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The Chosen One

A story about finding the perfect cuckhold
The Chosen One

Chapter 1

A year ago I was sitting on top of the world. I had a $350,000 house, a voluptuous wife named Amber, a successful business that we owned, a boat, a Harley and a generous bank account. And then like most men that have it all, I screwed it up royally by having an affair with my best friend Paul’s wife. Paul has been my best friend my whole life. He’s a very successful black doctor who is married to a gorgeous blonde stacked white wife named Devon. When Amber found out about the affair, she went ballistic, but agreed that instead of ruining two marriages she wouldn’t say anything Paul or Devon but that she and I would get divorced on her terms. I found myself in our lawyer’s office meekly signing the documents. I lost the car, the house, the Harley, my retirement and savings and my half of the business. I walked out of the lawyer’s office a broken man with not a dime to my name or place to live.

Paul my best friend stepped up to help me out. He offered to let me stay at a room in house or I should say mansion. I didn’t want to accept because I didn’t want to be around Devon and have to suffer that indignity, but I agreed having nowhere else to go or nothing else to do. And then depression set in. I sank into a deep depression knowing that I had no money, no wife, and no job prospects. Once again, Paul came to the rescue. Paul told me that he could help my depression with a strict regime of anti depressants and vitamins. I felt relieved and guilty. Relieved by the fact that Paul was being so accommodating and helping me out in my time of need and guilty for the fact that I had had an affair with his wife that he didn’t know about.

I began to do little odds and ends around the house to at lease show some sort of gratitude towards him. I would mow the lawn, or take out the garbage. And soon after the regime of pills that Paul had me began to take effect I noticed my mood improved. I wasn’t so depressed all the time and my mood seemed to improve. I also noticed some other strange things happening. My voice seemed to take on a higher tone no matter how I tried to make it sound deeper and more masculine it always came out in a higher pitched feminine tone. I lost most of the hair on my body and my cock which was never big to begin with seemed to be even smaller and my load of cum when I jerked off went from being plentiful and white to small and almost non existent and clear. I asked Paul and he assured me that it was just a combination of the pills he had me on and told me that things would return to normal soon but I had to stick to the regiment for six months or I could suffer a sever setback and some serious side effects.

Of course Devon was always present snickering and rubbing my nose in it. She loved waltzing around the pool with her gorgeous tits hanging out of her bathing suit lounging in the sun while I sweated my ass off cleaning the pool and mowing the lawn. Whenever we were alone together she barely spoke to me and when she did it was with an air of someone talking to the hired help. She never mentioned our affair and never mentioned my divorce. One day Paul told me that he appreciated everything I was doing around the house and he felt that it would be a good idea if he gave me a little stipend for all I was doing. So he began to give me a hundred dollars in cash every week for as he put it, ‘the little things you do around here.’ By that time the little things I was doing consisted of laundry, cooking, cleaning, housework, yard work, and just about anything you could name that meant Paul and Devon never had to lift a finger for anything.

My job prospects were non existent and most of that was due to my appearance. My pill regime that Paul had me on had the effects I’ve described but now it appeared that I was growing breasts. Small as they were they were definitely there. Paul however, continued to reassure me that things would be back to normal shortly. He told me that he and Devon were expecting a guest for dinner and gave me a menu of what to prepare and what time they wanted dinner served. This was the first time Paul had given me an order and it was almost as if I was talking to Devon, but I meekly agreed, thankful for all he had done for me thus far.

I went ahead and prepared a lavish meal and had everything set and ready to go, Paul and Devon were in the living room having martini’s when the doorbell rang and Devon yelled into me to answer it. I opened the door and my jaw dropped and there stood Amber. She was looked hot, with her long black hair cascading down her back, her voluptuous figure ample as always. She wore a low cut black dress showing off her cleavage and plenty of leg. She wore black stiletto high heels which made her taller than me. She smiled and said, “Hey stud you going invite me in or just stand there gawking?” She laughed as she brushed past me and walked into the living room. I couldn’t imagine why Amber would be here and be their dinner guest and I didn’t want to ask. So I dutifully returned to the kitchen and finished cooking dinner and served it. As we all sat around the table eating, there was an awkward silence as I sat with my head down eating not knowing what to make of all this. Finally Paul put his fork and knife down and spoke me directly.

