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Crossing The Line

Slutty redhead seduces her professor to keep her scholarship.
Crossing The Line

Kimberly Hoffman’s stomach turned over and over in her advanced economics class as she listened to her professor rattle on about the debt ceiling, fiscal responsibility, and Reaganomics. Kimberly was a smart girl and knew that it was important to take in all of these theories and history, as these were important things to know being a poly-science major with a minor in business who planned on getting her PhD at the same school. But right now Kimberly was underwater in her studies and falling dangerously behind in this class more so than the others, her current grades were a threat to the scholarship she had earned as an undergraduate at the state school she put herself through by taking out student loans. If she didn’t get her grades up by the end of the quarter, which she couldn’t unless she aced the final (which was unlikely), Kimberly’s scholarship would be dropped and she would be forced to go on academic probation and then pay for the rest of her graduate degree out of pocket. None of it appealed to Kimberly who tried desperately to reason with her professor: Dr. Garret Tanner, a handsome man in his mid-forties and widower who would only offer Kimberly a couple of extra-credit assignments that would in no way improve her odds of being able to pass the class and thus maintain her GPA. And so there she sat, trying to figure out what else she could do when one extraordinarily offensive idea kept creeping its way back into Kimberly’s mind: quid pro quo. Kimberly was not the kind of woman who would go to bed for a grade, but perhaps she would not have to cross that line, she thought, wondering if her oral skills might suffice in this situation.

Kimberly had always been described as “hauntingly beautiful”, a 24 year-old woman with long, red locks and porcelain white skin and crystal blue eyes. She was classically beautiful and could have been a model, as she had been told by her ex-boyfriends, who all cherished and worshiped her nudity. Her breasts especially were always a distraction to men, Kimberly always having a difficult time hiding her double-D bust line when trying to dress professionally. Her breasts served her well when she wanted them to, and if she was truly going to go through with this, she wanted all the help she could get. But she hadn’t actually made up her mind when she dressed, nor had she still committed to the notion, it being more of a pesky idea that kept bothering her every time she hit a mental roadblock. Still, when did dress, she had decided to wear her favorite low-cut top that displayed her impressive cleavage just in case she had to rely on this distracting last resort she kept fantasizing about. Her feminine wiles was Kimberly’s last card to play before giving up her dignity to a man she might one day call a colleague. And once she crossed that line, there would be no coming back from it. Her professor would never recommend her for advanced placement options or jobs after writing her off as just another disposable pleasure and nameless fuck, an unspoken sexual perk of tenure.

As this internal war raged in Kimberly’s head, class ended and she found herself waiting for the last students interested in speaking to her professor to leave them alone, hoping desperately that she might make up her mind before he called on her. When Dr. Tanner’s eyes finally did meet hers, he smiled and made her melt. She always thought he secretly desired her, someone having once told her that his late wife was a redhead also. Kimberly knew men who tended to like redheaded women had a particularly refined taste that only gingers appealed to, and hoped she would be no exception in trying to play to her professor’s secret desire.

“Ah, Ms. Hoffman, what can I do for you?” Tanner said, organizing a pile of papers in need of grading on his desk and slipping them inside his briefcase while trying to keep his eyes off his young student’s exposed neckline.

“Well, I was just wondering if I could talk to you about my grade again,” Kimberly began nervously, wondering if she would actually go through with her backwards idea or just walk away like she knew she should, some of her darker and weaker desires currently getting the best of her.

“I’m afraid there’s nothing left I can do, Ms. Hoffman. As long as you ace the final, which I’m confident you will if you study hard… you will be fine.”

“I’m afraid I just am not that confident, Dr. Tanner, as I have many other finals that will eat up necessary time I will need to study for this final in order to pass it. But I know you can’t do anything else for me officially, so… and forgive me for being so forward, I know you could get in trouble at the mere insinuation, but… isn’t there anything un-official we could work out?”

And there it was, Kimberly thought as her heart dropped into her stomach.

Her professor just stared at her as if in amazement, stopping what he was doing and staring at her with those piercing slate-grey eyes, Kimberly never before having noticed how they had appeared blue under the lecture hall lights during this entire course. This was it, she thought. Kimberly thought that she was going to be reported then and kicked off her scholarship (and worse yet, embarrassed and shunned from her school and respective course of study). She immediately regretted her decision and wished desperately that she could have taken it back. It was too late.

“I’m afraid I’m not entirely certain I know what you mean…” Tanner started, suspiciously, his eyes locked on Kimberly, he becoming increasingly more suspect of her and the situation growing around him.

Kimberly sighed, knowing she was now going to have to spell it out.

“I don’t know. I mean, could I like… go down on you or something?” she stated as sultry and innocently as she could muster, feigning the nubile schoolgirl in need of a spanking from her dominating, older teacher. In this case… her professor.

