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Seven Year Itch

A couple discover their kinky side at the beach with some strangers
Seven Year Itch

My wife Sue and I had often joked about the “Seven Year Itch” and now here we were coming up on our seventh anniversary and I had to admit that although the relationship was still just as good or even better than it was, the sex was getting a bit boring and no where near often enough to prevent frustration.

A couple of kids had curtailed our nude romps around the house and we were limited to our bedroom late at night if Sue was in the mood after a long day so I basically had to take care of my frustrations in private.

I had tried numerous times to talk about it but Sue either got angry or called me a sicko so I resigned myself to taking care of it myself.

I didn’t want to destroy our great relationship by getting caught with a bit on the side but a woman’s body was a damn sight nicer that a calloused hand and I had started to think that if an opportunity arose I probably wouldn’t be able to resist. I really needed to dump a load at least once a day and then the temptations and frustrations were wiped away for the rest of the day.

I don’t profess to understand the needs of women but for a man its pretty simple, we need some intimate romance once a week or so but on a completely separate biological level we need to release our seed one to three times a day hopefully with a woman’s help but if not, by hand or our body releases it by itself every four days to a fortnight in a wet dream.

I decided to surprise her with a weekend away for just the two of us to try and bring back a little of the magic and maybe get a bit of loving at least once a week for a while.

The kids were secretly farmed off to the grandparents for the weekend, bookings were arranged in a seaside cabin at Broken Head just around the corner from a well known nudist beach and hopefully an eye full of man candy might get her in the mood for a passionate weekend.

I did realise that women candy was probably going to be in short supply with mainly kids, middle aged and old aged mothers so Sue was probably going to be the main woman candy there as even after two kids, slightly sagging boobs and scars and stretch marks she was a remarkably sexy woman even if she didn’t believe it herself, I think she concentrated too much on her slight imperfections and didn’t really see the big picture, a trim and fit beautiful woman in the prime of her life. [of course when I tried to tell her that she just accused me of lying to try and get a bit]

I had bought her a new G string high rise Bikini to show off her great arse and cover her birth scar but doubted she would wear it so included her frumpy old one piece when I packed our bags and waited for her to get home from work.

I was sitting in my car waiting as she drove in the garage and just opened the door and said “get in” …. Of course she asked why, what’s wrong etc etc, but I just held the door open and said I’ll tell you on the way. After a few moments waiting curiosity won her over and she gingerly got in, I reversed out and hit the close button on the garage and drove off down the street with her pestering me for an answer.

“Its all good, no one is hurt and it’s a surprise for our anniversary” I said “the kids are at your parents and everything is taken care of, just relax and enjoy our weekend away, its just the two of us”.

For the next two hours she hit me with “what ifs” and “what abouts” but I managed to allay all her fears and she seemed to be almost at ease by the time we pulled in to our cabin.

She was standing on our private balcony, the only one that outsiders could not see into from the street as I ordered some Chinese food to be delivered then ran her a bath and jumped in the shower while she relaxed in the scented bubbles .

It was a beautiful still night, perfect temperature with views of the distant lights as I set a small table and two chairs out on the balcony and was still in my towel walking past the front door when I heard a knock, as I immediately answered the door for the Chinese delivery, the door to the bathroom was still wide open just like the delivery boys eyes, I paid him and closed the door then turned to see what he had seen, Sue was still in the bath with her head back, her boobs visible, nipples standing tall and proud with a big grin on her face.

Sue really liked to be the centre of attention and I think she secretly liked the look on the young lads face when I accidentally exposed her.

I laid out the food and grabbed a large fluffy towel and carefully dried my beautiful wife then led her to the balcony and dropped my own towel, “no one can see us here” I assured as I stepped out leading my naked wife to her chair, we then enjoyed a leisurely meal and small talk.

Things were going well and I was as randy as a Mallee Bull but did not want to spoil the weekend, I wanted to tease her and romance her, not just jump her, so I laid out another big fluffy towel on the bed and asked her if she’d like a sensuous massage which she readily agreed to.

