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My Husband & My Neighbor

Jill cuckholds her husband with her new neighbor
My Husband & My Neighbor

My name is Jill. I am 36 and have been married with Martin for 11 years. We live in a top class condo by the sea in Florida, where we keep our lovely sailing boat at the pier. I am a marketing manager in an electronics company and Martins is a naval engineer in a boutique shipyard, and we live well. It’s not a big unit, but it’s cozy, well decorated and it suits us fine as we do not have kids.

What I would like to tell you is about something that changed dramatically – and for good – our sex life. First of all, I am brunette, tall, well fit and slender, but I was gifted with beautiful C size breasts. Martin is 42 and used to be athletic in his youth, has put up some weight recently, but yet a well shaped handsome man.

Our sex life is good and we have been faithful to each other since we started dating seriously. However, Martin has become more stressed in his job with the economic crisis – less purchase orders, more work and constantly threat of jobs downsizing – for a couple years, and started drinking a bit too much with his colleagues or alone after coming home. After drinking, he sleeps like a stone. Our sex enthusiasm has cooled down and sometimes I feel lonely and sexually needy.

Although the sex frequency these days is lower, we always had a great time in bed. When we need to spice up things, we talk fantasizing about threesomes – with another man or woman – and we always reach great orgasms this way.

Everything started in a Saturday morning: Martin arrived late the night before after a celebration with his colleagues due to a new big purchase order. He barely took his clothes of and fell heavily on bed, smelling beer and tequila, and started to snore. I felt bad because we always had a special dinner on Fridays, when we cook together, enjoy some champagne and wine, and then make passionate, satisfying love.

I woke up around 7AM like I usually do on Saturdays, and brewed some coffee. I was enjoying it at the kitchen table when the bell rang: I looked at the digital peephole monitor and saw it was Karl, our next door neighbor.

Karl is around 65, half-Danish and is a retired lawyer. He is tall and handsome, white hair still with a blond shade, green eyes, tanned, and fit for his age, despite a small beer belly. He’s been our good friend since he moved in around 4 years ago, after his wife passed away. He and Martin are fishing buddies, and they always fish on Saturday mornings, at the pier or in Karl’s motorboat.

I was wearing a white knit robe that was not very thick and thought about changing to open the door, but I was not really in the mood to go back to Martin’s heavy snore and Karl was a good close friend anyway.

He asked for Martin and I explained that there would be no fishing that day. I invited him to join me for a cup of coffee, and he promptly accepted. We were sipping coffee and chatting when I saw his occasional glimpse at my chest. The kitchen table is small and we were quite close to each other. Only then I realized than I was wearing a half cup red bra that was very visible under the robe, and the cleavage showed some skin from the top of my tits. Instinctively, I covered my chest with my arm. I looked startled.

Karl looked surprised with my reaction too at first, but said: “Sorry, Jill, I didn’t mean anything bad or to be disrespectful to you. I just could not avoid it.” He took a breath, opened a shy smile, and continued: “Anyway, you look like an angel in white with a wicked touch of this sexy red bra. And, I have to say that, it seems you have the most beautiful pair of breasts I’ve been close to in my entire life.” I was still a bit shaken, but also flattered and his sincere words softened me. I put my arm down, and there he was staring directly at my bosom, not trying to disguise it.

I patted his hand softly and said: “No problem, Karl. I am not a frightened young girl.” He was encouraged with this, opened a smile, and shot: “Can you open your robe for a second?” I didn’t know what to do: I felt somehow sorry for him as a lonely man, about his age, how I was flattered by his kind comment. I was softened, and thought “So what?” I opened up the top of my robe, revealing my bra and a good part of by tits: the aureole and nipples were hidden, but I was showing a lot on top.

Karl looked at them like if enchanted, opened a big smile, and slowly held my boobs over the bra, feeling their shape, weight, how soft they were. Then he caressed softly the skin on top with one hand, still holding a tit firmly with the other. It was good and I was amused, but I felt it had gone too far: I smiled and said joyfully “Just seeing, no touching!”, and I stood up to get some more coffee in the kitchen. I felt his eyes darting at my ass and body as I walked to the sink, my back to him.

