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Is this what you wanted?

Hot wife’s first time being used by another man.
Is this what you wanted?

It started with a birthday present for your husband. He wanted to see you with another man. You weren’t sure that is something you wanted to do. You weren’t sure if you were comfortable crossing that line yet, if ever. So you came up with an idea(alternative). You would ask guys online to create tributes for you. It was a similar idea, with the safety of being online only and a fun present for your husband, to see how many guys would cum on your picture. You started thinking about how he would react to other men cuming all over your picture. Just how many men would join in?

You got a few, some gave you a hard time about the photo not being nude but most were happy to send a cum tribute and move on. Then a message came in asking a dangerous question.

“What do you want?” he asked.

They had talked about her husband’s kink (and) they had talked about his. He wanted to know more about what she wanted. During their conversation that day she had come to realize she liked the humiliation of a man cumming on her face. He suggested she might like to be blindfolded and restrained. She was unsure so she asked, this “? what would you do if you walked into a room and I was there blindfolded and restrained”

He responded, “Do you want me to come there and show you?”

You hesitated, your fingers paused over your phone for what seemed like an eternity. When you finally snapped out of it you gave him your address, a safeword and told him you would be waiting.

Your body flooded with excitement, your panties were already wet from everything else now they were soaked anew. You went and unlocked the door and then contemplated how you were going to pull this off. After stripping down you went into your husband’s closet and grabbed an old necktie and a belt. It was a bit tricky but you got the belt wound around your hands and the necktie around your head. It worked pretty well. You couldn’t see much through the dark tie.

All set and positioned face up with your hands behind your head you waited. The cool air in the room started to make you have goosebumps and your nipple erect as you lay there waiting second guessing yourself. Your arms are starting to get numb and ache when you hear the door open your pussy throbs in anticipation.

You call out, there is no reply.

He walks to the bed and you hear him put something down at the foot of the bed. You feel your weight in the bed shift as he gets on it. Then feel his slight rough fingertips as gently caresses up your arms, stopping briefly to gently tighten the belt. He continues the caress down your arms, his hands converge at your neck he is just barely brushes your neck and shoulders with the tips of his nails. You feel yourself begin to get wet and throb as his hands travel between your breasts barely brushing them but even that is enough to make you shiver and squirm.

He continues to make his way down your body his hands diverging again at your hips. He move them from outer thigh to inner thigh, you can feel his nails hard against the sensitive thigh, you imagine he is leaving little lines across your thighs. You squirm as he comes near your pussy, but doesn’t touch it. You let out a pouty sigh as his hands continue to travel down your legs.

He says nothing.

His shifts on the bed again, you feel his face start to kiss your legs and your pussy throbs in anticipation of his mouth. He moves up to your thighs gently kissing up. He stops near your pussy and you can feel his breath, against it and the tickle of beard hair. His hands still caressing your hips. Your pussy is dripping at this point. He gently nibbles on your inner thigh, the sensation cause you to clench writhe on the bed, your pussy begins to throb faster.

He says nothing.

He moves up your body continuing to caress and kiss you all the way up to your neck. He stops you feel his beard hair rough against your skin, then he again gently bites your. Again the unexpected pain and causes you to tense a writhe on the bed you can feel the orgasm building. He ease up and you feel his hands find your nipple where he begins to tease and swirl his fingers around them making them harder. For the first time you wish your hands were free so that you could rub your pussy, you are so close if only he would touch it for you.

He says nothing.

And then he is gone. You feel his weight leave the bed. Some rummaging the clink of chain maybe. And then without preamble pain on one nipple then the other, a metal chain falls below your breast. And you buck in pain and pleasure you are so close and then he gives a light tug on the chain and that is enough to send you over the edge. You scream and as the pleasure washes over you.

He says nothing.

When you regain your composure you realize you no longer feel him on the bed. You straighten yourself out and feel the wet spot you have made under you. Before you hear a rustle and smell leather. You feel tendril light brush up and down your chest and thighs. You wonder what is in store for you now a few moments of teasing with what you have decided is a whip. And again he withdraws.

He says nothing.

