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Breeding His Surrogate

A businessman breeds a surrogate in a fertility sex club.
Breeding His Surrogate

An heir.

That’s what stood between Connor, and his inheritance. He still couldn’t believe that his grandfather had written such a ridiculous clause into his will.

Especially not a clause with such a glaring loophole.

There was no mention of a wife being necessary, though Connor knew that was what his grandfather had intended: for him to settle down, and discard his reclusive ways. To cure his terminal loneliness, as his grandfather often called it.

Connor wasn’t lonely. He rarely bothered with sex anymore, and had discarded dating years ago. His world was clean and orderly, with everything in its place. Just as he liked it.

That is, until he’d sat at the reading of his grandfather’s will. Connor had listened, stunned, at what prevented him from claiming his rightful shares in the family company he’d busted his ass to rebuild.

An heir. One that would be verified as his, via a paternity test.

Connor had let his lawyers pick the will apart, and even they’d found no way around the clause. They’d also noted, as he had, how neatly it bypassed the need to marry.

Just as well, then. If he needed to become a father, then that’s what he would be. But nothing more.

Connor stepped out of the men’s locker room at Club Breed, grimacing down at the sweatpants and t-shirt he’d been provided to change into after showering. He was getting flashbacks to the military academy, where his grandfather had sent him to finish high school during his rebellious years.

Everything outside the locker room reminded him that he was in a sex club. The lights were dimmed nearly to the point of being a hazard. Slow, bass-heavy music flowed from hidden speakers. A spicy, slightly musky scent that he assumed was meant to enhance libido hovered in the air.

Connor exhaled and shook his head as he made his way to the private waiting room. He’d paid exorbitantly to arrange a private session.

As private as he could get, in a fertility sex club, that is. Despite paying to guarantee no other couples would share a breeding room with him, there would be no avoiding the spectator members. Spectator memberships were how Club Breed had made its impressive fortune.

He’d spent a week fully researching the sex club, before committing to his plan. Club Breed described itself as a social intermediary between fertility clinic patients, donors, and surrogates. Those who’d registered at one of its associated, exclusive clinics and passed the stringent tests were eligible to receive invites to the secretive club.

And those invites were by referral only, from existing members.

Rumors of the club had already been circulating in Connor’s business circles. He hadn’t needed to reach out far to obtain a referral.

He’d spent more time reviewing the records of the registered surrogates, and only those open to the option of natural insemination. Of being bred, directly. If Connor was to trust some unknown woman to carry his child, then he’d also be impregnating her himself. That meant he needed a surrogate that he would be attracted to, enough to fuck in front of an audience.

Connor had already narrowed his choices down to five experienced surrogates, when he’d stumbled on another record, and found her.


His eyes had lingered on her photo. The picture had been a simple headshot, but he hadn’t been able to stop looking at her.

She was also new. A first-time surrogate. Everything he’d learned about her during his own, secret background check confirmed that she’d signed on to be a surrogate for all the wrong reasons.

The private investigator had sent over enough photos of Lily working in a daycare center while staring wistfully at her young charges to confirm Connor’s suspicions.

She longed to be a mother. If she thought being someone else’s surrogate would scratch that itch, she was in for a painful awakening.

That should have been enough to make Connor discard her file, and continue his review of the more seasoned surrogates. Yet, the thought of breeding the beautiful young woman for the first time had his dick rising in his pants.

He couldn’t stop thinking about it. About taking Lily, in Club Breed. Pounding into her, filling her up, and leaving his mark on her in a way no man had before.

Truth be told, Connor had been grinding his teeth in anticipation, impatiently waiting for the club to call him, and let him know that his surrogate was ovulating, and ready.

Ready to be bred.

He’d even waived his right to meet with Lily beforehand, and interview her for the job. The first time Connor met her, he wanted it to be with his cock out, ready to breed her. Anything less would be a tease, and a waste of his time.

He’d let his dick get in the way of his better judgment, and he’d made peace with it. Hopefully after he’d fucked her, his head would clear, and he’d stop obsessing over her.

