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Tanning Salon Adventure

A rainy day adventure at a tanning salon
Tanning Salon Adventure

Breann pulls into the nearly deserted parking lot and shut off her car. Peering through the sheets of water cascading down the windshield she thought, I hate rain! Seeing the umbrella beside her on the seat she just shook her head, it would be an act of futility to try and carry it. The wind was so strong it would just turn it inside-out. She looked around the lot to see who else had braved the storm and saw only Todd’s pick-up. Well that was good, she wouldn’t have to wait in line for a tanning bed. Todd’s parents owned the salon and he came in on Saturday afternoons to give them a break.

Breann opened the car door a crack and rain began running down the inside the car, soaking her t-shirt and shorts. Make a break for it girl, you can’t sit here all day! Opening the door wide and then slamming it closed, she made a mad dash to the entrance of the salon. Just as she reached to push the door it swung open and her momentum carried her right on through, her feet sliding on the tile floor. An arm appeared from nowhere and grabbed her around the waist.

“Hey, slow down sweet thing” Todd’s deep voice said as he stood her upright once again.

“Oh my gosh, thank you” Breann’s cheeks colored with embarrassment as she looked up into the face so close to hers. “I
nearly busted my……well thank you!” Damn, he must think I’m a clumsy idiot. I wanted him to notice me but geez. Just look at those eyes, such beautiful blue eyes, and that voice…

“We can’t have you busting that cute little backside now can we?” Todd said as he removed his arm from her waist and swatted her on the bottom. He winked at Breann, “In case you haven’t noticed, we are having a tropical storm. As a matter of fact I was about to close up when I saw you running across the lot, it’s been a slow day. I guess everyone with good sense stayed home” the last said with another wink.

Why does he do this to me? One little wink and I turn to jelly “Well I have never claimed to have good sense and now you have a customer so you can’t close up. I want to use a tanning bed.”

Todd smiles and with a long-suffering tone of voice says, “Ok, I guess I can wait on you. I’ll put you to bed in room nine ”
Room nine? Put me to bed in room nine? I love the poster in room nine, a big tanned muscular cowboy, his jeans undone at the button. He looks a lot like you “Nine is just fine, I won’t be long”

“Alright darlin’, have fun.”

Have fun? Just what do you think I do in there? “Just set the timer for 20 minutes ok?”

“Ok, hey, we have a clothes dryer in the back, why don’t you let me dry those wet clothes while you tan?”

hmm, I don’t sense any ulterior motive….dang it “That would be great, thanks. I’ll hand them out in just a minute.”

Breann steps into the tanning cubicle and shuts the door. She glances over at ‘her’ poster as she begins to strip off her clothes. Todd could have posed for that photo, it looks just like him. I can feel his eyes watching me, hehe you want me to dance for you baby? She does a little strip tease for the poster. Naked she examines herself in the full-length mirror on the wall. Wiggling her hips at the poster, Do you like what you see honey? No tan lines for moi. Gathering up her wet clothes she hands them out the door to Todd. She lies down on the bed, the plexi-glass cold against her bare skin. A shiver runs the length of her back, hardening her nipples. Wow, I guess it really has been slow today, it’s cold in here she reaches up to turn on the machine and pull the top down putting her in a cocoon. The bulbs begin to warm her damp skin ummmm much better.

In a very short time the bed has warmed Breann to the point that she is sweating. The droplets run under her breasts and down her sides to the small of her back tickling on their course. She reaches up to wipe them away and her hand brushes against her breast, bringing her nipples back to life and she smiles to herself. Here I am, lying bare-naked just a few feet away from a totally hot man. I wonder what he’s doing She reaches up and idly twists her nipple between her fingers. I wish you were doing this as she runs her fingertips over her breasts and down her belly that’s it baby, tickle me, tease me with those big strong hands Her hand moves slowly toward her mound, her fingers lightly brushing the top of her thighs oh yeah baby, you’re getting closer to where I want you. I am so hot She shifts her hips parting her legs and slides a finger between her moist lips, rubbing circles on her swollen button. Yes, ummmm that’s good, but please……I want you, I need to feel you inside me….I’m almost there…..Moving her hips against her hand she pushes two fingers inside. Oh yeees, harder baby, harder I’m going to…

Suddenly, with a low rumble of thunder, the lights go out. Startled, Breann rises up and hits her head on the lid of the tanning bed. “Ouch, damn!” well isn’t this just dandy She hears Todd outside of the door, “Are you alright in there?”

