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The Birth of Her New Bosoms

My wife longed for bigger breasts. Could we face the consequences?
The Birth of Her New Bosoms

Nora made me to see them. “Look babe! They are emerging!..little by little, the birth of my tits!”

My wife owns natural but small, tiny and flat tits. She used to say, “I have the tits of a boy”. She was absolutely right. Nora’s breasts are flat. They are just as the chest of those sissy boys, hairless and soft, bland and a bit chubby, whom prepare to be pretty, as a kabuki, for Nora’s dad. Catamites. He uses to play as the sugar daddy of some boys. To Nora’s shame (“that’s why mom cheats on dad,“ and this phrase should have warned me). His father usually mates with a college student, who dresses perfectly as a naughty gal. Yes, my father-in-law pays well for the pleasure of playing with them. Once Nora, knowing her dad’s ways, told me “men do kinky things, if you do, please make me not knowing any nasty damn thing, ok?” But let me return to my wife’s tits.

Not only have her tits remained small, but also they got very sensitive. She owns puffy and colorful nipples that I used to play with. I have learned to give an orgasm to Nora just sucking, licking and playing with these sensible, pointy tits.

My wife could do anything to make them bigger, but there was no way. Of course, we don’t want surgical silicon tits. Nice looking but nasty at the touch. Hard, instead soft as natural boobs truly are. Everything changed when her boss paid for a new treatment for bust enlargement. An expensive treatment, without surgery but with hormones. The treatment made Nora get an angrier mood. It’s a collateral, for having big natural tits. And that led to our nasty way of cheating. I never asked her why her boss was so generous to us, but I thanked him through Nora.

Nora took on an impish attitude. She wanted to show off her breasts and buy a transparent bra. We went to the lingerie shop. She was there, taking off her blouse, revealing her tits. Soft nipples excited by a cool air and plastic of a transparent bra, giving the illusion of bigger breasts. Not as big as her boss bought, but more remarkable than the small tits Nora previously had. Employees in the shop stare at her tits as she was trying cheeky bra and g-strings. I was ashamed of my wife, dressed in a transparent shirt, exposing her breasts. Her employer had paid enough money for this shopping.

Nora said: “do you like these? They are so sexy, right? Wait until I buy the expensive bra and panty set.” And she went to call the shop clerk’s attention. “Do you want to touch, taste or play with these tits?“ She asked a man in a gray suit. “You may look, it’s not forbidden” she insisted while checking the color of a tube of lipstick on her lips.

That behavior made me feel shame. I love my wife. I adore her. One she told me, “you shouldn’t adore me so much, nobody deserves such an attitude like that. I’ll disappoint ya.” I realized she was cheating on me. Who was she fucking with?



Then the videotape arrived. It is a sort of evidence showing Nora cheating. There was a hidden camera in her place, the anonymous room of a fancy hotel. An old fat man with a notorious cock to his age.

Nora could not say a single word about the incident. Her mouth closed and lips trembled while I showed it on our old TV set. But on the tape, she wasn’t thinking about anything. She was entirely with her lover’s cock and pussy on the camera.

The old guy’s cock was thick and long. Nora was doing a good job of fucking. His movements were moving her butt on the bench, while his hands touched her breast and removing her expensive bra. The old fart squeezed and sucked Nora’s brand new breasts, while his finger was playing with the butthole of my wife.

Nora used to reject my demands for giving head to my cock. She uses to say the blowjobs are for street harlots to perform, not proper for classy wives like her. Now I was watching how she performed so well on the old fat man’s cock. She licked his cock, swallowing it very much, very deep, making it juicy. “Do you like fucking with your fat cock?” her video partner asked Nora while she was kissing his cock’s head. “Oh, I love it!“, she said, making her tongue circling the lucky bastard dick’s tip wet with saliva. “Do you like me touching your boobs?“, her lover asked, pinching her nipples so hard, that Nora shouted in pain. But finally she said as simulating a protest, “Naughty boy…I love it, they are so sensitive.” I remembered how much she once yelled at me cuz I slightly squeezed her nipples. So unfair.



She looked so yummy at the video, with the nice new pair of big natural tits. Boobs I hadn’t yet touched. What a bitch! I had the idea on what to do next.

“Show me your tits, you foxy bitch!” I shouted at her, menacing with violence. I couldn’t believe I said that. Nora did not dare to contradict me. It was as I imagined. Her bosom looked used. Filled with little marks. Slight bruises. Love bites. Marks of suckings. There were also small bullet scars on her boobs, freshly carved. The man on her tits was hard as hardwood. He was not loving the fun of fucking her boobs. He just wanted to fuck her. Then I looked to the side to find out if I could see the owner of that cock, her lover’s face, on that videotape.

The fat man was fucking her aggressively while Nora cried, saying, “fuck me harder, I’ll do it!“. I was livid. I even imagined beating up the fat man and tearing off his balls. That would be a real revenge. But I could see his face as well. On the tape, a face not hidden, just the eye details.

I saw the videotape’s fat man looking directly at the camera, at me. He was a full head shorter than me. “I was trying to fuck her pussy and her tits,” he said and chuckled while my wife was moaning, “you didn’t give me enough time, I wanted to fuck you, too!” Nora said. She was like playing a weird act or something like that. Bizarre sex. “Oh, I wanted it, too!“, the fat man said as he gave a bit more of a violent thrust to Nora’s pussy. On the tape, the woman gave another sexy scream, while her dirty hand reached for her pussy, rubbing her clit, close to his cock impaling her. “I was afraid of something big poking me,” she said, trying to make herself dirty. Such a dirty fucking woman made me mad. “Your cunt feels so delicious,“ the man said with a cocky smirk.

