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The Office Impromptu Randevu

Two office workers fulfill their unspoken needs
The Office Impromptu Randevu

He closed the door behind himself quickly. No one saw him make his way over to this part of the office that he was sure of. It was late on a Friday, and the office was mostly empty by now, but he knew what was about to happen and he did not want anyone else finding out.

She looked up from her desk as he stood against her door, breathing more intensely than she had ever seen him. She briefly wondered what he was doing there, but before she could ask he was moving toward her, around her desk, and reaching for her.

He steeled himself for what came next, it was anybody’s guess how she would react.

“Well, here goes nothing.” He thought to himself.

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

Pulling her up by the elbow, she stood up in front of him just in time for him to kiss her squarely on the mouth. He could tell she was startled at first, but in an instant she was melting into him. He had guessed right all along.

“Holy shit!” Was all she could think to herself as his tongue was thrusts into her mouth. She felt a spike of panic rise up in her, but then it quickly dissolved as she started to kiss him back. She had yearned for this to happen for so long now. She could not believe that he had taken his shot, and for him to be so direct was incredible. She gently wrapped her arms around him, feeling him embrace her as well.

He pulled away from her and said breathlessly, “I’ve wanted to do that for so long now.”

“Me too.” She replied.

He continued to kiss her, but with greater intensity, his hands rubbing up and down her body. He wanted more, and he wasn’t about to stop now. Turning her around, and bending her over the desk, he reached down and pulled up her dress past her hips revealing her white panties. She was a bigger size woman, and she preferred long dresses to tight skirts most of the time. Her decision to wear one today was about to pay off for him.

She felt him move behind her, and a gentle nudge rocking her forward onto the desk. The cool air as it hit her butt-cheeks sent a shock through her body that she was not prepared for.

“How did this get so physical so fast?” She thought to herself. However, before she had time to dwell on the thought she felt her panties hit the floor and his fingers prodding the wet spot between her legs.

“Oh fuck.” She muttered softly.

He dipped a finger inside her and was surprised to see how wet she was. He pulled his finger back out and popped it in his mouth. He needed to be quick. There was no telling if anyone would stop by her office. He unzipped his pants, and dropped them down. His cock was already hard. He dipped it down with his hand, and eased it inside of her. He reached up and settled his hands on her hips and buried his cock all the way up into her.

“Oh fuck yeah, that feels good.” He moaned quietly.

Before she had realized it he was inside of her. She would have been pissed at the lack of consent that was requested by him except for the fact that his cock felt amazing. It had been a while for her personally, and she would be lying if she said she had never been more turned on in her life than she was right now.

“Oh god, yes!” She cooed back. “Fuck me.”

She looked at the door worriedly. This was not going to be a marathon session she thought. She reached down and pulled up the front of her dress. The speed of his pounding was picking up, and she knew he was racing for his orgasm. She reached between her legs and felt for her clit. The feeling of his cock was much nicer than she had imagined all those nights before, and she focused on matching her own strokes to his. She was going to try to cum before him.

He felt his own pressure building and knew that he couldn’t make this last; however, he was conscience of the sound of his pelvis slapping against her wet back-side was making.

“Fuck she’s wet.” He thought as steadied his thrusting. His cock was gliding in and out now with little resistance. He wanted to go faster, but he knew the sound would be unmistakable to a passerby out in the hall. Keeping that fine line with each hump was making his job harder, but he knew it wasn’t going to be much longer.

Her orgasm peaked faster than she realized. For some reason he was fucking her at a tremendous pace, but with a constant rhythm, which had worked wonders for her. As she came she started to slump onto the desk, but was quickly pulled back up when he gripped and wrapped his hand around her hair, pulling her head up and arching her back. The sensation of being dominated sent a small thrill through her. Her breath caught in her throat, and she steadied herself on her hands.

He felt her relax and start to lean down on the desk. He reached up and gripped her hair in one hand. The feeling of taking control of her like an animal was all he needed to push himself over the edge. His cock began to twitch and unleashed a load of semen like never before. The spasms contracted deep in his balls and he knew she could feel each powerful spurt hitting her insides.

She felt his orgasm pulsing inside of her. She had never felt something like that before, and it was a reminder of how all the dildos and vibrators in the world could never fully replace the real thing. She let out a sigh as he finished. A bead of sweat was starting to form between her breasts. She waited for him make the next move.

He reached over and pulled a few tissues from the box on her desk. He reached down and placed them at the point where they were joined. She reached down and held them in place as he pulled himself out of her. The tissues did little to stop the rush of cum that spilled out and started running down her leg. He quickly grabbed more tissues and helped her clean up. He sat down in her chair with his flagging cock still out and watched her pull her panties off and toss them in her bag.

