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Husband/Wife Poker Night

Conservative wife lets card game get out of control and loves it
Husband/Wife Poker Night

The ballroom was a lot noisier then I had thought it would be. There was a DJ spinning dance tunes and the floor was crowded with bodies. Colored lights flashed rhythmically with the beat. It was a bit surrealistic. Tim took my hand and led me to the bar, there were three seats open so we sat down.

I couldn’t believe I was bold enough to go out braless; it made me feel so naughty! The silhouette of my nipples was faintly visible through my white tank top for everyone to see. I even noticed the bartender checking me out. I felt a little self-conscious, yet it kind of turned me on to know that he was looking at me like that.

After we had ordered our drinks, Tim excused himself to the mens’ room. It wasn’t more than a minute before a handsome young man sat down on the empty stool next to me. “Tonya?”, he asked. “No,” I replied “You are mistaking me for someone else.” “That’s too bad” he said, “I was hoping that you were my date tonight.” “I’m sorry, how rude of me, I didn’t even introduce myself, my name is Kurt.” I looked into his eyes; he seemed really sincere. He was extremely handsome. I thought that he would make some girl very lucky. “I guess my date blew me off, do you mind if I sit here and have drink with you?” “No I don’t mind,” I replied, “that would be fine.”

He had brown eyes, dark hair, dark skin, and a very muscular body; he was a very attractive young man. Tim still hadn’t returned from the men’s room, it had been quite a while. There was something interesting about Kurt, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. He seemed nice enough, he oozed of self-confidence, and her certainly wasn’t shy. His drink came and he sipped it slowly. He turned toward me and put his hand on my knee, “Will you be my date tonight?” I blushed a little, “No I can’t, I’m with someone, but I’m very flattered!” “He must be very lucky to be with someone as beautiful as you.” He replied, squeezing my thigh for emphases. I could feel the warmth of his hand through my silky black thigh-high stocking. He had my undivided attention.

As Tim returned from the bathroom he was surprised to see what was happening. Kurt’s hand, most of it covered by my short black skirt, was still on my leg. I was leaning toward him far enough for him to see down into my tank top. I was showing him a little cleavage. As Tim approached he removed his hand and stood up. “Hi, I’m Kurt,” he introduced, “I’ve mistaken your girlfriend for someone I was supposed to meet.” As he gestured towards Tim, he put his arm around my shoulder and squeezed me towards him, as if we were intimate old pals. “I was supposed to meet a blind date here an hour ago, and when I saw your girlfriend, I came over right away hoping it was her. My disappointment. If you don’t mind, I took the liberty of ordering us all a round of tequila.” He paused….. “ If you would like to be alone though, you can keep the drinks and I’ll be on my way.” What could Tim say? Kurt was very gentlemanly, and he was nice enough to order us drinks. “No, stay,” Tim responded, although I could tell that he wasn’t really interested in his company. Kurt looked at me for acceptance, and smiled when I nodded affirmatively. He then raised his shot glass in the air, “ To a very sexy lady!” he toasted. “To a very sexy lady!” Tim agreed.

We chatted and chatted and the shots kept coming. At first I was a bit leery of his motives, but I soon found myself really liking this guy. I found myself flirting with him, and felt comfortable doing it.

Tim was finally loose enough to dance, so at the first song that he cold move to, I whisked him off to the dance floor. The floor was crowded, and there were bodies rubbing everywhere. We boogied and bopped, shimmied and shook to three songs in a row. Tim was starting to sweat, and needed a rest so he decided to sit back down. Reluctantly I followed. When we got back to the bar, there was another round of shots waiting for us.

“You guys looked good out there,” Kurt commented. As I sipped your shot, I swayed back and forth to the rhythm blaring from the speakers. “You really like to dance,” Kurt noted. “I’d still be out there if someone would dance with me,” I said suggestively. Kurt looked at Tim, “Do you mind?” “Not at all,” he replied. The shots were kicking in, the music was loud and the lights flashed wildly. The atmosphere really enhanced the buzz that we were getting. The whole scene didn’t seem real. The dance floor was more crowded now than before, but we managed to find a spot, and started to swing with the music. I was feeling pretty well loose, and into the music.

