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Claimed & Bred by the Mechanic

A saucy woman is claimed & bred by a mechanic, with a little help from his brother.
Claimed & Bred by the Mechanic

Claimed & Bred by the Mechanic

Lacey took a deep breath, and caressed the steering wheel. “Okay, baby. Let’s do this.”

She turned the ignition, and her old car rumbled to life. She flinched when the engine light popped on with a loud ding a few seconds later.

“I know, baby. I know.”

She’d asked the tow truck to set her car down outside the shopping mall after he’d towed her from the side of the interstate.

He wasn’t pleased that she didn’t allow him to tow her straight into the mechanic’s shop half a mile away. He’d even made her sign a waiver since she’d refused.

At least the tow had been covered by the cheap roadside assistance that came with her car insurance.

Lord knows, she couldn’t afford shit else.

If she’d let the tow truck take her car straight to the shop, they’d know she had no other options. Don’t let them know they’ve got you by the balls, her uncle once said, or you’ll lose all your bargaining chips on the price of repairs. Never let them know you’re fucked.

If her uncle was still alive, he could probably get her car up and running before her shift tomorrow. Now, she had no one she could ask for help or bum a ride from, except maybe her handsy boss.

She shuddered. Hell no. She would leave two hours early at five in the morning and walk across the overpass to work, before getting in a car with him.

She bit her lip as she pulled out of the parking lot. Her car was likely dribbling a shiny, green trail of coolant down the street while she drove as fast as she dared. A large puddle of coolant had already been under her car when she’d filled the coolant tank with another jug of the pre-diluted stuff.

The temperature meter on her dash quickly climbed above the halfway point as she puttered down the road. By the time she pulled into the mechanic’s parking lot, the first wisps of smoke were drifting out of the hood, and another loud ding let her know the engine overheat light had flipped on as well.

Anyway, she’d made it, with her dignity intact. She couldn’t see who was at the shop’s counter through her windshield, so she first smeared on a layer of pink lip gloss and adjusted her bra.

Jake Thompson straightened from his slouch behind the counter as she pulled open the heavy door. “Hey, Lacey.”

He’d been a year behind her in high school, and he and his older brother had first apprenticed to the shop owner around her senior year.

“Hi, Jake.”

Lacey noted how he visibly brightened at the sight of her, as she set her car keys on the counter. She subtly stuck out her chest a little more. She might have to work the charm, if the old man wasn’t around.

“Where’s Old Wilkins?”

She tried to look casual as she peered around the small shop. She could see Jake’s brother Ronny bent under the hood of another car through the garage’s glass window.

“Retired. Ronny and I bought the shop from him last year.”

Her stomach plummeted. Fuck.

Old Wilkins had been a close friend of her dad, before he died. The few times she’d scraped up the money to get her car fixed, she’d worked that to her advantage, sometimes getting more than half off of a repair from Wilkins.

“No shit? Congrats.” She managed to smile over her rising panic.

Jake gave her a slow, easy grin, complete with deep dimples. “Thanks. Taking over the shop was our dream.”

He’d always been cute, and she knew he’d had a thing for her in high school. But he’d been too firmly in the nice guy category. And she’d been too busy spreading her legs for the most notorious assholes in school to pay him any attention.

She’d only purred for the bad boys; the rest had gotten her claws.

She was glad for it now. If she’d steamrolled him the same as the other nice guys she’d toyed with, he’d be kicking her out of his shop.

“Need your car looked at?”

“Yep,” she replied, trying to sound unconcerned. “The engine light popped on and it’s smoking a little. Can you look at it today?”

“Sure. No worries.”

He grabbed her keys and knocked on the window separating the garage. Ronny straightened from the car and caught the keys Jake tossed to him.

“Thanks.” She infused her smile with a hint of shyness, testing his response.

Jake’s answering grin was about twenty degrees warmer than the last one. His eyes swept over her, lingering on her lips.

Had his smile always been that panty-dropping? If her car hadn’t been out front bleeding coolant like a gunshot victim, she might drop hers, too.

She could use a good fuck, or three.

But the fear how of much it would cost to get her car running had her so stiff with tension that her back ached. No matter how much it was, it would be too fucking much. Just the money from today’s missed shift already hurt.

If she had to call in for any more shifts, she wouldn’t even make rent.

She chewed her lip. “Old Wilkins did some work on my car before. Maybe some of it is still under warranty?”

