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Please Miss, Can I Suck Your Toes

A random visit to my old school leads to an ex-teacher using her feet to bring me off.
Please Miss, Can I Suck Your Toes

“Please Miss, can I suck your toes?”

Well, they weren’t actually the words I used. For one thing, it had been five years since I’d been at the school where Tanya taught so there was less of the ‘Miss’ being bandied about.

I’d always liked her feet though, and used to fantasise about her often. She was blond, trim but it was always her feet that stood out for me. I think the fact that I didn’t get to see them that often made me want to see them more (and do other things besides.) When she did show them off, she used to wear these blue and cream mules, and she’d have her toenails painted a kind of brown/red colour.

But they’d always be beautifully perfect. I think if anything it was her toes that used to get me excited more than her feet overall, but that was no bad thing. Now, some years after I had left the school I was back in the area and had to drop in to the sports centre adjacent to the school. On my way out of the sports complex I had to walk across the front of the school and there walking towards me was Tanya.

She didn’t seem to have changed much at all, and I wondered if she’d know who I was. I thought I had nothing to lose.

“Tanya,” I said, “remember me?”

“Why of course,” she said, “It’s been a while though. What are you doing these days?”

“Well, a bit of this, a bit of that” was my guarded reply.

“I’m deputy principal now — I have my own office. Come in and have a chat if you’re not too busy.”

An invitation I wasn’t going to refuse. She led me into the main building and into her office, tucked away in a corner; small, but obviously quiet and out of the way of the hustle and bustle.

She motioned me to sit down, and as I did so I looked at her feet for the first time. She was wearing a pair of black, closed-toe shoes. I hoped by the end of the day to have at least seen her feet for one last time.

“So, how long was it since you were here,” she began.

“Five years now. Time flies.”

We talked for some time about various things – work, politics amongst others. She told me how she’d been through a messy divorce and moved house recently but managed to hold down her job amongst all the chaos that was going on elsewhere. I told her how I’d never married, how I didn’t think I was the sort of person for it.

She seemed surprised, as if I’d said something completely unexpected. All the time we were talking, I was keeping half an eye below the table opposite which we sat, as I began to think more and more about her feet.

As we continued to talk, I caught sight of her sliding her foot up and down inside her shoe and just for a split second, I caught a flash of that red/brown colour. It was enough to convince me that she still had feet I’d love to get close to.I decided to take the direct route this time.

I could have accidentally dropped something on purpose and ended up at her feet, or all manner of other things, but I decided the situation was right to actually approach her and ask if I could worship her feet. I took a deep breath. She could easily freak and throw me out, but it was a risk I was willing to take.

“This isn’t easy for me to say,” I started, “in fact I feel a bit stupid, but…”

She looked puzzled, concerned even.

“Well, when I was at school here, I used to think you had,” I paused, trying to guess how she’d react before blurting out, “really beautiful feet.”

She smiled, a little uneasily and said, “So why is that so difficult to say?”

“I guess I thought you’d think I was a weirdo. You see, I can’t help it, I used to look at your feet, and want to touch them, kiss them.” I hadn’t meant to say all that at that point, I’d got a little carried away.

She leaned forward, clearly not about to throw me out. “You know, I used to, well I say used to, I still do, really look after my feet and make them look attractive. Yet my husband would never touch them like you wanted to.”

She let out a sigh.

“I still want to.” I said. “May I?”

“Go on then, since you asked nicely.”

She shook off her shoes, swivelled round and beckoned me over to the other side of the room. She leant back, pointing her toes towards me as she did so. I clasped hold of her feet, looked down and smiled.

“You still have beautiful feet, you know” I said.

She just smiled. I gazed at her feet as I held them and wondered how they could be just so beautiful. But that wasn’t important now. I raised both of her feet to my face and started to kiss gently the tops of her toes whilst gently running my fingers up and down her soles.

