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Forced To Watch

Forced to watch my wife with another man
Forced To Watch

My name is Trevor. I am a 33 year old married man to my wife of 8 years. We have always had a loving relationship and rarely argue or fight. I stand about 6’ with brown hair and blue eyes, and weigh about 190lbs. My wife, Kirsten, is 29, she stands about 5’6” with long red hair, green eyes, and is a little on the chubby side, weighing about 160lbs. She isn’t real fat, but quite thick in all the right places, with a 40DD chest.

My wife was never the adventurous type on anything. I met her just after I graduated from college and she was virgin when I met her. I found it hard to believe that she was 20 at the time and still a virgin, but she was one of them that wanted to wait until marriage to have sex, but I was able to get her into bed before we even contemplated marriage. We have had a good sex life ever since though.

One evening I came home from work to find my wife sitting the couch watching television. She turned to look at me as I walked into the house. “Hi honey,” she said smiling at me. “Hi babe,” I replied as I closed the door behind me and walked into the front room. She was still wearing her scrubs from work as a nurse as I walked up behind the couch and leaned down to give her a kiss. “So how was your day?” I asked her as I set my briefcase next to the couch.

“We were pretty busy in the ER today,” she answered turning back to the TV. “Well that should have made time fly by then huh?” I said as I sat down next to her on the couch, “where are the kids at?” She turned to look at me, “they’re at my parents for the weekend, remember.” I had forgotten that they were going over there for the weekend, “so we’re home all alone huh?” I smiled sexily at her. She slowly nodded, “I have company coming over in about an hour though.”

“You have company coming over?” I asked a little confused. “Yeah a friend of mine from work is coming over,” she said still watching TV. “Can I ask who it is? Have I met her before?” She shook her head and turned to look at me, “his name is Darren, he’s new there, and he’s one of our interns.”

“Ok and can I ask why he’s coming over?” I was really confused. She had never had anyone from work come over ever before. “He wants to get know the nurses he is working with better.” I laughed, “that sounds really corny.” She looked at me sternly, “there’s nothing corny about it, and besides he has been over to all of the other nurse’s houses and met their husbands. So stop being silly, he’s a really nice guy once you get to know him.”

“I believe you, just never heard of that before, interns wanting to get to know the nurses they work with better.” I kind of chuckled as I spoke. “I thought it was weird too, but after talking to the other girls at work, they said it was a lot of fun, and that you would like him too when you met him.” I laughed more, “ok we’ll see about that, I’m going to go take a shower then.”

After my shower, I got dressed in a comfortable outfit, just a pair of gym shorts and a t-shirt. I came back downstairs and my wife already changed as well. She was wearing a thigh length red mini skirt, with a matching button down blouse. She was in the kitchen preparing dinner as I walked up behind her and wrapped my arm around her stomach, squeezing her lightly. She jumped when I first grabbed and turned her head to look at me, “hi honey, you startled me.” I laughed as I leaned in and kiss her lightly, “so I noticed.” I let go of her and stood by the counter, “so what time is this doctor supposed to be here?” She looked over at me, “well he’s not a doctor yet, he’s only an intern, and he should be here anytime now.” I chuckled, “well excused me, but I thought they referred to them as doctors.” She only shook her head as she continued preparing the food.

I started to walk back into the front room when I heard the doorbell ring. I guessed it was him as I walked up to the front door. I turned the handle and opened it. Darren was standing there, he was wearing black dress paints, with a green button down shirt. I opened the screen door to let him in, “you must be Darren?” I lightly grinned, trying to make him feel welcome. As he walked into the house, he looked me in the eyes, “you got it, and you must be Trevor.” I nodded in agreement as I closed the door behind him and held my hand out to shake his. He was a tall guy. I would guess around 6’3” or 6’4”, and well-built too. His skin was as dark as night as well, and when he spoke he had slight accent. I led him to the kitchen where my wife was just washing off the countertops.

She heard us walk in as she turned to look at us, her face lit up with joy, “hi Darren.” He waved as he looked at her. “Please have a seat,” she said pointing to the dining room table, “dinner will be ready here in a few minutes.” He walked over towards the table and sat in a chair on the end, I took a seat at the other end of the table as we both watched my wife finish cleaning up. I finally turned to look at him, “so my wife tells me you want to get to know your nurses better.” He turned to look at me, “yeah, that way I know who I’m working with. It has just been something that helps me get along with people better at work.” I laughed, “you don’t know how ridiculous that sounds.” He looked at me sternly, “what do you mean?” I smiled, “that just sounds stupid, I work with a lot of people at my work, but never want to get to know them better.”

