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Guilty Pleasures

She needed an escape from her old hubby, she had no regrets.
Guilty Pleasures

What would Robert say if he knew? Debbie thought. Her husband, Robert Fields was the CEO of several multimillion dollar companies overseas. She lived in luxury. He was an older guy, but she wasn’t even twenty five yet. Though he wasn’t a very pure man, he stronger agreed with the television evangelists when they started screaming and yelling about how terrible homosexuality was.

What would Robert say if he knew? He‘d do more than say things. He’d divorce her, kick her out, and smear her name throughout the whole city.

Debbie was dressed in a black pants suit and black heels, she looked important. And sexy. Very sexy. Her hair was pulled into an elegant knot at the nape of her neck, and her makeup and nails were done perfectly just before she left the house by professionals.

So why would a woman like Debora Fields doing on a city bus when there were three luxury sports cars in the garage? Because underneath her pants suit Debbie wore a sexy red corset for work. She wasn’t an important business woman, though she was dressed like one. True to the clich?f her job, she also was wearing giant hoop earrings; hooker hoops her boss called them.

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

Guilty Pleasures was a downtown “gentlemen’s club.” After learning that her best friend Anne-Marie was a dancer there and, according to Anne-Marie, it was fun and exciting in more ways than one, Debbie had decided to check it out.

Steve Morris, the owner, had greeted her in the dim main room where sexy girls who looked barely legal danced on the bar in front of the “gentlemen” that stopped in. She told him she was looking to work here and, as he led her back to the office, she could have swore she saw Anne-Marie shaking her hips in front of some guy who was stuffing bills down her tight thong.

“Whatcha got?” Steve asked, sitting behind his desk. It was obvious what he was asking, but Debbie had some reservations about stripping for him. When she hesitated he raised a brow. “You sure you belong down here little miss?”

Debbie had tried out her dancing skills on her drunken old husband one night. She’d figured out real quick that she belonged in any place that had music and a pole.

She unbuttons her blouse, exposing her perky C-cup tits to Steve. No bra. Next she peeled off her black skirt, giving him a good look at her shining pussy. She was wet at the idea of dancing for the men out there. He stood up, looking her up and down.

“Mind bendin’ over for me, little girl? Whatcha say your name was?”

“Debbie,” she reminded him, bending over and gripping the back of her ankles.

“Good, you’s a flexible girl, ain’t cha?”

She just winked at him when he got down on his knees behind her. He spread her pussy lips, and she bit her lip to hold back a gasp. Last time she’d had sex was the week after her honey moon with some horny French guy in the bar that Robert was getting wasted at. That was nearly nine months ago. She’d been a virgin until Robert; the French guy was only her second time- and also the better of the two times.

He poked a finger in her hole, seemed to be surprised at how tight she was. “You a virgin miss?”

She gasped as he wiggled his finger around in her, biting her lip to hold back a moan.

He seemed to realize she was having trouble responding while he was poking around in her so he pulled his finger out and stood up.

“No, I’m not a virgin,” she said, standing up and facing him. She gave him another wink. “But I’m not some porn star expert either.” She gave him a devilish smile. “Maybe you could help me with that before I dance around on your bars?”

He grunted. “I dunno, little miss.” He scratched his head, obviously torn between bending her over his desk before approving her for work or just being more of a gentleman and only saying “Alright, you got the job.”

Beautiful as sin, she made it hard for him to do the latter. And she seemed to be begging for it.

“Awe, c’mon. Real quick Gimme a few pointers.”

Though he wasn’t a good looking guy, and he certainly didn’t look like he came in contact with soap very often, she was desperate for sex. Quick sex. She was on the pill, so no worries.

He hesitated. She decided to make the decision for him.

Debbie grabbed his tie and brought her mouth to his. She pressed her tits against him too.

Almost like a reflex, his hands went to her ass. Her hands slid down his stomach to his pant. She undid the button and released his semi-hard cock. She massaged it, still kissing him, trying to get hi worked up. When he was standing at full attention she pulled her lips from his. He pulled her to the desk, and she complied, bending over it like the little slut she wanted to become.

It was quick; he obviously didn’t have much stamina or anything. It was ten minutes at most. He kneaded her tits as he pounded her. Luckily, he was able to get her off quickly too, he wasn’t very big in the length department but he sure as hell had width. And that was all she needed, for now.

Both of them moaned in unison. Then, when both of their orgasms had subsided, she pulled her clothes back on and he hiked his pants back up.

“Job’s yours. When can ya start, little miss?”

“Whenever.” She didn’t even ask questions about money, didn’t care.

“How’s a bout a bring you in five till ‘bout ten. What days you able to come in?”

“Every day,” she said, that devilish smile touching her lips again for a moment.

“’Kay, make you a deal. Five till ten Tuesdays till Fridays. You want weekends?”

She nodded.

“And eight till we close up on weekends. Sound alright, little girl?”

“Very much so. Thank you.”

Damn, she thought. Can’t stay. It’s Monday.

He led her out to the door and she went out to her car. When he saw what she was getting in, he waved for her attention. She started the car and pulled up close to him, rolling down her window.

“You might wanna grab a bus when you come down. Ain’t everybody that stops in my club reliable. Don’t wanna have to explain a keyed up car or somethin’ to your hub, wouldja?”

She was befuddled. “How’d you know-?”

“What? That you got a ring on your finger? Just cause you didn’t wear it down here, don’t mean I ain’t recognize you, Mrs. Fields. Saw your picture in the tabloid magazines my wife likes. Arm in arm with your old man. He looks like your granddaddy, but whatdda I know? Anyways, use the bus.”

