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Lainey’s Adventure

Follow Lainey down the rabbit hole
Lainey’s Adventure

Chapter 1

It was Lainey’s first day off from work in a longer stretch than she was used to. Her shifts at the hospital were starting to add up, and she was relieved when she opened her eyes that she didn’t have to go into work today; however, this quickly turned to frustration when she noticed the time on the clock. All she wanted to do was sleep in for once, but her mind was too awake for sleep to take hold again so she got up and headed to the bathroom.

After using the toilet Lainey assessed herself in the mirror. Her short brown hair was starting to grow out more than she liked, but her ability to keep it in a ponytail was more helpful now than she liked to admit. She wasn’t short, standing five foot six, she could at least reach the top shelf in most kitchens without a stool, but she was not in love with her little pouch of a stomach. All in all though, Lainey thought she looked pretty good. Her breast were a good size, big enough to hold, but not so big that she was constantly worried about them falling out of her clothes or creating too much of a distraction when she was running. She wasn’t what she would have considered a “hot girl”, but she did notice that she didn’t have to pay for too many of her drinks when she went out.

“I wonder how many more years that will last,” she thought to herself.

Her legs and thighs weren’t terrible either. Nicely shaped and toned fairly well, which led to an ass that was a bit larger than it used to be when she was in her twenties. Being in her early thirties meant it was getting harder to maintain the weight she once had.

Satisfied with how she looked, Lainey stepped over to the scale. She hated this part. She couldn’t understand why people invented a way to boil their self-loathing down to one number. She stepped up on the scale, and the numbers flashed double zero for a second and then, the number 128 showed on the screen. Lainey sighed and stepped off. Seems she gained another two pounds this week.

Moving into the kitchen, Lainey started up her breakfast routine of blending some vegetables and adding in some supplements until her “green juice” was ready. She never really liked it, but figured she should follow the crowd on this one thing in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. She then settled on to the couch and began scrolling through her phone. She was curious what her friends got up to the previous weekend. She had been too busy with work to really pay attention, but after seeing some of the pictures and reading through the group messages, it didn’t seem like she was missing much. She just didn’t relate to most of her recently married friends and their seemingly endless attempts to one-up each other with their online antics. Lainey then switched over to her online dating app, and she began swiping away thinking to herself more often than not, “next” with the occasional, “this has to be a joke right”. It seems the dating pool in her small town just outside of Boston wasn’t so much of a pool as it was a sea of despair.

Lainey spent most of her morning like this while also picking up around her place, but after a few hours of lounging around the house Lainey decided she should get some of her excess energy out; so she grabbed her gym bag and headed out.

Lainey will be the first to admit that she had higher hopes for her gym regimen than she actually held, which is why it was such a surprise to her to see how empty it was on a Tuesday morning at 9:30 AM. Alex, the hunky front desk guy, was not at the counter to greet her, so she just scanned her ID and made her way to the second floor where the aerobic exercise equipment was located.

From the second floor Lainey had a good bird’s-eye view of the floor below, or what she thought of as the meat market since that’s where all the muscle heads tended to hang out. It was usually fascinating to watch people interact below her, but on a day like today she was the only one in the gym.

Lainey chose an elliptical machine to start her workout. It had been a few weeks since she had been there, and she was worried about overdoing it so she selected a slower mix on her music streaming app and began her warm-up.

It was a few minutes into her warm-up that someone she had never seen before walked out of the men’s locker room. He was a fit looking older man, on the shorter side just under six feet tall. He wasn’t bad looking either, but definitely someone that Lainey would have avoided by the sheer age gap alone. He had short brown hair that was going grey, and a fairly muscular build. However, instead of heading to one of the machines or even coming upstairs he just stood there, waiting.

That’s when Lainey saw Jessica Chu appear from the neighboring women’s locker room. Lainey let out a small grumble of annoyance at the sight of her. Jessica was one of the gym’s top trainers. She had personally kicked Lainey’s ass in some of the group classes, back when Lainey attended more regularly. And Jessica was highly sought after by the male gym goers for personal lessons all the time. She was the gym’s top earner, or so it seemed by the number of times she had been named “Trainer of the Month”. But Lainey didn’t take issue with Jessica’s superior physical conditioning or work ethic, but rather with her overall physical appearance.

Jessica was what Lainey considered God’s gift to mankind. Although she was considered too short to be a model, Jessica was as close to perfect as most men, and even most women, would admit. She was just over five feet tall, Asian, and her body was amazing. Her breast were huge, cleverly concealed in a sports bra most of the time, Lainey had the unfortunate experience of seeing her nude in the locker room once, and vowed never to be in the same room with her again. Not only were her breasts real, but they were perky and her nipples were perfectly circular and pink. Even more astonishing was the fact that Jessica had flowing black hair down to the middle of her back and her ass was the firmest ass she had ever seen. Looking at Jessica’s legs was even more demoralizing for Lainey. Her shapely calves were toned as well as her thighs, and they gave Jessica a thigh gap that Instagram models dreamed of. In addition to her tight body, Jessica was also extremely muscular throughout. She didn’t quite have the dainty arms or legs of a girl; she was built like a woman. This was annoying to Lainey because Jessica was only 24 years old, and it just wasn’t fair for someone to get all of that in one package. It would have been easier to take if Jessica had one or two features that weren’t so damn perfect like something with her face or a scar or something, but nope, Jessica had a killer smile, and her Asian features just made her more “exotic” to the men around her. Add in a winning spirit and a can do attitude and Lainey was ready to straight-up murder her just so she wouldn’t have to compete with her.

Lainey let out a small sigh and rolled her eyes as Jessica appeared and began overtly flirting with the older man. He must be one of her lessons for the day, and the way Jessica seemed to toy with every guy she was around just made Lainey nauseous.

“Of course she’s here working,” thought Lainey sarcastically. “She’s always here working.”

However, as Jessica and her lesson walked to the private workout area Lainey caught something she wasn’t sure she was supposed to see. The man was seriously groping and feeling up Jessica’s ass, and she was just all smiles and giggles, and just as they walked through the door to the corridor beyond Jessica did a quick peek out into gym floor area sweeping her gaze around the room. Lainey ducked down a bit out of instinct, and Jessica broke back into a big smile and turned to go into the hallway.

“Huh,” thought Lainey. “That was weird. That didn’t look like they were on their way to a workout session in the sense I was thinking. I bet they’re up to something else.”

Lainey continued thinking about this and she began to smile to herself, and while she attempted to focus on her own workout, she was having some difficulty. Thoughts of Jessica and this man were getting very vivid in her head, and it wasn’t long before she noticed that her pace had slowed dramatically, and a serious amount of wetness was concentrated in her pants. Finally, Lainey’s curiosity caught up to the situation, and she stepped off the machine.

“I’ll just go and see,” she thought to herself. “They’ll be in one of the rooms working out, and I’ll feel stupid for making this up in my head.”

Lainey crept down to the first floor and made her way to the private workout area. As she entered the corridor she found all the rooms leading off from the corridor were dark. The lights weren’t on in any of them.

“That seems strange,” she thought. “Maybe they’re in the smaller room around the corner”

The lighting in the hallway was pretty dark. Single recessed lights provided a guide path for Lainey to follow. As she turned the corner she could see a light illuminating the wall opposite coming through the glass portion of the door. Lainey slowly walked toward the door staying back against the wall so they wouldn’t be able to see her. When she got to the window Lainey’s mouth fell open.

The private workout rooms were rentable by the hour, and they cost a good amount. However, if you’re serious about getting in shape, and you want the ability to have someone whoop your ass without an audience then this was the best way to go about it. Lainey had only ever had one session before, a complementary private lesson when she first joined. She could see why it was an attractive offer. It’s hard to go 100 percent when you know a bunch of strangers are watching you. It makes failing hard, and failing at the gym is the best way to get better.

This gym had four private rooms, but only three were ever used. The fourth room was smaller, and because of this it was used as a storage room for old equipment. It was also hard to find, and therefore, wasn’t utilized by anyone at the gym except staff.

Which is why what Lainey saw going on in the room was such a surprise. Her thoughts of what was going on in the room weren’t too far from the truth, but actually seeing it, and knowing she was right made it even more unbelievable.

The room contained an old massage table, and on this table the man was laying down completely nude. Jessica was also naked in her full splendor, a sight that Lainey remembered quite well from a few months ago, but this time Jessica was working the guy’s hard cock with her small hands, drooling spit on it to keep it lubricated. The table was in line with the door, so Lainey could see all the way up to the man’s face as he looked down at Jessica who was standing to the side of the table. The man’s small stature was not reflected in the size of his penis however. On the contrary, his cock was thicker than Lainey had ever seen. The length of it was quite impressive as well. Lainey could see why Jessica was so giggly before. This man must have a good twenty years on Jessica, and she was working his cock with all the enthusiasm you would expect from someone her age.

Lainey was fascinated by what she was watching. She had watched porn before, but this was a whole new level. She continued watching not really registering whether or not they could see her, but this fear was dismissed when Jessica jumped onto the table and attempted to fit his large cock into her mouth while she worked her dripping pussy into the man’s face because she looked directly at the door where Lainey was standing. Lainey pressed herself deeper into the shadows in the hallway, and Jessica returned her focus to the man’s throbbing member.

There was no way Jessica would continue if she thought someone was watching, thought Lainey. She was in the clear, for now.

Lainey watched in excitement as Jessica slowly sucked on this huge cock. She was getting most of it into her mouth, and Lainey found herself opening and closing her own mouth subconsciously. Jessica’s hand was firmly wrapped around the lower part of the shaft, but a good portion of this man’s cock was still exposed, which is what Jessica was eagerly lapping at with her tongue and lips.

Lainey wasn’t sure when it happened, or if she just wasn’t paying attention, but at some point she noticed her hand had begun to rub the outside of her crotch. Looking around Lainey figured she was alone, and no one was coming down this hallway any time soon, or else why would Jessica schedule something like this. So Lainey pulled her leggings and underwear down just enough for her to get her hand into her pants where she promptly inserted two fingers. She was surprised by how wet she already was. This was starting to feel really good so she leaned back against the wall and began rhythmically stroking herself.

As Lainey watched, Jessica sat up on her knees, her wet pussy just above the man’s face. He darted his tongue out and into Jessica. She started moaning with pleasure at this, and Lainey was mesmerized by Jessica as she started grinding her pussy into the man’s mouth. Jessica reached up and started squeezing her large tits, and she was arching her back, all while this man tongue fucked her. His hands were tightly gripped on her ass, and it was clear to Lainey he was licking every inch of Jessica’s ass. The thought of his tongue dancing around Jessica’s asshole sent shivers down Lainey’s spine. Her fingers were working at a good clip now, and that’s when Jessica let out a series of moans and collapsed on the man.

Lainey was reaching her own state of bliss at this point, but was even more turned on by what happened next. After a few seconds of Jessica relaxing on top of the man she spun around and pulled his hard member up against her gleaming, wet sex. Lainey was lusting after this moment. She wanted to see this large cock fit inside this tiny woman. For a second Lainey didn’t think Jessica would be able to fit it in, but then, with the slightest of grunts by Jessica and the man, his cock proceeded to penetrate her.

Jessica slid it up and down a few times working it deep inside her. Lainey’s eyes were glued to that spot where the two meet. She was moving her fingers to her clit now, and the building climax was going to be massive. The wetness between the man and Jessica was an intoxicating sight to Lainey. The base of his cock was drenched with her juices.

“He must feel so warm inside her,” Lainey thought.

Then, without warning, the man wrapped his arms around Jessica’s back and pulled her down to him as he began to jack hammer her pussy. Lainey was taken off-guard by this action, and she watched in fascination as he started slamming his big dick into her. Jessica, likewise, started to let out a series of moans that coaxed Lainey back to her masturbation. With her fingers flying now, Lainey was matching the pumping action of this man. Lainey watched on knowing her climax was close. She stared at Jessica’s winking asshole as her ass cheeks clapped together with each thrust the man gave her. He then reached down and pulled Jessica’s ass cheeks apart, which gave Lainey a sight that drove her wild. The moment everyone had been waiting for was about to arrive, and Lainey rushed now to get there with them, moving her fingers over her clit, warm wetness dripping out of her.

Suddenly Jessica shouted, “I’m cumming!”

The man picked up the pace ever so slightly, and Lainey was on the edge of exploding the man pulled his enormous cock out of Jessica and shot a shower of semen onto her back. Lainey collapsed to the floor overtaken by her own waves of ecstasy. On her knees, with one hand on the floor holding her up, Lainey was breathing hard replaying the last thing she saw before falling to her knees. The man’s cum was pouring down over Jessica’s asshole and into the space between them, dripping down past his balls to the table. Lainey let out a small shudder and slowly removed her hand. She examined her fingers and they were thoroughly drenched. Without thinking she sucked them clean and wiped them on her pants. She’s not sure why she did that, but the taste of her wetness was arousing.

When Lainey stood up she saw Jessica and this man kissing intently, and Lainey figured she only had a few minutes before they’d start to be more aware of their surroundings. So Lainey made the decision to head for the door, but when she reached it she suddenly became very self-aware of how damp her crotch was.

“Will someone notice this?” she thought. “Has anyone else come in since I came down? How long has it been?”

Lainey’s hesitation to open the door to the main gym floor was suddenly superseded by the sound of Jessica and her student coming out of their door. Lainey made her way as quickly as she could to the women’s locker room. She was pretty sure no one saw her.

Safely at her locker, Lainey decided that she really needed a shower as wet panties were not going to be an option for her ride home. Fortunately, she kept a change of clothes just in case she ever needed to go out straight from the gym. As she closed her locker, she turned and was suddenly face to face with Jessica walking into the locker room. They briefly made eye contact, but Lainey was quick to look away. Apparently, Jessica was thinking a shower was in order too. Lainey assumed that the man’s huge load must still be stuck between her cheeks, and with that thought she headed to the shower with a slight smile on her face.

When Lainey got to the shower, she noticed that Jessica had chosen to take the stall well away from hers.

“Good,” thought Lainey. “She figured Jessica had no idea that she knew what they just did.”

The water at the gym was actually really nice. All the hot water you could want, and a shower pressure that was extremely pleasing. Lainey wasn’t in it too long before the steam generated fogged up the whole area, and as the warm water ran down Lainey’s back and shoulders she replayed the imagines of Jessica and the man in her head. She thought about his hard cock throbbing in Jessica’s mouth, and Jessica’s large breasts bouncing as she ground her pussy into his face.

Lainey’s hand began to stroke her pussy again, but this time with more patience. She wouldn’t have to rush this. Lainey was thinking about how his cock stretched out Jessica’s tight pussy, and how she had moaned with delight when he started pumping her with long, hard strokes.

Lainey closed her eyes, and her fingers probed deep inside her. As she leaned against the shower stall wall, she started to imagine the man walking into the ladies locker room looking for Jessica, and walking into the shower area, stripping down his gym clothes thinking he’s found Jessica in the shower only to open the door to find Lainey instead. Lainey looks at him in shock, but his hard cock is just throbbing there. He wasn’t expecting to see her, and before he can mumble an apology and close the door Lainey reaches out and pulls him into the warm spray with her.

Lainey’s hand is firmly wrapped around the man’s cock, and even holding it at the base there’s still a sizable amount extending out to her wrist. It’s also just as thick in her hand as it was in Jessica’s. He pulls the door closed and he starts to kiss Lainey deep and hard. They both know what’s going on, and there’s no pretense to the situation. Their tongues are caressing one another, and Lainey is so hot and ready to go that she just turns around and, while arching her back and craning her head around, she offers her backside to him. He takes his cue and with his two rough hands he lifts her up just enough to slip his now raging cock between her legs. Lainey reaches down and folds the tip to the entrance of her pulsating pussy.

“There’s no way this is going to fit,” Lainey thinks.

But, and without hesitation, his large member glides up, and up into Lainey. The feeling of being so full hits Lainey first, and it is incredible. The man starts to pound away and he lifts Lainey’s left leg up as he tilts her into a better position. Lainey is pressed against the wall of the shower. The hot water is pouring down between them. It’s all Lainey can do to hold on for dear life as this man proceeds to fuck her like she’s never been fucked before.

Lainey manages to get a hand down between her legs and starts rubbing her clit, her fingers dancing over her nub which increase in speed to match the thrusting of the man behind her. As she does so, she can’t help but brush up against the shaft of his cock as it goes in and out of her. There’s no way Lainey is going to last long with something this thick inside of her. A small grunting sound starts escaping from deep in her throat with each thrust. The man is going faster now, and his balls start slapping against Lainey’s aching labia. With the water rushing, and the man pounding into her, Lainey raises up on her tiptoes just as the first part of her orgasm reaches her. She lets out a disturbingly loud moan, and the man, hearing her cries of joy, begins to thrust in earnest.

As Lainey’s orgasm starts to crescendo up the man continues to fuck her with abandon. Lainey loses her balance and reaches out to brace herself against the wall bending over more. The man uses this new position to his advantage and proceeds to ram his cock deeper into Lainey. Lainey’s ability to maintain control of her senses starts to fail, and all she knows is pleasure as the largest cock she’s ever had fills her up. The man reaches out for Lainey’s shoulder, and with jarring thrusts that make slapping sounds with Lainey’s ass, the man releases his load inside of her. Lainey lets out a cry of bliss, and her muscles go limp.

As the warm water rushed down the drain Lainey opened her eyes.

“Did I just let out a loud moan,” she thought. “Gosh, I hope that wasn’t as loud as I thought it was.”

Lainey’s fingers were tired from all of the action today. Her fantasy with the man was as good as she could have expected, and she toyed with the idea of keeping him in her rotation of mental scenarios for future use. With her second solo masturbatory deed completed for the day, Lainey decided it was time to head home so she turned off the water and dried herself off.

As Lainey exited the shower, she once again found herself face to face with Jessica, who had completed her shower well before Lainey and was in the process of getting dressed.

“Good workout today,” Jessica asked smiling at Lainey.

“Umm, yeah, you could say that.” Lainey responded confused.

“Let me know if you ever want a solo session,” Jessica said as she finished getting dressed in another set of tight fitting workout clothes.

“I’m not sure I can’t afford it,” said Lainey.

“If you’re willing to put in the necessary effort maybe we can come to an arrangement,” Jessica said dropping the smile from her face. Then she winked at Lainey, breaking back into a wide smile, and walking out into the gym.

Lainey sat down on the bench still in her towel. “What the fuck,” she said softly aloud.

Lainey finished getting dressed, and walked to the front to scan her way out. Alex was there now and he commented on Lainey’s new elevated status membership in the system.

“What?” Lainey asked.

“You’re now a platinum member here,” Alex said.

Lainey just looked at Alex confused and asked, “I’m a what?”

“A platinum member,” responded Alex. “This means you can have eight personal training sessions a month with any of our trainers.”

“But I didn’t sign up for this, and I’m not paying for it,” demanded Lainey.

“Oh, um, let me check the system for you,” said a confused Alex. “No, see here,” pointing at the screen, “You were elevated today actually at no cost. Strange, most people are paying over $5,000 a month for this service. Congratulations! You must know someone high up in the organization to get this for nothing.”

Lainey grunted, “Huh,” and said “Well, thank you.”

“No problem,” replied Alex as he smiled at Lainey. “Maybe I can be one of your private instructors.”

Lainey smiled at Alex, and then she blushed at the thought of him and her in that small room together. Her stomach dropped into her crotch, and she spun away walking briskly out of the building and toward her car. She knew that he didn’t mean it like that, and there’s no way he would be that interested in her anyway. Besides the real question was who elevated her profile at the gym?

“There was only one person who could have done that,” Lainey thought. “Jessica, but why would she do that? Unless…,” Lainey about faints just as she reached her car when she realized that her secret masturbatory voyeurism this morning was perhaps not so secret after all.

“That moment Jessica looked up, she must have seen me,” thought Lainey. “That means she knew I was watching. She knew I was following along with every thrust she was taking. Oh my god, that’s why she was all weird in the locker room after I came out of the shower. Holy shit”

Lainey quickly started the car. Her cheeks were red hot with embarrassment, and she wanted nothing more than to be safe at home with the doors locked, but as she reached for the gear shift her phone buzzed. Lainey looked down to see a number she didn’t recognize. It was a simple message, and Lainey’s heart skipped a beat as she read the message. All it said was, “I SAW YOU, BOTH TIMES.”

It had to be from Jessica, and she knew Lainey was watching them in that small room.

“But both times?” Lainey thought, “Does that mean she watched me in the shower as well? Oh fuck. She must have spied on me in the shower.”

Lainey dropped the phone, slammed the gear shift into drive and peeled out of the parking lot. She didn’t remember breathing again until she was safely behind her locked door at home. What had she gotten herself into was all she could think. How could she have gone from such a normal day to something so fucked up this fast?

