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Saving Daisy

A romantic romp between John and Daisy
Saving Daisy

John was a thirty something business owner; general construction, married young and divorced within a couple of years. He was now a happy bachelor and doing okay for himself knocking down a cool 6 figures, living in one of his spec homes and doing what he had always wanted. He didn’t go out that much because all it meant to him was another hassle like before and he had enough hassles to last him a lifetime.

He had gotten quite a reputation around town for being a darn good builder and it was well disserved. He had always had this knack of knowing what looks good and how to build it and he used that knack to build his business very nicely. He also had even ventured out into custom building for the wealthier group in his town. With the rewards and the accolades came the added pressure of proving that he knew what he is doing and not making any bad mistakes. So far so good and he intended to keep it that way.

John had grown up in a blue collar family, his father worked at the mill and his mother was a waitress down at the local diner. He had gone into the diner regularly to have his breakfast and to flirt with all of the local girls. There was just one back in those days and she caught his eye big time. Well, his Momma warned him not to get involved “with that one” but he paid her no mind and before you could shake a stick at him, he ran off and got married to the little tramp and well, the rest is history.

His Momma died of a heart attach a couple of years later and his Papa never got over it and when to join her a year later at his own hand. All of a sudden, John was left all alone as a framer for a local builder and when the builder decided to retire, John was the first in line to take over his business.

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

John had learned his trade well and could not only frame up a good, square house, but he could, string wire, do his own plumbing, roofing and rough in work and have it ready for the professionals to come in and sign it off for the inspections. The only thing that he was lacking in was the finish and trim work so he hired himself the best man in town, Bill Wilson and his business was off and running. Of course, over time, he needed someone to oversee everything and to make sure they were all working off the same page, so he hired a third, a crack notched foreman name Carl to fit that bill.

It was on a Wednesday morning, having their weekly business breakfast, that a certain girl caught his eye. It isn’t as you might think because he had seen this little girl for over a year and he thought of her as if she was his own. Daisy was her name and she had just graduated high school and was thinking about heading to the local community college or about going to beauty school to become a beautician. She wasn’t going to work at this here ol’ diner for the rest of her life and she had the ambition to do whatever she wanted.

She was always bubbly and cheerful whenever he had seen her but on this particular morning, something seemed amiss, you know, something wasn’t just right. He was staring at her with his attention on her face and then it hit him like someone had hit Daisy, giving her a black eye.

“Daisy, darlin’, come on over here and let me take a good look at that eye of yours,” he said with concern in his voice.

“What, oh that, it’s nothing really, it’s just where I ran into the door last night in the dark,” she said in a sheepish sort of tone to her voice.

Bill scoffed and said, “Well, you’d think that you would know your way around the house in the dark wouldn’t ya?”

Carl smiled and returned his attention back to his notebook but John wasn’t quite convinced, not yet anyway so he pursued the matter a little further. “Let me that a look at that,” he said encouraging her to come closer for another, closer inspection.

“John, I said no, it’s really nothing,” she said in a huff but John was too powerful for her feeble attempt to hold him off as he looked at it closer. He saw that her whole side of her face was bruised and swollen under the makeup that was applied over it and the abrasion crept up to her eye. She also had a little swelling over her cheek bone.

“My God Daisy, you must have been running it get such a bruise!” he declared. “Are you sure you ran into a door last night?”

John thought for a second and then he saw red. “Daisy, now tell me the truth. Did Billy Joe hit you last night? Did that no account son-of-a-bitch do this to you? Tell me the truth now Daisy, did he hit you?”

She didn’t say a word, she didn’t have to; she just covered her tears and ran to the back of the diner.

Daisy had been just like anyone else as a ten year old when her Daddy got caught in the grinder at the mill and died on the spot. Her Momma had raised her the best she could but she just couldn’t make ends meet, so a couple of years later, she married this lazy bastard Billy Joe Morgan and that was the end of Daisy’s happy childhood.

Billy Joe had worked for John’s old boss before he retired and had framed along side of John. Well, worked is a generous statement, because Billy Joe usually showed up drunk every morning and was useless by the afternoon. When the boss had to fire his lazy ass, Billy Joe turned around and collected Workman’s Comp on him and he finally was classified as 100% disabled to this day. Daisy’s Momma was run over by a hit and run driver a couple of years later and the driver of the car was never discovered. The poor girl had to live with her step father Billy Joe until she could afford to move out.