After pulling her panties off she leaned back on the desk and looked down at him now sitting in her seat with his wet, dripping cock starting to shrink back down. Without thinking, she knelt down between his legs and wrapped her mouth around his cock. She began to gently suck and bathe it with her tongue. The taste of herself and his cum was turning her back on. As his cock’s retreat halted and reversed course to become fully erect once again, she realized that he too was enjoying the sensation.

“Oh my god!” he whispered as he watched her suck him hard again. He thought he was fully spent, but in less than ten seconds he was rock hard again. The feeling of her warm mouth on him was amazing. He reached down and gently petted her head. Neither of them was attempting to get him to climax, but the sensation felt good, and making eye contact with her was driving him crazy.

She felt his hand brushing the side of her head and she looked up into his eyes. He was really enjoying her right now she thought. “I don’t think he’ll cum again though.” She thought to herself. “I’ll just go until he wants me to stop.”

After a minute or two he felt the pleasure of her oral fixation start to plateau, and stopped her. She stood up in front of him, and then suddenly sat down on the desk placing her feet up on the chair’s armrests. He tried not to gape at her when she pulled the front of her dress up exposing her wet pussy to him.

She wasn’t sure what came over her, but she knew she was horny as hell right now, and sucking his dick just made her want to get fucked again, but she knew that was likely out of the question right now. So, the next best thing was for him to eat her pussy. She was glad she tossed her panties in her bag, because now she was able to put her wet flesh right on the menu in way that was guaranteed to clean her plate.

He rolled the chair forward, and gripped her lower thighs. Without hesitation he dived right in and dragged his tongue from the bottom to the top of her slit. The whole area was soaking wet, and he was sure he could taste his own semen inside of her, but he didn’t give a dam. As his tongue made contact with her clitoris she reached down and grabbed the back of his head with both hands. He felt his face smashed into her, and he loved it.

She couldn’t control herself now. Having his mouth breathing on her intimate parts was too much, and she wanted, no needed his tongue to make her cum again. She didn’t like the fact that she rushed the first one, and she was on the cusp of another one now. Grinding her hips in time with his tongue was making everything feel great. She knew her juices were mixing with his saliva and flowing down her ass and to the back of her dress, but she didn’t care. She bit her lip, and pulled his head harder into her.

It was all he could do to keep his tongue moving. She was forcing him to focus on her clit, so he followed his instructions as best he could. The act was turning him on more than he realized, and he dropped a hand down between his legs to stroke his now fully hard cock. This whole situation was more than he had ever dreamed of, and in some ways, it was as if he was still dreaming.

“Oh fuck I’m gonna cum!” She grunted. She felt the rising climb of her orgasm again, but this time it was way more intense. The slow build had done its job, and she was practically vibrating on the desk with anticipation. As the wave of her climax started, she let out a small series of short breaths. The relaxing sensation spread through her body, and she loosened her grip on his head relishing his tongue which continued to strum across her clit.

He felt her hands relax on his head, which meant she was cuming for him. He felt a wave of pride sweep through him, but more importantly, he felt a jolt of sexual urgency strike him as he pumped away on his on cock. What had started out as a nice feeling had now turned into a second chance at an orgasm. He pulled his face away from her soaked pussy and stared at her. The smell, and taste of her still on his lips. He felt himself start to edge over, so he reached up with his other hand and pulled her labia aside so he could push his tongue deep into her one last time. His breath caught as he did this, and he groaned out a spasm of cum into his hand. He had already spent his main load, so there wasn’t much, but it was enough to coat his knuckles and cock. He sat back spent, this time for good.

She looked down at him, surprised to see more cum on his hand. She realized he must have helped himself while he ate her out. The satisfaction of knowing that she helped him cum made her smile. She stood up, feeling the wetness stream down her legs. She pulled more tissues from the box and handed them to him.

“Now, can I get my seat back?” She asked aloud.

He took the tissues from her, and stood up, but then sat right back down as he finally noticed his pants were still around his ankles. After cleaning his hand and cock, he reached down and pulled his pants back up, and moved over to the front of her desk.

As she sat down in her chair she felt the wet spot on her dress, and she knew she was going to need to sit here a while longer to ensure it dried before heading home. Other than that, she was pretty happy with her interruption, but the risk of being caught had been more exhilarating than she had imagined.

“Will there be anything else?” She asked quizzically.

“Um, no ma’am.” He responded. “I think I can fully see the strategy of your approach now.”

As he left the office, he turned to close the door. They both looked at each other and knew this was not going to be the last time this happened.


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