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A Foursome Is Moresome

Four friends decide to have some fun
A Foursome Is Moresome

It seems my wife and I have always been lucky in finding cool friends but the story that follows expresses our genuine love and affection for a couple that entered our life a while ago and we have no intention of letting them leave. We are Alicia and Mark. No kids but we love them but we never had an interest in having our own. Years ago I had a friend Tony who he knew quite well and hung out with a lot but lost contact with over the years. About 2 years ago he re-established contact with him and two years after that Alicia entered my life. I have always known Alicia but there was never any thought of us being more than friends. Then one day I asked her out for dinner and she readily accepted. We had a great time that evening at dinner and when the night was over quite late she asked if I wanted to stay the night. I asked if she knew what she was asking as it would change our friendship she said yes and she did not care. Seems she had some feelings for me and wanted to act out on them. Well, who would have known but we had the greatest night of sex we had ever had and opened up to each other quite easily. We spent hours that night fucking and talking and came to the realization that there was something going on here we should take advantage of. The first hint was when I fingered her asshole as I was eating out her wet, full lipped cunt. When I pressed a finger against her asshole she said “I hope that is just the appetizer and your cock is next!”. Well I knew right then and there this was a woman for me as I and she both loved anal sex to no end.

About a week later after we spent every night after work together fucking and talking about everything under the sun that we realized something was great here and we discussed getting married. Within a month we were married and were planning on going on a honeymoon but had no idea where. Well that one weekend we were supposed to visit my friend Tony and his wife Sandra. I have known Tony for years but we were never that close but we did know some things about each other that would make others blush. We traded secrets like little kids but we never shared with anyone. We made the seven hour drive to their home and we were greeted lovingly by them. We had a great weekend with them and loved every minute of our stay with them. At one point Alicia mentioned to them that we were thinking of going away but had no idea where to go on a quick little honeymoon. They mentioned many places they had been over the years. After some discussion we finally all agreed that we should all go to St. Thomas USVI. We made the necessary arrangements and decided to get away in two short weeks.

Well the trip date soon arrived and we all flew down to sunny and warm St. Thomas. We had rented two adjoining rooms in a small hotel with a nice shared deck. We loved being there, sightseeing all day long then a nice meal on the patio. The second day we decided to go to a secluded beach we knew of on the lesser inhabited part of the island. It was about fifteen minute walk through the brush till we got to the beach area. There were just the four of us and one other couple on the beach about fifty yards from where we were. It took little to notice that they were both nude as they lay there. They smiled and waved to us and said that they hoped it was okay that they were nude and it did not bother us. We ll we all smiled back and said not at all.

“Who else wants to get nude?” Sandra asked.

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

“Should we?” asked Alicia.

“Why not?” said Tony “we are all good friends here and may as well lose the tanlines.”

“Why not then?” we all agreed and soon we were all taking off our outfits and nude.

Truth be known Alicia and I have always loved being nude at home and on vacation just never mentioned it to our company. Turns out they were of the same thoughts when they travelled. Small world we all agreed. Well the afternoon went by quite casually. We spent hours just laying there, snorkeling and relaxing all in the nude. I must say that Sandra is quite the attractive woman. She is about 5’7, 135 lbs and small boobs capped by dark, always erect nipples. She also like Alicia shaves her pussy and I loved sneaking glances at her. Even after I removed my glasses I made no secret of admiring her body as Tony did my wife’s. We all agreed that being nude is the best way to be while there. We also agreed to stay nude at the hotel as much as we could even when just hanging and eating together. Sandra said that there was no reason we should cover up there but be nude on the beach. Seems we all liked being nude and since we were all civilized we may as well stay that way the whole time there if we could. The afternoon went by quite well and we loved being nude and just being alone with each other there on the beach. Late in the day we noticed the other couple had disappeared but their stuff was still on the beach. We thought nothing of it till we heard some noises from the area behind where they were on the beach. Alicia looked at Tony and said let’s go see what that is about. They asked if we wanted to join but Sandra said we would stay and watch our stuff just in case. Sandra and I watched as our spouses walked away down the beach to where the couple used to be.

“Alicia and Tony look quite good together” Sandra said.

“I agree” I replied “and you are quite the looker as well.”

“Really?” she asked.

“Of course I have always found you attractive, scratch that gorgeous” I said.

“What would Alicia say if she knew that?” Sandra asked.

“She would agree” I replied.

“Really? You two are in agreement like that?” she asked.

“Of course we are very close and open with each other” I said.

“So are we” she said referring to her and Tony.

“That is so cool” I said as my cock stirred a little.

“Seems we are alike in many respects then” she said as she lay back on the towels she was on and let her legs open wide to the sun.

I could not help but notice how full and wet her pussy was. I did not know from what this was but I assumed it may have been from the chat we were having. She asked if I liked how she looked. I said that I always found her quite attractive and was not afraid to tell her so. She liked that I was so open about complimenting her and asked if I would be the same if Alicia was around. I said of course we share all and have no secrets between us. She liked that and looked directly at my half hard cock and smiled at it then at me. We looked down the beach to see if our spouses were coming back yet but we did not see them anywhere. We both commented that it was odd.

“Maybe they found something to look at” I said.

“Wonder what that could be?” she said.

“Who knows?” I said “what trouble could they possibly get into on a deserted beach?”

“So you and Alicia are open with each other?” she asked. I replied that yes we were about everything. No sense in keeping secrets it always hurts someone and she agreed.