He often wondered about what went on in that house at night but he didn’t feel that it was any of his business, but seeing this bruise on Daisy’s face that morning was more than he could handle so he suggested that the three of them at the table needed to pay Billy Joe a little visit.

Now neither Bill nor Carl were little men, in fact, John was the smallest of the three, so they were an imposing force when they showed up at Billy Joe’s house that morning. They rousted him out of his stupor as he finally came to see who was pounding on his door.

“What the fuck do you want?” he shouted through his front door.

The trio pounded again their answer. So Billy Joe made his second mistake in as many days as he opened the door and glared out at the people interrupting his sleep.

“Oh it’s you. The biggest piece of shit this side of the tracks,” he said in recognition of John’s presence.

“Good to see you too,” John said with a calm mean tone to his voice. “We’re here to ask you about little Daisy’s bruise on her face. You don’t know anything about that now do you?” John asked.

“What did that little slut tell you anyway. That I hit her? Well I did. She sassed me, right to my face. She told me to go to hell so I gave her what for,” he said in drunken slobber. “What business it is of your anyway?”

“Oh, I was just wondering because she was all bruised this morning and I just couldn’t believe the story that she gave me about running into the door in the middle of the night so I thought that I would come out to see what you had to say about it and now that you have confessed then I think that I can go,” John said, seething at the sight of this scum.

“Go to hell John,” Bobby Joe told him flatly.

I looked at him directly in his blood shot eyes and said, “Now that’s what you said that she said to you last night that caused you to hit her in the face. So I think if it’s good enough for you then it’s good enough for me,” as he unloaded on him with his fist to his ugly face.

He fell flat on his back as John asked the other two men standing on the porch, “Guys, don’t kill him but make him wish that he was dead,” and slowly turned to walk back to his pickup. He didn’t hear the cries that came out of Billy Joe’s mouth but he knew that he would have to stop by his friend the sheriff to tell about how poor Billy Joe fell down the staircase at his house.

The trio went back to the diner and John told Daisy that she didn’t have to go back home after she got off from her shift and that he would be by to pick her up and take her to his spec home to stay for awhile. He had made sure that Billy Joe would never hit her again and that she could now rid herself of him and start a new and better life for herself.

That was how it started and for the next couple of years or so, they lived a life of total harmony with one another in a truly brother and sister existence. He bought her everything she needed so she didn’t have to go back to her old place and she soon placed the terrible few years through her teenage life behind her.

They moved out of and into other houses depending on whether each of his homes sold or not, but she didn’t seem to mind the gypsy life just as long as she didn’t have to go back to Billy Joe and his drunken fits of anger. She was just thinking about going to school when everything seemed to change.

After a lot of moves, John decided to build him a more permanent home and he had just finished the project and they had moved in less than a week. It was a single story abode, a split plan with his bedroom on one side of the house and the other two bedrooms on the opposite side and both sides had their own bathrooms. The main part of the house was in the center so that was where they spent most of their time when they were home.

It was a Saturday mid-morning and John had an appointment to attend a third showing of a custom build home and he was right on time for it when he pulled out of the driveway. After traveling about 5 minutes towards his appointment, he suddenly realized that he had left the file for the project on his desk in the office/den and he needed it to make any notes or changes that the client might want to make. He turned around in the middle of the street and sped back towards his new home.

He parked his pickup and ran into the house to retrieve his forgotten file and as he entered the office, he heard the water running in his bathroom which was right next to the office. Thinking that he left the faucet running or something like that, he opened the door between the office and the bathroom and got the surprise of his life.

There standing under the rain shower head, was Daisy, naked as can be with her head pulled back under the water spraying out of the nozzle, facing his direction, taking a shower in his bathroom. “Why is she in my bathroom?” was the first thing to come to his mind but the second was “My God, she’s completely naked!”

He turned to leave but she opened her eyes and let out a scream and immediately covered herself with her hands and arms. Turning around, completely mortified about being caught in his bathroom, she screamed, “John, what are you doing here?”

“I forgot, ah …, I just came back, ah …, what are doing, ah …, I’ve got to go,” he shouted as he turned and ran out of the bathroom and out to his waiting pickup. He was breathing very heavily as he sped back to the route that he should have been on for ten minutes now and his mind was speeding more than the car as he worked his way through traffic to arrive at the site only a few seconds late.