The crowd seemed to fade away, and I found myself in a private little scene. I danced seductively around Kurt, shaking and thrusting to the music, wiggling my boobs for him as if to say “look at me, you want me don’t you?” He did look. He smiled. He must have liked what he saw. The more he acknowledge me, the sexier I danced, it was starting to make me hot. I knew that Tim was watching so I made sure that I put on a good show. I was trying to make him jealous, knowing that he would eventually be the one to satisfy my. I was putting on such a hot show it actually crossed my mind to pull Kurts pants down right there on the dance floor. But, I could never be so bold. By the look on his face, Kurt was loving every minute of it.

After just two songs the DJ decided to play some slow music, I thought to go back to the bar, but decided to stayed and dance a slow one. I snuggled in closely to Kurt, pressing both of my boobs firmly against his chest. He pulled me tightly against him, and pressed his groin against mine. I could feel the bulge in his pants against my pubic area. It felt big, it felt good, real good! I ground my hips back at him, hoping to excite him, hoping to make his big bulge grow even bigger. His hand slid down my back slowly towards my ass; but I quickly grabbed it and repositioned it at my waist. “Slow down big boy!” I whispered, fearing that I may have gone to far. He pulled me even closer and tighter, and ground his bulge firmly into my groin. I could feel him nestled right where I like it most. He kept it up until I purred like a kitten. He was being the tease now.

He must have sensed a change in my attitude because his hand started to slide down my back again. This time I did not try to stop it. His hand slid down slowly over my buttock, past the hem of my skirt and onto my stocking. He paused for only a brief moment, before he moved it up under my skirt, past the top of my stocking, and under the leg-band of my panties.

I purred wickedly into his ear, “You’re a bad boy!” And then, with my bare ass cheek firmly in his hand, he pulled my pelvis into his and whispered into my ear, “and you’re a bad little girl!”

My heart began to race; I was trembling. He ground his body seductively against mine. I closed my eyes and focused on the tingling sensation that reached from my toes all the way up to my crotch. I unconsciously rocked my pelvis in positive opposition to his movements, getting the most out of his every grind. I could feel the bulge in his pants getting harder, I moved my hips and stood up on my toes until it was nestled right where I wanted it to be. His hardness was lodged directly in the soft spot of my panties, massaging my labia with every movement. It felt wonderful!

After the dance we returned to the table, my face felt red and flushed. “Enjoy the dance?” Tim asked. I simply smiled at him; enough said. Kurt leaned in close to us and said “I have a little bit of weed, would you guys like to go someplace and smoke it?” Before I could utter a word, Tim blurted, “We have a room upstairs, we can go up there!” “Oh great,” I thought, thinking about how horny I get when I smoke. Tim is going to be one lucky man when Kurt leaves.

There was a deck of cards on the table, so while we were smoking, Kurt dealt a couple of hands of poker. The weed really enhanced the buzz that we already had, we were all pretty wasted. “Let’s make this poker game more interesting,” said Kurt. Tim reached for his wallet to get some cash. “No, no that’s not what I mean; I mean, let’s make it really interesting.” Tim looked at me for some kind of response, hoping that I would not be agreeable. “What the hell!!” I blurted. “But only if I can count my jewelry.”

I figured that I’d play until it got a little risky, and then quit. “No problem,” he said “I’m game. Here are the rules, the winner of the hand gets to chose who will take off some clothing.” “Oh, that doesn’t seem very fair to me,” I retorted. “I’ll make sure it’s fair to you,” he replied. “Okay, let’s play,” I said. I was astounded that I had actually agreed to play.

It didn’t take long for me to lose my shoes and my jewelry. I’m a pretty lousy poker player. I was left with my tank-top, skirt, stockings and panties. Tim won the next hand, and in fairness to me asked Kurt to remove something. He readily obliged by removed his shirt and exposing his masculine chest. I couldn’t help but notice his muscular body. He was young, only in his early twenties, and was solid hunk of man.

Kurt won the next hand and called on me to remove something. I thought hard about what to remove next, and finally chose to take off my skirt, knowing that I’d still be covered by my panties. I stood up, faced towards Kurt, and slowly and seductively slid my skirt down my thighs; when my skirt reached my knees, I turned around and bent over in his face, showing him my ass. I spread my legs so that I could watch his reaction. He was mesmerized by my beautiful little body. I certainly was enjoying the tease now. It took a moment for the game to get going again. Kurt spoke up, “ Let’s raise the ante even higher, from now on the winner gets to remove the clothing off of the person he picks on.”

“Wait a minute!” I reacted. “You mean that if you win, you get to take my clothes off of me?”