Tanner swiveled his head around to the door to make sure that nobody had been eavesdropping on them, Kimberly immediately feeling ashamed of herself, left standing before her professor to be considered sexually like some prostitute or simple whore trying to sleep her way to the top. All her dignity she had worked so hard for slipped off her like a cheap black dress. Finally, Tanner turned back to Kimberly. He wore a look of amazement and anger on his face that Kimberly knew meant nothing good for her future academically or professionally. So she just hung her head low and waited for the punishment, praying that it would come swiftly and without pain.

“I’m sorry, Professor, I…” she began.

“Ms. Hoffman, do you realize because of what you just said, I have to immediately notify the board of directors along with my immediate supervisor, and possibly consider contacting an attorney. What you said could result in my losing my job, to say nothing of what would happen to you and your future at this school. I expected better from you, Kimberly.”

“I understand, Professor. I’m sorry, I guess I was just desperate,” she admitted, never before having felt so disgusted or ashamed with herself.

Tanner looked at Kimberly and sighed, frustrated.

He felt his loins stirring for the redheaded sex goddess before him, he thinking that the only reason a woman like her was made had less to do with economics and more to do with the simpler pleasures in life. He thought her ex-boyfriends to be lucky at the chance to experience a roll in the hay with such an exquisite beauty, though he doubted seriously if they pleasured her the way he would, or appreciated her beauty the way he might if given the chance. But he couldn’t take that chance, and still, he was not picking up his phone or sending the poor young lady who had just committed academic suicide to the firing squads. He just didn’t have it in him, nor could he fail her also. Then, as if things had not taken a turn for the worse enough, Kimberly started to cry right in front of him, quickly trying to turn away and make a run for the door. Tanner ran after his student and grabbed her by the wrist, keeping her from bursting through the doors (him knowing that a student running crying from his lecture hall would be trouble for him later if witnessed). But when she did stop, he didn’t know what he wanted to do to her, especially now that he was physically touching her and close enough to inhale her intoxicating scent.

Their eyes met awkwardly.

Kimberly felt like he could crush her like a bug right there and quivered.

“Ms. Hoffman, please… I won’t… I won’t report you, okay?” he began.

“Thank you!” she let out, still wiping away the tears as they fell.

And then she threw her arms around him and clung to him, hoping to literally melt in his apology, shocked immediately to feel his excitement press between her legs and against her own excitement. It sent a wave of electricity surging through her privates, which she tried to ignore, hoping her professor too might ignore how they had just come together because of her own rudeness. After all, she had put the idea into his head; it would only be natural that it had excited him. Still, she took it as a compliment that just the mere mention of receiving a proper blowjob from her caused him to get hard. But Kimberly shook the thought and pulled Tanner tighter as he just consoled her and ran his powerful hands through her strawberry locks. Kimberly wanted him to tell her that everything was going to be okay, and he did, over and over, coddling her like a small child. God, how much more could she embarrass herself, Kimberly thought, as she pulled away from Tanner and looked back into his eyes, looking for redemption?

“Your make-up is running,” Tanner said, never before having been so close to Kimberly that he could smell her, see the gooseflesh on her cleavage. He reached up and rubbed her ruined mascara and dried tears off her cheeks with his thumbs. Kimberly just smiled and lost herself in her professor’s gaze as he cleaned her face. She felt whole again, clean even. His eyes fell again to her cleavage, but she didn’t mind. He finally looked back up at her and smiled; embarrassed that he had let her see him take her in like that.

“I don’t want you to take this as rejection, though, Ms. Hoffman…”

“Kimberly!” she corrected anxiously.

“May I be frank with you, Ms. Hoff — Kimberly, I mean?” Tanner asked.


“You’re an incredibly beautiful woman, and I wish I could let you go through with this. I very much would love to receive a blowjob from such a stunningly beautiful woman as you. I’m sure I will be thinking about it for the rest of the quarter now, and every time I see you in class too…”

“Thank you…” Kimberly added, embarrassed, watching Tanner’s eyes fall to her neckline again, suddenly wishing she could give herself to him in some way that wouldn’t get them both in trouble. She wanted to be had, and by him and him only. Whatever he would ask of her now, she truly would follow through with, because now she knew that deep down, he was truly a sweet guy and not the type of person who would willingly take advantage of someone like herself. Still, he stared at her cleavage, his erection pressing into her privates, she pressing a little harder against it.

And then Dr. Tanner planted his lips on Kimberly and took the breath right out of her, her stomach filled with butterflies and her privates flooding with excitement she had not felt toward a man in a long, long time. The kiss was too forbidden, so Kimberly melted into it and let the moment take her with it as she parted her lips and invited her professor’s tongue inside her own mouth. When she felt it slip inside, she used her own tongue to massage it gently, an old trick she read about in this magazine or that one. He even pulled her closer against his excitement, causing them both to moan out into each other’s mouth. When the kiss finally ended and Kimberly came back down to Earth, she was left standing before him a mere mortal and he a God. His wish was her command at that point, though he would never know it. But she desperately wanted him to. He just smiled down at her and brushed a strand of hair from her brow, holding her body tightly against his own, the two conjoined at the hip. Neither Kimberly nor the Professor cared that at any moment somebody could walk in and ruin all the fun, causing both of them to get kicked out together. There would have been something so forbidden about that, Kimberly thought, as she stared back into her professor’s powerful gaze.

