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The Hook-Up

Hook-up fantasy with a one-night-stand
The Hook-Up

I met her at a Subway restaurant near my house. Over the past few years she had started working there. Each time I visited I would casually flirt with her. It was apparent that she liked me because she would stop whatever she was doing and head right to the counter to start my order. I will admit to eating more than my fair share of Subway sandwiches over the years because of her.

One day I decided to invite her to my house after her shift ended. I had thought a lot about this, and I was certain she would agree to it. Fortunately, the restaurant is extremely close to where I lived, almost walking distance. She agreed to stop by after her shift was over at 10 PM. I think we both knew what was in store for that evening.

At 11 PM I was a little worried that something bad had happened. I didn’t think she would take this long to drive the two blocks to my house from work. When the doorbell finally rang she was standing in my doorway in a completely different outfit, and her hair was damp from a fresh shower. She apologized for being late, but she wanted to shower first before coming over.

Devi was a petite girl if there ever was one. No taller than 5 feet, she must have weighed less than 100 lbs. She was light brown with dark hair and piercing eyes. As I led her into my living room she gave off a faint scent of curry and spices. I asked her what she wanted to do. Watch a movie? Talk? However, she just sort of smiled and nodded at me. I sat down on the couch, and I pulled her in front of me. At this vantage point I was just slightly looking up at her.

I reached up and tucked my left hand behind her hand and pulled her face toward mine. We started kissing.
She quickly straddled me on the couch so we could continue making out. Her hands were rubbing the back of my head, and I was firmly holding her tight against me. At some point I pushed her off me and stood her back up. I reached down and lifted her shirt off over her head. Her bare chest was soft and smooth. I unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down as well. Behind her was an ottoman. I sat her down on it while I sat on the couch opposite her. I slid her panties off and told her to lay back.

With her hair draped over the other side of the ottoman and her eyes closed, I placed my hands at the back of her knees and bent her legs apart. I leaned down to her trimmed pussy and began to slowly lick her up and down. Her pleasure was evident from her soft gasps and short moans as I continued to lick and suck on her pussy, lips, and clit. I pulled the ottoman closer so I could put more pressure on her mound as I started to insert my tongue into her. I reached down with my right hand and licked my thumb to moisten it just before slowly rubbing her clit with it.

As her climax mounted I began to pick up the pace a little. Her hand had found their way to my head and her hips were beginning to grind into my mouth. My cock was pulsating in my shorts, and I was grinding it into side of the ottoman at this point trying to relieve some of the pressure. Fully on my knees now, I moved my right hand down and inserted a finger into her as I moved my tongue to her clit. Her legs were starting to squeeze around my head, and she was bucking more and more. Finally, she reached out to my head and held it down in a gentle squeeze that begged for me to release her. I slowly pulled back, and wiped the wetness from my mouth.

Devi sat up and pulled at my shorts to undo them. I helped her out and freed my hard cock in front of her. She took the head of my white, hard cock into her mouth. The feeling was warm and wet. With her left hand on my balls and her right hand on my shaft, she began to work my cock in a slow but steady fashion. I pulled my shirt off and stood there while she sucked on my cock. Looking down at her it was becoming too much, and I really wanted to get inside of her. When she looked up at me, I gently pulled her up and led her to the bedroom.

In the bedroom, I pulled out a condom and sat back on my bed. I knew my 6 foot frame would be too much for her small stature if I was going to be on top. Plus I wanted to see her while she rode me. I pulled her over on top of me, and she lined up her very wet pussy and eased down onto my cock.

At first I let Devi drive the speed of our fucking. She was pounding on me at a good clip, and I could tell she was almost there. Her hair was draped down her back as she arched her back. Her nails were gently sliding up and down my chest with each thrust into her. I looked at her and asked if she was going to cum again. She nodded and moaned in confirmation. Just as she was on the backside of her climax I reached up and pulled her down toward me. I wrapped my arms around her back and proceeded to pound my cock into her deep and fast. Her waning excitement quickly rebounded and she let out a loud squeal of pleasure. I knew I had her where I wanted her. I reached down and took both of her ass cheeks in my hands. I began slamming her down on my hard cock. The sensation was starting to build in my now. The desensitization of the condom was wearing off, and I knew I was ready to blow.

Pumping faster now, Devi began biting and licking my ear. I could hear her whispered muffles and pleads not to stop with each breath she took. I wasn’t going to be able to hold out much longer. My hands were splayed over the entire backside of her ass. I could feel her asshole, and I gently massaged it. Finally, I started cumming, and I relaxed the pace a bit. With each thrust matching my climax, I released everything I had. Devi slumped over on my side, and my drained cock slipped out of her.

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