“Yup”, he said proudly.

“You couldn’t handle it!” I challenged, hoping that he’d take the challenge.

“We’ll see who can’t handle what!” He retorted confidently.

“We’ll see!” I bantered, “Deal the cards.”

Tim won the next hand, and suddenly I got nervous. Reluctantly I got up and stood in front of him. “I’ll tell you what, I’ll trade you a kiss instead.” He offered.

I gave him a quick peck on the lips and tried to sit back down.

“No dice” Tim said, “That’s not good enough, from now-on each winning hand gets 15 seconds before the next hand is dealt.”

To appease him I sat down Indian style in his lap and pressed my lips to his, treating him to the hottest kiss that he could remember. My tongue slid slowly between his pursed lips, probing deeper and deeper with each stroke. After the 15 seconds, I stopped, looked into his eyes, looked down at his crotch and asked wickedly,

“Did that do anything for you?”

“Whew!” was all that Tim could say.

By the time we stopped, the next hand was already dealt. Kurt wanted to move the game along. I quickly won the hand, and looked over each of them. Which one of us would I choose? I made eye contact with Kurt, smiled, and then motioned for Tim to come close.

I used most of my 15 seconds to loosen Tim’s belt, open his fly, lower his zipper and drop his pants to his ankles. Tim was still a little excited from that hot kiss. I reached into his shorts and started to stroke his semi-erect rod. I could feel it growing in my hand. It felt so good, Tim was hoping I wouldn’t stop, but time ran out, and I immediately sat back to play the next hand, which I promptly won again.

“It’s your turn!” I barked at Kurt.

He got up slowly and stood at arms length from me. I reached out, grabbed the waist of his pants, and pulled him to within inches of my face.

“Don’t be shy” I said coyly, “I don’t bite!”

I quickly unbuttoned his fly, lowered his zipper and pulled his pants to the floor, exposing a tight black pair of bikini briefs, which did very little to hide the enormous package behind them. I slipped my hand into his shorts, just like I had done to Tim.

“Wow!” I breathed quietly, realizing the relative enormity of his tool.

I looked up into his eyes as I gently stroked it. I wanted to tell him what a great cock he had, but time ran out before I could work up the courage. I moved back to my spot and silently dealt the next hand. We all quietly waited to see what would happen next.

Kurt won the next hand easily. I tried hard not to make eye contact with him. I thought that this would be the end of the game. I had certainly teased him long enough, and I figured that this foolish game would surely get me into a situation if it were to continue.

When I finally made eye contact, he simply nodded acknowledgment. I knew what he wanted. I swallowed hard, stood up and went to him. Tim was shocked, never expecting me to succumb to his wishes.

“Kneel down!” He ordered

I obeyed.

He put his hands on my shoulders. I trembled at his touch.

“Turn around.” He said as he twisted me so that I was facing Tim.

He gently pulled my hair back behind my shoulder and brushed my neck purposely. His touch caused me to shiver. I closed my eyes so that I didn’t have to look at Tim. Kurt’s hands slid off my shoulders and slowly down the center of my back. I arched slightly away from his touch, when I did, my chest pushed proudly outward. Tim could see the silhouette of my big, dark nipples poking at my thin tank top. Kurt’s hands slid down to the small of my back, and the slowly around to the front. He grasped the seam of my top in both hands and started to slowly raised it upward. As his hands moved closer to my boobs, I started to breath heavily, as my chest heaved, my breasts stretched the tight material of my top.

He pulled my top up over my shoulders, uncovering my perky breasts and my big brown nipples. He moved his hands back to my bare waist and started to slowly moved them up my body. My nipples stiffened with anticipation. I couldn’t believe that Tim was just sitting there watching this guy touch me like that. Tim wanted to stop him, but at the same time I could tell that he was enjoying the show.

Tim sat frozen as Kurt’s hands reached my breasts. He gently cupped them in his big hands, keeping them out of Tim’s sight. He was giving Tim a show, and he had his full attention. Tim watched closely as his fingers parted and my nipples poked out between them. All of the hair on my body was now standing on end, and my swollen nipples were the size of a pinky finger. I couldn’t hide my arousal.

He slowly closed his fingers back together, pinching my nipples between them. I took a sharp breath and held it. He squeezed harder and harder, knowing that it was sending shock waves through my body.

“Ahhhhhhh!” I finally exhaled when the burning sensation reached my pubic area.