“I asked Amber to join us for dinner tonight because I wanted to bring her up to date on how things have been going since you’ve been staying her battling your depression issues since your divorce. Well I figured tonight would be a good time to bring everyone up to date. And I know that you’re going to hear some things tonight that are going to surprise and maybe shock you and I thought it best that all the players were present.”

I felt my stomach turn and had a lump in my throat and wasn’t sure what I was about to hear but knew I was going to hear it one way or the other. Paul stood up and poured himself a brandy and went on.

“You see, the things your body has been experiencing due to the vitamin regime I’ve had you on was intentional. The pills you’ve been taking these past few months are a combination of heavy female hormones meant to produce the changes you’ve seen and felt. Furthermore, I know all about your affair with Devon, although she doesn’t refer to it as an affair she refers to it as a useless fling.” I was shocked and I could feel my face turning white and my stomach turned. Devon and Amber both smiled as he went on.

“You also need to know that I’ve been enjoying your beautiful ex-wife Amber for years now, even before the two of you were married. When Amber came to me and told me about you having a fling with Devon, I confronted her and she admitted it and admitted it defiantly wasn’t worth it.”

They all snickered and I felt my face reddening now and the knot in my stomach grew bigger.

“Are you surprised that I wanted to fuck a real man all those years we were married?” Amber said. “You don’t have to answer, it’s a rhetorical question.”

“Let’s face it, Amber and I have both seen and had that pathetic excuse you call a cock and we both realized how useless it was after having Paul’s cock, which by the way is a real cock!” Devon said with a grin on her face.

Paul downed his brandy, sat back down and spoke next.

“So now you have a choice to make. You can stay here and continue serving us including Amber when she sees fit. Or you can leave here tonight. But be reminded that if you leave here tonight, you have nowhere to go, no money, no job, and after 48 hours without the pills I’ve been giving you you’ll sink back into a deeper depression than you’ve ever felt in your life. On top of that, if you stop the regime of medications you’ve been on, your body will not return to normal like I told you. In fact, your body will NEVER return to normal again.”

Amber stood and sashayed her big thick ass past me and poured herself a drink.

“How ironic that all those years we were married and you would always tell me how fascinated you were with cuckolding and how you begged me to indulge you and I never would. But in reality you WERE a cuckold all those years and you NEVER knew it. And now sweetheart, you can have your cake and eat it too so to speak. Although we’re not married, you can live the life you always wanted being a little sissy and serving a real man and TWO real women. The only difference is we won’t be married, but you’ll still serve!!”

My mind was reeling and I couldn’t believe all this was happening. My mind was trying to digest all that had happened in the past few minutes. Amber had been fucking Paul the whole time we had been married, they all knew I had fucked Devon and now I had in effect given up my entire existence because I didn’t want to hurt my best friend Paul and ruin his marriage and my ruination was all his idea! I was trying to sort through things in my mind and decide what I could do and where I could go. Paul was right, when he said I had nowhere to go, no money, and my body was at his mercy.

“You have fifteen minutes to make your decision,” Paul said.

“We’ll be in the living room having drinks. But understand this, if you decide to leave here tonight there’s no coming back. And if you decide to stay things will be a bit different, but we’ll talk about that after you tell us your decision. You have fifteen minutes starting now; we’ll be in the other room.”

The three of them stood and walked into the living room while I sat there looking at the clock.

The clocked ticked by and I stood, feeling weak in the knees and piled the plates from dinner and brought them into the kitchen. My thought process was racing through options which seemed very limited. On the one hand, if I left they were right I would have nothing and with my body the way it was I knew I would be in trouble on the street and on the other hand, if I stayed at least I knew I would be safe and secure, but what would my life be like? I found myself standing in the living room, hands folded in front of me, head down, as the three of them turned to face me.

“So have you made your decision?” Paul asked.

“Yes I have. I’ll stay.” I said. It was as if someone else was talking not me. But it was out there and I had said it. I would stay and be subject to the fate they had decided for me.

And then they laid it out for me. What my life was going to be like. I listened as the three of them basically took turns telling me their version of things. I would effectively be there cuckold slave. I would be responsible for doing all the things I had been doing but in addition, I’d be responsible for assisting them all sexually and would be required to be used sexually by them or anyone they chose. I would wear what they wanted, do what they wanted, and allow them to do whatever they wanted to my body. The first step after they had all finished was when Paul produced a needle and proceeded to inject something into my upper and lower lip. I felt a stinging pain and they went numb. I was then told to finish the dishes and then join them in the bedroom. That was it, no explanation of what had just been injected into my body or why my lips were now numb just a very matter of fact attitude on their part.