I grabbed the scented lotion and started at her feet slowly moving up little by little one calf at a time then her upper legs and thighs until I reached the join then skirted around her most private parts and back to her smooth cheeks and kept moving upwards. I was sure I heard a small groan of disappointment as I missed her bits.

I was as hard as a rock as I was sliding along her smooth slippery calves slowly but surely moving in on my target as I massaged here lower back then upwards making sure I included the side of her chest.

The temptation was almost too much as my hardness was mere millimetres from her entrance but I lifted and slid along the smooth slippery cleft between her cheeks instead and continued massaging her back and shoulders.

The movement along her cleft as I slid my hands up her back and shoulders was getting me right to the point of no return so I whispered to her to turn over but she didn’t move, I asked again but then realised that she had fallen asleep, doh, my teasing had gone on too long.

Here I was just about ready for a big release and all I had to do was lower myself down a little and slide inside her using the lotion as lube, a few pumps at most and I’d be there but that would be cheating and would probably wake her up and she’d be pissed off.

I was still sliding along her cleft as I continued to massage her back and realised that the feeling of the smooth slippery warm cleft was damn near as good as the real thing and all I had to do was stop holding myself back and I would get my release without her even knowing.

My strokes stayed the same slow steady speed but they lengthened until I felt like I was sliding all the way up inside here then just as I felt the surge rocket up my length I moved back too far and as I went to slide up again my tip caught in her rosebud.

I froze with my tip hard against her, perhaps even a few mm inside as I released my built up passion in surge after surge inside her, I looked down but could see most of my tip outside her but no sign of anything escaping.

I ran my hand up along my whole length squeezing everything left behind inside her before pulling away to examine the mess, a quick dab with a tissue and the few drops on the outside were gone, no mess, no fuss … I grinned and thought “I wonder if she’ll

notice anything in the morning?” before rolling over, turning off the bedside light and slipping in to a contented sleep.

In a dreamy state I felt some movement then pow!, I was enveloped in warm smooth slippery silk and awoke to find my beautiful naked wife sitting on top of me impaled on my morning wood furiously rubbing herself with her fingers with sunlight streaming through the windows.

She arched and groaned loudly as I felt her muscles spasm around me as the tension melted out of her and slowed her sliding up and down into a slow sensuous grinding, she grinned and said “I didn’t think you’d mind and after last night I woke so damned horny that I had to play with my self and realised there was no goo inside me so I must have left you high and dry”

Her grinding became interspersed with some long slow up and down movements which pushed my tip right into the end of her canal, I couldn’t believe how deep I was inside her, then she started to become quicker and I realised that if I didn’t get off soon she was going to reach her peak again before me.

It had only been a few seconds this time round when I felt her spasm so I grabbed her hips and thrust hard and fast finally releasing while she was still in the throes of her orgasm.

Once Sue starts on her roller coaster ride she will just keep on coming until she gets too sore so it was no surprise that she kept up her slow languid grinding but I did surprise me that I was still hard so pretty soon she rolled me on top of her and we made love, proper romantic love, for the next hour or so until she became weary of the spasms and I could hold out no longer and joined her in one final big release.

We slept and awoke feeling refreshed, Sue playfully stroked me “I cant believe you still want more after at least half a dozen orgasms this morning” I said “its amazing what one little exhibition to a poor delivery boy does to you” I joked.

Sue went bright red and stammered “did you see the shock on his face?” then her voice lowered and she continued sheepishly “and the tent in his pants”.

I laughed “don’t forget the amazing massage”

“so sorry about that” said Sue, “when I woke up horny and remembered how hard you were when you were massaging me I realised I had no funny taste in my mouth, no sticky boobs, no goo inside me and my bum wasn’t sore and then I noticed the crumpled tissue on the night stand … really sorry to spoil your romantic evening but after yesterdays effort at work I was shattered and all I wanted to do was go home and climb into bed, I had even forgotten about the anniversary”

Sue looked at the clock “how about Breakfast?”, I looked at the clock and realised that the day had only just started and we had already had more sex than the last three months; I grinned.

