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Piano Man

Kelly meets her Piano teacher for a lesson... but they end up fuckin' instead!
Piano Man

I let myself into Jess’s piano room and slowly walked towards him. My candy apple red stilettos echoed on his hardwood floor, matching the melodic tune of his piano. I stood behind him and saw he was completely focused; his long delicate fingers caressed the keys. I slowly unbuttoned my trench coat, loving the fact he couldn’t see me. I reached out to touch his shoulder, but he quickly turned around and grabbed my wrist.
“How did you know I was here!?” I gasped as his grip on my wrist tightened.

“Your shoes gave you away”, he brought my hand up close and inhaled, “Of course, so did your scent. It drowns my mind in desire”. He brought my hand up to his face and slowly slid it down to his lips. His tongue slid down and slowly licked my index finger before he sucked on it and, finally, let me go.

“I thought you could use a break”, I said as I slowly unbuttoned my trench coat”, “I’m sure we can find something to do,” I slid my coat to the floor revealing my naked body for Jess’s viewing pleasure. I saw that he was already hard as his eyes took in my figure. Jess smiled when his eyes reached my firm breasts, just waiting for him to suck on. I leaned forward and took his face in my hands. He looked into my eyes with such focus I could hardly looking away.

“I want you Kelly. I want to taste every inch of you and explore your body with every part of me.” Jess’s hands went back to my wrists as I held his face in my hands. I felt the heat from his palms as he slid down my arms. God he’s strong!

“Take me then Jess. Claim me for your own.” I brought my lips closer to him as I spoke. We stared at each other, neither of us daring to move as the tension built up. I could feel his lust pulsating and I knew he could smell my desire dripping from my every pore. We were like two wild animals on the verge of tearing each other apart with our passion.
It happened in a flash. Jess was on his feet and pulled me in his arms. His hands slid down my body and cupped my ass, squeezing me tight as his lips smashed against mine. He was growling—actually growling—as he embraced me. His kisses were fiery and were meant for only one thing; drive me to my knees. He pulled away for only a moment to rip his shirt open. The buttons tumbled to the floor as he tossed his shirt to the ground, revealing his finely toned body.

I moaned as I placed my palms flat against his chest. I felt his hard nipples like small pebbles against my fingers. God, I wanted his pants off right now! I fumbled with his belt, so eager for more of him. Jess grabbed my wrists and pulled my hands to my sides, denying me my treasure.
“What are you doing Kelly?” his breath was hot on my neck as he leaned in closer to me. I felt his heart beating against my breasts as he nipped at my neck and collarbone.

“Trying to get your pants off so I can suck your cock,” I moaned. Damn, he wasn’t making this easy for me as he held my hands tightly to my sides. He took my lips once again in his and groaned out his desire in our kiss. I felt his nipples rub against mine as his hands kept gripping my wrists. Every inch of his body seemed to be made just for my pleasure. The growl intensified as his kiss deepened. Before I knew what was happened, he shoved me down on the piano stool, his body towering over me.

“Let’s see what you can do with it,” Jess said as he undid his belt and let his pants fall to the floor. His cock stood fully erect, already dripping precum from the tip. I took in every glorious inch of him as my mouth watered. I cupped his balls in my left hand and with my right began stroking him, slowly. I felt him growing even harder under my touch as his cock throbbed in my hand. I slowly massaged his balls, loving the weight of them as I gently stroked him. He looked down at me with such desire it caused my knees to shake. God, just his stare can get me going. I brought my lips down around his tip and softly kissed him. No, enough teasing. I just want him! I devoured the length of his cock and swirled my tongue around every inch of him as I went up and down. I squeezed his balls while he started fucking my mouth. I felt him grabbing the back of my head and forced me down even more, as if he needed to.

I felt his cock reach the back of my throat and knew he was close. I slid him out of my mouth with one satisfying pop and grinned up at him.

