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Blowing My Teacher’s Assistant

Sucking my college teacher assistant's cock
Blowing My Teacher’s Assistant

It was my second year of college. I was majoring in nursing so we had a pretty strict guideline of classes we had to follow in order to be accepted into the actual nursing program by junior year. While most of my freshman year was spent doing the required breadth courses for the university, I was finally getting out of that stage and now doing the prerequisite courses for the program. To say I was ecstatic was an understatement. I couldn’t tell you why, but finally doing something that applied to my field made me feel closer to my actual goal, and I guess that’s why I was more than happy to be there.

I was finishing my first week of my sophomore year, it was Friday and I had one more class to go. I hadn’t been to this class yet as it only met once a week on Friday’s mid afternoon, it was medical math and only counted as a one credit hour class.

“Wait, what does this mean? They ‘changed locations?’ Shit!” I said to Andrew.

Andrew was a guy that I graduated high school with, and during our freshman year we had two of our science courses together. We also learned we were both majoring in nursing so we became pretty close friends. We had been under the assumption that the class was being held at the same location it was offered last semester, which was about a 15 minute drive away from campus. Little did we know that everything had been moved back onto campus.

“HA! Wow. Well, that sucks. I don’t think we’re gonna make it on time now. I’ll call Dane and have him save us some seats, hurry let’s try to get back over there, besides they are probably just going to go over the syllabus today,” Andrew replied.

Now one thing to know about me is that I am a good student, I go to class early, I usually pick a seat by the front, and I definitely don’t come in late on the FIRST DAY. I was frustrated to say the least, but there was nothing I could do. I straightened out my skirt, which was probably a tad bit too short, and got back in the car trying not to look too pissed. I knew it wasn’t his fault, but I was still irritated with the situation.

By the time we got to the correct place, we were still lost; the entire facility seemed like a maze. We asked the receptionist at the front which way the class was, and still ended up coming in through the wrong door. We scurried in, and of course Dane saved us seats in the back, but I was actually a little relieved to not cause too much attention coming in late. I sat down and pulled out my notebook to start taking notes, as it seemed the syllabus reading was already over, I guess there isn’t too much to talk about for a class that meets once a week. When I looked up though, my breath caught it my throat. Standing in front of me was the hottest guy I had ever seen.

I am 5’9 with an average build. I’m not skinny, but by no means fat either, I had curves, aka code for big ass. That being said, this man towered over me, he was built, and with the black polo he was wearing it really accentuated his toned physique. His dirty blonde hair was a little messy, but not sloppy, more like he threw some gel in it and let it be, and to top it all off he had heart dropping blue eyes. He was young, way too young to be a professor but still a few years older than me, but he must have been the TA (which I later found out he was, and he was taking over the class as a part time job). He handed Andrew and I the syllabus, and checked our names off, when he asked me my name I had a moment of panic. Shit, what’s my name? “Summer,” I managed to cough out. I saw a smile tip slightly at the corner of his mouth, he marked my name off and turned to head back to the front of the class. Man, the things I wanted to do with that mouth.

I turned to Andrew, “Andrew.. I think I’m in love…” I whispered.

“Really Summer? Shut up.” Andrew said, he knew I was kidding, but he also knew that what I really meant was that I want to fuck this man right now on the table in front of everyone.

Andrew and I were pretty open to talking about these sort of things, but that didn’t always mean we wanted to hear it. I sat between Andrew and Dane and turned and told Dane the same thing. He rolled his eyes. I couldn’t really tell you what the rest of the class was about, the only thing I could think of was.. do people really seduce their professors? And if so, how do they go about it?

That week was hard to concentrate. I wasn’t in a relationship, in fact, I had just gotten out of a messy one earlier in the summer, so I was really ready for something new. I told my best friend’s about my hot TA, and by the time the next Friday came around, they were ready to strangle me. But really… I kept thinking. Could I actually seduce him?

Friday was actually pretty uneventful. Of course I made sure to dress a little provocative, showing my long tan legs, and my perky B cup breasts. I straightened my long brown hair, and made sure that my blue eyes really popped out against my darker complexion, I noticed he had looked a bit longer than necessary but I couldn’t quite read him.

Around the middle of the next week, I was really trying to think of a way to talk to him at least… At least!

“Why not just go to his office hours and say you need help with the homework?” Andrew said as we were walking to our Anatomy and Physiology class.

“Well I would, but I don’t need help with it. It’s seriously too easy.” I replied.

“Well you could pretend that it’s hard. Or.. You could tell him you’re struggling in this class, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind helping you with this, because it actually is difficult.” Andrew remarked.

“Huh, I didn’t think about that.. Yea.. I think I will. I’ll send him an email. Good thinking Andrew” I teased him as I lightly punched his arm.

“Oh god, I can’t believe I’m actually helping you try to fuck our teacher.” He said ashamed.