In the waiting room, he snatched up the masquerade-style mask, his annoyance spiking as he slid it over his face. But he was a prominent businessman, and soon, he’d be the majority shareholder of his family’s multi-generation company.

The last thing he needed to potentially haunt him later was a clear picture of him fucking a woman several years his junior, in a sex club.

Connor had indicated that Lily must wear a mask, too. As much as he wanted to see her face, he couldn’t have any rumors that might affect his future heir.

He looked up at a knock at the door. A woman who looked like she’d escaped a pin-up poster entered, holding a leather portfolio.

“Good evening, Mr. Aldridge.”

He recognized her smokey voice from the phone, and his brow came up. Violet Corbin. Club Breed’s program coordinator.

As well as their legal counsel.

Resigned, Connor joined her at the small table, wishing he were better dressed for meeting with a lawyer. Violet, with her pencil skirt and white blouse, looked like she’d walked straight out of the boardroom. Albeit a slightly naughty one.

Violet opened her portfolio, and slid a contract across the table. “Your surrogate has finalized her terms. Please take a few minutes to review the contract and sign, if you agree.”

Connor’s eyes were immediately drawn to Lily’s small signature at the bottom, next to a space for his own. He scanned the small print, his eyes narrowing.

Lily had rejected his offer to house her during the surrogacy. She’d indicated that she preferred her own home, but was willing to accept a stipend to cover her living expenses.

Connor scowled behind his mask. Like hell. He’d driven by her midtown apartment, and he wasn’t impressed. If she was carrying his heir, she’d be at his estate. Under his roof, where he could ensure she was given the best possible care.

He’d have insisted on the same for any surrogate. Still, the thought of bringing Lily home filled him with an alarmingly possessive hunger.

Connor exhaled, and picked up his pen to sign. By all rights, he should send it back, and demand that she agree to living with him. Yet, that would only delay his ability to inseminate his surrogate, possibly for another month.

To breed his Lily.

His hand stilled on the signature line, wondering when he’d begun to consider her as his. With a small shake of his head, he scrawled his signature, and slid the contract back to Violet.

Lily may not know it, but the negotiations over her living arrangements were far from over. No matter what he’d signed.

Satisfied after a quick glance, Violet tucked the sheet of paper away, and rose. “I’ll guide you to your session.”

Connor was glad she’d already turned away and moved toward the door, so she wouldn’t see his erection pressing against his sweats. He quickly followed, feeling like a randy teenager.

“Single men seeking surrogates are relatively rare,” Violet told him as she led him down the dark hall. “Your session was sold out within hours of its announcement. It led to quite a bidding war, among our most prominent spectators.” She stopped outside a set of double doors, and scanned an ID badge.

Connor frowned. Her words almost seemed like a warning. Yet, whatever he might have managed in reply died in his throat when he stepped into the room.

Three levels of seating circled the stone floor, each lined with red leather couches and recliners. Every seat was occupied. Within the shadowy spectator seating, not a single woman could be seen.

In the middle of the circular floor under a soft spotlight was a wide, round bed draped in red satin sheets. Lily knelt upon it in a sheer white nightie, like a lamb ready for slaughter, surrounded by restless, ravenous male spectators.


Connor barely heard Violet close the doors behind him, sealing him inside. Every molecule in his body was screaming for him to scoop up Lily in his arms, and carry her away to safety. To his home.

He was certain that the two intimidating guards stationed on the far side of the room wouldn’t look too kindly upon that. Connor fought to remain calm as he made his way to the bed. To his Lily.

Despite her surroundings, she didn’t look frightened, or shy. She watched his approach with eager patience, her breasts lifting as she drew quicker breaths.

Connor had chosen the club because it seemed the most expedient way to find a surrogate fast, without getting held up by weeks of paperwork. But Club Breed had been made for those who wanted to fully enjoy getting pregnant, even while others watched. Perhaps because others watched.

If Lily was here, the idea of being taken like this must appeal to her.