The meeting went off without any more hitches and the clients seemed enthused and eager to finish the build and as he headed his rig back towards his house, his thoughts went to the surprising sight that it had captured forever in his mind’s camera. My God she was beautiful with her full round breast, with their smallish, pointy nipples sticking out proudly as the stimulating water fell down across them. Her waist was trim and flat like her abdomen and belly button but her bush down between her legs was the most luscious part of the picture. It was a light brown that seemed almost translucent in color and allowed a view of her wondrous lips down there that made John’s cock start to stir with excitement at the mere thought of seeing her like that.

He had a strange feeling come over him as he entered his driveway. It was almost a feeling of dread of having to face her but he thought that he had to see her eventually so now was as good of a time as ever. He entered his house and walked to the office and placed the file back into the file cabinet and as he turned to leave, there was Daisy, standing in the doorway looking terribly disturbed and guilty.

They stared into each other’s eyes for a brief moment or two and then John broke the silence by saying, “Daisy, I’m so sorry for barging in on you like I did this morning. I should have realized that I just didn’t leave the water running and that someone was obviously in the bathroom.”

“NO, it was all my fault. I should never have gone into your bathroom to take my shower. My God, what was I thinking of?” she replied, her voice in a panic.

“Well, we both were at fault I guess but I just want to say how sorry I am for seeing you, or ah, for interrupting your, ah, well, next time I’ll knock before entering,” John stammered and then realizing that he didn’t really mean what he said. Being very flustered by his attempt at an apology he stammered once again, “I mean, if there ever is a next time, I mean, well I just won’t knock and come right in, I mean, oh shit, you know,” he blurted out turning a bright shade of red.

She turned a equal color of red and then muttered, “Yeah, I know,” and turned to leave the room but as she turned, John could not help but notice the sway of her breasts and the little giggle of her buttocks as she made her way back to the other side of the house.

“My God,” John thought, trying to rewind the picture that kept flashing across his brain’s eye, “I don’t thing she had anything on under that tee shirt or those white cotton shorts. Her breasts were swaying so much that I’m sure that she wasn’t wearing a bra and that little ass on her was giggling too much to be covered by a pair of panties. My God, why was she dressed so provocatively?”

The Saturday progressed as usual except that John found himself all by himself watching the golf match instead of sharing the space with his house guest. She was mysteriously absent from the main part of the house and was holed up in her room. About two thirty in the afternoon, John decided that maybe he should check in on her and so he quietly approached her closed door and just as he was about to knock, he heard a strange groan or moan that stopped him in his tracks.

He listened intently through his held breath and there is was again. It was a moan, a loud moan and a squeak of a bed springs. He froze as he continued to listen in at her door, not daring to breathe. “There it was again, louder this time and what was she muttering?” As he eavesdropped on his lovely young house guest, he could make out a feint little, “Oh my God, oh my God, oh, oh OH, OH, YES!” and a rustling sound of covers coming through the closed door. He suddenly realized what he had been hearing as he slowly crept back down the hallway towards the family room. “She was getting herself off,” John thought as he walked back towards the family room and then he realized that his cock was sticking out straight in his pants and he was as horny as hell.

His raging cock stuck with him most of the afternoon along with his recording of her folly that he had overheard still playing in his mind. Had she actually been stimulating herself like it had sounded? He didn’t know for certain but it sure did sound like it to him plus the image of her standing in the shower earlier that morning didn’t help his efforts to regain his sanity. By five thirty, he had to go tell her that he was hungry and see if she wanted to go out for a bite.

She agreed through the closed door and soon made her appearance out into the kitchen looking just a little flustered. They left for a local restaurant to grab a bite and then back to the house afterwards to spend the rest of their evening sharing their embarrassment it seemed.

They chose an old movie to watch on the TV and during one of the many commercials, John finally spoke up and told her once again how sorry he was for barging in on her that morning. He never mentioned that he had overheard her that afternoon in her room because she blushed enough when he brought up their morning ordeal.

She looked down at her lap and slyly told him, “Its okay. It was a shock at first but now its okay.”

He thought about what she said and the words “Its okay” kept running over in his mind. He was wondering what to make of this remark as she slowly picked up her gaze and stared directly into his eyes. For the first time he looked back into hers and he was struck by just how beautiful she was. Her deep blue eyes, her tiny turned up nose, her rosy cheeks and her delicate little mouth, all shouted out at him with their beauty.

