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Rekindled Fire & Infidelity

Long-time lovers reconnect after years
Rekindled Fire & Infidelity

The Beginning – Chapter 1

“Hey, how are you?”

Kasmithal stared at the screen of her phone as she walked to her car. It was the middle of the day on a Wednesday, and some guy she used to mess around with back in the day had just sent her a message on some silly video app.

“What the fuck does this guy want?” Kasmithal thought to herself more than a little intrigued.

She spent the rest of the day at work in a bit of a fog. It had been so long since she thought about him, but now she was really thinking about him. She couldn’t understand why this one man had so much power over her. She was happily married of course, but perhaps it was because she met this man around the same time as her husband.

“It could have been him.” She thought silently to herself.

On her break she looked up his profiles on the various platforms. He hadn’t posted much, but there were some cute pictures of him, his wife, and his kids. Kasmithal felt a pang of jealousy at the sight of the kids, but she also relished her freedom to travel. Besides, she had her dogs to keep her company, and that was just fine by her.

As she scrolled through the pictures she could see that time was a friend of no one, and he too had aged, and put on a little weight. Life can be hard on some people, but he still looked good to her. The butterflies she felt so long ago in the pit of her stomach began to flutter again.

“This is stupid.” She said to herself as she went back to work, but he was never far from her mind for the rest of the night.

That evening, Kasmithal settled into her room while her husband, Brad, was puttering around the house somewhere. She pulled up the message one more time, and started to type her response.

“Hi, I’m doing great. It’s so good to hear from you again. How are things?” She typed and pressed send.

The rest of the night Kasmithal thought about him. He was so tall compared to her. She remembered him coming into the store where she worked, and the excitement of him being there. When he finally asked her to come to his place she assumed the relationship was to be more physical than emotional, and she was fine with that. The sexual chemistry between them had been off the charts. He took charge in a way that she felt helpless in his hands. As she lay in her bed thinking about their previous encounters together, she couldn’t help but notice a dampness saturating her crotch.

“How the fuck is some guy I haven’t talked to in six years turning me on?” Kasmithal wondered.

The guilt she felt over her feelings was overshadowed by the tingling she was feeling as she drifted off to sleep. She didn’t know it yet, but her life was about to get drastically more complicated.

Chapter 2

Kevin was putting the dishes away in the morning like he normally does when he checked his phone and noticed a message from Kas. He checked the room to see if his wife was stalking nearby, but being 6:30 in the morning meant there wasn’t a chance for that. As he read her message, Kevin thought back to how things ended between him and Kas. It wasn’t what he had wanted, but he felt Kas had lied to him about her relationship with Brad at the time. It was a rash decision on Kevin’s part, and one he regrets making in haste now, but what is done is done. Kevin had thought of reaching out before on numerous occasions, but he always thought better of it since his wife routinely went through his phone looking for messages from Kevin’s family. This typically had the side effect of answering detailed questions about text messages from unlisted numbers and various chat programs. All of this frustrated Kevin to no end, but he had learned to live with it, until he came across a video posted by Kas. He decided to reach out and reconnect after all this time.

As Kevin and Kas reconnected, they realized that they both still had some unrealized sexual energy between them. Perhaps the way things had ended so abruptly or how things were going in their own marriages heightened this energy to the point where they just had to confront it head on in their discussion. The realization of this fact made them both feel awkward, ashamed, and extremely guilty. However, the excitement they experienced when they spent time online together was more than they could resist. They had hollowed out a fairytale relationship online together, a bubble of some kind that, as long as neither of them penetrated it with anything real, would last a lifetime.

This bubble lasted for a few years. The two shared stories of their families, pets, and sexual conquests with their spouses, and life dreams. They had developed a routine of sorts. It went through cycles of intense discussions followed by weeks of awkward silence, but they always picked things back up. And though neither of them would admit it, they both enjoyed getting each other off with pictures and videos of themselves. Yes, the bubble was safe. It created the boundary they both needed to continue their friendship as they would put it. However, a chance vacation proposed by Brad would pop the bubble they worked so hard to maintain.

Chapter 3

Kasmithal came home one evening to see Brad looking at brochures in the kitchen.

“Sport fishing, huh?” Kasmithal commented as she set her bag down.

“Yeah, there’s this boating group down in the Outer Banks of North Carolina where you fish for some marlins.” Brad said excitedly.

Kasmithal froze for a second at the mention of the Outer Banks. Kevin lived near a place that sounded like that.

“Oh, really?” Kasmithal asked questioningly. “How did you find out about this place?”

“I kept getting these brochures in the mail, but I never paid them any attention until today.” Brad said. “I guess they got my name off some fishing mailing list or something, but the pricing on some of these excursions are too good to believe.”