At the thought, a groan escaped Connor, his erection going to full mast. His naughty little Lily. If she wanted to be fucked hard in front of all these men before taking his seed, he’d sure as hell fulfill that wish. And he was more than willing to let a little of his own beast out to play.

He stopped in front of the bed, towering over her, and drew his shirt over his head. The intricate white mask covering her face couldn’t disguise how her eyes widened as he continued to undress, stepping out of his sweatpants. She was attracted to him. Good.

Connor climbed onto the bed, his cock swaying heavily between his thighs as he crawled toward her.

She was fucking exquisite. Lily watched him with a nearly ethereal innocence that begged to be corrupted. He could no more keep his hands off her than he could stop breathing.

Connor thumbed her lower lip, caressing it. She leaned into his touch, making him growl. Her eyes strayed from his face to his hard cock demanding attention between them.

He squeezed it, and it leaked precum. Whatever dignified greeting he’d planned before was gone. “Are you ready to be bred, Lily?”

His voice sounded unfamiliar in his own ears. Husky, and drugged. That’s what she was doing to him. Intoxicating him, with her sweet naïveté. It was already worth all the trouble she might cause him later.

She nodded with a sharply drawn breath, her mouth falling open.

Connor pushed his thumb into her mouth, and when she licked it, he knew touching her only once would never satisfy him.

Her nightie was tied in front with a silken bow. He yanked the ties loose and parted the delicate garment, letting her breasts spill out.

A chorus of male groans filled the air, reminding him of his audience. He was surrounded by hungry, horny men, all wishing they could breed the beautiful young woman.

And no one would breed her, but him.

Lily’s body was soft and ripe. He palmed each of her breasts and tugged on her nipples. She gasped at his touch, pressing her thighs together.

Connor grasped her knees and pushed her legs apart. He pulled her forward by her nape and kissed her, his hand dipping between her legs.

He growled into her mouth when her panties slid wetly across her clit. Lily shivered, then arched into him as he slipped his fingers inside of them.

Connor dragged his fingers back and forth, over her sensitive, engorged clit, until her pelvis began to rock forward, seeking his touch. He dipped his fingers into her pussy, and then licked her wetness from his fingers.

She tasted so goddamned good. If only he had the time to spread her wide and feast, until she came on his tongue. But the need to sink his cock inside of her drowned out all other impulses. He needed to take her. Claim her.

Own her.

Conveniently, her little white panties were tied at either hip with silky strings. Connor pulled them loose, then drew her panties slowly away from her, letting the fabric drag along her wet pussy.

She gasped, her thighs tensing. Connor lifted her wet panties to his nose, and inhaled the spicy scent of her arousal.

Balling her panties in his fist, he tossed them into the spectator seating. He heard the scuffle of feet and mutters as men fought to claim the prize.

Connor yanked Lily’s nightie completely from her body with angry impatience. A breathy moan escaped her. She wanted his rough handling, he realized.

He shoved her onto her back amidst the red pillows, and the spectators groaned again as her delectable tits jiggled on full display.

Connor ran his hands down her body, over her breasts, across her stomach, and into her dripping pussy. So luscious. And fertile. His precum dripped into the sheets.

He grabbed Lily’s hips and tilted them up into his lap, spreading her legs wide around him. The noise from the seating only increased as he lined his cock up with her gleaming pussy. The sultry music was low enough for him to pick out individual voices.

“Oh, yeah,” someone muttered. “Breed her. I can’t wait. I need it.”

“Stretch that beautiful pussy around your cock.”

“Take it. Breed her. Teach her what she was made for.”

“Fuck,” Connor grunted, both from the feel of her slippery pussy slowly parting around his shaft, and the hungry words filling the air.

“Ohhh,” Lily whimpered, overwhelmed, as he pushed his way inside of her.

“Let him into that pussy,” a man shouted.

“You can take it, baby doll.”

Connor’s fingers dug into her soft ass cheeks, and he began driving into her. The sight of his cock pumping in and out of her folds had him grunting with growing lust.