She was sitting next to him on the sofa with her feet and legs tucked up under her and her full skirt lay flared out over her lap. Her delicate embroidered blouse hung open at the top exposing just a hint of the cleavage between her nice full breasts. As she looked up at him, her eyes were begging for him to embrace her. He could see that she had the need and was pleading with him to fulfill it. Her chin rose up in an invitation to his lips as he continued to stare into her two eyes and then he was involuntarily drawn down with his mouth to meet invitation.

As soon as they touched, both sets of lips parted just a little as they softened into a sensuous first time meeting and they began to melt into each other. As they blended, they parted some more, taking each other into the confines of their oral cavities. As they smashed down into their kiss, they each opened their mouths further trying to absorb the other into their growing passion and they each started pulling the other into a warm wet embrace.

John’s hand rose up to caress Daisy’s cheek as she pulled on his shoulder, giving his the encouragement that he sought. Opening his mouth slightly, he panted it onto her lips and stuck his tongue into her mouth, trying to find his mate and enter into a wild fencing match to see who could claim the superiority. He bit her slightly on her lips as she cooed her satisfaction through his kisses and then rolled her head to the side in a sensual sign of submission.

With his eyes closed and in between kisses, he slobbered out his warning, “Oh Daisy, we’ve got to stop while I still can. This isn’t right, I’m so much older than you. Oh Daisy please make me stop.”

“I want it, John, oh my wonderful John. I’ve wanted this to happen for a long, long time and now I couldn’t stop if even if I wanted to. Oh John, my love, take me, I’m yours. Take me all the way. Oh John, take me, take me, take….” Her voice trailed off into nothingness but passion.

He pulled her on top of his lap as he continued to press his lips into hers. His mouth was gyrating around on her open lips as his hands began to pull on her shoulders until she was grinding her breasts into his chest. His hands were all over her back, massaging and groping her back muscles, continuing to pull her into him. When his hand found the bare flesh at the bottom of her blouse, he inserted it under the material and slid it up her back until he found her bra snap and with one hand, he squeezed his fingers together and the tension sprung apart, freeing the cups from her breasts.

She moaned a little as she raised herself up from her kissing and allowed both of his hands to run up her back, taking the blouse with them until her bare breasts fell free of the garments. There they were, staring him straight in the eyes, a mere two inches from his sight in all of their glory, her two perfectly shaped mammary glands, waiting to be suckled.

Taking just the nipple into his mouth, he gently closed his lips around its hardness and began to draw it into his mouth with his sucking lips. He marveled at its pebble hard texture and shape as he ran it around and around between his lips, biting on it occasionally. She moaned out loud at the sensation as she unconsciously pressed her chest into his mouth, forcing him to take the entire firm breast into his orifice which he gladly and willingly accepted.

He went from one to the other, giving each his full attention as she rose up on her knees that were straddling his thighs. His hands sought out her fleshly legs under her skirt and as they made their way up the taught muscles of her extremities, they found the material of her thin panties clinging to her firm little butt. They each grabbed hold of the fleshy part of her rear end and as they squeezed on the muscular butt, they also separated them with a pulling action causing her to squeal with delight at the sensation.

His hands were kneading and stretching her butt cheeks, pulling her holes apart and together with each movement of his hands. This caused her to react in the most sensuous way and before long she was mad with desire. She knew that she had to have him and she would not stop before that happened.

She arched her back but before long she threw her hands down to the bottom of the polo that he was wearing and ripped it up and off of his body. Lustfully, she took his nipples between her lips and started to return the favor that he had just completed on her breasts. John felt the urge down deep in his loins as she kept up the sucking action on his tender breasts and then she moved down to lick his stomach muscles.

She was mad with her desire to taste all of his body and as she worked her mouth down to his belt buckle, she slid off of his lap and curled up between his knees. Struggling to free his pants from their restraints, she finally opened them up and slid them over his raised butt and taking them down to the floor. Now his exposed cock sprang up to introduce itself to her hungry mouth and with one long slow lick of her tongue, she ran it from his balls to the tip of his head in one long lick.

