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He taught me to multitask

He noticed how bad I was at multitasking and decided to train me.
He taught me to multitask

I’ve never been good at multitasking. I’ve tried but it never really worked for me. One night as my dom (who is also my married neighbour) was at home, he asked me to suck him while I played with myself. He wanted me to make both of us cum at the same time.

He was on the couch, his pants off, I was kneeled in front of him, naked, legs slightly spread apart. With one hand I held his cock in my mouth while my other hand was busy rubbing my clit and teasing my wet opening. I sucked the head of his cock, twirling my tongue around it, before wrapping my lips around it, slowly pushing it deeper in my mouth. I worked my way mid length before pulling it out completely and licking the shaft and going back to teasing the head.

When I had teased him enough, I gave the tip a small kiss before giving some attention to his balls. I licked and sucked each one of them while gently stroking his hard cock. After a while, I got him back into my mouth and slowly made my way down until his full length was in my mouth, down my throat. I remained still for a few seconds, his cock buried down my throat, fighting my gag reflexes.

While my mouth was busy with his cock, my fingers were busy with my pussy. I was rubbing my clit. The tips of my finger brushing against my opening, feeling how wet I was. When I finally got all of him in my mouth, I slid 2 fingers in my pussy.

I started sucking his cock. Slow at first, but then going faster. Gagging on his hard cock everytime it went down my throat. I tried to match the speed of me sucking his cock with my fingers but as I said, I was not really good at multitasking.

After a while I got so carried away with sucking that I did not even notice I had stopped playing with myself. He grabbed his cock and pulled it out of my mouth. I looked up at him, confused. When he signalled me to look down, I realized what he meant and resumed masturbating. He let go of his cock and I got back to sucking him. Yet, as hard as I tried, I always ended up giving more attention to one task or the other.

He was determined to teach me how to multitask. When it all began, we had agreed that he could come over to my place, whenever he felt like it, and have his way with me. He also knew I had a weekly skype call every monday for work. So far he never came in during the call but one monday, 15 minutes before the call started, he came in.

I was sat at the table, naked, as usual, getting ready for my call. He took his clothes off. He explained to me that today he would teach me to multitask. He told me to suck his cock and get it ready for the lesson. I was confused about what was going on, but I obeyed his orders. I got on my knees and started sucking him. I felt him getting hard in my mouth. I was so turned on I almost forgot I had that call scheduled but he did not.

With 5 minutes left, he explained to me that I would have to ride him during the call but I was not allowed to cum.

The thought of riding him while on my call really turned me on. He sat on a chair, and I got on his lap. I grabbed his cock and directed it towards my pussy, slowly sliding it inside of me. When he was balls deep inside me, I grabbed my laptop, brought it in front of me and got on the call.

It was easy at first since all I had to do was listen to my manager talk. While she talked about all the incoming projects I was grinding on his cock. The hard part was not to moan. Yet after a while, I was so turned on and it felt so good that I started getting carried away. The grinding was replaced with me sliding up and down his hard cock. I was barely hearing anything my manager was saying. Everytime I felt like I was getting too close, I would slow down.

So far I was not doing great at this whole multi tasking thing but it was about to get even harder. I heard my manager call my name and I knew she wanted to me to talk on the projects I had been working on the past week. I resumed to grinding as I tried my best to give her a summary of what I had been working on. So far I was doing okay, so I thought I would take it up a notch and I got back to riding him.

Slowly sliding up and down his hard cock while answering all of my manager’s questions. The fear of getting caught, the pleasure I was getting from his cock sliding in and out of me. Trying to provide concise and coherrent answers while also trying to please him with my pussy, I was able to handle it all but I knew I would not last long. I got back to grinding for the rest of the call. I tried my best to focus on what was being said as much as what I was doing.

As soon as I exited the call, he told me I did good and he allowed me to ride him until we both came. It did not take very long.

I was proud of myself, but I knew I needed more practice. I had missed a lot of what had been said during the call so we agreed to repeat the exercise every monday until I was able to handle both tasks at the same time.

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