I finished the dishes my little cock stirring as I wondered what they were doing in the bedroom and wondering what my new life would be like. Once in the bedroom my answer became painfully clear as the three of them lay on the bed naked in a tangle of black and white. Amber’s huge ass was in the air as she knelt on all fours and Paul pounded her from behind, while Devon lay with legs spread and Amber licking her pussy furiously. When they saw me enter they all stopped in mid stroke and looked at me and began laughing. “Look at your lips!” Amber said, and went back to licking Devon’s pussy.

I looked in the mirror and to my horror saw my reflection looking back at me. My lips were huge, almost grotesque and I could barely feel them. What little feeling I did have felt as if I had been stung by a bee. I gasped and put my hands to my lips and looked at Paul for some type of reassurance, or explanation.

“Don’t worry, the feeling will come back in a half an hour or so but the lips will stay that size until the next injection. In the meantime, get your clothes off put your new lips and tongue to work on my ass while I please these two gorgeous ladies.”

Knowing my fate was sealed I obediently complied stripping my clothes off as the three of them watch my now hairless body with budding breasts and my tiny cock was revealed to the all of them for the first time. Amber laughed and commented on how she thought I had a tiny cock and pathetic body before but now I was even more pathetic. I took my place behind Paul on the bed and began to perform as he had instructed me. I was humiliated and devastated but at the same time my tiny cock was twitching and dripping to which they all found very amusing.

Chapter 2

That night was spent with Paul fucking Devon and Amber in every possible position and the three of them enjoying each other and humiliating me. I was made to clean Paul’s cock after they were done, I was made to lick both Amber and Devon clean after Paul shot his huge load into each of them. I had to suffer the indignity of standing naked before the three of them as they lay on the bed and scrutinized my body and made fun of it. I had to hear them discuss their ‘plans’ for me as if I wasn’t even in the room.

‘Oh wouldn’t he look good in a long red wig! Or maybe a blonde pageboy! How big should we let his tits get?’

And on and on, and at one point Paul explained to them that the collagen he had injected into my lips could either be increased or decreased depending on how ‘freaky’ they wanted me to look. Amber told them how when we were married she used to put me in a chastity device and then feed me Viagra and enjoy the humiliation of watching me squirm. She also told them how I was so tiny back then that sometimes the chastity device would slip off. They all laughed at that and Devon said she had been researching some newer devices especially designed for tiny dicks and had ordered one and it was pink! I could feel my face turning crimson as they discussed how I would look dressed in different outfits. Everything from a French maid to a cheerleader to a beer hall girl was discussed as I stood there knowing that as much as it humiliated me it also turned me on. Finally, Amber got up and said she was going home and Paul and Devon turned out the light and went to bed.

As I escorted Amber to the door watching her big booty butt sway as she walked I couldn’t believe that I had at one time had all that and had given it up! At the door, I stood there still naked and shivering as the cold night air rushed in around my body Amber in obvious delight of this just smiled and took her time. She cupped my little balls and smiled,

“I see you still get all drippy even though Paul has you on your new meds.” I could only hang my head and mutter yes.

“Too bad really that you couldn’t have been satisfied with me that you had to sneak around behind my back and fuck Devon, but I have some news for you. You see Devon actually seduced you! That’s right, after I found out how tiny and pathetic your cock was and how utterly submissive you are and especially after I’d had Paul’s huge gorgeous black cock I couldn’t live with yours for the rest of my life. So the three of us decided to make you into what you are now as you stand before me; a sniveling wimp and a pathetic excuse for a man. But we both know that you were never a man and yet not quite a woman, so we decided what a hoot it would be if we made you into just that! Not quite a man and not quite a woman.”

As she fondled my balls like she used to when we were married I could feel my cock which now barely only grew to about two inches rock hard but in reality never got hard growing stiff. I caught a whiff of her perfume mixed with the sex smells of Devon and Paul and glanced at her low plunging neckline with no bra and it was all over. I felt myself shudder as the orgasm racked my body even though she wasn’t even touching my cock, just fondling my balls. My clear liquid discharge spurted out and onto the floor a final humiliation to cap off the night’s activity. Standing naked in the doorway with my beautiful bountiful ex-wife who had just been fucked by my best friend, as she fondled my tiny balls and cock that in essence he had created and shooting my pathetic load while not even having my cock touch and shooting a clear discharge that really couldn’t qualify as a load. Amber reached over and kissed me on the cheek and whispered in my ear,

“I’m going home stud muffin, you need to get down on your knees and clean that up with your tongue. We’ll be seeing a lot of each other in the future.”