Lainey spent the rest of the afternoon staring at her phone and pacing around the house.

“Should I text back or delete it?” She thought. “No, I’ll just ignore it.”

The events of the day were unlike any other for Lainey, and she wasn’t about to tell anyone about what happened. She knew that if she tried to tell one of her friends about it, they would think she’s weird for watching, and they would probably figure out that Lainey enjoyed what she saw.

“No, there’s no way I’m going to tell anyone about this,” she thought.

Lainey decided to delete the message just before bed. Her sleep that night wasn’t very good, and, fortunately for Lainey, she didn’t have to go in to work the next day either. The next day; however, was about as uneventful as the previous day should have been. She was grateful for the boredom, and she was looking forward to going back to work the following week. She figured it would help to make her forget what happened at the gym. Plus, it gave her an excuse not to go back to the gym.

Chapter 2

It took Lainey about two weeks to fully get over the situation. She figured Jessica was just messing with her, but that still didn’t make her eager to return to the gym. This upset Lainey more than she realized because, although she wasn’t a regular there, she did think it was the nicest gym in town. It was just strange to see Jessica and that man together like that. Perhaps that’s why Jessica is so popular at the gym. She really does sleep with her private lessons. The thought was ridiculous to Lainey, but she did see it with her own eyes.

“She must be making hella bank doing that.” Lainey thought. “There’s no way I could ever do something like that.”

As a nurse Lainey often found herself off on strange week days that most of her friends never had. This particular day was a Tuesday, and like the weeks before, she was bored out of her mind. The gods must have heard her pleas because a text message from an unknown number popped up on her phone.

“Lainey, this is Alex. I haven’t seen you at the gym in a few weeks. Just checking to make sure you are ok. I pulled your number from the client system. I hope that’s ok. I wanted you to know I can schedule you for a private lesson any time you need. Just text me back or something.”

Lainey stared at her phone. She almost forgot about what happened the last time she was at the gym, but now it all came flooding back to her. She was so embarrassed. There’s no way she could go back, but then again she didn’t have to see Jessica, and if she just avoided the showers she would probably be fine. Alex was super cute too, and she figured he wouldn’t have gone out of his way like this unless he liked her.

“God, why do hormones suck so much?” Lainey grumbled. “He’s probably just doing his job and scrolling through a list of clients to drum up some money. There’s no way I’m going back there.”

Ten minutes later Lainey was rereading the text message Alex had sent for the thousandth time.

“He did mention he was checking up on me, and it sounded like he was worried about contacting me this way. Like it wasn’t part of his job to do it.” Lainey pondered. “Maybe I should text him back to let him know I’m ok.”

Lainey moved her thumb to the screen to start a text when her phone ringed. The placement of her thumb on the screen accidentally hit the answer button before she could see who was calling.

Raising the phone to her ear Lainey whispered, “Hello, this is Lainey.”

“Hi, Lainey, this is Alex.” Said Alex. “From the gym, remember? Well, I’m glad you answered, I just wanted to give you a call to see about setting up that personal training session.”

“Oh, yeah, I saw your text…” Lainey managed to stumble out. “I’m not sure I’m interested in coming back to the gym at this time. If I’m being honest.”

“Oh, really?” Alex asked. “That’s too bad. I was really looking forward to working with you, and I thought together we had a great shot at reaching some of your personal fitness goals.”

“Wow, this guy is really into making sure I hit my target weight.” Lainey thought. Then she replied, “Ok, well, when would be a good time for us to set up this appointment?”

“I’m free all day today if you can make it?” Alex said.

“Fine, how about I meet you in say thirty minutes?” Lainey said.

“Great, see you then. Bye.” Alex responded and hung up the phone.

Lainey tossed her phone on the bed, and groaned. This day was not going like she had hoped. She didn’t want to go back to this gym, why would she agree to a personal session.

“Fuck me!” Lainey screamed.

On the drive over to the gym Lainey started to turn around five different times. Each time she laid out a different scenario of what she would do if she ran into Jessica.

“Oh, Jessica, hi. Yeah, did I ever tell you I have a twin sister who was visiting me two weeks ago?”

“Jessica, you’re looking great. It’s been so long since I was here last, like well over a month.”

“Excuse me, Jessica, I saw what you did, and I’m going to call the police if you talk to me again.”

Lainey, laughed at herself. There’s no way anyone would believe her if she told them about what she saw that day at the gym. Besides, it’s her word against theirs and vice versa.

“I need to stop being stupid.” Lainey thought.

When Lainey pulled up to the parking lot, it was surprisingly empty again.

“What’s the deal with Tuesday’s?” Lainey groaned. “Why aren’t more people here?”

Lainey sat in the care for a full minute contemplating what she should do. Finally, she decided that she should just move on with her life and got out of the car. By the time she reached the door Alex was already there holding it open for her.

“I’m starting to think this guy may actually have a thing for me.” Lainey said to herself.

“Lainey, it’s great to see you again.” Alex spouted. “I’ve got us all set up in room number two. Why don’t you take your time and meet me there when you’re ready.”

Lainey smiled at Alex, and proceed to walk to room number two. It was when she entered the room that she realized that she hadn’t really been focused on actually doing a workout. Her mind was so fixated on her last visit to the gym that she just wasn’t really mentally prepared to start jumping up and down. She realized this mistake immediately, and went to sit on one of the benches in the corner of the room. Alex walked in and the look on Lainey’s face must have set something off because he came over to her and sat next to her.

Alex said, “You know, we don’t have to go hard today. We can just do some stretches and warm-ups. I’ll walk you through a routine that we can follow-up on in our next session if you like.”

Lainey looked up at Alex and with a grateful smile said, “That sounds fantastic.” That’s when she first noticed how good Alex smelled to her.

“He must be wearing some cologne or something.” Lainey thought.

Alex stood up and grabbed some mats from the other side of the room and laid them out. Lainey walked over and stood on the mats.

“Why don’t you lie down?” Alex instructed.

Lainey laid down on her back while Alex lifted her leg and began stretching her out. The intimacy of the stretch she was in quickly hit Lainey like a bag of bricks. Alex’s hands were firmly wrapped around her thigh, and his body was pressing into hers. To make matters worse the position she was in was not the most flattering of poses, but the real icing on the cake was how intense Alex was staring at her in the face.

“Can you feel that in your hamstrings?” Alex asked.

“Umm…uh..yeah.” Lainey muttered. “Why does this shit always happen to me?” She thought.

Alex released Lainey’s leg and picked up the other one. Lainey caught another whiff of Alex and decided he was definitely wearing something to smell better.

“Why would he put on cologne? Unless he was trying to impress me.” Lainey thought. “Holy fuck! He probably really likes me. Shit, shit, shit. He wasn’t being a good employee, he was trying to get me here so he could be with me.”

Lainey’s breath caught in her chest, and Alex cocked his head to the side.

“Remember to breathe.” Alex instructed.

“Right, breathe.” Lainey repeated.

Alex released Lainey’s other leg, and had Lainey turn over on all fours with her feet on the floor. Lainey felt a little exposed in this position, but it was hitting a tight spot in her hips. Alex moved to the side of her and began gently pushing on her hips, but Lainey continued to slide down causing Alex to reposition her. Finally, Alex moved to behind her, and pressed his hip into her buttocks. Alarm bells rang out in Lainey’s head. Suddenly the whole mood changed, and Lainey was quickly aware of how alone in a room she was with this man, and how very attractive he was to her. She stood up blushing, apologizing to Alex about stopping.

“Sorry, I just couldn’t hold that position anymore.” Lainey gushed.

Shielding his bulging shorts, Alex responded, “Sure, no problem, how about we do some light warm-ups?”

Lainey was doing everything she could to not stare at Alex’s crotch. It was now so obvious that he had a thing for her, and while she reciprocated she wasn’t usually forward about such things. His shyness did put her more at ease though, and once they got going on some light exercises and things started to settle down a bit she found herself thinking about the possibility of them hooking up. By the time the lesson had come to an end Lainey had resigned herself to ask Alex out on a date, but she didn’t get the chance. Whatever feelings Lainey had for Alex quickly evaporated when Jessica walked into the room and planted a wet kiss on Alex’s cheek in front of her. The sight of her made Lainey super uncomfortable.

Turning to Lainey, Jessica squealed, “Isn’t he just the best?”

Lainey responded, “Uh, yeah, he was great today.”

“I think you should take a class with me if you really want to learn a thing or two.” Jessica said.

“I’ll consider it.” Lainey muttered.

“Well, I just wanted to see how my favorite trainer got on with his new client. It seems you guys are all done now. So how was it?” Jessica asked.

“It was a good start, but I think the ending left a little more to be desired.” Lainey quipped.

“Oh, that’s too bad. Well, why don’t you sign up for one of my lessons and we’ll see if we can finish you off the right way, huh?” Jessica jeered as she bounded out the door.

Alex turned to Lainey, and muttered, “I’m sorry about that. She’s got a very competitive personality.”

“Are you guys together?” Lainey asked in bewilderment.

“No! God no. I would never with Jessica.” Alex stammered.

The space between Alex and Lainey grew silent and then fell into awkwardness. Lainey was disappointed that her plan had fallen apart by the arrival of Jessica. Alex sensed that the mood had changed again, and the look of disappointment on Lainey’s face was evident that she perhaps was coming around to him.

“Hey, you know what? Your membership allows you to receive massages here free of charge. Would you care to have one now?” Alex asked.

“Oh, really?” Lainey said. “I suppose that wouldn’t be too bad. Where do I need to go?”

“Well, you just need to shower, and then there’s a door at the end of the locker rooms that leads to the massage rooms. There’s only two rooms, so I’ll need to make sure one’s available first. Come, I’ll walk you to the changing rooms and I’ll check which room you need to be in.” Alex said walking toward the door.

When Alex returned with the room number Lainey was starting to second guess the massage. Going back into the changing rooms was something she was trying to avoid, and the thought of getting undressed and showering was sending some pretty strong PTSD vibes. However, the pumped up look on Alex’s face tipped Lainey over the edge. It was obvious he really wanted to make sure Lainey had a good session with him so she decided to go through with it.

As Lainey rushed through her shower and made her way to her room, she was startled to see Alex by the door.

“Oh, you’re still here?” Lainey questioned.

“Uh, yeah, I’m the one giving you the massage.” Alex said quizzically.

Turning bright red, Lainey thought about turning around and walking straight back to the changing rooms, but she didn’t want to hurt Alex’s feelings.

“Oh, I didn’t realize you also did those.” Lainey stammered.

“Yeah, we have to hold quite a few certifications to work here.” Alex responded not meeting Lainey’s eyes.

“Well, I guess we better get to it.” Lainey said as she walked into the room.

The room was dimly lit and surprisingly warm. The room also had a very fresh smell to it that Lainey couldn’t put her finger on. However, she felt a little uncomfortable only wearing a towel in front of Alex.

“Lay flat on the table face down, and lower the towel so your back is exposed.” Alex said as he closed the door behind Lainey.

Lainey hoisted herself up on the table, and did as Alex had instructed her. She was surprised by how comfortable the table was. To be honest, she was kind of looking forward to this, and she felt safe with Alex, which was probably a good thing since he was the one giving her the massage. The run in with Jessica earlier had set her off a little, but she could see the distress in Alex’s face when she kissed him. She just couldn’t help remembering what she saw Jessica doing that day. The thought of Jessica doing those things with Alex made Lainey so angry, which was crazy because there was nothing going on between her and Alex. Not yet of course, but there could be if Alex wanted to Lainey thought.

“God, why did Jessica have to show up at all?” Lainey Thought. “He was really into me before she came in the room. I wonder what their deal is.”

Just then, Alex knocked on the door, waited a moment and then entered the room. Lainey couldn’t see him, but she instantly felt a flutter of butterflies deep in her abdomen. Finally, her curiosity got the better of her and she blurted out, “What’s the deal with you and Jessica?”

Alex stumbled for a second and then said, “Deal? What do you mean? There’s nothing going on between us.”

“Oh, well, it was just the way she came up to you and kissed you. It made me think there might be something going on there.” Lainey said.

Talking to Alex without having to look at him was making things much easier for Lainey. She was starting to wonder if she could have all her awkward conversations this way.

Alex turned on some light trance music and turned his attention to warming up some oil as he said, “Well, when I started working here Jessica was this big deal with the other trainers. I got the impression that she had been with quite a few of them if you know what I mean. She made it clear to me that she was available if I was down with it, and I told her, in so many words, that I was not down with it. I don’t think she took it well. I don’t think Jessica is the type of girl who is told ‘no’ very often.”

Alex began to spread the warm oil over Lainey’s back and shoulders. The feeling of his large, warm hands melted into Lainey and she let out a small ‘mmm’ sound.

“Does that feel good?” Alex asked.

“Oh, uh, sorry about that. Yes, it feels amazing actually.” Lainey stammered.

“Good, I want you to feel relaxed, and I want this to feel good.” Alex said. “Also, Jessica isn’t my type.”

“Not your type?” Lainey questioned. “I thought she was every man’s type.”

“Ha, well I mean she’s very attractive. I’m not going to deny that, but I like my women to be a little more innocent and reserved if you get my drift.” Alex said.

“Oh, you want someone you can control.” Lainey said.

“Well, not exactly.” Alex said as he began working the muscles in Lainey’s neck. “It’s just that I’ve had my eye on someone for a while now, and I think I might just have a shot with her.”

“Is that so? Can you tell me who it is?” Lainey asked.

“She’s just a member at the gym that I see on occasion.” Alex said.

The conversation grew quiet as Alex began to focus on his technique, and Lainey was pretty sure she had pushed him as far as he would go with this line of questioning. She knew it had to be her, and this little dance between them was fun so long as the dancing continued. After a few minutes; however, Lainey became aware of how turned on she was feeling. She wasn’t sure when it started, but she could feel some serious heat throbbing between her legs. The feeling only intensified as Alex started to run his hands up and down her thigh, his fingers just stopping short of the space between her legs. She wondered if he was getting turned on too. The thought of his bulging crotch from earlier kicked her hormones to another level, and she had an overwhelming urge to grind her pelvis into the table. Instead, Alex folded part of the towel covering her private area over so that her butt cheek was exposed.

“Are you comfortable with this?” Alex asked.

“Umm…sure.” Lainey breathlessly responded.

Alex began to knead his fingers into the muscle of Lainey’s butt. His fingers were so tantalizingly close to her sex, that Lainey thought the room must be on fire with how hot it suddenly became. Lainey’s breathing and heart rate picked up, and the impulse to flex against the table was too much. She started lightly grinding her hips with each push and pull by Alex. She thought she was being clever and the motion would go unnoticed, but after a minute Lainey realized that Alex was matching her motion stroke for stroke. The sensation was amazing. Neither of them spoke about what was happening, which made the situation even more thrilling. Lainey began to make her movements less subtle and Alex, foregoing any sense of a massage, let his fingers drift ever so higher into her crotch. Lainey felt Alex’s fingers starting to brush the tiny fuzz of her pubic hairs and the teasing was driving her crazy. She gently spread her legs apart giving Alex the signal he needed to move to the next level.

Alex’s finger carefully caressed the outside of Lainey’s vagina. He couldn’t believe how wet she was already. He had been so focused on his work with her that he barely noticed how turned on he was.

“Thank god for dim lighting.” Alex thought.

His rock hard cock was wedged against the table, but it was still pulsing. He had dreamed of this moment with Lainey for a long time. Hell, he masturbated to this exact scenario the day before, and now it was actually happening. He slowly inserted his middle finger into Lainey, and she let out a soft moan. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was. She hadn’t said a thing, but he knew she wanted this. He was amazed when she started humping the table. Surely she knew he could sense her flexing her crotch.

“This must be part of her plan or something.” Alex thought.

Alex slipped another finger into Lainey, and the towel covering what was left of her body fell to the floor. There was no mistaking what was going on now. Lainey lifted her hips up slightly, and Alex began to pump his hand into her. The sight of her fully naked body face down on the table made him want to tear his clothes off and have his way with her, but he focused on giving her what she wanted first. Lainey reached down with one of her hands and began rubbing her clit. Alex just watched in amazement as he tried to match her speed. He could tell she was close, and his fingers were drenched in her juices. Alex took his thumb and began to press it against Lainey’s asshole. The massage oil was making it easy for him to slide his thumb into her. Lainey began to pick up the pace a bit and Alex concentrated on fingering her. She was up on her knees now, and her face was turned to the side, eyes shut tight. Lainey was bucking back into Alex’s fingers while his thumb slowly rotated around the opening of her asshole. She was almost there. Alex started to lightly rub the small of her back as he finger fucked her. He was thinking of adding a third finger when Lainey let out a sharp, “Fuck!” and her hand stopped moving. Alex froze for a moment, leaving his fingers inside of her. Lainey started to shutter, and it was obvious that wave after wave of pleasure were coursing through her. Alex watched in amazement. He was so turned on that the slightest touch would likely cause him to cum all over the place. Lainey slid back down on the table into the position she had started in. The motion caused Alex to slowly pull his hand away. His fingers were covered in her juices. He lifted them to his nose and breathed her in. Without thinking he stuck them into his mouth and sucked them. The taste of her was amazing.

Lainey couldn’t believe what just happened. The orgasm she had was so intense that it felt like she just exploded. Her mind was numb, and there was a slight ringing in her ears. She could care less about anything at this very moment, but then the world came flooding back into her.

“Shit! What do I do now?” Lainey thought.

Alex made the decision for them as he walked over and grabbed another towel and draped it over Lainey’s butt again. Without so much as a word he washed his hands, applied more oil to them, and continued with the massage like nothing happened. Lainey’s heart began to sing. There was no way she was going to let Alex off the hook now. He had just played the situation as cool as hell, and she was going to give him the reward of his life.

“Alex, um, thanks for that.” Lainey murmured.

“Oh, sure, my pleasure Lainey.” Alex said.

Alex had watched in awe as Lainey’s orgasm bucked through her body. He had never been so turned on in his life, and his underwear was full of pre-cum. However, he wasn’t sure what to do now. Asking her to flip over so he could fuck her wouldn’t be super polite, and he got the sense that what he just witnessed was more personal than she would have liked to have shared with him. So, Alex did what he originally set out to do, which was give Lainey a massage. Nevertheless, his raging hard-on was not going anyway any time soon. Lainey thanking him was also really sweet. He knew there was a reason he liked her.

Normally Alex would massage the front of people after doing their backs, but something told him that this one should end here. As he finished Lainey’s back side he quietly excused himself and pointed out a robe for Lainey to take with her back to the showers. Alex left the room, and decided he needed to take a cold shower himself.

Chapter 3

Lainey sat up on the table. Her whole body felt numb. She had never been this relaxed in her life.

“What the fuck?” Lainey thought. “What is it with this fucking gym?”

Lainey stood up and put on the robe. She figured she would need to shower again to get some of the excess oil off. Her crotch was practically dripping too. She checked the table before leaving and noticed a huge wet spot where her waist had been.

“Nope, not letting anyone see this.” Lainey thought as she pulled the towels off the table and threw them into the basket by the door.

Lainey walked back to the women’s locker room and proceeded to get herself cleaned up. As she was dressing she decided she was determined to ask Alex out. Hell, she owed him that much. Besides, she was into him, and it was obvious he was into her, so the chance she would be rejected was pretty much nil she thought. She hurried to get ready and rushed back to the front of the gym to try and catch him, but he was nowhere to be seen.

“Huh, strange, he should be out here by now.” Lainey thought.

Lainey walked back to the women’s locker room and back through the door to the massage rooms. As she looked she pulled out her phone and began to call him. As she got closer to the men’s locker room she could hear a faint ringtone.

“That must be Alex’s phone.” Lainey thought.

Lainey reached the door to the men’s locker room and decided to peer in. She opened the door slightly, and there wasn’t anyone around.

“Alex.” Lainey called out softly.

No one responded. Lainey decided to walk further into the men’s locker room. It was a mirror of the women’s so she found herself in the shower area. Unfortunately, Lainey forgot that it was a mirror of the women’s and the door was pass-coded. This realization came flooding back as it closed and locked behind her. She quickly punched in her code, but it didn’t work.

“Shit!” Lainey thought. “The codes must only work for the specific doors I’m supposed to access.”

Lainey now found herself in the men’s shower area. Fortunately, she didn’t hear any water running. The only way out was through the main floor though. Lainey steeled her nerves and started creeping past each shower stall. She was almost to the exit of the shower area when she heard someone coming. She ducked into one of the stalls. The man took the stall just before hers and turned on the water.