Kasmithal slowly walked up to her room. Something about this fishing trip didn’t sit right with her. It was just too much of a coincidence. She pulled out her phone and messaged Kevin.

“Do you have anything to do with this fishing trip thing?” She typed and then set the phone down to take a shower.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Kevin responded. “What fishing trip? I hate fishing. So boring.”

Kasmithal read Kevin’s message, and figured it was a fluke.

“Look, there’s a good chance we will be in the Outer Banks area next month.” Kasmithal wrote back.

“Seriously?” Kevin immediately responded.

“It’s that near where you live?” Kasmithal asked.

“Yeah, it is. Would that be a problem for you?” Kevin asked back.

“Look, I know we talked about something like this happening, but we never really thought we would be near enough for a decision like this to be made.” Kasmithal texted.

“True, and look, if you want to go radio silent on this thing then I’m fine with that.” Kevin wrote back.

“No, I don’t think that’s necessary, but I just wouldn’t want you to think my coming there was necessarily related to you.” Kasmithal hesitantly replied.

“Ouch, well, yeah, I get it. No worries.” Kevin shot back.

For the rest of the week Kasmithal silently prayed that Brad would change his mind about the trip, but it was on his bucket list, and the trip was eventually scheduled for that summer. Kasmithal was surprised to learn that Brad was to be on the boat for an entire week while she would stay in the hotel alone. She loved the beach, but the thought of being alone there for so long was a little disappointing. Brad offered to let her invite a girlfriend to tag along with her, but Kasmithal made the first of what was to be many strategic decisions that would pop her bubble relationship with Kevin by turning down the offer.

“Hey, it’s your decision if you don’t want to invite anyone.” Brad said.

“I know it is honey.” Kasmithal replied.

Deep down, she had made her decision, but she wasn’t sure if it was the right one.

Chapter 4

Over the next few months leading up to the trip, Kevin and Kasmithal often joked about the eventual meet-up. This joke was quickly followed up with a “Just Kidding” emoji or comment to set the other at ease. While they had often talked about meeting in real life again, they both realized that it would likely result in some awkward sex followed by some even more awkward pillow talk only to end with deep levels of regret and guilt. They both knew that their bubble relationship would never survive something like that. No, instead they chose to live in a fantasy world where these things could happen, but never do. This greatly added to the taboo nature of their flirting without actually creating a level of guilt so high that neither of them texted back.

However, as the week of the trip approached, the mood in the conversation between them shifted. It had been more than a month since they shared intimate pictures or videos with each other, and their usual sexual flirtatious chatting had ceased. Kevin figured the pressure to get Kas in the mood would be too much and put her off, and Kas wasn’t sure she wanted to lead Kevin on in case something did happen. Over the years they had discussed this situation multiple times, and Kevin had admitted to his willingness to pursue an opportunity if the fates aligned. Kas had been less forthcoming on this front. She never really believed it would be possible, and because of that she didn’t listen to her inner voice on the matter. Now that it was about to happen, she realized what a mistake that was.


When Kasmithal reached her hotel room and Brad headed back downstairs to meet up with the fishing outfitters she sent Kevin a one line text, “Here” was all it said.

Kasmithal hadn’t shared the details of her hotel, but she did look up how far away she was from Kevin’s home, and she was stunned with she realized that she could easily ride a bike there. She hadn’t guessed that Kevin lived so close to the beach or that his house was as expensive as it obviously had to be. Kevin’s financial situation was completely unknown to her. He just seemed like a normal family man living a medium income lifestyle, but one look at the area she was in and she realized that he had been modest about his means for years.

Kasmithal and Brad had dinner that night together. It was their last night together before he set off first thing the next morning. Brad was a good man, and the joy and excitement in his face made things harder for Kasmithal. That night she and Brad made love. It was customary in their marriage to christen a hotel room, so it was expected, but something about it felt different to her. She put more of herself into it. She wanted him to last longer, go deeper, but the typical patterns were established and while they both finished together, it wasn’t as fulfilling as she wanted it to be. She wanted it to be better. She wanted it to be so good that she didn’t think about Kevin’s cock. However, the more she thought about why she wanted it to be better the more turned on she became. As Brad rolled over and started snoring, Kasmithal found herself thinking of Kevin on top of her, his weight pushing down on her. Her hand drifted down between her legs, and she started to slowly stroke herself. She could feel Brad’s semen still sticky inside of her, and instead of being annoyed like she usually was by this she used it to lubricate her outer lips. Her mind raced back to all those nights her and Kevin spent texting. She replayed the videos and pictures he sent her. His heavy breathing as he came for her. It was for her, he had told her that. Her own breathing started to pick up now, and she felt the tingling speed down her stomach. She was going to get the climax she wanted tonight, not the one Brad gave her. She loved Brad, and he had taken great care of her, but she felt torn between two men, and now, she only wanted Kevin. The thought of his rock hard cock inside her exploded in her mind as she buried a finger deep inside herself. The pleasure was incredible, and in the moment she felt Kevin’s name ebb to the edge of her lips. On the softest of whispers she moaned his name as she arched her back. Kasmithal was soaking wet now. Knowing that Kevin was so close to her, and that she could go to him at any moment pushed her excitation higher as her fingers lubricated her clitoris. With her eyes shut, she pictured Kevin kneeling between her thighs like all those years ago. She imagined holding his head down and grinding against his face, but she wouldn’t be as timid this time around. She had matured over the years, and she knew what she wanted now. She felt her climax coming, and strained to keep from grunting out loud. She knew Brad wouldn’t care, but she didn’t want to wake him. Finally, she lost control and tipped over the edge. She knew instantly what she wanted to do, what she had to do. As her orgasm subsided, she rolled over and sent Kevin her hotel name and room number. There was no going back now. She made her decision, now; Kevin would have to make his.