“I want to get fucked,” she said and received the hard slapping from the fat man. Making his heavy hand appear like a paddle tormenting my wife’s delicate buttocks. I stopped the video.

“Remove your dress, show me your naked butt at once!”, I commanded Nora.

She was crying, hiding her tits with her bare hands.

“Please, make nothing silly!” she pleads while obeying me.

Nora got naked. Totally naked. Her buttocks showed the clear signs and marks of a vicious storm of spanking. I can not spank her more than she was already.

“You men, you are all a bunch of kinky bastards!” Nora shouted, as guessing my feelings.

“You shut up! slutty witch!”, I replied, menacing a storm of sexual violence.

Then I looked at her knees. They were red. Carpet burns.

I touched her cunt. It was wet. Slut, I thought.

“Did he fuck your ass?” I asked.


“Don’t play the silly! Has he stuck it in your butthole?”

“No… no, he didn’t,” she replied.

“Good, now bent, on the carpet. With your butt up.”, I commanded while pushing her body, so slim and delicate, much weaker than me. It was easy for me to drive her body on the carpet, addressing her bottom upward. I could watch her hole.

“What are you going to make me?” Nora asked.

I replied nothing, as she knows exactly what I’ll do.

“Please, be gentle”, she said while preparing herself for my upcoming assault. I’m going to charge her for the truly cost of her tits.


Invading her

“I am going to fuck your nasty arse hole, slut!“. I shouted and pushed her body. It was amazing to feel her ass a bit. Nasty looking, with fat fingermarks and burning carpet burns.

“Don’t fuck my butthole, I am not a faggot, I will not do it!“. Nora shouted.

“And what? I will do it! You are already a whore, my whore, you are cock hungry!” I replied.

“Please, I am your wife, not a third rate bitch! Don’t you dare to treat me as a cheap hooker.” She pleaded.

“You are fucking dumb! I don’t care what you are saying!” I was determined to impale my cheating wife’s hole, her virgin bottom.

I watched her body as I kneeled down. She obeyed me despite her cries and shouting.

Her buttocks were so round, the little hole appeared so delicate.

“I am going to do you now, honey,” I told her and licked my lips.

Her booty was so tight, I could pry her butt with my tiny fingers.

And when I bent my head and slowly entered her virgin ass, my sweet girl screamed. Her sighs and moaning were intoxicating. Was she enjoying? I pushed my cock as her hole (as any hole) makes resistance at the beginning.

Nora suddenly confessed her turns on.

“Oh, impale me, fuck me daddy!”

My face turned red with rage, as if I was an animal eating pussy.

“Don’t you dare say ‘Oh!‘, you bitch!” I said while slapping her already punished buttocks.

But it was already too late.

I pushed my dick hard as she pleaded.

“Oh daddy, you are so hard and so sweet. Go easy on my tiny arse,” she cried out in delight.

“Bitch!” I replied, and it was the only thing I could say as I pushed her. And it was an actual hell. The cracks in her ass overlapped in such a way, I could just hold the meat.

I held her for minutes, not knowing how to do it. Her hole made bizarre sounds as I kept fucking.

“Oh! Daddy, fuck me like I’m your sissy boy. Give me your sugar!“

Suddenly, her cry became louder. And she started pushing with her legs, impaling herself to my shaft. And the extra tight of her ass made my sperm come out from my balls, to the end of my incursion in her little hole.

“Oh, god! Oh! Fuck! My Daddy, my sweet dick, give me your cum! Ahhhhhhhh!“

Her words struck me like a knife to the heart. My dick became so hard. And my sperm had reached the maximum point. Her butthole squeezed my cock, milking me. It was like a tight glove engulfing my manhood. It made me pain.

I shouted.

“Fucking…sugar…don’t say…you are…a bad girl…you are a bad bitch!“

And I gave her my sperm, to my regret. I felt like I was dying in agony. I tried to push my dick even more, until it turned black in her butthole.

And my words of anger turned into a powerful slap on her already tortured butt skin.

“Please stop! I am not a bad girl. Please give me your cum!“

Her words struck me like a knife to the heart. My dick became so hard. And my sperm had reached the maximum point. Her butthole squeezed my cock, milking me. It was like a tight glove engulfing my manhood. It made me pain. As I withdraw my used, tired cock from her tight hole, I felt like dying, and let her take off the sack of sperm I had left in the hole between her round buttocks.

When I finished pumping, my sweet cheating wife came and kissed my mouth and my soft cheeks and told me,

“Baby, please stop blaming and hurting me. I want you to be gentle with me from now on. Forget the videotape. Forget the old pig of my boss. I will quit. Let’s start again.“

The guilt had crushed me to the core. Nora, my baby, was begging me. It was as if I was a human monster. And my own arrogant wife loved me.

As I held her in my arms, I spoke softly, reassuring her once again that the situation was not our fault. I sincerely apologized, hoping to convey the depth of my regret. Her tear-streaked face illuminated with a mixture of relief and gratitude, prompting me to gently place a comforting kiss on her lips.


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