Trying to regain control of her voice, Breann answers, “Yes, I’m fine. I’ll be out in a minute.”

“Well be careful, I know it must be really dark in there with no windows”

Well there’s an understatement. Pushing the lid up the rest of the way, Breann gets up and cautiously feels her way to the door. “Hey, did you bring me my clothes?”

“Sorry honey, no power, no clothes dryer, I can’t let you put wet clothes back on.”

“So what am I supposed to do? I can’t just stand around like this!”

Todd gives a low chuckle, “No, I suppose you can’t. Here, put this on.”

Breann opens the door just wide enough for him to hand it to her. This is the shirt he was wearing! Oh God, I can smell him on the fabric. Breann buries her face in the soft cotton of his t-shirt. Deeply breathing in the scent of him.

“Well? Are you coming out or are you going to sit in the dark until the power is restored?”

“I’m coming, I’m coming” if you only knew hehe. Breann pulls the t-shirt over her head and down as far as it will go. It reaches to about mid-thigh, the worn folds of material draping around her curves.

She opens the door and steps into the light of the salon. Todd grins at her, “I have to say I’ve never seen that old shirt look so good.”

Breann gives a nervous little giggle, “well thank you sir, it’s the latest fashion straight from Paris.” Oh baby, you are the one that’s looking good! Ummm ummm, look at that flat tanned belly, those hard thighs under those tight Wranglers. She walks over to the window and looks out at the rain-drenched parking lot trying to avoid staring at him. He walks up behind her and his image is reflected in the glass. That soft curly hair on your chest, making a trail down to the top of your jeans. I would love to bury my face in your chest, hear your heart pounding, the hair tickling my nose as I move farther and farther down your body…..

Todd puts his hands on Breann’s shoulders, “where are you?”

“Huh? I’m sorry, daydreaming I guess”

“What I said was, we are going to be here a while, at least until the rain lets up and your clothes are dry. As cute as you are in your ‘Paris fashion’ I don’t think you should go out like that.”

Another giggle, “you’re probably right” good grief girl, get ahold of yourself, you sound like a nervous teenager

Todd begins rubbing her shoulders. “You are really tense!”

YOU are making me tense! “I know, it’s just been a long week.”

“Well, I have the perfect solution. Wait right here for a minute.” Todd turns and walks toward one of the rooms in back of the salon.

A few minutes later, “Ok Breann I’m ready for you, come back here to the massage room.” Breann follows the sound of his voice and stops outside the door. He has candles burning in every corner, casting soft flickering lights around the room.
“We might as well make the best of the situation, sit here in the massage chair and I’ll give you the full treatment”

I don’t know if I can handle you touching me! “I didn’t bring my checkbook, I can’t pay for a massage…..”

Todd raises his hand to stop her objection, “It’s on me. You are wound tighter than a ten-day clock. Now come over here and sit down.”

It’s just a massage, pull yourself together and sit down! “Alright. Thank you, a rubdown would be wonderful.” Especially with those hands.

She walks into the room and sits in the chair.

Todd puts his hands on Breann’s shoulders and says with a grin, “Now relax and let me ease some of this tension with my magic fingers.” He slides his fingers under her hair, his fingers lightly brushing her neck, and begins to knead the muscles of her shoulders. Ummm, that feels good you do have magic fingers, your hands so strong and yet gentle. He pushes her head forward to expose the back of her neck and runs his thumbs along the sides of her neck and the tops of her shoulders, down her upper arms. His fingers curled slightly to brush along the sides of her breasts with each stroke. Breann’s traitorous body responds to his touch. She feels the familiar dampness growing between her legs and her body stiffens. Is he deliberately rubbing my breasts?

Todd leans down to whisper, “You need to relax honey, let me take care of you, I know just what you need.”