John groaned with enjoyment at the sensation of her tongue but he had not felt anything until she placed her entire mouth around his throbbing head and encompassed it into her mouth. The feeling was indescribable as she managed to engulf the entire cock down into her willing mouth and didn’t stop until the head of it rested right against her gagging throat. It twitched a little, buried between her soft lips until she started it pull it out by sucking hard with her mouth as she drew it out slowly.

“Oh my God Daisy, that feels so good. Where did you learn how to suck a guy’s cock like that?” John asked through his clenched teeth as he took in a deep breath.

Daisy didn’t bother to answer with words but increased the speed and depth into her mouth as she sucked down hard on his engorged cock. He sighed and moaned out loud as he started rocking his hips into the action of her mouth.

His need was building deep within his loins as he placed both hands on her cheeks and guided her mouth onto his cock but when he felt her finger go down between his wide spread legs and start to probe for his anus, he felt the urge start to erupt.

He grabbed her by the sides of her head and forced his shooting cock down her willing throat as he raised his hips high off of the cushions to the sofa. He could feel his wad escape the tip of his cock as it shot down her throat, one rope at a time. The sensation of her throat muscles contracting and accepting his sperm was indescribable as he continued to ejaculate out all of his semen. When it was finally just a dribble, she licked him clean as she pulled it out of her mouth and with a big grin on her face and stuck the tip of her tongue right onto his hole on the end of the head.

“Oh my God,” he said through his spinning eyes when he reached down and grabbed her under the arms to raise her back up off of her knees. “Daisy that was fantastic. I’ve never had a blow job that intense in my life.”

She cuddled back up on his lap and allowed her legs to go on either side of his thighs as she embraced his chest with her arms. “I’m glad you liked it,” she cooed.

He rested there for a moment, rubbing her bare back and then placed his hands down on her butt once again. Working his hands up her skirt until he felt the softness of her panties covering her rear, he grabbed her by the ass and lifted her to her feet. He scooted down until his head was resting on the back of the sofa and moved his fingers around to her crotch and felt for the moisture that had escaped from her opening. He picked up the hem of the skirt and put it around his head as he looked up at her crotch and the growing wet spot on her panties and then he pulled her down onto his open mouth.

She moaned out loud as she sunk down and spread her knees out wide. She felt the warmth of his breath as he began to eat at her crotch and as he nibbled on her pleasure node she shrieked with excitement. “Ohhhh John,” she cried. “Oh my God what you do to me. Yes My Lover, eat my pussy, eat me out good!”

He needed no further encouragement as he buried his nose and chin through her panty covered snatch into her treasure zones. She shrieked her enjoyment and ground down with her crotch into his oral assault. Her wet spot was growing larger by the second as her juices began to flow. She began to breathe very rapidly as the pleasure built in her womb and as she felt the sensation build and build from deep within, she tensed all of her muscles and pressed down into John’s face as she erupted into a grand orgasmic release that cut off all of John’s air supply.

He held his breath as he manipulated his tongue into her slit and pushed the material against her clit. She was bucking her hips on top of his face and was screaming out her pleasure. But as it started to subside, he pulled out of her crotch with his head and sat back up to take her quivering little body into his arms to hold and protect her. He began to rock her back and forth as he felt her heavy breathing of her bare breasts against his own chest. He was rock hard once again and he knew that she would be in a second or two.

He reached down and grabbed her by the butt and stood up and carried her to his bedroom. He was completely naked and she was naked from the waist up but as soon as they got to his bedroom, he would take care of that small little matter. As he walked, she held him close around the neck and she placed her cheek against his shoulder until he laid her down on top of the bed and reached for the zipper that held up her shirt.

Daisy opened her eyes and watched him remove the full skirt down over her hips and legs. Tossing it aside, he turned his attention to her soaking wet panties that remained as her only covering. As he pulled on the waistband, they stretched out over her hips and as she raised them up off of the bed, her light brown pubic hair made its appearance. She raised her bent knees up to her chest to remove her underwear and in so doing she exposed her sopping wet vagina to his eager eyes. Her lips were all swollen and red looking and were parted deep between her legs and her opening was still emitting her moisture and aroma. It was so eager to accept my raging cock that he had to enter it right then and there.