After a fantastic Breakfast of Bacon and Eggs I couldn’t believe how great I felt and so full of energy so I suggested a walk around the headland and south along the beach, Sue was also all fired up and readily agreed so I found her present and tossed her the new G string Bikini I had bought her.

Sue’s face lit up until she held up the tiny bits of material “no way” she exclaimed laughing … Barbie dolls have more material than this.

“go on, try it on and I’ll take a couple of pics so you can see what it looks like” I said with puppy dog eyes and a laugh.

Sue draped the suit over her naked body with a laugh then mocked up a catwalk show while I snapped away.

Even she had to admit that the suit looked awesome on her taking the slight sag out of her boobs and showing off her magnificent bum but was adamant that it was too much for a public beach.

“No probs, we’ll just go further down to the nude beach” I said, “Nude Beach !!, so that’s why you wanted to go for a walk” she laughed

“It will be full of gym junkies getting their tan on so not much to interest me” I sneakily said as I suspected that might peak her curiosity.

“OK, if you walk the nudie beach nude I’ll wear this G string” she bargained grabbing a towel and wrapping it around her waist.

I quickly grabbed a towel and threw some drinks and snacks into a cooler bag and we headed to the beach.

Even on the family beach near our cabin there were more G strings than normal bikinis which surprised Sue going by the look on her face and so as we started around the rocks of the headland she handed me her towel and rolled her eyes at me.

As we stepped out on to the nude beach we noticed a lot of family groups in the nude so I had no qualms dropping my daks; I was surprised to see quite a lot of good looking mums and young women, none of the younger boys and dads were taking any notice of them but were checking Sue out, one young lad who was looking quickly sported an erection and had to sit down to hide it.

“You’re clothed body is attracting more attention than those lovely nude lasses it seems” I said looking around.

“I think your right” Sue said and quickly removed the suit and the attention from herself.

I noticed the young lad had a good look then seemed to lose interest and his erection, I pointed this out to Sue and spotted a quick flash of disappointment cross her features as we walked on down the beach.

Much to my disappointment there were very few females down this end of the beach but Sue was getting a good variety of views and although the better bodied blokes seemed to be more interested in showing off their bodies than looking at the passing ladies, Sue did get numerous appreciative looks as we passed by.

“my god Sue, have a look at the size of that blokes!” I said indicating a bloke with his wife and teenage son [laying on his stomach facing away] standing in a small cove talking with half a dozen other blokes; “my god, its bigger than yours when its angry and its just hanging there” she breathed” “don’t know if I’d like to try that monster on for size” she laughed

I looked over the small woman with obviously false but firm looking c or d size breasts and a firm toned body who seemed to be the centre of attention of the other blokes in the group.

We walked on down to the end of the beach then I suggested we walk back to a small cove I had spotted earlier so we turned back, As we passed the group again we saw one of the blokes reach out and gently feel one of her boobs, hefting it and nodding.

“She is obviously so proud of them she loves to show them off” said Sue diverting across to the group.

“Sorry but I have to ask, are they false?” Sue said indicating the lovely boobs in front of us

“Sure are” beamed the lady “several months ago now and I love em; go on, check em out; you too” she said looking at me and thrusting her chest forward.

Sue had no hesitation in running her hand over one so I felt up the other one while Sue asked a barrage of questions.

“are your nipples still sensitive?” Sue asked “sure are, watch this” she said pulling my head towards her chest unexpectedly.

I shrugged, looked at her husband for approval and took a tentative lick but she pulled my face closer so I sucked in her nipple and swirled my tongue around it then backed away as she took her hand off my head, both nipples were standing proudly erect!

“If anything I think they are even more sensitive” she breathed with a slight shudder.

The stranger that I had seen feeling the ladies boob earlier looked at my wife and piped up “not that you need them yet!, do you mind if I compare?” he said reaching his hand forward, Sue nodded and he ran his hand over her and hefted them “pretty much the same feel but just a touch softer and hang down a little.” He said nodding.

