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A college student meets someone she doesn’t expect after an embarrassing moment

The chimes rang out from Sierra ’s bedside table.  She rolled over and fumbled the phone emitting this offensive sound.  Sierra  knew she needed to get up, but that dream had been so vivid and she wanted to get back to it.  Her nipples poked through the thin blank tank top and the plain black thong she had worn to bed was drenched, in fact, her thighs were wet in dripping as well. It was a good dream, nothing specific came to her she rolled over, and all she knew was that she knew is that the sex had never been that good in real life. She slipped back into the world of dreams hoping to recapture some of that dream before it was out of reach.

Sierra  woke with a start, she fumbled for her phone knowing she had been out for more than 9 minutes.  She swore as she checked the time on her phone she had to be in class in 15 minutes. She ran around throwing what she needed in her, she paused realizing that she was still wet, it had been such a vivid dream, and she had no time to deal with that now, but maybe between classes… 

She rummaged in the side table drawer and pulled out her lush and dropped it in her bag.  Stripping off her tank top and panties, she flipped them off with her foot toward the hamper not bothering to see where they landed.  Clothes littered the floor near the hamper, a testament to her poor aim.  She grabbed a bra, her favorite leggings, and a comfy shirt before running off to the bathroom to do something with her bedhead and perform abbreviated morning ablutions. 

Sierra  arrived at her first class 5 minutes late and snuck into a nearly empty row in the hall, she had to squeeze past someone on her way in, feeling her bag brush against him as he stood to let her pass.  The professor in the middle of lecturing hardly noticed.  She looked over at the person that let her in.  She had seen him before he was in her afternoon lecture as well.  He was older than most of the other students, his hair and beard were flecked with silver. He was dressed better than all of them, he wore a black vest over an untucked lilac-colored shirt and black slacks.  He looked up from his notes and met her gaze, she turned away and blushed a little.  

Then she felt a gentle touch on her arm. She looked down to see his hand, with something in it. She felt the color leave her cheeks, there in this man’s hand were her panties.  She reached out her hand slowly and took them. Ugh, they were still damp. She sank lower into her seat flushed now with embarrassment. His hand was on her shoulder and gave it a reassuring squeeze. Sierra  looked at him.  Her bright green eyes met his soft brown eyes. 

They were calm and kind.  He whispered, “Don’t worry about it, they must have gotten stuck to velcro on your bag.” He gave her a reassuring smile and turned back to the lecture.  Her brain raced the rest of the lecture; she barely paid attention to whatever ethical bullshit they were supposed to be learning.  When class she got up mechanically and moved to walk out and ran right into his chest.  Now she was annoyed “What” she snapped at him realizing and hating the fact she had to look up at him.  She crossed her arms defensively and pouted. 

“Easy” his voice was a pleasant baritone.  “I know you must be embarrassed but please don’t be. It really is not that bad.” she glared at him she was in full-on brat mode “Mmmhmmm, so your underwear is falling out all over the place?! Just move I want to get this day over with.” she started to move again. But he stopped with an upraised hand, he didn’t touch her but she still stopped more angry and a little curious. Before she could protest again, he calmly said “Why don’t I buy you a coffee, you looked half asleep when you came in and I can fill you in on what you missed.”

She looked at him slightly stunned, the audacity, the balls… but she looked into his face and she didn’t see the smirk or the lecherous expression most guys used when they hit on her.   What she saw stopped her, it was a concern.  He was actually concerned.  That made her feel weird, a warmth that spread through her.  Her face and other areas flushed.  “Ok,”  she said quietly.  He held out his hand “Shepard.” She shook it tentatively and said “Sierra ”.  He held his arm to her as if to escort her out, she shrugged what the hell and took it and they walked out toward the coffee shop.  

He bought her her favorite coffee and a chocolate croissant. They sat in silence for a few minutes while they drank and ate. He seemed to be studying her over his glasses.  He took them off and wiped them with a cloth from his bag.  “I wonder what Ayn Rand would say about this?” he said, replacing his glasses.  She looked at him bewildered the name was familiar but who the fuck. “Huh” was all she could articulate.  “I knew you were not paying attention. Ayn Rand was a writer and philosopher whose most notable work was  Atlas shrugged which supported the theory of ethical egoism.  In very simple terms people act ethically when they act in their own best interest.  She would argue that in fact my inviting you to coffee would not be altruistic but would have some benefit to myself even if it was just that I felt better about myself. She looked at him slightly bewildered and managed “Why did you invite me to coffee.” “That miss is an easy answer,” he paused to tear a piece of his croissant. “You simply looked like you needed it.”