She laughed and walked out the door and as I watched her big ass bounce down the sidewalk towards the car that used to belong to me my body was rocked by yet another ‘orgasm.’

I knelt and cleaned up the discharge with my tongue with a mixture of feeling racing through my mind. Then I went to bed and wondered what lay in store for me. I couldn’t sleep so I got out of bed and just stared in the mirror. My face had changed, gone was the five o’clock shadow most ‘men’ have, my lips were huge, my skin smooth, my body virtually hairless except for my eyebrows and what little hair was left on my head. My breasts although not huge were bigger than a normal man’s and then there was my voice, that high pitches girlish tone was always there no matter what I tried to do. Finally I went back to bed and cried myself to sleep.

Chapter 3

The next days, weeks, and months saw a transformation in my not only physically but mentally as well. Devon decided that she would dress me and sometimes treated me as if I were her living doll. I was subject to constant changes in clothes, wigs, shoes, lingerie and makeup during the day. Mind you during all that I still had to complete all the chores that were required of me. Amber was always there in the background on the phone with Devon or Paul or she’d stop over to the house and I would serve. My humiliations became worse as they exacted their revenge on me. Devon had always wanted to use a strap-on on someone and it sure as hell wasn’t going to be Paul so I drew the short straw. Devon thrived on humiliating me as she would make me get all dressed up and then come into the living room and bend over the coffee table so I was facing Paul who would sit on the couch while she went behind me and fucked me with her strap-on. It would make her so wet that I would have to sometimes simultaneously suck Paul’s cock as she was fucking me.

I cooked, cleaned and worked like a dog. I averaged most nights four to five hours sleep. I’d work all day usually in some humiliating outfit Devon wanted me in cooking, cleaning; doing housework and yardwork (thank God the mansion has high hedges) and then I would serve them dinner. My dinner would consist of the scraps leftover from their plates and as a further humiliation would have to scrape all their leftovers into a bowl, kneel before Paul and recite the following:

“Please Sir, may I have some cream for my food?”

Paul would then acquiesce and take his mammoth cock out and either let me suck it or jerk it off until he shot a load on my food, or he would say no and I would go to bed hungry. How very Oliver Twist of them! If Devon was out shopping on the weekend, Paul would often lounge around watching porn and summon me between his legs to suck his cock for sometimes the entire duration of the movie before shooting his huge load deep in my throat. Sometimes as I knelt there sucking him Paul would tell me how the regime of medications he had me on would keep me in a constant state of flux between male and female. He wouldn’t give me enough to make me totally into a female and he would never again allow me to be a male. So I would always be in the middle, half man half woman, and believe me my emotions reflected that. I would get emotional and cry and they would laugh at my predicament.

My ex-wife Amber meanwhile had hooked up with one of Paul’s friends from college who had just moved back into the area. Larry was six foot four, black and a former college football star. He owned a string of nightclubs – strip joints – and bookstores – adult bookstores – and was for all intents and purposes a ‘player.’ Where Paul was well respected doctor, Larry was into the seedier side of life. Drugs, sex and rock n roll was his lifestyle and he loved having my ex-wife Amber rubenesque body by his side at all times. They reminded me of Ice-T and his wife Coco. When Amber first introduced me to Larry over at Paul and Devon’s one night he literally busted out laughing and said,

“You’re fucking wit me right? You wasn’t married to this thing for real was you?”

I bowed my head and sobbed. Of course they all laughed and told the story of how things had come to be.

“Damn! That’s a trip!” Larry said, looking down at me as I knelt there massaging his feet while the other three looked on.

It didn’t take me long to discover that while Devon and Paul like to humiliate me, Larry had a particularly cruel streak. He would often slap me for the most minor infraction of some ‘rule’ he had set up when I visited Amber’s house. A house that used to be mine but was now their palace and I was required to clean it and keep it up along with Paul and Devon’s. One day as it was pouring rain and Amber and Larry were out to lunch I was busy doing laundry and scrubbing the kitchen floor on my hands and knees dressed as Snow White – yes Larry loved making me wear increasingly humiliating outfits – as they sauntered in, I watched huge muddy footprints go across my clean floor.

