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Training the Hotwife – Chapter 1

Releasing Her Inner Whore
Training the Hotwife – Chapter 1

Five Years Ago:

Cathy stood frozen in place in the small kitchen of the off-campus condo she’d shared with her husband for the last three years. Her heart made a rapid staccato beat inside her chest as she thought about what they were about to do. She struggled against conflicting emotions of arousal and fear to put on a calm, poker face. — Cool, I’m so cool about this. It’s not like he hasn’t ‘accidentally’ seen my boobs before. — At that thought Cathy became aware of her nipples, hard as tiny pebbles despite the warmth of the room, pushing against the thin fabric of her frilly apron. — Apron, hell. It’s part of my French Maid costume. —

The sensation of satiny cloth on her sensitive nipples, aroused her as she contemplated what might happen next — Holy shit! I’m doing this… we are doing this! She thought, allowing a small involuntary smile of anticipation to turn the edges of her full lips.

Cathy was 25 years old, 5’7″ with long blonde hair and dangerously green eyes. Staring at herself in the stainless steel door of the refrigerator she thought — Yeah, fit as hell firm ass, check. Solid B-cup tits, check. Dressed like a whore, check. — She winked at herself as she turned slightly, admiring her knee-high boots, cleavage and then her round ass. “Fuck it. I look good!” She whispered.

John, her husband could be heard moving around the living room, preparing for the ‘party’. He was tall, 6’1″ with a firm runner’s body and ice-blue eyes that made her panties wet whenever he looked at her. — Still to this day, years later! — Cathy shook her head at the thought.

She and John had met and fallen madly in love during their freshman year of college. — Or was it Lust that turned to love? — To the dismay of both their parents, they even eloped by the end of their Sophomore year. — When you know, you know. — As the thought ran through her mind her grin turned even more lascivious. — His giant cock and both of our crazy sexual appetites didn’t hurt either. — As Cathy stood in the kitchen she allowed her thoughts to drift back to the events that led to this evening.


Cathy wasn’t one to sleep around, in fact, she’d only lost her virginity just a few months before starting college. The sex that first time was horrible. — Well, the act itself wasn’t horrible… It was how it ended. — She grimaced at the memory. Despite the ending, she still found herself continually aroused at the memory of getting naked and mounting Chad, her high school boyfriend, in the backseat of his parents’ Jeep Grand Cherokee. No, it wasn’t the sex, it was the thrill of letting others watch.

That first time with him, and their last, was at a party thrown by some friends at Lake of the Ozarks. It was planned as a final get-together just before the group would part ways for college. The party was still going strong at 1 AM when she urged Chad into the Jeep for a makeout session. Only, Cathy had made up her mind that this night would be different. She wasn’t going to end with her giving him head while getting fingered. Then finishing herself off because Chad couldn’t do the job. No, she wanted to feel Chad’s cock in her and that night she wouldn’t take no for an answer.

The sound of her friends talking and laughing on the deck just feet away did little to inhibit her. In fact, the thrill of potentially getting caught would be the best part of fucking Chad that night. She grabbed Chad’s solid cock through his swim trunks as she pushed him into the back seat. She pulled the car door shut behind her with a solid clunking sound.

Her ass pressed against the passenger side window as she went down on him with eager abandon. Taking his cock deeply, nearly to his balls she loved his surprised gasp of pleasure as she rasped her tongue along his shaft. Cathy wrapped her lips around his head, humming softly, knowing the vibrations would drive him wild.

She quickly reached one shaking hand to her right hip and pulled the string tying her bikini bottoms in place allowing them to slide down her shapely thighs. Cathy stroked him with her other hand while licking his glans, forcing her tongue into the tip. She felt her ass against the cool glass of the passenger door window as she slid her mouth down his shaft. In the back of her mind, she wondered/hoped someone was watching them. She caught herself wriggling her ass on the glass as if trying to call attention to someone, anyone.

The fingers of her right hand found her cunt and brought a moan from her lips as she spread her labia and expertly rubbed the nub of her clit between thumb and forefinger. Without hesitation, she awkwardly slid up Chad’s body and posed with his cock in her hand, barely parting her pussy with the tip. Her aggressiveness caught him by surprise as she quickly moved from sucking his cock to kneeling over it. then slowly sliding down his shaft.

“Uhhhhh! Goddamn!” She exclaimed in profound pleasure as he filled her. While she was a virgin it was far from the first time she’d been penetrated. Fingers, his and hers as well as a dildo she’d purchased months before had well prepared her body for this night. Cathy’s body quivered as his firm, warm cock fully entered her, and she moaned again loudly in pleasure.