Kurt grinned triumphantly.

“Whew!” I breathed as he moved back to deal, trying to gain my composure.

Kurt won the next hand.

“Shit!” I thought, “there go the stockings.”

But he surprised everyone. “I’ll take a kiss instead.”

I were relieved that he wasn’t going to make me strip any further. To show my appreciation, I got right up, sat in his lap, put both hands around his neck, pulled him towards me and rewarded him by planting my lips firmly against his. I pressed my boobs against his bare chest and positioned myself so that his bulge was pressed snugly against my panties. It felt just like the dance, only better, and it was my turn to tease.

He was trying to take over control of the moment by pushing his tongue into my mouth. I teased him even more by keeping my lips tightly pursed, not allowing him to have his way. I was trying to give him the impression that I was a good girl, and couldn’t be had so easily. But, he could feel the heat coming from my panties. He knew that I was getting hot.

He persistently worked his tongue back and forth across my lips, knowing that I couldn’t keep them pursed much longer. They opened slightly as I relinquished my control over the situation. He slowly and rhythmically slid his tongue in and out of my mouth, pushing just a little farther with every stroke. My head began to reel. He was violating my mouth with his tongue. I responded by rubbing my panties on his bulge in unison with his tongue darting in and out.

My 15 seconds went by quickly. As our lips released, I exhaled loudly and sat back Indian style on the floor. My face was flushed and I was breathing heavily. I were trying to look nonchalant about the game, but it wasn’t working. My nipples were stilled puckered with excitement, and when I leaned back, I noticed that my panties were soaked through.

Tim stared at my wet panties. He couldn’t believe that he had just watched his innocent little wife eagerly go to a black skinned stranger with nothing on but a thin pair of panties, sit in his lap, and let him french kiss her while she rubbed her panties on his huge bulge. Tim gazed at my soaked panties clinging tightly to my swollen lips, highlighting the opening to my vagina. His cock stiffened. He knew what I wanted.

Tim won the next hand; the possibilities of what could happen raced through my head……… Was the game finally coming to an end?

Would it continue?

Would Kurt be excluded?

To ensure that it would continue, I began to get up and move towards Tim as if that was the only option.

“Stay there.” Tim ordered.

I sat back in my spot, cross-legged. Tim was in control now and he realized that it was time for to face the inevitable. He could clearly see what was happening between Kurt and I, and decided that he might as well be a part of it.

I was still sitting cross-legged when he sat down behind me and spun me so that I was facing Kurt. Kurt looked at me, and I at him. When our eyes met we both smiled. Tim put his hands around my waist and held me tightly.

“You’ve been flirting with Kurt all night long, haven’t you?” I conceded my guilt with an affirmative nod.

“Did you think that I wouldn’t notice? I saw you rubbing your little panties against his crotch.” He paused for a second.

I began to get nervous, not knowing what he’d do next. The anticipation was driving me crazy.

“Well,…… Did you make his cock hard?” I swallowed hard before nodding triumphantly.

“Did you enjoy rubbing against his big, hard cock?” Another nod.

“Did it make your tight little pussy all hot and wet?” A faint mmmmm! rolled past my lips.

“Show him how wet he made you,” He coaxed as he gently pushed my thighs apart. Hesitantly, I spread my legs, exposing my soaking wet panties.

“Now, I want to watch you tease him some more. Make him want you. Drive him crazy. Look into his eyes,…..”

Our eyes met again, and I gave him my best come-fuck-me look.

“Now touch yourself.”

My middle finger slid slowly down to the wet spot of my panties. I shivered when it reached it’s destination.

“Think about his big black cock!’ Tim ordered.

“Mmmmm!” I moaned, acknowledging that I already was thinking about it.

Gently I circled my clitoris with my finger, all the time gazing into Kurt’s eyes. I fantasized that it was his hand touching me like that. I circled faster, and my breathing became heavy. I started to pant erotically. He held his gaze though, and wouldn’t look down away from my eyes. I wanted him to look at me.

To get his attention, I brought my finger to my mouth, sucked on it, soaked it with saliva, showed it to him, and then placed it on the soaked panty covering my labia. He couldn’t resist any longer, his eyes dropped to and he watched contentedly as I slid my finger up and down between my swollen lips.

The only thing hotter than the feeling of my wet finger poking at my pussy was seeing the hungry look on his face as he watched me do it. Tim started to massage my nipples.

