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Country Walk

Your hike turns into an overnight sex fest.
Country Walk

Chapter 1

We sat at the table. The morning sky was oppressive and dark, casting its shadow over our day already.

Our plans seemed to have evaporated into the darkness that covered the town, even at 9am. We were both a bit upset at this, and were not talking. There was a frosty silence, words had been exchanged, and pride hurt. We sulked.

We had planned for days, getting all our hiking gear together. Cleaning boots, washing socks and shorts, and airing our rucksacks. All that effort for nothing, we had just wasted our time. That was our reason for being upset, and we took it out on each other, which was very unusual. We never blamed each other for things that we had no control over. It was a measure of our disappointment that we had sniped at each other since we woke up.

I stared out of the window, wondering why we were so upset, it was after all only a walk in the country, and something we could do whenever we wanted. I turned my head, and saw the disappointment etched in your beautiful face. I realised that this would have been more than just a walk, it would have been a release of all the stresses and strains that had built up over the last few months. I chuckled, and your head whipped round, your eyes blazing.

“Babe,” I said, “it might be dark out there, but it’s not raining, the forecast was for it to improve, and, since we’ve got everything packed and ready to go, why don’t we just go?”

“What?” you replied, your voice rising with unsuppressed anger, “You said earlier that you’d rather not go out in the dark, because you didn’t think it was worth the effort, and now you just think we should go. Why the fuck have you changed your mind?”

“Well love, I was sat here thinking about why we were off out, and I realised that we both need to release some of our stresses and strains. So I thought, ‘what the hell’, and that’s why we should get up now, and just go.” I answered softly.

“Thank you.” You said, your eyes becoming very bright as tears began to form.

I stood up, and came round the table, and kneeling down, put my arms round you and gave you a great big hug, which you returned.

Drying your eyes, you stood up. I stood next to you, my arm draped comfortably round your shoulder, and kissed you on the cheek. You began to smile, for the first time, and I knew that I had made the right choice.

We walked into the hall, and picked up all our equipment, and left the house. The sky was still dark, but for some reason it did not feel as threatening as it previously had. We put all of the gear in the car, and I checked to ensure we hadn’t forgotten anything. After the delay and arguments of earlier, we were both raring to go.

You were driving, so I turned on the radio, and tuned it into one of our favourite stations. Show tunes blazed out, and we sang along, the arguments forgotten as we relaxed into our singing. The countryside passed in a blur as we made our way to the planned starting point. After our short drive, 45 minutes, we arrived. You parked the car, and we got out and stretched. I began to put on my boots, as you took a little stroll to the start of our trail. Once I finished, I removed the rucksacks from the car, and proceeded to check them out. I made sure that we had all we would need for the day, and some extra for emergencies. I liked to be prepared, it was something we always laughed about. You liked to joke that it was like being with a boy scout, I always said that it was better to be ready for things to go wrong, and you always called me a pessimist. I smiled as I finished checking the gear, and you returned from your inspection.

“Well babe, how does it look?” I asked.

“Not too bad, it looks a bit muddy at the start, but may be better further into the woods.” You replied.

“Ok, let’s get you into your boots, and we can start.” I said.

You sat on the back seat of the car, and proceeded to don your hiking boots, ensuring that they were tight, but not too tight. Standing up, you closed the door, and locked the car, and put the keys into your rucksack. I held your rucksack for you, as you turned round and slipped your arms through the straps. While you made yourself comfortable, I donned by rucksack. We were ready to go.

We set off, you leading the way, and setting the pace. W e walked in silence, glad to be out in the fresh air. The trail was a bit muddy, but still easy to walk on, and as we got further into the woods, there was less mud. We were happy, and I was very glad that we had left the house and done what we had planned.

As I followed you, I watched the movement of your bum. It nestled at the top of your long, shapely, legs, and barely wobbled as you took each step. I reached out and gave it a quick squeeze.

“Oi!” You yelped, as you felt my hand touch you. “This is no time for touching me up, that comes later.”

“Right you are darling.” I replied, grinning.

I follow on. Content to watch as you sway your hips, accentuating the normal movement, because you know I am looking at you.

I think about how gorgeous you look in your hiking outfit. The boots encase your delicate feet, and support your shapely ankles. I look at the back of your well-defined calves, and watch the muscles play as you walk. My eyes travel upwards, to the back of your knees, and travel over the smooth flesh of your thighs, upwards to the bottom of your loose shorts. I imagine the smooth silky flesh encased in your flimsy panties, knowing that you will be wearing one of your tight little g-stings. My cock begins to stiffen, and I have to make several adjustments as I continue to follow you.

We walk for several miles, deeper into the woods, our legs getting used to the walk. My eyes are fixed on your bum for the whole time, and it requires all my self-control to keep my hands off you.

“Shall we stop and have a rest?” You ask.

“Sure, babe, sounds like a good plan, there’s a log over there, we can sit on that.” I reply.

“Ok, but we’ll only take a short break, I don’t want to seize up this early in the day.” You chuckle, as we walk over to the log, and sit down.

We remove our rucksacks, and take out our water flasks, and sit next to each other, thighs touching, as we sip our cool water. I lean over, and rest my head on your shoulder, burying my face into your golden hair, and nuzzling against your neck. You giggle as I run my tongue round your neck.

“Stop it!” You shriek. “You know how ticklish I am, and how horny it makes me when you do that. Save your energy for the walk, and for when we get home, you’re going to need it, and that’s a promise.”

I lift my head, surprise etched on my face, and you laugh as you see my incredulous expression. I take your face in my hands, and pull you toward me, until our lips meet, and I kiss you passionately. We break apart, breathing hard, and struggle slowly back into our rucksacks.

As we start walking again, we stay side by side, and hold hands. I feel the smooth skin of your hand as it rubs against the rougher skin of my own. It is sending small electric currents shooting through my arm with each swing. I turn my head to watch your profile as we continue to walk.

I look up, and see through the canopy of trees that the skies are still fairly dark, but a lot less threatening than they had been earlier. I smiled to myself, and knew that it was going to be a good day, no matter what had happened at home.

We walked for several more miles, before you stopped suddenly.

“Sorry about this, but I need to go to the loo.” You said.

“That’s fine babe, there are a few bushes you can sneak behind. Since it’s getting on a bit, shall we find somewhere to set up for lunch?” I say.

“Yeah, that’s a great idea.” You reply, as you begin looking for a suitable bush.

You wander off and I walk a little further to a small clearing. I take off my rucksack, and begin to unload our food. I take out a little gas stove, and a small can in which to heat the water. Pouring water into the can, I light the stove and sit back and wait. I lean back against the rucksack, and watch for your return.

A few minutes later, you walk into view. I stare as you walk toward me, your fabulous body, you move cat like over the uneven ground, as your lithe grace carry’s you effortlessly toward me. I admire the way your breasts move slightly with each step, and the way your hair is blown in the slight breeze.

You stop next to me, and remove your rucksack. After dropping the rucksack on the ground, you stretch, raising your hands above your head. As your arms rise, the t-shirt you are wearing lifts a little, showing part of your smooth flat stomach. I reach up, and run my hand lightly over the exposed skin. It feels like silk, a small tremor ripples through your body, and I watch your breasts as they move slightly. You finish stretching, and your t-shirt once more covers your tantalising flesh.

I check the water, and find that it is ready to pour onto our freeze-dried food.

“Chicken or Beef, babe?” I ask

“I’ll have the chicken thanks.” You reply.

I pour the correct amount of water into the food, and seal the packets, waiting for the food to re-hydrate and warm through. We sit next to each other, and I stir some coffee granules into the remainder of the water, and pour it into two mugs. I slip my arm around you, resting my hand on your breast, and giving it a little squeeze. You sigh in contentment, and snuggle closer to me.

I slowly begin to rub your breast, feeling your nipple as it gets harder. You sigh, as I continue to knead your pliant breast. I turn my head, and begin to kiss your hair. You turn your face to me, and we kiss, a long slow languorous one, that curls my toes with its deep emotional feeling. We break apart, our eyes focused on each other, keeping eye contact as we both smile. I check my watch, and notice the time.

“Jees babe!” I exclaim. “We must have been kissing for five minutes, that’s amazing, I thought it was only a short one.”

“How time flies when you’re having fun.” You chuckle. “I guess that means it’s time for food then?”

“You bet. It should be ready to eat now.” I reply. “Tuck in, this is the chicken one.”

We sit back against the tree, and begin to eat our food, once more we settle down into companionable silence. The sounds of the woods begin to intrude on our peace.

My arm is draped round your shoulders, your head resting against me. I gently rub your breast, and you snuggle closer, giving me better access to your beautiful firm breasts. I indulge myself, by alternating between them, gently rubbing and pinching, softly, each nipple, until they are clearly visible, despite the material of your t-shirt and bra. You squirm against me as I play with your tits, and slip your hand onto the outline of my erect cock. You turn your face toward me, and our lips meet, in a deep passionate kiss, our tongues fighting. I taste your lunch, and push my tongue further in, to savour the flavour. You moan into my mouth, as my tongue sweeps around your oral cavity, rubbing against your teeth. Our hands meanwhile have continued their work.