“Holy fuck!” Lainey screamed silently. “How am I going to explain this when I’m caught?”

Lainey peered around the side of the shower stall and looked to see if she could pass without being noticed. The shower curtain was slightly a skewed and while he was only showing his back to her she knew instantly who it was. It was Alex.

“Jesus Christ!” Lainey mentally screamed and then thought, “Fuck me, he looks incredible.”

The sight of Alex momentarily stunned Lainey. She knew he worked out, and he looked great in his tight fitting workout clothes, but clothes have a way of hiding things. Seeing him fully nude, Lainey knew there was nothing to hide under his clothes. His bubble butt had clear tan lines that set off the well sculpted muscles of his legs. His back was chiseled, but not too wide. He was muscular but not a meat head like a lot of the guys at the gym. Lainey instantly thought herself inadequate for a man such as this, but she also remembered what he had done to her just a few minutes ago. The thoughts and the sight of him sent a flood of wetness to her crotch.

“Stop it Lainey! This is no time to get all worked up.” Lainey thought.

Suddenly, Alex started to turn around, and Lainey saw what she had only imagined before. Alex’s hard cock was at full attention, and he was slightly stroking it. Alex let the warm water run down over his head as he began to masturbate. Lainey couldn’t believe her eyes. She was so turned on earlier, and now this. A sharp pang tweaked in Lainey’s abdomen. She wanted nothing more than to reach out and take Alex’s cock into her mouth, but how could she explain that?

“Surely he wouldn’t mind.” Lainey thought.

However, Lainey realized that what she was doing was a huge invasion of privacy, and no amount of ‘this always works out in pornos’ would work here. She made up her mind to make her escape when she heard Alex mutter something.

“Did he just call my name?” Lainey thought.

Peering into the shower again, Lainey could see that Alex was pounding away on his hard cock. His other hand was cupping his balls. He was slightly hunched over, but he was clearly whispering to himself.

“Fuck me Lainey, come on! Fuck me!” Alex whispered. “Show me that wet pussy! I’m going to pound that pussy!”

Lainey stared in amazement. She knew men had masturbated to her before. Hell, lots of men probably had in her lifetime, but she never got to see someone do it live before. This was not the same as a boyfriend masturbating in front of her either. This was something different. It was more primal. He was clearly focused on the thought of her and not the sight of her. Lainey wondered if the thought of her in his head matched to the real version of her. Does the imagination version look slightly different or does she act differently. Lainey’s thoughts were interrupted, however, by the increased sounds of Alex’s session. Lainey dared to take another peek.

“You like that, huh?” Alex whispered. “You want my hard cock in you don’t you? I’m going to cum all over you.”

Lainey was mesmerized by the sight. She wasn’t sure what was more intoxicating; the sight of Alex pounding away on his hard cock or the thought that he was fantasizing about her while he did it. She continued to watch. His hand was moving so fast along his shaft. She imagined herself kneeling in front of him with her mouth open, and waiting for him to blow is load on her face. Obviously, this was something she would never really do. Who would want cum all in their hair, but the act of submitting was turning her on again. Lainey reached down and started rubbing her mound through her clothes.

“Fuck! Not again.” Lainey thought.

Alex started to buck his hips. This was going to be a big load he thought. He had wanted to be with Lainey for so long, and after the events of today he knew he had a good chance, but god dammit he needed to cum. He was trying to hurry so he could catch her before she left, but he knew he couldn’t see her with this raging hard-on. The sight of her on the table was almost too much for him to bear. The taste of her was incredible, and now the smell of her lingered in his nose. He imagined her kneeling in front of him as he arched his back, his leg muscles going tight while his cock pulsed in his hand. The cum shot out of him with such force that he had to brace himself with his other hand against the wall. The following waves of ecstasy died down quickly, but the semen just poured out of him with each spasm. When Alex opened his eyes the amount of cum drifting to the drain was more than usual. He had made the right call with his decision. Now he just needed to finish up so he could catch Lainey before she left.

Lainey watched in amazement as cum shot out of Alex. The amount of cum he produced was more than she had seen before.

“Dam, he must have needed a release too.” Lainey thought.

Ducking deeper into the shower stall, Lainey realized that her predicament had not improved by the show she just watched. In fact, now she was even more at a loss of what to do. The person she came looking for was in the stall next to her nude.

“Okay, I’ll just wait here until he moves on, and then I’ll pretend that I just came in here looking for him.” Lainey thought.

After what seemed like forever, Lainey made her way out of the stall, and gently called Alex’s name. He quickly came around the corner and was surprised to see her to say the least.

“What are you doing here?” Alex asked.

“I didn’t see you out front, so I came back through the women’s locker room, and I didn’t realize this door locked too.” Lainey explained.

Alex took Lainey back to the coded door and punched in his code and opened the door.

“I’ll meet you in the lobby.” Alex said.

Relieved, Lainey made her way back through the women’s locker room. Given the situation, she was feeling pretty good about her excuse and how believable it was. This feeling, of course, came to a crashing halt when she came face to face with Jessica.

“And where have you been?” Jessica asked.

“Oh, I was just in the massage room.” Lainey said.

“Um, I just checked out all of the massage rooms, and you weren’t in any of them.” Jessica said.

“Oh, well, you must have missed me then.” Lainey stammered.

“Uh huh.” Intoned Jessica. “So, you weren’t spying on guys in the men’s locker room.”

“Well, I, uh, may have gotten lost and walked through the wrong door.” Lainey said hesitantly.

“You mean the door labelled ‘men’s locker room’.” Jessica added.

“Look, I’m sorry if I caused any problems. I was looking for Alex, and I thought I heard his phone, and I got locked on the other side of that stupid door, ok?” Lainey explained getting frustrated with the questioning.

“You know violating our membership rules is grounds for membership termination.” Jessica said.

“Well, fucking members in training rooms is probably frowned upon too I would think.” Lainey snapped.

“So, you were watching that day?” Jessica said smiling.

“Fuck!” Lainey whispered. “Well, yeah, I saw you.” She added.

“I know you did. I watched your little show in the shower afterward too.” Jessica said walking closer to Lainey. “I also sent you a text, but you never responded.”

“Yeah, I figured that was you.” Lainey said stiffly. “Look, I don’t care what you do, but leave me out of it.”

“Well, I wish I was able to do that, but see we have a little problem now.” Jessica said as she reached out and lightly stroked Lainey’s arm. “You see, this is the second time I’ve caught you peeping on people here, and well, you need to be taught a lesson.”

Lainey started to pull back away from Jessica, but she caught her arm with her hand. Jessica’s grip was firm, and Lainey wasn’t one for confrontation so the situation was quickly spiraling out of control for her.

“I’m going to send you a text with a time and an address and you’re going to be there.” Jessica said.

“The hell I am.” Lainey blurted.

“The hell you are, and trust me, it’ll be in your best interest to do as I tell you.” Jessica cooed.

“And why should I do that?” Lainey asked.

“You ever stop to think if the massage rooms have cameras in them?” Jessica asked.

“Oh god no!” Lainey thought. “This can’t be happening.”

“Based on the look of your face, I would guess no.” Jessica said. “Look, just follow my text and everything will work out fine.”

Lainey pulled away from Jessica and brushed past her. Lainey’s face was hot and wet with tears.

“When did I start crying?” Lainey thought.

Lainey rushed out of the locker room, and made her way to the lobby and the doors. Alex was there, but the look on his face when he saw her caused her to move even faster. Alex attempted to stop Lainey, but she pulled away and ran out into the parking lot. Alex turned around to look back at the where Lainey had come from, and standing in the doorway to the women’s locker room was Jessica. She gave a shoulder shrug as if to say, “I didn’t do anything”, but then her confused look faded into a smile. Alex turned to follow Lainey, but he knew it was too late. Somehow, some way, Jessica had gotten her claws into Lainey.

“Not this time.” Alex thought. “I won’t let you do this to another member.”

Chapter 4

Lainey had stopped crying by the time she got home. She couldn’t believe this shit was starting again. At least she knew Jessica was as much of a bitch as she thought she was, but that didn’t really help her now. Her phone was blowing up on the ride home with messages from Alex.

“How could I be so stupid?” Lainey thought to herself. “Was Alex in on this whole thing?”

Lainey didn’t think Alex would do something like that. Besides it was so obvious that he liked her; why would he go and do something like that to jeopardize his chances with her? Lainey made her way into her apartment and curled up in bed. She needed to think.

“Does Jessica really have a video of me?” Lainey wondered. “Can anyone even tell if it’s me?”

As if reading her mind, Lainey got another text just then. She thought it was from Alex again, but when she looked she noticed it was from an unknown number. It was a short video clip of her massage with Alex, and it was crystal clear who she was and what she was doing. The only good thing about the clip was that Alex appeared to be completely unaware as well. Lainey went back to her messages and read what Alex had sent her. Apparently he was confused as to why Lainey ran off. She clicked over to the voice messages and listed as Alex asked if Jessica had done something.

“Maybe he knows more about what Jessica is up to.” Lainey thought.

Lainey pressed the call button and Alex answered on the first ring.

“Lainey, thank god. Are you alright?” Alex asked.

“What the fuck do you think Alex?” Lainey snapped. “Sorry, I’m just upset by what Jessica said.”

“What did she do now?” Alex asked.

“You honestly don’t know?” Lainey asked. “You two aren’t conspiring together?”

“Lainey, what did she do?” Alex repeated.

“She recorded us in the massage room.” Lainey whispered. “She just sent me a clip proving it’s true.”

“That bitch!” Alex stammered. “I knew she was up to something when she came into our workout room. Why the fuck is she doing this?”

“Look, Alex, I didn’t tell you before, but the reason I haven’t been coming to the gym lately is because the last time I did I saw Jessica with another member having sex in one of the abandoned workout rooms.” Lainey said. “She saw me, and I guess she wanted a way to keep me silenced. You can’t tell anyone or I’m sure she’ll release that video of us.”

“That makes perfect sense.” Alex said. “Jessica always had a higher than normal number of private sessions with the older men at the club, but know I can see why. Is that all she said to you?”

“Yeah, why do you ask?” Lainey asked.

“Well, I don’t know the full story, but I’ve heard rumors about other female members having run-ins with Jessica and then suddenly leaving the gym for good.” Alex said. “I just wanted to make sure you weren’t planning on leaving, especially if this is the end of your run-in with Jessica.”

“Oh, um, yeah.” Lainey muttered. “I mean, I am assuming that’s why she wanted the video of me. Some sort of mutual self-destruction safety thing.”

“Are you sure that’s all she wanted?” Alex asked again.

“Ok, fine, she said she would text me with a time and location.” Lainey blurted out. “Like, I need to show up when and where she tells me or she’ll release the video.”

“Ah, ok.” Alex said.

“What do you mean ‘Ah, ok’?” Lainey demanded.

“Jessica is not dumb. She is very attractive and very smart.” Alex said. “I’m not sure what you can do really. We can go to the police, but that will likely result in the video being leaked, or we can confront her, which probably won’t have any affect.”

“So you think she’s smart and attractive huh?” Lainey asked.

“Lainey, I’m just trying to warn you.” Alex said flustered. “She’s got a plan. This was done for a reason. I don’t know what her game is, but I can tell you that it’s just begun. What are you doing tonight?”

“That’s what I’m afraid of.” Lainey said. “She doesn’t seem right in the head to me, and I’m probably going to watch some TV. Why do you ask?”

“Would you mind if I come over?” Alex asked.

“Oh, um, well I haven’t really picked up, but to be honest I’m still a little rattled by Jessica.” Lainey confessed.

“Sure, I understand.” Alex blurted out.

“However, I never got a chance to properly thank you for your help today.” Lainey said shyly. “How about you give me two hours and come on over. Does that work for you?”

“Yeah, that would be fantastic!” Alex exclaimed. “Would you like me to bring anything?”

“Um, no, just yourself.” Lainey said drifting back into a better mood.

“Great! I’ll see you in two hours then. Bye.” Alex said as he hung up.

Lainey looked around her apartment and decided she actually had some work to do.

Two hours later, Alex arrived and Lainey greeted him at the door. He was looking even more handsome than she remembered. He was dressed in more casual clothes, shorts and a blue t-shirt with sandals. Lainey was glad she had decided to freshen up as well. Changing the bed sheets was a last minute decision she made and the process made her glisten more than she liked to admit. Not that they were going to be using the bed, but based on today’s earlier events she wanted to be prepared.

“I didn’t bring anything; like you said.” Alex commented. “Also, you’re place looks great, and so do you.”

“Oh, thanks.” Lainey murmured.

“Lainey, I wanted to apologize for everything that’s happened today.” Alex said as he walked into the living room. “I can’t believe Jessica would do something like this, but if I’m being honest, I really don’t care if anyone sees that video of us.”

“Well, it wasn’t your ass propped up on the table for the world to see.” Lainey thought, but instead said, “It wasn’t your fault Alex, and we really shouldn’t have done that.”

“You really think that?” Alex asked. “That we shouldn’t have done that?”

“I mean, don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed what you did for me, but look at the trouble I’m in now with Jessica.” Lainey confessed. “I just don’t see a benefit here, do you?”

Alex walked over to Lainey and took her hands. His eyes bore down into Lainey’s face.

“I’ve wanted to ask you out so many times, but I just didn’t think you would go for some guy hitting on you at the gym.” Alex said. “Today was the most magical day I could have ever imagined, and I hate to think it was ruined by someone else. And worse is to think that you believe it was a mistake.”

“Alex I-“ Lainey started.

Alex leaned down and kissed Lainey softly on the lips at first. He paused ever so slightly to see if Lainey was going to continue or push away, the briefest of hesitations to give Lainey a chance to consent or reject his advance. Alex breathed a small sigh of relief as Lainey pushed forward and kissed him back. Their mouths opened and their tongues darted into one another. As the moment took them, they locked into an embrace and the force of the kiss intensified as quickly as it began. The sexual energy between them from earlier in the day combined with the stress of the situation they now found themselves in and it was about to explode.

Lainey reached down to unfasten Alex’s shorts. Alex reached up and pulled his shirt off. They had stumbled to the back bedroom dripping clothes along the way. Alex pulled the comforter off the bed and tipped Lainey down on her back. His hard cock was already tapping at the entrance to Lainey’s pussy. The kissing was driving Lainey wild. It had been too long since she last made out with someone, and the foreplay was getting her extremely ready for what was about to happen. Alex reached down with one hand and cupped Lainey’s ass. His cock was firmly wedged between Lainey’s lips, which were getting wetter by the second. Alex started licking Lainey’s neck working his way down to her nipples. Alex could not believe how firm Lainey’s breasts were. He had seen her nude on the massage table, but the dim lighting prevented him from noticing how supple she was. Her smooth skin goose bumped where his tongue touched. He could tell she was enjoying this interaction. His cock ached with the anticipation of entering her, but he was holding off as long as he could to build the moment.

Lainey rested one hand on top of Alex’s head and gripped his hair. She spread her legs wider as Alex’s mouth slowly drifted further south along her body. By the time he got his head positioned between her legs Lainey was practically bucking her hips into his mouth. The feeling of his tongue inside her sent a blast of warmness throughout her body. Lainey threw her head back and locked her other hand on Alex’s head firmly holding him against her pulsing mound. Alex knew a thing or two about going down on a woman, but Lainey was so turned on that a stiff breeze would have done the deed.

Alex proceeded to make long slow strokes across Lainey’s clit. He didn’t just want to taste her, he wanted to consume her. Using his hands, Alex cupped Lainey’s ass and pulled her up to his mouth. She was starting to hump against his tongue so Alex picked up the pace of his licking. Moving a hand below his chin, Alex inserted a finger into Lainey and focused his tongue on her clitoris. He wanted to make her cum, and judging by her grip on his head she was close.

Lainey was in pure ecstasy. Alex had a finger in her and his tongue and mouth were sucking on her clit. She closed her eyes and the image of Alex stroking his hard cock in the shower earlier flooded her mind. The climax surprised Lainey at first. The force of it caused her to clamp her legs, which was problematic for Alex, but he was a trooper and continued to lick and suck with even more gusto. The first wave started to subside and Lainey relaxed her legs a bit. Her hands fell away, and she started to ride the convulsions. Alex slowed his motions and pulled his face from between her legs. Lainey groggily lifted her head only to see Alex’s entire mouth, nose, and chin shiny with a mixture of his saliva and her juices.

Alex reached up and wiped his face with one of his hands. Lainey reached down and pulled him to her mouth and kissed him deep and hard. She wanted to taste herself on his tongue. As Alex moved up to kiss Lainey, his hard cock brushed the wet entrance to her pussy and slid right in. The action surprised them as their eyes both widened forcing Lainey to let out a small grunt. The sudden warmth and pressure felt amazing to them both. Alex rolled to the side lifting Lainey’s ass up so he could reach down and pull her up underneath him better. His cock slid all the way into Lainey as they continued to kiss more. Lainey’s wrapped her legs around the back of Alex pulling him as deep as she could into herself. Alex couldn’t believe how great it felt to be buried so deep into Lainey, but he knew that he was too excited and that if he started pumping her he wouldn’t last more than a minute.

Alex pulled away from Lainey, and his cock slid back out of her. He continued rolling over onto his back. Lainey took her cue and proceeded to get on her knees. Pulling her hair up into a ponytail she quickly got to work on Alex’s cock. She knew most guys liked to have some eye contact, so she got between his legs and proceeded to take him into her mouth. Lainey could taste herself on his cock and the taste was getting her even more worked up. After deep-throating Alex’s member, Lainey shifted to a more traditional one hand jack into mouth motion. With her mouth firmly over the top portion of Alex’s cock, Lainey used her hand to work the shaft up and down. Lainey focused on increasing her speed without too much force while constantly letting saliva pour down from her mouth onto hand. When Lainey looked up she could see the excitement in Alex’s eyes. He had one hand on the back of Lainey’s head and he was contracting his hips in rhythm with her hand.

Lainey wasn’t sure if Alex was going to cum in her mouth or not, and frankly she wasn’t too concerned at this point. In the heat of the moment all she wanted was for Alex to feel good, which is why she was a little surprised when Alex leaned forward and coaxed Lainey to turn around. Her dripping wet thighs were now straddling Alex’s face as he pulled a pillow up under his head. Lainey lowered her wet pussy down and Alex’s tongue lapped out to greet her. The sensation was exquisite. Lainey instantly pressed her mound into Alex’s mouth and began grinding into him. Alex was taken aback by how forceful Lainey was being. He just held his mouth and tongue open and let her slide her wet clit back and forth on him. Lainey, lost in the bliss of Alex’s mouth on her sex, felt another orgasm coming on. She decided to push through it this time instead of letting is build-up in intensity. It came fast and hard, and Lainey slumped down next to Alex’s throbbing cock, which she took into her mouth with renewed veracity. Alex rested his head back on the pillow and started thrusting his cock into Lainey’s mouth. He was getting close to blowing his load. He could feel the twitching starting deep inside his balls. The feeling was amazing as Lainey’s tongue slid up and down his cock. He reached up and pulled Lainey’s ass down to his mouth again this time wrapping his arms around her backside. Alex opened his mouth and began to lavishly lick from clitoris to asshole. Lainey paused a beat as she felt Alex’s tongue tickle the backdoor of her ass. The feeling was unlike any other. She wasn’t normally into ass play, but god dammit she was so turned on. As for Alex, he was now in uncharted territory himself, but like Lainey, he was swept up in the moment. He continued to dowse Lainey’s entire nether region with his saliva. His tongue was probing deeper into her asshole. Finally, Lainey sat up and in one swift motion she turned around, grabbed Alex’s cock and slid it into her. Alex looked up at her, his hands lightly gripping the back of her ass.

Lainey looked Alex dead in the eyes and said, “I want you to cum inside me!”

Alex wasted no time for this request. He had been on edge all day, and his release in the shower felt like a temporary stop-gap from the explosion he was about to unleash. Reaching up and pulling Lainey down to him, Alex kissed Lainey gently then he started pounding the fuck out of Lainey.

The force of Alex was what caught Lainey off guard at first. He wasn’t the largest cock she had been with, but his strength was much more than she had felt before. It felt like he was trying to drive a nail into her, and each stroke was an exact match of the previous. It kept hitting that same spot over and over again. However, it was the unrelenting speed and impact that finally set Lainey off. She felt her own orgasm rising for a third time in the last few minutes, and she couldn’t remember the last time she came this much.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck.” Alex muttered.

“Fuck me, fuck me.” Lainey countered.

Alex’s hands were firmly spread across Lainey’s ass cheeks pulling them apart and guiding her hips down with each thrust. Alex knew he wasn’t going to last much longer with Lainey whispering in his ear.

“I’m going to cum!” Alex huffed.

