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Surprising Husband

She brings in a friend to surprise her husband.
Surprising Husband

Jamie asked Susan to wait upstairs in the bedroom. She knew that if her husband Steve suspected what she was up to he would be reluctant to participate. Susan was happy to comply with Jamie’s rules because it meant getting her hands on the man she had lusted after since she first saw him – when Jamie showed her their wedding pictures. She had also inadvertently included a few from the honeymoon as well.

Although she was younger than Jamie, barely even 20, they had become great friends when they met at work. Susan even joined her gym so she and Jamie could work out together. The two always drew plenty of attention from the men there – Jamie with her toned athletic graceful body, Susan for her more voluptuous body, and large firm melon-like breasts. And although she never considered herself to be bi or even close, Susan couldn’t help but notice Jamie’s tight luscious body, and it inspired her to work much harder in the gym than when she was alone.

But she had agreed to do this because of Steve… he was what she wanted not Jamie. Susan had fantasized about fucking Steve from the first time Jamie showed her his picture. And she always got excited when Jamie would be so explicit about how they fucked, and how good he was at pleasing her.

“Just wait in the bedroom, on the bed… with only your bra and panties. Keep the door closed, and be ready for anything when you hear us coming.” Jamie instructed her friend. Without even waiting for Jamie to leave the room, Susan began to strip. Jamie couldn’t help but stare at her firm breast as she lifter her shirt up over her head. They were large, but firm and her large nipples strained against the flimsy lace of her demi-cup bra. And as her jeans slid down, even Jamie practically gasped at the sight of her luscious round ass. And the tiny matching G-string panties did little to cover her little tuft of blonde hair that Jamie had seen in the shower many times. She couldn’t help but give Susan a little kiss to show how much she appreciated her being there. Almost out of reflex, her hand dropped to Susan’s ass as they embraced, before she realized what she was doing and quickly pulled it away.

As she went down to greet her husband, Jamie was excited with anticipation, but also nervous. When she had started dating Steve, they talked openly about threesomes, and had always promised that one day she would give him one. She always felt like it was this that had grabbed Steve’s attention at first when he had so many other women chasing him. After Steve got to know her, really know her, he had quickly fallen deeply in love with her whole being – and every time Jamie mentioned a threesome again, he seemed reluctant about it. He said he was worried that it would hurt their marriage. After all, he had had threesomes before, and the relationship had always ended badly. Someone always ended up being jealous.

Although Jamie was confident about what she and Steve had, those thoughts had crossed her mind on several occasions but this time it was different. She had given him everything except this, and she wanted to do this for her husband. She had brought in Susan, a beautiful sexy blond. She stood at 5’6 with a slender figure and those beautiful breasts. Jamie was worried at first, after all Susan was younger than she was, her body was just as good, although she didn’t have much experience with men. She worried just a little that this innocence might actually appeal a little too much to Steve.

Moments later, Steve walked in. Jamie rushed over to greet him as she always did. She put one arm around him and pulled him close and with the other hand she wasted no time in reaching down, unzipped his suit pants, sliding in her hand, and grabbing his quickly swelling cock… “God I want some of this”. She loved everything about Steve; he was a smart ambitious man, good at his chosen field of public relations – due at least in part to his charm, and a smile that disarmed other men, and absolutely melted women.

Steve dropped his briefcase and wrapped his arms around her “You do, do you?” He knew he was a lucky man. He loved how Jamie greeted him every day when he arrived home, and how she was always ready to fuck his brains out. No wonder he came home early a couple of times a week. “I want to fuck you right now” she moaned to him as she kissed him passionately.

Steve was always ready to fuck his gorgeous sexy, seemingly insatiable wife. At 5’7 with a firm athletic body, she made him the envy of every man…but it was her face that turned him on…especially her lips, full, pouty, and sensual. He loved kissing those lips, and it never failed to excite him when he did.

Jamie forced herself to push him away, although hung on to his now full erect cock. “I have a surprise for you my love” she whispered breathlessly. Steve smiled broadly, because that usually meant she had a new bedroom game to play, or maybe a new outfit or even more exciting, a new position, something that would make it an unforgettable evening. She started taking off his tie as she continued kissing him and pulled him gently towards the bedroom using his stiff cock as a handle. He didn’t waste anytime either, undressing her as they went, and removing his own clothes as well.

By the time they got to the bedroom, he was down to just his boxers and she was left with just her skimpy lace bra and thong panties that really showed off her firm tight ass. How he loved to see her in those skimpy undergarments. He knew she lied about spending so much money on groceries, and that she was always out buying lingerie, but he let it slide, after all she was wearing it for him. And he love fucking her while she was dressed in the sluttiest, skimpiest, hottest outfits she owned.