I laughed quite loudly as we walked into class.

That afternoon I sent him an email, I decided to go with Andrew’s idea of just pretending his homework was hard, as I didn’t really care to actually learn anything during our meeting.

“Hi Mr. Rush, I was wondering if you would be able to set up a time to meet me to go over some problems I had with the homework. Thank you for your time. I look forward to your reply. Summer.”

He replied the next day.

“Hi Summer, Yes we can set up a time to meet, the homework is due tomorrow, so if you have time we can meet today around 4pm, or If that doesn’t work, I’ll go ahead and allow you to turn it in the next time we meet, that way you can do the homework confidently. Please let me know. Justin R. “

“Mr. Rush, I unfortunately can not meet you today, thank you for your quick reply, what does your schedule look like for next week? Summer”

“Summer, why don’t you tell me your schedule and I can try to work around that. Justin R.”

“Well I’m free pretty much any afternoon, tonight just happened to be a bad night, but really anytime after 3pm during the week. Thank you again though. Summer.”

“Summer, How about you come to my office 315 pm on Monday? Justin R.”

“That works, thank you so much. I hope you have a good day, and I will see you tomorrow. Summer”

“Thank you Summer, I hope you do too. Justin R.”

Huh, I thought to myself. He really didn’t need to send that last one. Maybe just out of courtesy?

Friday was again uneventful, however he did make sure that Monday was still fine, and I told him it was. Little did he know, that I was practically counting down the time until then.

Monday came and I dressed a bit more provocatively again, wearing a tight skirt and shirt. When it finally came time, I walked into the building and waited for him in the lounge. He walked in a little after I sat down and I noticed he did an up down of my outfit as he led me back to his office. Unfortunately, his office was a shared office with other TA’s, however the one lady that was there left, to let us have our “meeting.” That being said, the door still stayed open and anyone could walk in if they wished. I sat down and pulled out the homework.

When I looked over at him I caught him staring at my legs. That’s right buddy, take it all in.. I moved my hands to my thighs and the movement must have caught him off guard. He looked up into my eyes.

“So what’s confusing you?” He asked nonchalantly.

Wow, he’s not even embarrassed he got caught, or maybe he doesn’t think that I thought he was actually checking me out. Huh.. asshole, I’ll make this uncomfortable.
 I moved my chair a little closer. Well, that got him, I thought as I noticed he began to fidget.

“Well I just don’t understand the conversion here, I saw you did this problem in class actually, and I just don’t see how you got that answer,” I said as I looked back up to him.

HA! Caught staring again, this time not just my legs. He was running his eyes up and down my body, and a little longer at my chest. I felt a wet spot forming in my panties from the thought of him touching me in all these places he was looking. Focus Summer Focus! I can’t come on too desperately, although the only action I’d been getting was from my fingers lately, even if I imagined them to be his instead. I shifted in my seat with excitement from the thought.

He grabbed a pencil and began to show me the conversion; it was now my turn to check him out, he was wearing another polo (I assume his attempt to look professional) and this time blue jeans, I leaned in towards him a little and let my hand brush his thigh as I brought it up to the table to retrieve my pencil too. He shifted and I managed to catch a glimpse of twitch in his cock. When we got to the end of the problems I wished I had more to ask, but just sat there thinking what to say next. The silence must have pulled him out of his reverie, as he turned back to being professional.

“Well I hoped that this helped, you can email me if you have any more questions. Or even for any class, since I had to take the same ones,” Justin stated.

“Uh.. Yes thank you, it really did. And I will. Again thank you. I’ll go ahead and turn this in I guess, since we did all of the problems. And.. I’ll see you Friday?” I awkwardly stated back.

“Oh yep. I’ll take that, and no we don’t have school this Friday. Have a good week though, and I’ll see you when we come back from break.” He finished.

And like that, I left. Completely confused, and realizing it was the only time ever that I wish I had school on Friday.

Was he not checking me out? No… He was definitely checking me out.. He probably just realized how wrong it was to be looking at me like that. But really why is it that wrong? It’s not like I’m underage.. I mean I guess he could lose his job.. Hmm. That was probably it. Damn.. Maybe I should email him to thank him for his time.. As if I didn’t already thank him enough… Whatever I’m gonna thank him again.

I pulled out my phone, and pulled up my school email. No freaking shit. 1 new email from Justin Rush. Sent… 10 minutes ago. Shit that was like exactly after I left.

“Summer, Thank you for coming in to see me. I hope that I helped you, feel free to email me with any further questions, and again I’m more than happy to tutor you in any other classes you may have. And remember that we don’t have class this Friday, I’ll be sending out an announcement to everyone. Justin”

I decided to just go for it.

“No, I appreciate you making time out of your busy schedule to meet with me. Have a good week, I wish we had school Friday though. Summer”

He replied two days later.

