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Exposing your Wife

Nora craves to become a model. What is she willing to do for getting it?
Exposing your Wife

Nora willingly permitted her husband’s friend to peep at her while having a bath. The woman spread oil all over her body and lit the candles. An impossible vision of the gorgeous married woman, naked and shiny because of the oil and the candlelights. She had filled the bathtub with hot water and suds. And then she called the men. The beautiful woman was in the luxury Jacuzzi, rubbing her legs, bathing with the sponge, exposing her breasts of exquisite brown nipples. Chocolate color, as her husband used to call hers. Her sensitive nipples indeed were hard, tight as small strawberries, as if the male gaze were pinching or even sucking them. It was getting hot in the bathroom and a vaporous atmosphere formed. Nora clearly felt the men settle quietly, focused on watching her from a safe distance.

Nora married JC a few years ago. She is a former beauty queen in the college she met JC. With a frustrated career as a model to be an expensive trophy wife and mother, who cared for JC’s family estates. In compensation, she received a small army of housekeepers and helpers to care for the kids. They let Nora free to prepare her body for having regular sex with her husband and dreaming a bit about returning to the catwalks. Indeed, she missed the action of modeling. She never would admit it, but Nora loves how men look at her. All men, not only her husband. Is that desire, lust? Nora learned how to play with the male gaze. It’s an invisible force, a willful spirit, that Nora learned to excite and encourage. Like an anonymous, sensitive cock, that she knew exactly how to please with profit.

So when JC told Nora about his best friend’s connections to the fashion industry, she asked him, “why don’t you invite him to dinner? Maybe he could help me with how to resume my modeling career..,” JC laughed. “You? a mother of two babies? A model? How can you hide the marks and scars on your body?” And he laughed.

Nora hated JC for these reckless comments, but she said nothing. She just replied, “let your friend decide”, while thinking about how to punish JC because of his unloving sayings.

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

So JC got convinced, by his wife, to invite his friend Paul to their home. After dinner, the kids were sleeping, and the three were heavily drinking. Nora asked Paul what she would have to do to get inside like a model in the fashion industry. Paul replied with the dare of a drunk man: “to nude in front of us”. Everybody laughed at the stone man’s joke. “I can do it,” Nora replied with a sexy smile. Another laughing. JC was too drunk to take this seriously or to make any resistance. All the opposite, he cheered Nora to show her body to Paul, to make dinner a memorable experience. Who would believe what was about to happen?

“Gentlemen,” said Nora, “please wait here while I prepare myself for the Jacuzzi’s bathroom; to my signal please JC, you and Paul go upstairs to the bathroom’s window and observe me.”

So Nora went to their huge bathroom and stripped. She was all ready for this moment: shaved legs, Brazilian style down there. The woman covered up her delivery scars with some amazing tattoos she got done secretly.

Nora spread oil all over her body and lit the candles. The atmosphere looked warm thanks to it. She filled the bathtub with hot water and suds. And then Nora called the men, her husband, and Paul, to come up. Up the stairs, there was a small window for the bathroom. She opened this window and left the curtains open so that the men would have an open view of the interior of the bathroom. She was pleasantly placed in the Jacuzzi, full of hot water and foam, rubbing her legs, bathing with the sponge, exposing her breasts with exquisite brown nipples, chocolate color, as her husband called her.

It was hot in the bathroom, and a vaporous atmosphere formed. She felt how the men settle quietly, focused to watch her from the stairs. Nora pretended the men weren’t there. As if she was ignoring her combined masculine gaze, and yet playing with it, pleasing the men. She fully knew well where their eyes were concentrating. Nora stood up in the tub full of water to wash and lather between her buttocks, her legs, then her back and breasts. She hid nothing. Nora especially disclosed her most intimate flesh -that she knows greatly interested men.


The steam made them have a blurred vision, as if it were a dream. Paul and JC were indeed not sure if what they saw was a dream or real. Was Nora showing herself to them naked? Does JC regret to let showing his wife like this? Why does Nora’s body look different from the fleeting glimpses of her naked in private before she turns off the lights in the marital bed?

Nora then remembered JC’s contemptuous words and, her heart felt anger and spite, and wanted to teach him a lesson. She then decided to get out of the bathtub. Anger made her tremble from head to toe and her teeth chattered as if she were freezing. She suddenly stood up without covering herself with the towel. Without shrinking so that those eyes of them had only an incomplete and fleeting vision of her body. No, on the contrary, she got up, stretching out, opening herself up. Before getting out of the bathtub, she stretched out, showing herself with largesse and obscenity while shaking her hair when she got out of the Jacuzzi.

Instead of immediately putting on her robe, she remained naked, her body shining with a thousand droplets of water on her tanned skin. Tight, bold, angry. She dried herself slowly. Limb by limb, running the towel over and over her skin again and again. Tilting, leaning, stopping as if distracted by a sudden idea, with a posture of indecent abandon or gazing at herself in the mirror.

With the same prolixity, then rubbed her body with moisturizing creams and oils and while she showed off in this way before the observers. Her heart vibrated with anger, but she continued to exhibit herself as she had never done before to anyone, not to JC, her husband, or to any of her lovers. She paced back and forth in the bathroom, naked as she brushed her hair, she brushed her teeth and sprayed on cologne.

Everything lasted no more than ten minutes, but it was an eternity for the muted spectators, who were speechless until she turned to the two men. “Did you watch? What do you think? Paul, you liked what you saw?” Nora shouted, with a bit of common vulgarity, as if she were selling pears on the market, willfully breaking the silent spell of the night. But both men were too shocked to reply, especially JC. Then she closed the window hatch.

Men stood up as if waking up from a spell. Paul left the house, JC escorted him to the door: without saying a word, men agreed this never happened.

But after a time and great discretion, Nora received an invitation to a photoshoot session at the modeling agency where Paul worked.



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