Her soles were soft, inviting and her toes were simply irresistible. I’d only just started to touch her feet and I felt I could go on forever. I started to lick the tips of her toes, teasing her with quick movements of my tongue, all the time, pressing my fingers into her soles as I went.

I could see the relief and pleasure I was giving her, but all of a sudden she stopped, sat bolt upright and pulled her feet away from me.

“Look, it’s late, do you want to carry this on at home?” she asked me.

“Definitely,” I said. “I’d love to.”

I gave her a few minutes to get her things together and waited in the car park for her. She duly arrived, unlocked the car and drove us to her home. She lived just out of town, in an average sized house but neither of us were interested in things like that now. We both knew what was in the forefront of each others minds and she took a minute to dump her belongings, lock the door before she beckoned me upstairs into her bedroom.

She slipped out of her shoes, lay back on the bed and before she could say ‘worship my feet’, I’d got to my knees and began to lick her toes again, as before.

I caressed her soles, and presently lifted her feet above my head so I could enjoy them some more. I licked and sucked her soles until I could sense I had covered her with my saliva.

Yet the taste of her feet was continuing to drive me wild. Only when I moved her feet back below my eye level did I notice that she’d manoeuvred herself out of her skirt and was gently masturbating herself. Seeing her do this was an immense turn on and I could feel the urge myself to grab my dick but that would wait.

I had to suck those lovely toes first. Just the thought of it made my dick climb some more, and I loosened my trousers, allowing them to fall a little. I took hold of her left foot, leaving her right on the bed.

I was living out a fantasy I’d had for years, and I will never forget the moment when I began to suck her toes. I started with her big toe, slowly licking and sucking gently. She let out a moan of pleasure as I moved from each toe to the next , loving the feeling of having her toes in my mouth.

Then I took hold of her other foot, placed it on top of her left foot, and sucked harder on each toe as I went, alternating feet.

I could see her touching herself more and more as I went on.

As I began to lick in between her toes she let out a louder moan. I carried on licking between her toes, then sucking her toes once again as she carried on touching herself.

I was in paradise, worshipping her feet in this way and by now I was fully erect. I could only imagine how wet she’d made herself during all this, but she carried on touching herself, and I carried on sucking and licking both feet, until I guided one foot towards my dick whilst sucking harder on the other.

Her toes danced up my erect cock and I found myself moaning my approval. She moved her foot up and down my shaft, making me feel like I was about to explode.

She stopped touching herself now, sat up, and beckoned me closer to her. I moved over, and she placed both hands on my dick, then took my full length in her mouth, licking all round my prick whilst rubbing up and down with her hands.

When she came back up I took her feet in my hands, and began to massage her soles gently, one in each hand. At the same time, I leant down and began to return the oral favour.

I licked and sucked her pussy for around the same time as she had sucked my cock before she pulled me back, took hold of my dick again and motioned me to fuck her. She was clearly very turned on, so I entered her gently and began to thrust forcefully but rhythmically and as she got more and more excited, I took hold of her foot again and began to suck her toes.

This was too much for her, and as I thrust faster and faster, so I sucked and licked harder and harder until she groaned with satisfaction.

I carried on sucking her toes until I felt myself on the cusp of an almighty orgasm.

I pulled out of her, knelt back down on the bed, and guided her other foot back towards my dick. I carried on sucking and licking her toes whilst rubbing my cock with her other foot.

I switched feet, and with one of them in my mouth and the other on my dick I knew I was going to explode like I’d never done before.

As the moment arrived, I moved both of her feet to either side of my dick, and worked them up and down. She was watching all the while.

“Oh yes,” she sighed, “come on my feet.”

I smiled, knowing that’s exactly what was going to happen, and finally I could hold back no longer.

Holding both of her feet just below my dick with my left hand, I brought myself to orgasm with my right, and as both of us let out a moan of delight, I exploded and showered her toes and feet with my cum.

She loved it and I realised how I’d never come like that in my life.

I may never do again…


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