Todd walks over to a table and picks up a bottle of massage oil. He kneels on the carpeted floor at Breann’s feet and pours oil into his hands. Locking his eyes with hers he rubs the oil between his hands, warming it. Reaching down he takes her feet in his hands and begins to rub his thumbs in the arches.

I know he can see straight up this t-shirt, he must see how badly I want him. He’s going to think I’m a tramp! Oh God that feels good!

Todd’s hands make their way slowly up Breann’s legs, stopping to tickle the sweet spots behind her knees then to the top of her thighs. His hands open wide, the palms rubbing farther and farther up her leg, fingers slipping between her thighs gently pushing them open. Breann’s breathing becomes ragged. Fingers splayed, he pushes his hands under the hem of the t-shirt and across her hot belly. Rising up between her legs he leans toward her, his hands moving up to cup her breasts. His mouth close to hers he growls “Can you see what you do to me you silly woman?” and captures her mouth with his. Breann reaches up and tangles her fingers in his hair, pulling him closer and feels his erection against her pelvis. Todd sits back to look into her eyes.
Yes, I am tramp, I am a slut, I want you right now. She spreads her legs a bit wider and puts them around him, her heels resting on the back of his thighs.

With a groan Todd grabs the bottom of the shirt and pulls it over Breann’s head. Pressing his bare chest against hers he reclaims her mouth, nipping her bottom lip and pulling it into his mouth. His hand returns to her breast, his fingers playing with her hard nipples. His lips wander to her neck, biting and teasing the soft skin in the hollows of her throat with his tongue. Todd replaces his fingers with his mouth on Breann’s breast, sucking her nipple into his mouth and gently tugging with his teeth. His hand slides down across her belly and between her legs. Parting her lips with his fingers he finds her swollen button and runs his fingertip across it. His finger strokes Breann’s sensitive clit and snakes it’s way down and inside her. Breann gasps with pleasure and slides down in the chair, giving him easier access, her hands on the back of his head, pressing his mouth to her breast. His finger moves in and out of her excruciatingly slow. Her hips begin to rise and fall with the motion of his fingers. Todd’s lips leave her breast and make a trail of heat down her body. He stops his decent to spread her legs wide, putting one over his shoulder. Pushing two fingers deep into her he leans down and takes her clit between his lips, flicking it with his tongue, sucking on it, while moving his fingers faster and harder with each stroke, fingers bent up slightly to hit her g-spot. Breann’s back arches and she begins to shake with orgasm. Todd pulls his fingers from her and covers her with his mouth, his tongue penetrating her, lapping up the sweet juice of her cum.

Breann’s hands move to the sides of Todd’s face, “oh please, please….”

Todd raises his head and with a wicked smile asks, “Please what baby?”

Breann answers with her eyes squeezed shut, her heart pounding “I don’t know, please stop? No don’t stop! I can’t stand it!”

Smiling, Todd stands up and kicks off his shoes. Reaching for Breann he pulls her to her feet, pulling her body hard against him. Her arms go around him, her hands rubbing up and down his back. She puts her face into his chest and his soft fur tickles her cheeks. Her hands go to the waistband of his jeans, running her fingers to the front she unbuttons them. Looking up at him she very slowly slides the zipper down. Hooking her thumbs in the top of his jeans Breann pushes them down over his hips and legs until he steps out of them and kicks them aside. Kneeling in front of him she wraps her hand around his swollen member. She slides her hand down the length and admires him. Oh God, he’s just as big as I imagined She sticks out her tongue to catch the shiny drops of pre-cum collected on the tip. She wets her lips and sucks his head into her mouth, her tongue swirling around the tip. Squeezing two fingers in a circle around the base she moves her head up and down, taking him a little father into her mouth each time until her lips touch her fingers. Flattening her tongue Breann presses it hard against his shaft as she sucks along the length of him back to the head. She cups her other hand under his balls and rolls them gently. She sucks him into her mouth again and again. Todd moans and winds his fingers in the back of her hair, guiding her motions. Abruptly Todd’s grip on her hair tightens “Be still” He slowly pulls her away. Breann looks up with confusion in her eyes and Todd grins down at her and says in a shaky voice. “I have to stop you before you made me cum, I want to come inside of you”

