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Hard at Work

Kelly's boyfriend punishes her for staying too late at work
Hard at Work

It was another shitty day at my shitty job. I had a stack of papers due by the end of the day and my boss was hinting that he wanted me to work over the weekend. Seriously, if he wants to fuck me, he should at least be honest about it and not make up bullshit excuses to be near me all the time.

There was a knock at my office door. I fought back the urge to shout, “fuck you!” to whoever was on the other side.

“Come in,” I said with a forced smile that threatened to split my jaw open.

A tall, rugged looking man in his mid-forties walked in. His tight button shirt outlined nicely his sculpted muscles. He looked directly into my eyes as he closed the door and locked it.

“Kelly, what are you doing still at work? It’s close to midnight. Seriously. You’re the only one left in the entire building.” He walked up towards my desk and placed those strong hands of his flat against my oak table. His fingers stretched out as he leaned towards me.

“Jess, I can’t go home until I finish these reports,” I said, blushing a little from his stare.

“Fuck the reports!” with one swipe of his arm, Jess cleaned off my desk, scattering all my papers to the floor.

“Aah! You asshole!” I shouted, slamming my hands on the table, and stood up, “Do you know how long it’s going to take me to sort out all those fuckin’ papers!” Jess wasn’t listening. He gripped my wrists and pulled me closer to him so that my body had to bend over the desk, my eyes level with his.

“I’ll take care of everything. Go home.” Jess’s scent made my head foggy with a strange mixture of arousal and exhaustion.

“Oh right! Like you know how to sort out these papers! You don’t even know what I do here, do you!?”

“I know everything about you Kelly. I know how your body feels when it’s wrapped around mine. I know how your lips taste when I kiss them, I know how you cry out when I claim you.” Jess’s breathing slowly became ragged while he continued squeezing my wrists. The power in those hands was almost unreal!

“While that is admittedly pretty fuckin’ hot,” I said as I tried pulling away from him with no success, “You still don’t know what I—” My words were cut off as Jess pulled me over the desk and took my lips in his. My body leaned over the smooth wood surface as Jess took my face in his hands. I felt the heat from his breath soar over me. His long fingers caressed my flush cheeks as I grew hotter from his intensity.

I broke away from the kiss for only a moment to catch my breath, but Jess was no where near satisfied. He leaned over, grabbed me by my waist and pulled me on top of the desk so that my upper body laid against it. My head level with his crotch. I could feel his arousal radiating from his body as he started grinding against my eager mouth. He grabbed my head and shoved me against his crotch. I, hungry for his body, franticly started undoing his pants and zipper with my teeth. I snarled like a wild animal eager for her mate. My hands reached around and grabbed his tight ass once I felt his pants undone. Quickly, I slid them off and dug my nails into his flesh.

I bit and licked around his cock as I felt Jess grind into me. His body perspired with sex and lust as he groaned out my name.

“Mm, Kelly! Take it! Take my fucking cock like a good girl!” He grabbed my head and started forcing his cock deeper into my throat, face fucking me. I gagged and choked on him but loved how hard he was being with me. I wanted more! I needed more! I wanted him to use me, make me his toy! I wrapped my tongue around his cock and dragged my nails along his ass.

I could feel his cock twitch as Jess was about to explode down my throat… but he quickly pulled out. I looked up at him, but he quickly grabbed me by the throat.

“Don’t you fuckin’ move a muscle. Do you understand!?” His grip on me tightened slightly as I started to choke. I nodded showing him I understood, and he quickly let go. He bent down to get eye level with me and slapped me hard across the cheek

“Say you understand!” He slapped me again on the other side. My face stung as I shouted out my response.

“I understand! Oh, fuck Jess! I understand!” Jess took my face in his hands again but this time, brought his lips to mine and kissed me once more before getting up and going around the desk. I was still bent over, my firm ass pressed tight against my dress paints. Jess slid them down along with my thong, which at this point was soaked. I could feel his tongue press against my ass while his hands massaged my cheeks. His lips kissed my wetness while his fingers circled around my asshole, tempting to enter me.

My body shook and I tried pushing myself up off the desk. I felt Jess slam me back down within an instant.

“I told you not to move! I guess I’ll just have to punish you, won’t I!” Jess stood behind me and smacked my ass with such intensity it made my body jerk. I cried out, not knowing if it was from pain or pleasure. His hands continued spanking me, as if he had me over his knees and was punishing me. Over and over, his powerful hand contacted with my ass until I was nearly in tears.

“You’re going to take all of me inside that wet pussy of yours, aren’t you!” I said nothing, still getting over the spasms of pain and pleasure. He smacked my ass once more

“Aren’t you!”

“Yes! Oh, fuck Jess Yes!” I moaned out, panting, just waiting for him to fill my body up with his hard cock.

I felt him press against me and soon felt his tip press into my dripping pussy. Inch by inch he easily slid into me, as if my body was made just for him. His hands gripped my hips as he grinded into my body. And then, he fucked me. He fucked me as if this was the last time he would experience the pleasures of my body. A pointless fear. I would never stop giving my self to this man, this soulful creature of beauty and passion. My soul, my heart, my mind and of course, my body was all his to bask in.

Jess grunted out his euphoria as he continued claiming me. Again, and again his cock thrust into my body. Feeling him inside me made me forget about the outside world. If we were connected, nothing could hurt us.

“I love you, Kelly!” he managed to groan out as he restlessly fucked me.

“Oh god Jess! I love you too!” I gripped the desk, never wanting him to stop, but I knew both our bodies were close. Soon, we would be in heaven. Jess quickly pulled out and flipped me over, so I was facing him, and then eagerly entered me once again.

“I… want to look at you…. when we come!” he moaned as he leaned forward and fucked into me on the desk. I reached out and wrapped my arms around him, pulling him down against my breasts so he could feel my heart. With one final thrust, my pussy clamped around him as he came into me. We both shouted each other’s names as our climax hit us.

Jess gently touched my face as he pulled out. Taking me by the hands, he pulled me up to my face and wrapped me in a tight embrace.

“Go home Kelly. I’ll take care of everything.”

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