Chapter 5

The next morning Kevin stared at his phone in deep contemplation. He had worked out the how in this situation, but his racing heart beat was second guessing his ability to go through with it. Unlike Kas, Kevin was more upfront with his feelings on meeting up, but now that rubber was meeting the road he wasn’t sure he was ready for this ride.

Kas only had Brad to deceive in all of this, but Kevin was on the hook for a lot more of a disruption if any of this ever came out into the light of day. His carefully scripted lie had been thought up years ago, but he was sure his wife would see right through it.

“Leigh, sorry to wake you honey, but I just got off the phone with Jason, and there’s an issue with the financial trust board vote taking place this week in San Francisco.” Kevin said hurriedly.

“Yeah, so, what does that mean?” Leigh asked waking up.

“I need to fly out to San Francisco this morning for the rest of the week.” Kevin replied shakily. “We can call that nanny service and have someone come help look after the kids. It could be a sort of mini-vacation for yourself.”

“A mini-vacation?” Leigh muttered to herself in disbelief. “That sounds nice.”

“Great, I’ll set it up on my way to the airport.” Kevin responded as he bounded down the hall in search of his suitcase. There was no going back now.


As Kevin filled up his suitcase he paused to consider any details he might need in order to get away with this. He would be awfully close to home, and there’s no way he could be seen gallivanting around town. He decided to pack his usual suitcase outfits for these sorts of trips. They were few and far between, but it had been a while since he made one so the timing fit perfectly. He just hoped a real emergency didn’t come up.

As promised, Kevin set up the nanny service to arrive in a few hours and return each day while he was gone. He felt a little guilty lying to his wife, but he knew that when this week was over he would be back home like nothing had ever happened. In a way, as Kevin started up his car, he compartmentalized his emotions and entered into a fantasy world of his own creation. His stomach lurched more and more as he got closer to the hotel. He didn’t need to look at his phone to know which one though. It was a hotel he knew of for a long time. It was very nice, and the staff would be discrete. He debated coming clean with Kas about Brad’s fishing trip, but decided not to rock the boat. He was just amazed that it took Brad this long to finally read the brochures Kevin had made up for him all those months ago. The whole package was planned by Kevin and subsidized to ensure it lured him, and ultimately Kas, close to him. In a way, Kevin saw himself as the king fisherman in this whole charade, but it’s likely no one will ever know. He took a gamble waiting for Kas to reach out to him, but he was right on his bet, and he was about to claim his jackpot.

Chapter 6

Kasmithal woke up to see a text from Kevin stating, “Be there in ten minutes.” She had woken early to see Brad off, but she had gone back to bed. Now, she realized in her horny state last night she inadvertently set herself on a collision course with destiny. Kasmithal immediately texted Kevin asking him to wait in the lobby which he agreed to do. She frantically showered, shaved, and “freshened” up herself and the room. However, about thirty minutes into her routine there was a knock at the door.

“Fuck, I told him to wait in the lobby.” She muttered to herself. “Who is it?” She asked looking through the peep hole.

“Hotel staff ma’am.” Came the response.

Kasmithal opened the door a crack. “How can I help you?” She asked quizzically.

“Ma’am, there’s an issue with your current room. We’ll need you to relocate to another. Some of my staff is here to assist in gathering your belongings.” Came the reply from the staff person.

Outside in the hall were three more hotel staff employees. As Kasmithal opened the door they came inside and started gathering all of her belongings and moving them to a cart.

“Ma’am, if you would be so kind as to follow me, my staff can handle it from here.” The staff person said. “Of course, you’re welcome to stay and watch them pack up your belongings if you like.”

“No, no, it’s ok. Where are we going?” Kasmithal asked trailing off as she followed the staff person down the hall to the elevators.