Jake looked her up in the computer, paging through several screens before he winced and shook his head. “The old man wasn’t great at keeping records. Did a lot of work off the books, too. We added his notes to the system a few months ago, and it didn’t even add up to half the repairs we remembered taking.”

Jake must have seen the panic on her face, because he stepped around the counter and led her over to the small couch in the corner.

“Don’t worry, Lacey. Ronny will be back in about twenty, and we’ll sort it out.”

She nodded absently as he picked up the remote for the little TV mounted on the wall. He tsked when it didn’t respond, then stretched up to manually cycle through the channels.

She looked over, then did a double-take as his t-shirt rode up, exposing his abs. He definitely hadn’t had those in high school. She managed to pull her eyes higher, only to get lost in the way the muscles in his forearms and biceps flexed.

She dropped her gaze when he straightened and turned around, but not fast enough, based on the knowing smirk and the sparkle in his eyes as he flopped into the chair beside her.

Fuck, he smelled good, too. She tried to inhale a little more deeply without making it obvious.

He slouched in his seat as he watched the commercials drone on, propping one leg up on the coffee table stacked with magazines.

She dragged her eyes away from his widely spread legs in faded, oil-stained jeans. Saliva rushed into her mouth as she imagined climbing into his lap.

The stress of her broken car had driven her mind right to its happy place: the gutter.

She tried to tune out the parade of explicit thoughts running through the back of her mind like a dirty picture show, and all starring her new favorite mechanic. It felt like ages before she managed to look up at the screen.

Lacey laughed in surprise at the jeering crowd on the talk show. Two women held each other by the hair on stage, swinging blindly. “I can’t believe this is still on TV.”

“Reminds me of when you laid out that cheerleader in the cafeteria.”

She shrieked. “You remember that?”

“Fuck, are you kidding? You had another chick in a headlock when you swung on her. Put her on the ground with one hook. School legend. That’s how you got that nickname, remember?”

“All I remember is getting suspended for two weeks,” she laughed.

Jake grinned back at her, his eyes dropping to her lips again.

She licked her lips nervously, and he bit his bottom lip in response, his eyes narrowing. When his eyes rose to hers, the open heat in them put butterflies in her stomach.

She looked away quickly, fighting her smile. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d felt that little electric thrill of mutual attraction.

If only the timing wasn’t so damned shitty.

Ronny had raised her car on the lift, and was poking around beneath it. It was already after six, and the sun was setting.

“Do you think it can get fixed tonight?”

Jake followed her gaze. “Probably not. Do you need a ride home?” His eyes flickered over her exposed legs in her skirt. “Or a ride to work in the morning?”

Lacey heard the invitation in his words. She’d be smart to take him up on it. She could indulge in what his eyes promised, and she’d also have a way to work the next day.

Hell, if she teased him a little in the morning, he’d eagerly pick her up after her shift, too.

If only her birth control hadn’t run out a couple of months ago. Her asshole boss kept her hours just below the minimum that would qualify her for employee health insurance, and skyrocketing gas prices had eaten up the pocket change she’d have used to buy some more at Planned Parenthood.

Still, Jake was a good guy, she reminded herself. She assumed he carried a condom in his wallet and kept more by his bed. He’d probably buy her dinner, too.

She knew she’d been dating too many assholes if the idea of getting fed excited her.

“You still living with your cousin?” he asked.

“She got married a couple years ago. I have a studio apartment in Industrial Park.”

Right next to the mobile homes, she added silently. Even those were well out of her range now.

“I bought a little house off Route 24 last year. It has a couple extra rooms in it,” he said in a low, husky voice that made her pussy clench. “Could use some company.”

“You’re looking for a roommate?” she asked, a little breathlessly. “I definitely can’t afford that neighborhood. Not on my pay.”

“You still at the diner?”

“The tips sucked. I work at the hardware shop.”

A scowl darkened his face. “You work for that asshole Barrett? Isn’t he a registered sex offender now?”

Lacey shuddered at the thought of her boss again, tugging her already modest skirt closer to her knees. “I wouldn’t be surprised. I guess that’s why the pay is so good. $14/hour, best in town.”

Jake’s jaw flexed as he glared at the floor. “No,” he muttered. “Fuck that.”

“What?” She blinked in confusion.


He unclenched his fist and spread it over his thigh. His knee bounced with restless energy as his eyes openly caressed her.