“Cum with me!” Lainey breathed into Alex’s ear.

A bead of sweat trickled down Lainey’s forehead. Her whole body was on fire. She could feel nothing but warm, wetness between her and Alex. His cock was drubbing her insides and the sensation was unbelievable. She knew she was about to climax. Her abdomen contracted, followed by her pussy clamping down. Alex groaned in pleasure and suddenly the force and speed of his thrusting pulled up. The spasm of his climax released a stream of semen that Lainey felt go deep inside her. Lainey’s own waves of pleasure washed over her and she slumped down against Alex. Alex’s twitching cock sent little chills through Lainey as he finished draining into her.

Chapter 5

The next morning Lainey woke up groggily. Her whole body was stiff, sore and a little tender in places. Alex and she had spent the rest of the evening exploring each other’s bodies, but not with the same gusto as before. Lainey quietly made her way to the bathroom while Alex was still asleep. Once alone, Lainey examined herself in the mirror. She wondered where things with Alex were going to go. They hadn’t talked about future, and, to be honest, she was still a little wary of him since the whole Jessica thing. She decided that she would just take it one day at a time and not worry about it for now.

Stepping into the shower, Lainey re-examined the events from the day before. She was sure Jessica was going to try and blackmail her into doing something she didn’t want to do. She just wasn’t sure when.

“What if I just call her bluff?” Lainey thought as the warm water eased her sore muscles.

Lost in thought, Lainey didn’t hear Alex come into the bathroom, but she snapped back to attention when he stepped into the shower with her. He wrapped his big arms around her from behind and pressed his body into her backside. The touch of Lainey’s body against his was all it took for Alex’s penis to stiffen up and wedge between her butt cheeks. Lainey pressed into him, and thought about the previous night; how they had licked and sucked parts of each other’s bodies that neither one of them had touched before. Lainey felt herself getting aroused, and so she turned around and knelt down to take Alex’s now hard cock into her mouth. She knew he wasn’t likely to cum, but she also knew it felt good to him and that’s all she wanted.

Alex reached down and guided Lainey’s head as she slowly sucked on his cock. The sensation was amazing, and he couldn’t remember the last time he had a woman so eager to suck his dick. He secretly hoped Lainey never lost her interest in this act. Lainey’s hands moved up to start jacking his cock while cupping his balls. The feeling was amazing, and seeing Lainey’s wet hair combined with her swaying breasts was enough to get Alex most of the way there. However, Alex had to admit there was a limit to the number of times he could cum in a 24 hour period, and it was unlikely he would be able to finish this way. Expecting some disappoint from Lainey, Alex gently pushed her away and decided to finish himself off in front of her. Lainey’s look of minor disappointment quickly changed to one of excited anticipation. She was eager to see Alex climax so close to her face.

As Alex started pumping his hard cock in front of Lainey, she couldn’t help but reach down and start to fiddle with herself. The water in the shower made it easy for her to get two fingers inside herself, and the pressure felt good. The whole series of events in the shower had her more turned on than she would have thought possible given the previous night. This was probably why she decided at the last second to open her mouth and catch Alex’s explosion. Lainey’s mouth quickly attached to the end of his cock as he contracted. Alex was taken off-guard by Lainey’s sudden engagement to his cock, but the wetness of her tongue helped to coax the remaining spasms of his orgasm.

Lainey sat back on her heels and then stood up. She held Alex’s semen in her mouth and while she knew it would be sexier to swallow his load, she opted to turn and spit it down the drain while catching a mouth full of water to rinse with. When she turned around Alex leaned in and kissed her long and hard. They both knew he could taste his cum on her breath and that made the kiss even more intense. Finally, Lainey decided that she needed to get something to eat so she suggested that they finish up.

As Lainey, only wearing a robe, made toast in the kitchen she was surprised by Alex, now fully dressed, rushed by to say he needed to get back to work. That’s when Lainey realized that she too would need to go back to work the next day and the reality of life popped the bubble that she had mysteriously found herself in for the last 24 hours. As they kissed goodbye they promised to see each other again in a few days. Lainey’s shifts at the hospital really didn’t leave her time to hang out between days, which she tried to explain to Alex in as gentle a way as possible. Besides, Lainey knew she needed a break from all the sex and the shit going on with Jessica was definitely going to need to be dealt with sooner rather than later.

“I’ll text you my schedule, okay?” Lainey asked.

“Sure, um, you know where to find me if anything new comes up with Jessica.” Alex added.

“Yeah, I’ll be sure to let you know if she contacts me.” Lainey followed-up.

After Alex left Lainey sat on her couch sipping tea and eating her toast.

“I should have asked him out a long time ago.” Lainey thought. “Then I probably wouldn’t be in this mess with Jessica.”

A few hours later Lainey was heading home from the grocery store when she got a text. She thought it was Alex again sending another goofy photo of him at work, but the blood in Lainey’s face drained away when looked at her phone in the parking lot of her apartment complex. The text said “1001 COMMERCE PRKWY @ 9PM.” Jessica was making her move.

A part of Lainey didn’t think any of this was real. No one would actually do this. This is the kind of shit you see in TV or movies, but not in the real world. Lainey was pissed off and in her immediate anger she texted back, “FUCK OFF Jessica.” Without missing a beat a response was sent back which made Lainey audibly cry out, “Noooo!” The response was just as simple as all the previous messages, “John Sinclair, Director of Medical Personal.” In other words, it was Lainey’s boss at the hospital.

Chapter 6

Lainey sat in her car for a long time staring at the screen of her phone. She was paralyzed with fear. The ice cream she bought was slowly melting in the back seat, but all Lainey could think about was the ramification of her boss seeing that video. Without any context he would likely think she posted it online herself. She knew her hospital had social media guidelines that could easily end the employment of any nurse. Did she really want to take a chance? Could she explain this to HR? How embarrassing would that conversation be?

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!” was all Lainey thought.

Finally, Lainey decided to call Alex and tell him what happened.

“Go inside and stay there.” Alex said. “I’ll come over right after my shift ends. Did you want me to try and talk to Jessica?”

“Oh, god no.” Lainey said. “I don’t want her to know I told you. She could release that video to my boss any time she wants. Just get here as fast as possible. We need to come up with a plan.”

A little after six o’clock Alex showed up at Lainey’s apartment. He was surprised to find her so calm. Of course, he couldn’t see that the calm exterior was hiding a frantic Lainey underneath. Lainey was rocking slowly on the couch. All she could think about was what did Jessica what her to do at this place at that time.

“Should I buy a gun?” Lainey blurted out.

“Uh, I don’t think you could get one fast enough for tonight.” Alex replied. “Besides, do you even know how to use one?”

“No, you’re right.” Lainey said. “I hate guns anyway.”

“Look, why don’t I call Jessica and talk to her.” Alex offered.

“Alex, I know you care, but please, don’t do anything without me telling you to regarding Jessica.” Lainey instructed. “I can’t risk my boss seeing that video, but I can’t imagine what she’s planning on having me do at this place.”

Sitting down next to Lainey, Alex turned and looked her in the eyes and said, “Alright, I didn’t want to say anything before because I thought it might be different, but I think Jessica has been doing this sort of shit for a while now. I’ve seen some other attractive girls join the gym and then mysteriously quit a few months later. I didn’t think anything of it, but I have noticed a common element; run-ins with Jessica.”

“What! You’re just now telling me this?” Lainey said standing up. “Why didn’t you mention this yesterday?”

“I just hoped it was different.” Alex lamented. “I thought maybe it was something else since it was me on that video too.”

“Again, it’s not your pussy squirting on camera Alex!” Lainey screamed.

“Fuck! I know Lainey.” Alex countered. “It’s not me that you should be mad at. I’m not the one doing this.”

“I know, I know. You’re right. I’m mad at Jessica for doing this.” Lainey said calming down. “This whole thing has me going fucking crazy.”

“What are you going to do?” Alex asked sheepishly.

“Fuck, I guess I’ll be there at 9PM.” Lainey said sarcastically. “Probably fucking moving drugs or some shit for all I know. Hell, it’s probably some stupid prank and no one will be there.”

“Would you like me to come with you?” Alex offered.

“Uh, you know that would be a good idea.” Lainey said. “Jessica didn’t say anything about coming alone.”

“Okay then.” Alex said. “It’s settled. We’ll go together.”

Lainey and Alex pulled up to the building at exactly 9 o’clock. Lainey insisted on driving since she was pretty sure Jessica knew what kind of car she drove. Also, she didn’t want to risk pissing her off by making it obvious that Alex was with her.

“The place looks deserted.” Lainey said.

“Yeah.” Added Alex.

As Lainey and Alex approached the front door, Lainey’s phone chimed with a new message, “9346” was all it said. Lainey looked at her phone then looking at the door noticed a key pad. She entered the numbers and the door buzzed disengaging a magnetic lock. They pulled it open and walked inside. The inside of the building was dark, but they could see that it was an old office complete with cubicles in the middle and single offices around the outer walls. The walkway extended far into the dark interior. Lainey grasped Alex’s hand as they slowly shuffled down the hallway.

Lainey’s heart was pounding. There wasn’t a sound to be heard, but she definitely sensed the presences of other people. The air had a scent of cologne, which was strange for a place so empty. After making their way down the walkway they came to a door which led to the large warehouse portion of the building. Alex turned the knob and slowly opened the door. The warehouse was a large open space. There was a single spot light illuminating the floor in the middle. The two walked into the room, and that’s when two men grabbed them. Alex and Lainey were pulled apart, both of them let out muffled shouts as they lost their grip on each other’s hands. The chloroform soaked cloth quickly did its job and Lainey and Alex both slumped to the floor.

Chapter 7

Lainey felt a series of hands fondling her as she came back to consciousness. She tried to fight back, but she was not in full control of her limbs, and each time she struck out she was met with firm resistance until resistance was all she felt.

Jessica waved the smelling salts in front of Lainey’s nose. Lainey’s consciousness snapped back to attention, and panic flooded her mind as the gravity of the situation washed over her. Lainey was strapped to a swing and lifted off the floor. Her hands and feet were free, but the straps bound to her wrists, arms, thighs, ankles, and hips were in positions she couldn’t reach. A ball gag was firmly strapped in her mouth, which made the scream she let out completely muffled. Perplexingly, she decided that the swing she was strapped into was fairly comfortable if not for the simple fact that she was completely nude and fully exposed. Even more disturbing was the fact that she was centered under the single spot light of the warehouse. Lainey continued to try to scream, but to no avail.

“You can stop screaming now.” Jessica cooed from behind Lainey. “No one can possibly hear you.”

Jessica walked around to the front of Lainey, and the sight of her was even more alarming than the contraption she was strapped into. Jessica was wearing black, stiletto heels that morphed into a black latex body suit with holes for the crotch and the breasts cut out exposing her perky, perfect nipples and fully shaven mound and asshole. The suit went all the way to her neck and ended with a silver loop for a zipper that connected down to her crotch. Her hair was pulled up in a high pony tail that sort of reminded Lainey of a horse mane. However, this all paled in comparison to the feather mask that she was wearing over her eyes. In all, Jessica was straight out of some fan-boy’s fictional fantasy of what a dominatrix would look like at a live sex show in Vegas.

“Oh fuck!” Lainey thought to herself. “I walked straight into this shit.”

“I honestly can’t believe how easy it was to get you here.” Jessica said. “Most people will at least attempt to contact the police or take their chances with their jobs, but you just came running. Oh, you did bring your little side piece with you, so I guess you have that going for you. A lot of good it did you too.”

“Mmhughm murhm mhughm.” Lainey said through the gag.

“Oh, what’s that you say?” Jessica asked playing along. “Where is dear Alex you ask? Well, sadly he’s not supposed to be here, so he should be on his way out of town now. Don’t worry, nothing bad is going to happen to him, but this evening isn’t for him. It was designed especially for you my dear. Well, for you and a few of my friends.”

Tears were streaming down Lainey’s face, and her heart was pounding so hard that the sound of it made it difficult for her to hear the steps of other people approaching. As they got closer to the light Lainey was able to see three people in front of her. Two men and one woman, all of them were nude except for the feathered eye coverings. They were all surprising fit looking as well. Jessica reached out and put a hand on one of the straps and began to spin Lainey in a circle. That’s when Lainey realized that there were six more people behind her. Four women and two men, all dressed the same, but two of the women had strap-on dildos attached. Lainey’s muffled cries died before they could reach her lips. The sound of her sobbing was drowned out by the soliloquy that Jessica had fallen into.

“…You see, I have a certain clientele that I serve, and they have desires that I can’t necessarily provide all the time. We have been waiting for you to join us for a few months now, and I am happy to announce your arrival. I think you will find our group more than accommodating. Trust me when I tell you that we know you better than you know yourself. Finally, don’t be scared. I think you will find our group of merry makers more than pleasurable. Now, if everyone is ready, let’s begin.”

As if on que ten more people came out of the shadows. The mix of men and women were carrying black mats, pillows, and even a few mattresses that they carefully placed on the floor around Lainey. It was apparent to Lainey that she was to be the center of attention for whatever was about to happen. They were all extremely attractive looking, which was strange since most people aren’t this beautiful. Lainey didn’t see herself at the same level so she didn’t understand why she was there. As the people settled on the mats they began to touch and stroke one another, and that’s when it dawned on Lainey that she had somehow been kidnapped by a sex cult.

Chapter 8

“This is fucking ridiculous.” Lainey thought. “It’s like they are taking their cues from a movie or something.”

As Lainey watched the group set up around her, her mind started to detach itself from the situation.

“Surely this isn’t happening.” Lainey thought. “I’m dreaming, and I’m about to wake up.”

Jessica, in her role as master of ceremonies, made sure to spin Lainey around so everyone could get a good look at her. The straps of the swing kept her thighs spread far apart so her gaping vagina was on full display for everyone to see. One of the men walked up to them and adjusted the swing so that Lainey was raised higher. Her crotch was now face-height with the man as he leaned in and began to bath her opening with his tongue. Lainey tried to struggle, but the man held her in place as his tongue probed deep inside her. Lainey looked down from her vantage point and she could see the rest of the group eagerly watching. Some of them were gently sucking on someone’s cock while others stroked their fingers around the outside of another’s vagina. The situation Lainey found herself in was starting to become too much. The man’s tongue was warm and wet. Her own body was starting to betray her. Lainey fought the urge to thrust her hips, but in doing so let out a small moan. Jessica snapped to attention at the sound of Lainey’s pleasure.

“Did we just hear the first sounds of your pleasure?” Jessica quipped. “That will be the first of many I promise.”

The man reached up with his hand and grasped Lainey’s ass. The swing she was strapped into made it too easy for him to bury his face in her. He was rhythmically fucking her with his tongue like he was bobbing for apples at the carnival. Lainey looked down at the group again and now more people were fondling and sucking each other. They were slowly morphing into an orgy. The sight was surreal to Lainey, and the man’s tongue was unrelenting. He continued to suck on her clit as he reached a finger inside of her. The feeling was so good, and the man’s technique was incredible. He was focusing on the right spots with the right amount of pressure. Lainey couldn’t control herself. She tried bucking her hips, but that just made the sensation better. The man slipped another finger in her, and Lainey knew there was no hope in fighting. The first wave of Lainey’s climax took her by surprise and the betrayal of it was lost to the sense of excitement that she was feeling. The man continued to stimulate Lainey’s clit as her body twitched with the orgasm. As the last spasm racked Lainey’s body, the group suddenly stopped what they were doing and started clapping. Lainey, looking down in surprise, could see everyone smiling and applauding her. The man gently lowered Lainey back down as the clapping continued. Jessica walked back over and leaned down toward Lainey’s face.

“See, they are applauding you.” Jessica whispered. “They want you to want them. They want you to feel as good as they do. They want you.”

Lainey’s head was spinning. The thrill of a stranger getting her off was more than she had bargained for, but to do it in front of a crowd, and to get off so easily, was an especially heady feeling. As the applause died down, the group returned to their foreplay with each other, but one of the women with a strap-on got up and made her way over to Lainey.

The woman was black and her skin tone was very dark, but there was a shine to her like maybe she just finished putting on some lotion or something. Her hair was tightly braided in rows down to the middle of her back, and the sound of the beads in her hair clinking together could just be made out. She was taller than Lainey at just under six feet, and she was beautiful. Her breasts were large with dark nipples, and if Lainey had to guess she was probably a model or at least should be. The woman reached out a hand and stroked Lainey’s stomach. The contrast with Lainey’s white skin and the woman’s dark hand was visually surreal as Lainey shivered at the touch that sent goose bumps down her legs. The black woman smiled at this revealing a set of perfectly white teeth.

“Yep, a model.” Lainey thought.

The woman turned and gripped her black strap-on cock. She got the attention of someone Lainey couldn’t see and nodded her head. A man got up and came over to her and knelt down and proceeded to lubricate the dildo with his mouth. The woman grabbed the back of his head and mimed face fucking him with it. After a few seconds the woman deemed the phallus ready and pulled it from the man’s mouth turning back to Lainey and guiding it into her. Lainey let out a small gasp as the full length of it filled her up. She was still extremely wet from the man earlier, but she was grateful for the saliva.

“My name is Rachel.” The woman said. “Since I was last taken in I am first to turn you out. I find you quite attractive Lainey, and it was my suggestion that you be brought to us. Please do not be angry with me.”

Lainey locked eyes with Rachel through her mask, and the empathy she saw set her slightly more at ease. Lainey was starting to see that no one here wanted to harm her, but still, this was hardly how she would have imagined getting to know new people. Rachel adjusted the straps holding Lainey a little more until she was in the position she needed to be in. The cock inside of Lainey felt smooth. It wasn’t overtly long, but it was in fact an average size. It had some veins on it to mimic a real cock and it was curved up to reach a favorable spot inside Lainey. In all, there wasn’t anything too special about it until Rachel reached down and flipped a switch, and the whole thing started to vibrate inside her.

The sensation gave Lainey a start. She was shocked by the buzzing and the vibration of it reverberating through her pelvis. As she looked at Rachel she noticed that the vibration was a two-way street as the strap-on was mounted on her clitoris. The whole experience became even more enjoyable when Rachel started to slowly pump the cock in and out of her.

“Fuck, that feels good.” Rachel grunted. “I have dreamed about doing this to you since I first saw you.”

Lainey tried to think about what Rachel was saying, but the feeling of the cock inside her was overwhelming her ability to concentrate. As Lainey’s own juices helped to lubricate the cock between them, Rachel started picking up speed and force. This wasn’t the first time she used one of these Lainey guessed. The vibrations were crashing through her body, and sight of this beautiful, black woman dominating her was inconceivable. Lainey stared at Rachel’s breasts and she wanted nothing more than to reach out and squeeze one. As if reading her thoughts, Rachel stretched down and grabbed ahold of Lainey’s tit. Gently squeezing Lainey’s breast with one hand and using her other hand to swing Lainey into each thrust allowed Rachel to drive a pounding rhythm that Lainey found expectantly pleasing. As Lainey looked around she could see the rest of the group again watching and touching each other. A few were now starting to slowly fuck, and the sight of hard cocks sliding into wet pussies was more of a turn on than she realized. Lainey’s head tilted back as she started to lose herself in the ecstasy of the moment. Rachel released her grip on Lainey’s tit and wrapped both hand around under her ass to get a better hold. From this position, Rachel was able to get the cock deeper into Lainey. The vibration sensation was now able to cover her clitoris as well, and Lainey’s breath caught in her throat as a wave of pleasure hit her. Rachel’s mechanical thrusting was unrelenting as well, and her cock continued to pound into Lainey with the curved member hitting her g-spot like never before. The bundle of nerves made Lainey moan. Jessica walked up behind her and tilted her head up forcing her to look at Rachel.

“Look at her!” Jessica said. “She came to me and begged me to let her fuck you. She’s the reason you’re here. I didn’t think you would make it, but here you are, because of her. See the determination in her eyes. She’s been planning this for months. She’s wanted to have her cock inside you for weeks now. Now she’s inside you and you love it, don’t you?”

Jessica unstrapped the ball gag on Lainey and gripped her hair pulling her head back sharply.

“Admit it!” Jessica said. “You love having this beautiful, black cock inside of you! Say it! I want to hear you say it!”

“Yes!” Lainey cried out. “I love it!”

Jessica smiled and released Lainey’s head with a jerk. As Jessica walked away she could feel her own wetness running down to the edge of her latex outfit. It had been a while since someone new to the group made her this excited.

Lainey, now with the gag removed, looked at Rachel who was pumping away.

“Fuck me Rachel!” Lainey gasped. “Fuck me like you always wanted!”