At this time my cock for some reason had become fully hard and I felt zero embarrassment. Sandra smiled and said that it looked nice that way and I said thanks. She said she had not seen that many but mine looked quite nice compared to what she had seen in her 35 years. I looked over at her slim figure and thought I would take a closer look as we were being open and honest now. She had quite the lithe figure capped with a small tight butt and also a cup titties as well. She smiled at me and I said she looked great today nude in the sun. She asked what my fave part of her was and I mentioned it had to be her small tits. She said thanks for that as she always thought they were too small and Tony was just placating her when he said they were fine. I told her outright that Alicia and I both loved small boobs as they kept their shape better and she laughed.

“So Alicia likes small boobies too?”

“Yes she does” I said “we both appreciate the female form.”

“I never knew or suspected” she said.

“Have you two ever shared a female form?” she asked.

I looked at her for a moment before answering her. I wanted to gauge what her reaction may be if I told her the truth. We are all close friends but we have never shared such intimate thoughts as of yet. Her smile and gaze told me she wanted the truth whatever it may be.

“Yes we have many times” I replied taking a great chance with sharing such intimate details about our personal lives.

“Wow that is so cool”

“Glad that you approve” I said “a lot of people would not approve.”

“Trust me we do but we have not done much” Sandra said.

“So you are open to it” I asked.

“We have talked about a lot of things to try but have done nothing as we are a bit afraid” she said.

“Afraid of what?” I asked.

“Well getting with the wrong person or persons for one” she replied.

“Yes that could be an issue” I commented.

“How do you two go about it” she asked.

“Well we have been to a few parties where everyone knows what they are there for and knows how to keep a secret as they do have lots to lose” I said.

“That is what we have to try then” Sandra said.

“You two really want to try new things huh?” I asked.

“We do yes” she said “nothing is at stake and no one is bored its’ just time to try a few new things before we get too old and have kids.”

“I agree with you 100%” I said as she glanced again at my hard cock.

She then leaned over and kissed me on the cheek and said thanks for being such good friends. I replied that we too are glad that we have such good friends in her and Tony. She laughed and said the same and hope that we never judge each other and I said we never do as we have quite a few kinks that may not be for all tastes. Just then we saw Alicia and Tony coming at us from down the beach a way. Both of them were smiling and laughing as well. We also noticed that they were holding hands as well.

“You two look like you had fun” said Sandra.

“We did” Alicia replied.

“Did you find that couple?” I asked.

“Did we ever!” Tony said as he and Alicia laughed.

“What’s so funny?” Sandra asked.

“Well we could not find them at first when we went down that way” Tony said “so we decided to look around.”

“So we went down a hidden path off the beach into the brush a bit” Alicia said “then we both looked at each other when we heard the sounds.”

“What sounds?” I asked.

“Well they were fucking” Alicia replied.

“Really? Cool.” said Sandra “that explains Tony’s hardon.”

“Yes it would” Alicia said “was quite the sight seeing them.”

“Did they see you two?” I asked.

“No” Tony replied “and they are still at it if you want to go look.”

“I would love to see it” Sandra said “Mark, let’s go, Alicia and Tony want to come along again?”

“We should stay and watch our things” Alicia said.

“Ok good idea” Sandra replied.

I then stood up, my hardon on display for all to see. Alicia smiled at me as she saw it as did Tony. I offered Sandra my hand and pulled her up then we started to walk down the beach hand in hand like a couple towards where the path was. I enjoyed being with Sandra and walking like we were as we turned into the bushes. Just then we heard the loud sounds of a couple making love. Sandra held her finger to her lips for us to be quiet. We slowly came around a tree and saw the couple, her bent over a log and the guy slowly sliding his cock in and out of her wet pussy. Sandra still held my hand and gave it quite the squeeze when we saw this sight. She looked at me and smiled. She then glanced down at my still hard cock and said I must like it what I see. I said yes I do and not just the couple. I then asked if she was excited to see the two fucking and replied of course she was but it was less obvious that she was as excited. I said yes women have an easier time hiding it. She smiled at me then looked at the couple and stuck a finger in her own pussy and started to finger herself and then took that wet finger out to show me how wet she was. Her finger was glistening with juices as I looked at it.

“You want to try?” she asked me.

“Are you sure?” I asked her.

“More than I ever have been of anything” she replied.

She opened her legs a little more to give me better access to her wet pussy. I slowly slid a finger in her pussy and I could not believe how wet and warm she was. She pushed back against my finger and let out a small moan as she did.

“Be careful” I whispered to her ear.

“I will try but I am so fucking wet and horny watching this” she whispered back to me.

“I am horny as all hell as well” I said.

Sandra then reached over and held my cock. I smiled at her showing her I did not mind at all what she was doing. We then watched as the couple fucked some more not twenty feet away from us. The girl was short and a bit chubby and the guy was a foot taller and had a good seven inch cock he was using on his girlfriend. She pushed back at his strokes and it was obvious they both loved what was happening. Sandra was now stroking my cock up and down and I now had two fingers in her wet cunt pleasuring her. Her moans became a little louder. I tried to get her to keep it down and she did for a bit. But as we watched the other couple her moans became a little louder. She then accidentally let out a little yelp and at that point the couple stopped and looked over to see who was making the noises.

“Sorry for interrupting you two” Sandra then said “we should leave.”