Sierra  was a little stunned. “Thank you, it was a rough morning,” she said and smiled.  They talked for the next hour.  Sierra  was struck by how genuine he was with her, it very much felt like a blind date.  She found herself in trouble, she was a little smitten with him.  She could listen to him talk for hours, his voice was soothing and calm, and most of all she felt safe with him despite the fact that she completely embarrassed herself this morning.  She was also incredibly curious about why he was in her classes at all.

When the conversation lolled she finally plucked up the courage to ask him.  He paused and took a sip from his coffee, hiding behind the cup for a moment.  When he put down the cup again his eyes were a bit wet. He sighed, “That is a fair question, a little over 2 years ago my wife passed away.  She was in a bad car accident.”  He paused to wipe his glasses. “After a year of moping around pretty much going to work and coming home to an empty house I decided to go for my MBA and try to live a little again. The reason I am in quite a few of your classes is that some jackass thinks the engineering classes I took as an undergrad were not sufficient.”  

She stared at him for a moment, her green eyes taking him in studying him as he had done to her earlier.  Oh yes, Sierra  liked this man, despite the baggage, or maybe in spite of it.  She watched him fidget under her gaze and checked his watch, “We should go soon.” Truthfully she wanted to skip class, drag him off and let him do things to… “Sierra , he said you ok” Her mind had wandered “Yeah”  she answered brightly coming to a decision.  “May I have your phone? I want to give you my number.”  she held out her hand.  She could see some reluctance on his face.  But he complied. She added herself as a contact Sierra  👼 and sent herself a message as she went to close out the message she saw something interesting.  The lovense app was on the open page of his home screen.  Things had just gotten interesting, she went in and quickly added herself to his friends, his list was empty.  She then handed him back his phone and grabbed her bag. “Will you wait for me? I will be right back.” He nodded and she headed off to the bathroom.

The bathroom was thankfully empty, Sierra  went in and locked the door, and took off her leggings, she reached into her bag and pulled out her lush, and turned it on.  She ran the toy along her pussy, she had not realized how wet she was and the toy slipped in easily. She thought about it and pulled out her phone and snapped a picture in case he needed convincing. She pulled the infamous thong from her bag and slipped it on, she loathed doing this with dirty panties but she wanted to keep the toy in place and keep from developing a wet spot on her leggings. Hopefully, her new friend would be up for a little fun in their next class.

She walked back to the table with a little extra swagger. He had cleaned up in their absence and he stood up and went to hand her her cup.  Sierra  surprised him with a hug, “Thank you. I did need this.” and gave him a kiss on the cheek.  After he got over the shock, he returned the hug. It was a good one, strong and warm. His cologne filled her nostrils, it was a pleasant warm scent, of leather, vanilla, and spice she could not quite place.  “You are very welcome.  Shall we?” and offer her his arm. She took his arm and they walked back to class.  

When they arrived at class Sierra  turned to Shepard, “Trust me I have a surprise for you.”  She gave him another peck and walked off to find a seat, she could feel him watching as she walked away. She sat down, got her phone out, and sent him a message on the app.

Sierra : Hey there so I have my toy in and I want you to do whatever you like.

Shep: Are you sure you want to do that in the middle of class?

Sierra :Yes daddy. 😈

Shep:You’re serious.

Sierra  decides he needs an additional incentive and sent him the pic  

Sierra :That is your answer!

Shep: If that is what you want…

The toy came to life with a nice gentle rocking buzz.  Sierra  settled in to try to pay attention, she quickly learned that he knew what he was doing for the most part he kept it low and slow teasing her.  But every time she would get complacent and start to get too engrossed in her notes the toy would pulse 5 to 10 times, reminding her it was there.  This was the pattern until the last 5 minutes of class, when the vibrations picked up he was really playing with her now she was close and he seemed to know it he teased and edged her until the last second of class when he pushed her over the edge.  She gasped, causing several people to stare at her.  She knew she was flush and breathing hard and at this moment she didn’t care. 

She met him outside class and his expression was half amused half amused half concerned. “You ok?” He barely got the words out before she grabbed his arm pulling him down the hall.  She pulled him into the unisex restroom that had been added to each floor. She locked the door and embraced him, kissing him deeply enjoying the feeling of his beard against her cheek.  Her tongue probed his mouth and he responded in kind. When she broke off the kiss, she leaned up and whispered in his ear. “I want you now Daddy, please.” She reached down to undo his fly.  He stopped her grabbing her wrists, the grip was firm but did not hurt. She looked up at him slightly hurt. He put a finger gently to her lips forestalling her complaint. “Not here, you are so kind and beautiful you deserve better than a bathroom.”

She was about to protest again, again he stopped her.  “I know but I don’t want you to regret this later. Come to dinner later, you deserve so much more than this.” he kissed her gently and she returned the kiss wanting so much more.   

Sierra  wasn’t sure how she made it home, she collapsed on the bed a bit dazed.  He had turned her down, that was new, but it wasn’t a bad thing at all.  He wanted to make it special. She heard her phone buzz.  He had texted her.