“Let that be our little secret, okay?” Tanner said.

“Okay…” Kimberly managed, seeing her professor’s eyes fall again.

“Do you want to see them?” Kimberly asked, nervously.

“I…” Tanner began, lost in the seductress’ heavy cleavage. “Now is not the time I’m afraid. Anybody could just…”

“Of course…” Kimberly said, quickly pulling away, leaving the professor’s obvious erection without a home and pushing a tent beneath his slacks. Kimberly had to admire how big it seemed, and loved that it was for her.

“But, if you’d like to meet me in my office in say… twenty minutes? I would be more than interested in seeing what it is you want to show me,” Tanner said nervously, embarrassed that he had to turn around and re-adjust his cock beneath his belt while his redheaded vixen got to just watch on, smiling. He hoped he had the good sense to run back to the office and masturbate furiously, but no amount of porn would be able to satisfy what Kimberly was promising him. When he was finished, he turned to face her.

“I’ll be there,” she said, turning swiftly and walking out of the room, leaving a breathless professor aroused and terribly nervous behind her.

Kimberly ran immediately to the bathroom to re-touch up her ruined make-up and inspected her cleavage, knowing that it was about to go on full-display for her professor to do, well… whatever he wanted with it. Her panties were soaked through also, but there was nothing to be done about it now. Instead, she had to simply wait an excruciating fifteen minutes before heading toward Dr. Tanner’s private office in the basement where, thankfully, nobody was left at this hour. It was a late class and by now all the teachers had long since left, the students already back in their dorms drinking and ignoring homework. When she finally turned the corner and saw Dr. Tanner’s light on in a dark hall of locked offices, she swallowed nervously. This was it, she thought. Kimberly pressed on and stood on the other side of her professor’s door. She took a deep breath and knocked.

“Come in…” she heard him say.

It was a small office, but with just enough room for the two of them.

Tanner sat in his office chair casually, as if their last interaction had not transpired, his erection obviously bulging beneath his belt at this point.

“So, Ms. Hoffman… you wanted to show me something?” he asked casually.

“Yes, Professor,” Kimberly began, pulling back the straps of her tank top and bra and then pulling them both down off her large, milky white breasts with puffy pink areolas and rock hard nipples. Tanner’s eyes went wide. “I wanted to show you my breasts, professor,” she then added. “As a token of my appreciation for handling our sensitive situation with such grace.”

“Kimberly, those are… exquisite,” Tanner stated. “But I’m having trouble admiring them in the detail I would like all the way over there,” he added.

Kimberly smiled and walked around Tanner’s desk and stood before him, he standing up and staring right at her exposed breasts, left breathless.

“You can touch them if you want. I won’t expect anything in return, just… if you want to is all… as a thank you for being so sweet to me…”

Tanner’s stiff fingers reached out and brushed over Kimberly’s areolas and ran over her erect nipples, the sensation causing Kimberly to groan right there. Finally, her professor began to grab her breasts, squeezing them as if testing them for ripeness, and then massaging and kneading them firmly. Kimberly just closed her eyes, both of her magnificent breasts now in her professor’s hands. Then, suddenly, she felt his tongue flick over one of her nipples. She opened her eyes in enough time to see her own professor nursing on her breast like an infant. The sight aroused her as she took his head into her hands and continued to let him suckle at her breast.

“Oh, professor… that feels amazing,” Kimberly began as he switched to her ignored breast, leaving the other lathered in a layer of sticky saliva.

“You know, Ms. Hoffman, there’s one thing I’ve always wondered,” Tanner said, turning up to meet eyes with her. “Is if you’re a natural redhead or not,” he finished, eyes falling down and between her legs. Kimberly blushed at the mere mention of her privates, but smiled anyway knowing full well that she was going to show her professor any part of her body she needed.

“You’re more than welcome to inspect,” Kimberly added, Tanner now turning down and helping her out of her top and bra. When they were off, and she was left completely topless before him, Tanner started to fumble with her belt. When he finally got it off, he unbuckled and unzipped her fly. Then, he looked back up at her for confirmation, which she gave with a simple nod. Then, in one fell swoop, Kimberly felt the professor yank her pants off her hips, leaving her standing only in her black panties. He helped her step out of them and tossed them aside with her other clothes. Then, her horny professor hooked his fingers into the bands of her underwear and pulled them off, revealing a small, neatly trimmed patch of fiery red hair left guarding her little nub. Kimberly had to help herself out of her panties, as her professor was left staring at her vagina untamed. She was nervous about her smell and sight, but judging by the hypnotized look in Dr. Tanner’s eyes, she had nothing to feel embarrassed about anymore.

“Ms. Hoffman, you are a natural redhead indeed,” Tanner stated.

“I’m afraid so,” she added.

