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Hold Me Down & Take Me

Therapist guides husband on taking his wife forcefully
Hold Me Down & Take Me

“It’s been three months since we’ve had sex.”

Evie sighed at her husband’s words. She looked anywhere but at Michael’s face, or the open laptop on their nightstand.

Michael had brought the nightstand closer to their bed, allowing the therapist on the screen to see them fully. She didn’t think any couple could fix their sex life by having a therapist watch them get intimate over webcam.

But it must be working for at least some of them, based on Dr. Schwartz’s packed schedule and exorbitant rates.

“Do you think stress or fatigue could be affecting your libido, Evie?” Dr. Schwartz asked. His face, like his voice, was smooth and bland, as though nothing would ever surprise him.

She dropped his gaze. “No more than usual.”

“Oh, she’s still getting off. I’ve heard you,” Michael confirmed when Evie looked at him. “In the bathtub. And late at night in bed, when you think I’m sleeping.”

“So, you still experience arousal on a regular basis?”


“Just not enough to sleep with me,” Michael muttered. “Maybe it’s someone else you’re longing for. Like one of those guys from work.”

“No,” Evie replied, her voice sharp. “Absolutely not.”

She glared at her husband, refusing to let him revive the argument.

Dr. Schwartz picked up his pen and made a note. “Do you fantasize about sex when you masturbate?”

She could clearly hear the click of his pen and the rustle of his suit. Her mind idly cataloged the sounds, wondering if he knew how to enable background noise suppression on his mic.

“Yes,” she admitted.

“But you keep turning me down every time I try to touch you,” Michael accused.

Her mouth worked before she found the words. “I’m not always in the mood to make love.”

“You realize that’s what making love is, right?” Michael said as though she were a simpleton. “Two people having sex, who also happen to love each other.”

“Well, maybe I want you to fuck me like you don’t,” she snapped.

He recoiled back as though she had slapped him. “What does that even mean?”

“No one is making love in those pornos you watch, are they?”

His laugh was hard. “Because it’s porn.”

“I walked by your den one day and I saw what you were watching on your phone. While you jerked off.”

He shifted uncomfortably on the bed. “Jesus, Evie. You spying on me, now?”

“You left the door wide open. It’s not like you were trying very hard to hide it.”

“Were you aroused by what he was watching, Evie?”

It wasn’t until Dr. Schwartz cleared his throat that she realized she was staring at the laptop without speaking.

He tried again. “Can you describe what you saw?”

She looked down. “I could only see a little of it over his shoulder. But when he came, he came so hard, and the sound he made…”

She clawed at her throat, feeling hot. “He sounded so different than he did when he was with… with me. I wanted to know what could do that to him.”

She looked at Michael again. “So when you left to take a shower, I took your phone and sent the porno to myself.”

“His phone was unlocked?”

“We have each other’s passcodes,” Michael replied without looking away from her. “We trust each other. Or, at least we did.”

His voice was little more than a growl of anger now, and the sound of it sent a strange thrill down her spine.

“Do you still have the video?” Dr. Schwartz asked.


“Wait – what? Why?” Michael demanded.

“Can you send it to me? That is, only if you’re comfortable doing so.”

She nodded, not trusting her voice as she picked up her phone and sent the video link to the therapist’s email address with shaking fingers, avoiding her husband’s eyes. She heard the ping of a notification over the video conference.

“Christ,” Michael breathed. “What are you doing, Evie?”

“You wanted sex therapy,” she hissed. “How did you expect this to go?”

They both froze at the quiet but distinct sounds of the porno as Dr. Schwartz opened it on his phone, his thumb fast-forwarding it every so often as he stopped periodically to watch.

Heat flushed over Evie as the sounds filled their bedroom.

A woman’s voice went from breathy begging to sharp cries as a man harshly called her names. Clothing ripped. Fleshy slaps sounded against her ass, and then a quieter slap, the sound of his hand across her face.

Michael flinched at the sound, cursing under his breath. He looked like he wanted to escape, as the porno moved on to the wet, sloppy sounds of gagging fellatio and grunted threats.

Dr. Schwartz skipped forward again to the louder, violent sex as bodies rhythmically thumped against the floor. He stopped the video.

“I apologize if this has left you feeling exposed, Michael, but this appears to be a pivotal point for Evie.”

Michael had closed his eyes, pinching the bridge of his nose. “She never should have seen me watching that.”

“Evie said you that climaxed from it, and strongly. Are you ashamed that you enjoyed it?”

