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Office hours

A Fantasy comes true when a college student, get called in by her professor.
Office hours

You walk into class taking an open seat towards the front of the lecture, so Dr Shepard can clearly see you in your low cut top and short skirt. You notice he has written office hours canceled today.

He walks around to each student passing back exam papers. He is wearing a blue polo shirt and tan slacks, the lights causing the slight silver in his hair and beard to glint. He stops at your seat last. His dark brown eyes meet yours as he hands you back your physics exam on free body diagrams. The 45 clearly circled with a note come see me during office hours today, I have canceled them so you have my undivided attention. As he looks down you definitely feel his eye linger on your chest, before he walks away and begins the lecture. His baritone voice booming through the hall.You hardly pay attention to the words as he begins the lecture on friction and incline planes.

You try and pay attention but you can’t help but fantasize about what he could do to you when he has you alone later. Distracted you covertly open reddit and type out a confession and post about how you want your professor to punish you for the bad grade while he has you alone. You write about the idea of him punishing you for the grade, having him bend you over his knee and cover your ass in welts. Your pussy tingles and throbs as you unconsciously rhythmically open and close your legs.

The rest of the day goes by in a blur, your fantasies of him alternating with the dread of how the more realistic possibility that he wants to talk about the failing grade. It is with that dread that you make your way to the physics department, why did it have to be in the basement of the oldest building on campus, what once was a bomb shelter. The part of your brain that wants him to bend you over his desk and use you thinks no one would hear me down here. That thought lingers as you enter the open door, and the ration voice comes back to fill you with dread.

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

“Close the door and sit down.” His voice is different from the normal lecture voice that had an air of a command, you hurry to comply, and take the seat opposite the desk. You notice the chair is low, putting him significantly higher than you. He has not looked up from the monitors of his computer since you entered. As you take in the room a couple of chairs, a desk, a workbench, a filing cabinet, and chalkboard. Who still uses a chalkboard you think who still uses those

You feel his eyes on you. You look up to see him looking over round horn rimmed glasses appraising you. You don’t meet his gaze, you look at his hair turning silver at the temples, a small patch of beard shows the silver. The lewd voice in your head begins again you imagine him fucking you with your fingers wound in his hair, his beard tickling you as licks your…

“Your test paper.’ the commanding tone cuts through your fantasy, you see tap his finger on the desk, to punctuate the point. You grab your pack to comply, you have to physically get up from the chair and lean over the desk to give the paper to him. As you lean over the desk, the low cut top revealing more than ever, and place the paper on the desk he firmly grabs your wrist.

He looks into your eyes “Do you know why you are here?” you meekly shake your head, but you feel your pussy begin to throb at his words and touch, and that you are aware that your barely covered ass is exposed in this position. “You are distracted, this is your third class with me and I know you are capable of more than a 45 on this test. I finally figured out why..” he nods and turns the computer monitor so you can see it. There it is on the screen, your reddit profile. Including the post that you just made. The flush creeps through your face, he knows.

“This is yours isn’t it.” The tone is serious but you see a slight mischievous grin on his face. You nod meekly. He leans his face close to yours, his beard brushing your cheek, his lips a centimeter from your ear, his warm breath causing you to shutter slightly. “I was not sure, but your last post gave it away. Is this really what you want?”
“Yes” The word leaves your lips in a whisper, before you have time to contemplate the answer. He does not say a word he pulls both your wrists together with one hand as he removes his belt. He loops it around your wrists and loops it around the handle to one the drawers on the other side. Position with your face down on the desk and your ass in the air, your feet barely on the ground. You watch as he picks up a meter stick from the chalkboard and places it on the desk. He slowly walks around and you hear a click of the door locking.

He picks up the meter stick, lifts your skirt exposing the thong and most of your ass to the cool air. “I believe you wanted to be spanked, one for each point you missed on the exam, I think.” Nothing for a few seconds as your ass hangs in the air, then swish and crack as the ruler hits your ass, you let out a yelp of pain mixed with pleasure, your pussy begins to throb and drip. He then delivers 5 more quick strikes in a row, not as hard as the first but enough to make your legs shake.

He stops for a moment and you feel the thong pulled down from your legs. his hand cups your drippings, pussy his fingers giving a slight swirl around your clit before you feel the silky panties against your lips. He stuffs the panties into your dripping pussy. You let out a gasp, and then thwack and another blow falls on your ass this time it is his hand. He alternates the next blows with his hands on the left and right you feel his cock through his pants as he presses against your ass occasionally.

He stops for a moment as you continue to moan, getting closer to orgasm, you clench your pussy as his finger enters and yanks the panties out. Your legs buckling as you get to the edge, you let out an involuntary “no..”.

“What was that you little slut?” he walks to the front of the desk panties still hanging from his finger, the bulge in his pants caching your attention as he moves in front of you. “Don’t mhm “ your words are cut off as he stuffs the panties right in your mouth.

