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Breeding His Crush

A guy breeds his longtime crush in a fertility sex club.
Breeding His Crush

Austin tugged at the yellow bracelet on his wrist, where the word DONOR was emblazoned in large letters, for all to see. “I can’t believe I let you two talk me into this.”

Jack propped his feet up and chuckled. “This is gonna blow your mind, believe me.”

“Fuck, I can’t wait.” Jack’s brother Shane bounced restlessly on his heels, then resumed pacing the dim waiting room.

As soon as Jack and his twin had approached him at the frat alumni party, Austin knew it’d end in trouble. The twins were always into trouble, of only one variety: women. The pair had left a trail of double-teamed conquests in their wake in college, including the Dean’s wife.

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

When they’d convinced Austin to go with them to register as sperm donors out of the blue, Austin’s alarm bells were sounding off, and hard. The twins weren’t interested in anything that didn’t end with a woman spit-roasted between them.

Not long after they’d been cleared as healthy donors by the selective, elite clinic, Jack had shown up on Austin’s doorstep, waving a gilt-lettered invitation to some place called Club Breed.

He’d since learned that invitations to the exclusive sex club came by referral only, for eligible donors and fertility clinic patients. Inside, single women, couples, and even surrogates would be waiting.

Waiting, and ready to be bred. Along with Club Breed’s spectator members, who paid handsomely to watch.

There were only a few other men in the dark, lushly appointed waiting room alongside Austin and the twins. Entrance into Club Breed was staggered into small groups, so that the spectators could enjoy every breeding at leisure.

And while the donors waited to enter, they were treated to large screens with rotating views of Club Breed’s many activity rooms, to keep them primed and ready.

The screen currently showed one of the main breeding rooms, where men in yellow bracelets like Austin’s were busy thrusting, pounding, and pumping into willing women spread out on beds, chaise lounges, and couches.

Some donors and women wore intricate, masquerade-style masks to keep their identities hidden, and just as many wore no masks at all.

The twins hadn’t bothered when they were offered masks at the door, and neither had Austin. It wasn’t like he was a celebrity, or a member of high society. As an investment banker in his mid-twenties, he had nothing to hide.

When Austin drew closer to the screen, he realized that there was a quiet audio feed. The groans, grunts, and slapping of flesh had his partial erection going to full attention.

The view switched to another room, where women wearing purple bracelets were being bred. Austin knew from the brochure that those in purple bracelets were surrogates.

There were a lot of couples in the surrogate room, and most were participants. From the looks of it, several wives were turned on by the sight of their husbands breeding other women. The husbands, of course, were more than happy to be filling young, ripe surrogates.

One wife knelt beside her thrusting husband. She lifted the surrogate’s leg to give her husband deeper access, and he sped up, gasping and groaning as he furiously bucked into the young woman.

Club Breed also had a space for the opposite, where donor men bred wives right in front of their husbands. Apparently, it was a very popular option for cuckolds, hotwives, and other couples just wanting a good time while getting pregnant.

The shadowy spectator seating on the edges were full of activity, as those watching stroked themselves, their partners, and maybe strangers. Austin even caught the steady movement of a spectator bouncing in her partner’s lap.

A handful of spectators walked the floor, marked by white bracelets. Those who had paid even more to watch the breedings up close, or to even touch.

A man in a suit paused near a couple that had just finished. He nudged the woman’s legs wide to inspect the cum trickling from her pussy, before nodding his approval and continuing on.

Austin moved to the next screen, trying to decide how he felt about having a spectator that close to him, while he bred a woman.

He still couldn’t believe that he was going through with this, at all.

The breeding itself was admittedly enticing. Impregnating a woman by taking her raw and filling her with his seed appealed to him on the basest, most primal level. Austin wouldn’t pretend that he hadn’t gotten hard every time he even glanced at the sex club’s brochure.

He’d just always expected to be doing it with a partner of his own.

Austin knew he still had plenty of time to find the right girl, and settle down. But he was already weary of the dating scene. He hadn’t found a date that could get his heart racing in a long time. It was possible he never would again.

That was why he’d given in, and allowed the twins to drag him here. He’d been trying too hard. Maybe it was time to let go, and just enjoy.

The screen in front of him rotated to the multiple partners room, and Austin’s brows came up. Here, single women and couples had indicated that it was okay for multiple donors to attempt breeding them in one night.

A donor pulled his dripping cock out of a kneeling woman, and was immediately replaced by another ready donor. On the other side of the room, Austin could barely spot the woman, under the sweaty mass of thrusting, grunting men covering her.

“Goddamn,” Shane muttered beside him.

“She’s gonna feel that in morning,” Jack drawled behind them.