You have managed to undo my zip, and slid your hand inside my shorts. You have grasped my cock, and are rubbing it vigorously. I gasp at the touch of your cool hand on my warm sensitive flesh. Our kiss breaks up, and I lean my head back against the tree, as you begin to slowly wank my cock with long slow strokes, which you know makes me wild with desire. My hand continues to play with your tits, as my other hand moves to your shorts, and slowly undoes the button, and then pulls down the zip. I slip my hand inside, and find the material of your g-string damp from your arousal. I gently rub your engorged flesh through the light silk, and feel your hand tighten on my cock as your pleasure increases.

I continue to rub you pussy, through the silk of your panties. You begin to push your hips forward, rubbing yourself against my hand, increasing the pressure of my caresses. I hook my fingers inside your panties, and rub my finger over your damp pussy lips, gently flicking your clit as I do. You squirm, and let a small moan escape from your mouth. I begin to roll your clit through my fingers, flicking it, and rubbing around it, stimulating it. Alternating between direct stimulation, as my fingers rub over the top, and flick it gently from side to side, and indirect stimulation, where I circle round it, avoiding direct contact. After several minutes of this, I feel you beginning to tense up, as you reach your orgasm. I rub your clit faster, and your body goes rigid. Your hand grips my cock very tightly, and your nipples stand out like fingertips, as tremor after tremor passes through your body as you submit to your orgasm.

I continue to gently rub your very sensitive clit, each touch bringing another shudder from your already over stimulated body. You relax as your orgasm slowly subsides, and you lean your head on my chest, as you once more begin to run your hand over my hard cock.

Suddenly, you stand up, and pull of your shorts and g-string. I gaze at your pussy, the lips swollen and damp. The smell of your arousal fills the air. Its heady scent turning me on even more than I already was. I reach for you, but you push my hands away, and turn round. I see the lovely globes of your buttocks, and reach up to caress them as you lower yourself slowly onto my lap. My hands hold onto your firm flesh, as you grab my cock, and guide it carefully to the entrance of your waiting pussy. You run my cock between your engorged pussy lips, coating it with the moisture that has collected there. You rub my hard cock over your sensitive clit, and we both shudder at the exquisite contact. As you shake with the building pleasure, I slide my hands to your hips, to help support you, while you continue to rub my rock hard cock around your pussy. You stop, and place the tip of my cock at the entrance to your pussy. I feel the warmth from your sexual centre as it begins to overpower me.

You sit down slowly, impaling yourself on my cock, with a smooth continuous movement you bury my cock in your warm velvet cunt. I sigh as I feel the sensations of envelopment. Your firm ass comes to rest on my stomach, and you lean back resting on me, with my cock penetrating you as far as you want it too. In this position, you control how deep my cock can go, by leaning forward, you are able to take more of, and by sitting up straight, you limit the penetration. I sigh in pleasure as you begin to slowly move up and down, alternating your position, from upright to fully leaning forward.

You continue your careful movements, fucking me with deliberate strokes. I revel in your control, and hold your hips, occasionally stroking your buttocks.

As your movements get faster, your breathing becomes louder and more laboured, as does mine. I feel the sweat forming on my forehead, and am glad that it is not a very hot day. I slide my hands under your t-shirt, and cup your breasts with my hands, giving them a gentle squeeze. I begin to knead your breasts, through the smooth material of your bra, feeling your hard nipples rubbing against my palms. Your body responds, you through back your head, and move your hips faster. The smell of our fucking rises from us, and I breathe deeply, enjoying our musky aroma.

I move my hands, and push your bra up and over your tits, exposing them to my grasping hands. I feel your cool flesh against my hands, and cup each tit carefully. Continuing to knead your breasts, I softly pinch each nipple, each pinch causing you to groan, and fuck me harder. My cock throbs as you fuck me, taking me deep inside your warm velvet tunnel. I lean my head against the tree, and close my eyes. I lose myself in the sensations that are emanating from my groin.

I feel your cunt gripping my cock, and marvel at your total control. You push back against me hard, and I feel the tip of my cock butt up against your cervix. You shudder at the contact, and move away, only to plunge backward again and again. My cock head keeps hitting your cervix, and your body gets wild each time it does.

Sweat runs down my face, and I feel my cock throbbing faster, as your cunt works its magic.

“I’m going to cum babe.” I gasp.

“Not in my pussy you’re not.” You groan. “We’ve some serious walking to do, and I want to be comfortable, I don’t want your cum running down my leg all day. Let me know when you are close, and I’ll finish you off the way you like it best.”

“Fantastic!” I gasp, as you draw my cock deeper into your willing cunt.

You change your style, and begin to fuck me faster and harder, slamming yourself back into me. I grip your hips, to stop you bucking yourself off my lap. I groan each time my cock hits your cervix, loving the feeling. I feel the familiar churning as my balls begin to pump my hot spunk into you.

“I’m gonna cum any second babe.” I exclaim, as you plunge yourself backwards onto my hard throbbing cock.

You pull yourself off me, and quickly kneel down, and take my dripping cock into your mouth.

“Mmmm.” You moan. “This tastes lovely, no wonder you like sticking your face in my pussy.”

You suck my cock deep into your mouth, and proceed to lick and suck as if you were eating your favourite lollipop. I watch as you reach between your legs, and begin to rub your clit as you swallow my cock. I begin to tense up, as my orgasm builds, and then there is nothing but stars, as my balls pump jet after jet of hot spunk into your waiting mouth. You clamp your lips tightly round my cock, and swallow, not letting any of the protein rich fluid escape. As I pump the last few drops into your mouth, I feel you tense up, as you reach another orgasm. Your fingers bring you to the brink, having worked skilfully, and then push you over the edge.

You collapse on my groin, my cock still in your mouth, as you continue to suck and lick it clean. I reach between your legs with my hand, and slide a finger into your sopping cunt. Bringing the, juice covered finger to my mouth, I lick your tasty cum off it, and swallow. You lie, your head resting on my thighs, my softening cock slipping out of your mouth, your breathing returning to normal.

I roll you off me, and spreading your legs, plunge my tongue into your warm wet pussy, cleaning it of all the juices. I lick you as deeply as I can, and savour your unique sweet flavour. I avoid touching your, hypersensitive clit, but clean every part of you that has been moistened by your orgasms. I sit up, and look down at you. Your eyes are closed, and your chest is moving up and down, as if you had just run ten miles.

“That babe was a fantastic lunch!” I say. “I think I could live off that sort of lunch. Let me just say that eating you is one of my favourite things in the whole world. I just love it, and I think I could do it for days at a time. We’ll have to try it, what do you think?”

“Oh, yes!” You exclaim, your eyes snapping open. “That sounds like heaven to me, how about next weekend, we can just stay in bed until Monday morning, and I’ll just suffer the torment of orgasm after orgasm. Lovely.”

Your eyes sparkle as you speak, and I see your nipples harden under your t-shirt. I chuckle, and offer you my hand. You take it, and I pull you into a sitting position. We hug, and our lips meet in a fast hungry kiss. I taste our combined juices as our tongues meet. I pull apart, and stare deep into your eyes.

“Let’s get ourselves dressed, and finish this walk babe, and then we can continue with our physical pleasure in comfort at home later on. Is that a good plan?” I mutter.

“Marvellous!” You reply.

We stand, and tidy ourselves, it doesn’t take me too long, as I am still fully dressed. I slip my limp, well used, cock back into my shorts and close the zip. I watch as you pull on your panties, adjusting them so that they sit comfortably, and then slip your shorts on over the top. You then lift p your t-shirt, revealing your bare breasts, the nipples harden as they react to the cool air. You pull your bra back over them, and adjust them until you are once more fully supported, and ready to go.

Chapter 2

We pack our lunch things away, and make sure we have left no rubbish, before donning our rucksacks and continuing our hike.

We walk for a while, both lost in our own thoughts. We don’t have any fear of getting lost, as we have been hiking here many times, and know our way round quite well. I walk up behind you, and give your bum a gentle pat, and you chuckle as I squeeze your buttocks.

We hold hands, and continue deeper into the quiet woods. I notice that it is getting darker, and look up. The clouds have increased, instead of grey they are now black, and it is getting colder fast.

“Shit!” I exclaim. “Looks like were in trouble babe. I think it’s going to rain, and we’re miles from any shelter I know of. What do you want to do? We can carry on, and hope we find shelter soon, or we can turn round and go back to the car as quick as we can.”

“I don’t know!” You reply. “I think we should carry on for a while, it might be a quick shower, and I’m enjoying my day, and a little rain won’t spoil it.”

“OK babe. We’ll carry on for a while.”

Just as I finish replying, the heavens open, and water comes sluicing out of the sky. Within seconds we are both soaked to the skin, our clothes plastered to or wet bodies. I look at you, and see your breasts outlined by the wet t-shirt and bra, and see that the cold water has made your nipples stand out again. I smile I love to see your nipples. We looked at each other, and began to slog our way through the pouring rain, looking for some form of useful shelter.