Rachel adjusted her grip and started pounding as hard as she could into Lainey. Lainey let out a loud moan egging her own. Rachel reached down and started rubbing Lainey’s clit with her thumb. It was all Rachel had ever wanted since seeing Lainey at the gym. Rachel wanted nothing more than to please Lainey, but she had no idea it would be this intoxicating. Lainey let out another moan, and Rachel reached out and started massaging Lainey’s breasts. The group around them had quieted down as their attention returned to the two in the center. They all stood up and moved to close in around Lainey and Rachel. A few reached out and started fondling Lainey, their warm hands brushing against her cool skin, the sensation of everyone being so close to her excited Lainey even more. The group steadied the swing, which helped Rachel, who was slamming her cock into Lainey with a mechanical rhythm. Suddenly Lainey found that someone had released her hands. She reached out and gently stroked a cock with one hand and fondled the warm, wetness of someone’s vagina with the other. As Lainey’s climax came to a crescendo she looked at the masked faces around her. All of these people wanted her. They wanted her body. They wanted her to help them find release with theirs. Lainey felt the start of her apex hitting, and she let go of all of her feelings and all of her emotions and let the orgasm flow over her. As she let out a wail of pleasure and bucked against Rachel, the group pressed in tight around her and Lainey could feel every part of her being touched at the same time. Rachel continued to pump into Lainey, but the force of her stokes continued to diminish until she stopped and pulled out of her. The sound of the vibrating cock was all that could be heard over Lainey’s ragged breathing. Lainey’s head tilted back and the cock and vagina she was fondling moved away.

As the group moved back to the various positions they were in before, everyone stood silent, staring at Lainey who was slowly spinning in the middle of the room. Lainey suddenly felt very self-aware of her exposure, but she no longer cared. She met each member’s eyes one at a time as she spun around. Finally, Jessica walked back into the light and stopped her from spinning.

“Just so you know, we have video-taped this whole thing.” Jessica said aloud.

“Fuck you Jessica!” Lainey spat.

“Fuck me? Fuck me?” Jessica questioned with a smile. “If you want, I would be happy to oblige.”

Chapter 9

Without warning Jessica straddled Lainey’s face and pulled on the cables holding her. Lainey’s face shot up between Jessica’s legs and buried itself deep into Jessica’s wet crotch. Jessica leaned forward and started rubbing Lainey’s pussy with her hand. Lainey didn’t have time to react, and by the time she realized what had happen Jessica was grinding her dripping wet pussy directly into Lainey’s mouth. Lainey couldn’t see or hear anything as her face was covered completely by Jessica’s crotch. Finally, Lainey managed to get her hands up and enough separation from Jessica’s ass to catch a breath. The taste of Jessica was different from herself Lainey thought. Sensing Lainey’s hesitation, Jessica pushed her pussy down into her face again. Lainey’s mouth opened again and she tentatively starting lapping at Jessica with her tongue. Lainey had never been with another woman, but she knew what she liked when a man when down on her, and regardless of how pissed she was at Jessica, Lainey was very much turned on by the turn of events. As envious as she was of Jessica, Lainey still found her extremely attractive and a part of her had longed to touch her, which was why Lainey eagerly took her cue and started sucking Jessica’s throbbing mound.

As Lainey settled into eating Jessica’s pussy, Jessica turned her attention to Lainey as well. Leaning down, Jessica shifted her weight so that she was resting on top of Lainey. No longer grounded to the floor, the pair began to slowly spin. Jessica removed her mask, and tossed it to the floor as she proceeded to suck on Lainey’s clitoris.

Feeling Jessica’s mouth enveloping her hot button, Lainey renewed her concentration on Jessica’s pussy. Lainey was amazed at how wet Jessica was. The amount of fluid coming off of her was saturating Lainey’s face to the point that she felt streams of it running down her cheeks. Jessica was slowly humping Lainey’s face, and Lainey was ferociously lapping all of Jessica. The two women were lost in their feeding frenzy with one another, which was probably why Lainey didn’t notice another woman approach them. Suddenly, a hand reached out and pulled Lainey’s hand away from her grip on Jessica’s ass. Still unable to see, Lainey let her hand be guided by the stranger, and to her surprise she found herself fondling another wet pussy. Without seeing, Lainey managed to masturbate the woman while she continued tongue fucking Jessica. The woman’s vagina was warm and wet to the touch, and the feeling of it was driving Lainey wild. Her senses were becoming overwhelmed as Jessica inserted her fingers into her. The experience was amazing, and Lainey started to let go. She no longer cared what she was doing. Her body was becoming sex-crazed. Lainey’s tongue darted up and down, side to side. She was trying to fit all of Jessica into her mouth.

“God damn can you eat a pussy!” Jessica moaned as she humped down harder on Lainey’s face.

“Oh god fuck me!” Lainey muttered vibrating her lips as her tongue probed deeper into Jessica.

The woman who Lainey was fingering began rubbing her own clit now and grabbed ahold of Lainey’s hand and started fucking her fingers. The woman’s vagina clamped down on Lainey’s fingers and then she squeezed her fingers out in a shower of cum as she sprayed the floor. Lainey’s hand was drenched in the woman’s squirting climax. Then, as suddenly as she had appeared she walked away. Lainey pulled her hand back and rubbed her fingers together. They were wet, sticky, and wrinkly like never before. The experience only made Lainey want to cum more. She moved her hand back to Jessica’s ass, and the two continued to spin in a slow circle. Lainey wasn’t sure how much longer she could hold out. She wasn’t sure why, but the whole thing with Jessica started to feel like a competition. They were both trying to make the other cum first, and so far, Jessica was winning. Lainey realized she needed to step up her game if she wanted to win, and without much thought, Lainey shifted her tongue from deep inside Jessica’s pussy to her asshole. The move definitely got Jessica’s attention.

“You mother fucker!” Jessica exclaimed popping her mouth off of Lainey’s clit. “Hey, Marcus, come over here.”

Lainey couldn’t see who Marcus was, but as the largest cock she had ever seen in her life was suddenly thrust into her she remembered.

“I believe you know my friend Marcus?” Jessica chuckled. “You were masturbating to him in the shower at the gym. How does the real thing compare to your imagination?”

Lainey couldn’t believe the feeling. Her entire pussy was stretched to its limit, but the sense of being full was incredible. Marcus slowly started pumping in and out of Lainey. The sudden fullness of it had caused Lainey to pause for a moment in order to catch her breath.

“Alright Marcus, I think she’s ready. Give it to her.” Jessica instructed smiling.

On command, Marcus picked up speed, and the thrusting went from level 2 to level 9. Lainey’s breath caught deep in her throat, and she let out a gasp as the air was forced out of her. Jessica smiled at the sound of it, and pushed her pussy back into Lainey’s mouth. Lainey couldn’t believe the feeling pulsing through her crotch. She had never taken anything this big before, but the sensation was incredible. Lainey’s tongue dived deeper into Jessica, who was doubling over as the excitement of the situation was becoming too much for her to handle as well. Jessica had resorted to humping Lainey’s face as she watched Marcus’ enormous manhood slide in and out of Lainey.

Marcus hefted Lainey’s legs up a little to get a better grip, but he was impressed with how well Lainey was taking him into her. Most women weren’t able to fit him without difficulty, but Lainey’s soaking, wet pussy accommodated him without much resistance. Watching the two women suck each other had turned Marcus on like never before, and fucking this beautiful woman in the swing was like nothing he had done before. He could sense Lainey’s growing climax as he pumped his massive cock into her. He was hoping she would cum on his cock. He wanted to feel her squeeze him in ecstasy. Marcus locked eyes with Jessica, and he could tell that she was cumming right then. He had been with her enough times to know the face she makes.

Jessica let out a loud moan, and squeezed Lainey’s breasts hard. She was pissed to have lost the cum battle against Lainey, but it felt so good to cum on her face. Lainey’s tongue was amazing, and she was already looking forward to the next battle with her. As Jessica eased herself off of Lainey, she looked down at Lainey’s face. Lainey was covered in Jessica’s wetness. Jessica leaned down and lightly kissed Lainey’s lips. Lainey, still getting rammed by Marcus, just stared in amazement at Jessica. Lainey reached out and lightly rubbed Jessica’s mound, running a finger between Jessica’s slit, then returning it to her mouth to suck on the liquid.

“Thank you for that.” Jessica whispered.

“It was my pleasure.” Lainey said with a grunt as Marcus continued to pound into her.

As Jessica walked away, Lainey turned her focus to her own pleasure. Marcus’ cock was definitely doing the trick for her. Lainey normally only climaxed when she stimulated her clitoris, but Marcus’ large cock was stimulating everything inside of her, now that Jessica had lost the cum battle against her, Lainey could finally allow herself to cum. Fortunately, she didn’t have to wait long as Marcus reached down and started gently stroking Lainey’s clit with his thumb. The extra stimulation was all Lainey needed.

“Oh fuck yeah!” Lainey moaned. “Slam that cock into me.”

Marcus was in love. No one ever wanted him to go harder. He started slamming his cock into Lainey with more force than ever. As he got faster and faster, Marcus knew he was about to blow his load. He just wanted to hold out long enough for Lainey to cum too. Suddenly, Lainey let out a loud cry, and Marcus slowed up.

“Don’t stop!” Lainey shouted.

Marcus doubled down and continued to ram his massive cock into Lainey, and her whole body started twitching. Lainey’s breathing became rough, and for a brief moment Marcus wondered if he had hurt her.

“Oh my god, that was amazing!” Lainey burst out smiling. “Your cock is incredible.”

Upon hearing Lainey praise his cock and his skills with it, Marcus kicked into high gear and started jack hammering the shit out of Lainey. Lainey’s closing waves of pleasure surged in a second bout of climactic ferocity that Lainey was not expecting.

“Holy fuck!” Lainey cried out in pleasure. “I’m cumming again!”

Marcus felt his own release contracting deep within his balls and as he pulled out of Lainey his cock blew its massive load all over her stomach.

The warm spray of semen was the icing on the cake for Lainey. She had never climaxed so hard in her life, and her whole body was spasming. As the hot load pooled on her abdomen, some dripped down the side of Lainey’s chest. Lainey reached out and rubbed the remaining cum across her whole body. Marcus’ cock rested, twitching on top of her crotch as the last remaining drops spilled down his long, throbbing shaft. She could feel his cock pulsing with blood and he lightly rubbed his balls against her wet pussy as his breathing slowly came under control again. Lainey finally, looked around the room, and noticed that most of the people were engaged in their own sexual acts. A few were watching them, but the sounds of people fucking were starting to get louder than ever before.

As Jessica came back into view, Marcus leaned down and thanked Lainey then walked away. Lainey slowly spun in the middle of the room, and Jessica spun her back around to face her.

“I believe you have earned yourself a small break.” Jessica said unstrapping Lainey’s legs.

Lainey awkwardly fell to the floor. As comfortable as the swing had been, it was much nicer to be on two feet again. Jessica start to walk away then turned and beckoned for Lainey to follow. Stepping over a few people mid-copulation, Lainey caught up to Jessica as they walked through a door and into another room.

Chapter 10

The room Lainey walked into was in complete contrast to the one she left behind. The air was immediately warm and humid.

“This part of the warehouse was converted into a bathhouse.” Jessica said over her shoulder as they walked further into the room.

Lainey just looked around in amazement. The heated floor was a nice change from the cold cement in the other room, and the tilework was beautiful. Two large open pools were visible from the door. As they walked between them, Lainey could see one had a sign signifying a cool pool and one identifying a hot pool. Jessica continued to lead Lainey past the pools and into another doorway which revealed a fully tiled room with pipes across the ceiling with nozzles every few feet and tiled benches randomly rising from the floor around the room. Jessica turned and pressed some buttons on a display panel next to the door and the whole room began to mist up as hot water seemed to come from everywhere all at once.

Jessica led Lainey around the edge of what Lainey now figured was the shower room to a set of lockers. Jessica unzipped her outfit and then asked Lainey for some assistance in getting it off. After a few minutes of struggling, Lainey was able to finish peeling the outfit from Jessica. It was strange to see how much shorter Jessica was now without her heels on, but Lainey let a small grin stretched across her face as she noticed how the outfit’s tight fit had left some marks where the cutouts were located.

“Serves her right for what she put me through.” Lainey thought.

Next, Jessica grabbed a few towels, and some body soap.

“You get the fresh towels over here, and you put the used ones by the door at the exit.” Jessica instructed. “Everyone showers first before using the pools, and the only rule we have is no sex in the shower room or pools. We have another room for that sort of play.”

When Lainey walked into the shower area again she was unable to breathe at first. The amount of water was too much for her. However, after a few minutes she figured out that the seemingly random benches were placed in locations where the water wasn’t directed. That’s where she found Jessica who was lubricating herself with some soap. Lainey followed suit and began to wash the semen that was still stuck to her skin. The hot water felt good, and it went a long way to ease some of the tension in Lainey’s muscles. She was just noticing how the night’s events had taken a toll on her mental and physical well-being. The two women finished bathing in silence and Jessica waited for Lainey to finish before beckoning her to the door leading to the two pools.

Jessica led Lainey to the warm pool thankfully, and the two women settled onto a bench. As they sat down, three more people entered the room and made their way to the shower room. Lainey looked at Jessica who had her eyes closed.

“Ok, seriously, what the fuck is this place and why am I here?” Lainey demanded.

Without opening her eyes Jessica replied, “What do you want it to be?”

“Is this some sort of sex cult?” Lainey asked.

“Do we have sex?” Jessica asked herself aloud. “Yes. Do we perform ritual sacrifices? No. Are we picky about who we let into our group? You better believe it honey.”

“Oh, so am I a member?” Lainey asked tentatively.

Jessica opened her eyes and gave Lainey an ‘are you kidding look’, “Yes, you are if you choose to be” she said.

“Well, what if I don’t want to be a part of your little group?” Lainey asked.

“This was all planned Lainey.” Jessica said bluntly. “Rachel saw you working out in the gym, and she gushed to me how she had to have you. It took us a few weeks to figure out how to lure you here, and once you followed me and Marcus into the personal workout area we knew we had you.”

“Yeah, but how did you know I raping me in front of all those people out there wasn’t going to backfire?” Lainey asked with a bit more force in her voice. “What’s stopping me from calling the police now?”

“Look, I’m sorry if I was a bitch to you about all of this.” Jessica said apologetically. “It wasn’t my idea to secretly tape you in the massage room, but we wanted to make sure you came here tonight. We knew that if you just made it here you would enjoy our little group. Besides, we have more than enough witnesses and video evidence of you fully enjoying your session here tonight to overturn anything you might say to the police. We chose you because we know you.”

“If it wasn’t your idea to video tape me in the massage room, then whose was it?” Lainey asked questioningly.

“It’s not my place to say more.” Jessica said. “You really need to talk to Rachel. She’s the one responsible for everything, and she’s the one who you should be demanding answers from. I hope you can get past your issues with me in the future. I really liked the way you ate my pussy tonight, and I’m starting to dream about the next time.”

Lainey decided she didn’t want to push Jessica any more, and the smile creeping across her face at that last statement was enough to cause Lainey to blush. She could find Rachel later and get some answers. She was feeling better with how things were now, but she was more than a little upset with how she was tricked into coming to this little club.

“Am I really going to be a member of this club?” Lainey questioned herself. “I mean, that swing thing was the most amazing experience of my life, but fuck, these people are crazy. Who blackmails someone into sex like that, and they fucking knocked me out. I’m probably going to be fucked up in the head now because of all this. However, Jessica’s right; there’s no way anyone would believe me if I told them. I know Alex would, but fuck, the sex was amazing.”

Lainey’s mind raced for a while as the warm, pool water continued to ease her body’s muscles. After a few minutes Lainey closed her eyes and settled into her seat like Jessica. It wasn’t until she felt Rachel jostling her awake that Lainey realized she had fallen asleep in the warm water.

“Oh god, how long was I out?” Lainey asked.

“Only a few minutes.” Rachel said. “Jessica came and got me when you fell asleep. She said you and I would need to talk, and she’s right. I owe you an explanation as well as an apology.”

“Yeah you do.” Lainey promptly said. “Like, who the fuck are you, and what the fuck did you think you were trying to do to me?”

As Rachel stepped into the pool next to Lainey, she attempted shush Lainey with her hands.

“Shhh!” Rachel intoned. “Everyone is brought here under different circumstances, and most members do not share how they were convinced to come here. It’s personal to them and the other members who helped draw them in.”

“You mean only you and Jessica know what you did to me?” Lainey asked.

“A few others too.” Rachel followed-up. “The blackmail was my idea. I didn’t think you would come here without someone forcing you. I knew from talking with Jessica after she caught you voyeuristically watching her and Marcus together that you were a good candidate for our group.”

“So, she told you about that huh?” Lainey asked.

“Yeah, she did.” Rachel said. “I wasn’t expecting you to bring Alex with you though, so that caused a bit of a stir with the group. They don’t like other’s knowing where we get together. We’ve worked hard to keep this place under the radar. A lot of people here have husbands and wives that don’t know about it. We go to great lengths to keep it hidden.”

“Oh my god! I completely forgot about Alex. Is he okay?” Lainey asked excitedly.

“He’s fine. One of the members drove him back to his house and is waiting for your call now.” Rachel said. “We don’t want Alex calling the police so you’ll need to convince him that everything is fine and that you’ve worked out the problem with Jessica.”

“What about the video clip?” Lainey asked.

“It’s already been destroyed.” Rachel said. “Look, now that you know who and what we are, we really want you stay of your own accord.”

“So I can just leave and never come back and you guys won’t try to manipulate me again?” Lainey asked hesitantly.

“If you choose to leave, no one will ever speak to you again about any of this.” Rachel said.

Lainey sat back against the side of the pool. She was visibly upset and lost in thought. She couldn’t believe the lengths they went through to get her here, but now, after knowing everything she wasn’t sure she wanted to give it up.

“Rachel, is it always like this?” Lainey asked hesitantly.

Rachel sat thinking for a minute and then she said, “New initiations are rare. Everyone in the group has a say, and it only takes one person to veto a potential person. That being said, we have a strict no disclosure agreement. Anyone suspected of telling another person is automatically banned. You’ll get a personal code for the door to this place, and you’ll have access to the calendar for our meet-ups.”

“Okay, but, I mean, I kind of felt violated by you guys.” Lainey said slowly. “I was wondering if that’s how it is for all the new people.”

“Oh, I see.” Rachel said with a sour look on her face. “You know, I’m really sorry about how we brought you in. I honestly didn’t think you would come in otherwise, but I can totally see how none of this was really in your favor from a victim standpoint. How about I make a rule amendment for the group to never deploy a tactic like this again? Would that make you feel better?”

“Oh, can we do that?” Lainey asked.

“Sure, anyone can propose a rule change and it only takes a two-thirds vote to pass.” Rachel explained. “I’m pretty sure everyone will agree to this one. Most of the members don’t know how you were brought in though if that’s what you’re worried about.”

“I just want to make sure the next girl or guy isn’t made to feel like they are being violated or forced to do anything against their will.” Lainey said dryly.

“Gotcha.” Rachel said. “And again, I’m sorry. I guess I should have just talked to you like a normal person huh?”

Laughing Lainey said, “Um, there’s no way that would have worked to be honest. You’re way too beautiful, and I would have been too intimidated to even consider the possibility that you were into me. Besides, I’ve never been into women. You and Jessica were my first tonight.”

“Is that right?” Rachel asked quizzically. “I should have guessed, but then again there’s only so much information we can dig up on someone we have our sights set on.”

“Speaking of which, how did you figure out my boss’ name?” Lainey asked.

“Our member list has a good collection of this town’s finest citizens.” Rachel confessed. “It’s what you might call a well-connected group.”

“And, how does this all work from a sexual stand-point?” Lainey asked shyly.

“Tonight was the only night you don’t get a say in what happens, and again, I’m sorry about that, but everyone goes through it.” Rachel explained. “It’s necessary so that if you decide to not join we’ll have information on you to keep you quiet. It’s cruel, but necessary given the names of the people involved. Going forward no one will be wearing masks. That was just in case you decided not to join, which you are right?”

“I mean, I haven’t fully decided.” Lainey offered.

“Well, you’ll need to declare you decision soon.” Rachel said. “We can’t have non-members mingling with everyone. However, if you do stay, no one will force you to do anything. There’s a strict policy on that. Every rule we have is to protect the members, which is why the only punishment is banning.”

“I see. So I can’t tell anyone, and I can’t force anyone to have sex with me?” Lainey asked.

“Right.” Said Rachel. “There’s a few other ones, but it’s more to do with how we bring new people in or when someone decides to leave.”

“So is there anything else I need to know.” Lainey asked hesitantly.

