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Morning Glory

A wife wakes her husband with some sexytime
Morning Glory

His eyes barely opened as he felt his lungs fill with air.

His arms quickly stretched out over the bed and he filled both hands full of sheet.

He didn’t have to look down his body to know what she was doing. He could feel her. Her lips held his cock securely in her mouth. She was applying just enough pressure that his balls were tingling. He felt her manicured nails lightly brush over the leather like sacks that held his testicles. He pursed his lips as she began to hum….” Feeling Love …”

His cock was thick and he knew at any moment she would adjust her mouth on his shaft. And there it was. His heart sped up as she opened her mouth wider and then felt her form another suction hold on him. With half opened eyes, fist still full of sheet, he looked down to see her head moving up and down, under the sheet between his legs.

” OHHHHHHHH Fuck !!!” he moaned as he felt her sweet tongue stabbing at the slit on the head of his cock. He felt her little hand squeeze him, milking the precum from him. He felt it as the clear, hot fluid slowly ran down his shaft and made a puddle on his balls.

He inhaled sharply as the tip of her tongue teased that little ‘ v ‘ on the ridge of his cock. He clenched his ass and smiled as he thought how lucky a man he was.

She begin to pick up a steady tempo bobbing her head up and down on him. She was paying close attention to his body language. She new it well. All the tell tell signs of his pleasurable releases.

When she felt him begin to thrust upward, she quickly popped his cock from her mouth and rubbed the oozing head over her right cheek, leaving a line of sticky precum.

Her mouth went to his right testicle and took it inside. He could feel her tongue bathing him. She stroked his cock with caution as he arched his back and let out a whimper and whispered, ” Good fucking morning Baby,” then he reached for the back of her head with his left hand.

She pressed at the testicle in her mouth with her tongue. She then pushed his testicle from her mouth, placed her lips to it and pushed warm saliva onto it. The salvia immediately went over his testicle to his crack. He felt it as it neared his tight asshole.

The hand he had placed on her head quickly went to anchor his body again, he grabbed the sheet tightly.

He felt her hands push at the back of his thighs, causing his knees to bend and his legs to spread.

Just as the salvia touched his hole…so did her finger…She gently massaged it. She heard the moan that came from him followed by…”Jesus !”. She begin to slide the tip of her tongue down the crevice of his ass. She moved her finger as her tongue reached his sensitive spot. He arched his back as he pushed against her tongue. He began to moan and say, ” My nasty slut…my nasty slut .”

He sat straight up in bed, pulling the sheet away and looked at her buried between his legs. One of his hands was placed on the back of her head, the other between her shoulder blades. His lust was raging. He did not know whether to pull her up to him and fuck her hard or push her face more into him and let the cum spew up and land in her hair.

Her tight, tanned ass was so inviting. He knew he had something in her…anything he wanted to explore physically, emotionally or sexually….she was his.

He was in a zone and could not move as he felt the slightly rough texture of her tongue licking his balls. At first he could here her sweet licking sounds. Her purring sounds. Then his own pleasured moans over rode hers.

At that moment, she looked up at him with her blue eyes. His seemed to have a glaze over his. She knew she had taken him there again.

A sense of pride swelled up in his chest…he knew he was looking at his soul mate. Her eyes never wavered, nor did his.

The tip of her tongue begin to slide along that seam on the sacs that were so full of his seed. She followed that seam until she was at the base of his hard, throbbing cock. In one swift move, he took her by the shoulders and rolled her on her back and straddled her. Like a gentleman…he reached for a pillow and placed it under her head. This gave her head a slight tilt forward. As he got on his knees still straddling her, he leaned forward on his out stretched arms. He lowered his body as he moved upward. His heavy cock pointing at it’s pouty little target as if it had radar. Her chin dropped just a little as she waited for his sweet cock to be in her mouth. As he began to push and pull with slow gentle strokes into her warm wet mouth, her soft palms slid over his ass. Her pushes were soft at first, then they began to get more forceful. Not wanting to choke her, he began to control the thrusting himself. When she reached for his testicles and pulled at them, he knew it was over. His hot cum traveled in record speed through his hard shaft. He quickly pulled from her mouth and aimed at her breast. As he sprayed his lady, he touched the head of his cock to her tit after each rope of cum hit her. It wasn’t until his cock was spent that he noticed a thin string of cum was attached to her bottom lip and rested on her chin.

There were those blue eyes, that pouty mouth and that chin. He laid on top of her, licking the cum from her chin as he felt the hair on his chest matt up from the cum he had just spewed on her luscious breast.

They rolled on their sides and stayed embraced awhile. Her short leg over him. His strong arm over her. She smiled and touched her finger tip to his lip and whispered, ” Good morning…”

In a very content voice he replied, ” I sure like you being my alarm clock… gonna hit the snooze button…then you do that again…and again…and again…”

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