“Summer, it’s no problem really. And why do you wish you had school? Justin R.”

“So I could see you of course. Summer.”

“Why would you want to see me? Justin”

Oh now he’s really wanting me to say it, not happening.

” I think you know why. Summer.”

The next week flew by with all my tests happening right before and after the mini break. It was finally Friday, I went straight up to him after class and asked him if we could meet again for the homework assignment that he had just assigned. That should have been a dead give away that I wasn’t really seeing him for help with the assignments. I mean I obviously hadn’t even looked at it yet, but he agreed, and we set the time for the next Monday again.

Monday came, and I was done with the small flirting, I needed him. In whatever way he would let me have him. I knew me being his student was uncomfortable for him, but I didn’t care. I again decided to wear a tight skirt and spaghetti strap to show off my curves, plus… easy access.

I walked into the reception area and sat in the same seat as before, he walked in shortly after. I stood and followed him back into the office. I walked into the office after him, this time no one was in here, and then the nervousness set in. What was I thinking? I can’t just show up and try to have sex with him. What the hell Summer!?? We’re in the fucking TA’s office, he’s not going to want to risk anything, even if he likes me, where he is so close to getting caught! SHIT. Bad plan.

The only thing I could think to do next was turn around and close the door behind me, and luckily there was a lock on it.

I turned to face him and he stared at me. Before I could say something to explain he took a step towards me and pulled me into him. Our mouths met feverishly. I pulled him in tighter, desperate for the contact, and he gladly accepted by snaking his hands around to my ass, slightly pulling up my skirt and giving it a firm squeeze. I moaned into his mouth, and he took it as his cue to use his tongue to explore the inside of mine. He walked me back a step more not ending the kiss, until I was flesh against the wall by the door. He leaned his body weight into me and his hands moved to my front, cupping my breasts. I ran my hands through his hair concentrating on the feeling of his huge hands massaging me.

“Ahh Summer, I’ve wanted you since you walked in.” he growled as he tugged my shirt down a bit and pulled one of my breasts out. Using his thumb and middle finger he lightly pinched my nipple and began rolling it between his fingers. I moaned again and thrust my hips up into him; I could feel his hard cock through his jeans. He broke the kiss, and began to lightly nip and suck on my jaw down to my neck. I moved my hands from his hair down to his abdomen and began lightly running my fingers at the hem of his jeans. He moved further down with his kissing until he was at my nipple, where he flicked it lightly with his tongue. Then with no hesitation he took my nipple in his mouth and sucked and teased at it. He lightly scraped his teeth around it and I moaned a bit louder not thinking of where I was, he stopped and brought his hand to my mouth.

“Shhh” he whispered in my ear, while still holding his hand over my mouth. “I know you didn’t dress like this just to have this moment ruined in a matter of 5 minutes. Did you?” He reached his other hand down between us and ran his finger over my panties. My eyes fluttered close, and I moaned into his hand.

“Already wet I can tell… Am I going to have to keep you quite through this?”

I opened my eyes and immediately met his. I slowly shook my head and he released his hand. He leaned forward and kissed me again. This time, there was no rush. We took our time, feeling and tasting each other. He reached his hand back down and used a finger to push my panties to the side. He slid one finger along my slit. I shuttered, feeling like I would probably explode soon. He did it again, and this time nudged his finger up into my entrance a little, not fully inside, but enough to tease me. I crushed my lips against his, trying to express what I wanted from him.

“So wet, and so responsive, and all mine,” he growled again.

He slid his finger across my slit and this time plunged a finger inside me. I moaned, and he responded by adding a second finger. I moaned louder and he immediately removed his fingers and covered my mouth again.

“Now, now, you’re going to get us caught. We’re going to have to fix this.” He moved one of the fingers that had been inside me into my mouth. I sucked on them while meeting his gaze. He studied my mouth and put the second finger inside my mouth. Then bending down, he removed my panties, and had me step out of them. He scrunched them up, and moved it to his nose. Inhaling my scent while he looked me in the eyes. It was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. He came in closer,

“This is your last chance, moan any louder, and I think you know where these will be going, understand?” He said. I nodded while biting my lower lip. He watched and nodded back, shoving the wet panties inside his pocket.

I moved forward and grabbed his belt loop, pulling him close to me. The corner of his mouth slightly tipped up, but he was still focused on me. I moved my hands to the button of his jeans and tugged the zipper down.

“Mr. Rush goes commando,” I smiled and bit my lip while looking into his eyes. I pulled his jeans down slightly and began to stroke his cock. His hands reached up to cup my face, pulling my lip out with his thumb. He ran his thumb across my bottom lip and a lightly bit the pad of it. He leaned down and kissed me, giving me light feathery kisses across my mouth while I slowly jerked his cock.