You watch as he slowly removes his clothes, his cocking springs up as he removes his boxers. He unbuckles the belt from the desk long enough to remove your top and bra exposing your perky breasts. He buries his face between your tits as he kisses and caresses them. He continues to tease your nipples occasionally biting on the soft flesh of your tits. You begin to moan through the panties as you edge closer and closer. As if sensing this he pulls the belt roughly back down looping it into place around the drawer handle.

He leans close to your ear, not yet you still have 10 strikes left in your punishment. He takes his time moving back around his brushes your cheek leaving a slight wet spot. You feel the head of his cock rub slowly up and down against your slick pussy, he slowly rubs up and down your slit always lingering around your clit. You start to moan again. Then absences as he withdraws.

A moment later twack the ruler falls across your ass again, and again until you are gasping in pain and pleasure. Punishment complete, he lays the ruler down and unbuckles the belt. He pulls you to a kneeling position in front of him. He pulls the panties from your mouth and drops them to the floor. You pull his cock into your mouth, you taste the mix of his precum and your own juices, as you swirl your tongue around the head of his cock.

After a moment he places his hands on either side of your head. At first he guides you slowly up and down all the way to the base of his shaft. Slowly he begins to pick up speed forcing you to gag slightly on his cock as he fucks your mouth. Spit covers your chin and drips down between your tits as he assaults your mouth with his cock. You feel him start to get close and begin to moan for him to cum. He pulls his cock out with a slight pop. He pulls you up, places your ass on the desk and pushes you back. “You have been a good little slut so far, you deserve a little treat.”

He pulls you to the edge of the desk and you can feel the welts sting on your ass, but before you can think more about that he buries his face into your dripping wet pussy. His beard tickles as it moves against the tender flesher of your inner thighs. He kisses your pussy gently at first the feel of his hot breath causes your pussy to quiver. As you begin to moan his tongue finds your clit and your bound hands find his hair and you pull his face into your pussy.

He stops for a moment, your tense fearing you have gone too far, your relax your grip as he turns his head and gently bites your thigh and you are moaning again in pleasure and pain. He turns back to your pussy as he sucks lips into his mouth and licks the entire length of your pussy. He begins to lick you clit again building his pace responding to each moan and gasp you make. As he continues swirling his tongue around your clit, you feel his finger push slowly into your pussy. He hooks his finger up and presses firmly on your g-spot. You let out a primal grunt as he finally lets you cum, your pussy gushing on his face soaking his beard in your cum. You fall back, and he continues to tease you for a bit and enjoys watching you squirm in your sensitivity.

His beard scrapes against your thighs again as he extricates his head between your legs. You open your legs to release his head, at some point you had wrapped them around his head. He stands up and you feel his cock begin to rub against the wet slit of your pussy. “Please” you moan as he rubs the head against your clit. “What was that slut, are you begging? You can do better than that.” He continues as you moan “Professor, please stuff that cock into my pussy. Please professor…” you gasp as thrust forcefully into you then slowly pulls all the way out. you whimper and beg again.

He begins again slowly at first then he begins to build up speed. He pulls you forwards, your arms instinctively wrap around his head and your legs wrap around his waist. Your nipples press and scrape against his hairy chest as you move together his cock thrusting in and out as you move up and down to meet it. You don’t last long in this position, after your pussy clenches and you bury your face in his neck as you convulse.

He puts you down and moves you back to facing the desk. He places his hand on your back at the pressure you obediently bend over the desk. That is when you feel his cock press against your tight asshole. “Do you want my ass, professor?” you ask meekly as you move your hips back and put more pressure on you tight hole. His response is to grab your hips and slowly pull you toward him. His cock begins to enter your, whimper in a bit of pain, but he goes slowly. Then the pain is replaced with pleasure as he fully enters your ass.

One hand on your hip the other grips your hair as he begins to pick up the pace your pussy floods again building to another orgasm. You can feel him begin to twitch. As he begins to cum in your ass your pussy convulses, and your knees go weak. His cock pops out from your ass and several ropes of cum land on your ass and skirt.

He collapses back in the low chair panting. You rest on the desk spent. After a minute he get up and moves around the desk and takes the belt of your hands. And then pulls some wet wipes from a desk drawer. You help each other clean up get dressed. You both resume your position. On either side of the desk.

He takes his glasses off and wipes them, “Now about your exam.” I finished the curve and you really are in ok shape just make sure you keep up with your assignments and don’t get distracted again. Make sure you see me during office hours again if you feel you need some extra help.”

You nod and get up feeling the welts on your ass. “Understood professor, I wouldn’t want you to have to punish me again.” you say sweetly. You raise your hand and drop the soaking pair of panties on his desk. “Here is my extra credit assignment”. You turn making sure to bend over one more time in front of him as you gather your things. You feel a drop of cum begin to drip again from your ass as you head toward the door.


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