Sues nipples have always been very sensitive and it was no surprise that her nipples were now both erect as well.

Someone raised their hand and Sue laughed and said “yeh go on, anyone else?” and stood beside the other lady.

One by one the strangers stepped in and compared making the appropriate comments.

After they had all finished Sue said a little hoarsely “well we should be getting on” and smiled and nodded at the lady then grabbed my hand and walked off.

“Your turned on aren’t you” I laughed

Sue grabbed me and said “don’t think I didn’t notice your halfa”and laughed as well.

We found our spot and were out of sight apart from directly in front so Sue pushed me on to my back on the towel, firmed me up and mounted me with not so much as a word and within seconds was shuddering through an orgasm.

“That was quick” I grinned while slowly thrusting up into her.

“well, while they were comparing breasts I noticed ‘boobs lady’ was fondling the guys and one of the guys rubbed my clit as he was playing with himself so I thought it best to get out of there before things escalated … but have to admit I was getting turned on” she purred sliding down and grinding on me.

Just then I noticed some movement and looked past Sue to see a middle aged guy staring intently at Sue’s cute bum moving around on my hardness, “we have an audience” I said, Sue froze and her head whipped around to see the guy start stroking himself as he got harder while still staring intently at our joining.

Sue had squeezed me rather tightly which felt awesome so I started to thrust again and after a few seconds Sue turned back and started to work with me, I noticed the undeniable look of lust in her eyes as she concentrated on what was inside her occasionally turning to watch the stranger, I was just a dildo it seemed .

The guy finally looked up and noticed us watching then moved in closer and slowly moved round us looking from all direction. He reached out and touched her side with the back of his hand and not getting any negative responses got a little bolder and caressed her thigh, Sue looked at me with pure lust waiting to see if I objected but I just pretended it didn’t happen.

He cupped her breast and fondled her nipple while stroking himself firmly causing Sue to ride me more intently and I struggled to hold back.

My legs were spread and I felt him kneel between them and put his arms around her cupping both breasts and teasing her nipples, Sue got more intense and I could hold back no longer and fired my seed deep inside her in burst after intense burst.

“keep going, don’t stop” she pleaded riding me still harder but I was too sensitive and her movement only caused me to soften even faster, she leaned forwards and kissed me feverishly but it was no use and I slipped out.

She leaned up and looked at me with disappointment, frustration and lust in her eyes but then her eyes widened with shock and I realised the stranger had moved up closer behind her.

The lust returned to her eyes and she looked at me with apprehension as her eyes darted from one eye to the other seeking approval or denial but I had to let her make this decision on her own and purposely kept a neutral expression.

She moaned and pushed back, I saw his hands grasp her hips and she was pushed forward as he entered her.

Sues eyes were still quickly scanning from one eye to the other looking for a response but the lust overtook all other thoughts and her eyes half closed as she succumbed to the pleasure of this stranger inside her, only the second man ever to plumb her depths.

Scant seconds later her moans turned to squeals as a huge orgasm ripped through her and she spasmed and shuddered for several long seconds before opening her eyes and seeing my smiling face. She grabbed my face and kissed me lovingly while the guy kept pounding into her seemingly oblivious to his thrusts.

‘thank you thank you thank you” she gushed smiling down at me.

I grinned “my pleasure” as her face moved back and forth above mine in time with his thrusts.

Sues eyes once again clouded over with lust as the stranger kept up the rhythm and it was then I noticed the father and son from earlier were standing behind us watching the events.

Not sure how long they had been there but they both sported hardons which they were languidly stroking.

I smiled and nodded at them which Sue spotted and turned to see what I was looking at, the son had leaned out behind the father to look down the beach and his head was hidden for a second but his normal sized penis was still on full iron hard display as was his fathers impressive member now still hanging down slightly due to the size of the thing.

