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Father, Please

Catholic school girl turns 18 and has a fling with Father Boss
Father, Please

Six years.

That was how long Liv had spent in the girls only Catholic boarding school her mother and uncle seemed to think she needed. In their defense, she had been a very difficult child. She stole, drank, smoked weed, and was even getting close to having sex all before and at the age of twelve.

They knew they needed to step in and her mother was hopeful in the church. Surely all Liv needed was religion and something to believe in. Then she would follow a righteous path as an adult.

Knowing that was what her mother thought almost made Liv feel bad. Catholic boarding school was both heaven and hell, funnily enough. Even more amusing to the young woman was that the experience had turned her towards atheism. Not only that, her mother would faint if she knew the things Liv had been getting up to in school.

The heavenly part of an all girls Catholic boarding school was the building hormones that came with puberty. Liv had her first kiss with a girl when she was thirteen and was brought to her first assisted orgasm at sixteen by an older student. As much as the rest of the experience sucked, Liv was actually kinda glad her family had sent her there. Along with the frequent entanglements with some other girls, there were drugs. Most wouldn’t think a boarding school in the middle of nowhere would have things like drugs and alcohol, but teenagers always found a way.

Liv’s personal favorites were weed and cocaine.

But, drugs and sex with the other girls was not on Liv’s mind anymore. There was a man she had her eye on since she began to blossom into a woman. A man that was technically unobtainable. Father Boss.

Father Boss had been the priest over the boarding school since Liv arrived. He acted as the religious leader and dean. All the teachers were nuns and they were mean as hell. But, Father Boss was kind. He had a powerful voice when giving his nightly sermons, but when speaking with the girls he kept a gentle, polite tone. Liv was far from the only student that had their eye on the priest, but she was probably the boldest out of all the others. The man had to have been approached before, he was handsome. Nothing like the priest from her childhood church or the visiting clarics. They were all old and gross. Father Boss was handsome with strong features that seemed to be carved carefully from stone by God himself. He was tall as well, had to be six feet or taller, with broad shoulders. One of his best features was his thick head of slowly graying, blond hair which he kept in a professional, gelled back style.

Liv fantasized about messing it up often. Especially when she was forced to sit in the sanctuary every night and hear the same shit over and over again.

Hell fire.

God’s “love”.




It was always the same, not that Liv faulted Father Boss for it. The bible was only so long. There was only so much someone could say about it before becoming repetitive, even if they felt their interpretations were “deep” and “life changing”. At least the father was handsome enough for her to daydream about. Liv often left his preachings with wet panties.

Liv always knew she was going to try to get into the priest’s pants. Well, she was actually more interested in getting into his Sunday robe. It was so sexy and even a bit elegant. She enjoyed watching him strutting around in the long flawless, black chasuble, but the part she found most striking was the shaw around his thick neck and broad shoulders. Honestly, everything about Father Boss aroused her.

Now that she was eighteen and would be leaving the school soon, Liv felt like it was a good time to attempt to seduce the man of God. A vow of purity was probably the most boring thing Liv could think of and it was just a waste of a good man. Unless he had a tiny dick. Somehow, Liv doubted that was the case. At least, she hoped it wasn’t.

Sadly, Sunday was not a good time to put things into motion. It was too busy for Father Boss and Liv alike. Who said Sundays were for rest? They never had been, especially not at the boarding school. The nuns had the girls studying the word of God all day long. They made sure the students were actively worshiping as well. Liv always found it creepy as hell.

Picking out a better time was not that easy, but luckily a break was coming up. Spring break. Most of the girls would travel to be with their families during breaks but not Liv. She made that mistake once, when she was thirteen, and learned there was no point. All that she had waiting for her at home was an uninterested mother and overbearing uncle.

Of course, Liv had to do this right. She had to find the prime moment, come up with the perfect excuse, and just generally feel out the situation before diving in head first. It was hard, but Liv waited until it was a couple days into the break.

The only people still at the school were a handful of students, two nuns, a janitor, and Father Boss. It was a Tuesday, one of the more forgettable days of the week when it came to a Catholic boarding school. It wasn’t nearly as busy as a Wednesday or Sunday. Especially not when it was a break and mostly empty.

So, Liv went to the father’s office, knocking on the heavy wooden door.

There was silence for a moment, probably because of how unexpected it was. Not only was it a couple days into a break, but it was also late. Almost eight at night, so of course the father was perhaps surprised that someone needed to see him. “Yes, come in,” his powerful voice was unmistakable. It sent a shiver right down Liv’s spine as she opened the door.

Father Boss’s office was plain. Very minimalistic like a priest should be. This was far from the first time Liv had been there though. Father Boss had reprimanded her many, many times since she was enrolled, though as she got older she had grown fairly calm, only really getting into trouble for being “rude”.

