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Regaining My Power

Taking back what was stolen from any cost!
Regaining My Power

I didn’t want to do this. They made me do it. If it wasn’t for them, I would not be here now trolling down Greek Way in my minivan looking for my target.

It’s Friday night on campus, and I’m not out here looking for the most out of control party. Those tend to have the most people surreptitiously filming everything and everyone, and I don’t want that. No, I want to find the smaller party house, the one with people spilling out into the backyard, not the front. It doesn’t take me long to spot what I’m looking for at Omega Mu. The sorority is known for their slutty girls who are willing to blow guys en masse in order to keep their standing with the Greek council.

As I slip around the side of the house, I tuck in my shirt. As expected, there’s a patio with some stairs that I take as I easily join the party at hand. I don’t want to go inside the house as there might be cameras, but I know they would never want to film what goes on out back. That’s when I see my target. The trick is for them not to see me, which can be difficult. I make my way from behind them until I’m close enough to slip something into their drink. Then I just have to wait for the effects to kick in. Once they start, I’ll be in the clear, and they’ll never remember my face.

About twenty minutes later I’m helping my target back to my minivan where they collapse on the floor. This was easier than I thought. No one stopped me to question where we were going, or anything. Oh, well, I guess it’s back to the farm.

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

The farm is what I call the house my aunt left me when she died. It’s got a main house and a few smaller shed like buildings, but the main attraction for tonight is the barn, and the underground room I’ve installed.

After getting my prey on the table, I carefully cut away their clothing. After this I strap them into the specialized table. The arms and legs are attached to movable portions of the table, and the legs are actually contained in stirrup like holders that are on rollers so I can lock their legs in a bended position. With the bottom of the table slid up, their entire ass can hang freely from the table. So far, the apparatus has worked perfectly.

I get a bucket and some soap and begin to sponge bath my victim. With a hood over their head, they won’t be able to see anything, and that’s exactly how I want it. It’s during the bath that they start to come around again. Moaning softly as the drugs wear off and then sobering faster as they feel the restraints and the hood. I urge them to calm down, and relax, which never works with anyone really. That’s when the yelling and scream starts. I sit back and watch and listen. I can feel my power growing now. The excitement is ramping up. After a few minutes I pull out their driver’s license and begin to read it out loud.

Brad Jenkins, height 5’ 10”, eyes brown, weight 200 lbs. Lives at 3270 Terrace Blvd. He suddenly grows quiet, and I’m getting wetter than I have ever been before. He starts to question who I am, and what I’m going to do. I tell him not to worry, and that he’ll know soon enough. I spread his legs apart and lock them in place. I pull up a chair to between his legs and I gently breathe on his balls. I see a shudder run through Brad. It was a pity he shaved his privates ahead of time as I was so looking forward to doing it for him, but oh well. I stick out my tongue and I begin to lick his left nut pulling it into my mouth. Brad grows real quiet at this. His cock twitches a little. I open my mouth and pull in the other ball, and Brad’s member stiffens quite a bit. I look up at him and I whisper, “yes, that’s it Brad”. Coaxing Brad’s cock to full attention wasn’t too difficult after all.

I reach up and take hold of his cock, at which point Brad moans softly, but remember this isn’t about Brad. This is about me getting what was taken from me that night in that fraternity house by Brad and his gang of merry men. I’m going to make Brad suffer for what he did to me, and then I’ll get back what they stole.

I pull down hard on Brad’s cock and he lets out a short yelp. Then I slap his balls, and his whole core tenses up in pain. Brad starts to talk again, begging me to stop. Brad’s cock starts to soften a little, and I lean down and pull it into my mouth and suck on it to bring it back to full attention. I go on with this for a little while. Keeping him hard for as long as possible, which is no easy task, but knowing I’m in control of his erection is intoxicating. However, I know I can’t hold out much longer. All the teasing with Brad is making me drip with anticipation.

It was easy enough to lure Brad home with me. I’m older than the sorority girls, but I’ve still got the look of one. Tall, thin, blonde hair and a nice set of tits all that was missing was that bubbly spirit and award winning smile. The last two things Brad and his buddies pummeled out of me that night two years ago. I swore I would never let a man take advantage of me again, but in those two years I discovered I lost something that night, and I wanted it back. So, here we are now. Poor Brad, strapped to a table fully nude with no idea how he got here, or what he’s doing here.

I take off all my clothes, and I lube up Brad’s cock with my hands. I start to masturbate him slowly. I want to build Brad up to a point that it’s painful. I can tell Brad is getting into it now. Perhaps he thinks this is some sort of kink-fetish thing that he’ll get to tell all his buddies about later. We’ll see about that Brad. I see Brad’s body stiffen, so I stop my hands. Brad calls out in frustration for me to continue, but I refuse. I walk over to the couch nearby and lay down. It’s starting to get to me how exciting this all is, and I just need to rub one out real quick to get myself back together. I spread my legs and start rubbing my clit gently. It’s not going to take long. I’m super wet already, and build up is fast. I use two fingers from my other hand and insert them while furiously rubbing my clit now. I’m pumping away faster and faster until I can feel the pressure build and then a release. I relax into the couch and I can feel my waves of excitement recede a little at a time.