“The floor is wet! I just washed it!” I said only meaning to alert them but Larry took it as an insult. He pulled me off my feet and slapped my face hard, pulling my wig off and tossing it in the soapy bucket.

“You fucking think I’m blind bitch? You fucking think I can’t see that the floor is wet? Do I look like fucking Stevie Wonder to you?”

He kept berating me, slapping me the whole time while Amber followed us into the living room. He ripped at my clothes as he pushed and slapped at me.

“You’re worse then some of those fucking cunts that dance for me at the strip club, with their attitude. I’ll show you how I put them bitches in their place!”

By this time I was naked and curled up on the floor trembling. Amber sat on the couch and squealed with pleasure. He stripped his heavy leather belt off and began beating me with it. With each stroke I tried to curl up into myself as he whipped away. The belt stung my body and I could feel welts rising on my body. I crawled over and hugged his boot, tears in my eyes, begging him to stop. Amber meanwhile cheered him on as he beat me more. Finally when his rage was almost exhausted, he dragged me back into the kitchen, pulled the soaking wet wig from the bucket and slammed it down on my head. Soapy water ran down my face mixed with tears and makeup as they laughed.

“There bitch! Now finish cleaning the floor and if you ever fucking tell me the floors dirty again, I’ll make you sleep outside in the mud!”

With that he took Amber’s hand and they made their way to the bedroom.

Chapter 4

After the beating at Amber’s I went home and found a note on the table from Devon and Paul. The note said that Devon was ‘redoing’ my room and that for tonight I was to sleep in the basement where she had set up a place for me. Now mind you Paul and Devon’s house has a basement that would rival most people’s living rooms, but as I descended the stairs I saw that Devon had put a blanket and pillow on the cold concrete floor in the very back of the unfinished basement next to a big old tub sink near the washer and dryer. Despondent, I lay on the hard concrete floor and drifted off to sleep. The next morning I woke early and served Devon and Paul breakfast in bed. Devon pointed to package on the dresser and told me to go into the bathroom and put it on and come back out and model it for them. It was a sheer pink chemise with a pink tights and a pink thong with ‘drippy’ spelled out in rhinestones across the front, and a pair of pink fluffy slippers with heels. I teetered my way back out and stood in front of them while they both roared with laughter. Devon then told me she wanted me to see how she had redone my room and her and Paul got out of bed and led me to the other wing of the house where my room was. As she opened the door I wanted to cry. The room was dominated by a little girl’s pink canopied bed, with matching pink dresser and desk, the rugs and curtains were pink also. There were unicorns and Strawberry Shortcake and Tinkerbelle stencils on the walls.

“Don’t you just love it?” Devon asked, standing there sweeping her arms around the room.

“And look, here’s the best part, whenever you’re in here you get to look at Devon and I and Amber and Larry in this nice 8×10 framed picture I put on your little nightstand for you!”

I was utterly ashamed and emasculated looking around the room knowing that I would be sleeping here every night. I mumbled,

“It’s very um nice.”

They both laughed and headed down the hall arms wrapped around each other, her curvy bountiful ass swaying back and forth beneath her white sheer gown. I felt myself growing hard, well as hard as I get knowing that I had had that ass once. I even thought of leaving Amber to be with Devon and now the cruel joke was on me as I would never have either one of them again and it was clear they had me eight ways from Sunday.

I opened my closet to find Devon had replaced every stitch of male clothes save for one pair of jeans and shirt that were in there with female clothes or ridiculously humiliating outfits. There was a life size Tinkerbelle outfit, cheerleading outfits, French maid outfits, a beer garden waitress outfit, leotards, leather and latex wear and all in my size. When I opened the drawers I found more embarrassing items, panties and thongs with ‘drippy’ on them, stockings, and all in pink. I teetered on my heels as I stood there taking in my new surroundings I looked at the picture on the nightstand, it was of the four of them all lounging on the deck in swimwear, Amber and Devon barely had anything on and again I felt myself getting hard.

“Oh drippy!! Come on down to our room we’ve got a surprise for you!”