She nodded and thanked him before heading off.

So, as Debbie got off the bus a block away from Guilty Pleasures, she couldn’t help but smile.

First day on the job, she thought.

She slipped in quietly, not wanting to draw attention to herself while she was still dressed up like she was supposed to be at an office. Nobody, minus Steve and Anne-Marie, seemed to noise, or care, that she’d come in.

Debbie went to the back room, pulled off her pants suit, and looked herself over in the mirror. She pulled her hair out of its twist, letting it spill over her shoulders and nearly hiding her hoop earrings. Sexy as hell. She pulled on the clear high heels, another clich?he’d decided to follow.

Steve came back to check on her. He had to do a double take, he’d seen her when she walked in- how’d she change from strict school teacher to slutty stripper? His cock twitched.


She gave him that same roguish smile and kissed his cheek.

Anne-Marie was waiting at the door for her. “So, you decided to come down?” Her friend was excited.

She nodded and flashed a quick smile.

“Awesome. So, there’s a bunch of horny, sexy, guys down at the end. I’m sure they’d like to get a look at you. Can you dance?”

“Wouldn’t be here if I couldn’t,” she said.

Anne-Marie smiled before leaving to go to “attend” to a man that was standing near the entrance to the men’s bathroom.

Debbie took a breath. She was excited. She new she was hot. She new the guys would want her. She went to the end of the bar where a pole extended to the ceiling.

God, she thought. These guys are hot!

She spun on her toes, showing off her assets to the men whose eyes were glued to her. She grabbed the pole with both hands and bent down, daring one of them to touch her. She looked over her should at them.

They must have liked what they saw. Out of the four of them two had their hands in their pockets.

She straightened her back out again and her hips moved to the beat of the song. The guys were memorized. She moved in a way that got her tits to shake a bit while her hips rocked. She bent her knees in front of the raven hairs guy and grabbed his head, pulling it toward her pussy. She let him stay there only for a moment, just so he could smell her juices, which were dribbling down her thighs a bit.

She danced for hours. The same guys, and a few new comers, had stuffed her bra and thong full of bills, and most of them were fives or higher. She’d pulled the bills from her bra and tucked them into the strap of her heel before taking it off. She’d let the dark haired guy from before get a taste of her tits and, she hoped, left him hungry.

When Steve gave her an expecting look she hopped off the bar and winked at the guy who’d gotten a face full of her earlier.

“It’s near midnight, little girl. You been up there for a while. Had a break?”

“Don’t want one,” she said.

“Well why dontcha take one, that guy you keep teasin’ wants more than a look-see if you get me. Why not give ‘im what he wants.”

She didn’t need to think that over twice. She’d been attracted to this guy all night, wanted him- bad.

Debbie went back, behind the DarkHair and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. She kissed his neck, he smelled lightly of cologne. She loved it.

“Can I take you in back?” she whispered in his ear, nibbling it.

She didn’t need to ask twice. It wasn’t even a minute before her legs were wrapped around his waist in one of the back rooms and they were violently kissing and groping each other. The rest of her clothing, what little she’d still been wearing, and her heels had come off. Debbie’s thong had been soaked when she’d pulled it off; she stuffed it in the man’s back pocket.

“My name is Debbie,” she panted as he sucked and kissed and bit her neck. She ground her hips against his pant-covered groin. “I wanna hear you scream it soon.”

“Anderson,” he’d replied, blowing in and biting her ear. She gave him a satisfactory moan. “Talk to me Debbie,” he breathed. He let his index finger slide up and down her slit, not yet even parting the lips of her pussy.

“Fuck me, Anderson,” she moaned, teasing him. She felt his hard cock twitch. “I’m your slut tonight.”

He sucked on her neck, she undid his pants. They fell around his ankles and he kicked them aside, keeping her pinned to the wall. He held her by the ass, the head of his dick rested against her hole.

“Get inside me,” she breathed, gripping the back of his head. “Pound me out.”

He seemed all too willing to comply, he pushed inside her with ease, though she was tight her wetness acted as a lubricant. He started pumping in and out of her slowly. She leaned back against the wall, confident he wouldn’t let her fall.

“C’mon, Andy,” she breathed, lust in her eyes as she gazed at him. “Make me cum. Fuck me- hard. You feel how tight I am? Stretch me out.”

He needed no other encouragement; he gripped her waist and pumped in and out of her like a piston.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she moaned, she screamed. “Harder, harder! God, Anderson, fuck me!”

He grunted and, to her surprise, increased his pace,

“Make me cum, Andy,” she cooed. She pulled his face to hers, kissing him. She felt his hard cock twitch as it pumped in and out of her. She leaned her forehead on his. “Fill me up with your seed,” she begged. “Cum inside me.”

She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed it. He was long, wide. Just what she wanted. He was making her crazy, she wanted to released all over him, she was going to.

“You’re gonna make me cum!” she moaned, loud.

One hand slid down her stomach and pinched her clit. And that was it. Her pussy clenched around his cock and she trembled with the intense orgasm that overcame her.

“Anderson!” she moaned.

And that sent him over the edge. He pushed as far into her as he could and his cock jumped inside her with every spurt of his cum that shot inside her. He was moaning and kissing her neck. “Fuck!” he moaned.

She was panting heavy when both of them finally calmed down.

He’d lain back on the nearby couch and she was paying on his chest, his cock still buried in her. She made the muscles in her pussy tighten around his flaccid member.

“We have to do it again,” she said, giving him a disapproving look. “You didn’t scream my name.”


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