“No,” he snapped, then, “Yes. But it’s fantasy. I watch all kinds of things. Whatever gets the job done.”

He reached across the bed to squeeze her hand, his face panicked. “I don’t want you to think I need shit like that to get off. I’d never treat you like that,” he finished softly.

“What if I want you to treat me like that?” she whispered.

His double take was almost comical. “What?”

From the look on his face, she realized he must have expected to be raked over the coals for watching the porno. He’d expected to be condemned, to be accused of deviant cravings.

Maybe she was the deviant in this relationship.

“Did you ever tell your husband that you’d like to try something different in the bedroom?”

Evie shook her head. “I didn’t have the words to describe what I wanted. Then I watched that and…”

She shrugged, toying with the edge of the bed’s satin sheet. “Then I definitely didn’t have the words. Not to admit that I snooped on his phone and saw something I liked.”

“Which parts of it did you like?” Dr. Schwartz prompted.

She swallowed and licked her lips as she met her husband’s eyes. “All of it.”

Michael’s mouth had fallen open, his eyes tracking the tip of her tongue over her lips before he looked at her again like he’d never seen her before.

Maybe he hadn’t, but maybe she hadn’t really seen herself before, either.

“So you watched the entire video?”

“Yes. Several times.”

“You watched it more than once?” Michael turned toward her on the bed. His eyes had grown darker, his pupils large.

His nostrils flared as his eyes traveled down her simple sundress. “Did you watch it while touching yourself?” he murmured, his voice deep and husky.

“This is a good starting point,” Dr. Schwartz declared. “We’re fortunate to have material to work with, for your first intimate coaching session over the next thirty minutes.”

Evie cringed. She’d almost forgotten that the second half of this session would be physical intimacy.

She’d reviewed the session description and agreements. They were free to have the camera on, or off, depending on their preference.

There was even an option to record it themselves and share it with Dr. Schwartz later, but she didn’t think she could handle that.

“Are you really going to… walk us through intimacy?”

“Yeah, I think I know how to fuck my own wife,” Michael muttered.

Dr. Schwartz tilted his head to one side, looking at Michael. “Do you, now?”

The implied hung silently in the air – if he did, they wouldn’t be here.

Evie bit her lip to fight a faint smile as her husband’s nostrils flared again, this time in anger.

She wiped her damp palms against her dress. “So how do we do this?”

“How about we select just one or two acts from the video to try today?”

“Right. Okay.” Evie picked up her phone again, trying to tune out Michael’s grumbles as she pulled up the video again and muted it.

The thought of pointing to an exact moment in the porno that she wanted for herself was both horrifying and electrifying, and she wanted to sink into the floor and disappear.

“H-how about at the three minute, twenty-five second point?”

Her husband slid across the bed and turned her wrist so he could see the screen. The heat of his body washed over her with the sudden nearness of him.

His masculine smell that she’d come to take for granted, and the spicy scent of his soap filled her nose. Her pulse quickened as she sought to breathe it in deeper without drawing attention.

She wanted to bury her face in his shirt and nuzzle into the side of his neck, feeling his coarse stubble against her cheek.

Moving back a little, she blinked, trying to shake off her unexpected surge of need.

He took her sudden movement for something else as he raised a brow at the video. “Yeah, I don’t think you’re quite ready for that, honey.”

She stiffened. “She’s no expert either, and that didn’t bother you while watching it.”

“That’s the beauty of deep-throating,” Dr. Schwartz said, and she realized he’d brought up his own copy of the video as well.

“First, you can slowly work up your tolerance to take your husband deeper. You can master your gag reflex over time, with practice and the right breathing techniques. Second, as you’ve noted, it’s not really about the expertise. It’s about the sensations.”

His voice softened, taking on an almost hypnotic quality. “The sounds. The control. The helplessness of the giver as their throat is plundered and their breath stolen away.”

Shivers ran over Evie’s skin at his words, the first hint that his knowledge ran a little deeper than she’d thought.

Michael’s eyes had lost their focus, too. He stared at Evie’s mouth, apparently imagining his cock shoved down her throat.

His erection tented his pants and a small drop of pre-cum seeped through. She inhaled sharply and licked her lips again.

“What else would you like to try, Evie?”

She returned to her phone, seeking forward in the video until she stopped where the man had the woman pinned to the floor, his hand squeezing her throat while he fucked her so fiercely that her ass bounced against the ground.

From the way her swollen face looked, the choking was very real.

“Eight minutes and twelve seconds,” she whispered, and paused the video.

