out the intense orgasm with relaxed, deep thrusts and my warm breath working to keep her throbbing clit comfortably stimulated.

After a few sweet seconds, Mrs. Lewis went limp on the bed once more, this time panting and looking off to the side. Worry set in because now she had time to think, if women got the same “post nut” clarity guys did that was. Slowly, I removed my fingers, sitting up on my knees as I nervously waited for what was going to come next. It felt like hours before her pretty greenish-gray eyes settled back on me. “Do I need to tell you how vital it is that they never find out about this?” I knew exactly who “they” were and I quickly nodded. I would never speak of this as long as Mrs. Lewis let me get away with something so screwed up. Abel would murder me, but if he didn’t, I wouldn’t be able to show my face in our hometown anymore. The community was close knit so word traveled fast in beauty salons and churches.

Mrs. Lewis seemed satisfied with my quick agreement. She sat up gracefully causing my eyes to be drawn to the way her tits heavily shifted, coming to rest against the top of her stomach. “I-I can go,” I stuttered, moving back a little before I felt her smaller hand grab onto mine. “Sami, no… I mean… If you want we could keep going. Might as well, right?” Mrs. Lewis almost appeared younger as she stared up at me with big, pleading eyes. I couldn’t believe she really wanted to do more with me. She already got off so this had to mean she was at least a little attracted to me. I stayed right where I was, nodding carefully as my brain caught up with my body. “Yea, I want to,” I told her, shivering slightly when her cool fingers drug up my abs and to my chest.

Suddenly, I was on my back with my head at the foot of the bed and Mrs. Lewis was over me. She had taken control of this situation so swiftly after starting out literally powerless. It was not only fucking impressive, but also the sexiest thing to ever happen to me. My breath caught in my throat as she hooked her fingers into my waistband, pulling my briefs and shorts off at once. As soon as they came down, my cock sprung out already flushed, hard, and sticky with drying precum. It was easy to be a confident guy with a cock like mine. I was above average at nine inches to the dot. I kept my own pubes between fully shaved off and short, Mrs. Lewis had caught them in their short phase.

“Shit,” I hissed, tipping my head back as I balanced my body on my elbows. The woman became instantly enamored with my sack, taking it into her hand thoughtfully before she began to gently grope. All the girls I had been with ignored that part of my body. I assumed women just didn’t like balls and thought they were ugly because they kind of were. I was stunned as she bent down, ignoring my deprived cock and going right to sensitive, wrinkled skin. It quickly became overwhelming as she began sucking, licking, even pressing her face against my soft sack. It was a whole new experience and I lost myself to pleasure while she worked.

Then she was sucking my cock and she was devouring it. I didn’t think women could actually deepthroat unless they were professionals. Like porn stars or strippers. But, sweet, classy Ramona Lewis was gulping me down and slurping on my dick like it was second nature. She started at a quick pace, obviously wanting to get me off quickly and it was fucking working. I could feel myself getting closer and closer to my end, the build up rapid and intense. It felt like I was being hit with wave after wave of euphotic, breathtaking bliss. I was drowning by the time I ejaculated, shooting cloudy ropes down her throat. Mrs. Lewis pulled back slightly, making sure my leftover seed coated the inside of her mouth.

“Oh fuck,” I gasped, finally able to take in my first full breath. My arms gave out under me and I just laid there as Mrs. Lewis sat up, swallowing down my load with a slight giggle. She slipped out of bed, going to grab a long, cotton, gray robe, trying it at the waist.

“I always knew you were a little pervert,” She said as she came back, grabbing up our clothes, and tossing mine over my slick, spent cock. I watched her closely with a lazy, accomplished smile.. Mrs. Lewis looked satisfied. She was radiating with confident energy as she walked off into her ensuite bathroom, leaving me naked and arrogant.

I was only eighteen and I had nearly fucked my best friend’s mom.

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