“No please stay” the girl said “we love being watched. We were hoping someone would catch us but you two were so quiet!”

“Yes please stay” the guy said as he continued to stroke in and out of her.

“You and your wife are obviously enjoying this as well” the girl said.

“We are yes” Sandra said not correcting them on their assumptions.

“You two are great to watch” I said.

“Thanks” the girl said back “like I said we love being watched so come closer if you like.”

“Let’s honey” Sandra said as she led me by the cock right next to the couple.

For the next few minutes we just watched as they fucked and Sandra stroked my cock and I continued to finger her. The girl was obviously in heaven being drilled like that from behind and smiled at us as she watched us play with each other as well. We were not a foot from them as they played. The girl held out her hand to Sandra and she took it. She moved her hand to her breasts and Sandra started to stroke it while they fucked. I looked at the guy and he smiled at me knowing they both were loving it as we watched them. He smiled back at me and looked down at my hard cock as it was being stroked and smiled back at me. I continued to finger Sandra’s wet cunt as we watched them fuck harder. We knew that they would be coming soon. The guy then sped up his fucking of the girl’s pussy as she also pumped back harder. They continued like that for about a minute more and then he said he was coming. He then pulled out of her and she turned around and got on her knees as he aimed his hard cock at her face. She opened her mouth and eyes at the exact moment he shot the first wad all over her cheeks. She smiled at him and yelled for more. He then stroked his cock more and sent three or four more loads all over her face and tits. She obviously loved what she was receiving and smiled the whole time. Sandra also was moaning and said she loved what she saw in front of her. Soon the guy’s pace fell off a bit as the last shot fell onto the girl’s tits. She took a finger and picked up some of the cum and brought it to her mouth and ate it. It was obvious she loved it. Sandra then surprised us all but also putting her finger in the splooge and offering it to the girl who eagerly lapped it up. I was surprised by this action on her part but I guess the moment took her over. She definitely enjoyed what she saw and what she did as well and I immediately saw her in a new light.

The guy then stood up and smiled at us both and thanked us for being involved. He then asked if I wanted to get some relief but I said we would take care of it later as this was about them not us this time. I also said we would certainly meet again as we would be here for two more weeks and definitely planned on coming back to this beach again. We then said our goodbyes and we turned and walked back out the path we came in on. Sandra had a huge smile on her face as we walked out the brush onto the beach area.

“That was fucking hot!” she said.

“Definitely” I said to her “and you getting involved was cool as well.”

“I don’t know what came over me!” she said.

“I thought it was great and it will be our secret if you like” I said.

“I will tell Tony later ok” she said “I just want to soak it in and enjoy the memory for now.”

“Our secret till you let it out” I said.

We walked back the 200 metres or so to where Tony and Alicia were. They waved when they saw us approaching. I noticed that Alicia was leaning back and laying with her head atop Tony’s chest as they lay there. Neither looked surprised by our approach and Alicia mentioned I still had my woody.

“He certainly does” said Sandra “and the reason is we found that couple and they invited us to watch them fuck!”

“Really” asked Tony?

“They certainly did” I said “and it was quite hot seeing them.”

“I loved it as well” Sandra replied.

“Wow” said Tony “I am glad you two enjoyed yourselves. Seems Alicia and I missed out on the fun.”

“Well maybe later we can have our own fun” Sandra said surprising us all.

“Now that could be interesting” Tony said.

We spent the rest of the day enjoying the sand, the sun and the water. Finally, about five or so we decided to pack up and go have dinner. We went back to our rooms and washed up. We now left the door between our rooms open as we found it easier to communicate and we also had little to hide from each other anymore. I loved that we were getting along so well and so openly now too. Tony and I waited for the ladies as they got dressed in their rooms. I noticed that he had a boner now and did not try to hide it at all. I mentioned that it looked good on him and he smiled and said thanks. He also complimented me on mine and said Sandra liked the looks of it as well. Well thanks to her I replied. About a minute later the girls came into the room dressed so Tony and I adjourned and in minutes came back dressed and ready to go out for dinner.

We selected a quiet little place and had a great dinner there with many drinks and two whole bottles of wine along with it. After dinner we did a little walking in town before we headed back to our rooms. When there we went to our separate rooms, cleaned up a little and then all four of us nude made our way to the patio overlooking the bay. We sat there nude and chatted for a bit. Tony suggested we have some after dinner drinks and we all said sure. He left and came back about a minute later with four glasses and a bottle of port he acquired earlier. He then poured us all a glass.

“To good friends and vacations” he said.

“Salut” we all agreed.

“To open minded friends” Sandra added.

“Very definitely” Alicia added herself “so glad to have you two in our lives and especially glad that you two are open minded.”

“One hundred percent in agreement” I said “but Alicia maybe they are not as open as we are so we may offend them if not careful.”

“I doubt that very much” Sandra said “we are open minded here Tony and I.”

I looked over at them and saw that Sandra had her hand in his lap and was stroking his growing cock as we chatted. He made no effort to hide what they were doing and I liked that. Sandra smiled at Alicia as she wrapped her fingers around his fat cock.

“Yes” Sandra said “we are reasonably open minded and are glad to have similar friends like you we can share fun and nudism with.”

“So are we” I added “but not trying to outdo you we may be a bit more open that you two are.”

“How so?” asked Tony.

“Are you really interested in hearing about what we like?” Alicia asked “you may hear things you might not approve of and judge us.”