Shep: How is 6:30 tonight? Chicken Piccata?

Sierra : Ok and yum!

His address followed.

She set another alarm stripped out of her clothes and went to get a shower and get for whatever lay before her that evening.  Sierra  set to straighten the waves out of her hair. By the time she was done it fell in long dark curtains that framed her face beautifully.  She put on a perfume sweet scent with vanilla and caramel.  She rummaged through her closet and found a backless black dress that stopped just above her knee. It was her favorite. It clung to all the right curves and showed off the angel wing tattoo on her back.  She put on a pair of black gladiator sandals.  She considered panties, but she normally went without any way and they had been the cause of all this today. She stooped to pick up her clothes, she held up the thong before throwing it in.  She considered it and decided that this pair had some luck with it. She wouldn’t wear them but maybe she would bring them with her anyway.  She stuffed them in her purse.

She arrived a few minutes early, and he answered the door. He wore the same clothes from earlier. A black apron like Darth Vader’s armor was over him.  He brought her inside, and they hugged. The smell of his cologne hit her and brought her right back to their kiss. She could tell that he was drinking in her scent as well. “I am so glad you are here.  Can I get you a glass of wine?” She followed him into the kitchen, where the smells of cooking were prominent, lemon, garlic, and butter were prominent, but the smell of bread was there underneath.   

He poured her a glass of wine and began to bring the dishes to the table.  They ate what was a lovely meal, they made pleasant small talk, and she found out he was a bit of a dork. Evidenced by the star wars apron, she found it endearing. He asked a lot about her likes,  movies, music and the normal topics of conversation. When they were done he cleared the table and she joined him sitting on the counter next to the dishwasher where he was certain to get a good view when he leaned over. After his second view playfully tossed her a towel and set her to drying. She pretended to pout but did so, she could tell he put thought and effort into this.  When he was done she looped the towel over his neck and drew him close. They kissed long and passionately.  Her hands found his hair and intertwined into it. His hands were steady on her back.  Once they broke apart, he looked at her bemused.  “I guess you don’t want dessert.” She brought him back her hands, winding about his neck, her legs about his waist. “Dessert later.” 

He led her to the bedroom, before they made it to the bed he stopped her. “Sierra , are you sure about this?” She stepped forward, looked him straight in the eye, and kissed him again.  She broke the kiss and whispered in his ear “Yes” and nibbled on his earlobe. He kissed her neck “ok, do you have a safe word?” 

She stepped back intrigued and eager for what he had in store for her. “She turned to have her back face him and dropped the straps of her dress so it slipped down revealing her angel wing tattoo fully. “ How about angel,” she said looking over her shoulder, she let the dress slip the rest of the way, so it pooled around her ankles. 

He walked over and grabbed something from the closet. She could feel him behind her, his arms wrapped around her body. A piece of silk whispered up her body, caressing below her perky supple breasts, catching on her nipples before traveling further up to her neck. Coming to rest on her eyes.

She felt it tie snuggly around her hair, she was blind. She felt a little helpless. She shivered at his touch and the anticipation.  She felt him guide her forward a step, she moved stepping out of her dress. She felt him withdraw completely and heard the whisper of fabric and a small clink.  Then she felt his warm touch on her shoulder. He brushed her hair away from her neck and kissed her. His hands traveled down her arms the touch light. His hands explored her body, tracing every line of her tattoo, sending shivers along her spine, occasionally only lightly scraping her skin with his nails he began to plant kisses along her back. 

His hand traced the curves of her waist, squeezing and needing her cheeks before felts his lips, a lite nibble on each cheek, his hands roving over her legs and calves. His hands moved up the front of her legs brushing along the tops of her thigh, so close to her now throbbing pussy that she moaned long for his fingers on her clit. 

Then moved up her tummy, tracing along her sides and cupping her gorgeous full breast. She moaned, as he again kissed her neck. She had longed for this touch ugh. His fingers traced the lines of the tribal tattoo between her breasts. After what seemed like ages his hands found her erect nipples. His fingers swirled around them, and she melted into his arms. She felt him lift her up, and she came to rest on a soft blanket. His lips kissed along her neck and chest and she arched her back pushing her breast toward him almost begging for his mouth to lick and suck them. 

His lips found her left nipple and she gasped as he flicked it with his tongue. His lips encircled it.  His hand traveled down over her stomach to the top of her throbbing pussy. His fingers on her clit were like an electrical jolt, and she racked her back already on the edge, his finger dipped into her pussy and swirled around her clit. She did not last much longer under his ministrations. She came over his fingers and hand, he slowly continued to stroke her clit and lips. Before bringing his hand up to her mouth, she licked his fingers greedily.