“I think you look very distinguished with this bit of hair here,” Tanner said, Kimberly melting at the sensation of her professor’s hands running through her pubic hair and just over her mound. She was completely naked before him now and without inhibitions or regrets. And Tanner was fine with that, hoisting his beautiful student up onto the desk and spreading her legs gently, revealing her full vulva to him, shaved bare smooth other for her neatly kept patch. Now, Kimberly blushed, since it was revealed how wet she was, her inner thighs coated in her own nectar.

“Ms. Hoffman, you’re incredibly wet…”

“You make me incredibly wet, professor…”

Kimberly reached down and began to rub her aching clit in gentle, simple circles, no longer caring that she was masturbating for an audience now. Her clit needed some attention, and she was going to have an orgasm in this office whether it was given to her, or she delivered it herself. Tanner just watched on, hypnotized, Kimberly occasionally spreading her lips and revealing the true beauty of her flower to him. Finally, Tanner inched between his student’s legs and inhaled her most intimate scent like a rose.

“Kimberly, you have the most amazing scent of any woman I’ve known.”

“I taste amazing too…”

That was all he needed.

The professor dove in and began lapping at Kimberly who started to moan out in ecstasy, her professor’s tongue dragging over her most sensitive corners and pushing inside her most intimate body part. Her taste was forbidden and sweet, like tart or citrus. Her smell was musky and intoxicating, and no part of her pussy was left un-touched by her professor’s tongue. Whether it be the insides of her labia, her clit or swollen lips, or even inside her vagina… his tongue went there. Her own orgasm built like a raging inferno against her clitoris, a deep pressure building up on top of it in need of immediate release. Kimberly quickly wrapped her legs around her professor and started moaning out, rubbing herself like a crazed maniac in front of her teacher. Occasionally, Tanner reached up and fondled her large breasts while plunging his fingers deep inside of her, his fingers completely coated in her excitement when he came back out of her.

“Ms. Hoffman, if you would like… I can still take you up on your offer…”

“That would be… greatly… oh, God! Appreciated! ” Kimberly groaned as she continued to flood like a waterfall all over her professor’s face while he continued to eat her like a fine desert at a nice restaurant. Nothing was off-limits for him now, nor did she want anything to be left ignored on her privates. Kimberly grabbed Tanner’s hair and pulled him deeper inside of her, her own orgasm now taunting her vagina and the rest of her body. She hoped she could cum, because otherwise it would hurt to be left like this.

“But to put it to you rather bluntly, Ms. Hoffman, fellatio wouldn’t be nearly satisfying enough from a student as exquisite and talented as you, and I do hate to waste a great view also,” Dr. Tanner said in between licks.

“To be quite blunt, if I am going to risk my tenor I’m afraid I would have to fuck you, Kimberly, plain and simple. And if you let me fuck you… and I mean really fuck you… then I will promise to give you an A in my class.”

“Then fuck me, Professor Tanner. I know you’ve jerked off thinking about this whole situation. What do we do next, huh? Tell me…” she asked.

“You cum in my mouth,” he stated firmly, sending Kimberly spiraling out of control as she started panting and screaming, his fingers plunging in and out of her while she rubbed the very nub he began to lick up and down.

“Professor… I’m cumming… I’m cumming!”

“It’s okay, Kimberly. Let go… cum for me, my little student whore,” he said, causing Kimberly’s orgasm to explode out of her urethra and a flood of nectar and her own juices to rush out of her like a waterfall and spill out into her professor’s wanting mouth. She heard him drink her up, like it was nothing, swallowing entire mouthfuls of her orgasm. But most unexpected, was when he climbed on top of her, propped her mouth open for a kiss with his hands, and then released a flood of that very same orgasm back into her mouth. Their lips locked Kimberly’s eyes wide, her own cum spilling out the corners of their shared kiss and trailing down her chin and spilling onto her breasts. The taste of the liquid swirling around in her mouth was salty, but bittersweet like a tropical fruit. God, it was her own cum, she thought, as she felt mini-aftershocks to explode out of her pussy all over her professor’s desk. Finally, Kimberly closed her eyes and understood what had just happened. She was meant to swallow her own self, and so she did, the taste of it and knowledge that it was her own orgasm sliding down into her tummy slightly arousing her and causing another burst to shoot out of her and mark her professor’s desk and carpet. Their kiss finally melted into what it was meant to be, the smell of her pussy biting into both of their nostrils and driving them even wilder. Finally… it ended.

Tanner pulled away from Kimberly first and looked back at her, the most nervous look on a woman’s face that he had ever seen. She quivered again and saw a small burst of liquid spill out of her privates all over his desk, which was currently soaked in Kimberly’s cum. A waterfall of that same liquid had made its way down to the carpet and ended in a small wet stain.

“Was that the first time you squirted to orgasm?” Tanner asked.

“Uh-huh,” Kimberly nodded.

“What did you think of your own cum?” he asked.

“It was… I’m not sure… wow… it really turned me on!” Kimberly admitted.

“Kimberly, when was the last time you went to bed with a man?”

“Over a year ago,” she hesitated to admit.

“Why so long?”