We struggled through the sheeting water, and the foot hugging mud, which had sprung from nowhere. Water ran into our boots, and made our progress extremely difficult. We held hands, helping each other through the worsening storm. Lightening lit the sky, followed by a tremendous crack of thunder, which startled the two of us. I looked at you and tried to speak, only to find my mouth fill with water, the moment it was open. I pulled you close, and whispered reassurances in your ear, as we clung together. Flashes of lightening illuminated the landscape like strobe lighting, giving an impression of stop-go rain. I spotted a darker area deeper in the trees, and guided you toward it.

As we got closer, almost drowning in the deluge, we both saw the opening. The next flash of lightening illuminated it, and we struggled toward it faster. We knew that this was our place of safety, our haven. The thunder assailed our ears, with its continuous, drum like, noise. We finally reached the opening, and fell into it, our bodies exhausted by the ordeal.

We were at the entrance to a cave. We stared into the blackness, and could not see anything. We were both a bit frightened, and very cold and wet. I stood up, and removed my rucksack, and then helped you remove yours. You were shivering, so I hugged you, and began to rub your back, trying to warm you up a bit.

“It’s alright babe!” I whispered. “We should be safe here until the storm blows over, and then we can get back to the car and home. We’ll be fine, just think of it as a new part of the adventure.” I smiled at you as I continued to rub your back. You began to relax, and smiled back.

I let go of you, and reached into my rucksack for the torch that I knew would be there. Switching it on, I shone it toward the back of the cave.

“Wow!” I exclaimed. “This is a fantastic place, it’s huge, and it’s dry. We’ll have no problems while we’re here.”

You looked around, and nodded your head, still shivering.

I unpacked the rucksacks, to see what we had. I got the stove out, and lit it to try to get some warmth. I quickly looked round the cave and found, luckily, lots of dry wood. I piled all the wood together, and carefully laid out enough to get a good fire going. I switched off the stove, once the fire was going, and looked at our store of dry clothing. There was not enough, we only had a couple of jumpers, and these had both got wet in the storm.

The fire was burning merrily, giving off its light and heat. We were cuddled together, as close to the fire as we could get. I could hear the rain hammering into the ground, over the crackling of the fire. We weren’t getting warm or dry, and I knew it would take a long time for us to warm up.

I put my arms round you, and pull you close, feeling your cold skin through the wet clothing.

“We’re going to have to get dry babe.” I say. “We’ll have to take this wet stuff off, and set it close to the fire to dry off. Otherwise we’ll stay cold, and get colder.”

“Yes. That’s the best plan.” You mumble.

“Come on then, let’s get naked!” I joke.

You look at the smile on my face, and giggle as I begin to slowly pull my clothes off.

“If you don’t hurry up babe, I’ll have to take matters into my hands, and strip you myself.” I say, and watch you eyes widen with delight, as I lean forward, and pull your t-shirt over your head. You sit there, your white lacy bra covering your firm breasts. I look down, and admire the sight. You stand up, and begin to remove the rest of your wet clothes, as I continue to remove mine.

It doesn’t take long until we are standing naked, our wet clothing spread round the fire, drying slowly. I wrap my arms around you, and pull you close, feeling your hard nipples rubbing against my chest. I hold tight, and gently caress your damp back.

We sit down, on the rucksacks, and move as close to the fire as we can get, without getting burnt. It doesn’t take too long for the warmth of the fire to make us feel better. I light the stove, and put the last of our water on to boil, for a cup of coffee to warm our insides.

While the water boils, I walk to the entrance of the cave, and stick the water bottle into the still pouring rain. It takes a few seconds, and once more we have a full water bottle. I walk slowly back to the fire, my eyes staring at your naked body. I feel the blood rush to my cock, and as I get closer, I feel it rise, until it is pointing straight up to the roof. You giggle as you see me standing there with my erection, slowly bobbing to the quickening beat of my heart. I kneel next to you, and lean forward pressing my lips to yours. I continue to lean, pushing you over onto your back. My tongue forces its way into your mouth, exploring.

I support my body above yours, as you slide your arms around me, trying to pull me down. I slowly lower myself onto you our body’s touching from head to toe, as we continue our kiss. The fire warms our bodies and our lust heats our souls.

My hard cock is pressed into your pubic mound, and I can feel the heat emanating from your pussy. I break off our kiss, and slowly kneel up, spreading your legs wide with my hands as I look at your moist pussy. I sit back on my heels, and lean forward, to place a delicate kiss on the entrance to your sex. You gasp as my tongue slowly pushes its way into your hot wet depths, probing for your tasty juices. You sigh as my tongue works its way into you, lapping at the entrance, and then pushing inside, scraping against your sensitive flesh. I look up, my tongue still buried inside you, and watch your face, as I begin to fuck you with my tongue and mouth.

Your breasts rise and fall quickly, in time with your ragged breathing. I watch, almost transfixed, as your nipples become redder and harder. I reach up with one hand, while the other is slowly rubbing your hard clit, and softly flick each of your nipples. As my fingers rub your nipples, you moan louder, and your body begins to move about under me. I bury my head into your cunt, and slurp all the juices that are freely flowing. My fingers circle your clit, rubbing over it, occasionally, each time elicits a louder moan, and a bucking of your hips. I feel you begin to tense up, as your climax starts. Your thighs lock round my head, and you push your hips up, squashing your cunt harder onto my face. I feel the hot juices literally pouring into my mouth, and I struggle manfully to swallow them all. I stop playing with your nipples, and move my hand away from your clit, but continue to softly slide my tongue in and out of your sopping pussy. As your body relaxes, your legs release my head, and I slowly, and carefully withdraw my tongue from your warm velvet tunnel. You sigh as my tongue finally leaves you.

I kneel up, and look down at you. You open your eyes, and stare straight into mine. We both smile. The juices from your pussy begin to dry on my face in the heat of the fire the feeling is exquisite.

“I enjoyed that babe.” I pant. “I think we’ll have to do that again, very soon. I’ll just let you have a few minutes to recover a bit, and then we’ll start again. Looks like the rain wasn’t such a bad thing after all, huh?”

“I’m glad that we found somewhere to keep dry.” You reply. “At least it’s private, and now that we’ve got the fire going, it’s pretty nice. We’ll have to find this place again, on a nice sunny day we can do more of this, and not have to listen to the crappy rain. Now what were you saying about a repeat performance?” You smile.

“Well you did recover quickly didn’t you!” I laugh. “OK then, I fancy you sitting on my face, how does that suit you?”

“Great!” You exclaim, as you quickly stand up, and push me onto my back.

“Ouch!” I groan. ”The floor not exactly carpet like babe, take it easy.”

“Sorry darling.” You reply. “I got a bit carried away, but I’m sure you’ll forget the slight pain in a minute.” You begin to giggle, and I watch with fascination as your breasts wobble gently in time to your giggling. I reach up, and cup both breasts, feeling the warm flesh, and the hard nipples as I squeeze them.

You throw your head back, and sigh with pleasure as I maul your dangling firm breasts. I tweak each nipple, pulling and pinching, careful not to hurt you, only to cause you immense pleasure. You shudder as your body goes through a mini orgasm. I see the pink flush of sex spreading across your chest and shoulders, and know that I am equally flushed.

I run one of my hands slowly down your firm warm body, sliding it between your legs, and slipping my middle finger into your ready pussy. You shudder at the intimate contact, and push down against my invading digit. I sigh as I begin to work my finger in and out, slowly increasing the speed and pressure of the penetration. I can feel your arousal as you produce more of your natural lubrication. I watch your face, as you close your eyes, and let the sensations from your cunt envelope your body.

I continue to plunge my finger into your slick velvety pussy, flicking your clit with my thumb, just to raise the level of your excitement. You throw your head back, and howl with pleasure as you reach another orgasm. My hand gets wetter as I feel your cum running out of your well fingered pussy. You relax as you come back down from your climax, and lean forward, your breasts dangling in front of my face. I take one of your hard nipples into my mouth and begin to suck it like it was the last sweet on earth. I hear you groaning as I suck harder.

You sit up, and pull your nipple out of my mouth, leaving it coated in my saliva. As you move to stand up, to reposition yourself, my finger slides out of your pussy. I raise my hand to my mouth, and lick the juices from it. I close my eyes as I enjoy the tangy flavour of your cum.

When I open my eyes, the fantastic sight of your pussy greets me, hovering a few inches above my face. I inhale deeply, smelling the aroma of your sexual excitement. I grab your hips, and pull your pussy onto my waiting mouth, and bury my tongue into your tasty cunt. I slide my tongue as deep into you as I possibly can, savouring the flavour, and enjoying the aroma of your sex. My hands reach round, and grip your firm tight buttocks. I feel your breath on my cock, as you lean forward, to kiss my thighs. Your kissing progresses over my balls, from one side of my body to the other, pausing as you take each ball into your mouth and softly suck them.

I gasp each time you do this, my mouth pulling away from your pussy. You push your hips down, crushing your pubic mound against my chin. I feel your juices being spread all over my face. I am in heaven as you take my hard cock into your mouth, and begin to fellate me.