The mix of heat and anger in his gaze sent electric sparks up her spine. Damn, he had her wet. She couldn’t believe how he’d gotten under her skin so quickly.

She stood. “I’m going to the bathroom.”

Lacey could feel his eyes on her as she walked away, which only left her wetter.

She locked the bathroom door and mopped up the wetness between her legs. At least her panties weren’t soaked.

The old Lacey from high school would have laughed at the idea of getting hot and bothered over scrawny little Jake Thompson.

Well, he wasn’t so scrawny anymore.

She practiced her expressions in the mirror, willing her face to show anything besides super horny.

When she unlocked the door and saw Ronny talking to Jake behind the counter, she knew that wouldn’t be a problem anymore.

She froze, dread icing out her arousal. Whatever they quoted her would be too much.

She already knew it. Anything more than a missing radiator cap would be too expensive. Ronny would have found that in minutes, so any inspection that took twenty minutes would cost too much.

The way Jake was peering at the computer screen, muttering as he put together her quote screamed too much money. Any quote where they had to spend that much time looking up car parts was more money than she’d be able to give. Because she really couldn’t give shit.

Fuck this entire day. Fuck her old beater of a car that had finally quit on the side of the road. Fuck her rent. Fuck this cursed city with its defunded public transportation system that had cut the public buses from five routes to two.


“Hey, Scrappy,” Ronny greeted her in his booming baritone voice, and she inwardly cringed at the old nickname.

His deep voice and his looming height had charmed more than one of his high school teachers out of their skirts, if the rumors were true.

“Hi Ronny,” she choked out.

Jake set down the pen he’d been chewing on and grabbed a paper from the printer, bringing it around the counter for her.

He was explaining the quote, but she barely registered his words as the total danced on the page. Her breath seized as she scanned it.

Water pump. Timing belt. $630.

Nothing else on the sheet mattered.

“What the fuck,” she whispered in defeat.

Jake was still talking, his hand rubbing small circles over her back in a way that was probably meant to be soothing. But the heat of his hand was doing confusing things to her, while her mind and body warred for control.

She stepped out of his reach, her eyes burning. “I want this split into two quotes. There’s … there’s two things here. I don’t need to do them both right now.”

The brothers exchanged a look. “Your water pump failed, which is why you’re leaking coolant and overheating,” Ronny told her. “The engine light is on because your timing belt is going out.”

Jake glanced at the clock, then began moving around the shop, flipping the window sign to Closed as he locked the door and turned off the outside awning lights.

“Do what will get me back on the road,” Lacey insisted, her voice rising. “I’ll come back for the other one.”

Like hell, she would. Just splitting the bill would still leave her two weeks’ late for rent. Maybe if Barrett would give her a few more shifts –

“Look, Scrappy, the timing belt drives your water pump, so you can’t –”

“Stop fucking calling me that,” she snapped. “I’m talking to Jake, not you.”

Both Jake and Ronny froze, and she could feel the blood rushing in her ears as her adrenaline ate up her ability to reason.

She’d reverted to old Lacey, from high school. The scrappy bitch, who ran off at the mouth when she was afraid.

Ronny’s face looked as though it was carved from stone as he glared at Jake. He rose from the desk, towering over them both as he strode to the garage and slammed the door behind him.

“What the fuck, Lacey,” Jake ground out, a tremor of anger in his voice.

“Show it to me,” she demanded. “I want to see the breakdown.”

He grabbed her arm and roughly pulled her behind the counter to the desk. He shoved the monitor around so she could see.

“Here it is. This is what it breaks down to. Parts. Labor. Read it.”

“Don’t you have any discounts for me?” She hated how her voice cracked as it rose.

Jake stabbed two buttons on the keyboard, and the screen split into two quotes. “It’s already applied. These are the normal prices,” he said, pointing to the left side, with a total well over a grand. “Here’s what we gave you with the friends and family discount. We’re already eating the labor at a fucking loss.”

Lacey had brought up her phone as he talked, her fingers dancing over her screen. “It says here that the cost of a water pump and timing belt should only be about $500.”

He snatched the phone from her hand and stared at it before tossing it onto the counter. “Are you fucking serious? You’re showing me a blog from 2007, for another make and model?”

“Old Wilkins would never charge me that much!”

Jake covered the space between them in one step, his body thrumming with anger as his chest brushed hers. “Old Wilkins ran this shop into the ground,” he growled.