Michael’s grip was like iron on her wrist as he stared at the screen, his jaw clenching. “Evie.”

Her name was flat on his lips, and she couldn’t tell if it was a question or a warning.

All she could focus on was the feel of his hand around the delicate bones of her wrist, and the way his veins stood out in his forearms.

The width of his shoulders and the strength in his thighs as she imagined him pounding her into the floor and squeezing her throat.

“This is crazy.” Michael pulled the phone from her hand and turned off the screen.

“You enjoyed this video on your own, didn’t you?” Dr. Schwartz pushed.

Michael squeezed his eyes shut. “Yes,” he admitted between clenched teeth.

Suddenly Evie wished she had been there, sitting right next to him on the couch, watching his big hands as he stroked himself, his jaw slack with desire.

She looked up at his Adam’s apple and imagined how it’d move when that deep groan ripped from his throat. She imagined his cum as it flowed over his fist.

“Look at your wife, Michael,” Dr. Schwartz was saying. “She watched what excited you. It excited her, too. She’s eager to try it, enough to finally admit it. That alone is more than many couples have. Especially couples who’ll never be honest with what they need.

“Your sex life isn’t broken; I’d argue it’s just begun. All that’s left is trust. Trust that she knows what she wants, and to trust yourself to give it to her.”

“I don’t want to hurt her.”

“She’s not made of glass. She can take a lot more than you give her credit for. But, we’ll go over some techniques for safe play in scenarios like this.”

“Like a safe word?” Evie asked.

“More than that. Considering what you want, there will be several points where you’ll barely be able to breathe, let alone speak.”

Oh, she mouthed silently, looking down again.

“For the coaching session, I’ll turn off my camera for your privacy. However, since there’s an element of danger involved, I’d prefer if you keep your camera on, in case something goes wrong. Do you consent?”

When she’d first read the forms, she’d shriveled inside at the idea of being watched.

Now, with Dr. Schwartz’s calm demeanor despite what they’d already shared, it didn’t seem so extreme.

If she were completely honest, she might even feel a little excitement at the thought of another man’s eyes on her, while her husband touched her.

She gave a nervous smile to Michael, who nodded stiffly at the camera.

Their laptop screen went dark immediately. Only the occasional rustle of Dr. Schwartz’s clothing, and the steady green icon in the corner of the screen indicated their meeting was still on.

“First, your safe word, Evie. Try to choose something with one syllable that wouldn’t come up in natural conversation in the bedroom.”

She looked around, finally settling on the setting sun peeking around their closed shades. “How about sky?”

“That’s perfect. Now, let’s work on some introductory breath play techniques.”

Michael frowned in confusion at the dark screen. “Breath play?”

“Yes. Now, put your hand around her throat.”

Michael froze for a long moment before he slowly raised his hand and hovered it over her neck.

“Just clasp it very lightly for now,” Dr. Schwartz directed. “Yes, just like that.”

Evie’s stomach fluttered at the weight of her husband’s rough hand on her neck, a small shiver of both fear and arousal rippling over her.

“Evie.” The therapist’s sharp tone demanded her attention. “Restricting your air is dangerous and should only be done for a few seconds at a time. Only tolerate as much or as little restriction as you like. If you want him to stop immediately, slap his arm three times quickly. If you want him to just ease off, slap his arm twice. Now demonstrate to show me you understand.”

She nodded and slapped three times, then twice at her husband’s arm.

“Good. Michael, begin to squeeze her throat, slowly increasing the pressure.”

A few times when she’d fantasized while watching the porno, she’d tried gripping her own throat to simulate the sensation.

It hadn’t prepared her for the feel of her husband’s strong fingers slowly tightening around her windpipe.

Fear, excitement and lust crashed over her, mixing together until she didn’t know if she wanted him to stop, keep going, or snatch her very life away in the next instant.

She gasped, leaning into his hand as she rose on her knees, some deep, primal instinct to submit to his strength taking over as heat flooded between her legs.

His grip tightened, and she whimpered, lust clouding her vision as she hands sought his body, caressing his biceps and chest in small circles as her air thinned.

Michael’s pupils dilated at her reaction, and his hand shook.

“Fuck,” he whispered, and released her neck.

She reflexively sucked in a large gasp of air, her head spinning.

“Why didn’t you say when, Evie?” Michael demanded.

“It’s important to use your signals,” Dr. Schwartz warned her.

But the feel of Michael’s hand squeezing her throat had pushed her over the edge of need, and she only nodded absently as she pulled her sundress over her head and tossed it away.