“Miss Miller,” The priest arched his thick brow as he smiled softly at the sight of her. “Can’t say I expected to see you here willingly,” A deep but gentle laugh left the older man. “Unless you were sent here by Sister Mary Helen again,”

Liv rolled her eyes as she walked inside and closed the door by leaning against it. She wanted to flip the lock, but that might not be subtle enough. Liv didn’t want anything to ruin this chance.

She was wearing her school uniform, as she normally did even during breaks. There wasn’t much sexy about it though. A white button up that was covered by a baggy, burnt red sweater that bore the school’s emblem at the top right. Her gray skirt was at least a bit short, stopping well above her knee, and she wore the school issued, shiny, black loafers with ankle socks. Liv had left her long, black hair down, covering her upper back, deciding it was sexier that way.

“No… I just… Have a problem, Father. I thought you would be the one to come to,” Liv said as she stayed with her back against the door, her hands behind her as she attempted to show nothing but pure innocence with her body language. Whether or not it was working, really wasn’t known. Father Boss had the same polite smile that he normally had as he sat behind a handmade, wooden desk with papers scattered about and an open laptop that looked like it was from the nineties.

Sadly, although expectedly, he was not wearing those sexy, Sunday robes. The father was sporting his casualwear that was always the same. A black button up with his clerical collar being the first thing to catch eyes. Liv assumed he was also in his normal black slacks and neatly shined dress shoes. Liv’s eyes lingered on the beads of his rosary that disappeared behind the desk.

“Are you alright, Miss Miller?”

Dull, gray eyes flickered back up to Father Boss’s face. Now was her chance and Liv couldn’t lie to herself, she was nervous. Because it was going to be a real long shot, but it was one she had to take. The worst that could happen would be her getting kicked out, which would suck, but Liv wasn’t too worried about it. She was eighteen. She could find her way in the world a little sooner than expected if she needed to.

The young woman pushed herself off the door and walked closer to the desk. “It’s embarrassing,” Liv told him, fingertips coming down on the smooth wood. Keeping eye contact was difficult, but somehow she was able to do it. “My… Eve’s tunnel… It hurts,” Her voice was soft and full of fake concern. Even her face, with her brows dipped and an uncomfortable frown on her face, was selling the act. It wasn’t like sheltered girls wouldn’t have this kind of problem, but it surely wasn’t normal for them to go to the priest with such complaints.

Father Boss cleared his throat, obviously taken off guard as his eyes shot away from Liv. He began to avoid looking at her at all as his pale cheeks began to redden. “Have you spoken with the nurse? Or one of the sisters? I think they would be better… equipped to help,” This was the first time Liv had ever heard such an uncomfortable, nervous tone come from the father.

“I have, Father,” Liv told him. “They told me it was a woman’s curse to bear and… I would have to withstand the pain until I am married,” She bit her lip, eyes never leaving the graying blond. “Father please, I don’t think I can wait that long,” She whined, twisting her thighs together in a similar way as someone would if they needed to use the restroom.

There was a short silence between them before Father Boss finally looked back at the young woman and spoke. “How does it feel? Maybe you should be taken to the hospital for a proper check up,” A doctor would come in twice a year and give the girls a good, full body check up, though pap smears and breast exams were not involved.

“It… throbs,” Liv answered, her own eyes averting and locking onto the papers scattering the desk. “And it gets… damp too. Enough to ruin my underwear,” she continued. “I don’t know what the sisters meant when they said I had to wait for my husband,”

Tension was building and Liv was becoming more confident. Father Boss had not kicked her out yet. He had not called her on her lie. He was still sitting in front of her, listening, and seeming to be thinking of a solution. “I see,” He spoke softly, “Come to me, my child,”

Liv’s eyes shot up to his and widened just slightly, giving away her shock for only a moment. “Yes, Father,” She said, watching how he rolled his chair back and motioned for her to come over. Liv walked around the desk slowly, looking down at the handsome priest once she was right in front of him. Father Boss stood, carefully placing his hands on her hips as he towered over her.

“Sit on my desk,” he instructed and helped her as she did what she was told. Once Liv was settled, sitting atop papers, Father Boss went to his office door and locked it. Liv smirked while his back was turned, knowing she had gotten to him.

Even a man of God was still just a man deep down.

“Do you think you can keep quiet as I… attempt to help?” The father asked as he came back over, rolling his sleeves up to his elbows. Another first. Liv had never seen his bare arms before. Even though he worked outside often on small projects, he always wore sleeves. They were muscular, toned, and a bit hairy even. The raven haired woman was aching to touch, but she kept her hands planted on the desk under her as Father Boss sat back in his office chair. “Miss Miller, can you?” he asked again.