His hands curled into fists, even as his gaze jumped from her eyes to her lips. “He couldn’t afford to fucking pay us, half the time. The shop was nearly bankrupt when he finally agreed to sell, and it still took us months to dig out of the fucking hole he left us.”

“Is this how you dug out of the hole?” she shouted, and shoved him away. She was too far gone to stop. Paralyzing fear gripped her, about the money, her car, and possibly getting evicted.

She shoved his chest again. “Is this how you recouped your loss? By ripping off Wilkins’ loyal customers? Is that how you bought that house on Route –”

Her breath left her in a whoosh when he grabbed her hand and pulled it behind her back. He pushed her down over the desk, pinning her with half his weight as he spanked her ass.

The fluttery rayon skirt did nothing to protect her from the sting of his hard slaps, but she clenched her teeth, refusing to make a sound while she struggled in his hold.

He stopped after five spanks, his hand still on her ass. His ragged breaths mixed with hers as he leaned over her.

“Fuck, Lacey. Still can’t ever back down, can you? Always gotta keep pushing.”

His stubble scratched her neck. She was suddenly too aware of the heat of his front pressed against her back, and how her throbbing ass spooned his crotch. He must have noticed it too, because she felt his erection hardening against her ass.

She tried to jerk her arm free. “Fuck you, Jake Thompson.”

“Oh, that’s a guarantee.”

He released the arm still pinned behind her back, but immediately recaptured both her wrists with one hand when she tried to move, slamming her hands flat on the desk.

Jake dragged his fingers up the back of her thigh and into her panties, groaning as his fingers slid over her slippery folds. “Just admit that you want me, Lacey. You’re so fucking wet already.”

She bit her lip, swallowing her moan as his rough thumb circled her clit.

She bucked in his hold when he yanked her panties down. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“You’ve been eye-fucking me since you walked through the door.”

She heard the sound of his zipper, and what could only be his pants hitting the floor. “I thought you might appreciate the real thing.”

Her gasp turned into a ragged moan as he thrust into her.

Jake tugged at her wrists, forcing her to stretch further across the desk while his cock slid home inside of her. Her ass was pushed high, her feet barely brushing the ground as his pelvis cradled her ass.

“Fuck,” she croaked. She was full, so full. Her pussy throbbed around him.

He squeezed her ass cheeks. “Goddamn, I’ve wanted you for so long. The second you made eyes at me, it was over. You’re mine, Lacey.”

His grip on her wrists tightened as he began to fuck her with deep, hard strokes. Every thrust lifted her off her feet entirely, her closed legs trapped between his own. And each one forced a high moan out of her.

Jake growled, nipping at her ear. “I was going to take you home with me. I was gonna take my time, and make it so good for you. All night. Until you never wanted to leave.”

She still would have been gone, in the morning. She’d never been one to fall for a gentleman; her brain just wasn’t wired that way.

But this asshole, who’d slammed her over a desk and started fucking her where anyone could see, where Ronny could walk in at any time?

She could already feel the telltale tingle in her nipples as her body tensed, edging toward an orgasm. Fuck.

The friction of his thick cock stirred up every nerve ending in her pussy as it slid between her tight legs. She was completely trapped beneath him, biting back her moans as he impaled her over and over.

He grunted. “That’s right. Take it like a good girl.”

Fresh heat flooded her at his words.

“You’re even wetter than before. I guess you really do need to learn the hard way.”

“Learn what?” she gasped, while his thrusts forced the air out of her lungs.

“Who you belong to, now.” He leaned over her, his breath a hot whisper. “Admit that you’re mine.”

“Go to hell,” she moaned.

He slapped her ass. “That’s okay. You’ll figure it out as you take my dick every night.”

She gaped at his filthy words, her pussy clenching. “I thought you were a good guy, Jake.”

“Yeah? I guess you weren’t paying close enough attention in high school.”

He released her wrists and grabbed her hips, holding her in place as he sped up, her ass clapping against him. “You feel so damn good. Come with me, baby.” His hand reached down to caress her clit.

Shit. He was fucking her raw. She reached around to smack at his hand. “You can’t come inside me. I’m not on the pill right now.”

He slowed at her words. She hated that she immediately missed all the delicious friction from his thrusts.

“I’m serious, Jake. I’m not on birth control anymore.”

His hands caressed her ass, her hips, her waist. He pressed his front to her back, threading his hands through hers.


His voice at her neck was rough with lust, with reverence. With need.