She opened the door and the room was pitch black. She stopped at the doorway and immediately got on her knees…she pulled down his boxers and grabbed his cock with both her hands…”God I have wanted to do this all day”. He loved the way she handled his cock… always so eager to please him. She took his cock between her lips and into her mouth…taking him all in. He moaned out loud as he always did at the feel of his wife’s sensual mouth on his cock.

He held her head by the hair as he started to fuck her mouth, a slow sensual rhythm. “Ahhhh”, he groaned, his head thrown back in immense pleasure. He loved the way his wife sucked his cock, as if there were nothing in the world that gave her more pleasure than his cock in her mouth. He began to thrust more rapidly and more forcefully, his hands on his hips, when she surprised him by pulling her mouth off his cock with an audible ‘pop’.

He was frustrated when his wife stopped sucking suddenly, and he took hold of her hair again and guided her back to his shaft once again. He noticed that her hair seemed different somehow, something he hadn’t noticed when they were talking earlier. He made a mental note to mention it later, after he came, as she always appreciated it when he noticed her hair and clothes and other minor details.

Suddenly he felt her mouth close on his cock, and felt hands fondling his balls… something he loved. Her mouth seemed smaller and tighter, like she wasn’t used to his cock or something. “What’s the matter baby?” he asked, but she only moaned in response. Whatever the problem was quickly was resolved, and was back thrusting deep into her throat in no time.

Slowly it began to dawn on him, through the haze of sexual bliss… they were not his wife’s hands…they were smaller hands. That meant that wasn’t her mouth on his cock, the throat he had his cock buried in wasn’t hers either. He wanted to say something but was so turned on at the thought of fucking a strange woman’s mouth that the words simply wouldn’t come out of his mouth. He could now feel two sets of lips licking his cock and each taking turns sucking on it. He knew he couldn’t hold himself back much longer when his wife’s voice broke his trance. “Honey, why don’t you lie down on the bed and get comfortable? ” Jamie said to her husband. She got up and went over and lit several candles around the room.

Immediately Steve looked down, and saw for the first time the beautiful blonde who was sucking on his cock like a starving woman. He couldn’t believe his eyes… his wife had tricked him! THIS was her surprise??? But as angry as he wanted to be, he was far too turned on by the sight of this young girl with her mouth stretched around his cock to protest. He simply moaned louder.

Susan released his throbbing cock from her mouth, but hung onto it as she stood up to kiss his mouth. Jamie quickly stepped in and pulled her away by the arm. “Susan, kissing is not part of it”. “Uh oh”, she thought, “Already the jealousy was beginning”. Jamie went over to her husband and nibbled on his ear as Susan just watched. Steve was so hard his cock throbbed with his pulse. It was hard for either girl to resist just pushing him on the bed and fucking him right then and there. “Tonight is all for you my love,” she whispered into her husband’s ear.

Jamie led Steve over to their bed and had him lie down on his back, his legs hanging off the bottom, his feet on the floor. She parted his legs and slipped between them, licking his hard cock like an ice cream cone. Susan was so excited watching the two lovers that she slipped out of her lacy bra, fondling her long hard nipples as she watched. Her other hand slipped inside her sheer panties and started rubbing her very wet pussy, and stroking her exposed clit. Jamie began to suck and stroke her husband’s beautiful cock as he watched Susan fingering herself. Steve was overwhelmed by what was going on all around him… his beautiful wife sucking him; her sexy lips stretched open around his cock, moaning with each stroke. At the same time, her innocent looking and yet very sexy young friend fucking herself deeply with 2 fingers, her large round breasts heaving with excitement, little cat like purrs coming from her throat as she watched. He quickly decided he had to taste her. “Susan, get over here!” he ordered the young girl.

She quickly removed her hands from her pussy, embarrassed at being seen fucking herself… she walked over with her head down. “Sit on my face” he told her. She felt her face blush a bright red, but she wasted no time sliding her tiny panties down and left them on the floor. She got up on the bed and positioned each leg straddling the side of Steve’s face. She slowly lowered her wet open cunt to his mouth, almost screaming in pleasure when his tongue touched her pussy for the first time. It was like electricity shot through her as he licked her slit with long up and down strokes, with every lick teasing her clit. She was so wet already he thought she would come with just a few licks.

Meanwhile Jamie was taking Steve’s entire length deep in her throat, then swirling her tongue at the head of Steve’s cock as she came up. She knew how he loved it when she did that, and was rewarded by his moans each time. Susan was screaming now, as she ground her excited pussy on Steve’s face, “Fuck yes… lick my cunt… fuck it with your mouth!” Jamie smiled to herself because she knew how much dirty talk turned on her husband, and she could tell he was nearing orgasm… but she wanted everything to be perfect. She slowed her rhythm, sucking him less deeply, and licking him a bit slower. She wanted him to cum inside her mouth at the same time Susan came inside his.