Sue looked back at me and smiled as the son moved in behind us and kneeled down to get a close up view of the stranger in my wife.

Sue turned again to stare at the fathers huge member and was building towards a third orgasm until the stranger held her tight and groaned loudly as he added his load to mine inside her.

I looked at her eyes seeing the disappointment again but as she opened her mouth to say something she was thrust forward again as he started thrusting again, I looked round Sue’s face to say something but it was the kids face I saw with a look of utter concentration as he pounded into her like a rabbit.

“umm it’s the kid” I said seeing the look of surprise change to lust again on Sues beautiful features.

Sue turned to look but he was too close to her to see him then he thrust hard and stopped moving as he fired shot after shot inside my wife’s willing canal.

Sue exclaimed “my god, I can feel him shooting inside me”

The kid started moving firmly again quickly getting into a fast rhythm while Sue just smiled and continued building towards her orgasm.

“is this your first time?” I asked “yep” he grinned in a croaky voice

“don’t .. you .. wish .. you ..were .. a ..teenager .. again” said Sue to me as he pounded her hard until they both grunted like animals as they both orgasmed at the same time.

The kid was resting on her back slowly thrusting in her, savouring the sensation as I looked over at the father fondling his huge member and looked back at Sue grinning. “might as well ?”. Sue looked over, “probably the best time to try it” she said as she nodded her head at him to come over for a turn.

Sue leaned down to brace herself as the kid pulled out his still erect penis to make room for his father.

The father quickly kneeled down and popped the head inside her gaping entrance, Sue lifted up and kissed me as he slowly but surely worked his huge member deep inside her well used, relaxed and lubricated pussy.

Once he reached her end he started to slowly and gently stroke the almost full length of himself inside her.

“oh yeh, that’s nice like that, not too hard” Said Sue in a lust filled voice.

As she relaxed he found it easier to get further inside her without hurting her and I could see she was building slowly towards another orgasm, “my god, you’ve taken the whole thing” he said as he pushed his pubes hard into her lower lips, “no on has ever taken the whole thing except for my wife” he said in astonishment.

“oh yeh, your wife” I exclaimed, “don’t worry, she’s probably on her third or fourth guy by now, she does it all the time” said the kid “that’s why we went for a walk, its embarrassing getting a horn watching my mother” he laughed.

Sue turned her face to look at him to say something and her jaw dropped at the same time the kids did “Mrs K”, “Mark” they both exclaimed at the same time.

The father did a couple more long strokes before noticing both of them staring in shock at each other and stopped deep inside her.

“Umm, what’s happening” I said …Sue coughed “Um honey, this I Mark who does our lawns!!”

Mark stammered “I’m sorry Mrs K, I didn’t know it was you!, honest!”

“well this is awkward” said the father as he slowly started to pull his impressive length from Sue’s depths. Sue moaned and pushed back keeping him inside her so he pushed back inside her again moaning as he did so.

Sue looked at Mark and motioned him closer then took his hardon into her mouth, both father and son then started thrusting inside her at the same time while I watched comfortably from beneath them all.

Sue was really getting off on the idea as well as the action and soon rolled through an orgasm and kept going through another one on the fathers huge member while she sucked on his sons smaller one.

Mark exclaimed “I’m gunna cum” and went to do the right thing and pull out but Sue grabbed his arse and pulled him into her mouth deeper, he had to straddle me to keep his balance and couldn’t hold back and thrust as far in as he could and let loose his third load, I could see Sues tongue poking out and licking behind his small set of balls … My god he had to be in her throat as she sucked his balls into her mouth as well … wow!!

I had a great view of Sue shuddering through an orgasm with Mark’s penis and ballsack inside her mouth above me when the father pushed in and held her tight as I watched his huge balls contract as he fired his load deeper than anyone had ever been inside her.

Both Father and son fell back to catch their breath and Sue rolled off me onto her back trailing a stream of cum, I rose above her and she noticed my throbbing erection, “this wont take long” I smirked and slid inside her but there was virtually no friction due to her gaping cum filled hole, I lifted her legs and held them together but that didn’t help much so I moved my member down to her rosebud and looked at her with hope in my eyes as we had never done anal.