He groaned as he began to thrust into her again, first with slow, deep strokes, and then hard and fast while he rubbed and pinched her clit.

“Jake,” she warned.

He straightened over her as he grabbed her hips again, pounding her. “Yes, baby.”

“You better pull out. Don’t knock me up.”

He groaned, squeezing her hips. “Mm. Fuck yes.”

She tried to push herself upright. “Hey –”

He shoved her back down, pushing her cheek against the desk as he pistoned into her. “Say it again,” he demanded between clenched teeth.

She frowned in confusion. “Don’t get me pregnant.”

“Mm. Just like that,” he breathed, his hand flexing on her hip as her ass jiggled against him.

He propped his foot up on the desk and began to fuck her so hard the desk screeched across the linoleum floor.

“Oh, yeah,” he muttered, his voice rising. “Oh. Yeah. Lacey. Fuck,” he growled.

He pushed down on her back, holding her in place as he buried his cock as far as it would go.

He shouted as the first jet of cum spurted into her. With his wild, erratic thrusts and ragged groans, she felt herself tumble over the edge.

Shit. She always fell hard, for the assholes.

Her eyes rolled back as she came violently around his cock, almost painfully, twitching and sobbing beneath his hold.

“Goddamn. That’s it. Come for me. Squeeze every last bit out of me, baby. I’ll give you every last drop. Fuck, that’s so good.”

He kept shoving himself into her spasming cunt as it massaged more spurts of cum out of him. Then he fell on top of her, pulling her body into a tight hug as he ground his pelvis a few last times, pushing his cum deeper inside of her.

Lacey pushed at him, and he finally relented, withdrawing from her slowly.

He pulled her to her feet and straight into a hungry kiss, kissing her hard and deep until she whimpered into his mouth.

“Bend over,” he whispered when he let her up for air. “I want to see you.”

She still felt boneless and pliant from her orgasm, and that’s what she blamed as she let him push her back over the desk.

He caught the cum trickling out of her and pushed it back inside, his fingers thrusting it deep.

“You’re crazy,” she said, even as her cunt clenched around his fingers.

Jake licked his lips. “I told you that I had a few extra rooms. You, me and …”

He trailed off, his eyes flicking over her. “Sounds perfect.”

The door to the garage opened, and she heard Ronny’s long whistle. “Damn, J. Everything alright in here?”

“It’s fine,” Jake murmured as he withdrew his fingers from her pussy. “Just a little attitude adjustment.”

Lacey straightened and glared at him, tugging her skirt into place and snatching her panties off the floor.

She turned away to step into them. As if it even mattered. Ronny had just walked in with her spread-eagle in all her dripping glory.

“I think you owe my brother an apology, Lacey.”

She froze as she adjusted her clothes, then turned, dropping her eyes. She did snap at Ronny earlier, for no good reason.

“Sorry for yelling at you, Ronny.”

“Not like that. A real apology.”

She glanced up at Jake’s dark, low voice.

Ronny dropped into the desk chair and spread his long legs. He pulled the zipper down on his coveralls, exposing his broad chest in a white t-shirt, and his boxers.

He slipped his cock out of his boxers and stroked his hardening length, then beckoned her over with one crooked finger. “I’m listening, Scrappy.”

She felt Jake push down on her shoulders, and she knelt between Ronny’s legs, inhaling his musky scent mixed with engine oil and sweat.

Ronny smirked. “Don’t worry. I won’t make it too hard on you.” He threaded his hands through her hair and tugged her toward his waiting dick.

Lacey braced her hands on his thighs as he pulled her down over his length, taking him as deep as she could.

“That’s nice,” he rumbled above her. “Your mouth feels good, Scrappy.” He rolled his pelvis up to meet her mouth. “Just like that.”

Rumor was that his calculus teacher had been caught giving him a blowjob after class his junior year. If Lacey had ever doubted it before, she didn’t now.

Those praises in his deep, velvety voice made her want to please him, to do her very best, even though she’d never been any good at giving head.

Mrs. Brown probably hadn’t stood a fucking chance.

Lacey forced him a little deeper down her throat, and gagged. Both Ronny and Jake groaned at the sound. Her pussy flooded at their voices.

“Fuck, Lacey,” Jake said, from somewhere behind her.

Her empty pussy squeezed at how turned on he sounded. The cum that he’d forced her to take was soaking into her panties.