“Not yet Jess. I haven’t even started with you.” I purred over his cock and leaned closer so I could wrap my luscious breasts around him. His hardness was sandwiched nicely between my soft mounds as I squeezed them together over his cock. I slowly stroked him with my breasts, loving the heavy groans escaping from his body. Each time his cock emerged from my cleavage, I rewarded its long, heavenly journey with a lick on the head. I tasted his cum each time I ran my tongue over his slit, and I loved every drop of it.

Most men would whimper and beg for more like selfish children at a candy store, but Jess, he took my pleasure and showed his affection not from a weak gasp of surprise, but with low animalistic growls that dominated my very soul. It was like taming a lion that could at any moment lunge at me and have full control over my body. Of course, if he did that I sure as fuck wouldn’t complain.

I slid my breasts down and pressed them against his balls, which at this point were so full of cum I’d imagine he’d explode at any moment. With his balls snug nicely between my softness, I was able to go down even more on him. Fuck! He was even harder now than before! His cock pulsed at every touch of my tongue.

“Kelly,” my name on his lips was like fine wine that I wanted to just savor, “Open that pretty mouth of yours. I want to cover you completely with my seed.” I instantly obeyed! I opened wide as I stroked him. My tongue stuck out eager for his hot juices.

With a lunge, he released his seed all over my face. I’ve never seen a man cum like that before! It completely covered my face, dripped down and covered my breasts and ran down my stomach. Some of it was even in my hair but I didn’t give a fuck. I moaned out his name and trembled as I was bathed in his essence.

Jess took me by the hand and led me up off the piano stool, which of course was also cum stained.

“Now, let me show you what I can do” without any warning, Jess quickly turned me around and bent me over the side of the piano.
He pressed my face against the cool smooth surface of the piano as I felt him slowly trail his fingers down my thighs. God, he was just teasing me at this point. He knew I wanted him, wanted to wrap my limbs around him and milk him for all he’s worth. I gasped as I felt his tongue slide against my ass… he was ready. I felt his hands spread open my ass so that his tongue could gain better access. I squirmed as I felt him lick around my asshole, slowly sliding his tongue inside me while his fingers dug into my ass cheeks.

I placed my hands on the piano and started pushing upward. Jess had other ideas. He firmly slapped my ass letting me know that moving was forbidden. I collapsed back on the piano, causing the notes to echo within that matched my moans. Jess kept playing with my ass, occasionally slapping me with those powerful hands of his. His tongue slid down my thighs and teased my pussy while he slid two of those long fingers inside my wet asshole. Oh fuck! His fingers went in deeper as he fucked me there while his lips sucked on my pussy. I was in pure bliss. I started moving on purpose just so he’d smack my ass over and over.
Eventually, Jess figured out what I was doing and gripped my shoulders hard as he leaned against me

“Am I going to have to tie you up? Or are you going to be a good girl?” His cock rubbed against my ass as he leaned against me. He growled in my ear and started dragging his nails down my back. I cried out in bliss as I felt his marks covering my back and lower body.

“Oh God Jess! Take me!” I cried out over and over. I needed him, and he knew it. I felt his hands grip my lower body once more and nearly screamed as his cock thrust into my ass. He groaned with content as he pounded me relentlessness against the piano. My nails clawed at the piano’s smooth surface, not giving a fuck anymore if I was damaging it. Jess was like a wild beast completely focused on using my body for his pleasure. I moaned and cried out with every thrust of his hardness deeper into my ass.

“You’re going to fucking take it aren’t you Kelly! Say it!” he smacked my ass again and again while slamming his lower body against mine.
“Yes! Oh God Jess give it to me!” I slammed my palm against the piano, causing the notes to echo once again as he continued his relentless pounding. I squeezed my ass around him, wanting to feel him shoot that hot seed of his deep into me! My face now sticky from his cum as I pressed it down on the piano top. Then, with one final thrust and a roar like a lion, he came into my juicy ass making my entire body tremble. Slowly, he pulled himself out and I felt every glorious inch of his cock sliding against my ass before he was out. Before I had a chance to recover, Jess pulled me upright and turned me around to face him. He held me close against his body with those strong arms of his. I felt his hands slide down my back sending hot waves of pleasure over me as he went up and down.