He and Jack had a green line across their yellow bracelets, indicating that they were twins. Austin didn’t know the rules around it, but he imagined being bred by twins must be a special treat, with their nearly identical DNA.

“I hear there are a few hidden rooms, with no cameras,” Shane told them. “Where the more hardcore breedings happen.”

Austin frowned. “What, like being tied up, or something?”

Shane shrugged. “Tied up, tied down. Or, held down. Being made to take it. Bred by force.”

One of the other men in the room growled hungrily at Shane’s words, stroking himself through his sweats.

It sounded intense. Maybe too intense for Austin, who had almost talked himself out of even coming at least twice this morning.

The soft music in the room was interrupted by the chime of a bell, and a green light lit up over the door.

“Fuck, yeah. Let’s do this.” Jack bounced to his feet, his own erection poking at his sweats. On entering, they’d all been sent to the showers, and given identical sweatpants and t-shirts to wear.

The woman waiting when the door opened looked like an office fantasy come to life, in a pencil skirt, stilettos, and glasses. The twins stared at her with open interest.

“Welcome to Club Breed. I’m Violet, and I’ll be taking you to your breeding room.” She beckoned the small group to follow her down the hall, and no one hesitated, lured by her cute derrière and sultry voice.

“Once you’ve chosen a partner, you can’t move to another partner in the same night. Women may choose to be bred by multiple men, but donors can only breed one woman per session, for insemination tracking purposes.”

Austin hoped there was also some kind of limit on a donor’s sessions, or he knew Jack and Shane would attempt to populate half the city.

“Are you sure you’re not looking to get pregnant yourself?” Jack asked her, his eyes fixed on her swaying rump.

Violet spared him a glance over her shoulder, and another glance for Shane. “If the two of you plan to remain together for the session, you can only breed a woman whose bracelet matches yours. While twins are always welcomed at Club Breed, not every woman wants to indulge,” she replied coldly.

Jack grinned, pressing a hand to his chest. “Ouch.”

“All donors are expected to go at least one round, but two rounds are encouraged,” she continued without pause. “We have safe stimulants available, if needed.”

Austin blinked, wondering if he had two rounds in him. As far as he was concerned, this was just something to pass the time on a Friday night.

Still, he reminded himself that on the other side would be a woman who wasn’t just here for fun, but very much hoping to get pregnant.

He shouldn’t half-ass it, just because he’d become a jaded mess.

Violet waved an access card in front of two double doors, and with a click, the two doors slowly swung inward.

At the sight of the large room, and the glimpse of spectators sitting in the shadows, Austin curled his hands into fists, fighting the urge to turn and leave.

It wasn’t that he’d never fucked in front of others before. Having been in the same college fraternity as the twins, there’d been no way around it. But this was something else.

Beds were scattered around the room, draped in red satin sheets. On each was a different woman, and all were clad in white, lacy lingerie.

Three of the men were already charging into the room to claim their prizes, stripping their clothing as they went.

Austin heard a few excited murmurs as spectators caught sight of the twins. A petite woman on one of the beds with a mane of thick, curly hair sat up and stared openly at them.

Shane stopped dead in his tracks. “Jack.”

Jack followed his gaze, and his jaw flexed as he spotted her. “Yeah, that’s the one,” he breathed. “Let’s go.”

He sat on the bed beside her. “Hey, sweetness,” he murmured, before he turned her mouth toward his, and kissed her.

Shane moved in on the other side, sliding her transparent nightie down her shoulders to free her full breasts. He sucked a dusky nipple into his mouth as his hands pulled her nightie away.

Hell, was kissing even allowed? Austin couldn’t recall. But the twins had always been ones to make their own rules.

Austin dragged his eyes away and walked further into the room. A masked woman on a circular bed had discarded all pretense by getting on her knees, and lifting her ass in the air.


That was more like it, Austin thought, and cut a path straight for her. No awkward greetings. Just a ready pussy, begging to be taken.

Her nightie had slid down her back, so that her panty-clad pussy greeted him first. He could see the outline of her pussy lips through the thin cloth.

Austin cleared his throat when he reached her, so she’d know her partner had arrived. He had no idea what he should say in greeting.

With the way she only sighed in reply and lifted her ass a little higher, she seemed just fine with no greeting, at all.

He climbed onto the bed behind her and gripped her soft ass, kneading it. He was rewarded when a small spot of wetness appeared on her panties.

Silent, willing and ready. It was too perfect. Austin reached forward to hook his fingers in the waistband of her panties, and froze. He stared at the tiny, butterfly-shaped birthmark on the inside of her thigh.