“Ah I understand that, but I feel it helps us get along better, especially when things start getting very stressful,” he smiles back at me. “Yeah that may be true, but still why do you have to come over to their place to do that, don’t you have enough time at work?” I ask, trying to figure this guy out. “Not really, we are usually pretty busy there.” He responds looking slightly uncomfortable, just the way I wanted him to be.

My wife walks up as we are conversing, “now honey, what did I tell you, be nice.” I look up at her, “I know babe, but it still seems weird why he needs to come over to their houses to get to know them better.” She looks down at me, then over at Darren, “well he’s not originally from America, and where he came from, that is how they did it with their co-workers.” He nods in approval as he just stares me down. “Ok whatever, still seems stupid to me.” I comment as I get up to get something to drink.

As I sit back down at the table, my wife goes over and gets the food out of oven and carries it over to us, sitting it in the middle of the table. I get up and grab plates and silverware. My wife offers Darren one of my beers and of course he accepted. I could tell this was going to cause a fight between my wife and me later on after he left.

After we ate supper I went into the room to watch some television, leaving Darren sitting at the table, and my wife cleaning everything up, just like all of the other nights. After a short time they both come walking into the front room to join me. Darren has another one of my beers in his hand and my wife is carrying a glass of wine. She sits down next to me on the couch, while Darren has a seat in the recliner next to the couch. We make small chit chat amongst one another as we watch TV. Around 8 my wife gets up and states, “Well I’m going to go up and get ready for bed, but don’t leave yet Darren ok?” I had no clue why she wanted him to hang around longer, but I knew we were all feeling pretty good with the alcohol in our systems.

About 20 minutes later I heard my wife walking back down the stairs. I turned to look at her, and she came walking down in one of her sexy lingerie outfits. It was a baby blue colored chemise that was see-through except for the tits, and she had a matching thong on underneath. I guessed Darren had seen her too, because I heard a light groan come from his way. She strolled up behind the couch, her slightly chubby belly jiggling against her top as she walked. “Umm what are you doing baby?” I asked her, looking up at her. She looked at Darren and smiled, “so Darren what do you think?” Darren nodded in approval as he looked at her up and down. “Ok what is going on here?” I asked trying to get her to talk to me. “Well Trevor, remember how I told you the other girls at work said they had fun when he came over?” She said looking down at me. I could only nod, the thoughts that I had earlier were right I guessed. “Well you get to watch him fuck me with his big black dick.” She smiled at me. I couldn’t believe what I had just heard come from her mouth. This was turning into a corny storyline from a porno flick.

I was stunned and speechless at the same time. I was finally able to mutter out, “What the fuck are you talking about?” She laughed, “you heard, you’re going watch Darren have his way with me, and you can sit there and play with yourself.” In a weird way this kind of turning me on, but I still couldn’t believe what she was saying to me. I grabbed her arm and squeezed it, “I’m not going to let that happen.” She chuckled more, “we figured you would say that.” She looked at Darren and smiled. I looked over at Darren as he got up from the recliner and moved towards my wife. He got up beside her and grabbed my wrist in his hand squeezed hard, “Trevor, we can do this the easy way or the hard way, but I am going to have this nice white pussy tonight.” He was extremely strong as I released my wife’s arm, “how about I choose neither?” I looked up at him towering over my wife.

He scoffed as he looked at me, “that’s the wrong answer Trevor.” My wife was rubbing his bulge in his pants as we talked. I swallowed some air as I seen the size of the bulge, “you’re not going to have sex with my wife, I can make sure you don’t ever become a doctor.” He just laughed as he grabbed my shoulder in his huge hand. He started to pull up on my shoulder, causing me great pain as he squeezed harder, “come on Trevor stand up now, or I will cause you more pain.”

I couldn’t believe this was happening. It was either I relent and let him fuck her, or I try to fight him. But he was much bigger than me, so I didn’t stand much of a chance. I chose to go the way of relenting, because it did me no good to fight him. I stood up as he instructed and stood in front of the couch. He released my shoulder and smiled, “ok that’s what I thought, don’t worry Trevor, I’ll take good care of her.” My wife smiled at me, “thank you honey, I will make it up to you I promise.” She was grinding her crotch into his leg that was now between her legs, as she rubbed his bulge faster up and down. “Ok baby lets go up to your bedroom now,” Darren said, “Trevor follow us up there now.”

The three of us walked up to our bedroom, my wife in the lead. As we walked into the room my wife told me to sit on the edge of the bed so I could watch them close. I was still having a hard time comprehending what was going on, but did as she told me. This dark black man was going to have his way with my wife, and I couldn’t stop it, because my wife wanted it too.