Your feel his arms under you the fabric of his slightly rough against your sensitive flesh. And you come to the realization he hasn’t taken his clothes off yet. You don’t have time to dwell on that fact as he guides you to a kneeling position. Your ass in the air and your face against the sheets. The chain on the nipple clamps slightly tugging on your nipples.

He says nothing.

Again the tease of the whip you feel the leather brush against your back. The throbbing that had not quite subsided intensifies in anticipation. There is a moment where there is nothing but the cool air of the room on your vulnerable ass. Crack. The thongs of the whip hit your ass and pain and pleasure blossom through you nearly losing your balance you cry out in surprise . The hit wasn’t hard enough to raise a welt but hard to know that you’re going to feel it when you sit down. Again there is a crack and pleasure and pain continue to blossom as the assault on your bare ass continues and every jolt drags the chain on your nipples. For a few minutes before you again your scream out and convulse in pleasure. Again he withdraws.

He says nothing.

You hear rustling and a slurping noise of a bottle being squeezed. You ask What was that, you get no reply. He straightens you back up your now red ass up again, as he does you realize there is no fabric this time. When did he…. He drags his fingers along your pussy up to your the entrance to your ass which massage for a moment. You begin to ask what before a cold liquid sensation and something cold and metal is pressed against your ass. You cry out a bit and ask him what he is doing.

He says nothing.

The pressure gently increase at first you resist but then as part begins to slip in he withdraws it for a moment to help you get used to the sensation silently waiting for permission to continue or the safeword to stop. You hover for a moment and then turn your head to him and nod. Your still throbbing and need to be satisfied again.

He pushes the plug slowly in adding more lube when need an after a minute the plug is in. And you clench your muscles around the unforgiving metal. The pain and pleasure wash over you every time you clench. You have almost forgotten that he is there with you until feel him slip between your legs his beard tickles your sensitive skin. Then his tongue finds your clit. And it is almost more than you can handle your squeeze your hips against his head riding his face as he alternates the swirl of his tongue with sucking of your lips. You drench his face in your cum as he continues his to eat your pussy.

Your sag down on top of him and he stops gently pulling himself from from your crotch and guiding you to lay on your back. You pant from the intensity of it all the cool air causing the sweat on your skin to tingle. And still the unforgiving metal of the but plug insistent and unable to be ignored. Then you feel the tip of his cock against your clit. He rubs his cock against your opening and again you feel this pleasure build. He continues to rub mixing his precum in with yours and again the throbbing builds . You can take it anymore, you beg it is barely above whisper. “Please?” he cock pushes into your tight pussy, and you feel the fullness from having the butt plug and his cock. Your muscles clench around both sending you over the edge once again.

He gives you a moment before continuing to thrust. He begins slow but as he picks up the pace he pulls your legs up you feel the hair from his chest and beard on his smooth legs. He begins to thrust again at this angle his penetration is shallow but his cock continuously rubs against your clit. As he picks up the pace he pitches you forward penetrating deeper. The throbbing climaxes again but after a moment he withdraws. You hear a heavy intake of breath and you feel warm ropes of cum cover your stomach and tits. The warm cum feels good against your cool skin.

He says nothing as you hear rustling. He moves again toward you guiding you to your side and you feel the pressure decrease as the plug slides out with a slight pop. Relief and ache fill you, next he removes the clamps from your nipple you had almost forgotten about those. You think to yourself I am going to feel them for the next week.

He undoes the belt at your wrists and you feel that tingly sensation as the feeling returns. He leaves the blindfold on. He kisses your forehead the smell of you thick on his beard you lean up to kiss him but he is gone. The door shuts and he is gone.

You lay for a moment sweaty and covered in cum confused and alone shivering against the cool air.


You remove the blindfold and check your phone. You notice an item lying next to your phone, a red bejeweld butt plug. You look at your phone, a message from him.

“I left you some mementos.”

Some mementos you think and quickly flip over to your photos to find pictures of you, in the various positions, two that catch your eye. Your red ass up in the air, pale still in comparison to the heart shaped ruby between your cheeks. The other is the final picture of you lying there panting covered in his cum.


“Is this what you wanted?”

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