“I guess I’ve been busy with my studies, Professor,” she tried to reason.

“Did you not enjoy the experience?”

“I did, I just… think I rushed into the experience was all.”

“Well before I fuck you, and I am going to… I think I’d like you to give me that proper blowjob you offered earlier…”

“Whatever you want, professor,” Kimberly admitted.

“Do you like sucking cock, Ms. Hoffman?” Tanner asked, standing up and fumbling with his belt and slipping out of his slacks, revealing his raging erection attempting to burst out of his boxers beneath, a small wet spot formed right where his tip was constricted. Finally, he released his monster and showed Kimberly his raging erection. She thought it was the most beautiful penis she had ever seen, wanting immediately to reach out and pet it, which she did. She wanted to just nuzzle up to his cock and make love to it all night, cuddle with it, and then maybe even fuck it. Finally, she hopped off the desk and fell to her knees in front of her professor and wrapped her tongue around the head of his penis. She looked up at him, knowing how much men loved eye contact during fellatio, and then preceded to take him in and out of her throat past the gag-reflex she didn’t have. Tanner groaned in response to the sight of his beautiful student’s face pressed all the way against his lower abdomen, his entire length lodged inside her mouth and throat. Still, she looked up at him and even flashed him an erotic little smile. When he finally pulled out of her mouth again, a spider-web of saliva and warm pre-cum came with it, leaving his cock attached to her mouth by a trail of liquid in case his cock might lose its way on its return journey to the back of her wet, warm throat. It was the sluttiest thing he had ever seen, the little whore now peppering his shaft with sweet kisses and nudging up next to it and rubbing it all over her cheeks and lips, spreading his pre-cum over her soft, delicate skin. It was right then that Dr. Tanner knew he had to deliver his semen to her the same way he had with his late wife… all over her face.

“Yes, professor…” Kimberly finally answered honestly.

“Yes, professor, what?”

“Yes, I love sucking cock. Especially yours,” the redheaded vixen admitted, slipping her professor’s erect penis back into her mouth and disappearing it into the back of her throat, its impressive girth literally filling her throat.

“Kimberly, you look quite distinguished with a cock in your mouth…”

Her response was muffled over his cock, which he buried in her mouth.

“Have you ever had cum… on your face?” he asked her.

The response was an obvious no. Kimberly continued taking her professor into the back of her throat, her pussy flooding with excitement again at the forbidden thought of having semen on her face. She knew what it meant. She had heard about facials from her ex-boyfriend who desperately wanted to give her one, though she had never allowed it for fear of letting herself be degraded. But she had always secretly desired to let a guy cum on her face. Kimberly was a cum-slut, and spent many occasions on her knees naked and leaning back, breasts on full display for her ex-boyfriend to masturbate over just before ejaculating all over them. That sight always got her off while she masturbated, her ex grabbing his aching penis for her while he hungrily drank her in and brought himself to the brink. It was a sight Kimberly mutually enjoyed rubbing herself to, the look of overwhelming ecstasy surging through her boyfriend so much so that he almost looked in pain right before he erupted. The sight of her ex-boyfriend’s cock spurting out thick helpings of his hot white cum always drove her Kimberly wild, but the real exciting part for her was when that cum landed on her breasts. She loved the way it felt, trickling down over her nipples and running down her naval into her pubic hair, leaving a slimy trail behind it like a snail, marking her whole body on its way down.

Kimberly loved the way her ex decorated her beautiful breasts so much so that she many times rubbed the creamy sperm into her skin and let it dry all night, not washing it off sometimes until the next morning or even later. The closest thing Kimberly ever did come to receiving a facial were the few times she let her ex paint a pearl necklace across her neck with semen.

Why hadn’t she just let him blast her in the face, she wondered?

“Why not?” Tanner asked.

“Guess I wanted to make sure it was with someone I liked enough…” Kimberly said, coming up for air, her complete devotion to the art of deep-throating a major turn on for Tanner, Kimberly was nearly certain.

“It can be rather messy, get in your hair, your eyelashes, on your ears, but it’s such a satisfying ending to see a beautiful redhead covered in sperm.”

“If you want to cum on my face… you can,” she said, releasing the pulsating cock from her throat again, trying to rap her head around the notion of being ejaculated on by it on her face of all places. It made her quiver again.

“When your ex-boyfriends came… did they ever cum on you?”

“On my breasts a lot, or my stomach… or in my mouth… a couple times even all over my neck,” Kimberly recited each cum shot from memory, now rubbing her soaking privates furiously at the thought of receiving her first facial at the hands of her professor who was about to fuck her because she wanted a better grade in return. What a proper little whore she had turned into, Kimberly thought, as she continued to fellate her professor for an A+.

“You’re quite the cum-slut, aren’t you, Ms. Hoffman?” Dr. Tanner asked.