He rose to his knees and sped up, his pelvis slapping against her ass cheeks. Lily muffled her cries behind her hand, her other hand fisting in the satin sheets. Her legs flopped on either side of him as he pounded into her.

“How does she feel?” a spectator called.

“Like fucking heaven,” Connor growled. “My heaven.”

“Fuck her harder,” another demanded. “Break her in.”

“Break her.”

Lightning raced over his skin, and he squeezed her hips with bruising force as he yanked her into his thrusts.

Fuck. He’d known it would be good. But taking her like this, surrounded by spectators, was surreal. Their goading became a chorus of his own demons, giving voice to his darkest impulses. His darkest desires.

Connor worked her frantically over his cock as his lust grew within him like fiery lava. Fucking Lily once would never be enough. There was no way she was leaving here tonight without him. And he’d be carrying her straight to his bed.

He thumbed her clit as he pumped into her channel, rubbing it in circles, and was rewarded when she tightened around him with a surprised cry. Her hand grasped at his, trying to stop him, but he continued his onslaught on her clit.

“Are you ready for my seed, Lily?”

Lily clamped down around him, her eyes widening. “Oh, god,” she cried. “Yes. Please..!” Her words ended in a small scream as she came, her pussy fluttering wildly.

“Shit,” Connor hissed. He dropped her hips and braced himself over her, fucking her through her orgasm with bone-rattling force. Lily clawed at his arms, her hips bucking.

“Fuck. Look at her coming on his dick. I knew she needed it.”

“That’s it,” another spectator growled. “Ravage that little cunt. Wreck her.”

Connor came on a roar, fucking his cum into her furiously as his vision went black. He couldn’t stop thrusting as his seed spilled into her, and he fucked it deep while her trembling channel squeezed him.

He finally sagged with a groan, panting into her neck. Connor glanced down between them, to her stomach, unable to resist caressing it.

He was already imagining her belly fat and round, with his heir. A desperate need clawed at him, choking him.

Connor no longer just wanted a means to his inheritance. He wanted his child. And he wanted it to be hers. Maybe her baby fever had infected him, as well, because Connor suddenly needed it.

Needed every moment, every milestone. Every secret smile on Lily’s face, as his heir moved inside of her swollen belly. Fuck, he’d give her a dozen children, if that’s what she wanted.

Overwhelmed, he withdrew his cock from her. Connor sat back on his heels with a frown as he tried to clear his head.

Lily scrambled to her knees before him. “Please,” she whispered. Licking her lips, she reached out and grasped his semi-hard cock.

Connor’s hips bucked in surprise, and he exhaled sharply. He’d already heard rumors that Club Breed encouraged men to go two rounds. That they even provided stimulants to do so.

Apparently he wouldn’t be needing those, he realized, as Lily suddenly bent toward his lap, her naked ass rising as she began to lick his still-sensitive cock.

“Christ,” he gritted out, as she sucked his shaft into her mouth. Connor slid his hand into her hair, trying to control her movements as she bobbed enthusiastically between his legs.

Every dip of her head sent her ass high, and groans filled the air as men caught what must have been a spectacular view of her pussy, from behind.

Spectators were even rising from the other side and shoving their way into the seating behind her, for a glimpse of her spread legs.

“Oh, fuck,” someone gasped. “Look at that well-bred pussy.” His words ended on a shuddering curse.

Connor’s cock quickly hardened again, lengthening down her throat. His hand tightened in her hair, his head falling back as he worked her over his cock. He stared into the eaves of the ceiling as his eyes threatened to roll up into his skull.

“Goddamn, look at her go.”

“Such a good girl. Take care of him, baby.”

With a growl, Connor finally yanked her mouth away. He wanted nothing more than to cum down her throat. But that wasn’t what he was here for.

He turned her roughly on her knees, so that her ass faced him. Connor paused to admire what had held their audience so enthralled.

Her swollen, plump pussy lips greeted him, still shiny with wetness. Pearly beads of his cum trickled out of her.