“Never” said Tony “we would never judge anyone as long as what they do is legal who would we be to judge.”

“I agree” said Sandra “we never judge especially with two people we like as much as we like you two.”

“Ok cool” I said “but one thing we ask of you.”

“What is that?” asked Sandra.

“You two go first” said Alicia “as far as telling us something about yourselves then we will counter and see how it goes from there on.”

“What do you think Tony?” asked Sandra of her hubby whose cock she was still manipulating slowly.

“Ok that’s fair I guess” he said.

“So do we make this a tell all or do we just ask each other questions?” Sandra inquired.

“Since we are trying to find out more about each other I say we just ask questions of the others” said Alicia.

“Sounds fair” Tony said “and all truths ok no leaving anything out. We are all friends here.”

“Ok here goes” Alicia said “have you and Tony ever played with anyone else while you were together?”

“No we have not” said Tony.

“But we would love to!” Sandra stated.

“Nice” I said “that is a nice surprise.”

“Have you two ever?” asked Sandra.

“Many times” Alicia said.

“Really? Cool.” Tony said.

“Yes we love playing with others when we get the chance” I said “it is fun and as long as we are careful it is lots of fun for both of us.”

“And we never feel any jealousy either” Alicia said “we love seeing the other get and give pleasure. We take these experiences back with us and use some of what we learn in bed after.”

“Wow cool” Sandra said “I would like to be that open with Tony.”

“Me too with Sandra” said Tony “we just have not had any opportunities or people we felt comfortable with yet.”

“Well you have a couple here right now you can try it with if you like” said Alicia.

“Really” asked Tony.

“Of course” I said “we are all friends here, we are alone and we are all nude as well. Also I think we have crossed some barriers together and now is a good time to possibly cross another if you like.”

“We can try whatever you are comfortable with and stop whenever you like if it gets weird” said Alicia “how does that sound?”

“Wow we would like that as long as you know we are beginners” said Sandra “we have watched a lot of porn and videos and there is a lot we would love to try.”

“Such as what?” I asked.

“I would love to see Sandra pleasure another man” said Tony.

“MMM I would love that as well” said Sandra “you okay with that?”

“Kids” Alicia said “we are cool with just about anything you can throw at us trust me. We have been playing for years even before we got married and saw no reason to stop after we got married so yes we would love to play with you two.”

“What would you like to try?” asked Tony of his wife.

“Well since I have already held his cock in my hand today I may as well try that first again” said Sandra.

“It’s true” I said “she held my hard cock as we watched that couple today.”

“And I loved holding it” Sandra said as she got up letting go of her hubby’s cock and came over to where I was sitting with Alicia on another couch on the deck.

Alicia looked up at Sandra and offered her my cock which was now standing at full attention. Sandra sat between us and kissed me on the cheek. I then turned my head towards her and kissed her full on the lips. She immediately kissed back and put her arms around me. I heard a sound from Tony and saw he had his cock in his hand and was stroking it. He mentioned other than family kisses and such that this was the first time another man was kissing his wife like this since they got married.

“Do you like what you see?” asked Alicia.

“I do yes!” he replied.

Sandra then leaned in even more and opened her mouth fully to me and kissed me with vigor now. I took a hand a wrapped one around her back and pulled her to me. With the other I cupped one of her gorgeous tits and started to rub it and the nipple as well. She let out a small groan as I did this. As I started to kiss her more and rub her nipples I saw out of the corner of my eye that Alicia got up and moved to Tony’s couch and sat with him. He looked at her as she sat down and she ten took his hard cock in her hand and took over the stroking of it. Sandra then stopped kissing me and looked into my eyes one last time before I saw her head move down to my lap. She held my cock firmly and in one swoop swallowed my hard cock fully into her mouth until she reached the base. We both keep our pubes shaved so there was no hair to get in the way at all for her. She held it in her mouth for a moment before she pulled back all the way back to the tip. Trust me she was good and had lots of practice as well. I looked over at Alicia and she smiled at me as she rubbed Tony’s cock and balls in the hand. Tony loved what he was feeling and especially loved what Sandra was doing.

“You have a hell of a wife here” I said to Tony as she sucked slowly on my cock.

“How is it?” asked Tony.

“MMmmmm” was all we could hear from Sandra as she kept on sucking my cock.

“You like seeing that?” asked Alicia.

“Yes it makes me quite happy” said Tony “and I can see Sandra likes it as well.”

“Well now you two can see why we like playing with others as well” I said as I leaned back and let Sandra do her thing.

I watched as Alicia stroked Tony for a few more minutes as Sandra worked her magic on me as well. She then stopped after a few minutes and asked mne if I liked it.

“Hell yes” I said “I loved it. You are quite talented.”

“Well thank you” she replied “who’s next?”

“I’ll go then” I said “I would love to see Sandra eaten by Alicia.”