I noticed some movement in Kurt’s shorts. It was working! Watching me touching myself was giving him a hard-on.

“Look at his shorts!” Tim pointed out.

My eyes were fixed on his bulge as it began to come to life. Tim and I both watched for a moment as it began to fill his shorts. Tim kneaded my stiffened nipples roughly between my fingers, stopping occasionally to pull them tight and let them snap back.

“I’ll bet he’s got a monstrous cock! ” He whispered.

“Mmmmmm!” I agreed.

“Do you want to see it?” He continued. I mumbled something inaudibly. He asked again.

“YES!” I replied firmly.

“My wife wants to see how big your cock is. Will you show her?” Tim asked politely.

“Are you sure?” Kurt asked, knowing what it would lead to.

“Yes, I’m sure.” Tim relinquished.

“No problem!” he said as he caught my eye and gave me a big smile, “What the lady wants, the lady gets!”

He stood up and dropped his shorts. He was standing about three feet away from me when his massive cock sprung from his shorts. It hung most of the way down to his knees, and it was proportionately thick. I gasped at the sight of it. It really was a monster cock! He moved closer, so that it was right in front of me.

“Go ahead, Touch it!” Tim urged.

I reached out and started to pet it.

“No, I mean hold it!”

It took both of my hands to hold it up. It was heavy, but I finally had it positioned right in front of my face. He didn’t need to say anymore. I brought the head up to my mouth and placed it between my lips.

It grew quickly, and soon couldn’t fit in my mouth; so I was content to lick and caress his enormous shaft. Tim was mesmerized by how masterfully I handled Kurt’s big cock. In no time he was fully erect and covered with my saliva.

“Look at how big and hard you’ve made his cock!” Tim whispered as I continued to lick it.

“You like playing with his great big cock don’t you?”

“Yes!” I moaned smattering kisses up and down his solid shaft.

“You want to please him don’t you.” He continued.

“Yes!” I again replied as I caressed his huge balls.

“Do you want to show him your pussy?”


Tim nodded and Kurt reached for my panties. I were so nervous, I was shaking. Kurt took the waistband of my panties in his strong hands and tugged. I lifted my ass in the air so that he cold get them down to my legs, then I rolled up on my back and lifted my legs straight in the air so that he could slide them off. With my feet together, all he could see was a portion of my little slit. As I lowered my legs, I spread them until they were resting on his shoulders.

“See anything you like?” I asked wickedly.

He stared at my silky blonde bush. My pussy looked like a big red tulip, my huge swollen lips surrounding my stiffened clit. It looked ready for cock!

Tim watched over my shoulder as Kurt approached my hungry cunt. I leaned back against Tim’s chest. Kurt took my knees in his hands and gently pushed my legs apart. Obediently, I spread them for him, inviting him to come closer.

My cunt lips were red and swollen with anticipation, and they glistened slightly from the juice that was beginning to ooze from my tight little box. Kurt placed his big hands at the inside of each of my thighs, and spread my legs even wider. I closed my eyes and waited. His face was so close, I could feel his hot breath.

“God this is going to feel so good!” I thought.

It felt like centuries had passed before he finally put his tongue against my pussy. When his tongue finally did touch my waiting box, I involuntarily bucked with a spasm of pleasure.

“Oh god!” I breathed quietly.

He poked his tongue at the base of my ass, and then slowly slid it between my lips, up to my clit, and then back down again. My body quivered, inviting his tongue back to give my clit more attention. He licked and sucked my cunt masterfully, preparing me for his giant cock. I could feel the lubrication oozing out of my hole. He stiffened his tongue and diddled my clit some more. My clit swelled to the size of a grape. Then, with his tongue still stiffened, he put it between my swollen lips and slid it gently down to my awaiting hole.

He hesitated for a moment, and then slowly pushed it into my warm pussy. I spread my legs as far I could, so that he could put it in deeply. Even his tongue felt big. When he was in as far as he could go, I squeezed down on it with my tight pussy lips. I’m sure he had never felt any pussy as tight as mine. His cock stiffened.

“Damn,” he mumbled, “this is some good pussy!”

He stopped for a moment to kiss me on the mouth. He tasted of pussy, hot pussy. I liked the way he tasted.

“Is your pussy always this wet?” he whispered in my ear.

“No,” I whispered back, “Only when it knows it’s going to fuck a big, beautiful cock like yours!”

“Mmmmm” he grunted satisfactorily.