As they walked into the elevators, Kasmithal was handed a new key card.

“This will allow you to access the elevator as well as your new room.” The staff person said flatly as he buzzed the elevator controls with his card.

The elevator shot up to the top floor and opened to a small entryway with a door in front of it.

“If that will be everything, I’ll have the staff bring your belongings to this floor immediately.” The staff person said as he pressed the button for the elevator to go back down leaving Kasmithal alone in the entryway.

She reached her card out, and buzzed the door. The light flashed green, and she pushed it open. As she walked into the room, her heart skipped a beat. The luxury suite was floor to ceiling windows than ran from one end of the room to the other overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Sitting on the couch admiring the view was Kevin. Kasmithal let the door close behind her and walked in the room. As the door clicked home, Kevin turned and looked over his shoulder at her and asked casually, “Did you just hear a pop?”

Chapter 7

Kasmithal walked into the room in a daze. She never thought this day would come, and now that it had it was feeling surreal to her. As she approached Kevin, he stood up and handed her a glass of Champagne. Without taking her eyes off the view, Kasmithal took the glass and took a sip. Instantly, her daze came into sharp focus as the taste of the Champagne snapped her back to reality.

“Holy shit, that’s delicious!” Kasmithal exclaimed.

“It’s a very nice bottle.” Kevin commented.

Just then, Kasmithal’s phone rang. She walked to a table in front of her and set her glass down and fished out her phone from her bag. It was Brad calling. She debated answering, but realized that if something had gone wrong he would probably be heading back to the hotel, and she couldn’t risk not knowing that. Kasmithal swallowed hard, and answered her phone.

“Hey Brad.” Kasmithal stammered. “How’s everything going?”

Kevin watched Kas answer her phone, and was annoyed by the sudden interruption. He had played out the scene in his head, and now it was ruined. Suddenly, a thought entered his mind, and taking a chance, Kevin walked up behind Kas. Reaching around to her front, Kevin unbuttoned her shorts and pulled the small zipper down. He slowly slid her shorts and panties down to the floor. He then led Kas over to a chair by her hand, and she sat down without hesitation.

Kasmithal’s heart was pounding in her ears. She was having trouble concentrating on her call with Brad.

“…the guys tell me we’ll be way out to sea so this will be my las chance to call you.” Brad was shouting into the phone. It was obvious to Kasmithal that he was already on the boat. It was all she could do to just listen at this point as Kevin spread her legs apart with his hands and lowered his face into her crotch.

“That’s fine honey.” Kasmithal hoarsely stated as Kevin’s tongue stroked the outside of her mound.

As her conversation with Brad continued, Kasmithal found that her hand had settled on the back of Kevin’s head. She began to gently pet his hair, locking her fingers into it to get a better grip. Kevin’s tongue was probing into her, and she was flooded with a warm tingling sensation.

“I’m really excited about this trip.” Brad said enthusiastically. “I’m so glad we decided to come here.”

“Oh, me too babe.” Kasmithal stated flatly sliding down lower in the chair to give Kevin better access to her soaking wet pussy.

“Well, I’ll see you on Saturday.” Brad said. “I’ll take you out to dinner when I get back.”

“Sounds good Brad.” Kasmithal said between breaths. “Good-bye.”

Kasmithal clicked off her phone and made sure the call was ended before tossing it on the floor.

“What the fuck Kevin?” Kasmithal asked out loud sounding slightly annoyed.

“I couldn’t help myself.” Kevin said between licks. “I just had to taste you.”

Kasmithal repositioned herself again getting more comfortable this time and tilting her head back. She had so many questions, but first, she had waited long enough for this and she just wanted to let the pleasure roll over her.

Chapter 8

Kasmithal pulled Kevin’s face harder into her wet pussy. Using both of her hands, she guided Kevin to the spot she wanted licked the most. Kevin felt Kas’ legs start to wrap around his shoulders and her heels lightly resting on his back. The taste of Kas in his mouth was intoxicating, and better than he remembered. She had recently shaved the area and it was smooth to the touch. Knowing she was getting more into what was happening allowed Kevin to relax a bit. He found the spot she was guiding him to and proceeded to bathe it with his tongue. Kasmithal loved having her pussy licked, but Kevin’s slow pace was driving her wild. He was practically massaging her clit in a steady drum-beat fashion, and she didn’t know how much more she could take.

“Oh, yes, that’s the spot.” Kasmithal moaned.