I sat on the edge of the bed as my wife slowly starting sliding his pants down his legs, looking up at him and smiling as she did. As his pants slid over his boxers, I gulped at the size and thickness of the bulge that was pressing against them, there was no way she was going to be able to it inside of her. Yes she had two kids, but she still had a fairly tight pussy. She used her foot to slide the pants all of the way to floor as she started rubbing his manhood through his boxers. “Damn the girls were right at work, you are well gifted down here,” she said smiling at him. She slowly slid her hand into his boxers and grabbed his manhood. He let out a low groan of pleasure as he started to slide my wife’s chemise over her shoulders.

My wife pulled his thick dick out of his boxers and lightly gasped, “Oh my god, that thing is huge.” I had to agree with her on that. It looked to be about 11 in. long and about 3 in. in diameter. I was for sure it would rip her open. She smiled at me as she slowly stroked his dick, her hand barely able to fit the shaft. Darren slid my wife’s chemise down her arms and over her thick, milky white tits. I felt my dick surge in my shorts as I saw her nipples were already erect. Darren whispered something in her, and she moved over to sit on the bed next to me.

Darren slid his boxers completely down and off, and tossed the aside. His huge erection bouncing free as he knelt on the floor in front of my wife. He laid his hands on each of her knees and slowly spread her legs apart, revealing a moist spot on her thong. He started kissing at her right knee and kissing his way down her inner thigh. As he got closer to her crotch she laid on back onto the bed with her eyes closed, letting out some soft moans as her body started to writhe on the bed. He stopped kissing her thigh just before he reached her covered pussy lips, then he started kissing at her left knee and down her inner thigh as well. Her body was practically squirming on the bed as he got even closer to her crotch this time. She reached down to grab his head, but he pulled away before she could.

He looked up at her and smiled as started kissing her stomach, just about her thong. He kissed her all over her stomach, sliding lower towards her pussy, but stopping before he reached it. She was almost begging for him to attack her pussy as she lifted her hips off the bed towards him. He continued kissing all over stomach for a while longer, then very slowly stuck his long tongue out and ran it over her covered pussy. She screamed out in pleasure as her hips came off the bed, smashing her wet pussy into his face.

My dick was now raging hard as I watched the action in front of me. I never thought I would get turned on watching my wife being played with by another man, but this was really exciting me. I started rubbing my erection through my shorts, as Darren rubbed his tongue harder against her thong. He took a finger and slid her thong to the side exposing her glistening pussy to me. I let out a long groan as I saw her wetness, my dick throbbing hard in my shorts. He took the tip of his tongue and slowly slid it between her outer pussy lips and ran it up to her clit, this caused her to moan louder and yell out, “holy fuck yes, eat my pussy baby.” He again ran the tip of his tongue up her slit, this time going a little deeper with it, as my wife grabbed the back of his and begged, “please make me cum, my pussy is so wet, please.”

Her dirty talk was starting to drive me nuts as I slid my hand into my shorts and started jacking myself, while watching Darren slide his tongue up and down my wife’s slit. My wife tried to hold his head in place at her pussy opening, but he was too strong to allow her to do that as he continued teasing her pussy with his tongue. Finally I watched as he started to pussy his tongue into my wife as far as he could, his nose rubbing up against her enflamed clit that was protruding out now. My wife let out a long satisfied moan as his tongue delved into the depths of her pussy, “Oh god yes baby that feels so good, make me cum.”

Darren started moving his tongue in and out of my wife’s pussy as he rubbed his nose up against her clit hard. I looked up at my wife, whose breathing was getting heavier with her approaching orgasm. She is always easy to make cum, so I knew it wouldn’t be long for her. I grabbed one of her juicy tits in my hand and started fondling it as I continued stroking my dick up and down. Her back arched off of the bed as she ground her pussy into his face. “Oh god yes, I’m going to cum.” Her whole body tensed up as her back arched higher off of the bed. I heard Darren start gargling as my wife’s pussy juices must have been filling his mouth. He groaned into her pussy as she ground her pussy even harder into his face, riding out her orgasm.

As she started to come down from her orgasm, her body slowly relaxing back onto the bed, Darren removed his tongue from her pussy. He looked up at me and her, “wow I have never had a girl cum that easy before.” My wife smiled at him as her breathing was still erratic. “So are you ready to see if I can get my dick into you now?” She slowly nodded as she looked up at me and smiled.