I saw her eyes light up as I said that and she let go of my cock. I then shifted a little on the couch we were on and pulled her legs apart a little. Alicia took the cue and immediately got on all fours and came over to Sandra’s welcomingly spread legs. She looked up at her from between them and Sandra moaned please do it. Alicia then took Sandra by the knees and moved them apart. Sandra willingly allowed Alicia to spread her legs wide and she got her face between them. She moved forward and kissed her all over the upper legs as Sandra moaned in pleasure. Alicia then kissed her directly on the mound and took a finger and put in in her wet cunt. I moved over to where Tony was sitting and sat beside him as we watched the girls. Sandra leaned back as Alicia started to lap at Sandra’s wet pussy lips and evidently enjoyed it. She then held Alicia by the head she was being pleasured and moaned again as she felt Alicia’s tongue pleasure her intimately. Alicia is one great cuntlapper and Sandra was on the receiving end of some great pleasure. Alicia reached up as well to rub Sandra’s nipples as she lapped at her pussy. Sandra looked over at us and smiled at her hubby as he watched. She also mouthed “I love you” to him as she enjoyed herself. He looked back at her and said the same back as he stroked his hard cock. I looked down at his cock as he stroked it and admired what I saw. His cock was about half an inch shorter than mine at seven and a half inches but he was thicker though by half an inch as well. He stroked it slowly not wanting to shoot his load yet as we had all night for this. He looked at me and saw that I was watching his cock intently as he played with himself. I smiled back at him and complimented him on his nice looking cock as he stroked it up and down all the while watching his wife get oral pleasure from mine. He moaned as I told him he had a great looking cock as well as a great looking wife. I said thanks and that we are all there for them to have fun with any time they like and if they like our company here that there would be no reason to stop when we get back home.

“We would love that” Toy said smiling at me.

“Excellent” I said as I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek as he continued to watch the girls and stroke himself.

“You boys like what you see?” asked Sandra.

“Of course we do” said Tony as he smiled at his wife with Alicia between her legs.

Alicia was working her magic on Sandra and I could tell she was bringing her close to orgasm by the way Sandra was starting to shake and moan. Tony also started to work his cock a little faster seeing his wife being eaten out as Alicia’s ass pointed up in the air at us it’s wonderful little rosebud of an asshole smiled at us. I watched as he ran his hand up and down his thick shaft. I have to say he had a fine looking cock as I looked back and forth the between him and the girls. All of a sudden I heard a loud moan and Sandra started to shake uncontrollably in her seat as her orgasm overtook her. Alicia kept eating her pussy out as Sandra came in wave after wave of her orgasm. Tony stopped his stroking to get up and sit beside his wife as she came over and over again on the couch. Sandra finally stopped coming after about two minutes and Alicia got up form between her legs her face all covered in wet juices. She looked at me and smiled and came over. I got up immediately and kissed her on the mouth and tasted Sandra’s sweetness on her. I also licked all the extra juice off her face as Alicia stood there and took in all that had just happened. I looked over at Sandra and Tony who were hugging each other and kissing.

“Well how was it” I asked.

“Oh my god that was great” Sandra said “Alicia you can eat me anytime you like!”

“If you are serious I will trust me you have one sweet tasting cunt” Alicia replied “and your juices are so tasty too.”

“So I assume she was good?” asked Tony.

“Fuck yes she was” she replied.

“Anyone for a refill?” I asked.

They all said yes to some water and some more port as well. No one tried to hide anything that had just happened and we openly discussed it all. After what we just did there was no reason to keep secrets so why pretend. Sandra was all smiles still and Tony was still hard as a rock. Alicia and I sat opposite them and just carried on a casual chat as we enjoyed the evening.

“So who is next to ask wat they like?” asked Sandra.

“I believe it is your turn babe” Tony said.

“Really” she asked.

“Sure why not? We have had lots of experiences so why not let you two have some fun tonight?” I said.

“Anything goes” Alicia said “we are all friends and seems we have fewer secrets now so ask away.”

“Ok cool” Sandra said as she leaned over and whispered something to Tony.

“Hmmm” I said “seems you two are plotting something over there.”

“No just had a fantasy but not sure if we could as you” she said.

“Sandra” Alicia said “trust me there is nothing you could possibly ask that would shock or surprise us.”

“Ok” Sandra said “Tony has always wanted to be with Alicia but he also loves anal.”

“Is that true Tony?” I asked.

“Yes” he said sort of sheepishly.

“Well your lucky day sir” Alicia said as she stood up from beside me.

She then looked at me and winked. Alicia then bent over the couch we were on and pointed her upturned ass at them. I got up and stood behind her just before I kneeled and started to kiss her asshole and also lapped and licked at her sweet rosebud. Sandra and Tony watched as I did that. I then sucked on a finger of mine and slowly inserted it fully into her waiting asshole as she moaned in pleasure.

“We also have a secret” Alicia said.

“What is that” asked Sandra.

“We both absolutely love anal” she replied “both of us love it in every form.”

“Oh my really?” asked Tony.

“Of course” I said “we would not lie to you guys about anything sexual. Now get over here and try out this wonderful ass you have been admiring.”

Tony then stood up and came over to Alicia his hard cock leading the way. He looked back at Sandra and she smiled at him. He looked at me seemingly for permission and I smiled back and he knew he had it. He then leaned over beside me and licked at her asshole as well getting it wet and ready for his fat cock. He then spat on his hand and rubbed it all over the head of his cock. Alicia looked back over her shoulder at him and said she was ready for his dick. I leaned in a bit and held my wife’s cheeks apart as he held the tip of his fat hard cock to her asshole. As soon as she felt it Alicia pushed back on it fitting the tip inside her wet asshole. He was surprised she did this.

“Like I said Tony we love anal” I said to him “enjoy yourself as I patted him on the ass and kissed his head.”