Pulling her knees apart and sliding himself in between them, John grabbed his member and guided it towards the Holy Grail. She stopped breathing as she looked deep into his eyes and her mouth turned up into a faint little smile. As the head of his cock made contact with the slippery wet lips of her vagina, she closed her eyes and exhaled loudly and moaned, “Oh John, I’ve waited for this moment for so long. I want to feel you deep inside of me. Put it in me John My Darling, put it all the way in.”

It was music to the ears of John as he slowly entered her vaginal opening. He felt the slick, wet lips engulf the head of his cock and expand around the bulbous intruder and draw it into its confines as he pressed firmly with his hips. She was no virgin and she took it without a whimper but the tightness of the walls of her canal caused them to squeeze tightly against his cock as he impaled her more and more. He relished at the sensation of feeling her tightness surround his penetrating progress but when she moaned out loud and begged him for more, he almost lost it.

Opening her vagina completely at last, he pushed through to the bottom of her well and he could feel it stop at her cervix deep inside of her womb where he rested for a brief moment. She exhaled her breath and moaned again from the full feeling that he had caused her and as he started to withdraw it from her depths, she instinctively pulled her hips away to increase the sensation that his stiff cock was causing as he drug it back out of her opening.

Her lips clung to his shaft like her mouth had clung to it earlier until he had withdrawn it completely from her cunt but as he repositioned it for another penetrating plunge, she screamed with excitement and rose up her hips in acceptance. This time, he entered her with much more force and speed until she saw stars against the blackness of her closed eyes but she could not control her vocalization of the pleasure that it caused and she screamed out her enjoyment.

He continued to slide it in and pull it out of her well lubricated pussy as he was driving her with his hips. She was trying to meet his every entrance with her pounding crotch but was having trouble keeping pace with his movements. She was reaching her orgasmic stimulation much faster than he was because he had already blown his rocks into her mouth just a few minutes before so he was ready for the long haul and was driving his cock deep into her slick pussy and driving her crazy.

Her hands were on his butt, pulling his every thrust deep into her crotch. She threw her legs around his back and added that pressure to their slamming. You could hear the “Slap, slap, slap” of his thighs into her butt cheeks over her crying buildup as he continued to slam it into her.

“Oh my God, oh my God,” she kept repeating in an ever increasing louder voice. “Oh John you’re driving me crazy! I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum, OH GOD, I’M CUMMINGGGGG!!” she finally shouted out her declaration of release. She planted her heels into the mattress and arched her back off of the bed as she let out an unworldly noise that built up to a shouting cry.

“Oh GODDD YESSSS!!” she cried out through her clenched teeth. “OH YESS, YESSS, YESSS!!”

John kept up his pumping, slamming it deep into her pussy and drawing it out so that he could make another run at it. He was insanely obsessed with his own build up and he was forcing himself to reach his own release. He held his breath as his hips became a blur and then he let it all out at once. His breath, his emotions, his desires all came rushing out the end of his cock.

He release was announced by his grunt that shook the entire neighborhood. “UGH, OH MY GOD, UGH, UGH, UGH,” he shouted as he spewed out his seed into the receptacle that he was filling. “OH GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD!” he kept repeating in praise of the one that caused this moment to be remembered.

Finally he started to slow down his rhythmic motions and settled into a rocking action that was much more pleasing for the both of them. He slid his deflating cock back and forth through the co-mingled bodily fluids and she lay there motionlessly spent, trying to catch her breath. But her exhaustion got the better of her and she slipped into unconsciousness, feeling numb to everything that had just happened to her.

He slowly relaxed on top of her frail little body, lying between her wide spread legs, and his mind started to spin in confusion. What had just transpired here and where was it heading? He had a feeling deep within his soul that he thought he would never feel again and it frightened him somehow. But at the same time it felt so good, so right that he actually welcomed it as he drifted off into his own exhausted state to rest and to sleep.

He felt a bare leg when he rolled over and he instinctively jerked awake. His memories came flooding back to him and a smile crossed his face as he draped his leg over her bare butt sticking up at him. She knew what was rubbing her rear end and she welcomed it presence as she raised it up to acknowledge the contact. She felt his leg relax on top of her as well as the warmth of his cuddle and quickly slipped back to sleep with a warm love building deep inside of her.

John slept for the rest of the night. He had conflicted thoughts that kept running through his mind but never came to the surface until that morning. He awoke with the strangest feeling of being watched in his sleep and when he rolled onto his back and opened his eyes, he saw the most beautiful face smiling right back at him.