I came back with the jar and started filling up his cup, standing close to him, and he attacked again clearly pretending to be naive: “Jill, how come I don’t see anything red at your bottom?” My resistance was gone then. “I sleep in the nude, Karl, I just put on my bra when I stood up so my breasts won’t sag.” He continued the game: “I don’t believe you. You must be wearing something”. “I am not” I replied. “Then you have to prove it”, he concluded.

Checkmate! I was still standing close to him, and I felt his hand on my knee, touching it very lightly, and moving up slowly along my long legs, inside my thighs. I did not move or object, as I was becoming very aroused too. At last he reached my naked pussy, and got a big surprise: I am hairy down there, as I am very allergic to waxing or shaving. I only trim a bit along my leg creases, so no hair shows out of my bikini bottom.

I was excited with his touching and with the situation, and my pussy dripped as he placed his hand all over it, enjoying the softness of my pubic hair, and started to touch the lips with a finger. I lost my senses. I saw a bulge in his shorts, bent down and whispered to his ear: “Now it’s my turn, let me see it.” He unzipped, still caressing my pussy with the other hand, and took his penis out. It was my time to look, mouth opened: it was incredibly thick, not too long, bus very thick. He was uncut, and the huge red head showed up inside his very white foreskin, dripping wit precum. I held it, and I could not close my small hands around. My pussy was a mess, I resented Martin for being absent the whole week, maybe even more, and I had to have that cock inside me. I had a spark of rationality, and walked silently, barefoot, to our suite. Through the closed door I could hear Martin’s heavy snore. We were safe!

I came back walking sensually, my robe already open showing my muff in all its glory. I pulled my half cup bra down, showing the hard, pink nipples. Martin looked ecstatic with a big smile, still sitting in his chair, and pulled down his cargo shorts to his knees, showing me his hard trunk. When I came close, in front of him, he held my ass and moved down to lick my pussy, but I stopped him: “No foreplay now, Karl, I need this cock right now!” I turned around, raised my robe to my waist, positioned myself with my back to him and started sitting down on him, as he held my waist. When I was close, I took his prick and aimed it to my drenched pussy. It was incredibly thick, and it was difficult for the head to come inside. With small up and down movements I accommodated his cockhead inside my labia, and soon I was slapping my buttocks on his thigh, up and down, feeling his hairy crotch and nuts against my ass. He alternated between holding my bouncing boobs and my hips, pulling me hard against his cock when I went down to penetrate me deeply.

It was so good: I had never felt my vagina so filled in my entire life. I was in a trance. I closed my eyes and all I could feel was his cock inside me. It may have been the noise of my ass clashing against his thighs, I may have moaned loud, and I as brought back with Martin’s yelling “What the fuck is that?” I froze, lost my strength and sat down on Karl’s legs. Martin stood up in front of me, with a full view of my naked body and Karl’s cock deep inside me. There was a terrible silence for a while, but I had an inspiration: Martin was wearing his boxers, and I saw his erection.

“Martin, darling, you may find this weird, but look who is enjoying it” and I pointed at his crotch. “We always talk about this fantasy, let’s make it happen”, I concluded. We all stood still, Karl’s half-limp cock still inside me, until Martin finally said: “Keep doing it”. I immediately started to move, slowly, and felt Karl’s getting hard inside me again. Martin walked towards us, very slowly, first hiding his erection with his hand, then touching it through his boxers, and finally took it out and started masturbating slowly. He came to me and said “Blow me!” Karl and I were already accelerating our movements and I was more than aroused, so I bent down and took Martin’s in my mouth. When he was totally hard, he said: “Let’s all go to bed”.

Once we got there we got rid of our clothes, Martin told me to stay on my knees and started to fuck me doggy style. My vagina was so enlarged by Karl’s prick and I was so wet that he came inside me in one push. Martin is not shy down there, with a good length but maybe a little too thin than average, and certainly much thinner than Karl’s.

While he pounded me vigorously, Karl moved close to my face and spread his cock in my face, while holding one of my bouncing boobs. I took it in my mouth eagerly, stretching my lips to accommodate it, and start caressing his dick, from the balls until where it disappeared inside my mouth. I was even more surprised then, as the base of his cock was as thick as a beer can.