“Shhhh! Babe, I think someone is right outside the door,” Chad whispered. Cathy ignored him as she energetically rode his cock in time to the song on the radio. Classic rock, not her favorite but she knew the song and she found herself humming along, ‘You got the rhythm, you got the speed
Mama’s little baby likes it short and sweet.’

“Fuck! Fuck yes.” She called out in abandon as she rode him faster and faster. She felt the growing surges of an orgasm rise within her and was eager to meet it. His cock was hot, filling her cunt with each downstroke, so much better than fingers or a toy.

“Seriously Cat! Our friends are — Right — Fucking — out there. I think someone looked in!” Chad whispered louder even as he squirmed under her as if to escape.

“Let them look!” Cathy gasped, struggling to maintain her sexual high and not trying to keep her voice down. She even increased her pace as she thought of one or more of their friends watching her take a cock in her pussy. — I’m such a fucking slut! — She thought as the idea of being watched sent fresh waves of heat through her. Her fingers moved back to her clit to rub it furiously.

“SHIT,” she exclaimed a few seconds later as she felt Chad’s cock wither inside her. “What happened? Did you cum?” She asked breathlessly even as she tried to coax some life from his suddenly shriveled cock.

“No, shit no! Damn Cat! Not with them out there and I SWEAR someone looked in at us.” Chad whispered in harsh desperation as he slid away from her panting gaze to pull his swim trunks over his now-turtled cock. He was acting as if in a near panic. Cathy just stared at him at first in stunned shock. Her pussy still quivered with need. A need that was quickly overcome with anger at the wimp she’d been dating for nearly a year.

“Seriously! You can’t? THAT’S IT!” Cathy exclaimed as sat back in the seat with an angry flounce. She had to work to catch her breath, as she watched as shadows played against the windows. A fury rose in her, melting away any arousal she’d been feeling.

“Hey… we can go inside, to my room and….” He gestured to his groin. Deliberately, Cathy put her bottoms in place and tied the string at her waist. Her stare could have cut glass but now he wouldn’t even look at her. Without a word, she left the car and Chad behind her forever.

In stark contrast, the first time with John several months later was in an elevator in their coed dorm. They’d had dinner at a local pizza place and then ended up making out in a shadowed entry alcove of the Fine Arts building as they walked back to the dorm. Neither wanted that time to end, John’s hands had fully explored her body as their lips melted together. They’d discussed going back to one of their rooms but both suspected their roommates would be present.

I really wouldn’t mind but I don’t want to scare him off. Cathy found herself thinking as they finally, reluctantly agreed it was time to head back to the dorm. Holding hands they walked through the lobby and entered the elevator. She was on the 6th floor while he was on the 4th. As soon as the doors closed she found herself in his arms, lips mashed together bodies desperately writhing against one another. After just seconds John pulled back and grinned devilishly at her even as she felt his hand move from her ass to play with the panel behind her.

With a sudden ringing, the car jolted to a halt between floors. Saying nothing he simply gave her his endearing and shit-eating grin. She was back in his arms in an instant, ignoring the ring of the warning bell even as he reached under her skirt and tugged her panties down to her ankles. In fact, the alarm served only to fuel her lust, a fact that would come back to her many times after that night.

John grabbed her ass with both hands, squeezing the tight muscles as he plunged his face between her legs. His tongue entered her flittingly at first but then boldly flared to spread her lips and tease her clit. She nearly lost it at that moment.

John worked wonders with his mouth and tongue for a long moment before he stood and pressed his lips against hers. It was the first time she’d tasted herself and she reveled in the scent and flavor. Cathy sank to the floor, spreading her legs as she lowered herself. John knelt between her knees, his shorts already off as he held a massive cock in one hand and thumbed her cunt with the other.

“Fuck me!” Cathy grunted out even as she reached between her legs to grab the tip of his cock. — He is so much bigger than Chad AND my dildo! — John didn’t need a second request as he first pushed in the tip then slowly allowed his long shaft to fill her. Cathy gasped in pain and pleasure as she felt stretched as never before.

After a slow start, they fucked on the floor, energetically and fast, neither willing to wait. The sound of people on the floor above and below them working to open the doors thrilled her beyond what she thought was possible. Even as John slid into her, filling her, Cathy found herself fantasizing about being watched. Desperately hoping the elevator doors would open so everyone in the halls would see what she was doing. She also pleaded silently that he wouldn’t chicken out and stop.

“Please, please, MORE.” She gasped as she ground her hips upward to meet his. Cathy wrapped her legs around his waist, locking her feet together in a desperate attempt to keep him in her, no matter what. The sensation of being filled was almost overwhelming her in pleasure.

Her eyes were fully closed as he suddenly reached a spasmodic climax. John’s cock seemed to swell in her as he began grunting. His sudden motions and the feeling of warm hot cum filling her were enough to send Cathy over the edge. Gasping and writhing under him she squeezed her legs even tighter, unwilling to let the sensation end. She remembered laying there moments later, cum dripping from her cunt and between her ass cheeks. The bell was blaring louder than ever as she finally noticed the doors above her had opened to multiple grinning faces.