I felt your warm mouth engulf the head of my cock, and it was all I could do to keep running my tongue between your pussy lips. Your lips clamped around my cock, and you began to slide your mouth up and down its length, taking as much as you could. Your fingers were busy gently playing with my balls, and the shaft of my cock that your mouth was unable to accommodate. I groaned in pleasure, as the sensations grew more intense. I felt your tongue sliding round the head, and flicking across the hole in the tip. I groaned again, this time keeping my mouth against your wet cunt, and allowing the vibrations to transmit themselves over your sensitive swollen lips. I felt you shudder, as the sweet sensations took over. My tongue began to lap its way from your clit to your anus, slipping its way deep into you as it passed your heavenly opening. I could feel your body reacting to my ministrations.

Your tongue snaked its way round my cock, pulling it deep into your warm mouth. I shuddered at the intensely erotic contact. My body beginning to shake uncontrollably as the pleasure built up. I tried to continue eating your pussy, but found the pleasure you were giving me too much. My mind was blown away, as you sucked my cock, like it was the tastiest thing on the planet. I could feel your fingers caressing my balls, as your lips slid up and down the hard length of my cock. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I shot my load, and summoning up all my strength, I plunged my tongue into your sopping cunt, and began to drink all your juices. I moved my tongue from your cunt, and began to flick it hard across your engorged clit. I can feel you jump at each contact, but you keep your mouth firmly clamped to my hard cock.

My cock begins to throb, as your tender ministrations bring it closer to the point of no return. I grasp your buttocks, and pull you down onto my face, mashing my mouth over your clit, and sucking it hard, as I slide two fingers, one from each hand, deep into your wide open cunt. You squeal with delight as I begin to finger your willing pussy. I feel the head of my cock hit the back of your throat, as you endeavour to swallow all of me. My cock throbs faster, and suddenly, it begins to spurt long streamers of thick milky cum into your mouth. I feel your body tensing, as the first ribbons of spunk hit your throat. You begin to spasm on top of me, and swallow all the spunk that pours from my pulsating cock.

I flick your hard clit, as I feel my cock unloading into your mouth, and slide my fingers faster in and out of your cunt. I feel moisture pouring onto my face, and open my mouth to swallow as much of your cum as I can, while still fingering you. My cock stops pumping spunk, and remains trapped in your mouth as you suck the last drops from it. I continue to softly lick your clit, allowing the lubrication you have so kindly provided to slide into my waiting mouth. I feel the tremors in our bodies subside, and leaving my fingers buried deep in you, I take my mouth off your clit, and take a deep shuddering breath.

“Fucking hell!” I exclaim, when I can finally speak. “That was just amazing, one of the most intense sexual experiences of my entire life. You are just fabulous.”

I feel your lips slide off my semi-hard cock, as you recover from another orgasm.

“I don’t know what to say!” You pant. “I loved every second of that, and when you stuck your fingers inside me, I thought I was going to explode. It was fantastic.”

“Glad you liked it babe.” I replied. “Come up here and give me a kiss, it’s time for a bit of a rest, we deserve it, don’t you think?

“Damn straight.” You say.

You roll off me, and crawl round, until our bodies are lying together, your right leg lying on top of mine. We kiss, deep and soft, relishing each other’s closeness.

I sit up, and reach over to get some more of the dry wood we had found, and add it to the fire to keep it going. I stare into your eyes, watching the flames as they dance in your sparkling eyes.

“Would you like a drink babe?” I ask.

“Yes please, that would be great. Do you have any champagne?” You query.

“Sorry Madam, but we seem to have run out, would water or coffee suit madam?” I respond, laughing as I do.

“Well, I don’t think too much of the service here.” You retort, your eyes sparkling with mirth. “I suppose I shall stick to the coffee. Thanks.”

I stand up, and as I move away you slap my arse, and laugh at the look of indignation on my face. I put some water on the stove, and check out our drying clothes. I feel your eyes on me as I move about, and when I turn round to look at you, you are staring at me intently. You smile at me.

“I just love watching you move around, especially when you are naked. All that toned muscle and lovely flesh, it’s very sexy.” You say, in response to my unasked question.

“Fair enough.” I say. “I love looking at your body too, naked or clothed, I find it extremely sexy.”

You blush a bit, and I can see your face start to go red. I turn away, and turn the clothes over, brushing them down, to remove some of the stones that were stuck on them. I spread them out again, and move back to the stove, walking slowly, to give you maximum viewing time.

The water boils, and I make the coffee, and bring the cups back over to you. I sit down, and rest my back against the wall of the cave. It is cold, and I shiver, almost spilling my drink. You sit up, and lean against me. I spread my legs, and you snuggle backwards into me, your bum pushing against my soft cock, while my chest rubs against your back. We sit there, letting the heat from the fire warm us, and dry us from our recent sexual exertions.

Neither of us wants to think about the fact that we will have to make a move to leave soon, or we will be trapped here overnight. I look over your shoulder, at the entrance, and see that it is getting darker already, and that the rain has not let up at all. I sip my coffee slowly, letting its warmth run through me, feeling it pool in my stomach. I reach round, and run my hand over your warm stomach, and you squirm back tighter into me. I feel your bum pushing against my cock, and feel the blood rush to my groin. I grin, as I feel my cock pushing against your arse, as it rises to attention once more.

“Again?” You chortle. “We’ll have to get trapped in a cave more often, it seems to turn you into a sex maniac.”

“Getting trapped in the cave hasn’t turned me into a sex maniac babe.” I reply, nuzzling your ear. “You turn me into a sex maniac. This is what happens to me all the time I’m with you. The difference is, that at the moment, I’m naked, and therefore you can see, and feel my reaction to your body.”

“Great.” You reply. “I think I need a rest, so you’re just going to have to wait, and keep that tool of yours under control.”

“Can do babe, I shall control my urges, but I’m not sure I can control my hands all the time.” I reply, as I slide my hand up to cup your breast.

“Mmm, that’s nice, I don’t mind you doing that for a while. You whisper, as my hand caresses your breasts, gently squeezing and holding each one.

We sat for a few minutes, content, savouring the feel of each other, and the taste and warmth of the coffee. My hand continued to caress and stroke, and you leant back against me, and enjoyed the attention I was lavishing on your firm breasts.

“You know we’re going to have to make a decision soon, don’t you?” You mumbled.

“I know babe, but I don’t know what to do yet, I haven’t got it straight in my mind. Let’s face it there are only two choices, stay or go. Looking at the state of the weather out there, I think we should stay, because it will be difficult to get back to the car quickly, and it is very wet and slippery out there. We’ve got enough food for tonight and tomorrow morning, so let’s just keep the fire going, and keep warm here. That’s my vote anyway. What about you?” I mutter.

Chapter 3

“I was thinking along the same line, it would be more dangerous to try getting back while it is pouring with rain, we may as well keep dry and warm, we can get back to the car when stops raining.” You reply, in a quite whisper, your head resting on my shoulder.

I kiss your neck, and you squirm against me, the erotic contact of your bum on my cock, making it twitch. I hear you chuckle as you feel the movement against your skin. You turn your head slightly, dislodging my mouth, and plant a kiss on my cheek.

“Give it a rest!” You chuckle. “Now that we’ve decided to stay until the rain stops, I think you should restrain yourself, until we’ve had some food, and got something comfortable to lie on.”

“OK Babe.” I reply. “I think you’re right, let’s get things sorted for food, and somewhere to sleep. Shall I get the bedding sorted, while you do the food?”

“That sounds like a plan.” You say, as you remove my hand from your breasts, and stand up slowly.

I watch as your beautiful bum glides upwards before my face, allowing me a view of your still swollen and red pussy lips, framed by the neatly trimmed blonde pubic hair. I sigh in delight as you walk away, swaying with each step. Can life get any better? I think.

I stand up, and survey the area, trying to gauge what we can use to sleep on, as we will be staying here for the night. There are some piles of wind-blown leaves stacked against the sidewalls of the cave, so I walk over to check them out, while keeping an eye on your gorgeous naked form. I check out the leaves, and find that they are mostly dry, and that they are not too old, looks like it is our lucky day, despite the rain. I gather the leaves, and move them closer to the fire, building as big a mattress as I can. I empty the rucksacks, and lay them on top of the leaves, to give us a better sleeping area. I survey my work and smile to myself. This will be fine, I think, we’ll be able to get a fairly good sleep on that.

I look over toward you, and see that you have got the water boiling, and have added the food to the pan to cook. Oh thank Mountain House for their freeze-dried foods I think.

As you slowly stir the food, I watch the movement of your muscles under your glowing soft skin, and am captivated once more by your sheer animal sexuality. My cock once more rears its ugly head. I sit down on the improvised mattress, and watch while you complete the re-hydration of our food. You flick your hair back over your shoulder, and I see your face in profile, the clear blue/grey eyes, the well-shaped nose, and the sexy pouting lips. I just lose myself in looking at your face.

I search through our meagre possessions, and find that we have a small bottle of brandy.