“gently” she said and I slowly pushed in a bit then hit a bit of resistance and just held the pressure , sue was quite relaxed and just wriggled a bit and I popped inside and slid all the way in.

“that’s not so bad once your in” she said

In the mean time Mark had moved behind us to watch then beside us to get a closer look and stuck his hand down between us, “is he in your bum?” he asked and pushed his finger down into her hole to check.

“yes he is, keep doing that” said Sue and slipped her hand over his to guide him.

I started to thrust harder but Sue spasmed in an orgasm before I had a chance to get anywhere, when I looked over Sue was stroking Mark and he was hard again, “I want you both in me” she exclaimed and somehow managed to turn me over and spin around with her back against my chest without losing me from inside her and without making me cum as I was so close. Sue spread her legs and a grinning Mark quickly impaled her and started up his rabbit act, I couldn’t really do anything but squirm beneath Sue as she slid her rear up and down my hardon a small amount while Mark went hell for leather in her front.

It didn’t take long for me to cum after I felt Sue reach another orgasm and then I felt Mark fill her hole with another load.

We rolled off each other and noticed a couple of guys watching the show with hardons in hand …”sorry guys, I cant do any more” said Sue and laid back on the towel in exhaustion.

“Can I cum on you then” said one of the guys hopefully, “yeh sure” said Sue without even looking up.

The guy kneeled over her closed legs and stared intently at her cum covered pussy while beating his meat, he allowed his balls to touch her inner thighs and got no reaction so he pointed his knob at her clit and stroked faster rubbing the head around the junction of her legs and mound until he started to cum then pushed into the V and emptied his copious load there. Sue just wriggled a little but made no move to stop him and he moved away with a satisfied thank you.

The second guy didn’t even pretend to not touch her and pushed himself into her cum covered V and a few deep strokes later grunted loudly and came profusely all over her clit.

As he stood up and moved away I noticed her shuddering and whispered in her ear “did you just cum?” “yeh, little ones with both of them” she smirked.

“Swim?” asked Mark holding out his hand, “call me Jack” I said lurching to my feet.

Mark then helped Sue up while Marcus stepped over and introduced himself to us both.

“Don’t worry about me saying anything, I wouldn’t want to spoil this … and besides, no one would believe me” laughed Mark as he led us down to the water to clean up.

After we had refreshed ourselves Mark suggested we should go and introduce ourselves to his mum and without waiting for any objections headed off up the beach.

“you have a very thoughtful boy there Marcus, you should be proud” said Sue as we all trundled off behind him.

When we arrived we found a dozen or so guys all taking turns on the woman on her back covered in a sticky mess, hair plastered to her head and moaning loudly through an orgasm.

“anyone not had her yet?” asked Marcus looking around, Ok then, last one he said amid loud moans of disappointment.

It wasn’t long after she finished her orgasm that the current lover spurted inside her and Marcus picked her up in his arms.

“oh boy, I’m stuffed” smiled the mum up at her husband as cum dribbled out of her openings, “what a great session”

Mark spoke up, “this is Mr K and Mrs K, Jack and Sue, you met them earlier when you were comparing boobs, this is my mum Mary” Mary reached out and shook my hand then exclaimed “sorry about that” as she realised her hand was covered in cum, Sue just grabbed her hand and shook it also, “well your hubby and son have already covered me in it so you might as well also” she laughed. Mary struggled out of her husbands arms and exclaimed “really … you took my boy’s V card” and hugged Sue covering her in cum, “four times” said Mark proudly “it was awesome, best thing ever!” Mary grabbed Mark and hugged him tightly for several seconds covering him in cum as well. “Ewww Muuum” said Mark pulling away embarrassed and bright red as he had a semi and it was covered in the copious left overs from his mothers inner thighs. Mary ran her hands down his chest and abdomen scraping off the cum then slid her hand around his penis and slid it down to remove the stringy mess innocently causing him to get erect, “eww mum” protested Mark but she just grabbed him and hugged him tight again “don’t worry, we’ll just wait until it goes down” whispered Mary as she lost balance and stepped out a little to steady herself, unfortunately this allowed Marks now full blown erection to slide upwards between her sticky thighs and slap in between her lower lips.