I then went over to Sandra and sat with her as we watched as Tony slowly got his fat sausage inside my wife’s ass. Sandra was loving watching what she saw and was petting her wet pussy a little bit. I then removed her hand and replaced it with my own and she said she wanted that. I slowly started to play with her wet cunt first with one finger then with two as I held her next to me and we watched her hubby fuck my wife’s willing asshole.

“You like that?” I asked.

“Oh I love it as well” she replied “but I do not do it too often as he is so wide.”

“Alicia will be fine with it” I said “I have seen much larger in her back there at parties.”

“Wow really?” she asked.

“Yes certainly” I said “she loves a nice sized cock back there and I love seeing her get pleasure.”

“And you never get jealous?” she asked.

“Never” I said “what would it accomplish? We agreed years ago to have fun with each other and with others even if apart as long as we told the other all about it – no secrets remember? This way we are honest in our wants and needs and no one feels in competition. I know there are larger cocks out there but so what? Alicia will not leave me for one of them as we could never have with others what we have together. She can get a cock anytime, sometimes I even get them for her so we have a great arrangement.”

“That is so cool” she replied “I will have to talk to Tony to get the same arrangement at home as well. I wonder if he will go for it?”

“Something tells me he will” I said to her as I continued to stroke her flowing pussy.

“You think so?” she asked me.

“Look at him” I said “we are here in paradise. I am stroking your wet cunt as your husband happily fucks my happy wife in the ass not five feet in front of us. What else could you ask for?”

“Well there are a few things we would love to try that we have never opened up to anyone about” she said “we are afraid of being judged.”

“I think you are beyond being judged by us so by all means feel free to tell or ask what you would like” I said to Sandra.

“Let me talk to my hubby” she said as I rubbed her clit and pussy lips at the same time and she moaned at my ministrations.

We sat back and watched Alicia and Tony enjoy themselves. Alicia looked over her shoulder at us and smiled and told Sandra she loved her hubby’s cock in her ass. Sandra told her she loved seeing him do that to her and it made her wet as all hell. Tony then also said he loved the feel of my wife’s asshole. I let him know I was happy for him and for her as well. After about five more minutes of him fucking her tight ass, he mentioned he was going to come. He asked where she would like it and Alicia replied on the face please. Tony then pulled out and held his throbbing cock as Alicia got in front of him on her knees. Tony then started to jerk his cock back and forth quickly as his head leaned back. He was going to come soon. Just then he let out a deep moan and the first shot hit Alicia on the lips. She smiled and licked some into her mouth. The next few shots hit her all over the face and dribbled down her chin onto her chest. Alicia opened her eyes as he took his last shot and landed it right on her forehead. She loved that touch. Tony then stood back and admired what he just did.

“Thank you” was what Alicia said.

“My god you are welcome” he said “that was great!”

“Damn right it was” Sandra chimed in “did you like it too Mark?”

“Definitely yes” I said “I always love when she has a man shoot his load on her face!”

“Wow really?” Tony asked.

“Yes he does and so do I” Alicia said.

“Trust us this is not our first rodeo as they say” I said.

Alicia then got and kissed Tony on the lips and said thanks as some of the cum stayed on his mouth. I did notice that he did not wipe it off or be offended by its’ presence. Alicia then came over to me and gave me a huge hug. She then kissed me fully on the lips with her cum covered face and lips. I love when she does that especially when the cum is from someone I like and play with. I heard Sandra draw her breath in as she saw that I kissed back with all her hubby’s cum on mine and her lips as well. We broke our kiss and looked over at Tony who was now sitting beside his wife his cock now flaccid but still thick and leaking a little cum still. Sandra reached over and used the tip of her finger to grab a drop and bring it to her own lips. She then licked it off and mentioned how good it tasted with Alicia’s scent all over it as well. Alicia then took a napkin and removed most of the cum from her face and sat down beside me.

“So how was your first experience in another woman’s ass while your wife watched?” asked Alicia of Tony.

“I definitely liked it” he said “what about you babe?”

“Me too I definitely loved the sight and sounds” she said.

“How did it feel watching your hubby with another woman?” I asked.

“I loved it” she said “especially since it was you two. That made it all the more special.”

“We are glad we could be of service” Alicia said.

“Excuse me for a moment” I said to the group as I got up “I have to piss.”

“Me too” Tony said.

We walked to the bathroom and I lifted the lid and started to piss as Tony washed his hands and waited. I was still pissing when he finished and said join me you can piss at the same time. He came over to the bowl and stood beside me and pointed to cum covered cock at the water and started to piss.

“So not shy about pissing with others huh?” I asked.

“Not shy about a lot of things just not much experience either” he replied.

“May I ask what you need experience with?” I asked.

“A few things Sandra and I would love to try” he replied.

“Any hints?” I asked as I shook off my cock and washed my hands.

“You want me to tell you?” he asked.

“What harm is there in telling us?” I asked “anyways we are now a fair bit closer than earlier today would you not say?”

“I guess so” he replied “seems we have the same interests as well in bed and in sex.”

“Mostly” I said “Alicia and I may surprise you. Or actually maybe you two will.”

“We are open minded like Sandra said” Tony said “but we do lack experience.”

“Let me tell you” I said “Alicia and I have done a lot and are more than willing to teach or do things with you if you like. All you have to do is say no to anything that makes you uncomfortable. Also we will do the same if we feel that way but I doubt you can surprise us like that.”

“Really think so?” he asked me as he now washed his hands after pissing.