She needed to touch him, to taste him, to press her lips to his skin.

Michael glared at the dark laptop screen when her dress came off before he relaxed, kissing her back as he allowed her to unbutton his shirt and push it from his shoulders.

She pressed a few kisses to his chest as she reached for his belt, her fingers slipping in her rush.

“Damn, honey,” he murmured as he took over, unfastening his pants and shoving them and his boxers down his thighs and kicking them away.

“Now take him in your mouth, Evie,” Dr. Schwartz commanded.

His voice was deep and soft again, entrancing her. “Get in a comfortable position that will still allow him to touch you intimately.”

Michael sat back against the headboard as she knelt between his legs. He leaned forward, sliding one hand down her spine to the lace of her underwear. He slipped his hand into them and squeezed her ass.

She reached hungrily for his stiff cock and sucked it into her mouth, swirling her tongue around his head.

His groan rumbled through her as his hand slipped between her cheeks and into her folds. “You’re so wet for me, baby.”

She whimpered around him as his finger slipped inside her.

“Slowly take him deeper, Evie.”

She obeyed happily, sliding down his length. His other hand slid into her hair and held on as he pushed deeper into her mouth. Her throat spasmed.

“Breathe deeply through your nose as you take more of him. It’s just like the breath play. You can tap out if it’s too much.”

Evie blinked, her eyes watering as she fought to breathe through her nostrils around the initial panic of his member blocking her airway.

“Flatten your tongue against the bottom of his cock. That’s it,” Dr. Schwartz cooed, and she practically purred in response to his praise.

She didn’t catch what he said next to her husband, but Michael adjusted his angle so that he slid a little further down her throat.

Michael slowly began to move in and out of her mouth, his hips flexing. The fingers of his other hand sank deeper into her pussy.

She gagged again before she reminded herself to breathe through her nose.

“Too much for you, baby?” Michael gasped, stopping his movement and pulling back a little.

She shook her head, squeezing his thighs as she tried to suck him deeper again.

“That’s it.” Dr. Schwartz’s voice was darkly soothing. “Take him deep in your throat, like a good little slut.”

Oh my god. Heat flowed over Evie.

Michael stiffened around her as he glared at the laptop. “What the fuck did you…”

His words ended in a strangled cry as Evie’s pussy clenched his finger and she reflexively sucked him harder into her mouth.

“Fuck,” Michael growled. “You like that, Evie? You like those dirty words?”

She nodded and sucked him so hard her cheeks hallowed out.

He groaned, his control slipping as his hips rocked into her. His fist tightened in her hair as he rose to his knees and held her face still so he could fuck her mouth.

Fresh wetness flooded her pussy. Her hands flew to his ass, loving how it flexed under her fingers as he chased his pleasure.

“Such a good, greedy slut,” Dr. Schwartz praised, and his words left her skin prickling.

She thought she heard something else in the background of the mic – a faint, rhythmic rustle, and shock chased over her nerve endings.

Was he jerking off?

The thought of another man turned on enough to take himself in hand while watching her suck her husband sent another gush of moisture out of her and sliding around her thighs.

Her husband didn’t seem to notice. His hand caressed her face reverently while he fucked her mouth.

“What a good girl,” Michael groaned as he stared down at her, and her empty pussy clenched again.

“Can you take him deeper, Evie?”

In reply, she shoved forward.

“Shit,” Michael grunted, his hand fisting in her hair. He held her in place, her nose smashed against pelvis, before releasing her again.

He did it twice more, letting her up briefly to breathe before he forced his cock down her throat again.

“Take it, Evie,” Dr. Schwartz urged, and she could hear a jagged edge to his smooth voice. “Take him all.”

“Look at me, baby,” Michael demanded, holding her gaze as he shoved his cock as far as it would go down her burning throat.

Tears streamed down her face, but she held his gaze as he watched her almost angrily before he suddenly yanked her mouth away.

She gasped, and both of them stared at each other, chests heaving as his stiff erection bobbed between them.

“That’s enough of that,” he panted, and Evie realized he’d been seconds from coming down her throat.

“Very good,” Dr. Schwartz’s voice was calm and smooth again over the speaker, those little jerky noises gone.

Still, she imagined him lazily running his fingers over his length as he spoke, and with the way her clit throbbed, she wondered if she had discovered another kink.

Michael knelt beside her and pulled her into his arms, where she could hear the hammering of his heart.

“That was amazing, baby.”He stroked her face again as he began to press kisses into her neck.