Taking a deep sigh Rachel said, “Well, just one. Members cannot date or have sex with each other outside of meet-up nights. This is to avoid obvious entanglement issues.”

“Yeah, I could see how that might happen.” Lainey said.

“It’s typically why members are banned if I’m being honest.” Rachel said.

“Wow, I feel a whole lot better about all of this now.” Lainey said. “I mean, I’m still pretty pissed at you and Jessica, but I can start to see why you did what you did now, and honestly I sort of put myself in that position to some degree. I mean I shouldn’t have been a snoop right?”

“Again, sorry.” Rachel said. “And don’t blame yourself. But I’m so glad you made it here. I hope you’ll stay. Also, do you think you could give Alex a call now? It’s been quite a while, and I wouldn’t want to make him wait too much longer. He’s likely to call the police, and while we have a way of dealing with them it’s best to not have them involved.”

“Oh shit, I totally forgot about Alex.” Lainey exclaimed climbing out of the water. “Thanks for explaining everything to me. I’ll give Alex a call now. Oh, and where the fuck is my stuff?”


Alex was furious. He had awoken in the trunk of a car with no way to get out. He had no idea how long he was in there or if the people who took him meant him harm. Then, as suddenly as he found himself locked in the trunk he was back home standing in his apartment complex with his phone to his ear listening to Lainey explain that it had all been one big misunderstanding and to just go back home for the night. This was not the explanation he had expected, and part of him thought that Lainey might still be in trouble, which resulted in her video chatting with him to again explain that she was fine and to please go home.

Alex was a mess of emotions. The two men that pulled him out the trunk were extremely muscular, and while Alex was a fit guy, he didn’t see his chances with them going so well. He thought about calling the police when one of the two men flashed his badge at him.

“There’s no way the police are going to help me now.” Alex thought.

Alex figured the only thing to do was to half-heartedly accepted Lainey’s excuse and go inside his apartment. The explanation she provided; however, wasn’t that good so he would call her the following day to try and get the real story from her. Her response about a joke that Jessica was playing on her in order to get her to join some women’s group sounded too far-fetched to be real. The whole thing sounded silly. While cracking open a bottle of beer, Alex vowed to get the truth out of Lainey one way or another. He had been jerked around too much in this whole thing to not get a straight answer.

Chapter 11

Lainey spent the rest of the evening looking and walking around. It was weird to be fully nude around so many people, but then again, everyone was nude. In a way it was kind of freeing. It also helped that everyone she saw was fucking gorgeous.

“How big is this place?” Lainey thought as she walked from the bathing room to the main warehouse space.

While the warehouse didn’t look like much at first glance, Lainey could see that it was well maintained and the outer spaces were blocked off in open lit rooms with much nicer accommodations than the mats and mattresses she first saw. As she slowly circled the entire space, passing each room, Lainey would stop and watch the people who were gathered there. Each time she stopped to watch a group they would offer her to join them, which she politely declined only for them to resume their frolicking after doing so. It was strange watching other people fucking in real life. Lainey had watched her share of porn, but being this close was incredibly sexy, and more of a turn on than she would have ever thought possible. Most of the people had finally removed their masks, and as Lainey walked around, she realized that she didn’t recognize anyone. Toward the end of her walk Lainey happened upon a muscular man who was pounding an older blonde woman from behind. Unlike the other’s she had stopped to watch, the couple did not pay her any attention as they continued fucking. Finally, the woman looked back at Lainey and smiled, which Lainey took as a que to engage the two.

Lainey wasn’t looking to get fully involved, but after her stroll around the building she was finding herself slightly turned her on again.

Lainey decided to move closer where she could see the woman, who was bent over the edge of a lounge chair, while the man was kneeling with one knee on the seat cushion and one foot on the floor. Lainey hesitantly reached out and started to rub the man’s shoulder, letting her hand drift down his back and rest on his ass. She gave him a slight squeeze as he contracted with a thrust into the woman. The night’s events had awakened something visceral in Lainey that she never knew existed. Her typical shyness and inhibitions were fully detached. She felt free of her shame surrounding sex.

“After having all of these people watch me cum multiple times what else is there to be embarrassed about?” Lainey thought to herself.

Lainey leaned forward and watched as the man’s hard cock dipped in and out of the woman, her asshole gaping with each thrust. Lainey leaned over next to them and reached down between the woman’s legs and felt the man’s shaft sliding into the woman, her wetness easily coating Lainey’s fingers. As the woman began to softly moan, Lainey began gently rubbing the woman’s clitoris. As the woman’s moans got louder, Lainey couldn’t help but reach down between her own legs and start stroking a finger around the outside of herself.

“Fuck, not again.” Lainey thought. “I just got myself cleaned up.”

Fortunately for Lainey, the man’s own grunts and groans signified that he was about cum, so she redoubled her efforts to help the couple complete their mission. Sensing Lainey’s willingness to participate, the man shifted the woman into a new position where he was now sitting down in the chair and the woman was on top of him facing Lainey who was poised between their legs. The sight of the man’s cock penetrating the woman like a jack hammer was even more arousing from this vantage point thought Lainey. Lainey’s own pussy was already starting to drip. Then, without warning, the woman grabbed Lainey’s head and gently pulled it into her crotch. Lainey’s mouth opened instinctively and the broad width of her tongue pressed against the woman’s clit. Lainey could taste the tang of the woman’s juices. She let her mouth drift down and found the spot where the man’s cock was moving in and out of the woman and Lainey began to caress his shaft with her tongue as well. Lainey’s hand moved up to fondle the man’s balls. The man let out a groan of satisfaction, and Lainey shifted her focus back on the woman. As Lainey looked up she could see the blonde woman looking down at her, her breasts were bigger than Lainey’s and two triangle tan lines were clearly visible over her erect nipples from a bikini she must have worn while sunbathing. The woman reached back down and, this time, more firmly pulled Lainey’s head against her pussy. Lainey zeroed in on the woman’s clitoris and started licking and sucking like never before. Lainey had never eaten so much pussy in her life, and she never could have imagined how much it turned her on to do so. After a few minutes it was clear to Lainey that she was starting to feel neglected. Unfortunately, and to Lainey’s surprise, the woman pulled Lainey’s face away as she reached her climax, which resulted in her popping off the man’s cock, reaching down to rub her clit and spraying Lainey full in the face with her explosive ejaculate. The shock of which caused Lainey to fall back on her ass, which allowed the man enough room to stand up and finish his own climax on the back of the woman as she fell forward crushing Lainey to the floor on her back.

As Lainey lay on the floor with the woman’s juices running down the sides of her face, the woman on top of her started to apologize profusely while attempting to get up herself. Apparently, she had never cum so hard in her life before, and the whole experience was new to her. The man was also apologetic, but a little less so as he wasn’t aware of the fact that Lainey took a face full of pussy cum. As the man and the woman helped Lainey back to her feet, the reality of the situation set the trio laughing. Lainey confessed her surprise to the woman, who again was looking a little flushed in the cheeks about what happened, and the man, now fully aware of the situation, suggested they make their way to the shower room, which Lainey was quick to agree to.

As the three headed to the shower room, Lainey realized that she was actually kind of frustrated by the lack of attention she received. She concluded that she would need to have it taken care of before she left for the night, which was rapidly turning to morning.

“What time is it?” Lainey asked the woman.

“Probably around 1 AM.” The woman responded.

“Where had the night gone?” Lainey thought to herself. “I’ve got work tomorrow. I need to get the fuck home and rest.”

When Lainey returned to the shower room there were quite a few more people there now. People were sitting in both pools talking and gently caressing one another. As the group walked into the showers, Lainey spotted a small group of two women and two men heading into a side room that she hadn’t checked out before.

“Where are they going?” Lainey asked.

“Oh, that’s the aquatic playground.” The man answered.

“What the fuck is that?” Lainey countered confused.

“It’s like a shower room, but not as lit, and the floor and benches is made of some soft rubber-like material. You’re less likely to slip and hurt yourself in there when you’re going at it so to speak.” The man said. “It’s actually really cool, but it can get a little wild in there if you’re not careful.”

“Huh, I’m gonna need to check that out.” Lainey mumbled to herself.

Lainey got herself cleaned up and then made her exit. That’s when she spotted Rachel walking in with another woman. Rachel caught Lainey’s eye and the three walked to meet each other. Rachel introduced a flaming, red headed woman with milky pale skin. She was shorter than Lainey at around 5’-5” and very skinny with a flat chest, but also fit. Based on her looks, Lainey figured she was once a gymnast or something. Lainey also couldn’t help noticing the woman’s neon, red hair that neatly stripped down to her crotch as well, which the woman caught Lainey staring at as she introduced herself.

“Hi, I’m Kelly, and yes, the carpet does match the drapes.” Kelly said jokingly.

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry.” Lainey muttered embarrassed. “I didn’t mean to stare, I just didn’t know…what I mean to say is I was caught off-guard. Fuck, hi, my name is Lainey.”

“It’s ok. I get that a lot around here.” Kelly said laughing. “I know who you are. Rachel has been talking about you for the last few months non-stop.”

“Oh she has, has she?” Lainey said smiling as she looked at Rachel who was now probably blushing under her dark skin.

“So, how you liking the club?” Kelly asked.

“Honestly, it’s amazing.” Lainey said. “I would never have considered a place like this before, but I am curious about some of the health matters regarding all of these people having sex with each other.”

“So, everyone has to be tested, otherwise…” Kelly started to say.

“Chaos!” Rachel interjected laughing.

“Right, and your code to the building is only provided once you submit a clean test result.” Kelly finished saying. “It’s not flawless, but we’ve been safe so far. Just be sure to keep up on your birth control. Also, you don’t have to fuck anyone you don’t want to.”

“Just weird is all.” Lainey commented. “Anyways, I was thinking it was time to call it a night. I’ve got work in the morning, and it is way past my bedtime, but I was also really curious about the ‘Aquatic Playroom’ or whatever you guys call it, and I was thinking of checking it out before I leave.”

Rachel and Kelly looked at each other, and without saying anything they each grabbed one of Lainey’s hands and pulled her in the direction of the Aquatic Playroom giggling.

Chapter 12

By the time Lainey got home she had six missed calls and ten new texts from Alex. It seemed as if the story she fed him wasn’t tiding him over.

“Oh well.” She thought as she floated into her bed.

Lainey was exhausted, and she only had a few hours left before she needed to get up and start a 12 hour shift at the hospital, but as she scanned her phone one last time before going to sleep she noticed a new email from her boss that instantly woke her back up. As Lainey read the email she had a very sickening feeling push down on her stomach. At first, she thought she was being let go, but to her surprise he was putting her on paid leave indefinitely, which made no sense. The upside was that Lainey didn’t need to report to work in the morning after all. Re-reading the email and deciding that calling her boss at this hour was out of the question, Lainey decided she could follow-up with him in the morning and finally settled into bed with her alarm clock turned off.

The next morning Lainey woke up to the most relaxed feeling she had ever had. She had slept great, and something about not having to go into work at that moment was extra pleasing to her. However, Lainey figured she better get to the bottom of her paid leave issue first. As Lainey drifted around the kitchen getting breakfast together she phoned her boss at the hospital to see what was up.

“Hello, John?” Lainey asked when the phone picked up.

“Uh, hi, this is John.” John answered.

“Yes, this is Lainey, and I got your email last night regarding my paid leave, and I was wondering what that was about.” Lainey said hesitantly.

“Oh, well I got a call in the middle of the night regarding some last minute paperwork from the director of the hospital stating something about you needing to be on paid leave.” John replied. “There wasn’t an end date listed on the documents, so I assumed it was open ended at this time. I hope whatever you have going on is resolved soon. We really will miss having you around here.”

“Huh, umm, ok.” Lainey said thinking to herself. “So, I’m still getting paid though right?”

“Yes! Absolutely, the union requires we calculate your normal 40-hr per week pay and provide you with that.” John said. “I can transfer you to HR or your union’s office if you would like to speak with them.”

“Oh, no thanks.” Lainey said relieved. “Thanks John, for everything. Bye.”

“Good luck, and I hope everything is ok with you.” John said as he hung up.

Lainey sat down at her kitchen table and slowly munched on some toast she had half-heartedly made while thinking to herself.

“This cannot be a coincidence.” Lainey thought. “It’s got to be someone at the club.”

A loud knock at Lainey’s door made Lainey jump in her chair. By the time she got to the door no one was there, but a box was left on her doorstep. She brought the box inside and opened it on the kitchen counter. Inside was a handwritten note from Rachel that said:

“Lainey, thank you for an amazing evening last night, and we are so glad you decided to join our club. Inside you will find a list of the rules, some guidelines on proper etiquette, a testing facility you will need to start utilizing if you want to come back, and, my favorite, a ‘Club Card’ that you can use at a list of places around town to always look your best. Also, I included a few ‘toys’ for you to play around with until our next meeting.”

Lainey laughed out loud as she lifted up a black strap on dildo like the one Rachel had on the previous night. She was further intrigued by the vibrating anal stimulator and the very expensive looking vibrator, which put Lainey’s little rabbit vibrator to shame. Needless to say, she was a little excited to try some of the stuff out, but first Lainey dug around in the box until she found the ‘Club Card’. On the back of the card was a list of nail and hair salons, as well as tanning, waxing, and massage facilities. It was nondescript with no bar code or magnetic strip but a simple four digit number on the back and the words, “The Club” written in fancy lettering on the front. It was made of metal too, which had some heft to it. Lainey looked up one of the salons on her phone and dialed. After a few minutes of conversing with the lady on the phone, Lainey realized any service she wanted was free of charge. She couldn’t believe it. Lainey looked up another place and called them, and had the same surreal conversation except this time she booked a massage package.

“Why not? I deserve it.” Lainey thought as she booked the appointment.

Lainey finished her breakfast and realized that she had a few hours left to kill before she needed to head out for her massage. She laughed to herself not believing how strange that situation sounded. Eying the fancy dildo on the table got Lainey thinking as well. She grabbed the toy, and snuck away back to her bedroom with the door closed. There were so many new things bouncing around in her head from the previous night that she was looking forward to replaying them over again in her mind. Lainey removed her pajamas and climbed back into bed. She clicked the toy on and it shot to life in her hands. The various wands started whirling and buzzing at full speed and it caught Lainey by surprise as she fumbled to dial it down to the lowest setting. Taking the main head of the toy, she rested it between her legs and let the deep vibrations course through her body as she closed her eyes and started thinking about everything that had happened the previous night…

Chapter 13

The Aquatic Playroom was unbelievable. As Lainey walked in with Rachel and Kelly, she was immediately aware of the saltwater in the room.

“Is that saltwater?” Lainey asked sniffing.

“Yeah, it’s better for our skin and it’s easier to clean.” Kelly answered. “And before you ask, it’s expensive as all get out, but as you’ll come to see we’ve got some very wealthy people in this club.”

The floor was made up of blue foam material, but it was rubberize in some way to give good traction. Lainey felt that it gave her a slight spring to her step. There were lots of shower nozzles everywhere, and more pools, benches, and what could only be described as coffee tables around the room.

“What is this place?” Lainey asked questioningly.

“Rumor is that people were getting too frisky in the showers and pools outside and those systems weren’t designed to work with, umm..body fluids, so to speak.” Rachel answered. “So, one of the benefactors built out this portion of the warehouse.”

Lainey looked in awe as she saw people swimming and fucking all over the place. Lainey couldn’t get her head around how big the place was. It certainly didn’t look this large from outside, but she could barely see the other side of it.

“It’s incredible.” Lainey gushed.

“You think that’s neat, wait until you see the private rooms.” Kelly said.

Taking the lead, Kelly walked the trio to one of the cabanas along the side of the massive room. Inside was a pool with a waterfall feature, some foam mats, rubberized cushions, shower nozzles, and an inflatable mattress. Along the back wall was a countertop with a jar of water-based lubricant. As Lainey was about to ask about one of the mattresses, Kelly pushed her into the pool. Lainey bobbed to the surface laughing as both Rachel and Kelly dropped into the water. On que, three very young men stopped by to see how the ladies were doing. Kelly gave a wink to one of the boys who made his way into the water with her. The other two stood in the doorway waiting for an invitation, but the look on Rachel’s face wasn’t promising. Lainey was more than aroused at the sight of the boys. She had never seen such beautiful men before, and in the nude no less. By the looks of their semi-flaccid members, they had recently drained their cocks, but the stiffing Lainey saw spoke volumes to their ability to get things going again.

Tilting her head, Lainey said, “Well, are you two joining us or not?”

The two boys smiled and jumped in the small pool with the rest of them. Lainey looked at Rachel and gave her the side eye.

“They’re not my type.” Rachel whispered.

“You mean, not women, right?” Lainey said smiling.

“Exactly!” Rachel said. “However, for you, I’d be willing to participate if you like”

“Oh, yes please!” Lainey exclaimed.

“So, what’s your name?” Lainey asked one of the boys nearest her.

“I’m Kevin, and this is Joel, and that’s Dave over there next to Kelly.” Kevin said.

“So, you three all know Kelly then?” Lainey asked.

“I call them my three horsemen.” Kelly said as she turned her attention to kissing Dave on the mouth.

Lainey felt her shyness creeping back over. The other situations she was in before was with people who were already involved, but now she wasn’t sure how to start. Fortunately, Kevin didn’t make her wait.

Kevin was Korean and the shortest of the three while Dave was your typical white guy only taller and lankier than the others, which left Joel who was the quiet one of the group, but his dark tan skin, shaved head, and what appeared to be a well-endowed cock sent shivers down Lainey’s spine when he looked at her. All three had bodies like a male gymnasts though, muscular, fit, and capable of doing one handed push-ups. Perhaps that’s how Kelly knew them Lainey wondered.

Kevin saddled up next to Lainey, which left Joel alone with Rachel. Lainey immediately felt bad for her, and without much thought reached out and pulled Joel over to her as well.

“I think my friend Rachel has had enough attention tonight if you get my drift.” Lainey said to Kevin and Joel. “Besides, this is my first time here, and I want the full experience.”

Kevin and Joel looked at each other, and without saying anything they seemed to reach a decision of sorts. Either way, Lainey didn’t care; she was more interested to see what these young boys had in mind.

Joel pulled Lainey into his lap facing him, his hard cock already at full attention as it pressed between them. He pressed his lips against Lainey’s and they started kissing slowly, but the intensity quickly picked up, and Joel’s tongue was deep in her mouth. Lainey was so lost in the make-out session that she didn’t notice Kevin slide in behind her until his cock started sliding under her and against her lips. Joel continued kissing Lainey down her neck until he suddenly stopped and, to Lainey’s surprise, starting kissing Kevin. The casualness of their kissing floored Lainey like nothing else. She began to suspect that these three boys were very familiar with one another. However, before Lainey could say anything, Rachel drifted over and turned Lainey’s face toward hers and started kissing her. The foursome all started melding together in the water. Hands, mouths, and tongues were all groping. Finally, Lainey was ready for some real action to begin so she gently pulled herself free and climbed out of the pool and onto the foam-like mattress. Rachel, Joel, and Kevin all followed her and stood in a line in front of Lainey. It was clear to them who was calling the shots in this scenario. Kelly, who was getting plowed from behind by Dave, looked over at them with interest as well.

Lainey got on her knees and pointed to the space in front of her on one side and said, “Rachel goes here.” Then she pointed to the space in front of her on the other side and said, “Kevin goes here.” Joel then stepped up and knelt down behind Lainey in the only position left, and with a slight smile on his face he started to tease Lainey’s mound with his hard cock. As everyone settled into position, Lainey could see that Rachel was intrigued by Lainey’s forcefulness. While Rachel may not have been into the group dynamics at first, it was certainly coming around to her now. Lainey leaned down into Rachel’s wet pussy and started licking. The saltwater taste quickly vanished as Lainey’s own saliva and Rachel’s wetness coated everything. Joel’s cock, after some teasing, finally lubricated enough on Lainey’s juices to bury itself deep inside of her. Lainey let out a soft cry as the fullness of it filled her allowing her a moment to shift her attention to Kevin, whose cock was hard and smooth looking, and just as tasty as Rachel.

Opening her eyes Lainey shifted the speed of the vibrator up a few notches and slowly pushed it into her sopping, wet pussy. The hum of the vibrator was loud in her room, but the sensation pulsing up through her was incredible. The tiny wand hanging off the side of the vibrator made contact with Lainey’s clitoris and a shiver of pleasure washed over her. Lainey started pumping the device faster and faster into herself as she continued replaying the events of the night before in her mind…

Lainey had never been in a threesome before tonight, and she never would have thought she would be in a foursome in her life, but Joel’s pounding cock was hitting her in all the right places as she found herself transformed into a cock worshipping slut she knew all women could be. Lainey had never been so stimulated before during sex, and the concentration needed to get her partners off was lacking. Fortunately, Rachel could tell that Lainey wasn’t going to be able to focus long enough to get her off, so she opted to help Lainey get her orgasm first. Reaching between Lainey’s legs, Rachel started rubbing Lainey’s clit. In a matter of seconds Lainey felt herself climaxing so hard that she had to curl up on the floor clenching her muscles and legs together. The group all stared at her as her waves of pleasure subsided. Kelly let out a loud whoop, and Joel said, “dam, that was hot.”

