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Wife desire for a younger women leads to a passionate night also mariokart.


“Found her!” your wife says as she scans the crowd. “Already we have only been here for five minutes.” Alan follows her gaze and understands immediately why.  The girl, because she is young, has mussed wavy red hair, a beautifully soft face. She is done up, dark makeup with red highlights and dark lips. He has a black turtleneck sweater barely hiding the ample bosom beneath it, cinched at the waist with a belt, over a pleated grey plaid skirt that barely covers an overly ample ass, topped off with thigh high black boots.

“Just your type, gothy with big ass and tits.”  She slaps you playfully, nearly missing as she can’t take her eyes off this gem of a girl.  The lusty desire in your wife’s hazel eyes is unmistakable.  That look had been directed at you on more than one occasion.  You see he look falter and look up to see the girl join a young guy on the opposite side of the bar. “Damn, she is with that dude.”  Sighing she turned back to look at you, slightly crestfallen.  “Maybe he will strike out.”  

You both turn to watch and see the girl squirm in her seat.  Your wife looks at you puzzled.  You hold up a finger and watch as she shows him her phone and then you both see her squirm again.  “It’s over honey at least with her tonight.” She looks at you quizzically and she watches you sip the beer in front of you.  Her expression demands an answer. “She has a remote vibrator in, and he is controlling it from his phone.”  you explain and watch as the gears turn in her head. She looks at you that lust looks returning. “We will have to invest in one of those.”  You look at her as she watches the girl pull the guy along to the pool table and watches as she bends over.  Showing black lace panties barely containing her ample ass.

Your gaze returns back to her and you are hit with how lucky you are to have found this gorgeous woman in front of you.  Her silvery blond hair frames her face beautifully, she is wearing a low cut black shirt showing ample cleavage, the words rise up, eyes up printed on you smile at the unintended joke.  “Hot right.” she breaks your train of thought and her hand finds your thigh.  You look up to see her break terribly, and you figure out why.  He keyed the vibrator as she took the shot.  “He is not playing fair.” You look at her, and she nods back to the game, “Neither is she.” you see her wiggle her ass at him as she goes to take another shot.  

You feel her hand move from your thigh and brush your now hardening cock.  “The things I could do to her. ” she mumbles as she watches her as she tries to discreetly place the now ripped panties into her purse.  “Leigh she is taken, maybe next time”

Leigh continued to stare lustily at this girl as she makes no progress on the game of pool, but the game she is playing with this boy, you love the tease, the thrill of her game of cat and mouse with him.  But Alan is right, there is no shot with her tonight, but you are not going to tell him that.  You give his cock a playful squeeze.  And look into his brown eyes, and stoke his hair loving the way the silver grey is starting to spread from his temples. You kiss him loving the way his beard tickles your face.  “I guess you will have to satisfy me alone tonight.”  You return your eyes to the couple and watch as she walks out seductively swaying her large hips.  “How will I ever manage?” he whispers in your ear. 

 To read more about what happens to the girl please see Date Night


Kat looked down at the latest message on her phone and sighed. 

 “Sorry Kat. I have to work this weekend on this release. The guy who wrote it just quit and he left a giant mess for me to clean up. I will be squashing bugs for the next two days. ? “  

They had only been on one, although memorable, date, and she liked him, she knew it was temporary and it was his job, but they hadn’t seen each other in 2 weeks. Add to that Rachel had been transferred to the night shift so they barely saw each other either.  She was about to type back when another message popped up 

“I know you are disappointed, go out to the bar and have some fun. We have only been on one date so don’t worry we will try again if that is what you want in a week or two.  I really like you and want you to be happy.”

He was right, it is not as if they were married or even really dating. She wasn’t sure about it still.  She texted him back 

Are you sure? I really like you and was really hoping to see you again.

I could tell from the pictures you sent me ? but yes I am sure just don’t fall in love cause I will fight them for you.  Go have some fun!

Kat blushed, she had sent him some lewd pictures that day thinking she was going to see him later.  He wanted her to be happy and she was really horny unlikely to get any relief for the weekend.

Alright but next date you better be a romance ninja.? 

Deal, go and have fun! We will go out as soon as this stupid project is done. I will knock your socks off.?

She headed off to get ready, she did her makeup with dark eyes, pink highlights and dark red lips, a black dress with yellow flowers that hugged her ass and tits and a pair of black gladiator style sandals. She left the house, her body tingling with anticipation. She didn’t know why but she was sure something interesting was about to happen.