“Save all those loving touches for the aftercare. That isn’t what she needs from you right now. Isn’t there something else you wanted to try, Evie?”

Silently, she unclasped her bra and stretched out on the bed. She pushed her soaked lace panties down her legs, letting her husband pull them completely off. He stared with open desire at her naked body, and his large hand palmed one of her breasts.

She took his hand and lifted it slowly. To her neck.

He froze, guilt flashing across his face as he sat back on his heels, his hand lowering to smooth over her breasts and down her abdomen.

“I don’t know if I can, honey,” he admitted. “That porno was intense. The man was just so…”

“Angry?” Dr. Schwartz supplied.

“Exactly,” Michael agreed as his hand slipped between her thighs. His painfully erect cock twitched as his fingers slid over her, his thumb circling her clit.

She moaned at the light touch, her hips chasing his hand as it slid back up her body to her breasts again.

“It doesn’t have to be who you are. Think of it as slipping on a mask.”

“Like pretending? I can’t role play worth a damn.”

“Rather, think of channeling your anger into action.”

“What anger?”

Michael slid his hand between her legs again, his long fingers dipping into her, and her hips jerked. He couldn’t seem to help touching her, and his touch kept her high in a lusty haze as the therapist encouraged him.

“You’ve been married for years,” Dr. Schwartz pressed, his voice dry. “You’re probably both angry over five different things at any given time. What was your last argument about?”

Michael’s hand paused on her body before squeezing her hip. “Her coworkers.”

“What about her coworkers?”

“I fucking hate them,” he growled.

Dr. Schwartz made a sound as though swallowing a laugh. “Can you be more specific? You both work at the same company, correct?”

“Yes. Her in software development, and me in design. We met there.”

Michael’s hand resumed its lazy tour of her body, and Evie spread her legs wide, trying to lure him into her wetness.

He grunted in approval, smoothing his hand over her inner thighs before palming her pussy and grinding the heel of his palm into her clit. She whimpered, riding his hand.

“Evie doesn’t realize how beautiful she is. I hate how they look at her.”

He rose over her, dipping his head and sucking her nipple fiercely into his mouth until she gasped.

“So, you primarily hate her male coworkers.”

“Of course.” Michael scowled as he rubbed her thighs. “Always buying coffee for her. Eye-fucking her as they talk to her. Falling over themselves to sit with her at lunch. Their dicks twitching to taste this sweet pussy.”

He dragged two fingers through her folds and up to her mouth, forcing her to taste herself.

Frustrated and horny, she nipped at his fingers, and his eyes flared. He dealt her mouth a tiny slap with his hand, just enough to leave her lips tingling.

She gasped in shock, heat rippling over her skin as she bucked her hips, drawing his gaze to her wetness.

“You hate their attention.”

It wasn’t a question.

Dr. Schwartz’s words slithered through the air, and Evie’s breath quickened with lust and fear as she realized he was stoking her husband higher, feeding his anger.

“You’re jealous.”

“Yes, and I hate that, too.”

Michael gripped her thighs hard enough to bruise. “I’m this close to putting some asshole’s head through a wall every time I see her for lunch. I had to start eating an hour later so I wouldn’t end up in fucking jail.”

He yanked her thighs wide and buried himself balls deep in one sharp thrust.

Evie cried out as he began to pound into her, both at the sudden intrusion and his dark confession. She tried to speak, but he grasped her jaw tightly and shook it in warning.

When she slapped his hand away, he captured her wrists in his fist and pinned them above her.

His other hand pushed down on the top of her head, forcing her body down further into his punishing thrusts as he rode her hard with deep grunts.

Each thrust forced another cry from her mouth, and each slide of their bodies made her clit brush against his skin.

“Quiet,” he growled, his grip on her wrists tightening. “You wanted this, you needy little slut.”

Her pussy contracted around his cock, drawing a groan from him.

“Take every inch,” Dr. Schwartz breathed into the room, his voice husky, and she could hear that faint, jerking rustle again as he touched himself. “It’s what little sluts deserve.”

“Oh, god,” she gasped.

Michael groaned again, burying his face in her neck as he rode her. “That’s right. You take it all, Evie.”

Dr. Schwartz wasn’t a therapist. He was the devil on Michael’s shoulder, an invisible spider taking her husband’s rage and weaving it into a web of filthy words and dark desire that trapped all three of them together.

“Her coworkers don’t deserve to see her, do they?”

A cold trickle of fear wound through her at the doctor’s words, pushing her reckless lust higher.