Lainey sat up, and the group closed in around her, without thinking Lainey took Kevin’s penis in her mouth, reached out and started stroking Joel’s huge cock with one hand, and inserted two fingers into Rachel. The group instantly fell into a series of grunts, groans, and moans as Lainey focused on pleasing them all. Kevin reached down and started guiding Lainey’s bobbing head as he let out a deep groan of pleasure. Rachel was assisting Lainey by rubbing her own clit, and Joel continued to stand stoically with his large member dripping pre-cum down the shaft as Lainey’s hand worked the lubricant into him.

By this time Kelly and Dave were in the final stages of their sex session. Kelly’s pink colored pussy lips showed bright in comparison to her pale white skin as Dave humped away on top of her. The two were obvious close with one another as there was a gentle give and take with each thrust Dave pushed into Kelly. Dave leaned down and the two started kissing passionately. Kelly reached up and locked an arm around the back of Dave’s head as her whole body tensed up with the climbing orgasm. Kelly let go of the kiss and her face bunched as she came. Dave was a few strokes behind and finished inside of her. As they both eased down from their climaxes they looked over at the foursome. They were really digging the enthusiasm Lainey was putting into the group so they both crawled over to get closer to watch.

Realizing she needed to use more than her mouth, Lainey flipped over on her back and offered her pussy to Kevin who eagerly inserted his saliva drenched cock into her. Joel knelt down so he could stuff his massive cock into Lainey’s mouth while she attempted to finger fuck Rachel who herself was rapidly approaching her own orgasm. Dave and Kelly shifted closer to Lainey’s head and side and started soaking her body with the lubricate that was on the counter. Covering Lainey’s body in lube eased the friction for Kevin as he started to sloppily slam his cock into Lainey. His smooth cock felt amazing, and Lainey could feel a sense of pleasure welling up inside of her again. As Rachel approached her own climax, she gently pushed Joel away from Lainey and sat down on her face, grinding her pulsing pussy into Lainey’s mouth while furiously rubbing her clit. Lainey stared up at Rachel as her thighs began to squeeze Lainey’s face, which only barely distracted Lainey from Kevin’s orgasmic explosion that he let loose as he pulled out of her, spraying both Lainey’s stomach and Rachel’s ass in the process. The warm, sticky fluid sent Rachel over her own cliff and her waves of pleasure crashed down on her as she pumped hard into Lainey’s lapping tongue. The two spent partners slowly moved away from Lainey, who looked over at an eager Joel. The look in Joel’s eyes sent a flurry of butterflies down Lainey’s stomach. He looked like a man possessed and without a care for the cum dripping off of Lainey’s stomach and pussy, Joel spread her legs wide as he slid his cock deep into her.

Lainey kicked the sheets off of herself as the vibrator whirred in her hands. The dampness of her masturbation session was starting to transfer to the sheets, and she was sweating more than she originally realized. As a fresh wave of cool air dimpled her skin, Lainey rolled over and pulled herself up on her knees. With one hand between her legs, she inserted the dildo back into herself. Lainey could feel her own wetness mixed with sweat running down her inner thighs now. The vibrator was turned 180 degrees now so that the little wand was resting against her asshole. Lainey buried her face into her pillow and began ramming the device into herself…

Joel locked eyes with Lainey, and the intensity between them lifted off like a rocket. Joel’s methodical thrusting started very slowly, but he was picking up speed with each pump and the force of his pounding was increasing at the same rate. Lainey reached up and squeezed one of her breasts while the others gathered around the couple and started touching and rubbing them without impeding their rhythm. Before long, Lainey’s whole body was being slammed by Joel, each stroke driving deeper into her, which was pushing Lainey into ecstasy. Lainey’s hands drifted out to the others around her, and she found herself stroking stiffening cocks and sticky wetness. Her own senses were being overloaded by the stimuli around her, and Joel’s unrelenting pounding was just getting faster and faster and harder and harder. Joel suddenly lifted Lainey’s ass up in the air, her shoulders only resting on the ground, as he realigned his cock to get a better angle. Lainey’s eyes shot wide open as Joel’s huge member found the spot he was seeking, and Rachel reached out and began rubbing Lainey’s clitoris with two fingers as fast as she could. The climax within Lainey felt different than before. She had a sense of building pressure that she wasn’t used to. It forced Lainey to squeeze down on Joel’s cock causing Joel to let out some loud grunts as he continued to fuck Lainey with all of his might. As the pressure built, however, Joel found his cock unable to get back inside as deep as it had been the previous thrust. Eventually, and with finality, Joel’s cock popped out of Lainey in the midst of Lainey’s first squirting orgasmic event of her life.

As the fluid gushed down Lainey’s backside, Joel lowered her to the floor while Rachel stopped stroking Lainey’s clitoris. The group watched in silence as Lainey, again, shuttered on the floor in front of everyone.

“Hot damn!” Kelly shouted. “That was fucking hot!”

“That was incredible.” Rachel said.

“Oh my god, what was that?” Lainey exclaimed questioningly.

“I believe you just had your first gushing orgasm.” Rachel answered.

“Oh, Joel, I’m sorry, you didn’t get to finish.” Lainey said looking at a bewildered Joel.

“Oh, I’m good Miss Lainey.” Joel half whispered. “It was great seeing you get off again.”

“Oh fuck that Joel, come over here and get yourself some.” Kelly said getting on her knees and sticking her ass in the air.

“Look out Joel, Kelly is taking pity on you.” Dave said jokingly.

With a smile across his face, Joel mounted Kelly from behind. As he did so, Lainey, feeling a little sorry for the well hung boy, moved next to Kelly offering her ass in the air as well. Joel found himself deep inside of Kelly while playfully fingering Lainey on one side. Unable to resist her own level of arouse, Rachel followed Lainey’s decision and positioned herself on the other side of Kelly. Joel didn’t miss a beat and began fingering her as well. Dave and Kevin watch as their friend plowed deep into Kelly’s pink lips while simultaneously fingering a girl on either side, casually stroking their cocks as they watched. Rachel was already halfway to her climax as she started rubbing her clit while humping Joel’s hand forcing Joel to twist his fingers in deeper. Semi-hard, Dave moved over in front of Kelly and she took his cock into her mouth. Kevin moved in front of Lainey who did the same. The group was now fully connected and Joel was setting the tempo. With each thrust the group bounced and swayed together. Kelly and Lainey were slobbering on their respective cocks like never before. The group sex mentality had taken hold, and their inhibitions evaporated. As the group worked toward a shared climax, Lainey was impressed with how long Joel was able to last, and she was starting to wonder how much longer he could go when Kelly started forcibly smacking her pussy into him as hard as she could. That’s when Dave’s cock popped out of Kelly’s mouth and he violently started pumping it with his hand until a stream of semen shot out across her face. Kelly let out a deep moan as the semen dripped from her chin and her ass smacked against Joel’s hips. Rachel looked over and her half-closed eyes were enough to signify that she was starting to peak herself. Lainey slowly stopped humping back on Joel’s hand and focused her efforts on Kevin’s cock, whose eyes had closed at the pleasure Lainey was giving him. Lainey moved her hand up to her mouth and started pumping Kevin’s smooth cock while sucking on the tip. She was willing Kevin to cum in her mouth, and with some unexpected thrusts from Kevin she got her wish. As Lainey’s mouth filled with Kevin’s load, Joel let out the loudest groan anyone had ever heard from him.

“Fuck!” Joel screamed. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

As Joel’s monster cock drained deep inside Kelly, Rachel let out some loud squeals as the sound of Joel’s orgasm pushed her completely over the edge. Dave and Kevin sat back on their heels, their semi-hard cocks dripping with Kelly’s and Lainey’s saliva. Kelly reached between her legs and began rubbing her clit in an attempt to get to her climax as fast as possible. Joel removed his fingers from Rachel and Lainey who both slumped to the floor. Everyone was staring at Joel as his cock visibly pulsed with semen. Only Kelly was still focused on cumming, and she let out a gentle sigh as she finally got there on her own.

Curious as ever, Lainey sat up and watched as Joel pulled his cock out of Kelly. The amount of semen that flowed out of her was amazing. Lainey didn’t imagine herself some sort of cum slut, but she couldn’t help but reach out and smear her hand against Kelly’s semen coated lips while Kevin’s cum spilled down the side of her mouth.

The little wand on the vibrator was fully inside of Lainey’s ass vibrating at near the top setting now. Lainey’s other hand was between her legs mashing her clitoris as fast as she could. Lainey’s body was supported by her knees and her head now as she arched her back with the massive climax that she was about to unleash. Her memory of the night before was so vivid, and the ease of the group’s sexual dynamic made her yearn for more. Knowing she would have to wait only a few weeks made it even more intense. Abruptly, Lainey’s orgasm swelled and pulsed through her. The vibrator popped out of her vagina and a gush of fluid flowed down her thighs and soaked the sheets where her knees were.

“Fuck!” Lainey yelled. “Oh my god!”

Lainey tipped over in her bed. The mechanical whirring of the vibrator lost to her as it flopped next to her. What was happening to her she wondered. She had never been so sexually awakened before in her life, and then suddenly so much of her life was sex.

“Maybe I have a sexual addiction I was not aware of.” Lainey thought to herself.

Lainey lay in her bed for a few minutes letting the air cool her down and slow her heart rate before getting up and cleaning herself and her bed up. She was feeling pretty good about how her day was going, and she was looking forward to her massage.

Chapter 14

As Lainey drove into her apartment complex she knew she was in trouble. Parked out front was Alex’s car. She had been avoiding his texts and phone calls for the last five days, and she suspected he wasn’t taking her word regarding her excuse the other night. Lainey thought about turning around and driving off, but she figured that she would have to deal with him at some point. Besides, she had already had a massage for the day, and her nails, hair, skin, and makeup were already professional done in the last 48 hours. What else was she going to do she thought?

As Lainey climbed to the top of her stairs, she saw Alex sitting against her front door. He stood up when he noticed her.

“Uh, hi.” Alex said. “You look amazing.”

“Thanks Alex.” Lainey replied. “What are you doing here?”

“Well, you won’t answer your phone or respond to my texts.” Alex said exasperated. “You disappear in the middle of the night. I wake up in the trunk of a car, and some cop is telling me to beat it while you’re giving me some song and dance about a women’s group. Really, Lainey, what the fuck?”

“I’m sorry Alex.” Lainey said apologetically. “I didn’t mean to drag you into this. I was a big misunderstanding, and you really should just forget about it and move on.”

“Move on?” Alex questioned. “Move on? Are you being serious? I had one of the best nights of my life with you, and then the next day it’s all over? That doesn’t make any sense to me.”

“Alex, why don’t you come inside and I’ll get you some tea or something.” Lainey suggested trying to calm Alex down.

“No, not until I get some real answers.” Alex shouted. “Did Jessica do something to you? You look all different now. Like the other women I’ve seen Jessica with.”

“No, Jessica is not to blame for this.” Lainey said firmly. “Do not say anything to her about any of this, ok?”

“Yeah, whatever.” Alex replied.

“I’m being serious Alex.” Lainey said stepping closer to Alex. “What we had was nice, but I just don’t think things are going to work between us now, at least not for a while.”

“What do you mean by that?” Alex muttered.

“Something has come up, and I’m just not interested in dating anyone right now.” Lainey said flatly.

“But, the other night, and the warehouse.” Alex said quizzically. “That was real, what happened was real.”

“Yes, but it is best you forget it happened and just move on.” Lainey said. “You’re a really sweet and nice guy, but I’m not ready for that yet. Do you understand?”

“Yeah, I understand alright.” Alex said hauntingly. “You’re not going to tell me what was going on are you?”

“Alex, nothing is going on, but if there was and I haven’t told you it’s for a good reason.” Lainey explained. “You need to trust me on this.”

“Fine. No big deal.” Alex said as he brushed past Lainey heading for the stairs. “I’ll just take your word for it.”

As Lainey closed the door to her apartment she sat back against the door. Something about Alex’s demeanor was off. Lainey realized that she probably didn’t know Alex as well as she thought. She made a mental note to check in on him in a few days.


As the days rolled by, Lainey settled into a routine of personal maintenance and relaxation. Taking frequent trips to the salons had become second nature to her, and she finally found herself braving the deeper menu selections at these establishments. Mixed between chemical peels, waxes, pluckings, massages, hydration relaxation therapy, and a host of other nonsensically named procedures, Lainey found that she could fulfill most of her day getting pampered, which was just astounding to her. However, as Lainey found out, there was a cost to all the lounging around, and as she stepped on her scale in the bathroom and the number creeped up higher than the previous day for the third day in a row, Lainey realized that she would need to adjust her new found freedom to include a bit of dieting and exercise.

“I guess it’s time to make the gym a more regular thing again.” Lainey thought as she put her gym bag together and headed for the door.

When Lainey walked into the gym she was surprised to not see Alex at the front. She was actually kind of relieved, but something told her that this wasn’t a good sign. Instead, a new girl was scanning IDs, which when Lainey got to her she asked, “Is Alex around?”

“Alex who?” The girl said questioningly.

“You know, the guy who used to work the front desk. Is he with a private lesson?” Lainey explained.

“Oh, that guy.” The girl said. “Yeah, he was let go before they hired me.”

“Really, let go?” Lainey asked. “Do you know why?”

“Um, I started after he left, but I’ve heard a few of the trainers talking about an altercation he had with another trainer here, some girl named Jessica I think.” The girl said.

“Oh my gosh.” Lainey said. “Is she alright?”

“I think so, but I haven’t seen her around in the last few days.” The girl said. “She probably taking some time off.”

Lainey made her way to the locker room and stored her stuff and then headed up to the cardio platform. She spent the next 60 minutes thinking about what the girl had told her.

“Fuck, I hope Jessica is alright.” Lainey thought. “I should give her a call later to make sure.”

After her workout, Lainey sat in the locker room staring at her phone. She texted Jessica asking if she was alright and if there was anything she could do.

A few hours later, after getting no response from her text, Lainey decided to call Jessica, which resulted in going straight to voicemail. Lainey decided to call the gym to see if she was there, but again, no answer when she was transferred to her line. She tried the gym again, but this time asked to speak to another trainer who told her the same thing as the front desk girl.

“So no one has seen Jessica in a few days.” Lainey thought to herself.

Unfortunately, Lainey didn’t know Jessica well enough to know who she hangs out with, and she didn’t know any other numbers to try. She decided that she would visit the local police station in the morning, but later that night Lainey got a text message from Jessica stating that she needed Lainey’s help and an address. Without much thought, Lainey dressed and headed out the door.

The address Jessica had given her wasn’t a complete address. It was just the crossing of two streets in her town. When she arrived it was completely deserted. Lainey tried calling Jessica again, but no answer. There was one other car slowly making its way down the street. Lainey couldn’t see who was in the driver’s seat as it parked in front of her. Lainey got another text from Jessica telling her to come to the car in front of her. A bad feeling started creeping into Lainey’s head. Something was off. Before stepping out of her car, Lainey grabbed the bottle of mace she had stowed in her glovebox. She quickly reread the label on how to use it, and then made her way to the car in front of her being sure to keep a wide distance from it as she approached the driver’s side. As Lainey got closer to the car she realized that there wasn’t anyone in the driver’s seat. Letting down her guard, Lainey leaned in toward the windows to see into the car. As she did so, a reflection of a person behind her in the glass was the last thing she remembered seeing before everything went dark.

Chapter 15

The first thing Lainey remembered as she woke up was feeling cold followed by tightness around her neck. Lainey’s hands shot up to the object around her neck as she frantically looked around the room. On a mattress next to her was another woman fully nude. Lainey’s heart started pounding, and as the sound of blood rushing through her body filled her ears, her hands clasped the metal collar around her neck. Lainey let out a loud scream for help.

“Shhhhh! Shut up!” Jessica said rolling over. “You don’t want him to know you’re awake.”

“Jessica? Is that you?” Lainey asked frantically.

“Yes, it’s me.” Jessica whispered turning back over. “Now shut the fuck up or he’ll come back in here.”

“Who is he?” Lainey asked.

“Alex.” Jessica said curtly.

Lainey’s mind began to reel as she recalled the last conversation she had with Alex. He must have gone to ask Jessica what happened, and when she didn’t give him a good enough answer he must have had the altercation with her.

“How long have you been here?” Lainey asked.

“I’m not fully sure, but maybe two days.” Jessica responded. “What day was it when he got you?”

“Thursday.” Lainey said.

“So, two days at least.” Jessica confirmed.

“How the fuck are you so calm?” Lainey asked.

“Are you kidding, I’m fucking terrified.” Jessica answered. “All he keeps saying is, ‘wait until Lainey gets here’. Like what the fuck for real.”

“I have to pee.” Lainey said.

“There’s a toilet in the corner over there.” Jessica replied nodding with her head. “Also, there’s a shower wand next to it for bathing, just try not to get everything wet when you use it.”

Lainey sat on the toilet and let out a long stream of piss, gave her instant relief. Just then, Alex came into the room. Lainey was relieved that she had completed peeing before he walked in.

“I’m so glad to see you’re awake now.” Alex said with a smile as he walked into the room. “I was beginning to think I used too much chloroform on you, and before you get any bright ideas about escaping you better check with your friend Jessica here to see how that will go first.”

“Passing through the door will set off your collar.” Jessica said casually. “It’ll shock you until you pass out. Trust me, I found out the hard way.”

“Oh, I forgot to mention I added a new feature.” Alex said. “If either of you pass through this door, both of you will be shocked into unconsciousness, and don’t forget I can set off your collars myself.”

“Alex, you have to let me go.” Lainey demanded rushing toward Alex.

“Ah, ah, ah, stay back.” Alex warned moving back a step. “And I will let you go, but not until I get what I want. Now that you’re awake we can begin.”

“Begin what you stupid pervert?” Jessica shouted at Alex.

“I will not tolerate name calling.” Alex said pressing a button on a remote control in his hand. Lainey instantly fell to the floor in agony clutching at the collar around her neck. Her whole body started to spasm.

Terrified, Jessica screamed, “Stop it, stop it, stop it.”

Taking his finger off the button Alex commented, “When one of you fucks up, the other will be punished. Let that be the lesson for today.”

Alex knelt down gently caressed Lainey’s head. Lainey’s ragged breathing was all she could muster after the intense pain she just went through.

“Alex, what do you want from us?” Jessica asked.

“You know, funny you should ask that.” Alex said amusingly as he stood and walked toward Jessica. “I asked both of you for some answers, and neither of you would tell me what I wanted to know. So, I guess now you’ll feel like talking.”

“Alex, I’m going to tell you the truth.” Jessica said firmly. “Lainey and I belong to a sex club. That night Lainey was initiated into the club, but one of the main rules is that she cannot tell anyone, even you.”

“Haha, ok Jessica.” Alex said sarcastically.

“She’s right Alex.” Lainey whispered. “They staged the blackmail to get me to the meeting point, only you weren’t supposed to be with me.”

“Is that why you broke up with me?” Alex asked Lainey. “So you can fuck a bunch of strangers?”

“We were never officially together Alex.” Lainey said slowly. “We had one night together. That doesn’t make us anything.”

“Is that right? Well, I’m going to let you two think about this for a little while, but I’ll be back for the answers I want.” Alex said as he closed the door.

“FUCK!” Jessica screamed. “He doesn’t believe us. What are we going to do now?”

“I don’t know.” Lainey said quietly as tears started rolling down the side of her face.

Lainey managed to crawl next to Jessica on the mattress, and the two quietly sobbed together until Lainey drifted off to sleep.


Lainey wasn’t sure how long she had been asleep or what time it was. The sound of Alex opening the door as he walked in startled her.

“Alex, what do you plan on doing with us?” Lainey asked.

“You know, I hadn’t fully decided, but I figured I would have some fun first.” Alex said smiling.

Alex walked over to Lainey, and instructed her to stand up and move to the opposite wall. Once there, Alex connected a short chain to the back of Lainey’s collar to a metal hoop on the wall. The chain was so short that all Lainey could do was stand there facing the opposite side of the room.

“I want to make sure you see this.” Alex said as he pulled off his shirt and unbuckled his pants.

Lainey looked at Jessica who was frantically trying to move away from Alex, but she froze the second Alex lifted the remote.