She was thoroughly enjoying Susan’s pussy; it tasted so sweet and she looked so innocent, and yet wanton sitting on his face. Her head was tilted back and she was pulling on her straining nipples as she continued screaming “Oh yes, fuck my pussy with your tongue! Deeper! Make me cum! Oh My God I’m gonna cum!!” Jamie stroked her husband’s cock faster, alternating between licks and strokes, she knew her husband was going to cum and so was Susan. Steve moaned as he continued to feast on Susan’s delicious pussy. Jamie took Steve’ entire cock completely in her throat. “Ohhhh …Goddddd… mmmmm… Yessss!!!” he moaned as Susan moaned simultaneously “Fuck yess…I’m cumming!!”

Jamie felt her husband explode in her mouth, and took in Steve’s entire load, spurt after mighty spurt. It felt like a quart in her mouth, and she struggled to catch it all. At exactly the same time Susan exploded all over Steve’s face, riding wave after wave of her orgasm, as he tasted every bit of Susan’s juices. She was flooding his mouth and coating his tongue and lips with the sweet tasting pussy nectar. The feeling was so incredible he thought he might not be able to handle it.

Susan had such an incredible wave of orgasms, Jamie thought she’d be too tired to continue but instead it seemed to only fuel her appetite. Jamie had to almost push her off from Steve’s face, and Susan collapsed on the bed beside him. Jamie came up to kiss her husband.

“Did you enjoy that?” she asked. “God yes baby, that was great!” Her response took Steve by surprise, “Good, but I think that’s enough for one night.” Susan and Steve looked at each other puzzled; there was no way he was going to end the evening like this.

Jamie noticed the change in Steve’s mood right away. “What’s the matter honey? Are you not happy?” Sensing an opportunity, he got up from the bed and stood at the door. “Jamie, although I enjoyed myself, and so did Susan, I am still angry that you tricked me.” “But baby, I did it for you”. But Steve pressed her, “No, you did it for yourself, not for me.” Just then Jamie’s eyes started to water, she had done it for him and now he didn’t believe her. “Honey, I’m sorry…tell me how I can make this right”.

Steve’s eyes grew cold “Well Jamie, you wanted this so bad, so now you’ll get it!” “What do you mean?” Jamie cried. He knew manipulation was the only way he could get what he wanted. Susan, who apparently was not so innocent after all, understood right away. “I didn’t know you had to trick Steve or I never would have come. If I were him, I’d leave you just for what you did tonight”. Jamie looked like a child, sad and vulnerable. “I’ll make this up to you baby…I’m sorry”. Steve chuckled to himself, “Of course you will”.

Jamie was petrified at what her angry husband would do next, but he surprised her by speaking softly. “Lie down on the bed”. Jamie complied, unsure of what was to come. “Now spread your legs like you do for me when I’m about to fuck you…and don’t close them”. She did as she was told. “Now, rub that hot sweet pussy for me baby, get it good and wet for me baby.” Jamie was moaning as she rubbed, watching her husband stroke his cock until it was hard again.

Now baby, will you do anything I ask to make it up to me?” Jamie moaned in agreement. “Good… now Susan, wouldn’t you like to feast on my wife’s beautiful pussy while I fuck you form behind?” Jamie’s eyes flew open in shock and horror. “Wait…Steve, please no… I never…” But she didn’t move. After all she was afraid Steve would become angry again if she didn’t comply. “Well Susan?” “Yes sir”. Susan positioned herself in between Jamie’s legs, her ass up in the air. She was not going to pass up an opportunity to taste her hot friend’s sweet looking pussy. But Jamie pleaded even as Susan began to kiss her wide-open thighs, “Steve please don’t do this…I don’t want this, baby, please”.

“That’s my girl.” He stood watching, as he continued to stroke his big cock slowly. Jamie closed her eyes, trying to shut out what she knew would happen next. She had only experimented with other women, a little kissing and a little petting, but it was all in innocent fun, and besides they had both been pretty drunk at the time. But being eaten out by a young girl, especially one who’s being fucked by your husband was a totally different ball game. “Now lick her pussy good Susan, she likes it when you use your fingers too.” “Fuck yea, I will!” Susan replied. She positioned her face in between Jamie’s legs…taking in her scent, she smelled delicious. She spread her pussy lips apart with her thumbs and started to lick her slit up and down. Jamie kept her eyes closed at the shock of what was going on.