“You’d keep her all to yourself, if you could.”

“God, yes,” Michael grunted into her hair. “I’d keep her under lock and key.”

He rose up on his knees, lifting her hips. “I’d keep her where she belongs. Right here, impaled on my cock.” He watched his shaft thrust in and out of her pussy. “From the moment she wakes up until she falls asleep.”

He punctuated each sentence with an extra fierce thrust that made her shriek.

Pulling one of her legs over his shoulder, he leaned forward and braced himself on the headboard as he fucked her harder.

“I’d pound her raw, all day. In the bed. In the shower. While she cooks dinner. Until she can’t fall asleep anymore without my dick buried inside of her. Until she no longer cares about work, and she stays home while I breed her with my babies, one after another.”

She spasmed around his cock in shock.

He leaned forward to swallow her gasp in a punishing kiss, then spit into her mouth. He lightly slapped her again and pushed her mouth shut, his nostrils flaring.

“Good. Show this slut who she belongs to.”

Evie shuddered at Dr. Schwartz’s words.

Michael chuckled darkly, dragging his hand down her cheek to her neck, pressing her into the pillows as his fingers closed slowly around her throat.

“Give me all of that sweet cunt, Evie.”

She moaned raggedly, rising to meet his violent thrusts. His abdomen scraped her clit in delicious friction until she saw sparks.

“Show them all who she belongs to.” Dr. Schwartz’s voice was strained.

“I should,” Michael gasped. His hand tightened around her throat, until her air was just a trickle, and she could no longer make a sound.

He began fucking her with wild abandon, the headboard hitting the bedroom wall in thunderous slams as he pinned her throat to the bed. “I should take her cunt right in front of those assholes.”

His voice was an angry snarl. His grip tightened even more, cutting off her air entirely.

“I’ll bend her over their lunch table and fucking ruin her, while they all watch. Until she can’t look them in the eyes without remembering me battering her pussy. Or how it feels to choke on my cock while I cum down her throat.”

Michael’s last words were a guttural growl as she slowly lifted her hand to his arm, her vision going black around the edges as her pussy fluttered uncontrollably.

Tap… tap.

He released her immediately. She gasped, then screamed as air flooded her body and her senses exploded, pulling her apart in a violent orgasm.

She heard Dr. Schwartz’s choked moan seconds before Michael’s roared shout when he followed her over the edge, spurting deep into her as he fucked them both into oblivion.

She didn’t know how long Michael had been lying atop of her, both of them panting raggedly, before she heard Dr. Schwartz speak again.

“You did so well, Evie.”

His voice slid over her skin like warm silk, drawing a sigh from her, and Michael pressed a soft kiss to the hollow of her throat.

“You cut it a little too close for comfort at the end, but it was better than never. I’d recommend you both spend the next month exploring your new intimacy. My assistant will be in touch to schedule your follow-up.”

With that, he was gone, the chime of the meeting’s ending hanging in the air.

Michael reached over and slammed the laptop’s lid before he took her face in his hands.

“Evie, honey,” he breathed, caressing her face and pressing kisses everywhere he could reach. One emotion after another chased over his face: worry, guilt, shame, relief, doubt. “This is what you wanted, right?”

“It’s exactly what I wanted,” she told him hoarsely.

She brushed the sweat from his brow, marveling over the hidden, raw darkness he’d exposed to her. She wrapped her arms around him, squeezing him tight. “It was perfect.”



Four weeks later

Michael arranged the laptop on the nightstand as Evie sat down on the bed, silently rehearsing the words they’d discussed.

To let Dr. Schwartz know that they were doing well, and could hold off on more sessions indefinitely.

As Michael sat beside her, she leaned into him, licking lips still swollen from him slowly thrusting into her mouth under his desk during their lunch break.

Her pussy was still sore from the bruising fuck he’d given her last night over the kitchen table, after she’d burned dinner.

The meeting chimed, and then they were staring at their therapist, tucked behind his large desk in an impeccable suit as usual.

“How are we feeling after this last month?” Dr. Schwartz began without preamble. “We can limit this to a quick twenty-minute follow-up, or make it a full session.”

His face was as calm as usual. Yet, the sound of his smooth voice, with its rich undercurrents of darkness, washed over Evie.

Her nipples pebbled as her cunt clenched, remembering what that voice promised.

She looked at Michael, noting the flare of his nostrils and his quickly rising erection before their eyes met.

Her husband smiled. “I think we need a full session, doc.”



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