He put his head back into my lap and began to slowly fuck my pussy with his tongue. Every stroke was as tight as the first. I moaned and groaned.

“Oh God, that feels sooooo good! Don’t stop. You are making me so hot!”

I watched his cock get even stiffer. It was huge, it must have been ten inches long, and a full two and a half inches thick, it was dark brown and had the biggest head I’ve ever seen.

The thought of seeing that great big cock in my tiny little pussy must really have turned Tim on. His dick was as hard as a rock. He pulled his pants down, grabbed the back of my head, and put his swollen cock right in my face. I eagerly put it into my mouth, and mimicked the strokes of Kurt’s tongue in my pussy. Tim quickly picked up the rhythm, moving his body in sync so that his cock was hitting the back of my throat at the same time Kurt’s tongue pushed deep into my cunt. I moaned in ecstasy as they drove deep, and sighed with disappointment as they pulled out.

This lasted for two or three minutes before Tim couldn’t take anymore, listening to my moans was going to make him cum. He pulled his cock out of my mouth, and gave me a second to breathe.

Then he press his lips against mine, I opened my mouth and sucked his tongue just as I had sucked his cock. My mouth was very wet, and it tasted salty; it tasted of sex, it tasted of cock. He slid his lips across to my neck, and whispered in my ear,

“Does his tongue feel good inside your pussy?” I answered his question with moan of delight.

“Look at his cock, look at how hard it is now, look at how big it is.” I turned my head to get a good look at his huge tool.

I smiled at him, and let out a long “Aaaaaah!”as Kurt’s tongue flicked past my clit and drove deep into my hot little box.

He held it in there, his lips pressed tight against my labia. I could feel the tip of his tongue exploring the inner walls of my vagina, poking into every juicy nook and cranny. My occasional breathy moans became more frequent. He retracted his tongue and gave a big long suck on my swollen clit.

“Oooooh!” I exclaimed!

I squealed when my stretched clit snapped back into place. His tongue fired back into my pussy!

“Uuuuungh!!” I inhaled. I held my breath as his tongue probed my pussy, and then exhaled.

“Ahhhhhhh!!” I squealed as his tongue slid back out.

Then back in.“Uuuuungh!!”

And back out, “Ahhhhhhh!!”

As his thrusts came faster and harder, my moans and groans got louder and louder. My ass wiggled back and forth, in and out, rising up to meet his tongue. I held the carpet tightly in my fists. Tim thought I was going to cum all over his face!

“FUCK ME!!” I shouted

. “Oh god! Make me cum!! Fuck me with that great big cock!!!” I begged.

He moved up onto his knees, and positioned himself between my legs. I spread them wide for him. I leaned back into Tim’s lap and braced myself, using his legs as supports. My head was leaning on the front of Tim’s shoulder. I turned and whispered in his ear.

“Look at that great big cock! He’s going to fuck me with it!”

“I want you to hold me tight and watch him fuck me.” I ordered.

“Watch my swollen pink pussy lips open wide to devour his big, beautiful cock!

He’s going to push that great big cock deep into my dirty little cunt and make me cum.

Hold me tight so that you can feel me cum all over his great big cock!!”

Tim was as hard as a rock. He had never heard me talk so dirty before; but then again, he had never seen me prepare to be fucked by such a magnificent cock either. He cupped my breasts and prepared for the show. Kurt stroked his cock until it was semi-rigid and then moved into place between my legs. I spread wide, giving him easy access to my burning pussy. I looked up into his eyes.

“Go easy, ……..go slow,…….. make it last!”

Just at that moment, he laid the tip of his monstrous cock against my swollen pussy lips. My whole body twitch with anticipation. Slowly he directed the head up and down my slit. Like magic, my lips parted for him. Juices oozed out of my little fuck hole, coating the end of his big purple knob. My juices made his dull brown head wet and shiny. My pussy lips swelled more with every stroke of his cock.

“Mmmmmmm!” I moaned as his cock slid between my swollen lips, and then a short, sharp,

“AHH!!” as the head of his enormous cock banged up against my engorged pink clit.

My clit was so big I thought it would explode; it stuck way out past it’s little shroud. Kurt liked the way I twitched when his cock hit it, so he made a point of bumping it every chance he could. The more I moaned, the hotter he got. Tim watched him take his cock in his hand and press it firmly against my clit.

“AH! AH! AH! AH!” I responded.