I had to see this first hand to be honest with you, I didn’t there it was going to be possible to fit a dick the size of a soda can inside of my wife’s pussy. I sat back on the bed as Darren knelt up and moved up between her legs, holding his huge erection in one hand. I watched as he began to rub the tip of his dick up and down her dripping slit, getting covered in her juices. He ran it up and down her slit a few more times before stopping at the bottom of her pussy. He looked up at my wife, “Ok Kirsten here we go, stop me if it hurts too much.” My wife nodded while she bit her lower lip in anticipation.

I looked on intently as he slowly began to push his thick rod into her. Her outer pussy lips stretching around his member as his head slowly began to sink into her. I looked up at wife, whose eyes were closed and she was still biting her lower lip. He slowly pushed more into her, inch by inch, trying to get his thick member inside of her. Her breathing started to become rapid, as she breathed like she was in labor. I watched as her pussy was stretched to the max around the invading dick. He stopped there in place, while my wife continued to breathe fast. “Are you ok Kirsten?” He asked looking up at her. She nodded quickly as she tried to relax her pussy as best as she could. He continued to push more of his cock into her until I saw my wife jump a little. He still had about 2 inches to go, but I think he bottomed out inside of her. “I guess that’s the limit, huh Kirsten?” He asked almost chuckling. My wife quickly nodded as her breathing was still rapid, her eyes closed tight, and biting her lower lip harder.

I could not believe that his was able to get his dick inside of her, but I guess since she can push a kid through there, she should be able to handle his dick. He laid his hands on my wife’s hips and he stayed there in place until her breathing started to slowly go back to normal. He smiled at her, “ok are you ready to fuck now?” She nodded looking at him, smiling back at him. He began to pull his dick back out of her, the shaft glistening with her pussy juice, as it looked like her pussy was going to be turned inside out by his member. Her pussy clinging tight around the dick as it slowly pulled out of. He pulled back until just the first inch was still inside her of, then he pushed back into her, just a little bit faster than before. Her pussy was finally getting excited enough where she could take almost his whole member deep inside of her.

He continued this rhythm a few more times, moving back into her a little faster with each stroke. My wife was moaning in pleasure as she cupped both of her tits in her hands and pinched her nipples. He started moving in and out her with a steady rhythm, pulling out and moving back into her at the same pace. I slid my shorts and boxers down as I pumped my own dick faster, the head leaking with pre-cum as I watched my wife start moving her hips back into Darren each time he drove into her. He started groaning more and more as he almost slammed back into her each time. I could feel my balls begging to churn for their impending eruption, but I didn’t want it to happen yet so I stopped jacking myself off and just watched the action in front of me.

My wife was meeting his strokes, slamming her hips back into him harder each time. “Oh god your dick feels so big deep in my pussy baby, yes fuck my white pussy, you like that huh.” He groaned and grunted his approval as he moved in and out her as fast as could. My wife slid a hand down her stomach to her clit and started frigging herself fast. “Oh fuck yes, you’re going to make me cum again, yes baby, fuck make me cum.” I looked on with excitement as I watched my wife’s ass lifting off of the bed and into his thrust, urging along her orgasm. She was moving her hand across her clit as fast as she could as she put her other hand on Darren’s stomach. I could tell she was getting close to cumming as I started sucking on her nipple that was close to me. “Oh fuck yes, here I cum, yesss!” My wife yelled out as she pushed Darren away from her, his dick slipping out of her pussy as I watched pussy juice fly out of her pussy, splashing against his stomach and running down his leg. She continued frigging her clit hard as her body bucked again, spraying more juice out against Darren’s stomach.

Darren watched as my wife shot pussy juice a total of three times against him. That was first time I have ever seen my wife cum like that, but it was the hottest thing I had ever seen. Her juices were running down his dick and ball sack, as well as his legs. “Damn Kirsten that is not the first time that has happened to me, but you really soaked me.” Darren said as he looked down her still writhing on the bed in the afterglow of her orgasm. I could not believe what I had just witnessed, but I knew I wanted to see her do that again.

My wife finally recovered from her orgasm and sat up on the bed, “Oh my god that was amazing, that is first time that has ever happened to me.” Darren laughed as he grabbed a towel to wipe himself off, “so can I cum now?” He asked looking at my wife. She nodded, “but I want my husband to have a firsthand view of it.” She said smiling and looking at me. She grabbed my hand, “Trevor, lay on your back on the bed.”