It was Devon in a sing song voice beckoning me. I made my way to their room half falling off my heels as I went and when I walked in they both lay naked on the bed, Paul’s massive black cock was covered in cum and Devon’s juices. She lay there spread eagled with her blonde hair cascading over her big beautiful tits. “Well don’t just stand there; you’ve got some cleaning up to do! Start with Paul so I can watch and finger myself.” It wasn’t a request it was an order and I humbly acquiesced and made my way towards the bed. I knelt and began kissing and licking Paul’s cock lightly as I knew he liked to be teased and touched gently.

After a fifteen minutes of kissing, licking and lightly sucking he was once again rock hard and had his hand on the back of my head guiding me or I should say forcing my head on and off of his cock. Devon meanwhile finger herself with wild abandon as she watched her former lover laying there all dressed in pink devouring her husband’s massive tool.

“I want you to cum in his mouth! You’ve never done that before, and I want to see him take your load and swallow every drop!” Devon said as if I wasn’t even there.

She tapped me on the head. “Do you hear me drippy? I want you to swallow every drop of Paul’s glorious cum when he shoots in your mouth. You drip so much as one drop out of your mouth and they’ll be hell to pay, his cum is precious.”

I merely bobbed my head up and down with the help of Paul’s big hand on my head. I felt his balls tighten in my hand as I massaged them while I was sucking his cock. He tightened up and his cock grew rigid in my mouth and then I felt the hot load shooting into the back of my throat. I struggled to keep sucking him and swallowing it all heeding Devon’s warning not to spill a drop. As his grip on me relaxed and I swallowed the last of his load, I heard Devon scream out a moan and she too came. I took my mouth off of Paul’s cock and Devon said,

“Whew! That was hot I could watch that ever day!”

They turned towards each other in a lover’s embrace totally ignoring me as I slipped from the bed and went to do my chores.

Chapter 5

Amber and Devon conspired to lock me in chastity and only let me out when they had deemed I’d been a ‘good boy’ as they put it. It was torture as anyone who has every worn a chastity device for any length of time knows. I have the CB3000 and although it’s designed to allow the wearer to live a normal life with it on, there’s always a constant reminder that it’s there. Like the constant clicking of the padlock against the hard plastic, and the ring around your balls and the fact that you must sit to pee (which Amber had trained me to do long before I was ever in chastity. She would say any man whose belly prevents him from seeing his cock when it’s hard needs to sit to pee!) and the curious stares from people in public when they know something’s not right as they stare at your clicking crotch. Needless to say the four of them loved knowing I was in chastity especially when I was out mowing the lawn or cleaning the pool or doing some menial chore, hoping to attain the status of ‘good boy’ so I could earn a release. The two keys were held by Amber and Devon and only they could grant my release from my plastic prison. They reveled in the fact that they had this utter control over my orgasms.

Once Paul and Devon went on vacation for two weeks and I was to stay with Amber and Larry. Amber put me through some humiliating things always promising me release. I endured Larry’s slaps and taunts, was forced to lick his feet and clean between his toes with my tongue. They required I eat only their leftovers and when I was allowed to eat the few scraps from their table, they would sometimes mix it with Larry’s cum or can of cat or dog food and I would be required to kneel at their feet and use only my mouth to eat out of the bowl. I kept my eye on the goal and assured myself that soon Amber would take pity on me and let me cum. She would often call me into the living room when Larry was out and make me stand spread eagled next to the couch while she lounged around in cut off t-shirt with no bra and a tiny pair of panties with her big magnificent thighs on display and she would play with my balls until I was twitching and begging to cum. Of course she would refuse. A couple of times she actually took off the device, played with me watching me get my four inch cock rock hard as she touched and fondled it bringing me right to the edge of orgasm and then she would put a bag of frozen pees on my cock to shrink it back down and put it back in its cage always laughing at me.

I slaved around their house. I washed and waxed the cars, was made to wash Amber and Larry’s underwear by hand, scrubbed floors, did yard work, painted rooms, all the while under the watchful eye of Larry or Amber. Once after I had finished detailing Larry’s Mercedes he found one tiny spot I had missed with Armor All, he proceeded to stuff the Armor All sponge up my ass and then whipped me with a bamboo switch he always kept handy. I jumped around on the rough concrete floor of the garage in my bare feet my chastity device clicking away as Amber walked in and began cheering Larry on which only made him beat me harder. After the beating I was forced to sit on a chair covered in rough sandpaper for an hour. Unless I was needed in the bedroom or working around the house, I was made to stay in a large dog crate with the lock of my chastity device fastened to the crate making it almost impossible to move. That night I cried myself to sleep in my crate, my ass red, scarred and burning as I listened to Larry and Amber fuck for hours in the bedroom that used to be mine.