Then, suddenly, Dr. Tanner placed both of his hands on the back of her head and began to ram his hard cock in and out of her throat with a new-found passion. Kimberly fumbled with her hands, but suddenly realized that she was no longer in control of her own blowjob and had best keep her hands by her side while Dr. Tanner continued to fuck her mouth. It was an experience she had never had before, letting her mouth get fucked with the same vigor and tenacity that her exes saved when they were fucking her traditionally. It was hard for her to maintain breathing just through her nose, but even as she did, her eyes still watered up and caused her mascara to run down her cheeks. The crude, throaty sounds caused by this extreme act weren’t the most pleasant for Kimberly to hear her body make, but when she heard her professor starting to moan and groan, calling her an assortment of dirty names like “cum-slut” and “whore”, she knew that he was getting closer and closer to delivering that particularly warm facial.

Finally, Tanner released Kimberly who started to cough, her mouth still connected to Tanner’s cock by an illicit web of bodily fluids. Then, her professor started to grab his erect penis, which was pointed right at her face and began stroking it like both of their impending orgasms depended on it. Kimberly sat there, waiting anxiously as her heart beat rapidly in her chest and her own excitement flowed freely between her legs. She began rubbing herself faster and faster, the sight of her professor’s throbbing head and dripping urethra a captivating sight to her sexually. She started plunging her fingers up into her cunt and teased her own orgasm that much closer to fruition. It was going to be massive, and so was Tanner’s.

“Oh, my God, Kimberly, I can’t wait to cum on that beautiful redheaded face of yours,” he admitted feverishly.

“I can’t wait to feel your cum on my face…” Kimberly admitted.

And that’s when she felt the first blast of warmth across her forehead, suddenly shocked and aroused all at once that her professor had just ejaculated onto her face. Instinctively, Kimberly closed her eyes as a second explosion of warm semen splattered right into the corner of her eye, sealing the entire thing shut as the excess cream ran down the bridge of her nose like a warm river cascading toward her lips. It felt like a warm lotion getting sprayed across her skin, she thought, as if somebody were standing over her with a bottle. Another burst of her professor’s seed shot out onto her nose itself, spilling down beneath her nostrils and dangling over her salivating lips, the potent smell and taste of semen now biting into her senses. The professor’s semen came out in thick bursts, its consistency much thicker than her exes combined, her face quickly getting coated in hot white sperm as thick and goopy as vanilla yogurt. More bursts splattered up over her lips and began to run down her chin, hanging off her face in thickly formed icicles. Still, somehow, her professor was able to continue and spray her hair with his semen and the side of her ear before finishing up with a final groan, the last remaining drops ending up on her breasts. Finally, Kimberly opened her eye again and looked up at him. What a frightful sight she must be, she thought, the look on her professor’s face one of complete shock. She didn’t want to move an inch, for fear of disrupting the masterpiece that had been painted over the canvas of her face. And it was all too much for, especially the smell. Her first facial caused her orgasm to erupt against her clit again, causing a deep pressure to explode within her and send a waterfall of cum flooding out of her pussy.

“How do you feel?”

“Fine…” she admitted.

“Fine? Ms. Hoffman, you do not like fine…

“I guess I’m just not really use to having cum on my face,” she admitted.

“You look absolutely breathtaking, Ms. Hoffman. Such an exquisite beauty all coated and marked like a freshly glazed donut. Do you like it?”

“I mean… a little, but…” Kimberly admitted, not entirely sure having her current complexion compared to a glazed donut, though the imagery of warm vanilla glaze coating an assembly line of donuts did conjure up some pretty powerful imagery for her appetite. She wondered how much she really did resemble one of those things right now, wishing she could see.

“But?” Tanner asked.

“Well… I guess… it just feels a little… degrading…” Kimberly admitted.

“Oh, Ms. Hoffman. I’ve no use to degrade you. I simply want to mark you as my territory and compliment your refined beauty by sharing my orgasm with you on the part of you I find the most attractive… your beautiful face.”


“Yeah. Do you mind if I take a picture of you like this?”

Kimberly hesitated a moment, realizing then that she had never allowed anyone to photograph her nude, let alone with cum on her face. She wondered how deeply pornographic these pictures might turn out to be, but the thought only made her dying orgasm burn that much hotter inside.

“No… go ahead…”

Dr. Tanner reached into his pants and removed his cell phone, immediately opening up the camera application on it and pointing it his little prize all covered in his warm seed. Kimberly felt her body flood with unexpected excitement at the sound of the first photo being taken of her, the feeling of her professor’s warm sperm cascading down over her face like a warm glaze whitewashing her skin sending more aftershocks rippling through her vagina. She looked up and saw Tanner snapping photograph after photograph of his heavy cum shot that he left all over her face. Kimberly just smiled and let it happen, channeling her inner sex goddess and porn star, relishing the feeling of her professor all over her and indulging in her most carnal nature. When Dr. Tanner seemed he was finished, he set the camera phone down and turned back to his freshly-marked student, left kneeling before him. He smiled down at her, incredulous at how much Kimberly’s beauty had been accentuated by his pearly white sperm.

“Ms. Hoffman, I’d like to take you back to my place and fuck you properly so I can give you that A in my class,” Tanner said matter-of-factly.