Kevin looked up and saw Kas had her eyes closed and head tilted back. He couldn’t believe how beautiful she was. Sure he had seen pictures, but filters and selective photo taking makes everyone look better these days, but Kas still had a very tight body. She wasn’t tall, but her breasts were well rounded under her shirt, and her dark skin contrasted nicely against his pale complexion. Her long black hair was hanging over the back of the chair now, and he could see that she had taken the time to put on some light make-up before heading up. Kevin’s arousal was surging beyond anything he had experienced in the last ten years, and while he was worried that she wouldn’t reciprocate his own feelings about her he had to admit that he was in a pretty good position at the moment. With that thought, Kevin returned his attention to the task at hand, and slid a hand up below his mouth. He carefully inserted his thumb below his tongue into Kas. She let out a small gasp at the sudden intrusion, but she smiled at the increased pleasurable sensation.

“Oh my god Kevin, don’t stop.” Kasmithal begged tightening her thighs around his head. She wanted to pull him into herself.

Kevin felt Kas starting to squeeze in around him and decided it was time to kick it up a notch. He moved both of his hands down under Kas and cupped her butt cheeks in each hand. This forced Kas to spread her legs out wide again, giving Kevin the most glorious view he had ever seen. Kas’ red, blood-swollen, pussy was glistening before him. He could see that she was extremely turned on by his endeavor, and the pang in his cock shot straight up his abdomen. Kas’ clit was protruding from it hood, and Kevin locked on to it. Dragging his tongue from the bottom to the top of her slit made Kas shutter with delight. Kevin shifted to hold Kas’ legs apart at her knees. After each pass of his tongue, Kevin would rise up and lock eyes with Kas before diving back down. The intensity of his gaze added to the atmosphere in the room. Kasmithal wasn’t sure how much longer she could hold out. Watching Kevin giving her the tongue lashing of a lifetime was more than she could handle mentally not to mention in real life now. She felt her own wetness seeping down into her ass along with Kevin’s saliva. She wanted a cock so bad she was ready to beg for it, but just before she could say anything Kevin stood up and dropped his shorts to the floor.


Kasmithal had seen pictures and video of Kevin’s cock multiple times, but now that it was in person she couldn’t believe how much more it turned her on. She reached out and gently caressed it with her hand, gripping it and squeezing it. Kevin removed his shirt as well. Kasmithal was not a huge fan of giving head, but she did admit to herself that once she got going it was a pretty good turn on for her. However, she had not hesitation now. She was lit up like a Christmas tree and couldn’t get Kevin’s cock in her mouth fast enough.

Kevin’s cock wasn’t the largest she had ever seen, but there was something about a cock that was just right in terms of length when sucking on one, and Kevin’s was perfect. Kasmithal was able to get most of him inside her mouth without gagging, which she knew would look hot from Kevin’s point of view. With her spit dripping off of Kevin’s cock, Kasmithal began working the shaft with her hand. She knew she hit the sweet spot when Kevin let out an audible groan. While some women are timid with it comes to giving head Kasmithal had learned long ago that giving it your all was well worth the effort. Besides, she was so turned on now that she didn’t care. She was happy to suck and fuck just about anything at this moment, which was why she also started rubbing her own clit in the process.

Kevin loved this level of foreplay, but he felt a need to be inside of Kas. He had wanted to fuck her again for so long now that he was worried that it might never happen, but watching Kas suck his cock like a strung out whore was amazing. Her skills had grown so much since the last time they were together, and he wasn’t sure how to stop her at this point. He knew that if she kept going he was going to cum in her mouth, and he wasn’t sure she would be cool with that.

“If you keep that up, I’m going to cum in your mouth.” Kevin said between breaths.

Kasmithal stopped and stared up at Kevin, her eyes locked on his with the tip of his cock still in her mouth and a hand wrapped around the shaft. She debated if that was what she wanted, and decided they had time enough for more play later and proceeded to increase her speed.

Kevin felt his knees buckle a little, and the contraction of his balls start up. He was amazed that Kas could keep such a pace going, but all thoughts about the moment fell away as his first load dumped out of his cock and into Kas’ mouth. The following spasms pushed even more into her, and she was soon overwhelmed by the amount of semen Kevin produced. Pulling away, Kasmithal was suddenly hit with the final rounds of Kevin’s orgasm in the face. The reality of the situation finally “hit” her and she started to laugh, but some of the cum in her mouth began to trickle down the side. She hurriedly stood up and ran to the bathroom and cleaned her mouth out. When she walked back into the room Kevin had moved to the bed and was watching her.

“I can’t believe this is happening.” Kasmithal said to Kevin.

“I didn’t think this day would come to be honest.” Kevin replied.

Kasmithal walked over to the bed pulling her shirt off and unbuckling her bra. She could see Kevin’s eyes perk up at the site of her unburdened breasts. It felt good to be gazed at again. She knew the newness of this would wear off soon, but she relished the feeling now. Sex was always good in the beginning she thought, and things were just starting.