“Yeeha!” I shout, startling you. You look at me quizzically. “Look what I’ve found, a little gem, this’ll help us keep warm later on.”

“Lovely, it’ll help us sleep as well.” You say.

You pull the pan off the stove, and turn it off, and then serve the gorgeous smelling mess onto two plates. You stand up, and walk toward me, a plate in each hand. I watch, mesmerised, as your body sways, your breasts bouncing gently with each stride. All to soon, for me, you sit down, and hand me a plate of hot food. I lean over, and kiss you, and then pass you some cutlery.

“It’s a good thing we pack well, isn’t it?” You ask

“It sure is babe, we’ll pack even better next time, a spare set of clothes, or some blankets wouldn’t go amiss.” I reply.

“Not to worry, we’ve got each other, and the fire, I’m sure we’ll think of something to keep us warm later on.” You reply, your eyes arching suggestively.

I chuckle, and we sit close to each other, and finish our hot food. The fire feels good, and your closeness relaxes all my tensions, although my cock continues to stand to attention as visible proof of the affect your nearness has on me.

You finish your food before me, and walk to the cave entrance and peer out into the gloom. You hold the plate under the pouring water, and give it a quick wash, using the power of the rain to clean it. I watch the play of muscles in your legs, buttocks and back as you lean to clean the plate. Once more I am transfixed. You turn and see me staring at you, and laugh as you spot the fork hovering midway between the plate and my mouth, frozen in place. I recover from my stasis, and quickly finish the rest of the food, and follow your example by using the rain to wash the plate and cutlery. I grab the coffee mugs and the cooking pan, and quickly rinse these as well.

By the time I have finished, you have sat back down, near the fire, hugging yourself to get warm again, and I am starting to get cold where the rain has splashed on me. I hurry back to the fire, and sit down close to you, putting my arm round your shoulder and pulling you close. As our bodies touch once more, shivers pass from one to the other, magnified as they bounce between us. I hug you tight, until we have stopped shivering. I feel the heat of the fire starting to do its work, and I relax again. I feel you arms slide round me, and we snuggle closer. I feel your breasts resting against me, and I feel your chest move each time you take a breath.

I push my face into your hair, and smell your wonderful scent. I can smell the remains of your shampoo, clean and sharp. I kiss the top of your head, and we hold each other tight, just happy to be close.

I begin to stroke your back, and feel your hands mimicking my actions. I shiver as your hands softly caress my back. I feel your lips on my neck, kissing me softly, moving slowly from side to side, over a very small area. I sigh with pleasure, and lose myself in the soft kisses I am receiving. I reach lower, and begin to rub your bum, knowing that you like it, and loving to do it. Your kisses get harder, and I can feel your breasts pressing harder against me, your hardening nipples pushing against me. I begin to kiss the top of your head, moving around as far as I can, without dislodging you from my neck.

Our caress become more insistent, your hands gripping me hard, my hands sliding under your buttocks, and pulling you even closer. You stop kissing my neck, and swing your leg over mine, until you are sitting astride me, my cock trapped between us. I grab your face with my hands, and pull your lips tight to mine. We kiss hard and fast, our tongues battling as we try to satisfy our lust.

I can feel the heat emanating from your pussy, as you grind yourself against my hard cock. I groan at the contact, loving the way your pubic hair rubs against my sensitized cock. I keep my mouth lock on yours, as I feel your hand slide between us to grasp my cock. You lift yourself up, keeping your mouth firmly attached to mine, and position the head of my cock at the entrance to your wet pussy. I gasp into your mouth as I feel the dampness starting to coat my cock, and the, all enveloping feeling as you plunge down, impaling yourself in one swift motion.

Our kiss breaks at the electric contact, and we both draw deep shuddering breaths. I can feel your heat through my cock, and the beating of your heart through your breasts. I hold tight, and let our natural breathing return, the movement causing you to rise and fall slightly on my cock. The feeling is divine, and I try to hold onto it for as long as I can, before my animal passion takes over.

I can feel your body beginning to move as your passions take control, and your movements trigger my instincts. I bury my face in your breasts, and begin to suck each in turn. You throw back your head, and begin to ride me, thrusting down harder each time. We begin to grunt, fucking each other harder. I begin to thrust up, to meet your downward strokes, slamming our groins together, lost in the throes of passion, oblivious to anything but sexual release. I grip your arse, and help you move faster, pulling you down, so that each penetration feels like I am reaching your heart. We moan and whimper as the tempo increases, sweat beginning to form on our hard working bodies, aiding our movements. I feel your hands on my shoulders, helping to lift you up, before you drop down again. I suck your nipples, alternating between them. I hear you whimper loudly as my passion gets the better of me and I bite one of your nipples hard. I release the pressure, and continue to buck underneath you. You shudder as the simulation pushes you into orgasm, your body going rigid, and all your movement stopping. I am beyond stopping, and continue to thrust hard, I feel my balls tighten, and my cock begins to pump spunk deep into your cunt. I feel your muscles tensing, pulling me deeper with each jet of spunk. I gasp a huge rasping breath, and fall backwards, worn out. You stay sat up for a few seconds, and then fall slowly forward, resting your body on mine.

We lie entwined, our juices mixing inside you, and dripping slowly onto my softening cock, which begins to slip out of your, well fucked, pussy. I hold onto you, and whisper sweet nothings in your ear, as our breathing gets back to normal.

The heat from the fire relaxes us, and our exertions take their toll. The subdued sounds of the fire and the pattering of the rain outside form a backdrop to our relaxed breathing, as we fall asleep.

I stir, feeling your comforting weight lying on top of me. I shiver, as my body reacts to the temperature. I look at the fire, and see that it has burnt down to the embers, and is giving very little light, and no heat. I wrap my arms round you, and feel your cold skin. I roll over slowly, laying you gently onto our makeshift mattress. As I release you, you murmur in your sleep, and curl up into a little ball. I stroke your hair, and kiss your cheek before standing up.

I quickly find the pile of dry wood, and add more to the remains of our original fire, watching as the embers find the new fuel. The wood begins to burn, and more heat and light is produced. I shuffle close, and warm my hands. I check our clothing, and find it is still slightly damp. I move it nearer the fire, and sit back down next to your sleeping form. I carefully pull you close, trying not to wake you. You snuggle into my arms, and I warm your back, by gently rubbing it. You stir, and then snuggle back into my arms, as you feel the warmth of the fire, and the rising heat from our contact.

I hold you tight as I feel your steady breathing, as you settle back into a deep sleep. I stare out of the cave into the darkness, and listen to the rain. I think back over the past hours, and a huge smile forces its way onto my face, despite the situation we are in, we really have had a good time. I lean over, careful not to move you, and kiss the top of your hair, smelling the mixture of sweat, shampoo, and the smoke from our fire. I continue to cradle your sleeping body, watching over you, like a guardian.

I watch your body move as you breathe, admiring the gentle play of muscles under your silky skin. I gently caress all the parts of you that I can easily reach, running my hands softly over your pliable warm flesh. I can feel my body reacting to your closeness, and my soft ministrations.

My body becomes extremely sensitive, and I can feel the air moving across my stomach as you breathe out. I continue to stroke your flesh, keeping away from areas that will turn me on too much. I concentrate on your back, and feel you squirm as I rub it. I watch your face, as I caress you, seeing the deep peace that exudes from you. I know the feeling, like looking up to the stars at night, and seeing the vast emptiness, and knowing you have a place in it.

You begin to stir, and I look up, noticing for the first time that it is beginning to get lighter. There is a silence, respectful and deep as if the whole forest had become a cathedral. I notice that the rain has stopped, at let out a huge sigh of relief, which wakes you up with a start. I look into your wide eyes, and smile. You sit up slowly, and we hold each other tight, our lips meeting in a deep lingering kiss.

We remain in the embrace for several minutes, glad to be together, and to have survived the night. We release each other, and I stand up. You stare up at me, a question in your eyes, as I walk to the cave entrance.

“Just checking what the conditions outside are like babe.” I say, in answer to your unspoken question. “Wow! It’s lovely, the sun is out, and the trees are sparkling in their coat of water, and the ground’s steaming. It looks stunning.”

I feel your arms slip round me from behind, and your breasts pressing against my back. Your hands reach down, and grab my cock and balls. I jump as you squeeze them softly. I stand there, and enjoy the sensation of your hands skilfully bringing my cock to full attention. I hear you chuckling as you continue to stroke my, now throbbing, hard cock.

“This is a nice way to start the day.” I croak, as you press your breasts harder into my back.

“Yes, but isn’t it a nice one?” You query.

“Damn straight!” I exclaim.

I stand there, my legs beginning to shake as you continue to play with my cock. You let go with one hand, and move round to stand in front of me, and stare into my lust-filled eyes as you begin to stroke up and down, from my balls to the tip of my cock. I shudder at the sensations I can feel building inside me. I lean forward, allowing you space to continue you work, and place my lips on yours, staring into your eyes as our lips meet.