He’d recognize that mark anywhere. For years, he’d been coming in his hand while fantasizing about seeing that little butterfly, when spreading Jessica’s legs wide.

She’d come so close to being his. His senior year of high school, he’d finally worked up the nerve to talk to her, and things had heated up fast. They’d even shared a long, hot kiss in the library.

But then Austin had returned from an out-of-state football game, and she’d been gone. Her parents had split. When her drunken dad answered the door, he hadn’t known or cared where his family had gone.

Yet, here she was, six years later. With her pussy in the air in front of him, begging to be bred. And he’d be the man to do it.

But not unless he kept moving. He didn’t want her to wonder why he’d stopped, look back, and recognize him.

Not yet, at least.

A couple beds away, Shane had stripped his petite woman naked, and was feasting on her breasts while his hand worked her pussy. Jack, who was always happiest with his dick in a girl’s mouth, had sat down on the pillow, and was nudging her lips toward his ready cock.

Austin slowly dragged Jessica’s panties down her hips. Her pussy was soaked, and the wetness clung to her panties as he pulled them down her legs.

“Fuck,” he whispered.

All those years of longing were rushing back so fast it left him dizzy. He’d never stopped wanting her, or missing her. He’d never stopped hoping that one day she’d come back.

Austin rubbed his thumb over her wet folds, and she whined, wiggling her ass with need. He licked her wetness from his finger, and the taste of her pussy left him almost rabid with lust.

He ripped off his clothes, and heard a few sounds of appreciation from the spectators, reminding him that he had an audience. Austin was grateful that he’d kept up his workouts after college.

He couldn’t resist bending to drag his tongue over Jessica’s pussy. She gasped in shock, and her thighs trembled when he briefly sucked her clit.

Austin pressed a soft kiss to her birthmark, then straightened and lined up his cock with her entrance.

He couldn’t stop his loud moan as he pushed into her tight, wet pussy. His eyes almost rolled back as he slid home. Austin gripped her hips, and began to thrust.

He was soon groaning and gasping like a virgin as he pumped into her, but there was no helping it. Her pussy was sopping wet, and it gripped him tightly, begging for his cum. She was fertile, and ready for his seed.

And the fact that it was Jessica… fuck.

His sounds joined a symphony of other male groans around the room, and soft feminine cries. All around him, other sperm donors were fucking eager, ripe women, lost to pleasure. Flesh slapped together amid the wet squelches of happy, full pussies.

Jack’s head had fallen back against the bed frame. His fingers were buried in the thick hair of his partner as he worked her mouth up and down his shaft. Shane had spread her wide and covered her body with his, and he was driving into her while he gasped into her neck.

A male spectator had stood and moved closer. A woman knelt at his feet, and he held her head still as he face-fucked her while watching the breedings.

All around Austin was pure, hedonistic lust. A place he’d never have imagined himself in, or enjoying.

And it was heaven.

He pushed Jessica lower onto the bed, so he could cover her body with his own. She melted willingly under him, pressing her ass into his pelvis. Austin growled, pounding into her harder, his balls slapping against her clit.

Each time his nuts hit her clit, her pussy would tighten. Her hands fisted in the bedsheets.

Happy he was pleasing her, he kept it up, grunting on each hard thrust. Every slide through her channel felt so good that soon he was gritting his teeth as he fought to hold back his own climax. Her cunt kept gripping him tighter, and tighter, until Jessica sobbed raggedly as her orgasm overtook her.

“Ah, fuck. Fuck,” Austin shouted, and bucked as he came. He couldn’t stop thrusting and groaning as her pussy squeezed and massaged him, milking more and more of his cum. And he kept shoving it deep, wanting to drive his seed as deeply as possible.

The donors in the room were all starting to go off, like a chain reaction. A beast of a man growled as he pounded into the woman impaled on his cock, then stilled, holding her pelvis to his. When he released her, she fell back on the bed in a daze.

The panting donor stared down at the cum flowing out of her, his dick rising again, and then he was mounting her once more with hungry grunts.

Jack came on a long groan down the throat of his partner. “Drink up, sweetness,” he murmured.

He withdrew his cock, and groaned again at the trickle of cum that flowed out of one side of her mouth. Shane had returned to nibbling on her breasts while he continued to grind his spent cock inside of her.

Austin fell onto the bed and pulled Jessica back against him. “Jessica,” he whispered in her ear.

She stiffened in his arms, then turned to look at his face. The lacy black mask she wore did nothing to hide her beauty, or her shock. “Austin?”

Jessica made to rise, but he tightened his arms around her. “Don’t run from me,” he pleaded. “Don’t disappear again. I never stopped waiting for you.”