She had rolled on her side and was watching him as he slept. She had felt this appreciation for his sacrifice for over a year now and it had grown from appreciation to admiration to affection and finally to a love that she didn’t know how to express to him or even if she should. But after what had transpired to night before, she only hoped that he felt the same way towards her and if he didn’t, then what had happened was a waste and should never had been allowed. A single tear escaped her eye and as it ran down her cheek, she wiped it away. John saw her move and what she was doing and a sense of regret displaced the feelings that were growing in his mind.
“What’s wrong Daisy?” he asked caressing her cheek with his hand. “Why the tears?”

“I’m just being silly that’s all. I was just wondering if what happened last night was the wise thing to do. I mean, oh God, I loved it. You were fabulous and everything, but, I don’t know, maybe we just got caught up in the moment. You know what I mean, maybe we shouldn’t have done what we did. You might feel kind of trapped or something,” she said through her sniffing.

John propped himself up on his elbow as he looked deeply into the tearing eyes of his lover. He searched into her soul through those two little windows that were starting to overflow and he felt the sense of love for her grow all the more. How could he have fallen so much, so fast for a girl so much younger than he was a question he would take with him to his grave, but there was no denying it, he felt it once before, a true love for a woman that had stolen his heart.

He smiled at her as she continued to break down and sob. He reached for her and pulled her into his strong, muscular arms and pressed her against his chest. “Come here little girl,” he said with a cheerful tone in his voice. “Come on over and cry your eyes out if you must as I tell you a story,” he told her as he kissed the top of her head.

“There once was a guy who, after a rather nasty separation and divorce from his wife had sworn that he would never fall in love again so he buried himself in his work. It worked because his work turned out a lot of good things for a lot of people. Then one day, he met this younger woman and saved her from a terrible tyrant and asked her to come live with him. For well over a year they lived in harmony together, each coming and going their own way. They were happy in this arrangement until, one day he came home and found her in his shower. He saw just how beautiful she really was and wondered why he had not noticed this fact before.

“Well, that evening, they both felt a strange sensation grow between them and they spent the night making mad passionate love with each other and that feeling turned into a feeling of love, on his part anyway and he just wanted to be close to her in every way. He wanted to hold her close and caress her bare back and he wanted her to lie on top of him and hug the breath out of him. He so wanted her to love him like he loved her and never forget it for an instant,” he said holding her close.

“Daisy, I do think that I’m falling in love with you and I know that I shouldn’t; I’m so much older than you and I rescued you from Billy Joe and now I’ve turned into something just as bad. But, you see, you are so beautiful and sweet and lovely that I couldn’t help myself and now I realize that I don’t want to. I don’t feel trapped, I feel liberated! I feel free for the first time in many years and I have you to thank for it. Daisy, don’t you see, I love you!” he said pulling her up and making his declaration directly into her eyes.

She was smiling as the tears were flowing out of her eyes. She threw her arms around his neck and hugged him harder than she had hugged anything before. “Oh John, I love you so much!” she kept repeating into his ear. “I love you so much!”

They lay there in each other’s arms, feeling the love that they each had just confessed grow with every passing second. It was almost like they couldn’t get close enough to one another to satisfy themselves and their love that they felt. But after awhile, John felt the urgent need to empty his bladder so excused himself to retreat to the bathroom. Daisy watched him as he swayed it into the bathroom and decided that she should relieve herself also so she followed him.

After shaking off the last little bit of his morning deposit, he turned and told her that he was going to take a shower and encouraged her to join him. After her squat, she stepped into his rather large shower that was the cause of their new found love affair and slid up next to him to press her naked body against to his. He turned and bent down and gave her the warmest, love filled kiss that he could muster.

After the longest, drawn out passionate kiss, they separated their bodies and allowed each other to apply soap all over the other. John made sure that all of Daisy’s young, firm body was squeaky clean, especially down between her separated legs and as he settled down close to make sure that every little inch of her pussy had been washed, he pulled on her butt cheeks and drew her in to his seated position.

Placing himself between her legs, he moved his mouth closer until he could smell her feminine presence and he stuck out his tongue to get a taste of her juices. When he made contact with her lips, she pressed her hips forward into his oral assault and groaned the most sensuous sound imaginable. She threw back her head as his tongue spit her two lips apart and made its way up her channel towards her hooded node and when he landed directly on it, she jerked and cried her approval as she reached down and grabbed the top of his head.