Day thirteen found me dying for an orgasm. I had been subjected to humiliations and degradations I never thought I would have to endure. But I knew Amber was a woman of her word and she kept promising me that she would let me have an orgasm before Paul and Devon got home. It was Saturday afternoon and Paul and Devon would be home Sunday night and I would be back in my pink girlie room, but right now I knelt on the floor next to the bed licking Larry’s sweaty ass as he had just gotten home from the gym and hadn’t showered yet. Amber came into the bedroom and laughed as she saw the sight in front of her.

“Oh my God now there’s a sight for sore eyes!! Larry! You’re all sweaty! You didn’t take a shower after your workout! Ewww! You need to go take a shower! I don’t want the bed all sweaty!”

It was obvious she was more concerned with her precious sheets getting sweaty than me licking his sweaty ass.

“I was just having drippy here give me a little pleasure to see if he could earn good boy points for you. So you see I’m always thinking of you! But if you insist I’ll go take a shower. Come on drippy you need to give me a shower and maybe I’ll let you finish me off in there!”

I followed him into the shower and soaped up his masculine buttocks before delving my tongue back where it had previously been. Larry soaped up the rest of his body as I knelt betting a bath in his sweaty water licking his ass. He washed his cock and balls and started stroking his cock, he turned looked down at me. What a sight I must have been kneeling there, hairless, with breasts that Paul had created, my tiny cock locked in its chastity cage straining to get out my erections at the mercy of whatever dosage of drugs Paul had me on that particular week. The past two weeks he must’ve had me on a very weak dose because my erections were coming on strong and painful with no release. Amber pulled the shower curtain back.

“Don’t waste that hot load on drippy, I want that big beautiful black cock deep inside me.”

With that Larry pulled out of my mouth and turned the water off. He stepped from the shower and I immediately toweled him off watching the water glisten off his deep black skin.

“I’ll be right with you Sugar, I just have to piss and then I’m all yours!”

He stepped in front of the toilet and Amber said, “Larry make drippy hold your cock while you pee!”

Larry looked down at me.

“You heard your ex-wife, hold my cock while I piss drippy and don’t let a drop spill on the toilet seat or there’ll be hell to pay.”

I took his massive tool in my hand and aimed it at the toilet bowl feeling the pulse quicken in his cock. A golden stream exited his cock and I aimed to make sure that I wouldn’t spill a drop. He pissed for what seemed like forever. Amber reached over and gave him a kiss, making him lose his balance and a tiny drip hit the rim and I hoped neither one of them noticed.

“So you gonna let drippy here cum before Devon and Paul get home?” Amber smiled down at me.

“I think so I think he’s been a good boy.”

My cock was growing in its cage and I so dreamt of the release that had been so long in coming. He stood back and smiled.

“Well I disagree.” With that he took the key to my chastity device and tossed it in the toilet and flushed it.

“OH NO!” I screamed. They both laughed and Amber took Larry’s hand and led him into the bedroom leaving me kneeling there in tears.


Needless to say I never got to cum the entire two weeks Paul and Devon were away. As a final twist tot their cruel joke, right before I left Amber’s house she played with my balls watching me squirm and telling me right before I left,

“Larry didn’t really throw your key in the toilet, that was some other old key he had! I still have your key in a good safe place!”

I bowed my head dejected and walked towards the bus to go back to Paul and Devon’s house. I was no longer allowed to drive so I was always forced to take public transportation. And usually it involved some humiliating outfit. Today I wore a pair of woman’s pink yoga pants, with a pink leotard over it with ‘sexy’ written across the front and a pink headband. I kept my eyes down and when the bus driver made a rude comment I mumbled something about being in a play and not having time to change. He snickered knowing it wasn’t the truth and I made my way to the back of the bus and sat there dejected.

Back at home Paul and Devon looked radiant, relaxed and tanned as two weeks in Aruba will do to you. I on the other hand, looked haggard and ridiculous. Devon met me at the door.

“There are bags in the car that need to be unloaded and unpacked and laundry needs to be done.”

“Yes ma’am.” I said making my way to the car to unload three huge suitcases filled with dirty laundry.