His cock seemed to grow with every moan. Kurt sensed that I was ready. He began to slowly slid his cock down to my tight hole. I was getting so wet, I could hear my pussy squish as his cock pushed against it. He positioned his cock at my hole, and then leaned forward so that we were eye to eye.

“What do you want?” He asked.

“I want you to fuck me!” I answered.

“Do you want me to fuck your tight little pussy with my great big cock?”


“Say it.” He ordered.

“Fuck my tight little pussy with your big, beautiful cock!” I responded.

“Louder!!” He Barked.


“Say please!” He added.


I sure that everyone on the floor heard me, but I didn’t care. I just wanted to feel his magnificent cock in me. I could feel it swelling against my swollen red pussy lips.

“Please fuck it good,” I pleaded.

His cock swelled even more. I had found just how to push his buttons.

“Please show my tiny little cunt what it’s like to be fucked by a real cock!!”

All he could do was grunt in response.

“Kiss me!” I demanded.

Our lips met, my mouth opened, and I sucked his tongue into my wet mouth. I sucked his tongue slowly yet forcefully in and out of my mouth.

“That’s how I want to be fucked!! ” I barked. “Fuck me hard and deep!! Make me your little cock slave!!”

I spread my legs wide, and arched my back to so that my vagina was as open as it could be. He pushed the head of his giant cock at my hole. Tim watched as the tip started to go in, but it was too big. He pulled back, and then pushed forward forcefully. Nothing. He began to assault my hole with quick short bursts. Still nothing.

“Damn Bitch!” he exclaimed. “I thought you wanted my dick!!”

“I do! I do! Don’t stop!” I pleaded.

“Oh!! Don’t stop!”

He put his cock back at my tiny little hole and tried again. Sweat began to drip off of my face and roll down my trembling body. I could feel my cunt stretch, but still not enough for his massive dick. He pushed hard, but it still wouldn’t go in.

“Shit you fucking little whore!!”

He yelled as he pulled his cock away and gave my ass cheek a hard smack with his open hand, his fingers slapped against my swollen labia.

“Now take my big black cock you little slut before I give you another!”

He slapped me so hard, he left a red hand print on my little white ass. I could feel the burn inside my cunt. I wanted him so badly I began to cry.

“Do I need to spank you again?”

“No.” I whimpered.

“Are you going to take my cock this time?”

“Yes.” I sobbed. “I,…I,..I promise!” Tears rolled out of my eyes.

He repositioned himself between my legs, pushed my knees as far apart as they would go, spit on the head of his cock, and placed it at my aching hole. The slap still burned.

“Let him in!” Tim pleaded.

“I can’t!” I cried. “He’s too big!!”

“Look, look at his big cock teasing your little pussy, you know you want it!”

Tim leaned forward so he could watch.

“Take him!” He insisted.

The wet tip of his cock against my pussy soothed the burn. He was making it all better. His big fat cock was starting to feel real good. My sobs turned back to moans of ecstasy.

“Oooo! Your cock feels sooooo good!” I moaned.

The contrast of the hot burning from the slap, and his huge soothing cock at the same time was driving me wild. I wanted more. I turned to Tim…

“I’m a bad little girl!!” I cried.

“ He wants to fuck me with his beautiful cock, but I won’t let him. Spank me!! Make me fuck his big hard cock!!”

Obediently, Tim drew back his hand, and with Kurt’s cock still poised at my tight hole, he slapped the shroud over my clitoris.

“AAAHHH!” I winced.

The pain caused me to thrust my pelvis at Kurt’s huge cock.

“Do it again!” I pleaded.


I winced again as his hand slapped against my clit, I pushed so hard it nearly bent Kurt’s cock in two, but it still wouldn’t go in. Juices dribbling out of the bottom of my hungry cunt. I couldn’t get any hotter! The air smelled of my hot pussy; he loaded the end of his cock with spit, held my knees wide open and prepared to enter me.

“Oh I’m so wet!!” I joyfully exclaimed.

“Spank my dirty little cunt again! Spank it hard!! Spank it real hard!!!”

Tim raised his hand in the air; my body tensed up in anticipation. He smacked my swollen clit with tremendous force. The sting was incredible.

“IIIIIIYYYYYEEEEEE!” I screamed as I uncontrollably thrust my pussy onto his rigid pole.

“Oh God!! That’s it! That’s it!!!!” I celebrated.