I reach up with my hands, and cup you breasts, feeling the soft pliant flesh give as I squeeze. I push my tongue into your mouth, as I rub your nipples, feeling their hardness. You arousal matches mine, and I slide my hands around you and pull you close, trapping your hand between us. I slide my hands down, and grasp your firm buttocks, and pull our groins together, pushing your hand and my cock hard into your pubic mound. You groan at the same time as I do as our bodies respond to the animal desires in us. I let you slide your hand out from between us, and then pull us close again. You rub your groin against mine, in a circular motion, as you bring your arms up and wrap them round my neck.

I grip your buttocks tight, and pull you even tighter, I feel your body melting against mine. I lift you off the ground, and you oblige by wrapping you legs round my waist. I slip my hands under your legs, and hold you, felling the dampness of your thighs. I lift you higher, allowing my cock to break free. You hold yourself up, allowing me to grab my cock, and place it against your open, wet, cunt. I feel you lowering yourself, slowly impaling yourself on my rigid cock. I grasp your buttocks tight, and push up with my hips. I feel my cock slide easily into your waiting hole.

I shudder as my cock slips all the way into your moist cunt. I feel your legs quivering as I hold onto you. You level yourself up, using your arms on my shoulders, I help lift you up, allowing my cock to slide almost out of you, and then sliding back down. You shiver as my cock fills you.

I start to shake, as you thrust your hips up and down, moving my cock in and out of you in small motion. I fasten my mouth onto your neck, and begin to kiss you, as I try to thrust into you harder. I start to find it hard to breathe, as the exertion takes its toll. Carrying you, I turn, and slowly walk back to our makeshift bed. I kneel down, ensuring that my cock remains planted in your welcoming cunt. You gasp as I stop holding your legs, and let your body slide down, allowing the whole length of my cock to slip inside you.

You grip my neck with your arms, and lock your legs round me, as I kneel down, so that you are sitting in my lap. I then lean forward, and place my hands on the ground, and walk them forward, until your back touches down, and I allow my bodyweight to push down on you.

We lie, unmoving for a few seconds, before you unwrap your legs, and slide your hands down to grip my bum, urging me to push deeper into you. You begin to rock your hips, holding me in place. I shiver as I fell your cunt gripping and releasing my cock. I lift my torso off you, and begin to fuck you in earnest, my cock sliding in out of you, pushing deep inside with every stroke. As I push in, I lean forward, and suck one of your nipples into my mouth, biting it, and flicking it with my teeth and tongue. You moan and writhe underneath me, pulling hard with your hands, your nails digging into my straining buttocks.

I release your nipple, as I struggle to breath, my body jerking violently, as I try to satisfy our needs. I reach back, and grab your legs, pulling them up, so that your knees are drawn up to your chest. I look at our joined groins, and then look at your face. Your eyes are closed, and your mouth is open, drawing air in as quickly as you can, as I begin to ram my cock into you harder and harder. Our breath comes in great gasps. I feel your body quivering, and then tensing as you begin to orgasm. The walls of your pussy grip my cock tight, drawing me in deeper with each of your orgasmic contractions. I stop moving, determined not to ejaculate just yet, as I want to give you more orgasms before I cum.

I kiss your legs, as I kneel there, my cock buried deep in your tight cunt. While you are still in the throes of ecstasy, I carefully roll you over onto your side, ensuring that my cock stays planted inside you. As you begin to come back to reality, I begin to slide in and out of you again, you groan as my cock keeps hitting your cervix, slightly harder with each stroke. I pull your right leg straight, and push your left leg up to your chest, as I continue to slide in and out. I can feel the sweat beginning to run down my back, as I watch small beads of it form on your forehead. You cradle your head in your arms, and moan with each thrust. I can see that the moans are from the pleasure my cock is giving you.

I work my right hand between your legs, and begin to carefully play with your hard clit, while my cock continues with its careful piston like motion. I feel the warmth from your pussy, as I play with your clit, each touch causing you to twitch with pleasure.

“God this is fantastic!” You pant. “Don’t fucking stop, I need you to keep going, make me cum again and again and again!”

“That was my intention babe.” I gasp. “I’m going to fuck you so much that you can’t walk properly for a week.”

“Brilliant!” You exclaim. “Less talk, more action.”

“My pleasure!” I cry, as I hammer my cock as far into you as I can.

With your vote of confidence, I proceed to slide in and out at a faster rate, my finger flicking and rubbing your clit, until I feel you shuddering and once more going rigid as another huge orgasm wracks your body.

“Yes, yes!” You almost scream. “That’s what I want, more, more, please keep going.”

Your body shivers and shakes under me, as I continue to pump my cock into you, while you recover from your latest orgasm. I roll you onto your front, my cock stuck inside you, as if we have become one entity, joined at the groin.

We are both covered in sweat, our sexual efforts having helped to raise the temperature of the cave by many degrees. I kneel astride you, my cock pushed inside you, held slightly at bay by the firm flesh of your bum. I begin to knead your arse cheeks, as I slowly move in and out of your tight cunt. You push back at me, with each of my forward thrusts, trying to get the deepest penetration you can. I run my hands over your back, massaging you on the outside with my hands, as my hard cock massages you on the inside.

I grab your hips, and slam my cock hard into you. The resulting slap of flesh on flesh reverberates round the little cave. We both giggle. I do it again, and we both hear the squishy sound as our wet flesh hammers together. You squirm underneath me, and I lean forward, pinning your arms above your head. I begin to kiss your exposed neck and upper back, while I pump my hips against you, driving my cock into you with each hard thrust. You grunt as your body is overwhelmed by another orgasm. I push my cock into you, and hold onto your bucking body, my kisses still raining down on your neck and back.

Chapter 4

As your body relaxes once more, I slide my stiff cock slowly out of your, now soaked, pussy, as I begin to kiss my way down your back. I reach the small of your back, and slowly circle it, kissing all the time. You moan softly as I continue down to the top of you buttocks, slowly and softly kissing each millimetre of your luxurious flesh. I begin to kiss over the mounds of your buttocks, alternating between soft gentle kissing, and short little nips with my teeth. You jump slightly at each sharp contact, your breathing speeding up as my kisses move lower. I run my tongue between your buttocks, lightly rubbing your anus. You shudder at the contact, and with a totally involuntary movement, spread your legs wide.

I plant my face between your open legs, and begin to lick you from clit to anus, in long hard strokes. You writhe as I slide my tongue between your puffy lips, licking and swallowing the tasty juices. I run my tongue between your firm bum cheeks, my fingers busy playing with your sensitive clit. I feel the pulse of your body, as you react to my touch. You pant, as you rise towards another explosive orgasm. I slide my tongue over your anus, coating it with our mixed juices, my saliva, and your tasty cum. I move my tongue to your sopping cunt, and still softly flicking your clit with my fingers, plunge in. My nose sits in your bum crack, occasionally rubbing your anus, as my tongue probes the very depths of your open pussy. I feel my chin getting wetter, as your pending orgasm lubricates your cunt. My fingers flick lazily over your engorged clit, feeling the moment your body reacts to the impact of another orgasm, as your clit hides behind its protective hood.

I hold onto your hips, and bury my face in your cunt, my tongue lapping at the bounty your latest orgasm is producing. I swallow as much of your cum as I can, savouring the delicate taste, and ensure that my face is coated with your smooth juice. I slide my tongue up from your clit, through your moist parted lips, over your buttocks, giving each cheek a little bite, up over your back, leaving a trail of saliva and cum. You shudder as my lips find your sensitive neck, and then sigh with delight as my hard cock finds its way back into your waiting cunt.

I stroke my cock in and out a few times, penetrating as far as I can, slapping my groin into your arse, the sounds once more filling the chamber. I groan at each stroke, desperately trying to keep going but starting to get close to orgasm myself.

“Kneel up for me babe!” I whisper. “I don’t think I can last much longer, and I still want you to cum one more time before I do.”

“Oh wow!” You croak. “I’m nearly fucked out, I think you were right when you said I wouldn’t be able to walk properly for a week.”

“Fantastic!” I reply, as I slide my rock hard cock out of you.

You let a little yelp escape as my solid cock slips out of your pussy. I sit back on my heels, my cock pointing to the roof, as you slowly lever yourself up onto your hands and knees. I stare intently at your legs, seeing the opening between them revealed as you spread our knees slightly, and place your head on your arms, leaving your cute bum stuck up in the air, just waiting for my attention.

I slide my hand carefully between your legs, running my fingers from your clit to your cunt, slipping two fingers into you. I feel you push back against my hand as my fingers begin to probe inside. I kneel up, and position my throbbing cock at the entrance to your pussy. I remove my fingers, and with a little jiggling, slide my cock into your waiting tunnel. I gasp as I feel your hot tightness close over my erection.

I grasp your hips with my hands, and begin to thrust in and out, ensuring that you are comfortable, before sliding my cock fully into you. You gasp and draw in a huge gulp of air as my cock bangs against your cervix. I feel the pressure on the head of my cock, and push in all the way. I begin to move in and out of you faster, feeling my balls slap against your pubic mound with each inward stroke. I thrust hard, grunting with each stroke, as I try to get more cock inside you. You push back against me, with every stroke, helping to set the pace.