Kevin watched Kasmithal walk over to him. He was amazed by how she looked. She was more beautiful now than all those years ago, and a sudden pang of worried hit him. He tried to suck in his gut, but it was no use. He had come to face the facts a long time ago that he was not the same as he was. The years were not kind to him as they sometimes were to others, but Kas didn’t seem to mind. Finally, Kas crawled onto the bed. Kevin knew she wasn’t satisfied yet, and he had not meant for things to work out like this, but he was going to make up for it. However, before he could do anything Kas jumped up on his stomach and pinned his arms down.


Kasmithal was not satisfied. She wanted to cum too, but things had taken a turn a while ago, but that wasn’t going to happen again. She knew how things were the last time they were together all those years ago, but now she was different. She wasn’t the shy girl Kevin remembered. She knew exactly how to please herself, and she was going to show him who was boss. Sensing that Kevin was about to make his move, Kasmithal quickly sat atop him and pinned his arms down. She looked down at Kevin with a knowing smile and began to slide her body and pussy up to him. Once her knees were safely resting beside Kevin’s head she lowered herself down on his face. Kasmithal has dreamed about doing this to Kevin for a long time now. They had often texted about this very position. How it would feel to have Kevin’s mouth sucking on her while she grinded into his face. She imagined gripping his hair as he slowly ate her out, and how she would bounce rhythmically on top of him as she came on his face. However, she could not compare any imagination of this scenario to the real life feeling of Kevin’s tongue plunging deep inside of her while his hands gripped the back of her ass.

“Oh my fucking god!” Kasmithal said out loud.

Kevin closed his eyes. There was nothing to see now anyway. He had one mission, and that was to satisfy Kas however possible. She had clearly known what she wanted, and he was eager to please her. He knew that he would need to push through any fatigue he felt, but at this point he felt like he could go on for hours. Kas’ pussy was sopping wet now, and she was gently grinding up and down. Kevin held his tongue out as far as he could to allow her to fuck him. After a few seconds, Kevin switched up to suck on her clit and pulled her down harder on his face.

Kasmithal let out several moans of pleasure. She leaned against the headboard to give Kevin direct access to her clitoris. She wanted to cum so bad now. She continued humping Kevin’s face in synch to his strokes, and she felt the crushing wave of her climax approaching. She remembered how much Kevin liked eating her out, but hot dam he was good at it. She just needed a few more minutes and she would get there. Reaching down with one hand, Kasmithal pulled Kevin’s head harder into her. She was pinned between the headboard and Kevin’s head now, and she knew the force was likely crushing Kevin, but he kept his tongue moving, and that’s all she wanted in this moment.

Kevin felt his face smashed into Kas’ crotch even more than before. The pain of it was a little intense, but he was so turned on now that he couldn’t stop even if he wanted to. Kevin reached down and began stroking his cock which was already hard again. Based on Kas’ pressure, Kevin knew she was close.

“That’s it! That’s it! That’s it!” Kasmithal exclaimed. The need to cum was all she could focus on now.

Kasmithal felt the edge of her climax start, but she needed Kevin to keep going just a few seconds more. Then suddenly, Kasmithal went limp and hunched over Kevin’s head. The orgasm sprang forth from her abdomen and flushed up and over into her head. She rolled over to the side and continued to spasm with each passing wave. Finally, after a few seconds she looked over at Kevin who was staring wide eye at her.

“Thank you for that.” Kasmithal whispered.

Then, Kevin did something that stunned Kasmithal. He leaned forward and kissed her on the lips. It was awkward to say the least, but it felt more intimate than what they had just done together. Kasmithal pulled away from the kiss suddenly.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to.” Kevin started to say.

“Oh, no, it’s fine.” Kasmithal stammered. She wasn’t sure how she felt about this yet. “It’s just we haven’t really discussed ‘this’ yet.”

Moving down next to Kevin, Kasmithal rested her head on the pillow next to him, and the two rolled on their sides to stare at each other.

“I can’t believe you’re here.” Kevin said.

“I know, it’s like fate intervened for us.” Kasmithal replied.

“Yeah.” Kevin muttered, a pang of guilt washing over him.

“Look, do you want to set some ground rules for this week?” Kasmithal asked.

At this, Kevin sat up and moved to the end of the bed. Kasmithal followed him and leaned on his shoulder and side. He wrapped his arm around Kas and sighed audibly.

“I’m not sure what I want.” Kevin said. “I want our physical relationship to be like our bubble relationship. I want it to be about us and no one else, like we’re out of time or something.”

“Hmm” Kasmithal sighed thinking to herself.