“What grade do you think I’ve earned so far?” Kimberly asked.

“You letting me cum on your face bumped you up to a B- I think…”

“Oh, that’s not good enough. I want to earn that A,” she teased.

Tanner slipped Kimberly’s panties back up her silky smooth legs and over her wet pussy, the material now safely covering her naked backside. Next he helped his student back into her bra, which he fastened around her magnificent breasts, kissing the top of each one after sealing them inside the constricting undergarment. Kimberly shuddered at the sensation. She reveled in the feeling of having her professor re-dress her, minus her shirt. Instead, he grabbed her hooded-sweatshirt off the floor and zipped it up over her chest. He then handed his young student her crumpled shirt.

“I didn’t want to mess up that beautiful facial. Would you mind wearing it back to my place?” he asked her.

“I’d love to…”

Kimberly stepped out into the hallway, her face a mess of ruined make-up and her professor’s seed, following him by his side out to his car as she felt thick strands of him stretching off her face and falling down onto her sweatshirt. When she finally did get into the car, she inspected the damage in the mirror, shocked by the mess staring back at her in the mirror.

“We’re going to have to clean you up, Kimberly.”

When they finally arrived at Dr. Tanner’s home, he walked Kimberly straight down the hall and into the master bathroom, a luxurious carpeted foray with a large jacuzzi tub big enough for two. He instantly drew a hot bath and lit a few candles sitting on the counter top that Kimberly had imagined had not been lit in quite some time. Tanner returned to his prize and unzipped Kimberly’s sweatshirt and tossed it aside, moving then down to her pants, which he easily removed. Next, he planted a kiss on top of each breast before releasing them from the confines of her bra, Kimberly’s most feminine attributes once again exposed to her professor. When he bent down to remove Kimberly’s panties, he helped her step out of them and then stood back up. He helped her step into the filling bath and sat beside her on the edge of the bath. He then grabbed the portable, massaging showerhead and turned it on, still allowing the tub to fill at the same time. Tanner turned back to Kimberly and smiled, most of the cum on her face was now liquefied or starting to dry, her face an absolute mess.

“Why don’t we wash that beautiful face of yours off, Kimberly?”

Tanner adjusted a setting on the showerhead so that the water would trickle out and then turned it over his young student’s semen-covered face. Kimberly felt the warm water cascade over her face, slowly washing all the ruined make-up and sperm from it. She felt her professor’s powerful hands rubbing her forehead and cheeks clean, then moving on to her lips and chin. Then, Kimberly heard the sound of a shampoo bottle opening and felt a cool liquid get squeezed onto her scalp a moment later. Tanner then handed Kimberly the showerhead and took over massaging all of the shampoo into her scalp while Kimberly was helpless to do anything for herself. She simply let her professor wash her hair while she held the shower over her naked breasts and let the warm bathwater envelop her nude body, washing away all the sweat and sin from her oral sex session.

“Make sure you wash your vagina, Kimberly,” he said, gently pushing the showerhead down between her legs, the sensation of the powerful massaging jets against her aching, wet clit enough to send her back into a sexual craze.

“Yes, professor,” she said, Kimberly suddenly aware that he was handing her a soapy sponge to do just that with. Kimberly then took the sponge between her legs and began to drag it all over her vulva. Tanner’s powerful hands moved down to Kimberly’s neck, him then asking her to turn around and lean up against the edge so that he could give her a proper massage. It was the most erotic thing Kimberly had ever experience, letting her professor massage her neck and back while she cleaned her privates in front of him. Kimberly began to moan and groan against the sensation of her own fingers and the soapy sponge against her clit. The professor’s hands moved back up to her scalp and continued massaging the shampoo into her soapy red locks. His hands fell down her shoulders and over her large breasts, kneading them and massaging them with suds and warmth.

“So, Kimberly, when I fuck you, I don’t want you to have to worry about doing any of the work. I just want you to relax and worry about your own orgasms,” Tanner explained matter-of-factly as Kimberly continued to massage her clit with the showerhead beneath the water’s surface, its powerful jets pulsating against her sensitive little nub and swollen lips.

“Whatever you say, professor…”

Tanner then took Kimberly from the tub and helped her stand up, taking the showerhead from between Kimberly’s legs and using it to rinse her naked body off. Once he made her clean again, Tanner toweled the wet vixen off and then led her down the hallway toward his bedroom, completely naked and still wet. He laid her onto her back on the bed and crawled on top of her, Kimberly and her professor’s eyes meeting and Kimberly desperately wanting to feel him inside her. Then, she felt him position himself at her entrance and push inside of her. She cried out, Kimberly shocked at how big he felt, some of her walls stretching out around his cock as it pushed deeper and deeper into her soaking pussy. Kimberly reached around and grabbed her professor’s tight butt with both hands, one on each cheek, and pulled him deeper inside her womb. This was it, she was officially whoring herself out to her professor and she loved every second of it. There was no music or ambient noise of any kind, either, to drown out the physical sounds of their lovemaking. The sound of Kimberly’s vagina being pummeled by her professor, skin slapping skin, filled the room. Every thrust caused a deeper pressure to build between her legs deep inside her, the sensation of her professor’s penis dragging in and out of her pussy driving her absolutely wild. Suddenly, Kimberly felt him stop and yelped when her professor walked around the bed and grabbed her from around the waist upside down. He lifted her up into the air with considerable ease, Kimberly swaying just above Tanner’s carpet, and then felt herself get pinned to a wall upside down. And that’s when she felt the professor spread her legs and start eating her again, penetrating her and licking her. Kimberly just reached out and grabbed the aching cock lathered in her nectar from right in front of her and started to suck it.