“Fucking perfect,” Connor murmured with dark satisfaction. He pushed two of his fingers inside of her, enjoying the feel of her snug passage. Lily pushed back on his fingers, begging him with small cries.

She wanted to be bred so badly. No – she wanted a baby of her own, and she was doing a poor job of disguising it.

Connor was going to give one to her. But it would come with a price. One that he was looking forward to demanding.

He straightened and positioned himself behind her. He wound one hand through her hair, yanking her head up as he thrust into her. Lily released a keening cry.

“Take all of him,” a spectator growled. “Get bred like a good girl.”

Connor crouched over her, holding her immobile as he pounded into her. Every thrust brought another of Lily’s soft little moans, driving his lust high again.

He gave himself a few minutes of simply driving into her cum-soaked channel, enjoying her sounds of pleasure as he plunged into her.

Connor splayed his hand across her belly, his longest finger teasing her clit. Her moans deepened huskily. He pressed his mouth against her ear as his pelvis slapped against her.

“Do you want to be my surrogate? Carry my heir?” he whispered. His hand tightened on her belly. “Or, do you want to be a mother?”

Lily tensed under him, her breaths turning into high, panicked pants.

Connor chuckled. “Did you think I couldn’t tell? Did you think becoming a surrogate would be enough for you?”

She whimpered, with a small shake of her head. “I don’t – ah!”

He cut off her denial with furious thrusts. Lily cried sharply on each one, her cunt tightening.

“Tear that pussy up,” a man shouted.

Connor pushed two of his fingers into her mouth, pumping them slowly across her tongue until her fresh wetness flooded around his driving cock.

“I’ll give you a baby,” he growled against her ear. “Hell, I’ll give you a whole football team. But in return, you belong to me.”

“Oh, god,” Lily sobbed around his fingers. She licked and sucked at his fingers desperately as she pushed her ass into him, spreading her legs wider for his thrusts.

A spectator groaned. “That’s it, sweetheart. Show him who that pussy belongs to.”

Connor bared his teeth at the words. That’s right. She was his. He was never letting her go.

He growled, caressing her wet clit. “You like that, don’t you? You want it.” He bucked into her with deep, animal grunts. “You’re mine. My Lily.”

She whimpered when her climax washed over her, her thighs trembling as her knees threatened to buckle. Connor pulled her upright against him as his body slapped against hers.

The audience urged him on, shouting more and more filth that had his balls tightening. He bellowed as he came, thrusting deep as his cum spurted into her once more.

Connor pulled his dripping, spent cock from her with a moan, and turned her in his arms. He longed to pull off her mask, and see her properly. To enjoy the face he’d only seen in her photographs.

But not here. He bent and snatched up his discarded t-shirt, pulling it over her head. After shoving back into his sweatpants, Connor lifted Lily in his arms and carried her from the room, as he’d longed to do since he’d first seen her.

The hulking security guards scowled and stepped toward him, but when Lily wound her arms around his neck, they backed off, allowing Connor to carry her through the double doors.

He paused in the dim hall outside the women’s locker room, gently sliding her to her bare feet. “I want you dressed and back here in five minutes. No shower. No dallying.”

Connor slapped her ass, savoring the loud crack of his hand on her naked skin. “Go on.” He paused to watch her hurry away, enjoying the jiggle of her buttocks.

She could take a long bath at his house. And he’d help wash every crevice of her body, before taking her to his bed and sinking inside of her once more.

Connor returned to the men’s locker room and dressed. Hell, he should probably let his office know he’d be off for a few days. Possibly a week. It’d take at least that long to slake his lust enough to stand being apart from Lily.

Love and trust could come later. They were both getting what they desperately wanted. Connor knew the rest would fall into place soon enough.

He returned to the women’s area just as Lily reappeared. The pleasure that washed through him at the sight of her caught him off guard. Connor tensed, then gave in to the warm, unfamiliar feeling.

Maybe he’d found the cure to his terminal loneliness, after all.


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