Breann’s heart skips a beat as Todd turns and sits on the chair taking her hands and pulling her to him. Hands on her hips he positions her, straddling his lap and sits her down. She can feel his cock lying rigid between her open legs. Breann’s arms go up around his neck and her mouth searches for his. Breann tries to be still as requested, but her hips seem to have a mind of their own. She begins to move on Todd’s lap, her wet pussy sliding easily along Todd’s hard cock, the head bumping her clit with each downward slide. Todd grabs her cheeks pulling them apart and lifts her up. Breann reaches down and puts the head of his cock between her swollen lips, his tip just at her opening. Inch by inch she lowers herself onto him, feeling her body stretch to accommodate him. Lower and lower until she has taken him fully. Breann begins gently rocking, getting accustomed to the feel of him inside her body. Todd’s hands are hard on her ass, digging his fingers into the tense muscles and he begins lifting her up and down, sliding her along his hard cock. Each time he pulls her down he lifts his hips to penetrate her completely. He thrusts harder and harder with each stroke until Breann is gasping with pleasure.

“You like it rough, don’t you?” Todd asks between heavy breaths, gripping her ass hard.

“Oh yes, yes! Give it to me hard!”

“Stand up.”

Breann pulls herself off of Todd and stands. He gets up and turns her facing the chair. He puts his hand between her shoulders and bends her over with her hands gripping the back of the chair. He spreads her legs shoulder width and runs a finger down the crack of her ass, stopping to play with her little puckered hole. She draws in a quick breath and shakes her head.

“No, you’re too big! I’ve never done that.”

“That’s ok baby, we’ll save that for some other time.”

hmmm, some other time?

Todd puts one foot up on the chair beside her and with his thumbs spreads her open, pushing his engorged cock into her wet hole. He backs out slowly, then slams his body into her making her squeal.

“Oh, that’s good….harder baby, harder.” She wiggles her ass against him. Todd puts his hands on her hips and pulling her toward him slams into her again and again. He moves faster and harder, pushing in as deeply as he can. His balls slap against her, swinging up to hit her clit with each thrust.

Her words accentuated by his pounding, “Oohhh, that’s it, right there, oh yes, yes I’m going to cum!”

Breann feels Todd throb against the walls of her vagina and knows that he is ready to let go. With one final deep thrust he cums taking her over the edge with him. She feels his seed eject deep into her, mingling with her own juices.

Todd falls forward on Breann’s back, his breathing ragged. “Damn woman, you’ve done me in.” He stands shakily and pulls her into his arms. “Do you have any idea how long I’ve wanted you?”

I can’t believe I just did this, now he really thinks I’m a slut. Looking up at him, “No, how long?”

“Since the first time I saw you here. It was hard to leave you alone, knowing you were lying naked just a few steps from me.”

Breann laughs, “That’s funny, the same thought occurred to me.”

Todd raises his eyebrows at her, “Well I guess this storm was what we needed then.”

The lights come back on as suddenly as they went out, bathing their nude bodies in florescent light. Breann retrieves Todd’s shirt from the floor and pulls it over her head. “I guess I had better go. Will you get my shorts for me, they should be ok to wear.”

Todd smiles at her and says, “And just where do you think you’re going with my shirt missy?”

Breann smiles back, “Uh, a souvenir?”

Todd picks up his jeans from the floor and puts them on. “Souvenir huh? I would think that you have a ‘souvenir’ running down the inside of your thighs.” Breann blushes. “I plan to give you all the souvenir you can handle when I pick you up tonight.”

“Tonight?” Is this a good sign or are you just making sure you get laid? Ah hell, who cares!

Todd says over his shoulder as he goes to get her clothes, “Yes tonight, unless you have other plans.”

“No, no other plans.”

“Alright then, I’ll get this place locked up and go home and grab a shower. Then I’ll be over to get you. I have your address in the files.”

“Sounds good to me.”

Breann puts on her shorts and sandals and tells Todd, who is busy cleaning up, “I’ll see you in a little while then.”
Todd grins at her and gives her a kiss, “I can’t wait.”

Breann steps through the door and lets the rain fall on her face. The sky is still dark, the wind is still blowing, but somehow the day seems much brighter.

I just love the rain!

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