I kind of had an idea of what she had in mind, but wasn’t real sure. I did as she told me, my head lying towards the foot of the bed and my feet up against the wall. My wife moved over and straddled my head, her gaping pussy looking down at me as she put her knees on either side of my head. I did not like this idea, but didn’t want to piss Darren or my wife off. She looked over at Darren, “Ok Darren, now take me from behind.” Of course he was more than happy to oblige as he tossed the towel aside and got up on the bed behind her. I looked up as his dick looked even bigger looking at it from this angle. He quickly stroked his dick as he pushed the head against her gaping snatch and pushed it into her easily. My wife gasps as she put her hands on my legs for support and moved her hips back into him again.

Darren grabbed her hips and started moving in and out of her easily. I watched as his veiny cock slide in and out of my wife’s pussy, he heavy ball sack swinging just above my head as he slammed into her hard and fast. “Trevor, lick my pussy while he fucks me.” My wife yelled out as she moved her hips back into him hard. I could not believe what I had just heard, but did as she wanted and lifted my head up, stick my tongue out and finding the nub of her clit with my tongue, just holding it there as she moved her hips. Darren’s heavy balls were banging into my head as he drove into my wife, and my nose was lightly rubbing against his dick as it was hard for me to hold my head still. It was almost grossing me out, while exciting me at the same time.

I felt my wife’s hand wrapped around my own dick and start stroking it up and down roughly. I listened as my wife’s round ass slapped into Darren’s stomach each time they moved together. I could taste my wife’s pussy juices as she was starting to get wetter.
I started moving my hips into my wife’s hand, begging for release, as I noticed Darren’s ball sack was beginning to tighten up for his release as well. My dick throbbed in my wife’s hand as I felt her warm mouth wrap around the head of my dick, causing me to groan in pleasure as I started getting into the action more, my tongue flicking across her clit.

I heard Darren yell out, “Oh fuck baby I’m going to cum, where do you want it baby.” My wife moved away from my dick long enough to say, “deep inside me baby, fill up my pussy.” Then she moved back to my dick, taking more of it into her mouth. Darren slammed back into my wife and let a long groan, “oh fuck yes.” I watched as his dick throbbed, his ball sack moving with the throb of his dick. My wife released my dick again and yelled out, “oh my god, yes cream my pussy baby, damn that feels so hot.” I held my tongue in place on her clit as Darren’s dick continued to throb inside of her.

That is when I got the shock of a lifetime. There was a warm rush of fluid that started to leak onto my tongue. It tasted salty and tangy, nothing like I had tasted before when eating my wife out. I quickly pulled my head back and noticed white cream fluid flowing out around his throbbing member. Oh my god it was his cum that had filled my mouth, I quickly spit it out as more of his cum flowed out and around his dick, dripping onto my neck and chest. I was stunned. He had really filled up my wife, so much so that it was already leaking out of her.

Darren collapsed on my wife’s back as his dick continued to lightly throb inside of her. “Wow baby you really did fill my pussy up huh?” I heard my wife say and Darren could only groan out his answer.
I wanted my release now and was hoping my wife would help me finish off. Darren’s cum was still slowly leaking out onto my neck and chest as he finally got the strength to push himself back up. I watched as he slowly began to withdraw his shrinking cock, as the head came out, there was almost a river-like flow of cum running out of my wife’s gaping pussy and pooling on my chest. His dick was covered in their combined juices as I felt it rub up against the side of my head. I was so turned on from watching the action that I really didn’t care at this point. My wife started back her pussy up closer my mouth and said, “if you want to cum Trevor, you have to clean my pussy out too.”

I turned my head, showing my disapproval for what she was asking, but I did want to cum so bad, that I reluctantly turned my head back slid my tongue into her gaping hole. It tasted horrible, but I tried to tough it out as I felt her warm mouth engulf my dick again. She started moving her head up and down my dick with her hand at the base. I felt her fondle my balls with her other hand, urging my cum out. I moved my tongue in and out of her pussy, swallowing every time my mouth got full of the mixed juices, I felt like I had to puke, but was able to hold it off. I felt the boiling in my balls getting closer to overflowing as I started moving my hips into my wife’s mouth.

I let out a loud groan into her pussy as the first shot of cum rushed my shaft and deep into her throat, causing her to choke from the force of the explosion. She pulled away but continued stroking my dick as I felt it shoot out and land on my stomach. After my ejaculation subsided she licked my shaft up and down then started slurping up the cum that was pooled my stomach. She lifted her pussy off of my face as she moved to the side of me and started licking up Darren’s cum that had started to dry on my chest and neck. I watched as she cleaned it all up and swallowed it down. I could not believe she was this freaky, but like I said it was such a turn on for me, and I didn’t know why.

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