“What do you think would happen if I shocked Lainey right now in her position?” Alex asked aloud. “I bet she would pass out and slowly strangle herself on that wall. Now, you wouldn’t want that would you Jessica?”

“Oh, god, no don’t do that.” Jessica whimpered.

“Get on your back and spread your legs you fucking whore.” Alex demanded.

Slowly, Jessica did as requested. With tears running down their faces, the two women looked at each other apologetically. Knowing that one was complying for the sake of the other was heartbreaking. Alex moved between her legs with his hardening cock in his hand. He tentatively traced a finger around Jessica’s vagina, the sensation made her skin dimple with goose bumps. Jessica looked away while Lainey closed her eyes. Fully hard, Alex slapped his cock against the top of Jessica’s mound.

“How do you like that?” Alex asked Jessica.

“Please don’t. I beg you.” Jessica whimpered.

“You think you’re such hot shit, strutting around the gym all the time in those outfits.” Alex said sarcastically. “Lainey told me about the guy you fucked in the training room. I bet you fuck everybody.”

Alex pushed his cock against Jessica’s opening, and while not lubricated, Jessica’s body betrayed her as his cock slowly slid deep into her.

“Oh god that feels good.” Alex moaned.

“You’re a fucking monster!” Lainey screamed.

“Don’t worry. You’ll get your turn.” Alex said over his shoulder.

Alex began pumping away. He had dreamed of this moment for a long time. Jessica was probably the hottest girl he had ever been in the same room with, and now he was fucking her. He couldn’t believe he held off this long with his plan, but having Lainey there to watch him conquer his hottest crush was more exciting than he could have imagined. Alex realized too late that he was completely overstimulated and came inside of Jessica almost immediately.

“Ha, two pump chump!” Jessica yelled out trying to act tougher than she felt.

“Oh, don’t you worry either. I’ll be sure to add more pumps the next time.” Alex said as he pulled his cock out releasing a rush of semen that ran down Jessica’s ass and onto the mattress.

Lainey couldn’t believe what she just saw.

“This can’t be happening.” Lainey thought. “This isn’t real. I’m going to wake up any second now.”

Alex walked over to Lainey and reached down to her crotch and started stroking her. Lainey looked at him defiantly as his fingers penetrated her. She couldn’t believe she had feelings for this man only a week ago. If she only knew what he would turn into she would have killed him, if she only knew.

Chapter 16

As the days past, Lainey realized that Alex was not stupid or crazy, at least not in the typical sense of the word. Seeing the effects of the collars was critical to Alex’s plans Lainey realized, and after a couple of days the fight that was raging so hard in the women slowly ebbed away completely. In a way the three of them settled into a routine that worked. Alex brought them food, but never any clothing. He forced them to keep clean, and provided a TV for them from time to time. The sex was another issue that Lainey tried to block from her memory altogether. Being raped, sometimes multiple times a day, was fucking with Lainey’s head as it was starting to normalize the routine. Lainey discovered that focusing on the ceiling or the bed was the only way to get through it, and she still found herself crying herself to sleep every night. Jessica, however, was completely broken. Her normal attention seeking personality was instantly reprogrammed by Alex, and with each passing day her attitude toward Alex was becoming more affectionate.

In some way, Lainey should have seen what was coming from the beginning of their confinement. Alex had created the perfect system to keep the two women in line, and it was only a matter of time before either of them was crushed by the psychological torture. Escaping was all Lainey could think about, but she no longer trusted Jessica to help her.

“He’s not so bad.” Jessica said one night as the two settled down for bed.

“How can you say that?” Lainey asked in disbelief. “He just finished raping you and me for the second time today.”

“You’re just jealous because he loves me more than you.” Jessica responded in a child-like voice.

“Jessica, he kidnapped us, tortured us, raped us, and is keeping us here against our will.” Lainey said flatly.

“Yeah, but he takes care of us too.” Jessica replied. “He makes sure we’re fed, and clean, and I can tell he’s totally making love to me. I know it, the look in his eye when he sees my tight body spasm under his. He’s totally into me.”

“You’re fucking insane.” Lainey said rolling over.

“You’re just jealous.” Jessica sang out.

That evening Lainey woke up to the motion of the mattress shaking. Alex had snuck into the room and he and Jessica were going at it again. Lainey couldn’t believe how willing Jessica was to fuck Alex all the time. In the dim light Lainey rolled over and peeked at the couple. Alex was slamming his cock into Jessica from behind while she was rubbing her clit with a hand between her legs. As Lainey continued rolling over her face was about a foot away from Jessica who opened her eyes and winked at her. Lainey just rolled her eyes and sat up under the covers to watch.

“No use in trying to sleep through all this motion.” Lainey said aloud.

“Sorry about that.” Alex huffed not slowing down. “We’ll be done in a minute.”

“Oh, god Alex, yes, right there.” Jessica moaned.

As Lainey watched Alex pump away, a part of her felt ashamed at the fact that it wasn’t her being secretly woken up and fucked at night.

“He really does prefer Jessica.” Lainey thought at first followed by, “Why do I even care?”

Lainey realized it was a dangerous slope to have these kinds of thoughts, but still, she could feel herself becoming aroused at the sight of them. It had been so long since Lainey had actually wanted to have sex, to willingly give herself over to the act. Alex had just been taking it from her the last few weeks, but now, for the first time in a long time, Lainey felt the stirrings of something inside of her. Watching Alex and Jessica reminded her of the how all of this got started with Jessica, her perfect body bouncing up and down on Marcus’ huge cock. Lainey’s hand unconsciously drifted down under the sheets and to her crotch. Jessica turned her head the other way and her long black hair fell next to Lainey. Lainey reached out and started stroking her hair gently as her other hand dragged a single finger around the opening of her vagina. Jessica’s body was so beautiful to Lainey, and watching her fuck was hot. Lainey sank her finger inside herself, and the feeling was more pleasing than she could have imagined. A rush of blood flushed her face and made her cheeks feel hot. The need to touch Jessica was becoming overwhelming as Lainey moved from her hair to her head. Alex noticed the movement and instinctively had Jessica turn over on her back. Lainey, not realizing that Alex was aware of the situation, leaned over and started kissing Jessica. Without saying a word, the three fell into a complicit orgy of sexual energy. Alex was shocked to see Lainey so open with her sexual prowess toward Jessica. She had never shown that kind of interest until now, but as Lainey straddled Jessica’s face and slowly started to grind into her mouth he couldn’t believe how turned on he was.

Jessica was more than accommodating as Lainey knew she would be. Jessica’s tongue burrowed deep into Lainey while Jessica’s mouth locked down on her. The feeling was better than anything Alex had given her the past few weeks, but a part of that was due to the fact that Lainey had wanted it this time. Lainey reached up and started squeezing her breasts, while Jessica’s hands were slowly rocking Lainey’s ass back and forth. The two women forgot about Alex who was eagerly pumping away into Jessica. Lainey didn’t care about anyone at that moment, and she double down as her orgasm built. Reaching down with one hand, Lainey grabbed Jessica’s head and began bobbing her mouth into her sopping, wet pussy. Jessica was barely managing to keep her tongue locked out in one position while she tongue fucked Lainey. Lainey’s orgasm, while extremely pleasing, was not in and of itself fully satisfying.

Lainey rolled off of Jessica, who was thoroughly turned on now, and settled back into the bed to watch Alex finish off Jessica. As Jessica reached down to resume rubbing her clitoris, it became immediately apparent that Alex had a renewed interest in Lainey, which deeply worried Jessica. Forgetting her own climax, Jessica turned around and began sucking Alex’s cock with a ferocity the likes of which Lainey had never seen. Alex, as well, was taken completely by surprise. Neither of the women had willingly given him a blow job like this since he enslaved them, but he was not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. Gently holding Jessica’s head, Alex felt the swelling of his balls as he climaxed into her mouth dumping a large load of his semen down her throat. Jessica finished sucking every drop from Alex who fell back spent. Jessica looked back at Lainey as if to say, “See, he’s mine.”

Lainey just smiled at her and said, “You know this isn’t a competition right?”

“Good, because he’s mine.” Jessica replied. “And you’re welcome by the way.”

Alex sat watching the two women stare at each other a little light headed from being drained so efficiently by Jessica.

“You’re right, thank you for that.” Lainey responded turning her gaze toward Alex. “I think it’s time you leave now Alex.”

Caught off-guard by the situation, Alex stumbled back and stood up and walked out muttering his thanks to the women as they resumed staring at each other.

“What’s your problem?” Lainey asked Jessica.

“My problem is you.” Jessica said. “You always act like you’re little Miss Princess. Always trying to shame us girls who like sex.”

“I don’t shame you.” Lainey said pleadingly.

“Oh please!” Jessica chortled. “I know you look down on me for fucking those guys, but I remember how you were at the club. You were so eager to get as many cocks into you as possible. Rachel told me about you and Joel and Kevin. Don’t act so surprise.”

“Well, that was different.” Lainey said. “It wasn’t really like I had a lot of choice.”

“Choice! Choice?” Jessica exclaimed. “You chose to fuck those dudes. You chose to have them cum on your face and tits. You chose for me to eat your pussy.”

“I, just…I don’t…It’s not…” Lainey began only to scream out, “You’re just so fucking beautiful!”

Taken aback by the volume with which Lainey delivered her compliment, Jessica sat back on her heels blinking at Lainey.

“You’re just so perfect looking to me.” Lainey confessed. “You’re whole being turns me on, and I don’t want to be frightened by the thought of you rejecting me.”

“Lainey, I would never reject you.” Jessica said moving next to Lainey. “You’re so beautiful too, and I think any woman would agree with me.”

Staring into each other’s faces, Lainey leaned toward Jessica, and Jessica’s lips met Lainey’s in the middle. The two women started passionately kissing one another. The kiss between them cemented their feelings, and as the intensity of the kiss grew the two women intertwined their bodies on the bed. The last time Lainey and Jessica had been together it had been a competition of sorts, but this time the stress of their situation and the long weeks of isolation fused a deeper bond than either of them could have imagined possible.

Lainey slide down between Jessica’s legs, and slowly started tracing circles around the outside of her wet pussy with her tongue. Jessica arched her back and pulled Lainey’s head into her. Her unfinished frustration was rapidly coming back in full force now. Jessica didn’t realize how on edge she had been prior to Lainey’s intrusion on her session with Alex. The feeling of Lainey’s tongue was amazing; however, and she quickly found the rhythm needed to get back in the groove. Lainey could sense Jessica’s urgency, but something about the moment told her to take things slowly. Lainey continued to lick Jessica, but she was moving her tongue in long, slow strokes up and down the full length of her. As Lainey’s tongue reached the bottom she gently allowed it to drift down to that space between Jessica’s vagina and asshole. The sensation was too much for Jessica as she lifted Lainey’s head back up. Lainey was surprised to see how wet Jessica was getting. She could see fluid pouring out of her as her vagina contracted. Lainey brought up a finger to insert into Jessica as she moved her mouth to her clitoris. Jessica felt the start to her ending at this point. Lainey’s slow, methodical motions were helping Jessica build to the most intense orgasm she had ever had. Lainey gently began pumping two fingers into Jessica while still locked on her clit.

“Oh shit, oh shit.” Jessica whispered. “Don’t stop.”

Lainey, unperturbed by Jessica’s comments, continued at the same pace and force as before. She knew what it would take to get Jessica off, and she was determined not to rush it. Ever so slowly, Jessica’s orgasm climbed the mountain that Lainey was rhythmically drumming into her. Lainey’s tongue was massaging and caressing all around Jessica’s pussy, and the amount of fluid flowing down between her legs was starting to soak the mattress. Lainey’s fingers continued pushing and twisting at the same pace, while Jessica bucked into them, begging them to go faster. Finally, Jessica, with outstretched arms gripping the mattress with all of her strength, clamped down on Lainey’s head with her thighs as her whole body shuttered. Knowing better, Lainey continued as best she could to stimulate Jessica with her fingers and tongue, pushing through Jessica’s orgasmic spasms.

“Ohhhhh mmmmyyyyy ggggooooodddd!” Jessica screamed as a gush of fluid trickled out of her.

Lainey finally relented, and Jessica’s legs went slack allowing Lainey sit back. Looking down at Jessica, Lainey couldn’t believe how lucky she was to be with a woman so beautiful. She loved Jessica. She would do anything for her she realized.

“I love you.” Lainey said quietly.

Startled by Lainey’s confession, Jessica opened her eyes and looked at Lainey.

“I love you too.” Jessica replied as she pulled Lainey up next to her kissing her deeply.

The two women, in the midst of their captivity, or perhaps because of it, had found something to share with one another. Lainey slept better that night than any night before, and it reignited within her the desire to escape. She only hoped that she would be able to take Jessica with her.


Grunting as his orgasm deposited a spurt of semen on the floor, Alex couldn’t believe what he was seeing on the monitor. He had never expected the women to be so sexually accommodating when he first captured them, but seeing them so willing to fuck each other changed his original plans he had for them drastically.

Chapter 17

Alex was amazed at the change that came over the women the next few days. He had fucked them both at the same time before, but he found that he no longer needed to provide “motivation” in order to get them to cooperate. In fact, they were now more willing than ever to fuck him, and he was all for it.

As Alex lay on the mattress with Lainey squatting on his face while Jessica bounced up and down on his cock, he couldn’t believe how wonderful his deranged plan had worked out for him. Of course, Lainey and Jessica seemed to be more interested in each other than him, but they were draining him dry every day with gusto. Alex’s tongue darted up into Lainey’s ass as she let out a soft moan while squeezing one of her tits. Jessica leaned forward and kissed Lainey on the lips leaving a trail of saliva between their outstretched tongues. Lainey had finally come around to the idea of fucking Alex, but only because Jessica asked her to. She realized that there wasn’t much else to do being locked up all day, and as long as Alex was satisfied he was happy to give the girls some freedoms. However, despite all of that, Lainey did enjoy the enthusiasm Alex showed when fucking them, and he wasn’t that bad to look at if she was being honest with herself. The icing on the cake; however, was seeing Jessica cum over and over again.

“Fuck me!” Jessica groaned slamming her pussy down on Alex’s throbbing cock.

Jessica didn’t care about anything anymore she realized. She only wanted to be with Lainey and Alex now. They made her feel good, safe, and loved, which was all she ever wanted. She knew Lainey didn’t feel the same about Alex, but she figured she could help her come around to her way of thinking if Alex just stopped trying to be so forceful with her. The last few days had been wonderful Jessica thought, and now the three of them were starting to “come” together in more ways than one. Jessica reached out and squeezed Lainey’s other tit while rubbing her clit with her free hand, the build up to her climax just getting started. Jessica never fucked so much in her life, and she was amazed at how turned on she was all the time now. In a way, the collar she wore signified the love she shared with them both, and it was a symbol of pride she felt to wear it. Jessica was looking forward to the afternoon. Alex told her that if she was a good girl she would be allowed to leave the room for a while. This had never happened, and she was working extra hard at being good for Alex.

Lainey watched Jessica. She had come to love this woman like no other, and she was imagining it was Jessica’s tongue lapping at her asshole now and not Alex’s. Lainey closed her eyes and let the image build her up. She could feel her wetness running down her thighs as she slowly bobbed up and down. The warm, wet muscle was flicking back and forth inside her with such gentleness that Lainey couldn’t help but let out a soft groan of pleasure.

Alex wasn’t sure he was going to be able to hold out much longer as the excitement of the two women was more than he could handle. The downside of having two hot women willing to fuck you whenever he wanted was that he tended to cum way too early. It typically resulted in him fucking them multiple times a day, but he was jealous of how often the women were able to cum together. Jessica popped off Alex’s cock and pulled it into her mouth licking it clean of her wetness. Lainey opened her eyes and watched as Jessica jacked Alex off with her mouth and hand. She was being extra eager today Lainey thought, but wasn’t able to make out much beyond that as Alex’s tongue buried itself right into her asshole. The sensation of having her ass eaten out was too much for Lainey and she toppled forward bumping Jessica off of Alex’s cock. Lainey looked back at Alex and he just apologized and moved out from under her. The two women were now on their knees staring straight at Alex’s hard member. Taking turns the two women slowly began sucking him off. Alex loved a good blow job, but this was too much.

“Blow your load on our tits.” Jessica cooed squeezing her boobs up under her hands.

“Yes, please.” Lainey echoed.

Alex reached down and started jacking his cock as fast as he could. Within a minute he was shooting his semen across both women. When he finished, Alex sat down and watched as the two women started making out some more and rubbing his semen all over each other. He wasn’t sure what to make of them, but he was glad they were his.

“Are you all done now baby?” Jessica asked Alex. “Because we didn’t get to finish.”

“Well, I’ll need a minute if I’m to get going again.” Alex admitted. “Unless there’s something you two can do to help.”

The two women looked at each other then smiled at him. They positioned themselves on their backs, spread eagle with their legs intertwined in front of him. Alex could see straight into each of the girl’s gaping holes. Excited by the prospect, Alex got on his knees and leaned down licking each of the two girls. Laughing together, the girls started masturbating for him. They took turns rubbing each other while he watched in awe. Without realizing, Alex’s cock started to perk up, and before too long he was harder than before.

“Now that’s more like it.” Lainey said staring at Alex’s cock. “Why don’t you finish off Jessica now?”

Alex moved between Jessica’s legs and slid his cock into her. Jessica let out a soft moan as his member filled her up. She was already edging a climax so she wasn’t expecting him to be in her too long. Lainey leaned down next to Jessica and rubbed her clitoris while Alex pumped away. As Jessica’s climax mounted she turned and started kissing Lainey again.

“Sit on my face.” Jessica whispered to Lainey.

Without hesitation, Lainey mounted Jessica’s face, but kept her pussy just high enough so Jessica had to stretch out her tongue to reach it. Once her tongue made contact Lainey sat down and Jessica’s tongue bore deep into her. The taste of Lainey sent Jessica over the edge and she started shaking as or orgasm spiked through her. Alex continued pumping for a minute before easing off and pulling out of her, his hard cock dripping from Jessica. Lainey turned and saw Alex’s cock and leaned down to take it in her mouth. She loved the taste of Jessica’s cum and Jessica was nice enough to continue eating her out while she sucked Alex’s cock.

Finally, Lainey was ready to get fucked. She turned around again, and presented her ass to Alex who eagerly inserted his cock into her.

“Fuck me hard!” Lainey demanded.

“Oh I’ll fuck you hard alright!” Alex replied.

Jessica moved behind Alex and caressed his back and ass while he pounded Lainey into the mattress. As Alex continued to thrust into Lainey, Jessica moved her hand down between Alex’s ass cheeks and pressed a finger against his asshole. The feeling shocked Alex a little as he stumbled in his motion. Jessica pulled her finger back up and lubed it with her saliva and reached back down and inserted into Alex this time. He instantly clenched his cheeks together.

“Just relax and take it baby.” Jessica whispered in his ear.

Lainey, unsure of the situation going on behind her, pushed back against Alex’s cock. She wanted to be pounded and this wasn’t getting the job done.

Alex relaxed at Jessica’s instructions and slowly began pushing his cock into Lainey. Picking up the rhythm again, Alex could feel Jessica’s finger gently probing inside of him. Eventually, the tightness feeling drifted away, and Alex felt the most intense pleasure of his life start to well up inside of him.

“I said fucking pound my pussy Alex!” Lainey screamed.

Alex jumped at the volume of Lainey’s demand; however, he was no longer in control. As Jessica pushed and pulled her finger Alex was forced to match pace with it. Jessica found herself puppeteering Alex into Lainey and the feeling of power that came with that was incredible. On Lainey’s command, Jessica started ramming her finger into Alex who in turn slammed into Lainey. The pleasure of this was too much for Alex; however, and he let out a load moan. Jessica knew her time was short so she worked her finger as fast as possible.

“That’s it Alex, faster.” Lainey demanded.

Alex’s asshole was starting to gape open, and Jessica found herself rubbing up against him in all the excitement. Finally, Lainey let out a deep moan signifying the start of her orgasm. She reached down and rubbed her clit with ferocity, and Jessica pushed deeper into Alex stroking his prostate. Alex had never cum so hard in his life. The semen that was left in his body after cumming earlier shot out of him harder than any before. Lainey felt Alex’s warm cum explode into her and her own orgasm tripped over the edge as well. Lainey fell forward as the waves of her climax ebbed away. Jessica slowly pulled her finger out of Alex’s ass and walked to the sink to wash her hands. Alex crumpled over completely spent breathing heavily. Jessica walked back over and curled up next to Alex.

“So, was I a good girl today?” Jessica asked.

“Oh, you were the best.” Alex said between breaths.

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