She felt him withdraw and shift his weight on the bed. She felt his beard first scrape lightly against her inner thighs, and then his lips on her clit, his hot breath on her lips. Her right hand found his hair and pulled him forward into her legs wrapping around him. His left hand playing with her left breast. “Eat that pussy, Daddy.” 

He continued to alternate between her clit and pussy. Until she felt like she was close he could hear her moans and feel her convulsions. When she was right about to cum he shifted his head and gently bit each of her thighs. She came all over his face covering him in her juices. For a minute she lay there, her legs locked around his head convulsing. He kissed her gently each time she shook a little bit. She slowly relinquished her grip with her legs. Her hand tugged insistently for him to kiss her, he kissed his way up her body stopping to kiss each nipple. Before reaching her mouth and kissing her deeply.  

He removed the blindfold and she stared into his eyes. “I take it that was no good. I will have to try harder.” She slapped his chest playfully and pushed him up off the bed. She began to remove each piece of clothing kissing his chest. She pulled off his pants and boxers in one movement his cock sprang forward to greet her. The tip was already glistening. Her tongue snaked forward to lick the top of his cock she squeezed, extracting more precum from the tip of his cock. She kissed the tip before parting her lips to take him inside her mouth. 

She knew he wouldn’t last long, so she went slowly. She guessed he hadn’t been with anyone for quite some time but that was ok.  She knew that they had the whole night ahead of them. She wanted it, she wanted to feel his cock empty in and on her. She picked up her pace and she heard him groan as she took his whole cock into her mouth. She came up, a trail of spit leading from his cock, she moaned around his cock, her left hand playing with her clit. She picked up her pace again. Feeling his cock begin to pulse, she pulled it out and began to stroke it over her tongue. She stroked his cock and looked up at him. “Cum for me Daddy.” He lasted another stroke before Cumming all over her tongue some got on her chin and tits.  She swallowed his load before pulling his cock back into her mouth and sucking the rest from his cock. 

She cleaned up the rest of his cum, before pulling him into a kiss. And back onto the bed. She snuggled into him. She kissed him on the cheek, “Good start Daddy.”

Sierra  shivered a bit in the cold air. They moved their cuddles under the covers. She spooned with him, he was warm and she scooted right up to him her luscious ass pressed right up to, and what she was happy to find was his still hard cock. She wiggled till it was nestled right between her cheeks, She pulled his arms around her and placed his hands so that they were on her breasts. 

His face nuzzled right into her neck, and he inhaled deeply. She loved this feeling. She encouraged him to play with her tits and his fingers trace her nipples. She pressed herself further into him, positioning herself so that his cock was at her entrance. She moaned, loving the feeling of his cock sliding between her lips. She turned her head and kissed him, “Fuck me, Daddy, I want you inside me.”  She leaned forward so his cock slipped into her. She moaned as his hand found the back of her neck, and he began to thrust into her. Her hand found her clit, and after a few minutes she felt another orgasm wrack her body, just as it began to build his hand squeezed her throat. And she trembled as she gushed all over his cock. She leaned back into him still shaking, her pussy still clinging to the tip of his cock.

She pushed him over on his back and straddled his cock. “Time for me to tease you now, daddy”. She rocked herself along the base of his cock not letting it slip in but teasing it. When he tried to grab her hip she moved his hands to her tits instead. She slid the length of his cock and let him squirm before she allowed his cock to slip back inside. She came again as it slid in. She fell forward relishing the feeling of him grabbing her hips and thrusting into her again. “ Fuck me Daddy.” she screamed as he picked up the pace. 

He rolled her over so he was on top. She wrapped her legs around him and pulled him into her. He began to pick up his pace again and she knew he was getting close. She wanted to feel his pulsing cock inside, to feel that release. To come right along with him, she was close too. “Cum for me Daddy, breed me, fill me with your cum.” It was too much for him and felt the first spurts inside of her and she started to cum. She drew him in again with her legs as they came together.

He rolled over to keep from collapsing on top of her. She rolled along with him, coming to rest on top of him. She kissed him deeply. She lay her head on his chest and listened to his heart race, and begin to slow. They lay there together locked in an embrace for a good while, until both the hearts both stopped racing. She raised herself up, “You ok?” She asked. He smiled. It was a warm and genuine smile, “I have not been this ok in a long time.” He kissed her again. “How about we clean up with a shower and then brownies?” She smiled “Sounds like heaven!” 

He got up to start the shower and get her some towels, and something to wear after. She got up from the bed and found her purse. Sierra  had no idea where this would go, but she knew one thing for certain, she extracted the thong from her purse and placed them in the night table drawer, she wanted these to stay with him. He deserved all the luck in the world. She got up when she heard the shower start and made her way there. He watched her from the bathroom door, as she walked seductively toward him. “I am incredibly lucky you choose to sit next to me today” he took her into his arms and kissed her on the forehead. 




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