“Why what do you two have in mind?” I asked.

He looked at me as he stood not two feet away and grinned a wry smile. He then looked down at my cock and stared at it for a second before he looked back up at my face. I immediately knew what he wanted from me. I looked at him and nodded and he smiled back as well.

“You cool with that?” he asked.

“Definitely” I said “we are both openly bi.”

He looked down again at my cock and smiled. I moved closer to him and took him by the cock and pulled him to me. He moaned a little and I knew he liked that action. He looked at my face again and I grasped his cock firmly and then leaned in and kissed him on the lips. He kissed me back as well with a slight bit of reticence. But there was no fear from what I could see. I pulled him up against my body and took his face in my hands letting go of his cock. I then kissed him fully on the lips and snaked my tongue into his mouth which he willingly accepted. He wrapped his arms around me and held me as I kissed him. I ran my hands over his face then let one fall to his taught ass. He moaned into my mouth as I did that and I could tell he wanted more. I slowly broke the kiss. He looked disappointed.

“Let’s get back to the women” I said “but keep this our little secret and if anything happens out there tonight act like it’s our first time okay?”

“Definitely” he said “I will! And thanks for not judging me.”

“Tony” I said “you are a close friend even before all of this tonight. There is absolutely nothing wrong in what we did out there or in here trust me. And if we do any more out there believe me I will think no less of you because you like men. I love both sexes and have fun with both in many different ways and always have and it appears to me that you will be doing the same soon.”

“Thanks Mark” he said “I appreciate that. And I do love you as a friend. Who knows maybe even more in a while this trip. We will see.”

He leaned over and kissed me one more time on the lips before we left the bathroom to rejoin the ladies. They were now sitting together arm in arm on the couch their legs both spread and Alicia stroking her wet pussy.

“What happened to you boys?” asked Sandra.

“We had to do more than take a leak” I said the girls both thinking we meant a dump.

“What did you two do while we were away?” I asked.

“Just chatting about what just happened” Alicia replied.

“And what was the verdict?” Tony asked.

“Sandra loved it seeing Tony satisfy me” Alicia said “and would love to see more.”

“Like what?” asked her hubby.

“Well Sandra has some fun ideas or would you call them fantasies” Alicia asked of her.

“Depends on how things go tonight they may not be fantasies anymore” Sandra said.

“What did you have in mind babe?” Tony asked.

“Remember my fave fantasy?” she said.

“Number one or two?” he asked.

“One of course!” she replied as I tried to figure out what it could be.

“Are you sure?” asked Tony of Sandra.

“Nothing would please me more!!!” she said.

“Okay I will try to please you” he said.

He then leaned over to me where we sat on the other couch and looked at me directly. He then reached down to my soft cock and held it gently. He smiled at me and asked if that was okay with me. I responded by leaning over and kissing him gently on the lips and spreading my legs for him giving him better access to my privates. He smiled back at me as I did. I could also hear Sandra moan loudly and start to play with her own pussy.

“Oh my god this is so hot” she said “I never thought we would find a guy to play with.”

“We can play in any manner you two like trust me” Alicia said “we are both openly bisexual and love seeing each other like this. Also we are a little more than just friends now and trust me we never judge anyone for what they may like in bed. We may still have a few surprises for you.”

I leaned back now as Tony started to stroke my cock and I started to get hard as well. He looked at me almost lovingly as he stroked my eight inch cock in his hand. He was quite good at it as well. He even spit on his hand to lube it a bit as well. Something told me this was not his first time with a man but I concentrated on what he was doing now with me. It only took me a minute under his expert hands to get fully hard. At that point he leaned over even more and kissed the tip of my cock. I could hear Sandra take in a deep breath when she saw that. I looked directly at Sandra and could see that she was more than intrigued by what she was seeing here tonight. She was rubbing her pussy more now and staring at her hubby as he licked at my throbbing cock. Alicia looked at me and smiled then she looked at Sandra and asked if she wanted some help down there? Sandra spread her legs even more allowing Alicia to play with her lips as well. Tony meanwhile was working some magic on my organ as he licked it up and down the shaft. He looked up at me and I smiled back at him showing that I loved what he was doing. With one hand he held my cock and with the other he rubbed my balls as he licked and sucked alternately at my organ. He also used a bit of his teeth on the underside of the head which I love all the time. I know for a fact that he has done this before. He then slid off the couch and got between my legs on the floor. He then slipped off my cock and took one of my balls in his mouth ever so gently. He then swirled it around in his mouth and pulled on it a bit. He looked up at me and smiled as he did this.

“Looks like you have a keeper there Mark” Alicia said to me.

“I think you may be right” I said back “how is that cunt you are playing with over there?”

“Oh it is quite wet and juicy and tight” she said as Sandra moaned hearing us talk about her.

“This is so hot!” Sandra yelled out as Alicia fingered her pussy.

I looked down at Tony and he was now swallowing my cock almost whole up and down and his tongue worked the underside of my shaft. He was quite good at what he was doing. I was looking forward to doing more with him as I got the chance on this vacation. He then let my cock slip from his mouth and he then lifted my balls and ran his tongue down from there towards my asshole. I could tell from the look on his face he was enjoying himself as he tongued his way down to my hole. When he got there he licked at my asshole as he stroked my cock at the same time.

“Sandra” I said “you have one hell of a cocksucker here. And now he is licking at my asshole as well.”

“Oh my god I cannot believe that!” she replied.