Kevin turned and took Kas’ face in his hands. Locking eyes with her, he leaned forward and kissed her gently on the lips. Kasmithal felt her stomach drop and her mouth open, her invitation extended. Kevin wasted no time accepting, and their tongues met. As the kiss continued the intensity exploded exponentially. They leaned back down on the bed, and Kasmithal positioned herself next to Kevin, with one leg intertwined with his. She felt as if the room was spinning, and Kevin’s grip on her was only getting tighter. It had been a long time for both of them since they had kissed anyone with that amount of passion, and neither of them was sure what was going to happen next.

Chapter 9

As Kasmithal and Kevin continued their passionate kissing, Kevin felt his member stiffen. He was feeling round two coming around, and pulled Kas atop him. As soon as she straddled him Kevin felt an instant sigh of relief escape Kas’ breath into his mouth as she settled into position. Kasmithal sat up and looked down at Kevin. She could not believe everything that had happened so far. Her husband had just left only a few hours ago, and here she was about to fuck another man. She looked down and saw Kevin’s hard cock peeking out from beneath her. She wedged the shaft between her open lips, and started gliding back and forth on it. Kasmithal couldn’t believe how wet she was, but she loved how good it felt pressing into her. Kevin stared up at Kas and started fondling her breast. She really did look amazing to him. Her long, black hair was draped down her back, and his cock was starting to ache with the need to be inside of her. The sound of their breathing was all that could be heard in the room as the two stared at one another. The sexual tension was building to a head, and it was only a matter of time before it exploded.

Kasmithal had found herself in a rhythm of using her opening to tease along Kevin’s shaft, but the teasing quickly turned into a sense of pleasure for her that she was not expecting. With each passing, Kasmithal’s clit was deliciously stimulated, and it wasn’t long before she found herself coming to an apex of an orgasm. Kevin could tell by the look on Kas’ face that she was enjoying toying with him. He wanted so bad to just push her down and fuck her, but something about the mood made things feel different to him. The sensation of Kas’ wet pussy sliding along his cock was amazing, and watching Kas enjoy herself was even more gratifying. Kasmithal knew she had to make a decision. She was about to climax, but she wanted Kevin inside her first, so with one swift motion she leaned forward, reached down, and tucked his hard cock up into her. Kevin let out a deep sigh and groaned. Kasmithal had done an excellent job lubricating them both, and Kevin’s cock easily glided all the way up inside her. Kasmithal let out a barely audible groan of pleasure as the walls of her vagina closed in on Kevin. The two sat still for a moment, joined together at last. The feeling was incredible, and the sensation never ceased to amaze them both.

“God, that feels good.” Kevin said quietly.

“Fuck yeah.” Kasmithal whispered.

Kasmithal started to grind into Kevin who raised his knees up a bit to support her. They quickly fell into a cadence, and the years of foreplay built-up between them started to unfurl. Kevin reached up and pulled Kasmithal down to him so he could kiss her. He wanted to taste her mouth again, and Kasmithal enjoyed the warm sensation of her breasts resting against Kevin’s chest. As they continued to kiss, Kevin picked up his pace, and Kasmithal leaned into the increased pressure of his thrusting. She was not expecting to feel this way about Kevin, and she knew her judgement was compromised during this moment, but Kasmithal couldn’t help feeling like a part of her was complete. As Kasmithal nuzzled into Kevin’s neck, kissing him gently, Kevin closed his eyes as he gripped Kas’ ass tighter pulling himself deeper into her.

Kevin was taken aback by Kas’ softness in this moment. Based on their earlier discussions he was gearing up for more of a hot and sweaty fuck session, but, for Kevin, the situation had changed somehow. Kevin buried his cock deep inside of Kas and held it in place. He pulled her head back up and in front of his. Staring intently into her eyes, Kevin began to slowly pull his cock out and slide it back in. The intensity of his staring was mesmerizing for Kasmithal. She felt the breath go out of her, and she started to sink into Kevin. All at once, Kevin rolled them over, and while now atop Kasmithal continued holding her head in his hands. Kasmithal wrapped her legs around him and squeezed him tighter into herself. Kevin gently stroked Kasmithal’s hair and proceeded to kiss her open mouth, moving down her neck and behind her ear before coming back to her lips. The sensation sent shivers down Kasmithal’s spine. She wasn’t sure what was happening, but this was not what she had expected. This level of sensual-ness was reserved for movies or television, but as Kevin reached down and cupped her ass, pulling himself deeper into her, she realized that she had never experienced anything this intense in her life.

After a few moments, Kevin pulled himself up on his knees while keeping himself inside Kas. He stared down at her, and was amazed at how beautiful she was, and how gorgeous her body was. He never thought someone so attractive would want to be with him. As he thought this, he lifted one of her legs and nipped at it with his lips and tongue before lowering it down and spreading her legs wide. With her bare before him, he reached down and began to gently stroke her clitoris with his thumb allowing his thumb to rest against the place where his cock slid into her pussy. Kevin watched as his cock moved in and out of her, the motion hypnotizing him.