“O-Oh, yes, Father, of course,” Liv answered, chewing on the inside of her lip.

Strong, rough palms were on the teen’s knees then. They gently guided her legs apart so that Father Boss could get a good look at her plain, white underwear. All the girls called the issued garments “granny panties” and that was pretty much what they were. Nothing about them was enticing. Liv felt a bit embarrassed now that the attractive man was looking at them.

“I can tell you’re a bit.. damp already,” there was something new about Father Boss’s tone. It was something Liv couldn’t really place, but most would know exactly what it was. It was lust. Deep lust at that. There was something so arousing about commuting such a disgraceful sin. Liv felt it, but the father felt it even stronger, evident by his voice and the dark eyes that stared at the large, thick panties.

Even though Liv had done sexual things with other girls her own age, this was completely different from the start. Father Boss’s warm, rough hands moved up her thighs slowly, keeping to the outside. Once he got to the waistband, literally right under her belly button, he hooked two fingers into it on each side. “Lift your hips for me,” he mumbled, seemingly very focused on his work.

Soft, full hips lifted so the older man could drag her hideous undergarment down. Father Boss made sure to pull them over her shoes, placing them inside a side drawer.

Something about that action told Liv that this was not the father’s first time. Not by far. Such a bold, confident move could only be done right by someone experienced, right?

Liv was brought back to the unbelievable situation when she felt a firm hand on her stomach. Her eyes locked with the blond’s and she just took in his expression. Eyes half lidded with blown out pupils and an almost unnoticeable smirk on his face as he pushed their legs apart again.

“How do you feel, Liv?” The sound of her name coming from his lips made the teen tremble.

“What’s your name?” Liv asked, ignoring the father’s question and causing him to chuckle. There was most likely somewhere Liv could have looked to find out his first name, but she never cared to, figuring most of the other students didn’t know as well.

For a moment, the priest let his eyes wander over Liv’s body and it was like she could feel it. It almost burned her skin, especially when they lingered on her pussy. “Evan,” He finally answered. “But, call me father,” The smirk on his face grew even more, “We should keep this professional in some way at least,” Father Boss explained, running his hands up her thighs again, this time sliding them to the insides.

“Professional? Or does it just get you off?”

“Does your “Eve’s tunnel” hurt or are you just horny?”

He had her with that one. Maybe she had not been as convincing as she thought. Liv blushed and looked away with a bit of a pout. “How many students do you “examine”?”

Another deep chuckle came from the father as he used his thumbs to spread her pussy open to get a better view of it. “You’re my first… but I can’t say it hasn’t been a fantasy. Especially after I noticed how you look at me during the homily,” His eyes flickered up to hers and he rolled his chair closer, getting situated between her smooth legs. Liv was thankful the school provided them with razors. “Such a naughty student. Ogling a man of God.”

“Well Father, that’s what happens when you shut young women away and all they have is you and each other,” The innocent act was over, Father Boss had shown he knew just how much Liv had been longing for him.

A small gasp escaped her when she felt the pad of his thumb gently rubbing against her clit and the hood. “Many students have come to my office, my child. But, you’re the first to come to me with a painfully throbbing pussy,” Their eyes locked, the father making sure that the older student caught how entertained he was with the whole thing. “I cannot say I have much experience in this, but I will do my best to relieve you of such an unpleasant discomfort,”

Before Liv was able to come up with a smart remark she gasped again at the sensation of one of the father’s thick fingers running between her slick lips. Nothing had ever been inside her other than her own fingers. Liv had never let the other girls finger her, but she had tried herself and decided she didn’t really like it. It didn’t feel like anything and when she would get so turned on she felt like she needed something inside her, the fingers just were never enough.

The thought of having a bigger, thicker finger inside her was both exciting and scary, but Liv knew what she came there for and it was more than just fingering. But, as the father began to sink his middle digit into her, Liv whimpered lightly. It did stretch her a little, making her pussy sting for a moment until he got it all the way in. “You’re a lot tighter than I thought you would be,” The priest hummed softly, a smirk settled on his face as he watched her expression.

“It-It’s not like I’ve had the chance to do much,” she snapped back, her pale skin now turning blotchy and red from embarrassment.

A deep chuckle was the only response she got before Father Boss began moving, thrusting his finger in and out of her while his thumb kept rubbing very light circles against her clit. It wasn’t long before the soreness subsided and Liv began to breathe a bit harder. She never took her eyes off the man, watching how his brows furrowed and eyes looked slightly drunk. Like Liv’s pussy was intoxicating to the “celibate” man.

As promised, Liv was silent. The only sound in the office was the audible, wet thrusting of the father’s finger. At first it felt the same as when Liv tried herself. Without the aching sensation now it felt almost like nothing but a bit of pressure. That was until the father curved his finger just slightly, the tip now running against her inner walls until he found what he was looking for.