The Hunt

Leigh slaps her husband’s arm harder than she meant to in her excitement. “Ow what is wrong with… oh you found her.”  she ignores the condescending tone in his voice. “Hush, let’s see what she does.”   The two watched the girl they had seen and Leigh lusted after two weeks ago, cross the bar and sit down.  The girl ordered a drink and began to scan the bar, before picking up her phone.  “She is waiting for someone,  again. Sorry hunny.”  before returning his attention to the rest of the bar and his whiskey.  Leigh was staring at the girl so intently that the girl must have felt it, cause she looked up and straight at her. Leigh gave her a smile and wave. The girl waved in return and went back to her phone.  “I am going for it” Leigh announces, slugs back her drink and gets up to head to the bar. 


Kat hadn’t found anyone even remotely interesting on tinder today and she was giving up when she felt a tingle on the back of her neck.  She looks up to see a woman staring right at her. When the woman notices smiles at her and gives her a little wave.   Weird, but Kat halfheartedly waves back and then returns to her phone a new wave of disappointment hitting her.  Then the smell hits her, she sniffs the warm scent of vanilla mixed with roses fills her nostrils  and sends a quiver through her.  The woman that waved to her squeezes into the stool next to her at the bar. 

Kat looks up from her phone, her eyes wandering over her.  She has shoulder length curly hair, brown with a nice mix of silver frame, her round face, hazel eyes highlighted with red makeup, red lipstick and pink accents on her cheeks.  She is wearing a yellow sundress that hugs her very curvy frame, it has  a v-neck showing ample cleavage.  She gently touches your arm, “why don’t you come join us sweetie you seem like you could use some company.” Her voice is soft, warm, and inviting.  You nod, and find yourself being led over to the table.

She puts her arm around you and guides you over to the table.  What you guess is her husband sits looking a little apprehensive.  He has a bit of a dad bod, his dark brown hair is going silver at the temples and he has a patch of grey in his full beard.  “Please tell me she at least asked before leading you over here.” he says with a smile.  “Sorta” you say a bit shyly.

“Leigh really.” he says to her and “Hush we don’t bite and she looks so lonely.  Sit down sweatie.” She guides you into the inner seat and sits down next to you.  The man holds his hand out to you and says a little stiffly “I am Alan you met me pushy wife Leigh.” you shake his hand, slightly rough but strong but controlled But again what strikes you is his scent, cedar with a slight hint of spice.   

After a moment you shake your head clear.  “Sorry I’m Kat, it is nice to meet you… “ you trail off not sure what is happening.  You see Alan gives his wife a look.   You feel her arm wrap around you, her scent filling your nostrils again.  “She looked so lonely I couldn’t leave her there to drink alone. What is the matter sweetie, how come you are here by yourself?”

Kat looks up into her eyes, and finds herself wanting to tell her everything.  She sighs “I am dating a guy well on one date a couple of weeks ago.” the two of them look at each other and knowing glance passes between them. You stop short and look at them curiously. “Alan breaks the tension “Two weeks ago pool table yes?” Leight swats at his shoulder and shushes him “Go on” Leigh says smiling warmly and you see a new light in her eyes. Your face goes beat red as it dawns on you. “Oh god you two saw that.”   

You put your face down on the table to hide the embarrassment.  “How much did you see?” you ask, head still on the table.   Leigh pulls your head up and places it on her shoulder, patting your head.  “Don’t be embarrassed.  You put on a really good show. Now what happened? Did he stand you up?” 

You look up and find her down at you earnestly almost like a mother. “Not that night, that night was pretty wild, but his job has kept him busy after that and my roommate got switched to the night shift so I have been a little lonely. He told me to come out tonight and have some fun.” you sniff and realize that you have been more lonely than you have admitted. She kisses you on the forehead sending electricity straight through your body.  “It’s alright sweetie let us keep you company tonight.  I think we are just what you need.”


Alan let the girls talk for the most part. He did not want to come off as creepy.  This was pretty much his wifes plan.  It did stop him from making the occasional pun drawing a few chuckles from Kat and a groan from Leigh.  Kat opened up about what happened after she left the bar a few weeks ago.  He was quite surprised that she was opening up. After her initial shock she seemed to have gotten comfortable with the two of them.  He realized that his wife had her arm wrapped around her pretty cupping her one ass cheek. Her other hand suddenly found his knee giving it a squeeze.  She wanted to move this along.