He’d fucked her hard, then put her on her knees to swallow his brother’s cock. It was all so unbelievably hot that it felt surreal. She was probably still blissed-out from her brain-melting orgasm.

Ronny’s thighs flexed as he thrust up into her mouth. “You’re taking my dick so well, Scrappy.”

She definitely noted how he made a point of using her old nickname. Message received. Maybe she’d never hear it again without getting a little wet.

He let her choke on his dick a few more times before he stopped her. “You did real good, sweetheart. Let me take over, now.”

Ronny held her head still and began to fuck her mouth with hard, shallow strokes. His balls slapped her chin as his pelvis bounced off her mouth. She heard Jake groan behind her again.

Soon Ronny was moaning steadily, his deep voice vibrating through her as he fucked deeper and deeper into her throat.

His hand tightened in her hair as his cock twitched. He held himself just deep enough to avoid gagging her as his cum slid down her throat.

“Damn,” he sighed as he released her and leaned back. “Apology accepted.” He grinned. “I hope you fuck up again, so I can get another apology one day.”

At Jake’s glare, he laughed and stood, tucking himself away. “Just kidding, J. I won’t steal your prize.”

Jake pulled her to her feet. Lacey felt self-conscious after sucking off his brother, but he handled her reverently, lifting her up and setting her on the edge of the desk.

“I’m gonna finish locking up, J. You coming in late tomorrow?”

“Yeah,” Jake muttered absently as he thumbed her swollen mouth. “Or maybe early the day after.”

Ronny chuckled. “Just let me know.” The garage door closed behind him.

“You took him like such a good girl,” Jake told her, looking down at her with hooded eyes. “I can’t wait to try those lips. Maybe after breakfast in the morning.”

Lacey tensed. “I have to be at work at seven.”

His face darkened. “The hell you do.”

Fear rushed through her as reality came crashing down. She couldn’t miss another shift; Barrett wouldn’t tolerate her missing many more, either.

Her temper flared, and she slapped his hands away. “I have to make rent. I can’t call into work just so we can keep fuc –”

Jake tugged her hips forward and stretched her out on her back over the desk. He lifted her ass and pulled her panties down as he freed his cock.

Lacey’s protest ended in a squeal when he filled her up again and began fucking her, hard and fast. Her legs bounced on either side of his hips, her panties dangling from one ankle.

His angry, determined look sent sparks up her spine, and left her so wet that she could hear his thrusts.

“You keep mouthing off, and I’ll keep fucking it out of you,” he promised. “You’re done with the hardware shop. You’ll never go near that shithead again.”

She whimpered at his commands, her pussy gripping him tight. His pelvis was bumping her clit. She wouldn’t last long.

“And you sure as fuck aren’t spending another night in Industrial Park,” he continued. “You’re coming home with me. Where you belong.”

He pulled her shirt over her head and unclasped her bra, his nostrils flaring as he watched her breasts jiggle with his thrusts.

“You’re so fucking beautiful.” He palmed her breasts. “I can’t wait to see these filled with milk. Fuck.” He groaned, leaning down to suck one of her nipples into his mouth.

Lacey’s nails dug into his back as she arched against him. “You’re coming inside me again?”

“Fuck yes,” he rasped, his cock growing even harder as his eyes glazed over. “I’m gonna breed the fuck out of you. Fill our house with babies.” He spread his hand over her bare stomach.

Heat washed over, and her pussy fluttered.

His mouth fell open as he pounded forcefully into her, making her ass bounce loudly against the desk.

Lacey could see his dreams in his faraway eyes, and her chest ached as she began to fall into them, too.

It’d been a long time since she’d dreamt of anything except just making rent and keeping the lights on. She didn’t remember how to dream anymore.

But maybe he had enough dreams for the both of them.

A loud humming sound had her turning, and she saw Ronny lowering her car from the lift.

Jake took her chin, forcing her to look at him again. “Don’t worry about the damned car, Lacey. I’ll fix it.”

He leaned over her, his words a warm whisper in her ear. “You’re mine now. Just let me take care of you.”

She came with a soft cry, going tense under him as her orgasm shuddered through her.

She pulled him over the edge with her, and he kissed her, groaning into her mouth as his cock jerked. His hot cum gushed inside of her, and he pushed it deep as her pussy milked him dry.

She felt so relaxed afterward that she wanted to sleep right there, on the desk, with Jake still inside of her.

He smiled against her mouth. “Let’s go home, Lacey.”


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