“oh, umm, err” stammered Mary as she felt his rigid rod nestled in between her lips and sticking out between her thighs, Mark started to pull away but Sue slapped him on the bum saying “ go on give your mum a hug” and he jerked forward in surprise accidentally sliding up inside his mum.

“ooh” exclaimed both Mark and Mary in surprise, Marks eyes glazed over then he shuddered and thrust forward and several spasms deposited his seed inside her.

Mary held his hips tight with her hands, still impaled on her son, She leaned her chest away and lifted his face up “its OK, it was an accident, it will go down now” she soothed stroking his head as Sue looked on in puzzlement.

“Time for that swim now” I said pulling Sue away then whispered in her ear “I think he came when you slapped his bum”

“well that was awkward but she is only his stepmum” explained Marcus as he joined us, I looked around and Mary had her arm around Marks waist guiding him towards the water, he walked with head down in shame and his semi erect penis swinging loose with a large string of cum hanging from it.

As they joined us Sue stepped over and said “sorry Mark, it was all my fault, I didn’t mean it”

Mark hung his head in shame “I can’t believe I had sex with my own mother,” “what?” exclaimed Sue, “Mark had an erection poking between my thighs and when you slapped him he jerked forward and accidentally slid inside me and came” explained Mary. Both Marcus and Sue gasped in surprise. “well that is really awkward” said Marcus once again.

Mary turned to Mark “you know I have loved you like a real son every since I met your father, I know you peek on me and masturbate, you have watched me with some of your friends and have watched me with strangers many times, I’ve always said your welcome to use my body any time you want so I just don’t understand why you don’t want to have sex with me?” said Mary a little sadly.

Mark looked at Mary then sighed resignedly, “When Dad first met you here at the beach a few years ago I thought you were so hot and watching you with him and others really turned me on so much that I didn’t even have to touch myself to cum, I was too shy and embarrassed to do anything but watch. When you married dad I stained so many pairs of underpants just watching you around the house and even when you caught me masturbating over something you were doing you just watched me finish and handed me a tissue and kissed me on the head; I was so ashamed that I couldn’t help myself but you were never concerned and offered to ‘help’ but Dad has your love, anyone and everyone else has your body but I have nothing of you to myself … I know its selfish but I just cant help it, I love you!”

Mary pulled Mark into a hug again with a tear in her eyes, “oh Mark, I love you almost as much as your father but my kisses are for him, as a son I love you more than anyone else in this world and would do anything for you, I love that I turn you on so much that you cant help yourself and shoot off so quick; To be honest I’m a little bit sad and jealous that I could not be your first lover but I’m also happy that you have lost your virginity and also happy that you have now had sex with me even if it was by accident” She leaned back holding his hips and looked him in the face “Your father has never been able to fit that big monster in my bum and I’ve never let anyone else even try so perhaps that can be reserved for you and you alone” she said as she kissed him on the forehead.

“oooh, I see you like that idea” she said as she squirmed then reached down and lined his growing erection up with her pussy “now make this no accident and we can unwrap your special present tonight”

“unbelievable, so many times and still so quick” said Sue as Mark thrust a few times then shot another load inside Mary grinning happily.

“no point worrying about it, easy come easy go” I said with a slight laugh, Mary groaned and splashed me which started a water fight and pretty soon we were all having fun and the mood had lifted.

The sun was getting low so we said our goodbye’s and headed back to our cabin.

Mark yelled out happily “you be back tomorrow?” “not sure yet” yelled Sue, turning to me she said “guess we had better discuss today when we go to bed tonight”

This was going to be a life changing discussion!


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