I looked at him, my face still covered in his seed and sighed his name as he slowly grinded against my lower body. Fuck! He was already hard again! He brought his lips against my cheek and started licking the cum off me. His tongue traveled up and down, making sure to get every last drop of himself off of me. Once my face was clean, well, clean of cum at least, he traveled down to my breasts. He cupped them in his hands and started swirling his tongue around my nipples. I tossed my head back and moaned out his name as he took turns placing each of my breasts in his mouth and lovingly sucking on them.

I felt Jess slide his thumbs over my nipples as his tongue licked between my breasts and then down my stomach. Before long, his seed that once drenched my body was replaced with his spit as he finally licked me clean. He looked at me, his lips covered with his own cum, and kissed me once more. I tasted him on his lips and hungerly sucked on him! As our kiss intensified, Jess picked me up and placed me on top of the piano.
“I want more!” he said as he got down on his knees and spread my legs apart. I leaned back and gave him full access to my soaked pussy. His lips went to my inner thigh and softly kissed along my leg. I felt his tongue slide towards my pussy lips and finally to my swollen clit. He pressed his tongue against me and went from side to side as his fingers melodically pressed into my body. His movements were rhythmically slow as if he were playing a love song on my pussy. Each stroke was like gently brushing the keys of his piano as he played me. His tongue kept time with his fingers.

“Jess! Oh God keep going!” My voice was weak at this point, almost unable to form words as he serenaded me. I felt his speed increasing. No longer were his movements the legato strokes of a a gentle lover. No, the time for love making had long passed. Now, he just wanted to fuck me! His tongue flicked rapidly against my clit as his fingers moved with staccato precision faster and faster within me. I felt my orgasm slowly building up. More and more it grew in intensity to the point where I was going mad. Jess seemed to know this as his strokes were relentless. He wanted me to cum all over those damn fingers of his! Finally, my climax hit me like a crescendo as my pussy clamped down around his fingers. My juices dripped from me and ran down the side of the piano. Jess continued fucking me as I rode out my orgasm.

“Now, we can start” he said as he slid his fingers from me and got to his feet. I lay there before him, my pussy soaked and face covered in his spit. My heart raced as he towered over me and nearly climbed over me to start fucking me right on the piano!

I wrapped my arms and legs tightly around him as he easily thrust into my wetness. I squeezed him tight, wanting him to feel the comfort of my warm body against his. I sighed as his cock hit deeper and deeper within me, fucking me hard and without mercy. My nails ran down his back as I reached up to kiss him. His hand went behind my head and pressed my body closer to his. I could feel his entire body against mine as he took me! My hips thrust upwards, wanting to meet his strides and fuck him as much as he was fucking me.

“Oh Kelly! Oh fuck yes!” Was that a moan I heard? Was my body finally breaking his dominate stride? I smirked as I felt a small spark of triumph wash over me. I squeezed his cock and started milking him, pulling his cock deeper within me as I pressed my breasts against his nipples.
“Mm, you like that Jess? You like feeling my body take you?” His breathing became ragged as his thrusts increased. I felt him lift me up off the piano and fuck me while clinging to my body so I wouldn’t fall. I locked my legs around his waist as he moved me over his cock. Our eyes locked and I saw his mind, like mine, was completely blank. All that existed was our bodies, our love and our desire. No words were needed, just the heavy panted of our bodies as we continued fucking each other in unison. My pussy squeezed and milked his cock while he in return thrust harder and deeper within me. Both of us wanted to drive the other beyond the point of human endurance with our pleasure. Each not wanting to stop until the other broke first.

As if coming to an agreement, our bodies tightened around each other as we came together. Jess slammed me back down on the piano as our climax hit us both. Our moans rang out along with the piano as the impact of our bodies against it caused the notes inside to ring out.
Jess held me close to him while my back lay against his literally fucked up piano. He kissed me once more as we came down from our orgasms and pulled me back to my feet.

“Well, I guess we can start your piano lesson now,” he said with a grin

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