I slide my hands forward, over your back, and then slide them round to grip your swinging breasts. I groan as I feel the hard nipples scrape across my palms, and grip tightly as I pump in and out. Our bodies squish together, a splatting noise emanating from our joined groins. I play with your nipples, rubbing and pulling as my cock continues to pound your willing cunt. I slide my hands back to your hips, and grip hard as I increase the speed of my fucking, feeling you tense as another orgasm starts. I slide one hand round, and begin to rub your clit, increasing the strength of your climax. I can feel your cunt walls contracting with the waves of your orgasm, and I push as far into you as I can, feeling my cock begin to pump streamers of my hot cum deep into you.

“I’m cumming babe!” I shout, as my cock jets huge globs of spunk. “Ahhhh! Oh yeah, that was amazing!”

“Fucking right!” You reply, as you struggle to get your breath.

We collapse in a heap on the make shift mattress, my cock slipping out of you as we fall over, exhausted. I stare at your, well fucked, pussy, and watch as our mixed cum begins to run slowly out. I snuggle close to you, and give you a huge hug. You melt into my arms, and we lie there, not moving for several minutes, before we realise that we are getting cold.

I roll over, and reach for the clothes, which we had left by the fire to dry, and pulled them toward me. I sorted them out, and handed your gear to you. We both stood up, and quickly got into our dry clothes. We felt warmer immediately. I got some more logs, and put them on the fire, to bring the temperature in the cave back up. We sat back down, next to the fire, and snuggled together, your head resting on my shoulder. I kissed the top of your head, and smiled to myself.

“How about some food and drink babe?” I asked. “I think we both deserve it after our recent exertions.”

“That sounds great, but I don’t think I’ve got the energy to do anything yet.” You reply.

“No need to worry babe, because for some reason I am full of energy. You just sit there and stay warm, and I’ll get our, well earned, breakfast ready.” I say, my voice full of energy.

“Thanks.” You reply, tiredly.

I move away, and get all the things we need, freeze dried bacon and eggs, and strong coffee. I watch you as I get the food ready. I can almost see the aura of sexuality that radiates from you, and I feel my body react to the thought of what we have just done, and what we will do in the future.

With the breakfast ready, I walk over to you, carrying the food, and the drink. You look up as I stand over you, and we smile at each other. You take a plate and a cup, and I sit down next to you, our thighs touching. I feel the warmth from the fire, but the electric heat from your hot flesh. I look at your legs, and smile. I concentrate my mind back on the food, and begin to eat. We both wolf down our food, and gulp our hot coffee, as we try to get fully warm.

I leave you sitting by the fire, as I begin to pack our gear, rubbish as well, into the rucksacks. I get every thing into one rucksack, and check that there is nothing left behind.

“Come on babe, we’d better get back home for a nice long hot shower, and some sleep in a decent bed.” I say.

“Yeah, sleep that sounds like a great plan.” You reply, looking over at me, a twinkle in your eye.

I pass your boots to you, and join you on the floor, as I slip my feet into my, still damp boots.

“Yuk!” You exclaim. “My boots are still wet. Horrible!”

“Not to worry babe, we’ve only got to walk for about ten miles, so they won’t do you any damage.” I say, as I lace my boots up. “Besides, mine are still wet too.”

“Fair enough.” You say. “At least we’re in the same boot, sorry, boat!”

We both start laughing at your verbal slip, our air of gloom, despite our sexual adventures, lifts immediately.

“Come on, let’s go.” I say.

I offer you my hand as I stand up, and pull you to your feet. You sway unsteadily, and take a few tentative steps.

“These ten miles are going to feel like a hundred.” You mutter. “You really did a good job of making walking difficult for me with that last session.” You chuckle as you look at me, and I laugh as well.

“In that case, you’ll be pleased to know that there isn’t anything for you to carry on the way back, I’ve got it all in the one bag, and I’ll carry it.” I chortle.

“My hero.” You laugh.

We embrace, and our lips meet in a short but intense kiss.

I walk out of the cave followed by you, and quickly stoop down and pick up a huge handful of mud. You look at me quizzically.

“Just going to put out the fire babe.” I say. “I want to make sure that it can’t re-ignite, so I’ll use the mud as a final covering for it.”

You nod your head in reply, as I wander back into the cave and stamp out the remaining flames with my boots, before slapping the mud over the top. There is a little smoke, and the wet mud steams as it cools the hot wood. I check to make sure that there is no chance of a fire restarting, and leave the cave, satisfied that we have left it nearly the same as we found it. There is one difference, which I only really notice as I walk back out into the fresh morning air. The whole cave is imbued with the smell of sex. I turn and look back at the entrance, and smile to myself before turning back to you, taking your hand, and walking slowly away from our little love nest.

We walk along the trail, back toward our parked car, the weak sunlight not really warming us, but more welcome than the rain of the previous day. We chat about the coming week, and other inconsequentialities as we stroll slowly along, our hands locked together. Neither of us wants to break the magic that seems to have settled on us after our afternoon and night of passion and animal lust. We are both content to let the walk warm us through, and get our blood pumping again.

After a couple of hours of walking, we decide to take a short break, and each wander off to relieve ourselves, agreeing to meet at a suitable fallen log. I get back first, and grab some water out of the rucksack and sit down. I watch you as you walk toward me, your usual walk slightly distorted, as you compensate for the feeling of a well, fucked pussy. We smile at each other, and I offer you’re the water, which you take gratefully. I stare at your neck as you lift the bottle and drink deeply.

I reach out, and grab your bum and pull you close to me, resting my head against your stomach, as my fingers gently caress your firm arse, through the material of your shorts. You finish drinking, and lean forward, the lower slopes of your breasts pressing on the top of my head. I sigh. I run my hands up and down your back, over your bum and down your legs, lightly tickling as I go. You begin to chuckle, and squirm in my grip. I love the movement as your breasts begin to rub harder on my head. I lean back slightly, and lift my face, allowing your breasts to rub across my nose and mouth. I open my mouth, and try to bite each breast as it passes. I can see your nipples outlined by the tight material of your t-shirt and bra. I hold you tight, and bury my head between your warm firm, upright breasts.

You slide your hands down my back, and then slowly lower your body, until you are kneeling in front of me. Our lips meet in a sizzling kiss. I feel all the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, as our tongues fight each other. My hands grip your pert bum, and softly caress your firm buttocks, eliciting a moan from you. I feel your hands slipping between us, rubbing over my hardening cock. You deft fingers undo the zip, and slip inside my shorts, quickly grasping my erect cock. I shudder and groan at the contact.

Your free hand quickly undoes the button of my shorts, and you pull my hard cock into the open air. I grip your bum tightly as you begin to run your fingers up and down the length of my cock, softly rubbing my balls as you reach the base.

Our tongues continue to fence, sliding from one mouth to the other, in an unending battle for supremacy. I grip your tongue between my teeth as you gently squeeze my dangling balls, and sigh in pleasure as your hand closes round my shaft and begins a slow stroking movement. I rub your bum, loving the feeling of your firm flesh, as you squirm against me.

With a huge sigh, you break off the kiss, and sit back on your heels, your hands still playing with my throbbing cock. I let my hands drop to my sides, and look at you. You look me in the eye and smile, as you lean forward and kiss the end of my cock. I close my eyes as the pleasure courses through my body, little electric currents sending sparks through my brain, as you kiss the whole of my cock. I feel your tongue slide from the tip, all the way along the underside of my cock, to my pulsating balls. I groan as you take my balls into your mouth, and swirl them round, carefully flicking them with your clever tongue. I lean back, and enjoy the sensations that are flooding through my body as you continue to suck my balls, and wank my cock.

I feel you sliding your tongue back up the, sensitive, underside of my cock, and brace myself for the pleasure as you slide your mouth over the wet head of my dripping cock. I feel the head of my cock sliding against the roof of your mouth as your tongue continues to run over the sensitive underside. I start to shudder as you play with my balls, squeezing them, and not releasing the pressure. I try to thrust my cock deeper into your mouth, but you pull your head away, and place your free hand on my stomach, holding me back. I try to control the impulse to grab your hair, and fuck your mouth, as I feel you take my shaft deeper into your mouth.

I open my eyes, and stare down at you, as you slide up and down my hard shaft, your mouth locked onto it like it is the best thing you have ever tasted. You look up and see me watching you, and I see your eyes sparkle as you smile round my invading cock. You slide it deeper into your warm mouth, and suck harder than you had been. I close my eyes again, as pleasure explodes behind my eyes, fireworks going off in my brain, so loud and bright, it’s a wonder you can’t see them.

I feel the familiar lurching in my balls, and the feeling that my cock is growing bigger as my body rushes to the abyss of orgasm.

“I’m cumming Babe!” I gasp. “O fuck, I’m cumming.”