“Oooooooo! Oooooo!” I squealed as my pussy lips opened and the head of his monster cock disappeared into my juicy cunt.

“OOOOOHHHHH! FUUUUUUCK!” I moaned as his hot meat slid in.

He slowly drew it back, and then pushed again. My pussy juice coated his thick, stiff shaft. First one inch, and then another, and another. I could feel it pounding deeper and deeper into my cunt. Slowly and surely he was going to get his entire cock into my pussy.

“Ohhhh!” I screamed, my hands gripping tightly on the carpet.

“He’s fucking me!! He’s fucking me real good!! Watch my tight little pink cunt swallow his big black cock!! I love his cock!! I love it! I love it! Ohhhh, it feels soooo goooood!!!!”

Seven inches of his huge rod was driving in and out of my juicy cunt. I could feel it hitting against the back of my vagina. I let out a sharp, loud “AHH!” every time his cock hit the back of my pussy.

He made sure to pull the head all the way out on every stroke, so he could enjoying the sensation of his big knob penetrating my tight little hole. Then he reached around and grabbed my ass cheeks in both hands. He pushed his cock to the back of my pussy and just kept pushing. All of a sudden, something inside me opened and the remaining three inches of his cock slid in. He pushed until his balls slapped up against my ass. I was so excited my body shook wildly. I had never had a cock that deep inside me before! Every last bit of his massive 10 inch cock was in my tight little pussy! He reached up and grabbed my tits in each hand, and squeezed them like handles.

“Now I’m going to show you what it’s like to be fucked by the master!” He proclaimed.

He began pumping his big cock all the way in and out of my little pussy, harder and harder, faster and faster, his big balls slapping furiously against my ass. My head was reeling. I couldn’t control myself anymore.

“Fuck me master! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me harder!”

His big cock was making me wild. He pulled out and held his enormous cock against my pussy lips.


“I LOVE YOUR BIG BLACK COCK DEEP IN MY HOT, LITTLE CUNT!!! FUCK ME! FUCK ME DEEP!!” His cock sank into my hungry hole.

OOHHHH THAT’S IT!!! THAT’S IT!!!” I moaned.

I could feel his cock growing in side me, he was fucking me as hard and as deep as he could, and I was loving it! He had never fucked anyone who loved his big hard cock as much as I did!! It was driving him wild. I could tell he was about to explode. I reached up, pulled his head toward mine, held him tightly and moaned in his ear ….

“Ohhhhh! You’re fucking me soooo gooood!!! I love your cock!! No one has ever fucked me like this before! Your cock is sooooo big! It’s making my pussy burn! My cunt lips are on fire! I want to feel and watch your big black cock cum on my little white pussy!”

He couldn’t hold back any more. I was right, he couldn’t handle it! My filthy moaning was too much for him, I made him come first!! He pulled his cock out of my burning pussy, pointed it, and shot a hot wad of cum directly onto my swollen labia. The first blast of cum slammed directly into my stiff clit, causing my feet to spasm uncontrollably. He kept pumping his hot cum directly onto my swollen clit, every blast bringing me closer and closer to orgasm. A trail of his warm jism dribbled down into my wide open vagina.


His cock was still as hard as a rock. I spread my legs as far as I could for him. He placed the big purple head of his magnificent cock between my wet pussy lips. I could feel it throbbing as it pushed against my tight little hole. My cunt slowly opened, welcoming the thick shaft of his great cock He parted my swollen pussy lips and pushed his cock into my juicy, freshly fucked cunt.

As soon as the giant head of his throbbing cock entered my hot little hole, my feet started shaking. The shaking moved upward through my entire body. My ass bucked uncontrollably, causing the head of his cock to massage the deepest crevasses of my hungry cunt. It felt wonderful! The feeling of his thick, warm cock filling my tiny little pussy was too much to handle. My body shook and spasmed, loving every second of being impaled on his gigantic cock.! I pulled his ass toward me, forcing his cock as deep as it could go, and held it there.

“Unghhhhh!!!, Unghhhhh! Unghhhhh!” I moaned as I worked the head of his cock inside my pussy.

My pussy was so tight, it caused him to let go again. Hot cum exploded from his cock and filled every nook and cranny of my hungry cunt. I could feel his cock pulsating as he pumped his hot load inside me. My throaty moans turned to wild howls.


I screamed as every last muscle in my pussy uncontrollably contracted around his pulsating cock, milking every last precious drop of jism from his enormous rod.

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