Kasmithal was in awe of Kevin. Watching him enjoy her body was such a turn on for her. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply. She moved her hands over her nipples and began rubbing and squeezing them lightly. Suddenly, she felt Kevin’s thumb stroke her clit, and she felt a fleeting shot of fire snake up her abdomen and she opened her eyes to see Kevin watching his cock slide into and out of her.

“You like what you see?” Kasmithal asked.

“I just can’t get over how beautiful you are.” Kevin said hypnotically not raising his eyes to her.

“Well, I haven’t found myself attracted to another man outside of my husband for a very long time.” Kasmithal said.

“Well, how are you feeling about all of this?” Kevin asked looking up at her.

“Honestly, I’m a little confused.” Kasmithal sighed.

“Well, I think confused is an okay place to be right now.” Kevin said as he leaned down and began kissing Kas again.

Pulling Kevin tight against her, Kasmithal whispered in Kevin’s ear, “I want you to fuck me hard now.”

Chapter 10

Kevin took Kasmithal’s words to heart. Pulling his cock out of her, he flipped her over on her knees and pushed her down into the mattress while splitting her legs wide enough to get between them. Lining his cock back up, he eased it into her causing Kasmithal to let out a small grunt. He had fantasized about fucking Kas from behind many times over the years, but the actuality of it was surreal to him. Gripping the sides of her ass, he knew it was going to hurt her a little, but sometimes good sex required a little pain. The suddenness of Kevin’s ferocity caught Kasmithal off-guard, and she couldn’t do anything but comply, which made her smile secretly. The sensation reminded her of the last time they had sex, and she felt like a young, horny twenty-something again. Then, as the force of Kevin’s cock slammed deeper into her, she bit down on the fabric beneath her, relishing in the pleasure and the pain at the same time. She asked for this, and she was going to take it.

Kevin looked down at Kas’ ass, and moved his hand over so he could press his thumb up against her asshole while he pumped away. He knew she wasn’t into ass play, but he also knew how good it was going to feel as he fucked her.

“Oh my god, Kevin!” Kasmithal exclaimed.

“You like that you dirty girl?” Kevin asked rhetorically.

Kasmithal reached between her legs and began rubbing her clitoris. She had been edging on a climax since before Kevin was inside of her, and now she felt like she was going to explode.

“I’m going to cum Kevin!” Kasmithal moaned.

“I’m right behind you baby!” Kevin said breathlessly.

Kevin’s words were just the approval Kasmithal was looking for to clench her orgasm. A wave of muscle spasms flashed across her body, and she fell limp on the bed forcing Kevin to keep her lifted in place. Kasmithal let out a long moan that grew in volume and intensity as Kevin continued to ram his cock into her faster and faster. The amplitude of her climax continued to peak with each thrust forcing Kasmithal to pull away, but Kevin’s firm hands held her ass in place as he drove his hips into her again, and again, and again.

Kevin felt Kas trying to pull away, but he wasn’t done with her yet. Her howls of delight just urged him deeper into her, but the tightening in his balls signaled the end was near. With a final foray, Kevin rammed his cock as hard as he could into Kas until he felt his seed gush out of his spasming cock. He had already cum so much today that he was surprised by the sensation of his load spurting deep into her. As Kevin gasped for breath, Kas pulled away from him and turned around to face him. Taking his cum-dripping, wet pussy coated cock directly into her mouth, Kas smiled up at him sucking him clean, the site of which turned Kevin on more than anything he had ever seen before.

Kasmithal was shocked by her own actions. She had never been so turned on in her life, and the mixture of Kevin’s semen and her wet pussy was intoxicating. She knew he would like her doing this, but it also turned her on as well. Additionally, Kevin’s load slowing oozing out of her and down her legs also felt thrilling. Kasmithal pushed two fingers deep inside herself and pulled them out so she could lick them clean in front of Kevin. She wanted to show him she was still the dirty girl he fucked all those years ago.

“Fuck Kas, I need a minute before I can go again.” Kevin said leaning back on his heels.

“That’s fine, I’ll go get cleaned up and we can go again later.” Kasmithal said smiling as she stood up and walked to the bathroom.

Kevin turned and lay back down on the bed trying to slow his breathing. He watched Kas walk away, and knew he was going to get a pretty good workout this week. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was.

Kasmithal looked at herself in the mirror of the bathroom. She was a mix bag of feelings at the moment, but she was mostly just horny.

“What the fuck is wrong with me?” Kasmithal asked herself. “You just literally finished fucking someone and you’re ready for more.”

Leaning her head out of the bathroom Kasmithal said, “I’m going to take a shower.”

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