I lugged them downstairs to the laundry room, sorted them making sure I kept their underwear in a separate pile for hand washing and then began the task of doing all their laundry and unpacking their suitcases. I lugged the empty suitcases up to the attic and was on my way back down to the cellar when I was summoned into the living room by Paul. I entered and knelt as I was instructed to do and he and Devon looked down at me and I wasn’t sure what was coming next.

“Amber tells us you had quite a week.”

I wasn’t quite sure what that meant. Was I being baited into saying something that would result in punishment or was she being truthful.

“She tells us you were put through a lot which is good for you every now and then don’t you agree drippy?”

I gulped and nodded my head.

“Yes ma’am I’m glad I was able to serve Miss Amber and Master Larry to their and your satisfaction and I understand a bad mark on my record is a bad reflection on you.”

They both snickered as Paul approached me with a needle. The collagen was injected and my lips immediately began to sting and grow big. I knew I was home and for some weird reason, happy to be there.

Later that night, as Devon lay on the bed naked, her big full hips in full view flipping channels with the remote, I was buried under the covers wearing a pink lace teddy licking and sucking on Paul’s cock and balls while he moaned and played with her tits. It was hot and I was sweating as my head bobbed up and down. My lips were swollen to twice their normal size thanks to the injections Paul had given me. Devon’s new cruel joke was to feed me Viagra, then lock me in chastity and laugh and watch me squirm. Tonight was no exception. She had fed me two and I hadn’t cum in so long I felt as if my balls would burst! Paul’s cock grew huge in my mouth and it was hot and warm as I tasted his salty pre-cum and even that aroused me. Finally he roughly pushed me aside and mounted Devon and began fucking her.

“Oh Baby that feels good! You rock my world!” She suddenly giggled.

“I have an idea! Drippy go and get into your cheerleaders outfit and bring you pompoms back with you.”

Without saying a word I rushed from the room, changed into my embarrassing pink cheerleader’s outfit that was at least one size too small and grabbed my pink pompoms and ran back to their room. I entered and they both laughed out loud.

Devon said,

“Now I want you to cheer Paul on as he fucks me. I want you to make him want to fuck me and you better make it good or there will be hell to pay.”

Paul thrust his massive cock back inside her and rode her with all the gusto of a real man. I began dancing and cheering.

“Paul Paul he’s our man! If he can’t do it no one can! Gimme a p, gimme an a, gimme a u, gimme an l what’s it spell? Paul, what’s it spell? Paul Yea!”

I went on and on with other cheers making sure to jump up and down and swing my pompoms. They fucked for an hour and I cheered for an hour each time I jumped my chastity device slammed against me. Finally they were through and I scampered to clean Devon’s pussy of Paul’s cum and Paul’s cock. I took to it like a dog to a bone. I was actually beginning to enjoy my cleanup duties.

Two weeks later I found myself performing the same routine except this time I was cheering for Paul and Larry as they both fucked Amber and Devon. I had to cheer for awhile while they roared with laughter and then I was told to get between the real men’s asses and make myself busy. Finally they were finished and all four lay naked on the king sized bed while I licked and cleaned them up. I was then ‘allowed’ to lay on the floor my cock straining its chastity device from the Viagra I was forced to take, my lips swollen from the Collagen. I lay there and listened to them chatting about how they loved sex and loved the lifestyle we were all living. Soon the conversation turned to the possibility of Devon and Amber bearing children to Paul and Larry. They talked about how I would have to raise and care for two black babies and how everyone in town would know what I was and how far I had sunk in my life. I was growing harder and harder as they talked.

“Honey! Honey!” I felt a slap on my arm. “Are you staring at Devon’s ass?”

It was Amber and as I cam awake I saw Devon and Paul walking towards the ocean and realized I had fallen asleep in a beach chair. Could it all have been a dream? I then realized I was at a resort that the four of us had come to for vacation. My mind was swirling as I tried to understand whether or not I was really dreaming or if this stuff had really happened to me. A tall black man approached, it was Larry! I immediately hopped up out of the chair.

“Honey what are you doing? Where are you going?” Amber said.

The tall black man reached out and handed Amber a drink. “Will there be anything else ma’am?” Amber smiled as she checked out the bulge in his skimpy speedo that all the waiters wore.

“Not right now, perhaps later.” The tall man walked away and Amber took a sip of the drink.

“Honey you were sleeping and I think you were dreaming and I still say you were checking out Devon’s ass!”

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