I feel the spunk beginning to pump up the length of my cock, as my cock seems to swell in size, becoming the biggest thing in my universe. I feel my cock throbbing as it spurts glob after glob of hot thick semen into your waiting mouth. I feel your tongue clasping the underside of my cock, as you swallow each jet of spunk. Your lips are sealed round my pumping shaft, and nothing escapes, as you swallow each thick load that I send jetting into you. I shudder as my consciousness returns to my brain, after it’s trip to my cock. I look down at you, as you continue to suck my cock, and lick the head, pulling all of my life giving juices out. I shudder again as you pull your mouth off my cock, and proceed to lick the whole shaft, smiling all the time.

I collapse onto the log, spent. You chuckle, as you watch my cock go limp in your hand. I lie on the log, my mind still swirling with the power of the ejaculation you had just bought about.

“Bloody hell babe!” I exclaim. “That nearly blew the top of my head off, I don’t think I’ll be able to walk properly for a while after that.”

“Excellent.” You chuckle. “That was the idea, it gets you back for making it uncomfortable for me. It was good though wasn’t it?”

“Good? It was fucking amazing. I felt like you were sucking my soul out through my cock. It was intense.”

“Magic.” You say, as you lick your lips seductively. “Let’s have a quick drink and then get back to the car, I really want to get home for a hot shower and some sleep.”

“No worries. I agree, that a good night’s sleep might help us recover from all the fantastic sex we’ve had, especially since it was all unplanned. I think we’ll have to come back here again, and see what happens next time, what do you think.”

“I’m looking forward to it already, but let’s get going, before we both seize up.”

I nod my head, and pass you the water and you take a long drink, and pass the bottle back. As I take a drink myself, I feel your hands on my soft cock, as you slip it back inside my shorts, doing up the zip and button, and giving it a final pat.

We stand up together, and kiss deeply, our tongues duelling once more, our arms pulling us together, pressing our bodies close. We break the kiss, and holding hands we continue our slow walk back to the car. I slip my arm round your shoulders, and you lean your head against me. I kiss the top of your head, and smile.

Our gentle stroll comes to an end as we exit the woods, and find ourselves back in the car park. We look at each other, beaming, and walk jauntily over to the car. We load all of our gear in the boot, and sitting on the backseats, change our boots. I look at you, and notice your eyelids are drooping again.

“I’ll drive babe.” I say. “You look like you’re going to fall asleep in seconds.”

“Thanks, that would be great, I do feel like I’m falling asleep already.” You reply, yawning.

I grab the car keys, and get in the drivers seat, while you get yourself comfortable in the passenger seat. I turn on the ignition, and the car fires up first time. I drive us carefully out onto the main road, and set off for the town, a mere 45 minutes away.

I reach over, and lay my hand in your lap, as we speed along the highway. I start to gently rub around your groin, and decide to slide my hand inside your shorts. I quickly open the button and zipper, and plunge my hand inside. You squirm down on the seat and spread your legs as wide as you can. I slip my fingers under the waistband of your g-string, and rub gently over your soft pubic hair, luxuriating in the soft downy texture. I take a quick glance at you, and am almost transfixed by the swift rise and fall of your breasts, as my fingers begin to rub over your clit.

I slide my fingers further down, and carefully spread your pussy lips, allowing access to your moist velvet tunnel. I insert a finger, and push it as far in as I can. I hear your gentle sighs, as I begin to slip the finger in and out. I rest my hand on your pubic mound, and use my palm to rub gently round, as my finger continues to probe. I can smell your arousal and I feel my cock hardening once more, I seem to be insatiable. I remove my finger and bring my hand up to my mouth, and lick your tasty juices off it.

Having cleaned my finger completely, I slip my hand back inside your panties, and begin to stimulate your clit again. I feel your hips pushing up, as your body tries to help with its pleasure. I quickly slip two fingers into your wet pussy, delighting in the squelching sounds as I fuck my fingers into you. You begin to make louder noises as you climb the slope to the height of orgasm once more. I continue to finger fuck you, and occasionally rub your hard clit. I feel your hand join mine. I glance over, and watch as you begin to play with your clit while my fingers work their way into and out of you. I feel the walls of your pussy grip my fingers, pulling them in deeper, as all the muscles in your body contract in orgasm. Your fingers move from your clit, and hold my hand, not allowing me to move anymore. I am content to sit there with my fingers held in your receptive pussy, as you recover from another orgasm.

I continue to drive, as you lay on the seat, exhausted. My fingers begin to move again, and you let out a little cry of alarm, as you quickly pull them out of you.

“No more.” You beg. “I appreciate the thought, but I just can’t take anymore, I’m knackered.”

“OK Babe.” I say. “I understand, and I hope that you enjoyed it all.”

“Yes I did.” You reply. “I just need a rest, and my pussy needs a rest.”

“Well we’re nearly home, so it might be a good idea to sit up and fasten your shorts.”

You lean over and kiss me on the cheek, as you adjust your clothing, and close your shorts. I suck my fingers, once again savouring your beautiful taste. I pull into our drive, and park up. We both get out, and wearily unpack the car. We walk slowly into the house, and put the gear down in the hall.

“Stuff tidying up now, I’m going to run the bath.” You say, as you walk slowly upstairs.

“That’s cool babe, do you want some food and drink?” I ask.

“Yeah, that would be great.” You reply.

I watch you walk up the stairs, staring at the movement of your tight buttocks in the shorts.

“You’re gorgeous you know that don’t you?” I shout to you.

You look over your shoulder at me, alluringly, and smile.

“I’m glad you think so.” You say, as you turn the corner and disappear.

I hear the water running into the bath, and walk into the kitchen to fix some food. I put on the kettle and get out a loaf of bread. I make some thick ham and cheese sandwiches, and a big pot of coffee. I put the food onto a tray, and walk upstairs to the big bathroom.

I walk in, and put the tray on the small table by the bath, and wander into the bedroom. I watch as you shed the last of your clothes, and stroll past me back into the bathroom. I pat your cute butt as you pass and you squeal at the contact. I hear you step into the water as I remove my clothes. I wander back into the bathroom, and look at you, immersed in the water, eating a sandwich and drinking coffee.

“Room for another one in there?” I ask.

“But of course kind sir.” You reply, chuckling.

I step into the warm water, and sigh as the heat immediately starts to ease my aching and tired muscles. I grab a sandwich and my coffee, and eat as we sit in companionable silence.

We both relax as the warm water works its magic, to relieve the aches and pains of our night of bad sleep and great sex. With our food finished, we both wash our hair, getting plenty of bubbles as we smile at each other. You turn round, your back to me, and pass me the soap. Needing no encouragement, I begin to wash your shoulders and back, gently soaping the whole area, running my hand over your smooth warm flesh. I reach round, and begin to soap your chest and breasts, as you lean back into me. I soap your breasts and stomach, the suds running down into the water as I rinse you off. I cup your firm breasts, and kiss your neck.

You sit up and turn round again, and reach for the soap. I sit still as your smooth delicate hands begin to wash my chest. You move closer, and slide your hands around as you wash my back. As you lean forward to complete the task, your breasts rub against my chest, and we both sigh. I put my arms around you, and we hug, happy to be together. I kiss your forehead, and start coughing, as I taste the shampoo. You laugh as you pull away, and duck your head under the water to rinse your hair. I follow suit, and we are soon both clean.

I stand up, and get out of the bath, grabbing a big towel, holding it open for you. You step out, and I fold you into the towel, and begin to rub you dry. We snuggle together, the towel keeping our wet flesh apart. I move away, and get myself a towel, and we watch each other as we dry ourselves. Giving your hair a quick rub, you grab the hair dryer and begin to blow dry it. I sit on a stool, and watch as you lean forward, showing off your tight bum. I reach out and gently stroke it. You murmur as I continue to caress your bum. As you finish your hair, I stand up close behind you, my hard cock resting against your firm buttocks. You giggle as you feel my cock rubbing against you.

“You’re a bad boy. I would have thought you’d had enough today.” You chuckle.

“Sorry babe.” I reply. “It really does seem to have a mind of its own.”

You turn round in my arms, and hug me to you, our bodies touching from toe to chest. Our lips meet in a slow deep kiss. My hands cup your buttocks, and squeeze. I feel your hands on my buttocks, as you copy my movements. I break away from the kiss, and look deep into your eyes.

“Enough already babe. I think we both need some serious sleep. Let’s face it, tomorrow is a work day, and we’ve got things to do.” I whisper.

“You’re right, and to be honest, I don’t think I could manage sex again today.” You sigh.

We walk hand in hand to the bedroom, and slide into the cool bed. We snuggle up close, and turn out the light.

I whisper. “Goodnight babe, thanks for a wonderful weekend, here’s hoping that we have more of the same in the not too distant future.”

“It was my pleasure, definitely my pleasure, and I’m up for more of the same sometime soon, but right now I just want to get some sleep.” You murmur, as your eyes close.

I kiss your cheek, and settle down, cuddled up behind you. Very soon, as I watch the rise and fall of your breasts, I hear your steady breathing as you sleep.

I lie awake for a while thinking about the weekend, and eventually fall asleep, a huge grin on my face, with my hard cock pressed up against your firm bum.


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  1. Referring the second person as “you” kind of took away the overall taste of the story 🙁

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