Professor Tanner continued to eat his student’s privates as she struggled to perform fellatio upside down, his cock ramming into her throat and causing saliva and pre-cum to spill out of her mouth and run backward up her face. She tried to control the blowjob, but her professor was relentless, and quickly Kimberly realized how meaningless her hands were. Still, it was hard to concentrate with her vulva receiving all the attention it was.


Tanner flipped her over with his powerful hands then, his erection and a mouthful of saliva and his pre-cum torn from her mouth. He then tossed his student back onto the bed on her stomach, her naked backside exposed to him. Tanner dragged his fingers tips down the small of his student’s lower back and up onto her beautiful cheeks, sliding back down her upper thighs. She had the rear of a Greek goddess he thought, her backside as tight as a statue. Tanner had to worship it with his mouth, dragging his tongue out over the gooseflesh on her cheeks and planting gentle kisses all over. Kimberly whimpered at the sensation, and shuddered uncontrollably when she felt her professor’s tongue flick over her back entrance. She turned back to him nervously, wondering what he meant to do to her. It was then that she realized he had caught her, her face an absolute mess. It was covered in a thick river of pre-cum and her own spit, which up until a moment ago was running up her face, it now sliding back down it. Her make-up was also surely ruined, but the biggest turn on of all was the sight of her professor’s mouth and chin coated in what she recognized as her own excitement. It was so carnal. She needed to get fucked… very hard.

“Have you ever had someone fuck you in your ass properly?”

“Never…” Kimberly responded, thinking that wasn’t what she meant.

Tanner reached over into his top drawer and removed a bottle of lube that he opened, the cool gelatinous liquid squeezing out onto Kimberly’s rear causing her to shiver. Kimberly braced herself for her professor. When she felt his head press at her entrance, her muscles constricted, but it was no defense against her professor’s invading organ, which pushed gracefully into her back entrance. Kimberly groaned out, never before having experienced anything press into her rectum before. Then, with one final push, her professor’s fully erect cock disappeared into her ass causing Kimberly to instantly lose her anal cherry. She cried out, aghast at how extraordinary the forbidden invasion made her building orgasm feel deep inside of her, the building pressure now pressing against her most sensitive corner from within. She screamed out when her professor pulled out just a little and then began to give her a “proper fuck” as he had described it. In and out… in and out… it was a building rhythm she had to control her body to conform to as she rubbed herself like a maniac wanting to desperately to explode. Tanner reached out and ran his hands through his young student’s hair and then pressed her face down onto the bed, using his other hand to prop her rear-end up so he could mount her. Then, like a wild animal powerless to escape a suited partner in heat during mating season, Kimberly got fucked in her ass while she screamed and moaned out.

“Oh, professor… fuck me in the ass… oh yeah…” she kept saying.

“You’re a bigger slut than I thought, Ms. Hoffman. Your first anal and facial all in one night!” he replied, deep inside of her, his hands groping at her breasts and massaging them like dough, his fingers pulling at her nipples.

“Oh, professor… I’m cumming!” Kimberly said, throwing her arm back around her teacher while he continued to penetrate her anally.

Then, all at once, the pressure exploded against Kimberly’s g-spot and her all of the pleasure tickling her sensitive corners rocketed through her pussy, causing an eruption between her legs like nothing she had ever experienced before. Kimberly’s anus clamped down on the cock deep in her ass, which only caused the liquid she felt squirting out of her to gush with that much more intensity, the rushing liquid through her vagina the most intense release of cum Kimberly had ever felt leaving her body at once. Tanner felt his affair spray him from behind as his desperate student’s angelic, nude body was plagued by her most intense orgasm ever. When he did manage to pull out of her, her ass left a gaping hole, he let her collapse onto the bed. He crawled over, semen already slowly spilling from his cock as he tried to hold back in long enough time to dump his final load all over the young redhead’s face. He cried out in just enough time to feel a long jet of release whitewash Kimberly’s already ruined cheek. A second, unexpected jet caught her right in the eye, a thick pool of sperm collecting beautifully against the bridge of her nose before spilling back down into her eye. Kimberly reveled in the sensation, her favorite part of being marked when her professor aimed up and began to shoot his final jets of cum into her bright red hair, crying out as he emptied himself into her signature locks. He then collapsed next her, she only able to see him with one eye.

He caressed the beautiful mess he had made of her face.

“I think you earned an A+, Ms. Hoffman.”

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