Jamie didn’t want her pussy to get wet for the young girl, and she absolutely didn’t want to come on her face. But Susan’s mouth was doing wonders, emulating the way Steve had licked her a few minutes before…licking the older woman’s pussy lips up and down, pushing her tongue deep inside her, twirling it…making her wet and then wetter. Jamie gasped as Susan slid one finger inside her tight hole but still refused to open her eyes; as if it wasn’t really happening. Steve wouldn’t allow it though, “Jamie, open your eyes baby, I want you to see something.” Jamie slowly opened her eyes and found herself staring directly into Susan’s bright blue. It occurred to her that this was the same view Steve had of this hot young vixen when she was sucking his hard cock, and the thought made her shiver a little… or maybe it was Susan’s tongue flickering over her clit that did that.

Steve’s voice again, “Over here baby… watch.” Jamie’s eyes opened wide as she saw what Steve wanted her to see… his big cock slowly sliding in Susan’s cunt. She moaned loudly, her moans muffled by Jamie’s pussy on her mouth. Steve looked straight at Jamie, and she could see the fire burning in his eyes. He knew his wife, and he knew she would resist as long as she could. Susan’s tongue was doing incredible things to her wet pussy, but still she protested “Please stop…I don’t want this… please…mmmmm… Oh Godddd, Susan!”

Steve fucked Susan harder and harder as he looked at his beautiful wife being eaten by her young friend turned lover. She did look helpless lying there, protesting, and this thought turned him on even more. “Fuck her with your tongue, Susan, yes that’s it” he ordered. Susan thrust back hard at Steve’s huge cock as it stretched her pussy as wide as it ever had been, impaling herself even more on him. Jamie looked at him, fire in her eyes, and he smirked “God Susan your pussy is so tight”. Jamie was so incredibly turned on, but the excitement conflicted her. It was all so confusing…after all she didn’t want this girl eating her cunt, but it felt so good. She didn’t want her husband fucking someone else… but he looked so fucking hot doing it.

Jamie begged again, “Steve, please I don’t wanna cum like this”. But he laughed, “Yes you do. You love it, don’t you? Now, tell me you love it, and tell me to fuck Susan harder”. It was all she could take, her senses all driven to the breaking point; Susan was driving her wild with her talented tongue. Steve was pushing all the right buttons as he spoke to her, and taunted her. And the sight of this innocent beautiful girl, with her tongue buried in her cunt, while she took Steve’s big cock and begged for more. It was all too much for her to take. “Yes, I do love it…fuck her harder baby, so she can tongue fuck me harder” The sight of his sexy wife, surrendering to the tongue of a young girl was all could bare… and he did fuck Susan harder. He pounded his cock so hard into the tight pussy that it pushed Susan’s face deeper into Jamie’s cunt. “Oh fuck yes, that’s it, eat her, make her cum!” he yelled as he slapped Susan’s ass, and fucked her faster and harder. Jamie’s back was arched up off the bed, pulling her hair while she grinded her gaping wet pussy all over Susan’s face… wanting to have Susan’s tongue deeper inside…”God yes!! Lick my pussy you bitch!! Lick it faster while my husband fucks you with his big cock!!”

Susan was being driven over the edge by the combination of the cock in her cunt, the thrill of conquering Jamie, and the steady slapping of her ass by Steve as he fucked her. She was going to cum hard, and she was moaning loudly into Jamie’s pussy, and then actually screaming as she rode the huge cock deep inside her. The sounds coming from Susan vibrated directly onto Jamie’s clit, and began to drive her rapidly, surely, undeniably toward her own orgasm. “Lick my cunt bitch! I am gonna blow all over your face!”

Susan did as she was told, licking her faster, inserting another finger into Jamie’s tight cunt. “I think the bitch likes me fucking her” moaned Susan. “And this bitch likes my cock fucking her too” Steve groaned, referring to Susan. Both women were absolutely dripping wet. Steve saw and heard that his wife was about to cum, held onto Susan’s hips, and began to fuck her harder and faster. He knew he couldn’t hold on for much longer, he was going to cum, and he wanted to cum at the same time as his wife. Jamie held Susan’s head directly on her clit, pulling her hair to her cunt, all while Steve pounded harder and harder into her. “I’m gonna cum” screamed Jamie. And she exploded all over the innocent face in her pussy, “Fuck yessssssss, EAT ME Susan, yessssssssssss! OH GOD YES!” Just then, Steve exploded too – filling Susan’s wet pussy with blast after blast of his thick creamy cum. “Ahhhhhh Yesssss” he moaned. “mmmmmm Yessss Steeeeeevennnn” Jamie screamed as she came again.

Susan licked Jamie’s pussy dry… she couldn’t get enough of her sweet juices. Jamie collapsed, as did Steve after he pulled out of Susan. Seeing she was still going at it, Steve knelt beside her and whispered, “I think you can stop now Susan, she has cum enough for one night.” Susan did as she was told once again as Steve laid down next to his wife and kissed her lovingly.

Susan seemed uneasy “but I haven’t come…”

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