He got the waitress and paid the bill, Kat began to protest and brought her purse up, but Leigh snatched it from her hand “No no, our treat.”  Kat pouted “I must be able to do something, I can’t let you pay for everything.” He watched as Leigh gave her back her purse, “oh I think we can work something out.”  her hand dropped below the table and you surmised it caressed Kat’s thigh by the way she shuddered.

Kat shuddered and went red as Leigh’s hand caressed her inner thigh. She felt herself flush and her pussy tingle at the touch. Right then she knew she would do anything this woman wanted.  You look her in the eye and see the lust that had been hidden behind the gentle smile laid bare.  “What did you have in mind?”  you ask coyly knowing now that this has been the goal all along.

She grabs your hand and gently pulls you along, Alan leaves a tip on the table and hurrys to keep up with his lustful wife.

She leads you to their car and ushers you to the back seat.  She gets next to you and pulls you close to her, her perfume filling your nose and back in her scent.  Alan begins to drive. Leigh calls it “Home Jeeves.” his answer of “Yes miss Daisy!” is lost as she pulls you closer, her hand tracing gently down your arm.  She buries her face in your neck, kissing you gently.  You melt into her and you can feel your nipples harden as her massive tits press against yours.  She kisses you softly and whispers in your ear “I have wanted you since I first laid eyes on you two weeks ago.” The whisper causes you to shudder and a pussy begins to drip a bit and you begin to soak your panties.

Alan calls “Take it easy you two we are almost there.”  Lost in the moment you almost forgot where you were. 

The Game 

The couple leads you upstairs to their condo.  She pulls you over to the couch and pulls you nearly on her lap.  “How about a drink?” Allan asks, drawing your attention, Leigh pouts a bit, but lights up when  she sees the tv on and  the switch “MarioKart and spiked seltzers?” Kat stares at her blankly, not understanding what is going on and eager to continue with the interrupted groping.  “Ok” you say, deciding to roll with it. Thinking no way these two could beat me. Alan hands cans to the two of them and sips from a glass of amber colored liquor.  “Standard rules” he asks Leigh she nods and give you a wink

Alan sets upt the first race, he chooses shyguy and ridiculous looking insect cart. Leigh chooses light blue Yoshi and a bike.  You chose Rosalina and your cart, thinking again that this is a little silly, and feeling a bit tingly as her thigh pushes against yours.

He chooses a random course, the first one to come up elicits a groan from Leigh.  “I hate cheep cheep beach” A few minutes later your cart crosses the finish line first, followed by an intense battle for the second place spot, Alan pulling across after hitting his wife with a red shell before she crossed the line. Groaning, she stands up and pulls off her dress.  Her tits are even bigger than you thought, held in place by a lacy purple bra. You snicker a little as her curvy and beautiful ass is hugged by a  pair of baby yoda underwear. She looks back at you snickers, “We didn’t tell you we are playing strip marioKart? Loser of each race takes off a piece of clothing. Last one clothed makes the first decision.” she says ominously.  She sits back down and snuggles in. She leans and whispers in your ear  “Don’t let him win.” You giggle and sip your drink.  

Next race starts and Alan is off, you realize the two of them have hustled you as you take third, minutes later.  She stands with you and says “Let me help.” She begins to kiss your neck softly as she helps you remove your dress.  You squeeze your ass and gives it a good smack as she  twirls you.  Your matching black lace bra and panties that barely fit over your ample ass are on full display. “She is gorgeous, right honey” absolutely Alan raises  his glass in a salute. She sits back down and the two of you snuggle in together.  “Let’s work together,” you whisper in her ear. “Good idea, you smell like honey. I wonder what you taste like?” that sends a shudder down you and causes your pussy to throb more.

 The next race comes up and the two of you are merciless, 6 red shells later and he is so far behind he you have a full minute to revel before he finally crosses the finish line “I could not get my banana out in time.” Leigh responds with a “That’s what she said.” Immediately prompting a round of laughter. He pulls off his pants and you  clearly see the outline of his semi hard cock through the red boxers with the words send noods over cups of noodles.  This sends you into a fit of giggles.  Leigh shakes her empty can at him.  He disappears to get another round. 

Several rounds,and many banana jokes later and all three are down to a single article of clothing.  They clearly have played this a lot and are evenly matched, you lose out the match and have to take off your panties, which are soaked through at this point.  Leigh leans over and whispers “distract him” and winks.