I get up and walk back to Brad and I begin again by stroking his cock. This goes on for over an hour. By the end of it Brad is begging for release, not of his arms and legs, but of his semen. Now I know he’s ready. I climb up on top of him, and I lower my wet pussy onto Brad’s cock. Brad moans in pleasure, and I admit that his cock does feel very good after all of the solo work I’ve been doing this night. I begin to slowly grind myself into him. This is about me, remember? I get mine first. I’m being careful not to so much as fuck Brad as to grind myself into him. The strap across his hips is preventing him from fucking me. Even so, I know Brad is building up with me. I’ve had him on edge too long tonight for him not to be. It’s becoming a race as to who will cum first. I decide to speed up my process, and I reach down and rub my clit while rocking faster back and forth. Brad lets out a soft moan of pleasure, and I admit that this does help me a little. I start squeezing one of my nipples hard, and I lean my head back. The sensation is amazing. I know I’m about to explode, and the thought that Brad is racing me there is exhilarating. Finally, I feel the finish coming, and I risk a light pounding up and down, up and down. Then I’m coated in a blinding bliss as my orgasm explodes through me. I lean back as far as I can and Brad’s cock pops out of me, but a splash of my juices rains down on Brad’s chest. I fall forward on top of Brad and I breathe in deeply.

I leave Brad alone for a few minutes and I collect myself again. I’m starting to feel my own sexual powers return, and it’s time to turn it up a notch. I come back into the room with a strap-on securely fastened to myself. A nice, thick, eight inch, black cock that I was able to buy online will do pleasantly. It’s nicely fashioned just over my mound, which makes it good for grinding. This is where my fancy table comes in handy. I bend up each of Brad’s legs and lock them in place. I then ensure his ass is well positioned. I contemplate not lubing Brad’s ass, but I figure this will likely be painful enough with lube.

Brad is starting to notice how much more exposed he is now, and once he feels the lube trickle down his ass he starts to cry and whimper. Oh well Brad, I guess you should have thought of that before you decided to rape me with your friends. I slowly insert the strap-on into Brad, and after a few seconds of fighting I’m gently pounding Brad’s asshole.

Up until this point Brad had a fairly good story to tell his frat bros, but I suspect this portion of the story will be omitted. I continue pounding away, and the pounding is actually a good workout. I reach down and stroke Brad’s flagging cock, and he comes right back to attention. The sniffles and tears from earlier are also starting to cease. It’s around this time that I notice Brad is starting to enjoy the ass ramming I’m giving him. I decide now is the perfect time to turn the screws even more.

“You like me pounding your ass, don’t you Brad?” No response from Brad. “You like all this gay stuff. It reminds you of all that shit you do with your frat bros, huh?” Brad moans slightly. “You’re all just closeted homosexuals who secretly want to fuck each other. I don’t know why you bother trying to pick up women.” Brad’s cock twitches even more. “If you cum while I’m fucking your ass you’ll know you’re gay. You’ll dream about having cock in your ass every night. Every time you go to whack off you’ll be thinking of a hard cock slamming into you.” Brad starts to sniffle. “Don’t cry because of me, you’re the one who likes it in the ass. I can feel your cock getting harder now. See, it’s ready to explode.” Brad murmurs, “Yes, please, fuck me harder.”

I have Brad right where I want him now.

I ask, “Are you ready to cum Brad?”

Brad moans, “Yes, please!”

I take off the strap-on, and I climb back on top of Brad. I slam my hot pussy down on him, and Brad just groans.

I yell at him, “Come on mother fucker, fuck me! Can’t you make a girl cum?”

I let the strap holding Brad’s hips down loose, and Brad begins to buck me hard, like a rabbit. The fucking is amazing, and I’m so turned on that I can’t remember what I was going to say next.

Brad cries out, “You want this hot cock bitch, you take it! I’ll fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk!”

I collapse onto Brad’s chest and his pounding continues. I can feel him about to explode inside of me. I know my own orgasm is just a few more strokes away. I sit back up and feel the full length of Brad inside me. The warm stickiness of him is about to flow into me. The thought of his cum inside me pushes me over the edge and I start to scream, “Yes, yes, yes, yes”. Brad grunts in excitement and his cock explodes inside me. I raise the nine inch knife above my head and I slam it down into Brad’s chest. I pull the hood from Brad’s head and the look of confusion on his face is perfect. I can feel his cock still twitching inside of me. The knife is stuck in his chest. He looks from the knife to my face where I start to cum again as the power I was hoping to regain surges into me. I buck against his hard cock a few more times, and then I relax and fall against his chest. My eyes are next to the handle of the knife still embedded in his chest. I pull myself off of Brad, and as I pull the knife from Brad’s chest his blood quickly pumps out of the cavity and like his semen drips on to the floor by my feet.

I guess Brad won’t have much of a story to tell his bros after all. I drain the blood from Brad and then I roll his body in a wheel-burrow to a burn pit out back. As I stare at the fire, fully nude, blood and semen drying on my body, I think about the other four guys that were there that night. I wonder how much more power I’ll get back when I’m done.


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