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Slippery When Wet

Erotic lovemaking with oil.
Slippery When Wet

My wife sat across me on the lounge and kissed me slowly deeply and passionately. There was a sense of eagerness and desire as I kissed back and taster her lips. Our tongues darted across our lips, teasing each other as we held close. I ran my hands across her back and pulled her over my as we embraced deeply and passionately. Feeling her heaving breast against my chest the yearning to be inside of her I pulled her back as she whispered ‘lets go to the bedroom’.

We lit candles and turned off the lights, I watcher her undress and watched the flickering light of the candle flame dance with shapes across her body. I followed my eyes up her legs, her round and inviting bottom, the curve up her back, the way her breasts curved against her body with her nipples hard. I wanted to have it, to feel it and to be surrounded in it.

We lay down and embraced, I ran my hands across her thighs as I kissed her deeply on top, feeling my hard cock aching to be inside her warm, wet, velvet pussy.

The days prior my wife had bought a small bottle of coconut oil. She asked for I and I happily opened it and dropped it onto her stomach. She moaned and arched her back into my as I rubber it on her soft stomach, it made her stomach slick and glisten in the candlelight. Then I dropped in on her breasts and rubbed it in, feeling her breasts roll between my hands, smooth, soft and supple.

I traced my way down between her legs and breathed her in, the smell of the oil and her musky womanhood drove me wild as I rubber oil between her legs, down her thighs and stood back to see her body glistening.

I asked her to roll over on her back and started dripping oil and rubbing it into her back, drop by drop and rubbing it down as it beaded down her bottom, between her cheeks and towards her pussy. I traced my hand between her buttocks and felt her moan as I traced down her with my hands. It was naughty, a forbidden pleasure but a sensual wonderland as I worked to brink my wife pleasure. I then lay down on her from behind and slid my slick cock over her bottom and between her slick thighs to her pussy,

I felt the heat and wetness on the head of my cock as I ground slowly into her, just teasing her without entering her. We ground together moaning with the sensualness and rawness of it, I held her breasts in my hands, slick and heavy as we ground together.

At the point of not being able to take any more, she turned over, lay me down and knelt over me. Her hair was messed up, oily and wild, she has the look of utter desire, as if possessed by an inner sex goddess. She took the oil and started rubbing it into her breasts before me. Her breasts had always been an object of my desire, she knew how to use them to tease me and seduce me. She rubbed them and ground her slick pussy against my thigh harder and harder then grabbing vibrator close by placed it inside of her and pinned me down as I watched her play with herself, pinching her nipples hard as she climaxed and then laying down on top of me shuddering and panting.

Slowly she rolled over and placed my slick hard cock between her heaving breasts and started to tease me, slowly then quickly she fucked my hard cock with her beautiful large breasts. I wanted her so badly but she wanted to tease me more, she lay down, her back on top of me, my cock in one hand and her pussy in the other and played with me, I grabbed her breasts and rubbed them, kissing her neck and biting her ear as I whispered how much I wanted her, how much I wanted to fuck her and fill her pussy with my cum. She begged me to pinch her nipples harder and harder then turned over and placed my cock just before her pussy, she ran it over her clit and made me beg to fuck her.

I begged to be inside of her, to feel her wet pussy glide over my head and feel the soft, wet heaven that was the inside of her pussy, suddenly she thrusted me in, my eyes rolled back as I entered her then held her close with my legs as she rode me. Watching her breasts bounce, slick and red was more than I could take, I held her close as I exploded in thick, long bursts of cum into her pussy. I shuddered as she squeezed every last drop from me and we collapsed beside each other, slick, sweaty and panting. We held each other close and kissed deeply. Lovemaking is always utter perfection with my wife.

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