Martin kept fucking me vigorously, sweating, until he gave up and barked: “You are too large and wet. Now the naughty girl will be punished so I can come.” He took out his cock and aimed at my asshole. I don’t like anal sex: I tried it once when I was still a virgin with a high-school sweetheart, we had no experience, and he hurt me badly. When I felt the tip of his cockhead probing my asshole I flinched and screamed.

“Don’t you like it there?” Karl asked, and I told him why. “Well, let me show you a few tricks, you may enjoy it”, he said so confidently that I decided to take a chance. “Marty boy, switch places with me, and you lie down sideways, Jill darling.” He moved down and started licking me, with a special attention to my clit. “Marty, kiss her boobs”, he commanded. Then he put one finger, then two, inside my vagina to look for the G point. Still working with my pussy, he opened my buttocks and started rimming me: slowly, patiently, inserting his tongue in and out, just a little bit more each time. I contracted my sphincter involuntarily at first, but slowly I started to relax. I took Martin’s cock and started to blow him, so I felt more and more aroused: I had two fingers deep inside my pussy, one tongue totally inside my asshole, a cock in my mouth and had my boobs fondled. I couldn’t imagine anything more intimate than a man´s – not my husband – tongue inside my asshole. When Karl felt my rosebud relaxed, he took his dripping wet finger – my own juices mixed with Karl’s and Martin’s – from my vagina and slowly inserted into my asshole. Soon another one came in while he licked my pussy again, and when he was happy with the result he said: “Now it’s with you, Marty, get some lube and be gentle”.

Martin spread some saliva on his cockhead, positioned himself spooning me, found the right place and slowly started to push. Karl stayed down there licking my clit and looking closely to his friend’s cock penetrating my ass. I felt a sting when the cockhead forced my anal ring, but I was so aroused and pleased that I relaxed and let Martin continuing his job. Half inch by half inch, soon he was all inside me, and slowly started to fuck me in and out. I could not say I was enjoying it, but I was pleased I had done it and even more with Karl’s skilled tongue in my pussy.

Martin kept fucking me hard, slamming my ass, as Karl moved in front of me and said: “Suck me, babe, you are so hot I can’t hold it anymore”, and stuck his indecent prick inside my mouth. I took it and sucked it strongly, feeling it pulse inside my mouth, holding tight and stroking the thick base of his rod. When he was about to come, he took it out and jerked off, spreading a lot of cum over my face and breasts. When Martin saw that he moaned loud, pushed deep inside my asshole and with strong and fast movements also started to cum.

We stood still for a while, and I got a wicked idea: “You have punished me, Martin, now it’s your time: lick me clean”. I could see he was not happy with this, but the scene was so hot that he obliged. Karl said “Let me do my part too”, moved down and started licking my asshole dripping with Martin’s cum. When they finished, we rested in bed for a few minutes.

I told them I was going to have a quick shower and would fix them breakfast then. When I came back to the kitchen they were sitting at the table, sipping coffee, and they almost choked: I was wearing a short sheer pink negligee, no belt, opened in the front and totally exposing my boobs and pussy. They kept looking at me when I fixed some juice and bagels, and while we ate we chatted about how good it had been.

When we finished eating, I said: “Well, my darlings, you may have realized that I haven’t come properly yet. I need a good orgasm with a cock in my pussy.” I bent over the table and spread my legs. Martin penetrated me first, but I knew I wouldn’t come with his tiny stuff, and he wouldn’t come either inside my sloppy, enlarged vagina. I let him enjoy it and, after a few minutes, I said: “Martin, be a sweetie and give a chance to our guest”.

Karl had been stroking himself slowly watching us, and when he heard that he was hard again soon – I was surprised that at his age he could get it up again so fast – penetrated me slowly and started pumping. Even with all I had got in my pussy I still felt stretched. Karl fucked me vigorously and, when he felt I was about to come, as I moaned louder and louder, he increased his pushes and moved faster. I had memorable, multiple orgasms for a long, long time.

I stood up totally satisfied, flushed, still gasping for air, turned to them and said: “Boys, from now on, every Saturday morning you can go fishing or we can stay here and play together”. They never fished again.

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