“Oh my God John,” she sighed through her open mouth. “God I love you. Oh John, I love you, I love you so much.” She was lost in her lust for his tongue and his lips as he took her tender button between them and started to gently suck it into his mouth.

“Oh, oh,” she moaned as she pressed his head back against the shower wall. When it could go back no further, she continued to press her now ready pussy into his mouth as she steadied herself with her hands against the same wall. She was rocking her snatch up against his lips and mouth just as she felt his hand go around to her rear end in search of her openings. His fingers found each willing and able to be entered and as she spread her knees even further apart, felt his two fingers enter herself slowly as her mouth flew open and she took a deep breath in.

John hand was busy sliding in and out of her crotch as his two fingers were pushing deeper and deeper into her soft insides. She was starting to rock herself into an orgasmic state and the feelings of the three stimuli at once became more than she could handle. She opened her mouth wide and tightened up her muscles and then released all of her emotions in one long, frantic cry as she rammed her crotch into his face.

“OH MY GOD JOHN, I’M CUMMING, OH I’M CUMMINGGG!!” she screamed as she rammed her hips into his face. He was pumping his fingers into her openings and sucking hard on her clitoris until she could take no more of the stimulation and threw herself off of him. Reaching down to pull him back up to his feet, she threw herself around his body to hug him with every square inch of her naked, quivering self.

“Oh John, take me, take me hard and deep. Take me completely, take me now, oh please John, TAKE ME NOW!!” she begged.

Grabbing her by the ass and lifting her up off the floor, he placed both of her legs around his waist with her arms still around his neck for support. Then he reached down to guide his raging hard cock towards her wet vaginal opening and as he landed on it on the first try, it pried open her entrance and he started to push it in. She let out a strange, guttural sound from deep within her soul and let herself be impaled by the rod that she loved so much. As it continued on its long course inside of her, she continued to inhale her breath as she slid down his body between her wide spread legs.

Her mouth was wide open as she neared the bottom of her well and she wiggled around a little to make sure it would not go in any further. She then tightened up her grip on John’s neck and pulled herself up off of the intruder until it nearly came out. But she reversed the course of it once again and slid it back deep into her sobbing hole and this time she cried out, “Oh God John, oh fuck, make it go in further, please put it in me all the way. Please?” As she begged, he bent his knees and rotated his hips upwards and slammed his meat into her as hard as he could.

She screamed out her pleasure and then rose back up and plunged herself down on his rock hard cock. “Oh God yes, oh yes, oh yes,” she screamed through her clenched teeth. “Oh harder, yes harder, oh my god HARDER!!” she yelled out finally and threw herself down painfully on it as she rammed it into herself as far as it could go. She reached her orgasm as she was throwing herself upon his cock. He tried to keep up with her motion but it came on too strong and too frantic for him to remain standing on his own so his knees gave way until she was lying on her back in the middle of the shower with him on top of her and his hips pumping wildly into her wide open legs.

Daisy was sprawled out under the water coming from the shower nozzle with John pumping her crotch like a mad man. Her legs were sticking straight up in the air and her knees were bent. He had hooked her knees with his arms as he rose up on his toes and his main contact with her was between his raging hard cock and her well used pussy lips. So as he embedded her with it once again, he put the full weight of his body down with it and she screamed as he slammed it into her.

“OH FUCK ME!!” she cried out. “OH FUCK, OH FUCK, OF FUCK,” she cried in rhythm with his plunges. Over and over they slammed into the floor of the shower as he gained on his excitement until he was mad with his lust. And just as they thought that they couldn’t get any more turned on, he growled like a wild bear and slammed into her with his first rope of the morning. Deep inside her the rope splashed against her cervix as deep inside of him his orgasm began to release itself.

He lost all control over his senses and his body. He was mad with his lust for his new lover and totally in love with her lust. He had lost everything and had won everything at the same time and as he came down from this unbelievable orgasmic experience, his muscles let him down with a thud and he lay there on top of her tiny little body, panting like a dog.

They lay there for a long time under the constant shower of water on their naked bodies. It was almost symbolic of their lives that were miraculously washed clean of their rough beginnings and now they were one in their togetherness. They lay there alone in their dreamy state of exhaustion, panting their desires and resting for their next adventure together.


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