You watch the heated match and choose to lob your panties at Alan midway through the last lap the land perfectly on his head distracting him long enough for Leigh to edge him out. “Yes I win” she gets up and does a victory dance, her gorgeous tits bouncing hypnotizing the two of you.  Alan stands up and Leigh pulls his boxers down unceremoniously cock spring forward nearly smacking her in the face. You notice there is a glistening already at the tip. 

“What is your wish m’lady” he gives her a mock bow. “She whispers in his ear and he nods.” she moves to you and pulls you up “I get you all to myself first and he has to watch.” You grin back at her and the answer  “Yes mommy” leaves your mouth before you can think. She gives you a look of pure lust and pulls you to the bedroom.

Lustful Mommy

Leigh leads you to the bed and sits you down. Goes to her closet and leaves you sitting there.  Alan comes in and asks “You ok with all this?”  You nod enthusiastically. “Just say banana if you want to stop.”  Kat giggles and says “I am good” she thinks for a moment and adds “will you take some pictures, I want to show Mike and Rachel later what they missed. Alan nods and says “Sure I would be happy too.”

Leigh returns in purple and black lace teddy holding a black leather paddle. “Someone has been naugty” She sits down next to you and pulls you over her knee.  Swat, she gives you a good smack on the ass with the paddle.  “Yes mommy spank me”  she gives you a few good smack before she puts down the paddle and admires her handy work, you feel her hand nead and work your ass cheeks, “This little whore is leaking.” She pushes you to her back and moves her hand under your ass to continue to play with you ample cheeks before bringing her lips to your pussy. She starts slowly kissing your lips and thighs slowly she spreads your lips and begins to lap at your pussy.  “She does taste like honey” she manages to say before diving back in. Your hands find your nipples and begin to squeeze.  All the teasing and spanking has had you wet for hours and it doesn’t take much before Kat gushes all over Leigh’s face. 

You breath hard and spasm as she kisses her way up your body and stops to noble at each tender area.  She kisses you deeply and you are overwhelmed by the smell of roses and vanilla mixed with your scent of honey.  You push back to the bed taking control, you kiss down her neck and she squirms as you push her breast together and begin sucking each nipple. You suck and pull at her tits until she is moaning and for you to play with her little pussy. You move down kissing over tummy moving aside the lingerie you, cupping her pussy you feel how she is.  You begin much as she did kissing and caressing her lips, nibbling her thigh.  You glance up and see he sucking on her own nipple and dive back in lick at her clit she moans and squirm. You grab her hips to steady her and push your tongue deep into her tasting her salty sweet flavor. Your nose pressed against her clit rubbing in unison with the motion of your tongue. It takes no time for her to return your favor and cover your face in your juice.

You feel something brush your hand to see a harness and dildo on the bed. You had forgotten about Alan in the lust but he has provided you the right tool when you needed it. You slip on harness, pause it the surrealness of the moment you never fucked a woman, Rachel had done this to you but this was different.  The tip of the didldo, pre lubed and ready hovered at the opening, Leigh looked up at you and her eye filled with lust says “Fuck me”  the heistation gone you plunge the tip in and then re-adjust twice and collapse and start to giggle. “This is way harder than porn makes it look.”

Alan comes in behind you and squirts some more lube on your fake cock.  You are struck again by the scent of cedar and spice as you kiss him gently. “Hey not yet you two” she has to at least fuck me first. He retreats and you again position yourself and thrust your fake cock into her.  You get in right this time and soon find a steady rhythm. Your tits bounce wildly as you fuck Leigh.  She looks at you and says, “You look so good fucking me.”  you pull her legs up to your shoulders that helps as it keeps your tits better contained and seems like it is a good angle because after a few more minutes she is cumming again.

You collapse next to her panting, placing your head on her massive tit.  The two of you catch your breath.  “You did good Kat” Leigh purs.  “You figured it out quickly.  You think we should let him have some fun now.” the two of you glance over at Alan, dutifully waiting. Kat thinks for a moment and suggests “What if we let him fuck both of our tits at the same time.” Leigh looks at her and gives her a kiss “I like the way you think I am always down to have my tits fucked.” 