Whatever she’d meant to say was forgotten as a masked spectator in a white wristband walked by, stopping at their bed. He stared between Jessica’s legs, and then he reached out, his fingers smearing cum around her clit.

Jessica bucked in surprise.

Austin felt his dick harden once more against her back. He caught her leg and spread it a little wider as the spectator continued to rub his finger on her clit.

Jessica gasped, her head falling back against his shoulder, and he growled.

Austin couldn’t pin down all the emotions running through him, right then. He felt a sudden sense of male pride, to have filled Jessica to overflowing with his seed, where everyone could see. It only further stoked his possessive lust.

He pulled the nightie off Jessica’s breasts, and thumbed her hard nipples as her pelvis lifted to meet the stranger’s hand. Austin buried his face in her neck, his sucking kiss leaving behind a mark.

He had to take her again. He reached down and nudged his cock toward her dripping pussy, and slid into her from behind.

Jessica released a throaty moan as Austin began to pump into her channel, his thrusts lifting her and causing her clit to rub even more across the stranger’s hand.

To think, before he’d spotted Jessica, he hadn’t thought he could do two rounds so quickly. Now, he wanted nothing but to fuck her all night.

From his vantage, he had a good view as Jack and Shane switched places. Jack immediately began pounding into his partner with almost grim determination, his eyes locked on her face as she sucked on Shane’s shaft. Shane encouraged her with softly whispered words, caressing her cheek.

Hell, if Austin didn’t know better, he’d say that the twins seemed… smitten.

The stranger stroking Jessica finally moved on. Austin took over immediately, reaching around to caress her clit as he gently bucked into her.

“Austin,” she gasped, her nails digging into his forearm.

“Fuck, yes,” he groaned against her neck. “Please say my name.”

He drew her leg back over his own, spreading her wider. Then he resumed tugging on her nipples as his fingers played her clit, until she was gasping loudly.

Several feet away, a female spectator was pushed to her knees and her dress flipped up as a stranger came behind her. He covered her mouth as he thrust into her. The surprise on her face melted into pleasure, and she began to moan.

“Fuck,” Austin gasped, speeding up. This place was so filthy. Jessica tightened around his shaft, and he pumped into her desperately.

Jack and Shane now had their partner sandwiched between the two of them. Austin couldn’t tell whose dick was where, but the three of them were moaning and writhing with decadent pleasure.

“Austin,” Jessica cried again, her legs starting to shake.

“Take it, Jessica,” Austin growled. “Take me. Come home with me. I’ll give you as many babies as you like.”

She arched up in his arms as her climax hit her, and Austin’s eyes lost focus as he followed, letting her spasming pussy draw his cum deep inside.

He hugged her tight for another long minute, before he sat up and helped to right her scanty clothing.

As much as he’d willingly stay and take her all night, they needed to talk. And he needed to secure his place in her life, before she disappeared again.


An intimidating security guard stopped Austin as he went to follow Jessica down the dim hall outside the breeding room. “The men’s showers are down the next hall.”

Austin stared after Jessica’s retreating backside in dismay. “I need to talk to my partner when she comes out.”

The guard only stared at him impassively. Austin turned at the click of heels on the floor, and found Violet behind him.

“I can pass on a message. If she wants to see you, she can meet you in the lobby.”

“And if she doesn’t? Can I leave my number?”

“If she doesn’t,” Violet told him plainly, “then she won’t.”

Austin nodded and backed away, heading for the men’s showers. It was better than nothing.

He showered and dressed in record time, and then he was in the front lobby, pacing with impatience.

He hadn’t seen the twins since he’d left the breeding room. But if they were as caught up on their partner as they’d looked, they might be doing as he was, now.

Hoping desperately to see her again, before she vanished into thin air.

Austin had sat down and sunk his head into his hands, defeated, when a pair of sandaled feet came into view. He looked up in surprise to find Jessica standing in front of him.

Just as life had jaded him, he could see the ways it had affected her. Her face was guarded, and defensive, and she crossed her arms in front of her chest.

“You can’t just make demands on me,” she told him. “I chose to come here, and get pregnant.” She lifted her chin, as though bracing for a fight. “There have to be rules.”

Austin stood, relief flooding him. “You can make all the rules you want, I don’t mind.”

He offered his hand, and reluctantly, she took it, allowing him to pull her toward the exit, and out of Club Breed.

Austin was so damned happy that he’d gladly listen to her rules all night. Besides, they had the rest of their lives to figure it out. She just didn’t know it, yet.


Expect to see Jack and Shane again in a future Club Breed story. You can also enjoy some more of their mischief in Used by the TV Audience.


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