I took his lip between my teeth and gently pulled, just to give a little pain. I began to stroke him a bit harder and increased my pace. He moaned and his head tilted back. While continuing to stroke him, I got to my knees and kissed the head of his cock.

“Summer, you don’t have to do that.” He said looking down at me.

I looked up at him with a grin; opening my mouth I took part of his head in, while keeping one hand at the base of his cock. He reached behind me and steadied himself with the wall. I dropped my hand from his cock, and slowly started to replace it with my mouth. His head shot back as I used my tongue to massage around his length. I couldn’t take all of his cock in without gagging, but he started to thrust his cock into my mouth slowly. I swiveled my tongue around the head before going back down meeting his slow thrust. He moved one hand behind my head and slowly pushed his dick further into my mouth. I still hadn’t taken all of him in, and I wasn’t sure that I would be able to. He kept the pace while I concentrated on sucking and moving my tongue to the sensitive areas, namely the head. I reached up with one hand and cupped his balls. He groaned and thrust his dick into my mouth with a little more urgency. I kept massaging them, and could feel his tightening. I knew he was probably going to cum soon. He picked up the pace of thrusting, and soon I was gagging, but that didn’t stop him, he pushed a little bit further until I could feel the head of his dick in my throat. I hummed a little to give him some vibration and that set him over the edge. Thick streams of cum ran down my throat, and I didn’t have any choice but to swallow. I had never swallowed cum before.

He rested his forehead along his arm on the wall, catching his breath. I knelt there in front of him still, trying to catch my breath as well. He looked down at me, and gave me a melt worthy smile.

“That was amazing Summer.”

“So I guess I’ll be getting an A+ in this class right?” I joked, not that I wouldn’t get an A in his class anyway.

His smile disappeared. Fuck. Too soon to remind him of what he’s doing? Nice going Summer.

He helped me up and we stood there in silence for a minute while he buttoned his pants back up. Just when I thought it was about to get awkward, and thought about how the fuck I should leave, he stepped forward toward me and our lips met again. He kissed me passionately, and everything in the last few minutes was wiped away. He walked me backwards until the back of my knees met the chair and had me sit in it. He pulled the panties out of his pocket and looked at me. His mouth slightly tipped up in the corner.

“I swear I’ll be quiet,” I pleaded.

“I don’t think that will happen, and I can’t have someone investigating what they think they heard. Besides I don’t know how much longer we have in here, so I want to make this good.”

He pushed my semi damp panties into my mouth.

“Now grip the arms of the chair,” he said. I did as I was told and let myself relax a bit, even though I wasn’t sure how to feel about my panties in my mouth. It was a little exciting, I could feel my pussy getting wet and I was hoping he thought this sight was sexy.

He pushed my legs apart and knelt between them. He pulled me to the edge of the seat and planted a wet kiss on the inside of my left knee. I shuttered a bit, it’s not that the kiss felt that exciting, but the anticipation was killing me. I was in need of relief, and in need of it very soon. He left little kisses up and down my thighs, getting close to my pussy but never close enough. My eyes were closed and I was breathing hard, biting down on my panties. I must have subconsciously been thrusting towards him because when he stopped kissing I stopped a second after too. I opened my eyes slightly and he blew a cool stream of air on my pussy. I let out a sigh and thrust my hips up. He was driving me crazy, and I couldn’t even beg because of the underwear in my mouth. I whimpered when I didn’t feel him for a second again.

Then his mouth was on me, he sucked and lapped at my slit, and I moaned instantly into the panties, thrusting my hips back into his face. He touched my clit with his tongue and I was non-stop moaning and thrashing into him. He pushed one finger into my pussy all the while keeping the attention of his tongue on my clit. I was moaning and thrusting, and was glad he placed my panties in my mouth or I’d be screaming. He inserted another finger and began finger fucking me. He inserted one more finger into me, and I lost it. I gasped as my body shook. My head became light as all the blood rushed away from it and I did one final thrust into him as he lapped at my cum. It took me a second before I noticed he pulled away, but I was still catching my breath. When I looked up at him, he had that melt worthy smile on his face. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, and leaned in to take the panties out of my mouth. He shoved them back in his pocket and leaned back down to kiss me. My mouth was dry, but I tasted myself on him. So. Fucking. Sexy.

We both realized we had been in the office for a while with the door shut, so without saying anything we both got ourselves back to presentable. I tried to get my panties back, but he wouldn’t give. I saw his mouth tip up at the corner. That fucking beautiful mouth, I thought. I straightened my skirt out and picked up my bag off the floor, he leaned in to kiss me, and grabbed my bottom lip with his teeth like I had done earlier to him. Fuck. He grabbed my hand and rubbed it on the outside of his jeans, he was hard again.

“This is what you do to me,” he said. Then he opened up the door and walked out.

The room still smelled musky, and now I had no panties. My stomach got butterflies. Fuck. No… That’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to fuck him.

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