Cum Together 

Kat kisses Leigh again letting  her tongue explore her mouth, her hand interesting into her curly hair.  She breaks the kiss and climbs on top of her again.  To her delight she finds that she can slide the strap-on into Leigh while keeping their tits together. Leigh purrs as the strap-on slides into her and pulls you closer, causing the dildo to sink in deeper.  Allan has made his way over and you can’t  the tip of his cock is glistening in the light.  No doubt he has enjoyed the show. “Get that nice and slippery won’t you.” Leigh purrs 

You reach up and grab his cock and pull toward you. You notice a drop of precum form at the tip as you pull him closer.  You bring the tip to your lips and your tongue tastes the salty drop as you let out a purr of your own as you continue to lick the tip before continuing down his shaft.  Leigh, you noticed, has taken one of his balls between her lips and starts to lick and suck them as you continue to lick his shaft, getting it nice and wet.

After a minute he pulls his cock back and begins two thrust it into the opening formed between your tits. The thrusts cause your   nipples to rub  together, bringing moans from you both and has the side effect of the strap-on moving in out of Leigh’s pussy.  She wraps her arms around you and digs her nails to your back leaving pink lines. You moan as the motion keeps rubbing your nipples. Leigh quickly begins to shudder all the stimulation and screams as another orgasm wracks her voluptuous frame. 

Kat and Allan pull back as she continues to shudder. She pulls Kat to her and kisses her passionately, “It’s your turn sweetie, I want to watch him fuck you.” she gets up and pushes you to the bed and pulls the strap on off you. She returns a moment later kissing your neck, she moves up to nibble on your ear.  You moan and feel Alan’s beard tickle your thighs as his tongue runs along your slit. Leigh moves down your chest, liking and kissing until she finds your nipple.  She starts by swirling your tongue around your nipple before pulling it with her lips, her hand finds your other nipple and she gives it a squeeze and a tug, just as Alan’s tongue finds your clit. You gasp and moan, as you wrap your legs around his head, pulling him deeper in.  Your pussy begins to throb and swell as he picks up the pace and his beard scratches against your lips.  Leigh continues to play with your nipples and rubbing and sucking them as you moan loader. As you are just about to explode he sucks your lips into his mouth and Leigh pulls both your nipples and you let go gushing all over Alan’s face. Your legs locking him in place, until the twitching stops.  

Leigh runs her fingers through your hair as they let you recover, you let your legs relax and release Alan’s head from their grip.  You feel Alan kissing up your thighs and tummy.  He nibbles each pink nipple and you feel his cock slide towards your slick pussy.  He rubs the head along your lips, paying special focus on your clit. You moan and beg for him to to fuck you. As you continue to moan Leigh straddles your face, and your mouth finds her slick pussy.

You take her clit between your lips and moan into her pussy as you feel your own pussy lips part as his cock gently pushes into you and stops. He pulls it out and teases your lips again.  Your pleas go only partially heard as Leigh moans from the sound vibrating against her pussy.


Alan takes in the scene before him as he teases the young girl with his cock. There was insatiable Leigh, sitting on Kat’s face. One hand playing with her own tits the other hand on Kat’s tit playing with her nipple.  You hear faint pleas from Kat through her mouth full of your wife’s pussy and decide to give her what she needs.

You slide your cock into that slick pussy, and pull her legs to your shoulders. You begin to slowly thrust into her shallowly at first, but then you begin to go deeper as your momentum increases. Your eyes meet Leighs, and she gives you a lust filled look and a smirk. “That right baby fuck that little slut’s pussy.”  You fuck her harder an both women moan louder, you fuck Kat faster causing her tits to bounce with each trust.

Leigh is the first to cum, and she tumbles off Kat and sprawls next to her panting. She then begins to suck on Kat’s nipples, which sends her over the edge as well.  You feel her pussy clenched around cock as she moans in pleasure.

Leigh knows that as Kat cums Alan won’t be far behind. She makes a decision, “Cum on our tits, I want to lick it off her.” Alan pulls his cock out, as Leigh moves Kats hands to her tits pushing them up and out ready to receive his cum. You do the same to your own as Alan strokes his cock a vigorously. He grunts and stops holding his cock tight as ropes of come spurt out hitting their mark and splattering both sets of tits.   

You pull him over by his cock making sure to milk the last drop out of it before pulling it into your mouth savoring the taste of his cum and her pussy. Kat is already at work licking the cum of your tits.  You pull Alan’s cock out of your mouth and begin to do the same for Kat relishing each drop.

You swallow his load and make your way up to her pretty little face and kiss her. You snuggle in beside her spooning her voluptuous body, and you feel Alan snuggle in behind you. His cock lightly brushing your ass. You play with her hair and ask “Would you like to stay the weekend? I don’t think I am done with you yet.” 

Kat’s only reply is to kiss you and snuggle in closer. Her but doing a little wiggle against your tummy. 


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