Abruptly, Liv’s back arched and she tossed her head back. Luckily, she had thought to clamp her palm over her mouth before moaning. The feeling was like nothing she had ever felt before. When the man’s finger brushed or pushed against that one spot it just caused pleasure to surge through her whole body. Now that Father Boss knew her body a bit better, he watched her as he showed her bliss that was on a level the young woman didn’t even know existed. But, he was not done. There was more he could show his student and who was he to hold back? That wouldn’t be too fair.

Liv had her head tilted back, one hand over her mouth while the other held her upper body up and pressed on top of a pile of papers. Another muffled moan left her when she felt a warm, damp sensation against her clit. She looked down and saw that Father Boss had his lips pressed against her pussy in such a lewd manner while he continued to finger fuck her. She didn’t even really feel when he pushed another inside her because she was far too focused on the tongue that was gently flicking the overly sensitive numb.

Girls had gone down on her before, but it was nothing at all like this. The older man’s tongue was more precise and almost even demanding. It was as if he knew what he wanted and exactly how to get it.

There was no way the friar had been celebate through his priesthood.

With what Father Boss was doing to her, Liv was unable to think deeply about that. His tongue had finally found just the right pattern, circling with soft flicks here and there. Liv was also loving when he would suck lightly and even blew softly against it. But, the clit teasing and rapid paced fingering was making Liv feel a bit strange. It was like she was building up to an orgasim, but it was very different and even alarming to the teen. She felt like everytime Father Boss pressed against her g-spot it was bringing her closer and closer to peeing herself along with cumming.

Hell, Liv kinda felt like he was milking her. There was a faint feeling of gushing and Father Boss lapping it up. It felt like he was sucking it right into his mouth and gulping it down. She wasn’t sure, much too embarrassed to watch and find out, but fuck it turned her on.

The last thing the teen wanted was for this to end. Liv had never felt so damn good. At times Father Boss would stop fingering her, letting her desperatly roll her hips and fuck herself while he kept using that warm, slick tongue on her swollen clit. Then he would start finger fucking her again, making her gush even more. Liv was in pure bliss through it all, almost completely forgetting about her embarrassment.

Still, Liv wanted badly to warn him about what was building inside her, but she couldn’t take her hand away. Her moans and whines were constant and they would be way too loud without anything muffling them. The girl attempted to sit up a bit straighter, her free hand now coming down on Father Boss’s thick, blond hair. As Liv’s fingers tangled into the strands she felt the gel he used to style it crunching underneath her grip.

Finally, she was able to mess up that perfect, professional style the father always sported. Unfortunately, Liv was unable to enjoy it to the fullest since she felt like she was about to piss all over his face. But, he was not budging as she pulled at his hair to try to force his mouth off her clit. Father Boss looked up to her with a hungry gaze as he continued his meal.

The euphoria the older man brought her transcended anything she had ever experienced. As Liv climbed to her peak she felt her toes all the way up to her hips going remarkably numb. It was like the pleasure was sparking, trying desperately to catch a full flame inside her and it was getting very close to accomplishing just that.

Giving up on trying to pull his mouth away, Liv just left her fingers buried in his hair as she tilted her head back and closed her eyes. Whatever was going to happen, would. There was no stopping it now. The muffled sounds were getting a bit louder and closer together.

There was a moment, one that felt extremely slowed down, where Liv felt herself being pushed right off her edge. A sharp inhale was followed by an explosion of fluids. It was unmistakable, but Liv wasn’t nearly as ashamed as she thought she would be. Every negative feeling was covered by intense waves of instinctual pleasure running from her stomach down to her toes. Had Liv not been silencing herself she would have been cursing from the stunning ecstasy running through her body.

Father Boss was gracious enough to help her ride out her first, true orgasm. His fingers kept moving and pushing more and more of the fluid out until she was empty. None of it got on the desk or floor. Most was swallowed down by the greedy man while the rest was covering his chin and dripping down to his shirt and sanctified, clerical collar.

Liv was breathing hard as the blond clergyman pulled back from her soaking wet pussy. She watched him as he got out a plain, white handkerchief, using it to dry his face before also wiping her vagina gently with it to dry it off as much as he could. Of course as he finished he put the damp cloth into his pocket.

When the teen didn’t close her legs on her own, the father did so carefully. “It’s late,” He spoke softly, though his tone was somewhat stern. “I need to get back to my quarters for the night,” As Father Boss spoke he dug into one of the desk drawers, got out a key, and held it out in his large, open palm. “Put it in your bra. Everyone will be in bed by eleven. If you can be quiet enough you are welcome to come to my bedchamber. We will… continue your treatment there,”

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