“And he is good at it as well” I said.

“Enjoying yourself honey?” Alicia asked.

“Definitely” I replied “I am enjoying this a lot. And it is even better that it is a good friend who is pleasuring me right now.”

Tony licked and poked at my asshole with his expert tongue. He then wet a finger and without asking slowly put it in my waiting ass. I love the feeling of things being inserted in my ass especially with Tony doing the inserting and his wife watching my face as he did it. This was such an erotic scene him pleasuring me and my wife watching us and frigging his wife’s wet cunt at the same time not six feet away. He then put his mouth back over the head of my cock and sucked gently on my hard cock as both stroked me and sucked me and played with my asshole. Never would I have guessed he was good at this as he never gave any indication of liking men. I was now glad he did and he made a move for me earlier in the bathroom. I looked down at him as he toyed with me and I knew I would not last long either.

“I am going to cum soon” I said.

“Mmmm” was all he could utter.

“I want to see this” Sandra said as she left her couch and sat beside me on my couch. She looked at me and smiled and whispered that this was so hot and that she was quite grateful I went along with it.

“Sandra” I said “assume that whatever you want to try we will go along with in the future okay?”

“I will” she replied.

Tony then ramped up his sucking and stroking and I mentioned I was moments from cumming and I asked them where they wanted it? Sandra looked at me then Tony who smiled at here and the she said on his face if I would. Oh I definitely world and could. Finally, I could take it no more and pulled my cock from his mouth. He sat back on his heels and waited as I stroked my cock at his face. It only took me a few seconds before the first shot let loose and hit him square in the forehead at which Sandra moaned and gasped. She grasped my free hand as I shot four or five more loads on her hubby’s face. I must admit it was so hot to be splooging all over my best friend’s face as his wife was beside me. I saw Alicia smile as I shot my load all over him as she had seen this many, many times and it never failed to make her happy. After one last shot I pulled my hand off my cock and let it fall. Tony looked magnificent sitting there, my cum all over his face. Sandra then leaned forward and kissed her hubby the cum all over both their lips and mouths. She then turned to my cock and licked the drop about to fall off the tip of it. She smiled at me when she did that and it was quite genuine. She then went back to her hubby and started to lick all my cum off of his face. I could see that they both were loving what they just enjoyed with me.

“I loved that” said Sandra “it was so hot to see two men play together like that.”

“Something tells me you will see much more of that this vacation” Alicia said.

“Oh I hope so” said Sandra “I am so happy I saw what I did and especially happy it was my hubby being so open.”

“I have wanted that for so long” Tony said “I played a bit in college but never told you much about it thinking you may not approve but it seems you are cool with it.”

“Trust me” she said “I am more than cool with it. What about you Mark?”

“100% in favor of it” I said “especially if Tony is the one I play with and he approves.”

“Oh I do” he said “and I loved what we just did together and I would love to do more if you like.”

“I do” I replied “and yes we will.”

Sandra pulled Tony up and he still had some of my jizz on his face. Alicia came over and licked a bit of the leftover jizz off his face and then turned to kiss Sandra who lovingly kissed her back sharing my cum between them. I got up and went to the bathroom to take a leak. While there Sandra came in and said hey as she washed up a bit. We talked about what she just saw and how she liked it. She thought it was quite erotic and she was also very happy that her hubby was open to male to male play. She had no idea we were both bi but she loved that we were. I shook the last drop of piss off my cock and also went over to wash my hands. I then turned to her and saw her smiling at me. I stepped right up to her, grabbed her by the hips and pulled her body right up against me. She then tilted her head up and went to kiss me. I kissed her back and she loved it as I did as well. I let one hand fall on her round butt and massaged it all over while the other held her firmly around the hip. She let one hand as well fall to my ass and then she ran a finger up and down my ass crack. I let her know I liked that by moaning a little bit when she ran her finger in the crack and against my hole.

“Thanks for being such good friends” she said as she broke the kiss.

“Always” I replied “we love both you guys and are very glad we all seem to have the same interests. Cannot wait to see what else we may have in common. Trust me Alicia and I have done a lot and are very open minded.”

“That is good to hear” Sandra said “we want to expand our horizons and who better to do that with than someone we get along with and are not embarrassed around right?”

“Exactly” I said.

We broke our embrace and went back to the patio to find our spouses but did not see them there. We then walked hand in hand to the bedroom and there they were in a wonderful sixty nine position.

“Well, hello there!” Sandra said “I am shocked to see this sort of behavior!”

“Me too!” my own wife cheating on me with my best friend. Who would have thought?”

They looked up at us smiling and starting to laugh as we were as well. We all thought it was funny.

“May I make a suggestion?” I asked.

“Sure” said Alicia “what would it be?”

“Let’s enjoy the rest of this vacation in any combination we want” I said “and not worry about who is with whom. I think we are all past the shyness phase and we all trust each other so let’s enjoy each other’s company in any way, shape or form. What do you think?”

“I agree” Sandra said “Tony what do you think? Or should I even ask as you have two fingers in Alicia’s ass as I ask you?”

“I am in agreement as well” he said “we are all friends so let’s be open about all of this and our attraction towards each other. I have finally acknowledged to Sandra that I am bi and it is apparent that she likes it and I look forward to seeing what other things we can do together as a couple in bed and out!”

“Well that settles that then” Alicia said “Tony, back to work. Or fun if you like.”


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