“Shit dudes.” She heard a male voice call out. Humor was evident in his tone, “You woke the whole floor with the alarm. Hey…Nice titties!” Cathy realized then that her top had slid up enough to completely expose her firm B cups. She almost never wore a bra, loving the stares as guys noticed her nipples. I don’t care. You want to touch them, don’t you? She thought even as she wondered what it would be like for the stranger to reach in and fondle her tit.

“Sorry, Marcus! Guys!” John called out laughing as he sat back. His large cock was beginning to slump and now lay on her cunt like a wet snake. Cathy was pleasantly shocked to see he had no concern about showing off his dick to the watchers just above them. “This is Cathy, we umm..” John shrugged sheepishly.

“Hey there.” Cathy laughed and waved a hand at the three of four faces peering down at her laying spread wide with John between her legs.

“Yeah, Hey there.” Marcus mocked with a grin splitting his dark face. “Y’all better clear out before Campus security shows up. Yeah, Nice to meet you and your tits Cathy.” Marcus chortled as he backed away and disappeared along with the others.

“OK, that was wilder than… you OK?” John asked her as she pulled on her panties. Cathy took a moment to think as she adjusted her clothes. Am I OK? I just fucked a guy I barely know while others watched… She allowed him to help her stand before responding.

“Did you plan that?” Cathy tried to frown but she just couldn’t bring herself to make the face.

“Oh hell no.” He chuckled, “Seriously, I just couldn’t wait to fuck you and we both knew our roomies would be in … I really didn’t expect the guys to get the door open.” Cathy stared at him for a long moment before replying.

“Yeah… I’m really good.”

“So we can see each other again?” John asked with his shit-eating grin splitting his face.


Years later they’d been talking about sexual experiences and Cathy retold the tale of her first time. John had heard it before and even joked about wishing he could watch but that night he just lay in silence.

“What, you’re too quiet. Finally jealous of Chad getting me first?” Cathy teased.

“No… not jealous at all but… I do regret not being there to watch you fuck him. You really hoped people were watching? Like us in the elevator?”

“Well…. yeah. The thought definitely gets me wet.” She playfully grabbed his hand and placed it on her smooth and damp cunt. John lightly ran his fingers along her labia, tickling her clit while he was thinking about his next words.

“Honestly, I kinda get off on the idea of watching you. You know how much I like watching you play with your toys.” Cathy bit her lip as he talked. The thought of John watching her fuck another man had been her main fantasy for a while. It also pointed out the one and only issue in their sex lives.

John was a fantastic lover, but he was only good for once a night. A fact that had often left her frustrated as she could and often did have multiple orgasms. It led them to try toys after he fucked her. Something he felt was just a temporary solution.

“You’re joking… right. You know how much I love fucking you.” She said softly.

“Me too. I also know that you can cum over and over. I mean, I have no problem with you using a toy to keep going after I’m done. But, yeah, I’ve thought about how fun it would be to do a threesome. I also know how much you like the idea, be honest.” Long moments passed before Cathy spoke.

“Seriously? Who? I mean, not saying yes but… Wow!” Cathy hesitated. “You would really want me to fuck another guy.” John smiled at her as he propped up on one elbow to look her in the eyes.

“You didn’t answer my question.” He said quietly.

“I, I wouldn’t mind… But the I feel like I should.” Cathy stammered out. This wasn’t the first time they’d talked about the subject but it felt more serious than in the past.

“I don’t have a problem with it. It’s not like you would be cheating and the truth is we both want it.” He smiled at her before going one. “Well, we could find someone online or one of our friends. I’d prefer a friend.” Cathy hesitated again.

“I’m not saying no…” She finally teased as she flung a leg over his waist and ground her wet pussy into his semi-hard cock. “Maybe you should talk me into it.”


Sounds from the kitchen door brought her back to the kitchen. She was still staring at her reflection.

“You OK love?” John was standing in the open door wearing golf shorts and a collared shirt while looking sexy as hell. “We don’t have to.” He told her even as he stepped closer. and kissed her forehead.

“Yeah. I know but… Are you sure…” Cathy smiled at him then spun around, giving John a good look at her bare ass cheeks, split with the smallest white silk thong she owned. “You want him to see this, play with it?”

“Hell yeah!” He smacked her ass with a grin. “If it helps, Marcus is nervous as hell.”

“Hmmm, it helps.” She said with a chuckle. “OK, let’s do this.” Cathy smoothed the front of her apron, quickly pinching her nipples. She then grabbed a tray with three shot glasses full of tequila and followed John into the living room.



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